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Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R caliber

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Revolver, Historic Russian 1895 Nagant revolver, 7.62x38R caliber, very good - excellent condition Read More
Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R caliber Revolver, Historic Russian 1895 Nagant revolver, 7.62x38R caliber, very good - excellent condition
Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R caliber

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  • 1941 Tula Nagant Revolver-SpaxsporeGunboard
  • 1941 Tula Nagant Revolver-SpaxsporeGunboard
  • 1941 Tula Nagant Revolver-SpaxsporeGunboard
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x38 caliber
  • Excellent condition
Caliber 7.62x38R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

I love this weapon as it was way ahead of its time.  This one is always fun to show to your friends and we have a very nice batch.  
Once again, Classic Firearms paid a premium to bring the best quality to our customers.


A Little History on the M1895 Nagant Revolver

The Nagant M1895 Revolver is a seven-shot, gas-seal revolver designed and produced by Belgian industrialist Léon Nagant for the Russian Empire. The Nagant M1895 was chambered for a proprietary cartridge, 7.62x38R, and featured an unusual "gas-seal" system in which the cylinder moved forward when the gun was cocked to close the gap between the cylinder and the barrel.

Léon Nagant and his brother Emile were well known in the Russian Tsar's court and military administration because of the important part they had played in the design of the Russian service rifle Mosin-Nagant Model 1891. The Nagant M1895 became the standard issue side arm for Russian army and police officers, later for Red Army and Soviet law enforcements. Production began in Liège, Belgium, but was soon moved to Russia.

The M1895 started to be replaced by the more modern Tokarev semi-automatic pistol in 1933 but was still produced and used in great numbers during World War II. Despite being supplemented after 1930 by the Tokarev it was never fully replaced until the arrival of the Makarov Pistol in 1952. The distinctive shape and name helped it achieve cult status in Russia, and in the early 1930s the presentation of a Nagant M1895 revolver with an embossed Red Star was one of the greatest honours that could be bestowed on a Party Member. It remains in use with the Russian Railways and remote police forces. The M1895 revolver was used extensively by the Russian Imperial Army and later by the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution. In Russian service, it was known for its extreme sturdiness and ability to withstand abuse. As one former Imperial Russian officer stated, "if anything went wrong with the M1895, you could fix it with a hammer". It was widely employed by the Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, as well as its Soviet successor agencies, the OGPU and NKVD. In the police role, it was frequently seen with a cut-down barrel to aid in concealment by plainclothes agents.Despite the advent of the more modern Soviet TT pistol, the M1895 remained in production and use throughout World War II.

Personally, I think that the way the cylinder on this weapon not only turns but moves forward to seal the cylinder to the chamber is a remarkable piece of engineering. Ammo is hard to find but not impossible. You will not find it at Walmart but a internet search will probably turn some up. If you do find it , these are fully funtional and are ready to fire. The condition on these is very good to excellent and they have some really nice cartouche markings. These are really nice and no Russian Arms collection is complete without one.

Manufacturer's Description

Historic original Russian M1895 Nagant revolver. 7.62x38R (7.62 Nagant) caliber.   This historical Revolver manufactured by the Russians served from the time of the Czars through WWI and WWII.  These guns are dated in 1930-40's. This batch is excellent condition.   Expect only minor wear from military type storage.   Grip may vary in color and type.  Each includes the holster, tool, and cleaning rod.  Accessories will vary in size, shape, color, and condition.

Current batch of these looks extremely nice!

