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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated Stock - 7.62x54R

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Rifle, Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated Stock, 5rd bolt action - 7.62x54R caliber. These are beautiful rifles and great shooters!

These rifles have been rated as very good by the importer and we agree, they are nice. 

See Brutus description for full details... 

Floor plate and bolt may have been renumbered when rifles were arsenally refinished. 

Includes sling, bayonet, and cleaning kit!

Right now we have in stock some of the finest surplus ammunition ever manufactured for these rifles and the prices are still affordable.
In fact, round for round, it is still the most affordable ammunition of any caliber on the market today... but again, that is subject to change...

As such, my advice to you is to stock up now and Don' t Forget The Ammo...

We sell it by the 440 Round Tin,   and the 880 Round Case..... 

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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated Stock - 7.62x54R

Rifle, Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated Stock, 5rd bolt action - 7.62x54R caliber. These are beautiful rifles and great shooters!

These rifles have been rated as very good by the importer and we agree, they are nice. 

See Brutus description for full details... 

Floor plate and bolt may have been renumbered when rifles were arsenally refinished. 

Includes sling, bayonet, and cleaning kit!

Right now we have in stock some of the finest surplus ammunition ever manufactured for these rifles and the prices are still affordable.
In fact, round for round, it is still the most affordable ammunition of any caliber on the market today... but again, that is subject to change...

As such, my advice to you is to stock up now and Don' t Forget The Ammo...

We sell it by the 440 Round Tin,   and the 880 Round Case..... 

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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated Stock - 7.62x54R

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  • My Laminate (Close-Up)
  • My Laminate (Full-Length)
  • 1937/51 Tula DDR-Spaxspore
  • 1937/51 Tula DDR Reverse-Spaxspore
  • 1937/51 Tula DDR Markings-Spaxspore
  • 91 30 Tula Hex 1931 #1
  • 91 30 Tula Hex 1931 #2
  • M44 Izhmash 1943
  • full order
  • Mosin Nagant M91/30 Laminated Stock
  • 1943 izzy
  • 1943 Izzy laminated stock
  • M91/30
  • 1934 Izzy 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle with the laminate stock and hex receiver.
  • 1934 Izzy 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle with the laminate stock and hex receiver.
  • 1934 Izzy 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle with the laminate stock and hex receiver.
  • Shiny
  • All clean
  • 1944 M91/30 after full cleaning
  • Cleaned up nicely
  • Very happy with this purchase
  • 1943 Izhevsk
  • 1943 Izhevsk
  • No electro-pencil numbers!
  • 1935 Tula
  • Bootiful
  • My 91/30 with matching numbers
  • Just Arrived - Cleaning Time!
  • First look at the new Mosin!
  • Well protected from the elements!
  • Looking good in the rack!
  • My renovated mosin nagant
  • 1943 Mosin 91-30 Izzy laminate
  • 1943 91-30 Scoped
  • 1944 Izzy 2
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x54r caliber
  • Bolt action
  • 5rd mag capacity
  • Laminated stock
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

Exactly the same as our standard M91/30 rifles, but with a beautiful laminated wood stock.  Laminated wood is not only beautiful, but has a break resistant strength that is 2 times greater than standard hardwood. . We only get small quantities... act now.  Trust me when I say....these are beautiful rifles!

We have a very small quantity of these rifles in stock now. All Come complete with Sling, Bayonet , Pouch and other small accessories from the importer. 

We do not guarantee for stamped or matching numbers but all are in very good to excellent condition and will make great shooters.

Some will ask why these boxed rifles have all of their accessories and our crated rifles only have the bayonets. Well here is what I was told. 
These  rifles have actually been in the country longer than our crated rifles and have been sitting in a bonded warehouse up north without being released for sale by the importer. The importer on these ( Century Arms ) discontinued Nagant sales for a while in order to concentrate on semi-auto rifle production and sales. 
I am told that future shipments may or may not have slings, etc, because they are drying up in the Ukraine, but these rifles, being from an earlier shipment still have them. My advice is to get what you can while the getting is good.  

Note -  These fine rifles come to us packed in master cases of 5... i.e. 5 individually boxed rifles, each with its own accessory package
inside of each individual box, with 5 individual rifles boxes inside of one master case. Order in lots of 5 and save 5.00 / Rifle....

Nagant rifles are in short supply right now and these are real beauties... Hurry.

Manufacturer's Description

Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle w/ Laminated Stock, 5rd bolt action - 7.62x54r caliber. These are beautiful rifles and great shooters!

