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Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25 caliber

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Yugoslavian TTC Tokarev Semi-Auto Pistol Manufactured by Zastava Arms - 7.62x25 caliber

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Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25 caliber

Yugoslavian TTC Tokarev Semi-Auto Pistol Manufactured by Zastava Arms - 7.62x25 caliber

Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25 caliber

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  • Tokarev side
  • Tokarev upright
  • Tokarev up close
  • Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev
  • Crown
  • may not have been issued
  • low on ammo? load your own with a lee loader!
  • the crest is why i ordered. sweet!
  • Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62 x 25
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Mag capacity:  9rds
  • Manufactured by Zastava Arms in Yugoslavia
  • Comes w/ two 9rd mags
Caliber 7.62x25
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

Brutus' Description

Direct from the famous Zastava Plant in Yugoslavia. These Tokarev pistols are all in very good to excellent condition. This fine handgun fires the hard hitting 7.62x25 cartridge and has some beautiful markings including a really nice Yugo Crest in the slide. Since these were fired using corrosive ammo, don't expect perfect bores.  Mag capacity = 9rds.

Comes with two 9rd mags.

Manufacturer's Description

Yugoslavian TTC Tokarev Semi-Auto Pistol Manufactured by Zastava Arms - 7.62x25 caliber

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62 x 25
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Mag capacity:  9rds
  • Manufactured by Zastava Arms in Yugoslavia
  • Comes w/ two 9rd mags
Caliber 7.62x25
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

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Customer Reviews

East German Makarov versus Yugo M57 Tokarev from Classic
Review by Scott on 5/31/13
I thought I would pit my 20 yr. old Makarov against my recent Classic Tokarev I bought. Both are great guns but the Tokarev is hands down more powerful and has awesome muzzle flash! Both guns will have a place of honor in my cabinet however! Enjoy the dueling pistols!
Video Review
East German Makarov versus Yugo M57 Tokarev in muzzle flash dueling pistols
Uploaded by swhite10539
Home run with this Tokarev and Classic
Review by Scott on 5/6/13
I was very pleased with the Tokarev I ordered from Classic. The gun was mildly coated in grease but not packed. The gun disassembled and cleaned up nicely. There are some wear marks on the gun but nothing I would not expect if this gun had been in service some, but over all it is in good to very good condition. The only small issue I had was with the second magazine that appears to be another brand or mfg. I did have to dremel/file the lip of the follower down to keep it from hitting the lip of the mag. I just made it match the other magazine. I fired the gun today and both mags and the gun performed FLAWLESSLY! If you own a 1911 then this gun is pretty much just like that so it is easy to take down and clean. Enjoy my video on this historic gun and GET YOURS NOW!
Video Review
Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - Historical Review plus Gun Take Down and Cleaning
Uploaded by swhite10539
Review by Ian on 11/7/13
I ordered my Yugo with hand select and two mags to my door for under 220 dollars and it was a KILLER deal.

The thing was packed in cosmoline, but I really enjoy learning the inner workings of a new gun as I fully break it down to clean it up. I personally get a big tub of mineral spirits (I filter it after and reuse the same stuff many times). I'll get a manual out or call up a YouTube video to learn the process if I don't already know, and I start dropping the individual parts in the tub of spirits. I will wipe off big chunks sometimes, but the stuff just melts away in the tub.

I let everything soak for a while, give each part a good shake under the spirits, then start taking each part out and QUICKLY wiping it down and giving it a generous coat of oil. Don't leave parts un-oiled for any longer than you have to after the mineral spirit bath.

After cleaning and oiling each part, I wipe off excess oil and assemble. I just thought I would share my process as I'm a collector and that's what works for me time after time. Pour the spirits through a coffee filter and use it for next time.

On to the Yugo M57. This thing was, from what I can tell, either an AWESOME arsenal refurb, or an unfired example. The barrel is immaculate. Not a sign of having ever been fired. Same with the mags and the rest of the gun. There are a few small scratches on the slide from handling and storage (possibly when the safety was added-if that wasn't an original part like with the Romanian Tok). I'm very pleased with my purchase and feel I got a heck of a nice pistol for 220 bucks total.

