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CZ-82 Pistol - 9x18 caliber

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Pistol, Historic Czech CZ-82 pistol, ex-military/police, semi-automatic, includes one 12rd mag, holster - 9x18 caliber Read More
CZ-82 Pistol - 9x18 caliber Pistol, Historic Czech CZ-82 pistol, ex-military/police, semi-automatic, includes one 12rd mag, holster - 9x18 caliber
CZ82 Reverse - SPAXSPORE

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  • CZ82 - SPAXSPORE w/holster
  • CZ82 Reverse - SPAXSPORE
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 9x18 caliber
  • semi-automatic
  • 12rd mag
  • polygonal rifling
  • very good - excellent condition
Caliber 9x18
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

Anytime we get these in, they are one of our hottest sellers. We have had these many times in the past, but I don't think we have ever had any this nice overall. All of these are NRA surplus very good to excellent condition. The condition of this batch suroasses any we have had before! Classic Firearms always tries to pay a little premium to obtain only the highest quality military surplus items available and it shows here. A note about the bores -- Without fail, when we carry CZ-82 pistols, we get calls about the bores. As such, we always feel the need to educate in advance. CZ-82 pistols incorporate polygonal rifling. This is very different than traditional groove rifling and looks different to the eye. However, it is very accurate and creates a rifled barrel that will withstand many more rounds through it without starting to wear. Without getting extremely detailed here, let me just say you can look up polygonal rifling on any search engine and find a ton of information on it, but trust me when I say the bores are as they should be and these pistols are amazingly accurate.

Manufacturer's Description

Historic CZ-82 9x18 caliber semi-automatic pistol used by Czech police/military.   Comes with one 12rd mag and used holster (holster cannot be returned for condition).  Black polycoat finish with plastic grips.  Very heavy duty and accurate pistol.  Has polygonal rifling for long barrel life (rifling not visible).  Replaced the famous CZ-52.

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 9x18 caliber
  • semi-automatic
  • 12rd mag
  • polygonal rifling
  • very good - excellent condition
Caliber 9x18
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Review by FirearmPop on 2/13/13
Excellant firearm. I am very pleased.