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x38 caliber
  • Excellent condition
Caliber 7.62x38R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Historical, Fun, and Affordable
Review by Skydive on 9/30/12
One of the best firearm purchases I've made by far. Its a great addition for any gun owner, its a fun pistol to shoot and interesting to look at. The only concerns you will have is finding ammo, but there is current production along with military surplus, plus they make a conversion cylinder which allows you to shoot 32L/32ACP/32Short/32S&W and perhaps 32Mag(debatable).
Video Review
ClassicFirearms Nagant M1895 Review
Uploaded by Clark Musselman
Best looking Nagant pistols on the market!!!
Review by Gunnut357mag on 9/26/12
In my opinion, these are the nicest nagant revolvers on the market. The one I received is all matching numbers and has a mint bore. Check out my video for the full review of this pistol. I will be getting a few more!! These are so nice, don't just get one, get at least two!!!! You need one for each hand:)
Video Review
Classic Arms Model 1895 Russian Nagnat Revolver Review
Uploaded by Gunnut357mag
Great Revolver!
Review by Hobomatt on 2/28/14
My pair of Nagants both fit my rather large hand. Only complaint is the tedious reloading - one by one, pushing out the fired brass as you go. Wouldn't mind one more!
Fun to shoot.
Review by Officer Mike on 10/30/13
It is a wonderful pistol to shoot. Easy to maintain also.
Once you get the knack of the sights it is very accurate.
One caveat though. The ONLY place carries & sells the 7.62x35R if offline. No online retailers and no gun shops. So our advice is stock up when you can.
1895 nagant revolver
Review by Mark on 11/19/12
I ordered a 1895 nagant revolver. It arrived 4 days later and was exactly as described. It was built at the Tula factory, and had the walnut grips I had requested. Thank you. It functions flawlessly after cleaning a light coating of cosmolene. The bluing is near 100% and it's in like new condition. Classic was a pleasure to deal with, and I would recomend them to anyone. Thanks again, Mark
Four Early M1895's
Review by James on 11/14/12
Received four early Tula's, all matching with nice bores in excellent cond. Awesome sellers! I'll be back for more.....
Review by Roma1 on 11/8/12
Ordered 2 of these. The 1929 looks like it was never issued. Even the grips were brand new. The 1939 looks like it may have seen some action. Just got back from the range. Both are accurate shooters! Paid extra for the Hand select and Tula. Great matches for my Tula hex rifles. Thinking I need another one!
More greant Nagants
Review by Michael on 11/7/12
Just got my order for three more 1895 Nagants. ALL THREE of them are in fantastic condition. Even better than the one I purchased just recently from Classic Arms. These look like they just came off the assembly line. Perfect bluing and no corrosion anywhere. So far I am batting 1000 with my orders from Classic. Next will be a 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle.
very happy
Review by JB on 11/7/12
Very nice.. got a 1944 Izzy with wood grips... No Lanyard tho. Add didn't say I 'd get one, but I was hoping. Second purchase from Classic.. Happy both times

Excellent revolver!
Review by Deputy on 11/3/12
Just got my 1895 Nagant today. I ordered with hand select and Tula arsenal. To start with, the handgun had a very light coating of protectant grease on it. It all came off with Hoppes #9. Next, the barrel and cylinder look like brand new inside. No corrosion whatsoever. Definitely a hand pick. The outside has been reblued and it is a very nice job of it. I can just see some very, very light corrosion in a couple of places where it was blued over. Not enough to worry about or to detract from the overall appearance of the gun, however. It definitely qualifies as excellent condition. The year is 1941 and it is sharp and clear. I am already getting ready to order another one. That's how much I like it.
Great service from Classic Firearms
Review by mclina on 10/28/12
I placed an order for two Nagant revolvers on a Wednesday, and they arrived at my house on Friday. WIthout paying for handpick, I was able to get a Tula and an Ishevsk, both in beautiful condition. There a several places where you can buy these pistols online, but Classic Firearms always gives the best service and, I believe, gets some of the best guns from the importers.
Great gun. Great company.
Review by andreyko on 10/20/12
This is the second firearm I have purchased from Classic. They don't exaggerate the condition of their products. My M1895 arrived in fantastic condition. I chose the hand picked and I received a beautiful 1939 Tula. Classic was great to do buisness with and shipping was fast. With the prices and service they provide, Classic will always be my first choice.
WOW!- All one could hope for
Review by Spaxspore on 10/19/12
I received a 1941 Tula. The markings are clear and easy to make out (which is what i requested, so thanks classic!). Handpicked for condition and not tula, i would have been pleased with either/or.

All major components are also tula that i can see (haven't disassembled it yet) . CA import much nicer import mark than the PW Arms, on the other side of the revolver and no where near the original maker marks.

Really pleased.

I de-cosmo with mineral spirits.. and it cleaned up nicely, and did a minor disassembly just to get to the action and mechanisms. Grips number match inside as well as all major components are marked with the tula star, which is a surprise for a 1941..