Negatives: the machine work on the inside of the slide is a bit rough. My Romanians action is smooth as glass, this is a bit rough. It will smooth out with use, and won't impact function. That's the only negative. The small scratches aren't negatives to me because the person who picked this for hand select couldn't possibly have seen them through the Cosmo, and they are very small

Pros: price, finish, bore/barrel, grips, longer grip than all the other Tok versions (the others feel too short in my hand, this one is perfect), two mags, Classic sent it out FAST with 3 day shipping (which took USPS 6 days, typical!)

Sorry for the long review and any errors, I'm writing this on my phone. Very pleasant transaction, very awesome gun. I have not shot it yet but expect great things. It cycles my homemade dummy rounds just fine and trigger feels decent. I expect the trigger and action to improve with use. I see there are only two left in stock as I write this. GET ONE, and get yourself a Yugo SKS and/or Mauser to go with it. They make nice firearms.

Thanks classic. I may do a video review when I get to the range with it. That'll be a first for me but might be fun!
Great Pistol
Review by Richard on 10/18/13
Purchased as my first C&R handgun. Came in packed to the brim in cosmoline. Put it through a thorough cleaning and oiling and it is perfect. Looks unfired after cleaning, besides a little muzzle end holster wear. Much nicer than I ever could have expected. Thanks Classic, for providing such a great first shopping experience!
Excellent product, Outstanding service
Review by Bob on 10/2/13
I am totally shocked at how nice the Yugo M57 I ordered is. Essentially a brand new gun it is just perfect. Delivery was very fast too. It is such a breath of fresh air to deal with such an honest and efficient company. I look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you very much.
A-1 shape
Review by Gary on 9/17/13
My hand picked Yugo M57 with two mags arrived in near-new condition under a layer of cosmoline. Strip, clean, inspect, lube, reassemble and check-out revealed a perfectly functioning pistol (including the USA mandated safety). Very, very, very light, minor internal wear marks, a clean and shinny bore, and no holster wear on the outside. It was either not used or minimal used. Range tested using FMJ and JHP (hard to find PPU JHP) with no issues and great accuracy.
Excellent product, excellent service
Review by henry on 9/6/13
This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms. Great customer service, the Yugo m57 arrived super fast in excellent condition.
Like new!
Review by Southern Boy on 9/4/13
This Tokarev handgun is beautiful! After I cleaned off all the cosmoline I had me one of the finest handguns of the Cold War! My YugoTokarev looks like it has never or rarely been fired. It is accurate and reliable. I love to show it off to family and friends at the range. You will not be disappointed!
Great Buy
Review by J-Mac on 8/10/13
Came in great condition. Light wear marks. Very little cosmoline. 2 spots of light corrosion on the barrel's outer surface. Very minor and polished up nice. Definitely a happy customer.
Excellent quality weapon. My third purchase from Classic
Review by Don on 8/8/13
This is the third gun I have purchased from Classic in the last year and each of them has been exactly as described; arrived quickly and I found the Customer Service to be excellent!
Perfect Condition!
Review by Bob the Biker on 7/14/13
Tokarev was in perfect condition, appears to be unissued. No scratches, wear, bore crisp and unworn. Heavily packed in cosmoline, but well worth the effort to clean it. Have put over 200 rounds through it with no problems. Really loud, blows out fireballs like my wifes XD compact. Great fun. Shipped to my door 3 days after ordering!! Was my first purchase from Classic, definately not my last
Outstanding customer service/Yugo M57
Review by John on 7/10/13
Second purchase from Classic and another great buy. M57 was new, matching. One mag would not feed, received a replacement 2 days later. You cannot go wrong...first buy was a milled SKS, as described and a great shooter. Buy from Classic
5 stars to Classic Firearms
Review by yoggibear60 on 7/7/13
Classic Firearms went above and beyond with my purchase of a Yugo M57 Tokarev. This my third go-round with them and they are the best. The Yugo is absolutely beautiful but I had many jams with various ammo and three different mags and the trigger needs a lot of work. I'm currently dissecting it and replacing ALL the internals. It will be a fine shooter when I'm done. Really like the nine round mag--it fits my big hands soooo much better than the rest of the Tokarevs. ! Thank's Classic Firearms.
Yugo Tokarev
Review by VB on 7/5/13
Awesome purchase. Fast delivery. Hand pick is worth it. Looking forward to my next purchase!
Review of M57 Tokarev
Review by HK on 7/1/13
Great pistol for the price and always turns look at the range...wtf is that thing??! It's a junky soviet pistol but what do you expect for the price? Condition was as described and I have zero complaints. I did the hand select which would explain that. Great job CF.
Great Deal Great Gun
Review by wicket on 6/29/13
Classic firearms did it again. I purchased my Yougoslovian m57 tokarev on a Wesnesday and received it on Saturday.I paid for hand select again and it was well worth the extra $10 I couldn't be more pleased. When the Polish tokarev's come back in stock I'll be purchasing one of them also. THANKS CLAASSIC. :-) :-)
Good gun, Great service
Review by Bruce on 6/9/13
My gun arrived in less than a week. I ordered the hand select. The weapon was either new or like new. Good weapon, I like the extra length on the grip.
Great purchase
Review by Joseph on 5/22/13
Got mine cleaned up. Under all of the cosmoline was a well used, but well taken care up numbers matching pistol. Early 60's production with an honest amount of holster wear, but mechanically very sound. Only issue that I've had is keeping my brother from using up all of my ammo when we go to the range.
Another Winner From Classic Firearms!
Review by L.S. on 5/15/13
