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CZ 999 .40 Caliber Compact Pistol by Zastava Arms... New

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CZ 999 Compact Pistol, .40 cal S&W Semi Auto by Zastava Arms, Factory Ported Read More
CZ 999 .40 Caliber Compact Pistol by Zastava Arms... New CZ 999 Compact Pistol, .40 cal S&W Semi Auto by Zastava Arms, Factory Ported
CZ 999 .40 Caliber Compact Pistol by Zastava Arms... New

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  • I stippled the grips as there are NO aftermarket grips for this gun.
  • CZ999 .40S&W Compact
  • Ported barrel
  • Field stripped
  • New Gun out of the box.
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Additional Information

Product Specs

.40 S&W caliber
2-10 rd mags 

Caliber .40
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

Brutus' Description

Our CZ999 pistols are made in Serbia by the famous Zastava factory. Powerful .40 S&W with two 10 rd. mags. Pistols feature HI-quality alloy frames and all machined steel slides. Fully ambidextrous slide release/decocker and magazine release. Pistols also feature chrome lined barrels, drop free mags. and three dot sights. Barrel: 3.86", Overall: 7.4", Weight: 2.03 lbs. Not available for sale in NY; CA; DC; HI; MA; Cook County, IL or where prohibited by law. Condition: New.

New. Click here to watch video with Tactical Tech TV from the 2013 SHOT Show!

Click here to read review and watch video by GUNSAMERICA from the 2013 SHOT Show!

Hold The Presses - We just discovered that this batch of .40 caliber compacts are Factory Ported.... 
This is a tremendous upgrade absolutely free on this weapon.

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Manufacturer's Description

CZ 999 Compact Pistol, .40 cal S&W Semi Auto by Zastava Arms

Additional Information

Product Specs

.40 S&W caliber
2-10 rd mags 

Caliber .40
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

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Customer Reviews

Video review.
Review by Raz on 1/7/14
This gun is great. There's a few things I left out but they are covered in other videos which should have links in the suggested videos section of my video.
I've put about 150rds through it give or take and it shoots accurately and without hiccup!
Video Review
Cz999 .40 compact from classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by John Dough
Trigger failed after 14 rounds
Review by Ron389 on 3/30/14
Out of the box, I was impressed with it. The trigger pull was light in single action and even double action was better than many other pistols. Only complaint is that the trigger failed first day at the range, after 14 rounds fired. CAI was quick to send a return label for the warranty work, and said I should have it back in 4 to 6 weeks. I hope it was an anomaly.

The first 14 rounds were great and muzzle flip was reduced thanks to the ports. I didn't notice and flash from the ports when firing.
Quality Gun Great Price
Review by Jakes on 3/21/14
This is my first purchase with Classic Firearms. Weapon arrived quickly and in perfect condition The guy at the gun shop couldn't believe how fast it had been shipped out and arrived. The gun is solid and is a nice size- similar to a Glock 19 in size. Fits great in the hand and shoots nicely. I had 3 failure to eject rounds- always the last round in the magazine so I think this is due to the ammo or the weapon not being broken in completely. I would recommend this gun and the price can't be beat. I gave it 5 stars for price and quality. Easy to disassemble and clean. Customer service at Classic is great.
NOT to great
Review by Aldog on 3/19/14
Zastava has been around a long time and have read a lot of good things about their products but this pistol I am not so sure about. Look and feel is GREAT, performance however is not.
2 trips to the range and about 150 rounds later I have found that you can not use steel cased ammo it will not eject the case, had to drop magazine and remove case with each round. I switched to Blazer which is aluminum the 2nd and 3rd rounds failed to eject, I did get 1 out of 7 mags(10 rounds each) to run without an FTE. I had a box of DRT terminal shock And thankfully I test all ammo before I carry the gun, 20 rounds=4 fail to eject. I will try brass cased ammo next time and have read that it just needs a break in period so I am trying to be patient but starting to think maybe I should have used the money for a down payment on a Sig.

Hi Aldog - Thanks for posting your review. The manufacturer does recommend (in the owners manual) using only brass cased ammo. Like you, I have heard they will do fine with steel cased after a break in period.....if so, consider that a bonus :) Thanks for being a customer and God bless.....

- The Classic Firearms Team

CZ999 .40S&W
Review by Matt on 12/5/13
Ordered on a Thursday and arrived the following Monday, so kudos to Classic for prompt (and free) shipping!