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x54r caliber
  • Bolt action
  • 5rd mag capacity
  • Laminated stock
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Mosin Nagant 91/30 Laminate
Review by Tom Adkins on 10/7/13
This is my first Laminate 91/30, and I'm very impressed with the look and build. The bore is PERFECT and the stock is beautiful. I don't think I've ever bought a cleaner rifle, I highly recommend Classic Firearms. I will be buying more from them in the future. You can't go wrong with these guys, and in the end you will always be happy.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant Laminate 91/30
Uploaded by Tom Adkins
Great condition at a great price.
Review by Robert on 6/30/13
My laminate 91/30 arrived in great shape, shipped quickly and accurately graded. Also came with the usual accessories instead of just the bayonet like other vendors. Will be buying more in the future...
Video Review
Laminate 91/30 from Classic Firearms.com
Uploaded by drabnor
Awesome.. classic did it again
Review by Christopher aka FirebrandChris on 5/7/13
Classic did it again.... I've always gotten excellent products from Classic... But this laminated Mosin was the icing on the cake. I posted a link to my YouTube page of me shooting my laminated Mosin.. You will see a couple other Mosins in the video as well... Especially one with a custom stock. That Mosin is my buddies ... and he purchased that Mosin from classic firearms as well. Keep up the good work Classic! One thing for a person buying this rifle.... It will have tons of cosmoline on it! But that's a good thing...
Video Review
Shooting our Mosin 91/30 rifles
Uploaded by Christopher Sumpter
You have to get one
Review by roman on 5/2/13
If you are in to the guns and shooting, and still dont own one - get it while they have them in stock. This rifle is a great historical piece that is very cheap but actually is very good.

Mosin rifles have been around for a very long time and that is for a good reason. The rifle is reliable, accurate, easy to maintain and most importantly CHEAP to shoot and CHEAP to own!.

7.62x54r cartridge is great; It has very similar characteristics of .308. The difference is, that you cannot shoot .308 for .27 cents per round.

Also don't be afraid of corrosive ammo, those rifles were design to shoot it and they eat it up pretty well. just clean the rifle with some hot soapy water and you will be ok!

anyways, check out my little video review and some target shooting.

stay safe
Video Review
Mosin rifle review and some range time - classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by bestfromnw
Excellent quality
Review by Matt on 4/15/14
First off, I have to apologize to Classic Firearms for my delinquent review. I received this rifle in very good time after ordering online. I left if boxed up until just recently. Last month (after a brutal winter), I found time to clean the packing grease (Cosmoline) and found that the rifle is in pristine/never fired order. The barrel looks brand new and the laminate stock is beautiful (with very minor storage marks). It is a long rifle but shoulders well. I cannot wait to shoot it
Great Purchase
Review by Paul on 3/27/14
I just got my Mosin Nagant from the FFL dealer. . He was impressed with the rifle. It looks great and function. I have to clean it and get it ready for an update review. Satisfied with the shipping package and delivery. It came with two ammo pouches, bayonet, sling and oil can. Great stock. I want another one. Will buy again from Classic Firearms.
Well preserved piece of history!
Review by Robert on 3/18/14
This is my first M91/30 Mosin Nagant. I could not be more satisfied (unless I owned more....)

When I first received the weapon, it was properly covered in cosmoline (as others have said....a VERY good thing). It took a couple of days (off and on) to clean it up...to which I became familiar with this historical weapon.

My 91/30 was manufactured at Izhevsk in 1943. The laminate stock is beautiful (I used ballistol...making it shine further). Another plus, my barrel is not counter-bored.

Some people have called this an ugly weapon. I beg to differ....or maybe that's the "-itis" talking.

If you're going to purchase a Mosin...go through Classic Firearms. From what I gather, they actually care about your experience as a customer.
Great Rifle
Review by Russell on 3/13/14
I love the Rifle I finally got one with a laminate stock!! Classic is Great as alway's!! I like to give Ben a shout out and miss seeing him at the gun shows!!
Two nice rifles recieved.
Review by David on 3/5/14
Bought two rifles, hoping for a good one. Both
turned out extremely nice. I was very happy. I'll
have to wait for good weather to take them to the range.
Review by YAKDRIVER on 2/20/14
Received 91/30 from local FFL today, looks new issue, light cosmoline excelent bore, not a scratch on stock. Thx Classic .Arms.
91/30 mosin nagant
Review by phthorla on 2/20/14
sorry so late for the review but back in December of 2013, we ordered a Mosin Nagant 91/30 with laminated stock. I've enclosed some pics of the rifle after I decosmolined (that should be a word) the stock and hardware and refinished the stock and reassemble the rifle.
Added 1" button pad and went to the range. After 65 or 70 rounds, I fell in love with it. Thanks Classic Firearms.
Very good laminated rifles.
Review by swando13 on 2/17/14
I ordered two of the laminated stock M91/30 rifles.Beautiful stocks in very good condition. Matching numbers on all metal parts except bayonets. Accessories all very nice. Oil and solvent cans could have been in a separate plastic bag so sling and ammo pouches would not get cosmoline on them. They were probably shipped to the USA that way. I wanted a winter project so I didn't mind all the Cosmo clean up and disassembly. Both rifles are good shooters with very good bores that cleaned up nicely. Will buy from Classic Firearms again.
What a beauty! Thank you Classic!
Review by Zach on 2/10/14
Wow. The classic M91/30 from Classic Firearms. This rifle is gorgeous and stamped 1943. This was my first Mosin and no doubt that it will not be my last. I still have yet to clean it thoroughly, but man it sure does look good hanging up on my wall. I can't wait to get out and shoot it! Classic Firearms was excellent with the transaction and I can't wait to buy from them again!
Not all the bad!
Review by David on 2/10/14
Out of the five Mosins that I own, this 1943 Izhevsk probably ranks as the lowest quality I have. The hand guard is the worst looking part of the gun and it also has a small split in the wood. The laminated stock is ok and the barrel has not been counter bored which is good. I haven't shot it yet but hope it shoots well. Overall not a bad gun for the money. The sling is a great added bonus
Classic is great to deal with, no problem at all and will buy again.
Very pretty weapon
Review by Audeojude on 1/31/14
I purchased one of these the end of December and got it in about a week. Got it home and the cleaning begin :) kerosene and boiling hot water cut through the cosmoline like it isn't there. One or the other :) not both together :) The rifle cleaned up and looks beautiful. The laminate stock looks almost freshly finished. All metal looked good with minimal scrapes or scars. I got a Izhevsk 1939 model with all matching serial numbers.