Second video:
Video Review
CZ-82, Part 1, Tabletop Review by FirearmPop
Uploaded by FirearmPop
2nd review
Review by Lawrence on 12/18/12
I now have shot more than 500 rds. with this gun and had no FTF or FTE. I decided to carry this gun with Hornady XTP in 95 gr. The Classic Firearms Website is the most friendly ones out there. I am just now proceeding with another puchase from CF.
Video Review
Classic Firearms
Uploaded by Fun & Family Channel
Video follow-up on my Czech CZ-82 purchase
Review by Dana on 10/10/12
This is a follow-up to the text review I did. I was so happy I had to do a video review for ClassicFirearms.com ! Thanks again for a great deal...God Bless !
Video Review
ClassicFirearms.com Czech CZ-82 Video Review
Uploaded by Dana W
CZ 82 - First time I shoot my pistol in 9 mm Makarov
Review by Lawrence on 8/27/12
just bought this pistol and.went to the rnge to see how performs. I put 100 rds. 50 blazer 93 gr. And 50rds of Sellier Belliot.
Video Review
CZ 82 - First time I shoot my pistol in 9 mm Makarov
Uploaded by Fun & Family Channel
Review by DG on 8/5/12
This is a follow up of a review I did last week.
Video Review
CZ 82 Review
Uploaded by MYEDSproductions
Great 9x18 Gun
Review by gunreviewguy1 on 6/18/12
I did the below review of the CZ 82 I purchased from classic a month or so ago. Great gun, great business to work with.
Video Review
CZ-82: 9x18 Makarov Excellence
Uploaded by Mrgunsngear Channel
Wonder pistol. Amazing value.
Review by Brian on 4/14/14
Bought one of these about a year and a half ago. The pistol arrived in excellent condition for an excellent price and Classicfirearms has been a pleasure to deal with. The gun functions perfectly with zero malfunctions and is in great shape. I appreciate the service.
these feel like quality.
Review by privayeer on 9/2/13
Friends: I purchased a CZ-82 in 9x18 to go with my CZ-52 pistol-VZ-58 rifle- VZ-61 scorpion-CZ-83 in 32 auto and my CZ-85 flare gun for 26.5 military flares.CZ makes first class products and my CZ-82 had a small amount of surface wear which was covered by a gun black touch up pen because the military guns have a painted finish.Fit and function have been flawless and when I shoot my CZ-82 and CZ-83 side by side,the 9x18 has a real sharp bark.Classic firearms can be trusted to provide neat guns for your enjoyment.
Review by Andrew on 5/24/13
I recieved my CZ-82 and it was in prestine condition! The shipping and pickup was about 2 weeks, and I can definitely live with that. I also love that Classic Firearms added an additional magazine and I didnt even select a additional magazine. I will definitely be doing business with classic firearms again. Thank you for the great service.
Best combat pistol
Review by thadjc on 5/12/13
Have an 82 9x18 and would gladly use it anytime in combat.Very accurate serviceable and dependable.By far the most consistantly accurate pistol i have shot so far,and ive shot allot of them.
My first pistol and am happy
Review by ericj on 4/25/13
This is my first pistol and I am happy. It is difficult in my area to find a place to shoot though. So far I only have the cheap ammo with steel and ranges won't let me shoot, and my county does not allow shooting except in ranges.
I paid extra for hand select. The gun on the outside does not appear new, but on the inside it does appear new! After about 150 rounds there are wear marks that previously weren't there. This pistol feels comfortable in my hand. I added grip tape to part of the handle to improve the feel.
Review by yapa on 4/15/13
Can't go wrong with CFA. Fast shipping, product quality as described.
CZ-82 hand picked w/scratch or two.
Very accurate high quality product.
Review by Chuck on 4/3/13
With this being one of the very last of these in stock, I expected one with the finish rubbed off, scratches, etc. What I received instead was a pistol that looks like it was unissued. Even the holster and lanyard were in like-new condition. I do hope that Classic gets another shipment in! The only gun more comfortable in MY hand, is my old Ruger Mk II. It shoots good groups, but way left, so, I'll need to adjust the sight, but I'm more than pleased with this gun. My first purchase with my FLL03, and was so impressed with Classic, I ordered two P-64s, as they were out of these. You can't go wrong with Classic Arms!
Nice Gun
Review by Ken on 3/23/13
I was a bit confused and frustrated when mine arrived without a magazine. Emailed Classic and they initially refunded me the cost of a mag since they were sold out of mags. I was able to get through their busy phone lines the next day to explain that it was not that I did not get a mag that I had purchased, but that they had sold me a gun with NO magazine (which is basically as useful as a muzzle loader). They figured out the mistake and were able to find one someplace and send it to me. (They would not say, but I like to think that the big boss man forked his extra mag over to make the deal right, or perhaps they use them as paperweights since they usually sell piles of these things :)