Weather has kept me from trying it out, but it seems well built, durable and it has a nice solid feel. You're essentially getting a Sig for less than half the price.
No canted sights or machine marks like another reviewer reported. Field stripping is extremely fast and easy. The mag springs, however, are pretty stiff; I needed a magazine loader to get the last round in.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon and I can try this out.
Thanks again Classic Firearms!
Rock solid!
Review by Mike on 12/1/13
I was expecting a great pistol and I got one. This thing is built tough, yet it's very easy to use and feels very comfortable in my hand. The only thing I found different for me was how to disassemble it. Not saying that's a bad thing, just different from what I was used to. Once I got the hang of it though it's easy to disassemble and then reassemble. Tough pistol that is built to last!
Great as the First!
Review by John on 11/14/13
This the the second of the 40 cal and third of the brand and I still love each one. May buy another 9mm since the rice has dropped. Thanks again Classic FireArms!
Can't get better for the price. REALLY YOU CANT!
Review by RaZ on 11/8/13
First off I'd like to say that this gun may look like a sig p200 series handgun... But it is not. 4 differences:

1: it isn't machined to the prettiness of sig. I didn't say "quality" because it does seem to be as functional if not more so than a Sig pistol.
There are machine marks in unnoticeable places but nothing that would effect reliability (at least not negatively)

2: the sig resemblance is merely a aesthetic resemblance. The internals are much different. Kind of remind me of beretta. The functional design of this pistol greatly differs from sig sauer. (A few that blow sig out of the water)

3: my friend has a sig sauer p229 in .40 that looks nearly identical to this gun. But I can shoot circles around his sig all day with this gun. It is astoundingly accurate. I shoot inside of 3.5" groups at 20-25 yards with ease and this gun eats ANY ammo you put through it after break-in period. (~100rds)

4: PRICE. This gun has an amazing value! Cost less than half its Sig counterpart.

Now this isn't a fluff piece... Here's the negatives...
1: the sights on these guns will almost surely come canted. If you don't have the tools yourself it will cost you a small fee at the gunsmith for an easy fix.
2: machine marks (who cares really?)
3: comes packed in a bit of goo. But if you don't clean and inspect every gun you buy before firing it you're probably too young or mentally incapacitated to be shooting anyway.
4: accessories and mags are tough to find. CtD has magazines at about the same cost as sig mags or you can get beretta reproductions if you're handy with a dremel and can put the mag-catch notch in the right spot. No grips available at all at this time. No sights available at this time. (The stock sights are nice!) just measure your sights carefully. Something WILL fit. Sig holsters work (leather) but the plastic holsters need small spacers (washers) added to accommodate the slightly fatter trigger guard. I run a Serpa with no issues. But leather is probably a better choice. German police leather sig 226 holsters reportedly work fine.
5: doesn't like hollow points untill broken in with a box or two of fmj.
But that's it! If you're okay with 2-3 magazines and can live with the grips and can find a good holster of modify one this gun is every bit as valuable in an emergency as a sig. I like AKs and Sigs for this reason. and zastava (though unknown in the US) is a great company that has been making guns for a LONG time. And they offer both a sig-like handgun that European police and military use all over. And AKs that are finished about as good as Russian saigas and have small awesome updates to the original design.