Only reason I dinged it a star was the barrel had a lot of wear on the lands. At the muzzel they were completely gone. Also I have been unable to completly clean the grooves of some kind of black something after about 4 or 5 hours of working on the barrel, gun oil, kerosene, boiling water, patches, bore brushes etc.. I must have put 20 gallons of boiling hot water through it with scrubbing between each. Let it sit overnight with kerosene in the barrel and cleaned and more boiling water. Then I shot 20 rounds through it and cleaned again. Still some kind of gunk in them. I figure eventually with use and consistent cleanings It will someday come totally clean. :)
Clean Rifle that shoots well
Review by Jon on 1/27/14
Excellent rifle. Very well covered with cosmoline when received but plenty of video on how to clean. Great way to get to know the rifle. Rifle shoots great and there is plenty of ammo on the market in spam cans. Thinking about buying another.
Review by chris on 1/18/14
This was the first time I have ever purchased a firearm sight unseen. WOW was all I can say the laminated 91/30 I ordered was pristine. I would say the bore is factory new and the wood is in great shape. I removed all the cosmoline in a parts washer at my work that was the way to go had all the cosmo off in 10 minutes. I am in the process of stripping and restaining the wood just cause I don't like the russky varnish look. I was surprised mine didn't have the Russian Crest on it, barrel was marked 1940 tula. I will definitely purchase from classic firearms again! PS waiting on a friends $99 91/30 to come in if it looks half as good as my laminated one I will buy two more!
beautiful rifle for 72 y/o
Review by Bill on 1/13/14
i put on the latex gloves and wiped off the cosmoline off the surface. because i did i a lot of research about these guns i was not shocked to see it covered in it. in fact, it was kinda fun getting to smell it and and wipe it off the gun as i was checking for matching numbers (all match). kinda exciting doing this the first time. im sure after a few times the thrill is gone. but i was pleased to discover a beautiful rifle under all that. it had all the stuff with it. bayonet, oil can, tools and the sling. it also had two of those leather pouches. i def cant wait to clean it real well and shoot this. its the basic izhevsk 1942. for 72 years old its a real nice rifle,.. i wanted the xcode upgrade but they called the next day to tell me they were sold out and refunded the 20 bucks.. if they would not have i probably would not have noticed thats how clean this rifle is.

shipping was real fast. i ordered on the 7th it shipped on the 9th got to my FLL on the 10th. i did my background check and i got it home by the 13th. 6 days total.

I ordered a 38 special from some other guys december 27th and im still waiting for the delivery for my FLL. WTF?.

anyway i will def be buying again from Classic.. im very pleased with the service i got. next pay day im gonna get an 880 case of ammo. im gonna get a case each month for 5 months. just to have it. i feel happy today!!!
Great purchase
Review by Mike A. on 1/12/14
I paid for the X code rifle and was very pleased to get a numbers matching, non- counterbored 1941 Izhevsk Mosin.

After cleaning, I was even more pleased to find the bore is in excellent shape, bright and sharp. The bolt is smooth and the trigger is not as bad as I was expecting.

I'm looking forward to shooting it when the weather breaks.

I wish I had the funds to buy another.
Beautiful Rifle!
Review by Kelly on 1/3/14
This was the first Mosin for my collection, and I paid the extra $10 for hand select. What a beautiful rifle! The fit and finish are amazingly executed, and the rifling is razor sharp. The serial numbers all match, of course. I was so impressed with this rifle, that it made me want another to add to my collection!

You cannot go wrong if you order a Mosin from Classic Firearms. These guys run one top-notch outfit.
Mosin 91/30 Laminate
Review by Argoten2 on 1/3/14
My second Mosin from these folks and WOW... beautiful piece and outstanding condition!
Review by J. D. Lee on 12/31/13
Bought the x code,bore mint, Stock excellent with only light finish wear on the hand guard where the band slides on.All matching nos.No restamps.Acssesories as adv. and in very good cond. with non matching bayonet.One of the nicest surplus guns I have seen in a long time.And its a shooter too!
Received my M91/30 today. What a beauty!
Review by prb on 12/26/13
I received my laminated stock round receiver M91/30 today. The yucky cosmoline preserved this beautiful rifle very well as expected.