Underneath the sticky cosmoline, I discovered a pristine, matching Tokarev M57 that shows no sign of ever having been used. Other than a few handling marks, the finish shines in all areas like it did when it left the factory in 1963. This is the second gun I've ordered hand select, and Classic has again not disappointed. Even the two magazines are in new, unused condition. I could not be more satisfied! Thanks, Classic!
great gun
Review by dropdzz on 5/1/13
love my tok,very happy with shape of gun,perfect condition.A little sad that the new ones hit the site about four days after my purchase,but I guess I'll have two toks.Now get us some ammo classic and we'll buy it all.I also would rather another option than us postal service and would gladly pay.That said I am scowering classicfa for my next treat.
Outstanding purchase
Review by psyguy on 5/1/13
Like others who have reviewed this firearm, I was blown away by its factory-new condition. The bore looks like it has never been in service, and no nicks or dings were present; the bluing was excellent (for a military sidearm), as well. I don't have any ammo for it, so I haven't taken it to the range; but, by the accounts of other purchasers, it should be fun when I do!
Excellent condition
Review by joe on 4/29/13
Just picked mine up from my FFL guy Saturday, and it looks brand new! Soaked it in Mineral spirits to get off the cosmoline, oiled and reassembled. It is beautiful! can't wait to shoot it. These Toks are sweet! Got a Mosin at same time. Both great guns! Thank you Classic !
Nice gun nice price nice company
Review by Jeep guy on 4/29/13
I bought 2 of these and they cleaned up great shoot well. They are pretty great in my opinion they shipped fast and as always the folk at classic firearms delivered a good product efficiently.
Hand Select = Unissued
Review by Andrew on 4/26/13
I purchased the hand select version. Classic Arms' description is very very conversative. I can confirm the unit I received is unissued and unfired. Because of this, the magazine will need to be broken-in in order to be installed/ejected reliably. There are some minor tool marks (not Classic Firearms fault in any way). I am very happy with Classic Firearms!
The pistol was in new condition.
Review by Brian on 4/25/13
I was more than pleased with the pistol. It was as if it never had been issued . Thanks , Looking forward to future purchase's . Brian
Great Gun
Review by Drewdawg on 4/19/13
After stripping it down and a thorough cleaning, it looks new or barely used, its hard to tell, no friction wear marks at all! Bore is bright and barley a scratch on it the whole gun. and It shoots as good as it looks!!
Thanks CF
An Excellent Yugo M57
Review by Will on 4/13/13
This was my first order with Classic Firearms. I am so impressed with the level of quality that they are selling. I chose a hand selected M57 for my first purchase due to all the stellar reviews. My item was shipped immediately and few days later it was at my door. Amazing is the only word to describe the condition it was in. Even my wife raised an eyebrow on the idea it was military surplus. I am extremely pleased with customer service and the quality of my Tokarev. Thank you Classic Firearms.
great pistol
Review by flash762 on 4/11/13
In unfired condition
Cleaned up easily and functions like it was a new gun.
Ammo is a problem to get tho...
Thanks for a fine pistol.
Great C&R purchase
Review by Kate on 4/9/13
Went ahead and bought the M57 for my first C&R hand gun purchase. Price was good, and came with two mags. So I .thought "why not." Ordered on a Thursday, and came that Saturday! Even with the disclaimer of 5 to 7 days before shipping. Gun looked good, smeared in Cosmo, as were the mags. Soaked it over night, and realized it was near perfect condition. Barrel was as perfect inside, although it had been used. Grips had a ding or two. But over all, it was perfect! Classic is the best!!!! Can't wait to do more business with you guys.
Nice pistol
Review by CopeMeister on 4/7/13
My Classic Firearms Yugo M57TT, 7.62X25 caliber rates a solid 4 Stars and here is why. The pistol arrived promptly as advertised. I paid for the hand select and the pistol is in great shape, shiny clean bore, minimal bluing wear and no damage to the grips. Great job Classic Firearms! The only scratch on the frame is where the ATF mandated safety was installed by the importer. I rated it 3 stars for the following reason: #1 I have consistent FF with all of the magazines ( I have 3 and am using S&B ammo) I have cleaned the pistol thoroughly and have taken the magazines apart two times and have cleaned and lightly oiled the mag spring and I checked the followers to be sure they are not hanging up. #2 AMMO, the only down side with the purchase of any TT (7.62X25) is there is NO ammo available anywhere! Luckily I was able to purchase a few boxes of S& B ammo at a local shop. I will be shooting it sparingly and will be savoring every shot. It is fun piece to shoot! I will definitely but from Classic Firearms in the future.
Review by bryan on 4/6/13
This gun is great a 100% hit in my book its worth the 10 extra for hand picking. If you are a first time buyer and need some help cleaning off old cosmoline my advice is to stop and buy some cheap charcoal lighter fluid to clean your new pistol with. Cosmoline is hard to get off charcoal lighter fluid does thing and doesn't hurt your gun finish. If you have compressed air or air compressor it makes it even easier. I tore mine down and cleaned it and oiled in less than 15 minutes. Charcoal lighter fluid at fred's is $2.50 Hoppe's 8-9 dollars and stinks and is white kerosene with some different solvents. W-D 40 works well two and is about the same. I do recommend so type of good quality gun oil and grease like Hopppes or 3-In-ONE oil works well to.
Perfect Yugo Tokarev
Review by Larry on 4/5/13
I received my M57 today. I ordered it on April 2 and received it on April 5, and I live 1500 miles from Classic Firearms. The pistol looks like it was never issued. Looks like it was made and then put in cosmoline and stored away. Not a scratch on it and I haven't cleaned it yet, kbut I know the barrel has to be primo. I have read a lot of reviews about Classic that have been terrible about their service but this is the fifth time I have ordered from Classic and each time I had my stuff within 3 - 5 days. The quality of everything I have received from Classic was as advertised or better. I would say this pistol is Excellent+++.

