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Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Combo - 22LR / .22 Magnum Caliber With Dual Cylinders

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6 Shot Western Style Single Action Revolver Combo With .22 LR and .22 Magnum Cylinders
6.5 " BBL , and Color Case Hardened Frame with Laminated grips - by Heritage Arms

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Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Combo - 22LR / .22 Magnum Caliber With Dual Cylinders

6 Shot Western Style Single Action Revolver Combo With .22 LR and .22 Magnum Cylinders
6.5 " BBL , and Color Case Hardened Frame with Laminated grips - by Heritage Arms

Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Combo - 22LR / .22 Magnum Caliber With Dual Cylinders

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  • An American Tradition like whiskey and american pie
  • Easy change cylinders!
  • Love that loading gate!
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 22LR and .22 Magnum caliber Cylinder
    6 Shot Western Style
  • Single Action Revolver
  • 6.5 " bbl
  • By Heritage Arms
Caliber .22
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

Brutus' Description

Born of the traditions of the Old West, the Rough Rider maintains much of the look and feel of the legendary Single Action Army revolver, only in a scaled down version. Chambered for the .22LR and featuring an additional .22 Magnum Cylinder, the Rough Rider is manufactured using state-of-the-art precision machinery that assures its accuracy and reliability. The cylinder lock-up is tight and the perfect timing of the action makes for a handgun that will put its shots where you want 'em.


The machined barrel is micro-threaded and inserted into the frame for the optimal barrel/cylinder gap to give you maximum ammunition performance. A hammer block mounted in the recoil shield provides extra protection and has a red dot indicator that lets you know when the gun is ready for action. A new, more authentic looking flat-sided hammer paired with new exotic laminated grips, makes the Rough Rider both functional and handsome. This model comes in the highly desireable Color case hardened finish which gives the weapon an air of antiqued authenticity. I think they are beautiful.

When it comes to the Rough Rider there are no shortcuts taken!

Ideal for hunting, plinking or western action shooting, let the Rough Rider be your choice in a new rimfire revolver. 


All Heritage revolvers combine quality and affordability ... an American tradition.

This has consistantly been one of the top selling handguns in the United States for the last 2 decades. And why not.  They look great, they work great and they are at a great price.  

This is the perfect glove box or field carry revolver and just tons of fun to shoot.  I have one and we take it on family outings and everybody just loves to shoot it. It's affordable to own and inexpensive to shoot. What are you waiting for.....

Manufacturer's Description

Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Combo With .22LR / .22 Magnum Cylinders, 6.5' Barrel, and A Color Case Hardened Finish.

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 22LR and .22 Magnum caliber Cylinder
    6 Shot Western Style
  • Single Action Revolver
  • 6.5 " bbl
  • By Heritage Arms
Caliber .22
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