Bottom line: Do yourself a favor ... If you ever see one of these pistols or zastava AKs in front of you... Do whatever you can to make it yours. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!
Awesome pistol
Review by Joey P on 10/28/13
Just wanted to add a few things: Shot this gun. I put about three hundred rounds through it with no issues or problems. Had to 'slap' the magazine in hard to make it 'click' but that went away after a while... Takes a little effort to pull the slide back to make it open. I wouldn't call this a 'conceal' carry pistol. Even at a compact its still a decent sized pistol. I bought a 'Fobus' paddle holster (for a Sig 226), fits perfect. Bottom line, this is an awesome pistol even if it cost more.
Review by Joey P on 10/19/13
FAST FAST shipping! First off, I am a Glock man... Love my Glock 22 and my Glock 36. My friend had bought the full size model earlier, and after seeing it and holding it, I had to have one. This is a copy of the Sig 226. When I got this I was very pleased. Ported barrel. Feels perfect in my hands (I have big hands). Love the sights and the de-cocker. Nice to feel and hold a metal gun without plastic everywhere too...
Zastava has a great reputation, and this is the pistol their military and police use. This pistol would be worth it if it were over $500! If you're looking for an awesome pistol with a nice powerful round, you would be a fool not to buy this for the price of $349.99....
Review by Jumpin' Joe on 10/1/13
I have not been this impressed by a firearm in quite a whlle. Very smooth DA, crisp SA. 100 rounds fired so far with flawless operation. Porting reduced muzzle flip to less than my S&W model 60 in 38 spl. Excellent ergonomics even for my small hands. Shot low at sevem meters but was dead on if sight picture was adjusted to put the forward dot just proud of the rear notchf Easily found a third magazine on line. Only glitch was the magazine follower would bind up on loading before reaching full capacity. Disassembly and lube of the magazine interior solved that. Excellent gun, excellent price and excellent service from Classic Arms (as usual). 5 stars.
Review by Sinbad on 9/22/13
Super Fast shipping by Classic Firearms! Have put a little over 100 rnds of reloads, steel case, hollow points, lead, whatever I could find down er throat and I can't make it hiccup. Did shoot a little to the right but drifted the sight and is very accurate. Porting does a good job on fast follow up shots. A bargain at this price! Thanks Classic!!
Great gun
Review by shutster on 9/9/13
Received the gun and was chomping at the bit to shoot. Went to the range and was pleasantly surprised. The gun has the feel of a sig. I had a friend bring in a SIg 226 and the thing was almost identical. I went to the range and shot a few rounds and noted that the group was a little right of center. but a group none the less. Nothing a sight adjustment wont't fix. My wife, a non shooter, was also grouping rounds her first time out. A very good investment. Very good value. Been "on the job" 37 years, this is a good gun!
Great Gun!
Review by Phillip on 8/26/13
I don't have anything major against polymer guns, but it's refreshing to see and shoot a metal one for a change. There is just a great feel to them. This gun is excellent! Accurate out of the box, solid, and smooth. Easy to field strip also. I've shot hundreds of rounds utilizing all different sorts of ammo--steel cased, brass, reloads, FMJ, HP etc., and not a glitch occurred. BTW, when I bought this one, they were not ported, and it's still great.

A friend tried it, and he stated that it was like ALMOST shooting a Sig Sauer. He even commented that it kinda looked like one--I can't remember the model number, sorry. Anyway, if you are still on the fence, just buy one!

Oh yeah, did I mention that Classic Firearms' service is fantastic. True professionals. Thanks CF! I will continue to buy from you guys.

Can't see these stayin at this cheap of price forever
Review by bt on 6/22/13
I got mine about a month ago. Loven it more each day. Rock solid little gun. If I could afford to I would buy another, probaly in 9mm just to have one of each...Can't go wrong with this one, and you won't....
Great Value
Review by sadamerican on 6/4/13
This is one of the best values I have ever purchased. It's all I expected; accurate, reliable, tough, fits my hand well, very affordable. What else can you say? The trigger is a little heavy but not excessive. Oh yeah . . . Classic Firearms is a great company to do business with. Thanks Classic Firearms
Unbeatable for the price.
Review by Bake on 5/25/13
Very well made pistol at any price. At $350 it's a steal.Trigger is a little rough,but for what I paid,that can be taken care of. Classic arms is one of the best dealers on the entire internet. Count on it.
Great Gun
Review by Carl on 5/18/13
This gun is great! Consider the cost, the quality, and the features, and you cant afford not to buy this. In the 13 years of collecting I have seen newbies like these come onto the scene at a low price and then go up and up and up because of demand and consumer happiness. Do not let this deal slip through your hands! Get one today!
Nice first impression
Review by Michael_19 on 5/2/13
Pistol arrived quickly as usual. The CZ 999 looks well built and finish is good for low cost pistol. The 999 fits my hand well. The trigger in SA mode is fairly light with clean break. If gun is cocked manually the trigger does not move back like other pistols but trigger freely moves back to initial engagement point. The trigger in DA is not excessively heavy and you can maintain aim through shot. The first couple of magazines ran through without fail. Recoil and point of impact is as expected with any good quality gun. Overall pleased with purchase.
Poor man's SIG 220
Review by Jimmy on 4/29/13
This pistol is the poor man's SIG 220.Poor as in cost,not quality.Of course you can spend almost a thousand bucks for a 220,226 or 229 SIG.This is a hardcore utilitarian version. I believe that others have sold this pistol for up to 450.A combat pistol not a worship piece.