Larry Mayes
Midland, Texas
Awesome unissued pistol!
Review by garandman on 4/2/13
Received my Yugo pistol today. The pistol is awesome and I believe it is unissued. There are some storage scratches but otherwise like new. I had some problems getting the action to work with one of the two mags, but when ammo was put in the mag, it functioned fine. Lots of cosmoline throughout. I am very pleased with this pistol! Thanks Classic!
Review by DoubleDubs on 3/31/13
I ordered this gun with the hand select option and am extremely happy. It came coated with a bit of grease that was easily taken off with a degreaser bath and some wiping. It looks brand new with almost no wear, the bore is mirror bright and the numbers are all matching. I am extremely happy and will be taking this gun out for a shoot later today. If the accuracy is as good as this thing looks then I would be 150% satisfied.
Very pleased with my first purchase from Classic!!!
Review by Jerry on 3/28/13
I am very pleased with my first purchase from Classic. The M57 I received seems to be in extremely good condition even though I have not cleaned it yet. The slide, frame, and barrel are matching numbers. The barrel looks like it is new. I can hardly wait to get it to the range. Thanks Classic Firearms!
Couple of things you need to beware of
Review by Ken on 3/26/13
The people at classic did a great job. Very quick response with a couple of questions I had and overall quick shipping considering the market right now. However the gun is very cool. But it would way cooler if the grips matched one had the star as advertised the other grip was different. Which I emailed classic and their response was sorry but luck of the draw. Also two small Knicks on top of the slide which is what it is old gun and I didn't pay for hand pick I think that is a silly thing to pay extra for a gun that is covered in cosmoline. Other issue took the gun out and shot it after I cleaned it very well. The slide had a tendency to stay back every couple of shots. A quick nudge to the back of the slide and it would return forward. I took it home cleaned it again and haven't shot it since but i think it will be fine now. Lots of buried cosmoline on these thing. Truly beside those couple things the gun looks new including the bore. I really like this gun overall and the round itself is smokin fast. The only reason it got 4 stars rather than 5 because of the none matching grips. I think that should have been mentioned in the description.
looked great, came fast
Review by jimmy on 3/23/13
I bought this gun because my brother had one andnit shot great and I just have a thing for mil surp. It was shipped to my ffl in about 5 days which for the way things things are right now I was shocked! The gun came caked in cosmo but that was ok cause that allowed me to take it complely apart and get into the nook and crannies and really get to know my gun. I believe that it was a non issued pistols cause the barrel looked brand new. Classic was great and I would have no hesitation ordering anything else from them!
Review by Rich on 3/20/13
When I received my M57 I was amazed that
the condition of it was like new. After the
clean up I still was unable to find even minor
defects. Classic Arms you've done it again.
Poor Man's FN Five-Seven IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review by Liebeskind on 3/18/13
Received firearm from FFL and was more than happy! I have'nt removed the cosmoline but one can clearly see that the firearm is unused or excellent condition. It feels great in my hand and not stubby like the Polish model, the balance is also great and the trigger pull is amazingly lite. I plan to use mineral spirits to clean and soak my 7 magazines as well. After I take it to the range I'll updat the results.