The stock has no dings. There is no rust. All serials match except the bayonet, which I'm not really concerned about. All in all, I expected a really nice rifle and I got one. I could not be happier, it's really a fine specimen and I'll be out shooting it after I spend the next week getting rid of all the cosmoline and lubing it up properly.
Beautiful, Outstanding!
Review by Crazy_Ivan on 12/21/13
I received my laminate stock 91/30 on 12/20. I paid the $20 up-charge for an "excellent condition" rifle. I'm not disappointed in the least. The gun arrived in a double box (box in a box) and was completely wrapped in bubble wrap. This rifle was packaged much better than some other C&R rifles I've purchased online in the past. The gun is really slathered in cosmoline, which is perfect, because the rifle is amazingly well preserved.

When I removed the bubble wrap, I found that the wood appears to have a beautiful finish (what i can tell of it through the cosmoline) and the metal is about 95% of original. The rifle has NOT been counter-bored and the rifling of the barrel is still excellent and shows little wear.

I would definitely buy another.

1943 91/30 Issy Mosin laminated round receiver
Review by Jaime on 12/10/13
Received my mosin 91/30 in not time form CF, but had to wait the usual 5 working days for FFL transfer. Plenty of cosmoline, but then that's ok as it protect the gun. Hot water and a degreaser did away with it in about 45 minutes. Overall, the rifle is in excellent shape, with all matching numbers which is great! as I paid the extra $20 for the selection of a good one, but again it could also be luck. The bore and rifling are in excellent shape, bolt operates great. The stock is fine, but to my surprise, there are three marks on the stock, one on the bolt side, and two on left side as if it was stored on top of something hard and then pressed to create the marks. It's nothing I cant fix if I refinish the stock, which is in good shape except for the long marks. Shot about 60 rounds with my son on Saturday, and it was a lot fun to shoot. We managed to hit a few bulls eye at 50 yards. Was shooting a bit high to the right at first. Need to work on sights or add a scope. This rifle is worth every penny! specially if you get a good one. Will definitely buy from classic arms again. Need to mention they sent the can opener for the ammo.....nicely appreciated.
Arrived as advertised. Quick delivery.
Review by KPer on 12/8/13
Mine has the hex barrel. CF did a wonderful job coordinating with my local dealer for FFL exchanges and shipping. Product arrived as advertised. It cleaned up well. Plan to shoot it in a few days. Thanks CF.
Review by gooose on 11/11/13
Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated
Review by Glenn on 11/6/13
I purchased this rife and received it on 11/6/13 with 3 other different guns, I did go for the X CODE, The rife was beautiful as the others were. This rife also just needs to be cleaned and not refinshed to keep original. Unlike the M44 this was packed with Cosmo, All matching numbers, No Counter bore. Thanks again Classic Firearms!
First Mosin Nagant - Outstanding Rifle
Review by WaikikiWayne on 10/25/13
This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms. The rifle was delivered on time as promised, with no issues. It had all matching numbers except for the bayonet. After disassembly and several hours of Cosmoline removal, and reassembly - I was very pleased with my purchase. No issues, no problems, clean straight lines, and very nice bore. Of course I purchased 880 rounds of the bulk ammo, and finally took it out to the range today. I was not disappointed. At 100 yards straight from the box the gun was shooting 3 inches right of center. I had already purchased a front site adjustment tool, and before long, almost every shot was right on the mark. I am thoroughly impressed with the gun; needless to say, this will not be the only Mosin Nagant I purchase. Thank you Classic Firearms, I am very, very pleased with my first purchase
Beautiful laminate 91/30
Review by Erock75 on 10/25/13
Ordered the x code upgrade and received an excellent condition Tula 91/30! This is my first Tula and it is awesome! Don't be afraid to order one of these they are extremely nice. All numbers matched on mine with no lineouts or electropencil and no counterbore. Get one while you can!
Whoa! Unreal...
Review by william on 10/18/13
I honeslty cannot believe the condition of the rifle that showed up. I paid for the "X code upgrade" and got a 1938/53 Tula that looks absolutely brand new. This is the nicest Mosin in my collection thus far. I didn't think Classic could top the M44 I bought, but they did! Great work Classic Firearms!
Nice Gun!
Review by Schilster on 10/7/13
I've been wanting one of these Mosins for a while so I thought now would be a good time to get one. I'm happy with mine. I received a '43 Izhevsk. I braced myself when I first looked at the end of the barrel and was happy to see that it wasn't counterbored and had a nice crown and that the rifling and bore in general were in pretty darn good condition for a 70 year old surplus rifle. All numbers match except for the floor plate. No electro pencil etching. The original floor plate numbers were neatly crossed out and new ones were stamped alongside the original. No big deal. The only thing I was unhappy about was all the black paint slathered all over the barrel and buttplate. After 4 hrs worth of cosmoline removal I had to spend an additional 2 hrs removing black paint. I have no idea why it was painted either because the bluing and patina of the steel under the paint is excellent! The laminated stock is beautiful in the sun. It almost glows. Very nice action too. Very smooth and tight for an old gun. Results at the range were good. Not exceptional groups at 100 yards but I'm not exactly an exceptional marksman. I hope the hex receiver Mosin I buy next is just as nice.
Super pleased with this purchase
Review by JoshuaJake on 9/28/13
I bought a box of five rifles and upgraded to the "excellent" condition. I wasn't a bit disappointed. Four of five had all matching numbers. Every stock looked brand new. Four of five had like new bores. The remaining bore cleaned up just fine with a little work. I was so pleased that I went and bought a box of hexes the next month. Look for my review there.