Pretty good
Review by kel on 3/20/13
Shipping was fast paid for hand select not worth it compared to the other had select guns I have gotten from classic. The gun had some finish wore off and some scratches. Perfect bore though so I am happy a blast to shoot however the slide has a tendency to lock back if the round isn’t set perfect in the clip. Only happened with sellier bellot ammo though all others worked great. Overall a great little gun.
Great value
Review by Caffeinedog on 3/18/13
Great quality! On-time shipping, and great customer service. Too bad you were out of the extra magazines. oh well. This firearm was exactly as described with only minor blemishes in the finish. Very clean overall. A real pleasure to shoot. I've run about 200 rounds through it already and find that it's as accurate as I can be. No misfeeds, handles Buffalo Bore JHP, CCI Blazer FMJ, Hornady XTP, and russian-made ammo with equal ease. I recommend you get one ASAP.
CZ 82 very nice
Review by pablox on 3/15/13
Had been looking at this piece for a while. I decided to get this AND the Romanian TTC. No issues with the process or this piece. TTC was super nice too. My CZ came as described and cleaned up very nicely. Highly recommend it if you've been considering getting one. Just wish they had the ammo when I purchased it! You won't be disappointed!!
Really Nice
Review by Paul on 3/11/13
Bought for my wife and she is really pleased with it. Its hers so I have not fired it, but I can say it could almost pass for new, very nice shape. I will purchase from Classic Firearms again.
Nice pistol for the $$
Review by northnick on 3/9/13
Nice gun for them money. Being a lefty I appricate the ambi features on this gun. Glad I boughjt it.
Excellent value!
Review by cansasman on 3/8/13
I now owned two of these. The trigger is perfect! Accurate, reliable as all get out! Hundreds of rounds and NO ftf/fte! I went with hand-picked option. My first gun looked brand new!!!!!! My second is in excellent condition! I've seen others from other dealers. I would have to refinish those. Mine are beautiful! Great caliber too!
Review by TD on 3/2/13
Could not be happier with my purchase. It's in excellent condition and shoots like a dream. Will definitely do business with Classic again.
Very Happy!!!
Review by FoxBat on 2/27/13
I ordered a hand select and this handgun appears to be in 'as new' condition! I was saving up funds to have it refinished because of all the stories of chipped paint and was surprised to find it in perfect condition without a mark on it. I put 40 rounds of Brown Bear through it today and found it to be extremely accurate. The trigger is like butter and had no feeding problems. Thanks Classic!
a bit disapointed
Review by JW on 2/25/13
I purchased the CZ82 because I knew that CZ firearms were very good, and generally well worth the money. I took the hand picked option and also purchased a spare magazine. I was skeptical about a surplus gun, but the price was hard to pass up. When I received the gun I was very disapointed in the holster, but was pleased with the condition of the gun. Aside
for a few scratches on the grips, the gun's finish was almost perfect. However, upon attempting to field strip the CZ, I discovered two very troubling issues. The first was that the front sitght was very loose, the second was I could not get the trigger gaurd release to disengage. Both issues were so bad I almost returned the gun. But, I chose to take it to a gunsmith, and have him totally disassemble the gun and fux the front sight. When I went to pick up my CZ from the gunsmith, he informed me that my CZ was in excellent condition. He also stated that the trigger gaurd release was a very tight tolerance, but should now disengage, but still will need much effort to do so, though not as much as before. I then proceeded to the range and after firing a box if ammo through it, I was glad I kept my CZ82. Very accurate and a great shooter. Clean smooth double action and single action trigger pull. I really like this gun, just wish I did not have to take it to a gunsmith to get it into working order and the subsequent additional expense I incurred in doing so. That was my choice though, but if I had to do it over again?
Couldn't be happier!
Review by veprfan on 2/24/13
Bought a CZ-82 from Classic Firearms, and loved it so much I bought another! Great price and both came well packed and in phenomenal shape. My best purchase in ages. Thanks Classic Firearms!
Well Built Pistol.
Review by Franz on 2/20/13
Came in with no major blemishes early 90s make with the (T) mark but looks never issued. Had some FTF(slide was locking back) but not misfires or FTE. Issue was resolved by replacing main recoil spring with a 18lb Wolfe spring.