Get them while they're available, I am!
good solid pistol
Review by Eric on 3/16/13
From the moment I unpacked the pistol,cleaned of the cosmoline and worked the action I was pleased. i paid for han select and the finish was in great condition(some minor surface scuff marks). The bore was clean with no signs of wear. The pistol is heavy for its size,after all it is all steel, but it has excellent balance and feels good in the hand(I have medium hands with stubby fingers). Field strip is super quick and easy this is now the ONLY pistol I don't mind cleaning! Took it to the range and it performed flawlessly. I ran 100 rds of Sellier&bellot without a hiccup. I must admit that I forgot that these mags hold 9 rounds so I only loaded 8. Its very snappy with a LOUD bang but recoil in minimal. Really tight goups at 7-10yrds. Th e sights take some getting use to and are not so visible in low light. Also the magazines do not drop away. I will probaly apply some hi viz dots to the sights. I know these are 50 year old guns but the quality you get at this price is timeless...Now if couls only find some ammo without taking out a second mortgage. BUY THIS GUN!
sweet deal
Review by powderbob on 3/15/13
I received my M57 TT more than a month ago and it was my first order from this company and boy, they did it right.I had the hand select with extra mag and the gun is in excellent,almost brand new condition.It came covered in cosmoline but not really bad.I love this gun,it feels just right in my hand with the longer grip and the extra capacity magazine,better than the Romanian TTC which I have.I also like the fact, that it's from a country that no longer exists and with the small little Yugo crest on the top of barrel.Get them while you can folks.The only set back right now is the ammo shortage for the gun,even the surplus is disappearing,hopefully will go away.
Thanks Classic Firearms for the sweet deal.
Excellent Pistol
Review by J man on 3/11/13
The pistol was in very good condition the only problem was the safety gets in way of hammer so. I took it off but other than that good pistol came w/a factory new mag. And 1 surplus mag impressed. ,John
An opportunity to own a piece of history
Review by John on 3/8/13
The gun was virtually in a new condition when I received it. It's impressive and different from its cousins as it holds 9 rounds rather than 8. After a thorough bath, the M57 appeared ready for the range. Although I've not had a chance to try it out at the range, the anticipation is pretty intensed. These relics will soon disappear not because of shortages - but rather due to gun grabbers and bureaucracy being played out in DC. Get one while you can before these guns can no longer be imported. As you may have noticed, ammo for the Toks is very hard to find.
great pistol/ classic fireams is the best
Review by tankerfrank on 3/8/13
I bought a yugo m57 a few day ago and its the best, looks new, only thing that I hate is the big import stamp, I wish the ATF would give the importer a gage number like they do for the DOD. Anyway I will be good customer to classic from now on.