Couldn't be happier, read my overview w/ pics @

BEST M1895 Nagant that i've ever purchased!
Review by James on 10/18/12
STRONG 5 stars for this revolver. I received a 1941 Tula that was hand picked for condition only. Bluing was smooth all over, the Tula star and year of 1941 were strongly stamped, serial numbers were matching, the bore shines with deep cut rifling, its just a nice revolver. I also like the right hand placement of the 'CAI' import marking, much better than the left side 'PW' marking so many of these refurb M1895's have. Considering buying another Nagant!
Great buy!
Review by Tim on 10/11/12
Just got my Nagant and it is flawless. Looks like it was never fired. Now I want more!
My Second Nagant From Classic Firearms
Review by Mike on 9/29/12
I almost rated my second Nagant from Classic a four, but just couldn't...and here's why.
My first Nagant was a beautiful Tula model with wooden grips (which I hoped for but didn't ask for) and it was a five star all the way except for one thing...the last number of the date was ground off during the referb. I paid for hand select and for a TULA. So, I rated it a four star because I didn't know when it was made.
This time, I asked for wooden grips again if possible and one with a nice complete date on it. I didn't pay extra for the TULA, but I did pay extra for hand select.
What I got was another, very nice, clear date (1939), TULA (added bonus at no extra cost), with wooden grips. The holster looked like it was brand new and got the tools as advertised. As always, Classic did a fantastic job with packing and shipping...had it in three days.
Why the almost four stars? Well, this gun was loaded with cosmoline and appeared that none had been wiped off at all, as there was a fair amount in the holster as well. No problem, except for when I got to cleaning the right side, I started noticing scratches...and lots of them...where the importer had put their information and the serial number. Once cleaned, it was obvious that the person that had stenciled on the importer info., especially the serial number, had screwed up, so everything was scratched off...yes, SCRATCHED off and re-stenciled over top of the scratches. So, the finish on the frame in these areas are just a mess and unsightly...certainly not the hand select that one would expect for the extra money. However, I realize that the scratches couldn't be seen by Classic personnel with the amount of cosmoline that was on the frame and I did get the TULA at no extra charge. The revolver itself is amazing in it's fit and finish and works great in single action as well as double action. Not quite as hard as my 194_ something! I just can't believe that the importer did such a sloppy job! This isn't Classic's fault. I'm not sending it back because I did get exactly what I asked for, and other than the importer's blunder, I love the weapon and I love Classic.
Well, that's my story and I'm sticking too it! I would highly recommend getting one or more of these firearms while they are still available. One day, they will dry up! God bless!
Good first purchse
Review by Scott on 8/29/12
This the first firearm I bought with my C&R and was very happy with the service. Only problems were with the accessory pack; screwdriver was missing the blade and the holster doesn't close. But then again it is from 1933 USSR. I am glad I paid extra for the Tula too. Will definitely continue my business with Classic.
These folks set the standard in surplus
Review by Grant on 8/25/12
Hand select Tula 1941, could not be more pleased with my new pistol. In superb condition. Bore,fit,finish, bakelite grip, Tula stamp all look amazing. I ofcourse expected this from Classic Arms having purchased from them in the past. If you are on the fence about this or any other buy from Classic, GET IT ALREADY!
Love My M1895 Nagant!
Review by Mike on 8/21/12
I have one of the Mosin Nagant rifles and thought about getting one of the Nagant M1895 pistols for many years. When I saw that Classic Firearms, my favorite company had them, I knew it was time. I ordered one from the Tula factory and hand select. I was in hopes that I would get one with the wooden handles and that's what I got. I watched some you tube videos and took it completely apart, cleaning out all the cosmoline. I then oiled it up, put it all back together, and it appears to be a fine weapon. You just can't beat the price. The holster is in good condition as was the cleaning rod and screwdriver tool. The only reason I rated it four stars, is because I don't know the date of manufacture, other than it was made in the 1940's. The last number is gone...probably a little too heavy on the sanding when refurbishing. The refurbish is good and the bore is beautiful, the bluing is not bad at all...just wish the date was complete. Oh well...I intend to make this my shooter and I'm going to get another, hopefully the same weapon with a complete date, just to have as a collector. All in all and I am very pleased and would recommend getting one of these. I have ammo on the way, so I will be shooting it shortly. I noticed that the front site is cantored to the right, so it was obviously sighted in...hope it fits my eye! God bless!
Review by Russell on 8/17/12
Ordered my 1895 Wednesday, got it Thursday, shot it Friday and love it! I have purchased NIB guns which were not as nice as this is. Cleand up with little more than shot towell and Q-tips.
Range time with Remington 32 S&W gave me average velocity of 509 fps (44 power factor) and Remington 2 S&W Long ran at 656 fps (64 power factor). Good enogh for four legged varmits, a bit weak for two leggers. Still better than an empty pocket!
Love my new "tpy" impressed with Classic Frearms! (Oh yeah, just placed another order...)
Very Happy!
Review by Z on 8/11/12
A few months back, I picked up a Mosin Nagant Rifle (1934 Hex) at a local gun show. When I learned there was also a Nagant Revolver, I knew I wanted to get one as well. I ordered two Tula, hand select revolvers. One was 1936 and the other was 1943. Both are single/double action. I was very impressed with the conditions of the guns and they cleaned up fairly well. No major issues, just some minor blemishes. No bad for 70+ years.