Have fired both Hornady Custom XTP and the "Makarov" generic russian FMJ bought through this site without issue. (After cleaning and spring upgrade)
Very very happy with pistol.
Review by Jeffrey on 2/20/13
Pistol in exc cond, couple of minor scratches, no holster wear at all, grips pretty scuffed up. Overall, very very happy with what i received!
A great gun at a great price!
Review by Ray on 2/18/13
Purchases the CZ82 as a first gun for my wife.
She took to it right off. Quality exceeded my expectations. For a gun of this age and a military or police issue it was in excellant condition. Very little holster wear visable and it functioned perfectly through 100 rounds of two diferent brands of ammo. Will be ordering another when they are available. Classic's service under the current political climate and crunch of orders was as promised. They will get other orders from me, with out doubt.
Review by Philip on 2/15/13
Didn't have time to fire this baby yet, but it appears to be in excellent condition.
Excellent - I want another
Review by doctorscriv on 2/13/13
This shoots as good as my Glock 26 right out of the box. Considering it's a seller's market, Classic Arms still delivers excellent customer service. When (of if) the CZ-82 becomes available again, I'll be getting another from Classic Arms.
Buy one...period
Review by PSD on 2/11/13
Okay, I bought two of these and they are in awesome condition. Very little wear noticed on weapon. Small, compact package. With the Hornady JHP self defense ammo, I don't feel under armed for most situations that could arise for me.
If you are thinking of getting one of these, just buy. CF was great to buy from as well.
Fantastic !
Review by Cap. J... on 2/10/13
I recieved the CZ82 about 1 month ago. Put 25 rounds thru it the first time then put 50 rounds thru it the 2nd time. It performed flawlessly. Very accurate at 25 yds (all shots in a milk jug). The condition of the gun as well as the holster was truly excellent. I will put Marshall grips on it because it is a great looking gun and the grips will enhance the looks and the value.
This purchase was one of the best buys in firearms that I have made. Thank You!!!!
This American Ukrainian Is TTTotally happy.
Review by Ivan on 1/27/13
Bought this gun in the end of the year an it did arrived on Thursday of last week. Well worth the wait. I am a Ukrainian that just got his citizenship and i was a little skeptical at the beginning of the whole ordering process, but let me tell you Classic made me a believer. Took the gun to the range today and was putting 1 inch groups at 30 feet. Awesome gun, easy to work with and hey its Eastern European. Two thing we have that are good, guns and and beautiful women. ha ha. Classic , You all keep it up. God bless you.
Excellent otherwise.
Review by Derek on 1/19/13
Pistol is in beautiful condition, bore is flawless. functions as it should. The only real downside is the extra magazine is quite sticky. All in all great value for the money, and I recommend it highly.