Also, service was outstanding and delivery prompt.
Classic Came Through Big Time
Review by Matt on 9/25/13
Received my Mosin from my local FFL a few days ago. They're description: "gorgeous... but it's a cosmoline bomb...". They were right. That said, the Mosin I received is truly in excellent shape, the bore is mirror bright, not counter bored, and the action locks up nicely. There is some black paint on it, as others have described. On my rifle it is evenly applied and not at all unsightly. Although there is one slight spot on the stock, probably applied after Ivan took a vodka break. This was my first Classic purchase, but it won't be my last.
Great Rifle,Great Price.....
Review by Ronald on 9/25/13
My 91/30 came just as everyone said it would coated in cosmoline,but was'nt that bad to clean (5hrs) It was well worth it!! the stock is in awesome shape, no rust, all the numbers matched. I believe mine was produced in 1943 at the Izhevsk factory,all the tools, pouches and bayonet were included.To be honest I was'nt expecting too much from a surplus rifle at this price,but what I got exceeded all my expectations.....Thanks Classics!!!
Smoking rifle! Don't let the price fool you.
Review by Big John/Georgia on 9/7/13
Call me insane, but i actually like this rifle better than my Savage 110 30.06! And it sure as hell is cheaper to shoot! It's heavier, which i like. I hate rifles that feel like i'm holding a badmitton racket. I don't know if it is the years of continual refinement that went into this rifle over the years, but open sight acquisition is so fast with the Mosin. You lift it up, look down the barrel, and the target is acquired! I have not shot any other rifle where open target acquistion was so easy. Some folks bitch about the kick of this rifle. I don't know what they're complaining about! It has a metal buttplate, sure, but if you hold the rifle TIGHTLY into your shoulder with sufficient back pressure on it, it is more than managable. My AK's kick me harder than this rifle does, and my 14 year old daughter has no problem with the recoil either. Comes cosmo'd, but who cares? A good opportunity to inspect the guts. I would warn about securing that little trigger pin that seems to free float on every Mosin when you disassemble it. Be careful, because if it falls out and you lose it in the grass or something, it's a bitch to replace. Outstanding, reliable, accurate, and built like a tank. Russkie surplus rocks, even though I think commie ideology is the height of political ballbagism!
Review by Tony on 9/3/13
Absolutely amazing. I was stunned at the condition my rifles were in. I ordered 2 and both are absolutely gorgeous and dreams to shoot. I can wait to order my next one. Thanks again Classic.
Review by David on 8/29/13
Arrived in a timely manner, and as described. After cleaning the cosmoline the Wood is amazing and the barrel and other items are in perfect condition as well. There is slight rust on the barrel by the bore but for an old beast like this very happy.
The upgrade was worth the money!
Review by Izzy on 8/28/13
This is my fourth purchase through Classic Firearms, and this is probably my nicest item so far. I went for the "X" excellent condition upgrade, and I received a 1937 all-matching Tula. It's still in full-grease, so I can't check the condition of the barrel, but right now this puppy looks like it rolled off the assembly line and then put in grease, not to be touched again until just now.
Review by Mike on 8/28/13
This gun is beautiful.It is the x code and worth the extra 20.00.The metal is all excellent and the wood is near perfect.A+
awesome rifle delivered on time
Review by Thomas on 8/17/13
Couldn't be happier. I chose to pick an excellent condition rifle and that is exactly what I got. The rifle arrived in less than 7 days and was in beautiful condition despite the cosmoline. The stock had a couple of scratches but the bore was beautiful with sharp lands and grooves. No counter bore and great crown. Can't wait to get it on the range.
Great Rifle at a Great Price
Review by Circa78 on 8/12/13
Bought a laminated 91/30 and paid the extra to get a hand picked selection. The rifle came quick and was just as expected. After cleaning off the cosmoline I realized they sent me a very nice rifle. Great condition and shot beautifully. All matching serial numbers except maybe the but plate doesn't appear to be original to the rifle but works all the same. I liked it so much I intend on buying another.
A piece of history
Review by John on 8/8/13
This was my first Mosin and my first purchase from Classic Firearms. My order went in before the Fourth of July holiday, so it took about a week to arrive. The gun was covered in cosmoline and a bit of cleaning revealed an Izhevsk stamp dated 1942. All serial numbers matched except for the but plate which was electropenciled force matched. Not surprising considering that the laminated stock was a post-war edition. The stock, by the way, was in great condition for a surplus gun and the laminated wood shined up nicely. The workmanship on the receiver was almost blacksmith crude, as befits a rifle mass produced while the battle for Stalingrad was raging, but after a thorough cleaning it fired nicely.
Just what I wanted!
Review by Luke on 8/1/13
I ordered one of the X-code rifles, and I was not disappointed. Stock is in great shape, with just a few little blemishes in the finish from it being in a shipping crate. Bluing is near-perfect, and there are no signs of rust anywhere. Bore is nice, with no counter-boring.