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Customer Reviews

Great Gun! Classic Firearms is one of the best!
Review by Brian on 6/27/13
Very happy with this gun and Classic Firearms. This gun is SO versatile, shoots .22 shorts to .22 stingers (unlike semi auto .22's). It's 100% reliable due to it's simple design. It's also very accurate with the 6.5 inch barrel. This is a solidly built gun too. The barrel is made of steel as well as the cylinder (as per the Heritage website) and the frame is aluminum. The sights are a bit small and this does not come with the .22 mag cylinder (but you can buy it for 30 bucks off Heritage website). As for Classic Firearms, the pawn shop where I picked this up was amazed I got this for 145 after shipping. He said his cost from the dealer was 143, so I'm sure he would have marked it up 20% to the public. I think Classic Firearms gets them and sell them so cheap because they get huge lots of them. VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER, great gun, great website! Check out my video, it's very detailed.
Video Review
Shooting the Heritage Rough Rider and Review
Uploaded by Brian C
Handy plinker with a cowboy feel
Review by Scott on 5/2/13
This is a great gun. The finish on it is average...it certainly is like similar guns that are 2x this guns price, but it works great and the optional cylinder in 22 WMR is like having two guns for your buck! I can highly recommend this gun as allot of fun to shoot and shooting something is a-kin to a cowboy type gun! Makes you feel like you have stepped back into the wild west!
Video Review
Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22lr with .22WMR interchangeable cylinders - cowboy pistol six shooter
Uploaded by swhite10539
nice economy pistol
Review by Abe on 10/25/12
I bought this gun to teach my wife to shoot. Nice pistol for the money, cheap ammo, low recoil / noise, easy to maintain and pretty accurate for not having "real" rear sights!
Video Review
Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR from classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by Abe Lopez
Very nice american made gun at a great price!
Review by Studebaker Ray on 5/5/13
I am a 64 year old gun collector who has been around guns my entire life,I was taught about guns & gun safety from my dad,the best advice he ever gave me was "treat EVERY gun as if it were loaded." it sounds simple,but I'm sure that there would be many more people alive today if everyone were taught this simple rule.
I bought the heritage pistol to take fishing (snake shot),I was pleasantly suprised at the quality of the gun,plus its' fantastic price.
Classic is a GREAT place to do business with,they went out of their way to help me get a speedy delivery,truly the smoothest business deal I've ever had.
If you're looking for a really good price on an American made revolver,look no farther,I could'nt be happier!
Meets Expectations---Satisfied!
Review by WDFARLEY on 5/2/13
Classic got me mine fast, and at a good price. I happened to stumble on it when put on sale. Mine arrived in excellent condition, and the finish on this particular one is much better than the couple I have handled previously. Grips are beautiful. Shoots a little low from aim, but that is easy to adjust to. Horizontally, dead on. Nice shooting plinker, goes boom everytime.
Good handgun for the money.
Review by Bullfrog on 5/2/13
Bought one 2 months ago for under $100.00. Wish I would have bought 10 more now. Nice plinker.
Review by BobG on 5/2/13
Great price, good quality and fun to shoot. And great company to deal with. Thanks CF!
Good Bang for the Buck!
Review by jbdnew on 5/1/13
Great Pistol for the money, I ordered a couple. They were shipped quickly, good job Classic Firearms.
Great .22LR revolver
Review by Aquilino on 4/28/13
Glad I got one for myself. Classic Firearms is now my first stop for future firearm and ammunition purchases!
Great price, super service
Review by Ed on 4/28/13
Nice gun. Super factory support.
For the price an incredible bargain ! absolutely no complaints.
Review by JohnO on 4/27/13
Great Company to do business with,,,And this little .22 rimfire is a very good pistol for the price..A bundle of fun !
perfect fit
Review by Jack on 4/24/13
I ordered this pistol not knowing for sure what it was, but looked good on the Classic website. Boy glad I did. It came in to my FFL, packed very good, in perfect condition. It feel like a part of your hand, balances good. After a good cleaning like I always do with everything I buy, new or used. easy to cock-just plinking with it so far and missed the tin can @ about 25-30 yards 1 time, sure that was my fault. LOVE IT. wife does too & she has small hands-she can shoot it good, very accurate. Owners manuel says to not 'fan' the hammer when shooting. Ordered the 22 mag cylinder for $29.95 + $6.00 shipping-waiting for that.Trying to locate some 22 Mag now. I am also looking at their big bore line in .357 or .45. Got to get a cowboy hat now. MADE IN USA!!!
great deal for the money
Review by nick on 4/19/13
nice looking gun ,I got to see it for 10 minutes while filling out the pages and pages of paperwork. Here in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Maryland, it will be at least 60 days before the 2 State troopers that process ALL handgun purchases in the state will get back with the approval of sale. Then I can pick up my gun and start shooting it.( if the state doesn't add the 50% tax on ammunition sales.)
Good value. Nice gun for the money.
Review by brando on 4/19/13
For a classic single action six-shooter on a budget, I would highly recommend the Heritage Rough Rider. It is fun to shoot and mine seems to operate well.
Classic Firearms / Heritage Rough Rider
Review by Sam on 4/17/13
I am very impressed with my recent purchase from ClassicFirearms.com. Super easy to work with, 3 day shipping to my local FFL. This firearm is exactly what the description states, and the potential for more on the Heritage mfg website makes it even better.
I don't need another; however I would be happy to order through ClassicFirearms.com again.
Great price, nice revolver
Review by Del on 4/11/13
This is a nice pistol at a very affordable price. I shopped for other 22's revolvers on line and Classic has the best price I could find for this model. This pistol is very accurate and has a decent trigger. I am buying the 22 mag cylinder this week "$36 delivered". Another great deal from Classic Firearms.
Nice gun!
Review by grizz on 4/11/13
Nicely made - shoots like a dream!
5 stars for fit
4 stars for finish
Should last a lifetime of use & abuse
Heritage Rough Rider
Review by Jon on 4/9/13
I just picked mine up at my FFL Dealer yesterday. I was very pleased with this revolver. I've ordered the 22 WMR cylinder to give me more options.

I was impressed by the speedy delivery. Classic's disclaimer said there was a delay in shipping, but I ordered mine last Wednesday and it was delivered the following Saturday; wow!