- Derek
Great carrying gun.
Review by ALAN on 1/15/13
One of the best deals for a good handgun. Accurate and very reliable. This gun is a must for your arsenal.
Very Nice
Review by Jim on 1/12/13
Very nice pistol. Well balanced and very accurate. Thanks to Rick and the Staff, they were great. Customers are important at this .com. Great organization. Thank you.
Best All Around Pistol
Review by jitsuyo on 1/7/13
these CZ-82 pistols are the greatest, I have two and am looking to add more to start cerakoting them. The breakdown for cleaning is very easy and you can still find parts should you need to rebuild. Ammo is readily available online and so are extra magazines. Great guns for CCW and also general pistol purposes. Very accurate guns and fun and easy to shoot. Love the ambidextreous controls, allows for index finger magazine release which is a must with these guns given the grip style. Not just an extreme close purpose gun like the small snubbies and sub-compacts, no these guns can reach out easily at 25 yards, even more. Built very well, carry very well, shoot very well...
nice gun and you cant find anything better for the money
Review by matthew on 1/2/13
This good took awhile to come in. I placed my order on the 13th and ammo and gun took 2 weeks exactly. Well let me tell you it was worth the wait. The gun does have a little wear but this was expected. It still looks beautiful. I finally got to shoot it today only put 24 rounds threw it because of limited time. It shoots like a dream. There is basically hardly any recoil and very accurate. This is by far my favorite handgun. It fits perfect in my hands. The 3 guys I shoot with all want one. I'm buying a rifle this week than when I get more money I will be buying 1 or 2 more of these. Well all I can say is great gun if not I would of ranked it lower because of shipping time.
Superb Military Sidearm
Review by Henry on 1/1/13
I had been looking at these pistols for quite a while, knowing that the Czechs make exceptional firearms. This pistol did not disappoint. As usual, the quality that the Czechs have put out is top notch. The gun doesn't fit its Cold War era, Eastern bloc heritage, it looks and feels more like something you'd find on the commercial market today.

But don't let that fool you. This piece of machinery is made to perform. After a quick inspection and cleaning, I promptly put 50 rounds through my pistol without a single hiccup. Not bad for something that's been sitting in storage for over 20 years if I do say so.

The feel of the gun in one's hands is truly amazing. It feels excellent. The 12 rnd double stack mag really fills your hand without being oversized; it feels great in both my paws and my wife's small hands.

If you haven't guessed yet, I really love this pistol. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this fine weapon before they dry up, which looks to be coming fast.

p.s. I paid for hand picked and it was worth it. Looked brand new except for two or three small nicks near muzzle.
Spot on little pistol
Review by Kelly on 12/30/12
The CZ82 is a great little shooter. I grab this one first and every time I go to the range. The higher capacity mag is great for this size of pistol too. Easy to clean and maintain. I think I will get another in the not so distant future.
A like-new CZ-82 at a great price
Review by gunguystl on 12/24/12
I managed to get my order in before all the anti-gun rhetoric started and panic buying shot prices up and made availability scarce. The CZ-82 I got from Classic Arms was in excellent condition. I chose the "Hand Select" option after reading many of the reviews, and I was not disappointed, as the gun looked practically new. The magazine that came with it looked great and could have passed as new. It also came withe the original military holster (also in great condition) , a lanyard, and cleaning tool. I was VERY happy with my purchase. I bought from Classic based on their reputation for having higher quality C&R guns, and they met those expectations.
CZ-82 Manual
Review by Michael on 12/23/12
I have already reviewed this gun, but I wanted to let everyone know that you can get the manual for the CZ-82 on line. Just put "CZ-82 Manual" in your search engine and it will take you to the site to print out the manual. God Bless!
Excellent As Advertised!
Review by Michael on 12/23/12
Well, once again, cudos to Classic Firearms! I had read so many good things about the CZ-82, watched lots of videos, but also saw some that were in pretty rough condition, and I was just a little sceptacle about CF's claim of their CZ's being in very good to excellent condition. Well, mine just arrived today. I had also heard that some of the holsters were in really bad shape. I decided to pay the extra $10.00 for hand select, and am I glad that I did! Now, I have ordered other weapons from Classic Firearms and I've never been disappointed so I shouldn't have doubted them. The CZ-82 I got was made in 1988, the paint was not worn, only a very few little dings and scuffs if you look hard, but over all, absolutely excellent! I broke it down and the internals look almost new and the chrome barrel looks new. It appears that this weapon was shot very little. Everything seems to work just right, although I have not shot it yet. It wasn't loaded with cosmoline and appeared to have been wiped down. The two magazines looked very good and the holster...a beautiful, blonde specimen with white stitching that looks brand new! Also included a cleaning rod that looks like new. I am also impressed with the time frame that I got it. I placed the order on the Saturday before they came out with the announcement that they were about a week behind due to the large amount of orders that they were getting. Even with all the work that they have, I got my firearm in less than a week. I had ordered some ammo and got that in four days. Now, I can't wait to get my Polish TTC Tokarev. I ordered that the first of the week. I believe that it will be a beauty as well. I'm really glad that CF pays a little extra to get the more quality, better looking firearms. I am glad to pay a little extra as well! I love CF and military surplus firearms. I am enjoying my C&R FFL and having these guns delivered right to my front door! Fantastic!
Outstanding gun!!!
Review by Bobby on 12/23/12
This was my first order that I placed with Classic about 6 months ago and I could not be happier with it. Great shooting gun! Opted for hand select and it was like new with only a few small nicks in the finish and I do mean small. Ordered it with a Negant revolver and both were in excellent shape! I now have a TTC on order and am thinking of ordering a second gun before it ships. Thanks Classic and keep up the good work!! :)
Nice gun!
Review by Mike on 12/10/12
Very happy with purchase! The trigger pull in double and single is really nice. Opted for the hand select, and I'd have to say it appears unissued. There are a few Knicks in the blueing probably from Czech packagers? Can't wait to shoot it. Magazine with gun was brand new and additional I purchased looked a little used. Holster appears brand new.
Very good pistol
Review by Brian on 12/3/12
I got good fast shipping and received my pistol in a week. The pistol fires well and is extremely accurate. My groupings were really close at the range. I am disappointed that when I received the pistol the magazine release button would not work. I had to order a new release button at Cz USA. It had lots of holster wear and nicks all over the slide, and the grips looked rough. I understand that this is a surplus pistol, but I paid 10 extra dollars for the hand select. Order the pistol you will love it, just avoid the hand select it isn't worth it.