Best of all, I got a rifle with all-stamped numbers, unlike many of the laminated M91/30s that come with electro-pencil parts. Thanks!
Good quality where it counts
Review by Jordan on 7/25/13
Received my round receiver Mosin exactly on time.Cleaned up nice the barrel was 100%.
Stock was very good quality laminated. Found some touch up black paint on the barrel but nothing unpleasant to the eye.Also Original matching numbers. Pleased with quality of rifle will be ordering again.
Excellent Value
Review by Roger on 7/25/13
This was my first order with Classic and I have to say that I could not be more pleased.

I ordered the M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Laminated Stock, with the "X" hand-select upgrade. I wanted to have at least one 'collector' grade Mosin, not just a shooter, and was apprehensive about mail-ordering, since I would be entrusting this vendor to be my "eyes" on this transaction.

The Mosin I received exceeded all my expectations. I opted for hand-select, and Classic clearly delivered for me on this purchase.

I got a beautiful Izzy, all parts with matching codes (no forced matches, no overwrites), no counterboring, a completely unblemished bore with no signs of wear at all. Stock is a deep luster wood laminate. Its a beauty, and I wonder if it ever saw service, or perhaps it was a parade gun.
Aside from cleaning the volumes of Cosmoline, it almost seemed odd that I had nothing to tinker with, or refinish........

Thanks to Classic, I now have my quality original-condition Mosin, and will soon be ordering more. Well done!

Review by Robert on 7/13/13
Buy the "X Code Rifle Upgrade". The wood stock is a beauty. 1938 is stamped on the bolt. I'm very surprised. What a nice piece of work.
Review by patrick on 7/8/13
Just recieved my Mosin Nagant m91/30 w/laminated stock in x condition and it is awesome.Bore and stock in mint condition,fieldstripped gun and all parts are excellant.After a cleaning I put 10 rds thru it with no problem,bolt action real smooth.This is a super deal.
Review by Christopher on 7/2/13
Mosin was in perfect shape! Great bore! Perfect stock! Like new! Highly recommended! Top of the line professionalism!
Not Bad
Review by BigsWick on 6/26/13
I purchased two of these rifles and paid extra for the X code upgrade. They look very good overall. One rifle is matching numbers but has been counterbored, the other is a force match and isn't counterbored. Stocks look really nice, no distractions or repairs. Shipping was timely and communication was excellent.
great for the price
Review by mike on 6/17/13
Ordered two laminated stock Mosins, got two 1943 Izzys with matching numbers decent condition for their age, one had a little rust on it and there was some paint on the muzzles and butt plates to cover where the bluing had worn and LOTS of cosmoline, havent got to shoot them yet but I expect to have fun with the 440 rounds I bought with them.
Shoots Fantastic
Review by Bill on 6/17/13
WOW!! At 100 yards I was grouping about 4 inch circle. For open sights and my 58 year old eyes I am really HAPPY. The laminate stock looks better all the time. X Upgrade worth the extra. Thanks Classic Firearms.
Review by Jim on 6/14/13
I bought a couple of these and they are in excellent condition!!! Be ready to clean some grease. Very well covered.
Great Value
Review by Bill on 6/13/13
Great rifle, I splurged for the upgrade and I am HAPPY. Shoots straight, Cleaned up very nice. Looks almost new.
Gorgeous laminate stock.
Review by dmr47 on 6/13/13
The laminate stock m91/30 is just absolutely drop dead gorgeous in the sunlight the layers just light up with so much depth.
I cant believe military plywood would look that way.
The rifle was in good shape too. 1942 Izhevsk matching receiver and arsenal rematch everywhere else. Came with full accessory package which was a big plus.
Have not been able to shoot it yet but looks like it will be a good shooter not counter bored and nice bore and rifling.
Great service and would not hesitate to order from Classic again.
I liked my answer to the human check better. It was "lots of fun'"
Review by paul on 6/13/13
just picked up gun at the dealer today, awesome it looks like new!! and i havent even cleaned it yet the laminate stock- wow cant wait to shoot this thing very pleased thanx classic firearms another great buy.
1943 Izzy
Review by Robert on 6/12/13
All I can say is this 1943 Izzy with the laminated stock is beautiful !!!!! I now own four Mosins all from Classic Firearms. You guys are the best... keep up the good work.
Review by ross on 6/12/13
Ok, so this is my first review i have ever done on an item on the internet. I was compelled by the incredible quality and service of the gun and classic arms has given me. This is my second mosin i have purchased from them the first being an m44. The m44 was in excellent condition as well which gave me the itch to buy another. For how great the quality and service is the price is cheap! ALTHOUGH when i pried open the box everything was there except the sling that was said to come with it. I was deeply disappointed becasue the rifle is heavy to lug around.
91/30 laminated
Review by John on 6/9/13
This was my first order from Classic Arms. Will not be my last !! Ordered X code upgrade. Once I got all the cosmo off and got a good look at the markings, found that I had an MO, numbers match rifle. X code worth it if you want a really good looking rifle. Will do business with these fine folks again for sure !!! Thanks Classic team !
Great buy
Review by jimmyjam on 6/9/13
This is the second Nagant I bought and I love this one just as much. Great shooter, in great shape and rugged. I am glad to see they are ballistically similar to a 30-06. Thanks Classic Firearms for your fast and accurate shipping.
Awesome gun!
Review by DennisCA on 6/8/13
I bought a laminate a couple of years ago and loved from day one! If you don't have one in your collection GET ONE!
great mosin! thanks classic firearms.
Review by brad on 6/5/13
very satisfied with my purchase. paid the extra $20 for the excellent upgrade, and that is what I received. super fast transaction.
Review by Roland on 6/5/13
Excellent piece of history. I fired last weekend and as expected it performed great.
Rate the Mosin with laminate wood.
Review by Roger on 5/30/13
I ordered 2 of the Mosin with the laminated wood, hoping to get 1 with a good bore. All these surplus guns are hit and miss, luck of the draw. A super cherry can ship right next to a dog. So it's like the lotto to get a good one. the 2 I ordered, 1 has a 90% bore and the other about 65%. Both have the usual scratches and dings, but I can work that out. Overall, Classic Arms has some good products and their customer service is first class. I give the ladies there a 5 and the guns a 3....