M57 Exceeds Expectations
Review by djbutts on 3/2/13
The M57 exceeds the expectations that I had. When I cleaned off the grease I had a NEW pistol with no scratches or dings of any kind. The barrel looked as if it had never been shot. The two mags was the same, no marks at all. I am glad I got the hand select. The service was outstanding. Ordered on Monday and received it today (Fri). Thanks Classic for the excellent service. Looking forward to doing more business with you. Thanks, Donald.
Yugo perfection!
Review by Brent on 3/1/13
I purchased a Yugo M57 TT from Classic and received an unissued beauty! Don't think its ever been fired. A few minor packing scratches but overall brand new. Thank you Classic Firearms. M38 wasn't perfect but my P64, CZ82 and Tokarev are!!
Yugo M57
Review by craig on 2/26/13
Just wanted to say I had a great experiance.
My order went along easily & had very fast shipping. I received a very nice Yugo M57 that looked unissued & had a perfect bore. The gun has a few tiny scratches but otherwise looked perfect. Thanks for your great service
What a steal!
Review by veprfan on 2/24/13
This has to be the best deal in c&r firearms out there! Its the loudest gun I have ever owned, but its simple to disassemble, and feels great in the hand. I've heard some people prefer the tt33, which I have not fired myself, but the grip frame on the m57 feels absolutely perfect in length to me, and an extra round is never a bad thing. Classic Firearms sent me one that looks almost flawless, and at this price I don't know how you can beat it!
great gun, great service
Review by larry on 2/22/13
I put my C & R license in on Tues. It was in system next a.m. so I ordered my great Yugo M57 and got it on Friday. Gun looks like brand new, no loss of blueing and clean barrel. Great to deal with Classic, I have my eye on another C & R item. Classic is A 1 ,
Perfect M57
Review by John on 2/22/13
All I can say is this M57 came to me like new. I can't see any evidence it has ever been fired! It will definitely be my primary carry gun.
Review by Captain on 2/21/13
This is the second Tokarev I've bought from Classic. This gun was packed with cozmoline but cleaned up to be in excellent condition. Not a scratch or blemish anywhere. Buy with confidence from Classic Arms.
NIce Gun, Slow fulfilment
Review by DD on 2/16/13
I ordered this Yugo Tokarev at the end of December and didn't receive it til Mid January. One pistol permit expired by then, but with the holiday season and all I understand.

The gun however is NICE!. It had some cosmo on it but cleaned up easily. The finish is almost new. Very little wear. The import marking is a little excessive and the Yugo crest is smaller and less defined then I expected but that's all minor. I like that it came w/two mags and the integral safety is much nicer than the POS that is retro-fitted like on my Romanian.