Thanks for the review Brian and for being a customer :) I just wanted to post a reminder to Brian and all who read this....."hand select" simply means you will be shipped the best one out of ten for exterior cosmetics. It does not mean your gun will be free of holster wear or scratches :( You do increase your odds of getting a better "exterior condition" than you would without paying for hand select. If no hand select, then you would simply be shipped the next one off the shelf. With the hand select fee being only $10.00, it is my opinion the money well spent to increase your odds of getting exterior condition than you would without hand select. I hopes this helps better explain for everyone......God bless, Rick Jones.

- The Classic Firearms Team

Very happy with my first C&R purchase
Review by stl_matt on 12/1/12
Paid $10 for hand select and I'm very happy with my CZ-82.

Great website and ordering process. Ordered on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday. Will definitely buy my next C&R gun here.
Review by george on 11/29/12
Picked up 2 and 2 extra mags. Classic worked well adding a local gunshop to their list of transfer ready dealers. Received on-time. Also ordered 250 rounds of the LVE Mak ammo. No FTF or FTE.

Would buy from them again.

Would be nice if Classic could sell a complete reload setup for MAK, id love to begin reloading the rounds so i can always have them on hand.
Well Done Classic!
Review by Todd on 11/27/12
This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms and I am a very satisfied customer! I picked up this CZ-82 with the "hand select" option; The pistol I received is in great condition! The internals and bore were in fabulous condition.The finish has some slight wear (as advertised), but the pistol is clean and smooth functioning even with the DA trigger! Thanks Classic, I will be back soon!
Amazing pistol
Review by Smeat Johnson on 11/20/12
Nothing much to say that hasn't already been said. The condition of the pistol I received was nothing short of superb. The finish is in excellent shape as is the internals of the pistol. It was fired, and carried, but it was very well taken care of, and it shows. The accuracy of this pistol is nothing short of mind blowing. The overall feel and accuracy of this pistol will no doubt make it a favorite of any shooter.
Best deal around
Review by sheepdog on 11/18/12
Best deal around, pistol functions flawlessly and is very accurate. Get some of the LVE ammo Classic sells also.
Great Deal
Review by Local Boy on 11/17/12
My CZ-82 arrived today. It was in excellent condition and the holster looked brand new. Thanks Classic Firearms. We will be doing business again.
Solid pistol!
Review by Brent on 11/17/12
I shot my brother's and it amazed me with accuracy! It feels better in my hand than any other pistol I have handled and shot (i.e. Sig and Glock). Mine is also in alot better shape than his which came from a different site. I went with classic firearms and chose the hand select and am glad I did! One little scratch if you can find it! Thanks Classic firearms!!!!
Awsome gun
Review by william on 11/15/12
Awsome gun at a great price. Classic Firearms is the best...
Review by Russ on 11/15/12
Just received my cz-82. I paid the extra $10.00 for hand select, and was very pleased. Definitely in excellent condition and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend classicfirearms.
Review by Phil on 11/3/12
This Gun was received in like new condition. Only one small chip in the finish along the slide. Internally, honestly it looks unfired or at worst very few rounds have been put through it. This is my second purchase from Classic Firearms and both items were in excellent condition. Great bunch of people to do business with.
Better than new
Review by Erix on 11/2/12
This is my third c&r purchase from classic
I have never been disappointed, what they put in the description it's what you get another fine pistol thanks classic.
Review by RODOLFO on 10/25/12
I just received my CZ-82 from Classic Arms and all I can say is Awesome. paid the hand pick fee and was expecting some scratches and chips on the paint but when I opened the box I found my gun was like new unfired condition. I highly recommend Classic Arms if you want a very nice firearm.
Great CZ-82
Review by Allen on 10/24/12
Paid the hand pick fee and man was it worth it! The gun is in pristine condition. Not even a tiny scratch. And customer service is second to none. Had a problem with the extra magazine and another was on the way before I got my return email. Honest and very fair dealing also second to none.
best bang for your buck!
Review by laserdoc on 10/2/12
Got one of these classic's from classic about 6 weeks ago. Sent it of to EFR to be refinished. He put new sights on it rubber base plates for the mags and wooden grips. Got it back and went out last weekend and put 300 rounds through it with out one problem. Was doing softball size groups at 13 yards.Way better than my CZ duty and my CZ 75 phantom This is the best shooter I have and I'm really thinking about buying another one. These guns are very addicting.Something about bringing a 25 year old gun back to life. I wonder when the supply will dry up? Thats why I'm thinking about getting another one.
Good condition
Review by Ben on 10/1/12
My CZ82 looked very nice when I pulled it out of the packaging. After cleaning the gun I found two very small pits in the bottom of the barrel. The outside of the gun looked great and I couldn't see the pits until I brushed the barrel. There was a fair amount of copper buildup in the barrel. Took me two mags to dial it in. I then put 11 out of 12 in a 6 inch circle at 10 yards. Not so bad for me with a new handgun.