Classic did well by me
Review by BeOurProtector on 5/29/13
The process, shipping and mosin I got in the mail was on point, easy, and exactly as described. Wood was in good shape. Laminated stock. Numbers matching. Headspace was perfect. Included everything you'd expect to come with the rifle. Shot well. I need practice! The bore seemed in 'good' condition. Size able rifling but no inner rifling groves present. I was happily shooting Bulgarian surplus ammo. Very fun rifle to shoot. The woman on the phone seemed very overwhelmed and weary with answering my questions, but she helped alot. Would surely order form classic firearms again if I needed anything.
Another great purchase!
Review by Dan on 5/29/13
Receiveved my 1943 Izzy Mosin Nagant with laminated stock today. Paid for the x code and it was an outstanding rifle. The stock was beautiful as was the entire rifle! I have to warn you that it was packed in cosmoline so be prepared to do some cleaning. It doesn't bother me because I get excited as it gets cleaned up and I see my new treasure. This was my second Mosin Nagant from Classic as well as several other purchases. I am never disappointed with Rick's team at Classic! Shipping is quick, items are packed well, and communication and customer service is unbeatable. If you haven't bought one of these rifles you are missing out on a good deal on a fun rifle to shoot. Thanks Classic!
Great Product again!
Review by jimmy jam on 5/27/13
This is my second order and again I am impressed with the quality of stock and peripherals. All components arrived with cosmoline deluged stock/bolt and 3 out of 4 matching numbers. My first one shot awesome, expect this one too also. Thanks again Classic Firearms.
X Code not near worth it
Review by BillF on 5/23/13
Purchased my 91/30 a couple of weeks ago. Paid the extra 20 bucks for the X code.