Buy one, or two. Cuz when your friends see it, they will want one. Too bad ammo is scarcer and more expensive than it used to be.
Classic Firearm
Review by LSeven on 1/20/13
This gun has a narrow profile and low kick. I like the way it chambers the next round when a full clip hits home.
All my purchases fro Classic have been great
very nice
Review by Phil on 1/14/13
I purchased two of the Tokarev pistols.. they are both like new, and from tearing them down I would almost say that they are or were hardly ever used, very bright bore, the mags were new, not even a scratch on them.. very much like a 1911 as far as shape and design, I have not shot it yet, but I researched quite a bit and these things are rock solid, and very accurate.. My Sig .40 is now gathering dust, because with the advantage of armor piercing bullets, I feel much safer in a heavy cover situation with this bad boy.. so it is now the gun that rides shotgun in my glove box.. I can't believe they have any left, wish I could justify buying a couple more with the wife! firing pin is a bit$! to get back in, but there is a great video on youtube that shows the way to do it..farted around for three hours trying to reinsert it, but after seeing the video got it the first try.. only concern I have is the availability of cheep surplus ammo, got 1260 rounds but would feel better if I had a couple thousand more
Old as me - but twice as fun
Review by William on 1/5/13
Received my M57 the day after Christmas and I am impressed. Though not one of the pristine, looks-like-its-never-been-fired examples you’ll read about from other reviewers…this pistol looks pretty darn good. Even though I paid for hand pick, I can’t blame the packer for the minor surface imperfections - It came out of the box so slathered in cosmoline that it was barely recognizable as a gun. Gave me the chance to try the charcoal lighter fluid method to clean it. Works like a dream. Quick trip to the range revealed a minor problem with the safety – it engaged after every shot, blocked the trigger. A little research, a little filing and we are good to go. Accurate, loud and a pleasure to shoot. I think I know what my son in law is getting for Christmas next year.
As for customer service; Even during the Great Flu Epidemic of 2012 and the end of year, tragedy-fueled panic, the folks at Classic Firearms came through with flying colors. All things considered, shipping was fast – and incredibly reasonable. This was my first purchase from Classic, but – as others have said – it won’t be my last.
Very Pleased
Review by Don on 12/28/12
My first C&R purchase and was very pleased with everything. The pistol is in like new condition with a bright shiny bore. It shot great at the range and was right on target.
Great Gun,Price,Service
Review by Malot1 on 12/26/12
Received this pistol promptly after ordering. Gun looked brand new, Came well packaged and with 2 mags,also in new condition. Cant say enough about the service I received . Pistol, shipping and updates were all first class..My new number one source for C&R Firearms.
Outstanding Yugo M 57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7.62 x 25
Review by Mike on 12/18/12
Picked the gun up today and it appears to be mint and unfired. Blueing and function of the gun is simply outsanding. Both magazines look mint. The barrel is shiny like a mirror and no evidence of being fired. Gun came in protective greese so cleaning is a must. Customer service at Classic Arms is outstanding. This is my first time as a customer and will buy more products.
Excellent Yugo M57 TT Tokarev
Review by Ezveedub on 12/14/12
I purchased this Yugo M57 TT a few weeks ago and did hand select option. I got what appears to have been a fairly new M57 with almost no usage what so ever. The finish was excellent with no signs of any wear at all. It only had maybe a minor nick or so and only rubbing of the bluing at the very edges of the firearm from storage/handling, but none from any usage. The internals appears to also have almost zero usage, even the magazines. Operating the firearm was a bit rough at first, as it seems it was never broken in or used. The first few rounds chambered where rough, but that has since smoothed out. I may polish the feed ramp, as it still looks like it never had any rounds chambered though it before. The operation of the firearm has since smoothed out after cleaning and lubing it after a few operations of the firearms. Overall, I'm very pleased with this Yugo M57 TT from Classic Firearms.
Minor issues. But nice gun
Review by Mattbo on 12/9/12
Received promptly in 3 days. Had hand select but slide stop clip was missing. Called Classic and they sent it fast got it in 3 days. Slide stayed oped after every round till I removed safety. All in all I am pleased with it and the service from Classic. I have purchased from Classic in past and will again. Next one will be CZ 82, after holidays.
Great pistol
Review by mike on 12/8/12
My first C&R purchase. Things couldn't have gone better with Classic. Ordered on monday, got the gun on saturday. As for the gun itself, it looks to be unfired, just packed in cosmoline, as to be expected, but the gun is just perfect, and the 2 magazines is a really nice touch.
Review by PupSter on 12/4/12
These are as good as anything a top quality company like Colt or others offer. Well made, reliable and fun. easy to convert to 9mm if you want...
Like new Yugo M57
Review by Fred on 12/1/12
First off, I would like to Thank everyone at Classic Firearms, They are selling top of the line .Ive looked at many,many of these style pistol and have yet to find anyrthing which comes close to these. After much cleaning I uncovered what looks like a brand new pistol with a bore as clean as a new modern firearm. It shoots as well as it looks. My mistake was not to order two! I ordered a hand picked on Black Friday and I was picking it up on a Tuesday, at my local gun dealer, the turn around time was great. Keep up the good work guys and gals. Cant wait for my Yugo M24 8mm bent bolt,hand select,matching#s rifle..
Nice size gun
Review by Ken on 11/2/12
I bought one of each Tokarevs- A Yugo, Romanian, and Polish.