I showed it to a freind of mine and he was so impressed, he signed up as a new customer of Classic and ordered one too!
Can't believe how nice this is for so Little Cash!!
Review by Root6t6 on 3/31/13
Ok, its almost like stealing to get this revolver for so little money. The grips are beautiful redish brown with amazing grain and the bluing is really nice! Trigger pull is nice and action is smooth as you could ever expect. Can't wait to kill some evil paper with it when we get some 22LR back in the stores around here. :( Come on people, its 22 for Petes sake! The rabbits and turtles are getting out of control!LOL.
Great gun. Look and accuracy!
Review by TanSuperman on 3/31/13
Great look, feel and very accurate!
nice little pustol
Review by wannabe cowboy on 3/23/13
Fits great in my hand and holds a tight group at 20 feet. Only fired about 50 rounds. And I'm more than pleased.
Fantastic gun
Review by Michael on 3/18/13
This is a nice little gun. While there are certainly more expensive and similar guns out there, this is pretty good for the money and being able to exchange cylinders is like having two guns in one! This is a great shooter especially in this economic time where ammo is on short supply. I highly recommend the Heritage Rough Rider!
Very Satisfied-Sweet Pistol
Review by redneckradtech on 3/16/13
This is a very nice revolver for the price. The wood is pretty and the metal finish is also good. Just an excellent revolver to hold and shoot. This revolver is also capable of a magnum cylinder. In the box-Heritage gives you a coupon to purchase a cylinder in 22 magnum at a good price from them. Made in America also.
Nice gun
Review by Tim on 3/12/13
Not a very long shipping time, was pleased with that. I got this for my husband and he loves it. I have shot it as well and felt comfortable with it. Looking forward to going to the range soon to really try it out.
Heritage Rough Rider Revolver: Excellent Value
Review by WILLIAM on 3/9/13
I recently purchase two Heritage Rough Rider .22lr Revolvers. The guns are absolutely beautiful and shoot well. Also, for $30 you can purchase an additional .22 WMR cylinder from the factory giving you a gun that shoots two different calibers. This is a great plinking gun.

Thank you Classic Firearms for providing me with 2 more great firearms with a bargain basement price of 129.99 each.
Excellent pistol for the money
Review by pes on 3/8/13
Bought 2 of these and they shoot great. No issues out of the box. oh and the price is right.
very satisfied
Review by Jason on 3/6/13
I am very happy w/ the purchase of this revolver. Revolver took a few weeks to receive due to the gun works delays, but was well worth the wait. This is a great gun and is cheap to shoot. cant go wrong.
Good for Starting out.
Review by Just4FunGuns on 3/6/13
I picked up one of these for a friend who is just getting into shooting (naturally to save freight I bought one for myself too). He loved my SAs in 45 Colt and was all set to get one. I wanted him to practice with this for awhile before making up his mind (I'm leaning for him toward an SA in 38/357 since he does not reload) Naturally I will have to pick one up also! This is a fun little revolver.
Great plinker/Range gun
Review by Chris on 2/27/13
Picked this up today after the 3 day waiting period. Gun is very solid and functions fine. The finish is not that great but who cares for a gun that costs this cheap. Pleased with my purchase.
Review by Ed on 2/26/13
Got revolver,timing was off.Sent back for warranty work,got back fixed but with a scratched cylinder. Its a ok gun,I just got the dud.....I wont buy another...
Review by joe on 2/25/13
Picked it up from my FFL dealer on way to the ranch Saturday. Very accurate and fun. Was making the water bottle jump at 30 feet every time by the 3rd loading of cylinder without using sights to aim.
Ton of Fun Gun
Review by Glenn on 2/16/13
I received my Heritage Rough Rider .22LR revolver from my FFL today, and went straight to the range. I brought 3 50-rd boxes of ammo, and shot for most of an hour, and had a great time. I shot better with this gun than with my Ruger SR22P...perhaps due to the longer barrel. I adapted to the sights OK. The cocobolo grips are beautiful, and the finish on the gun looks nice. The solid feel of the gun surprised me.
Great Gun
Review by Bill on 11/3/12
I bought one 8 years ago and it is still my favorite fun gun. It fits my hand just right and therefore is my most accurate gun. I really like the easy to view sights. It will shoot every 22 from shorts to magnum. This is a solid reliable gun.
Fantastic plinker
Review by Jeff on 10/10/12
I just noticed, after all these years, that the cylinder does move forward to meet the barrel when you pull the hammer back to full cock. Heritage knows how to make a perfect revolver. You can not beat the feel, look, and price. I am proud to own an American classic made in the U.S.A.
great deal here
Review by stan the man on 10/6/12
I really didn't need another pistol but when Classic started selling them for $119 I had to buy one!! Great people to deal with and a nice gun!
baie goed
Review by Bergie on 8/1/12
very good taget gunt
Just a fun gun to shoot.
Review by Pandacubby on 7/11/12
My wife and bought this for ourselves as a Christmas present a few years ago because we wanted something to have fun with at the range. It's perfect. Inexpensive to buy and shoot - good balance and feel in the hand along with solid, American made quality. I bought the large grips offered by Heritage and they really give the gun a substantial feel. My daughters like it because it's not intimidating so they can concentrate on their shooting - plus they get to pretend they are in the Old West (OK, i admit it - I do the same thing... can't do that with your Glock). The single action slows you down so you can pay more attention to improving your skill instead of just throwing as much lead down range as possible. So what it won't stop a charging rino with a single shot... if I am ever attacked by a horde of paper targets - - they're history. In short - really fun well- made gun that won't even come close to breaking the bank. I would suggest you buy two - and a cowboy hat