Put 150 rounds of Sellier and Bellot through it the other day with no issues or failures save one. The mag release is either worn or damaged. Neither of the mags will eject when depressing the eject from the left side of the gun. They do eject fine using the index finger on the right side of the gun. I have not yet had time to disassemble the mag eject to discern the cause.

Two problems from a milsurp weapon isn't all that bad. I did not expect to see pits in the barrel though.
If your reading this, Buy this Pistol!!
Review by USMCSurvivalist85 on 9/28/12
This pistol is fantastic, good weight and feel in the hands. I replaced the sights with Mepro CZ tritium sights they helped put me on target/raised my point of impact. This is my go to pistol. When I take it to the range I shoot out the bulls eye with this pistol, I literally have to call a cease fire every mag change to patch up the target because I am just shooting through old bullet holes. At about $200 (+$90 for the tritum sights) you will have a pistol that will out shoot most new pistols out there. And if the barrel looks shot out its NOT this is polygonal rifled which is a huge reason for the accuracy, the lands and grooves are more like contoured hills that hug the bullet and provide a better gas seal in as much they are hard to see unless you know what your looking for.
Great Gun
Review by Jon-From-KC on 9/27/12
I couldn't have asked for a better pistol! I opted for the hand-select, and this one looks like new! Can't wait to shoot it!

Thanks Classic!
Great Gun, Great Merchant
Review by Desert Doug on 9/22/12
A hand select gun. Better than any CZ 82 that I have seen. It looks new. When it arrived, everyone in the gun store wanted one. No one could believe that this was a surplus gun. The gun was spotless except for the heavy coat of oil that one would expect. It functioned perfectly even with my reloads. As a 70 year old American, It's truly a pleasure to deal with a company that is providing so much value. I've purchased a few guns in my time and I think this is the best deal I've ever had. I highly recommend these guns.
A blast to shoot!!
Review by Russ on 9/11/12
Got my CZ 82 and it was clean and ready to shoot. I gave it a going over and relubed and found it's action better than my Baretta M9, both in singe and double action.
At the range, it was sweet! Russian surplus ammo was on target and smooth. Fiochi a bit sharper but consistently in the black. Winchester was stout!
Ready to make my next order.....
Excellent condition, nice pistol
Review by SteveL on 9/11/12
I ordered hand picked and got a really nice one. A small scuff on the plastic grip, but metal was all excellent.

I stripped it down and cleaned it. Beware, if you remove the plastic grips, the trigger pivot pin and slide stop pin(spring) may fall out. These are a chore to get back in. Be careful and disassemble over a large white towel. If you have pieces left over, you may have a problem.

Thanks to Classic Firearms. Very fast shipping and excellent product.
Great purchase
Review by Michael on 9/7/12
I purchased a P64 and CZ82 at the same time. Both arrived in great condition and the transaction was smooth as glass. I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived on the next Monday... going across country! Outstanding service.
Great Shape
Review by Dave on 9/6/12
I received my CZ-82 from my FFL today and was very pleased with the quality. I paid the extra $10 for the hand picked and I'm glad I did. Very good condition. Awesome deal.
pretty nice pistol for the money
Review by jreed1980 on 8/27/12
This pistol shoots amazing! I am very happy with the quality of this product. I am rating this 4 out of 5 stars because of the condition. I did select hand select for the pistol. There is holster wear and knicks and scratches on the gun....so I would rate it good condition.....ooh well. It still is a keeper because it performs so great. I just don't know if it is worth opting for the hand select.
Easy to handle, very accurate!
Review by John on 8/21/12
I bought one of these, no hand select, just bought one, and I absolutely love it. Shockingly accurate for a short barrel, with short recoil axis which reduces muzzle flip, and easy to shoot. I get groupings the size of a saucer at 25 yards. Small and easy to conceal, but very accurate and with the decent stopping power of the 9 mm. Great concealed carry weapon. My 11 year old even shot it and handled it easily. This would be a great pistol for females to be able to handle and use effectively. I highly, highly recommend this pistol for target shooting and personal defense.
Excellent firearm
Review by C&R FFL Holder on 8/17/12
I purchased a hand picked cz82.
I have shot this gun several times.
What most may not realize is this gun has polygonal rifling.
Which is seen in high end guns, such as Kimber's,Colt etc.
This gun is very accurate.
The only downside is the safety features. You can carry "Locked n cocked" but with one in the pipe, you can't put the safety on.
But it's a very accurate firearm.
Well worth the money.
Thanks again Classic Firearms!
Great Deal
Review by Dana on 8/16/12
This is my first purchase from Classic Arms & I am thoroughly pleased. The staff I spoke with on the phone were very professional and very courteous. The pistol arrived at my FFL in 2 days. Got it home, did a quick field strip to check it out & it is just as I expected. Only the slightest of blemishes anywhere on this gun ! I like the capacity of the double-stack clip and they drop out effortlessly when the release is pressed. I did opt for the hand-select and additional clip. All said, including the transfer fee...this package cost me under $300 ! The gun fits my hand, is solid all steel construction and I cannot wait to get it out to the range. Classic Arms has got themselves a new customer. Thanks for the Great Deal on a wonderful surplus pistol.
a steal at that price
Review by Stogies on 8/16/12
If you buy a current production new Civilian version of this it will cost you twice as much. This is a classic design and a quality firearm. Easy to break down and soft shooting (all steel gun after all). One of the two mags had a follower that was in backwards and would not trigger the last round slide open, reversed it and not a hitch since then.
guess i got one of the good ones
Review by brian on 8/13/12
i picked this up saturday morning, then put 50 rounds through it that afternoon. thought i'd put in my two cents.