Totally not worth it. The stock was repaired with LARGE blocks of wood, leaving ugly gaps, and color differences. Barrel was re-arsenaled (not counterbored however), slapped with thick ugly black paint that is bubbling and chunky at the muzzle. All in all not impressed.
Review by Dale on 5/22/13
Received this gun last week and it was in great condition and lots of cosmoline. I would rather clean cosmoline than treat rust.
The stock is beautiful and it lights up in the sun. Very happy, good bore and will eventually get to shoot it.
Glad I ordered one!
Review by jwhfish on 5/20/13
Last week I ordered a 91/30 with a laminated stock. I picked it up at my FFL on Friday. My 1943 Izhevsk is a beauty. I'm glad I ordered one. This is my third purchase from Classic Firearms and each has arrived in less than a week. I'm very happy with my purchase, thanks Classic Firearms!
Awesome Rifle from Classic
Review by CopeMeister on 5/19/13
I received my 1938 Izhevsk Laminate stock rifle on Friday and it is a beaut! It is awesome looking with a decent bore. I opted for the X upgrade and am happy, just wish it was a Hex receiver. Be prepared to clean cosmoline. Mine cleaned up in about 3 hrs., took it to the range on Sat. and it is a tack driver. A couple of friends remarked how nice looking the stock is. The only down side is there are no serial numbers on the bolt, butt plate and magazine, the receiver serial number is etched in on those parts. The underside of the receiver has a 1928 Tula marking and stamp? This is the best looking and shooting M/N I own. I will definitely buy again from Classic Firearms.
1944 Izzy M91/30 Laminated Stock
Review by Deadly in OKC on 5/13/13
Excellent rifling and barrel bluing. This is the "newest" of all my Mosin Nagants other than the M-44's. The laminated stock is well finished - - the only flaw was a splice in the stock: however, this splice would easily be approved by my father-in-law who was a tool and die maker by trade who did wood working as a hobby. This will be a great shooter. I'll tame the recoil with another CNC Warrior !5 X 1 RH Type 74 muzzle brake. Thanks again, Classic Arms
Great Again
Review by John on 5/11/13
Another great purchase from Classic Arms! This rifle was outstanding. Yes, you pay a little more. But as they say you get what you pay for and I and happy!
Overall Happy
Review by Karl on 5/10/13
Just received my 91/30 laminated Mosin Nagant. It was covered in cosmoline which I expected. The receiver, bolt, butt plate and magazine all matched however the bolt, butt plate and magazine were all electro penciled meaning they weren't original matching parts. I was a bit disappointed with that since the M44 and M38 I received from a competitor all had matching cyrillic numbers. My other 91/30 also has matching numbers, not forced matched. However, I was amazed at how pristine the laminated stock was. After 3 1/2 hours of cleaning and switching the stock to my other 91/30 I can say I am happy with my purchase overall.
Review by gregory on 5/8/13
Arrived quickly and well packed. Spent the extra $ for hand select and was very pleased. Rifle still had cosmoline (a lot of it!) on it and I prefer it that way. Laminated stock is beautiful.
Happy Camper
Review by USMC1991 on 5/8/13
I'm a regular customer of Classic Arms because of the products and customer service. I've purchased Mauser K98 s from last summer. A 91/30, Mosin nagant M38, M44 and now a laminated 91/30. Picked up yesterday on my day off. Cleaned it today and it looks VERY GOOD! Defined rifling and a great shine in the bore. Minor scratches on stock. Though cleaning and a coat of true oil. Crank up the music and my coffee and I attacked the cosmoline. Fun. Have to wait to shoot since local firing range is under renovation. No sloppy trigger. No rust. No cracks or bent front sight post. I'm a happy camper. I notice more people turning to Mosins as the gun control climate intensifies. For the history, for the expense, as a novelty, or worst case . Get a quality surplus rifle while pricies are reasonable. Some talk is that Russians are uping the price. Some say administration to ban 'em along with out of country ammo.
Review by angf117 on 5/8/13
i received my mosin yesterday and i pulled it out...wow....someone FILLED thi thing with cosmoline! be prepared to spend a good while cleaning it up.....but once i fot it cleaned up...shes a beaut:) NICE rifle for the $$!
Another Home Run by Classic Firearms
Review by Harril on 5/6/13
Just received my Mosin. i already owned two others and this one is by far the best looking. If it shoots as well as it looks, this may become my favorite military surplus weapon in my collection. Classic Firearms is a joy to work with and always delivers a superior product. Customer for life.
Awesome Rifle
Review by Tim on 4/27/13
First ever buy from classic firearms and it wont be the last. Rifle was shipped the next day after I ordered and arrived two days later. Excellent condition and came with two ammo pouches, tool kit, sling, and bayonet.
Review by DennisCA on 4/23/13
I bought one a couple of years ago (my first internet purchase) and I was happy as hell!
Any time I take it to the range people stop and looks; it's a real head-turner! If you need one for your collection. If you haven't bought one my question is: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? As Arnold says: Come annn you can do it!
A rare beauty
Review by tnix on 10/1/12
I got the very last laminated hex receiver all-matching dragoon era nagant last time these rifles came around here. What a find, it was cheaper than my friend's 42 round tula with the lightest colored stock I've ever seen on a nagant. Both are great looking and shooting rifles, but the earlier ones really are better quality.
Review by andy on 9/29/12
I ordered tuesday evening and picked it up at the FFL friday. Now that is fast! I only wish I had the ability to do a video. The one I recieved is A ptistine Russian red, laminated, 1929 TULA hex receiver. All numbers match except for the bayonette. No electro engraving anywhere. I would like to thank Classic Firearms for this fine weapon and I would not hesitate to shop here again!
Another Winner
Review by flash on 9/28/12
Received the rifle today, just pristine, perfect, all matching. On top of that the one I received had a 1931 Hex receiver to go with it. Could not be any happier!!!!
Doesn't look no where like the picture
Review by Thomas on 9/25/12
Had to believe it's a laminated stock