The Polish guns are the nicest finished.

The Yugo model I receiver was very nice, but I had problems with the magazine releasing from the gun. I wound up removing the magazine disconnect and that completely cleared up the problem, and smoothed the trigger pull as well.

The magazine now drops right out.

I also found metal filings in the frame when I stripped the gun down to clean out the cosmoline. Apparently the arsenal drilled the holes for the safeties and didn't take the time to remove the metal shavings inside the frame when they were done.

No damage was done to the gun, and it cleaned up nicely.

This model of the Tokarevs feels the best in your hand due to the longer frame that gives you an extra round in the magazine. Just remember that the magazines with this model is not interchangeable with the others. However CZ52 magazines can be modified by making a notch in them for the magazine release and they will function well in these models.

Just remember these Yugo models have a magazine disconnect that prevents you from squeezing the trigger & dropping the hammer without a magazine inserted. They are easy to remove, and unneccesary.
Good service. A reliable, quality firearm.
Review by Triplanetary on 9/26/12
The guys at Classic helped me out and gave me a memorable and enjoyable experience getting this gun. I will never forget personal attention and the courtly manner of all of the staff I encountered.
This is a a reliable, quality firearm for a very modest price.. This is a great shooter, very well made and will last forever. if you look closely this pistol has so many things in common with the 1911 .45 ACP and Colt 1903 .32 Hammerless that you could put it in the same category as those two classics. Smooth, snaggless, natural pointer and reliable shooter. Where it diverges is that it takes down much easier (blowback) and it's one vulnerable point (slide stop clip) can be field replaced with common e or o clips. The Tokarev fires a quick, potent round with good penetration and while not .45 should be feared like one. The 7.25x.25 is an old Comm block round that is overlooked in the west although the .327 Federal nods to it, that doesn't stop Albania from burning their excess every day. One day, Tokarevs of all types will rare and hard to get but until that long off day, dig in and enjoy. i plan to get several more and would love to make one into a carbine or SBR
Review by Scott on 8/10/12
Out of the four of these pistols I own this is by far the best! Pistol seems to be in unfired condition.
Review by shooter on 8/1/12
great looking gun
Review by mw2566 on 7/18/12
I picked it up monday and it looks wonderful very clean and in great conditon.I have a nice Yugo collection and this fit nice in it. The guys at Classic Arms are super nice.
Great Shooter
Review by Lawman on 7/14/12
Have two, both shoot great. The Tokarev round shoots pretty flat. And shoots a pretty neat flame out of the end of the barrel!