for what it's worth, i did pay the extra $10 for hand picking. the gun is very nice. a few minor nicks if you're looking for them, but i'd still rate it at an excellent. it came with a cleaning rod and holster. the holster is a bit rough cosmetically, but holding together nice and serves as a place to store the gun. since i considered it a freebie, i have no complaints.

at the range, it performed as expected. fed rounds and fired without a hitch. hit where it was pointed. my "point" needs improving, but a buddy was kind enough to demonstrate that my misses were my fault, not the gun's. i'll grow into it.

all told, i'm quite happy with the purchase experiece and the quality firearm i received. if you're thinking about one, go ahead and treat yourself.
Great Gun! Fast Shipping!
Review by Brandon on 8/10/12
I ordered the gun and it only took 2 days to get here. I ordered the hand pick and a little disappointed. The gun had alot of scratches on the grips and the black coating was very worn on the end of the barrel and the top of the slid. Other than that the gun is in excelent condition. Everything is very tight on the firearm and functions flawlessly. I gave 4 stars because I feel like I ordered hand picked and did not get it. After reading all the reviews on how everyone that purchased hand picked got practically a brand new gun I decided to do the same. Not worth it as far as this purchases goes. But very happ with the gun.
nice gun, but definitely not excellent condition
Review by Brock on 8/4/12
Bought a CZ-82 and paid for the hand select hoping that I would get one of the "not a mark on it" excellent-condition guns that many reviews mention. The gun I received definitely has marks, chips, and scratches, and I would rate it as a "very good" at best. I like the gun, but no way would I recommend paying the 10 extra bucks for a hand select.
Review by DG on 7/31/12
So far so good, I picked this up at my FFL yesterday opened it and he offered to buy it. Does not have a mark on it and the holster is in perfect condition to. I paid for the hand select and the extra magazine, looking forward to shooting it this weekend. Shipping may have been a little long but I was on vacation so who cares. Love Love Love the gun......
Great Buy, well worth it.
Review by Christopher J on 7/27/12
Purchased two of these with my C&R. Staff was great and very helpful even though very busy. Shipping was a little longer that expected. I am very pleased with both CZ82s that I received, looked almost brand new. Both fire great and a lot of fun. Have put over 50 rounds through each no problems at all. What a great deal as when I purchased got a nice leather holster, extra mag, cleaning rod, extra mag holder. Thanks Classic!
Modern pistol with non NATO ammo
Review by Blao on 7/13/12
I am really suprise to see this pistol listed as C&R. It has all the features of a modern handgun. I guess the czechs got rid of them so they can join NATO. This pistol is very comfortable to handle. Get one before they are dried up.
Review by WILLIAM on 7/9/12
I purchased two of these based on the description of the product. Both arrived in like new condition without chosing the hand pick option. This was my first order with ClassicArms and they get 2 thumbs up from me. Just ordered one of the Polish Tokarev's and can't wait to get it.
Review by Larry on 7/7/12
Can't wait to take it out!
Review by Jeff on 7/7/12
Very nice pistol for the money with only a few handling marks to the finish. Very simple to disassemble and is a quality made firearm. The mag catch can be sticky so it will need a good cleaning/oiling. Has a beautiful chrome lined bore/chamber, slide is tight and trigger pull is decent. Fits great in the hand and has a great look to it!
Review by Robbie on 7/2/12
Great pistol and was amazed at the condition. Sweet balance in my hand and is one of my favorites at the range.
One excellent pistol
Review by Saunassa on 6/29/12
This pistol came in looking better then I expected. The finish was great, almost like new. The only thing indicating it had been issued were light scratches on the grip and who cares. Maybe the $10 hand select made the difference? The trigger pull is so smooth in single action that the break is hard to notice. It just goes bang. The only detractor was it only comes with one magazine.
Nice car gun. Smooth performance. Love it!
Review by mwllw on 6/22/12
Bought one a few years ago. It is my daily car gun since I cant carry inside my workplace.
It always runs smooth even with a wide assortment of steel cased ammo. My carry ammo is hornady brass cased hollowpoints.
I have even shot it in several IDPA competitive matches. I've found that it is faster to use my right middle finger to operate the ambidextrous mag release quickly since my thumb dosen't reach the mag release easily without shifting the pistol in my hand which slows the reloads..
awesome pistol
Review by Easyczlover on 6/16/12
I am so glad that I did not purchase the Keurig coffeemaker! This pistol is my favorite handgun and at little over $200 it's the best thing you can buy, plus it has lasting value for decades to come (when the coffeemaker would have long been dead). Great condition, ambidextrous, perfectly balanced, firing pin block safety, fixed polygonal barrel which is super clean, strong steel construction yet not too heavy or large, field strip in 5 seconds flat and without any tools, accurate, long lasting holster, rod etc etc etc. For $ 200+ there is simply no better deal out there!
Try to find another deal with all these positive attrributes...there is none out there. I wish I could buy 10 more and just hold on to them or give them away as X-mas gifts, instead of coffee makers!
Get yourself one!
Great Gun, Great Price
Review by ExHack on 6/5/12
After seeing a lot of other surplus CZ82s out there that looked beat to hell, I had some concern when buying mine (at a lower price than anything on Gunbroker or other surplus specialists.) Mine arrived looking fantastic! (It was a hand select - well worth spending the extra $10 for.) Paint finish was in good shape, no abuse, numbers matched, and the barrel is mirror bright and lands/grooves are sharp. Haven't fired it yet (my range is persnickety about steel cased ammo) but looking forward to it. Oh, and it comes with a fantastic heavy (1/4" thick) leather holster in great shape, and MINE at least came with a spare mag and mag pouch (same heavy leather). Best gun deal on the market, especially for 03 C&R FFL holders. Finally - if you're buying this for CCW or home defense, remember - Hornady makes their XTP hollow points in 9x18 Mak! Like the previous reviewer said - bet you can't buy just one!
my favorite handgun
Review by woodlands tom on 5/31/12
In my meager collection of 40 guns, this is without a doubt my favorite handgun. To be fair, i've never paid more than $500 for any of my guns, so my frame of reference is not comparing with Colts or Kimbers. Having said that, this gun is AMAZING! Not only is it unbelievably accurate, but the balance of the gun is such that it sort of naturally aims itself where you point it. It is compact, but somewhat heavy being all steel, which really minimizes recoil and makes it easy to place those followup shots. I paid the extra ten bucks for hand select and was not disappointed. When one considers that a new CZ-USA CZ83 (the same gun in 380 auto for the civilian market) costs over $400, it becomes apparet that this is one of the best values in the market today. 9x18 ammo is cheap, plentiful, great for target practice and not a bad self defense round. My only regret is that i don't have enough cash to buy another one of these right now.
Bet you can't buy just ont
Review by Pandacubby on 5/30/12
The day after my buddy let me shoot his CZ82, I bought my first one. Most reviewers say "what a great gun for the money" - I simply say "what a great gun". All steel, well crafted and remarkably accurate. I was so impressed, that in addition to another one for me, I have bought one for my youngest daughter and even my son-in-law (with his wife's permission, of course). A big plus is the fact that a variety of affordable ammo is readily available. Most of these beauties come out of the box - well, not so beautiful (the paint is usually pretty dinged up) - but they aren't that hard to re-finish. I stripped and polished the one I gave to my daughter - leaving it "white" - and she loves it. What these CZ82's lack in off-the-shelf good looks, they more than make up for in at-the-range good times. If you're in the market for an affordable handgun - buy one... I can pretty much promise that it won't be the last - they're kind of habit forming.
Buy one, then another
Review by elektronikbadger on 5/22/12
This is the nicest pistol I've fired in years! It's a joy to shoot and is so close to perfect it's amazing that it's milsurp. No heavy grease so a light cleaning and you're off to the range.

Ambidextrous safety and mag release coupled with the best hand fitting grip I've ever tried makes this my new CCW.

Get some of the cheap Makarov 9x18 ammo here too! Shoots great and much better than the "others".

I have 2 now and hope the better half will let me get 2 more. They are that nice!
Nice gun for the money
Review by sysanalyst on 5/21/12
Purchased one of these and found it to be accurate, nicely finished, and easy to use. The smooth appearance of the bore will confuse some, but make no mistake, these pistols are accurate. Cheap ammo, nice appearance, accuracy, what else could you buy with this kind of money that comes close.