After cleaning and inspecting, both revolvers were mechanically sound and had good barrels. On the range, both fired without an issue; I was using mil-surplus ammo. The double action trigger pull is too much for me to shoot accurately, but the single action fires in a quick, crisp motion. Accuracy was enough to catch within 12" at 10 yards. I don't count myself to be a precision shooter, but I wouldn't expect anyone to hit bottles or small varmints with these.

Overall very impressed, and can't get anymore plinking / conversational fun for the money!
Super nice!
Review by Michael on 8/8/12
I paid extra for the hand pick and the Tula markings, and I have to say it was money well spent. Got it yesterday and cleaned it up today to find I have an extremely nice pistol here. The barrel is bright and shiny, and the overall condition is super. If you want a great piece of history at a price that's easy to afford, look no further than the Nagant M1895. And Classic Firearms did a super job in shipping; fast and at a very decent price.
better than what I thought I'd get
Review by bob on 8/7/12
Ordered 3 pistols, no hand pick. One a little beat up, it's the shooter, smooth operating, its my favorite. The other 2 pistols are consecutive serials, like new condition. Not bad shooters, just tougher trigger pull. I might have to buy 3 more, my adult kids love'em.
Nice Piece of History
Review by Flash on 8/4/12
Bought a second of these when on sale. Just as pristine as the first, holster like new. A very cool piece of Russian history to own. It shoots like crap(inaccurate), except if you put it right next to the skull (like the KGB). But even though it is not accurate, it is a whole lot of fun to shoot.
Great gun for the price
Review by Raymond on 7/21/12
Classic has the best price for this gun and their shipping is super fast. The only drawback is ammo for this gun is not cheap and it is a little harder to find. I ordered several Nagant 1895 revolvers from Classic, they all came in very good condition and were made in 1944. These guns are very unique in their design. The Nagant 1895 is only revolver that can be totally silenced. I plan on keeping one stock and sending the other out to a gunsmith to have the barrel threaded. You can check out youtube for a video of a suppressed Nagant pistol in action.
Glad I finally bought one
Review by Izzy on 7/19/12
I've been looking at these revolvers for years now, but I've been waiting for Classic Firearms to have them in stock. I finally had the cash at the same time Classic had them in stock, and I got mine last week. Went for the hand pick option, and got a beautiful 1944 Izhevsk, which matches my Mosin Nagant rifle. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but my local Cabela's carries the ammunition!
great looking gun
Review by mw2566 on 7/18/12
I am very pleased with the 1930 one I picked up from Classic monday.It cleaned up great I cant wait to fire it.The guys at Classic Arms are super nice.
Very nice!
Review by Jeff on 7/16/12
A very nice condition 1895! I got the hand select option and it looks very nice. There is only one small mar to the bluing. The bore shines and the rifling looks great also. It isn't stamped with a date which I figured they all had. I have ordered another one since they are sure to increase in value. I will go with the Tula option / hand select this time and hope for a nice dated one! Ammo for them is reasonable so that is a plus.
Very nice
Review by JOHN on 7/14/12
I just received this pistol today and after a very thorough cleaning I have found a pristine barrel, shining like a dime on the inside. Outside hasn't fared as well, there has been pitting over time but was arsenal refinished at some point. I haven't shot this gem yet but it looks promising. My pistol doesn't have matching serial numbers, just thought I would add that tidbit. Otherwise very happy with the purchase, much better than I would have expected.
Review by Tyrel on 7/14/12
I couldn't be any happier with the purchase of this pistol. It showed up really fast and in excellent shape, definatly worth hand pick. Thank you guys so much! I'm definatly reccomending Classic Firearms to a gun group on Facebook that I am part of.
Excellent deal!!
Review by Will on 7/13/12
This is my first C&R purchase. Great looking gun. Shipping was very quick. Now I have to just figure out what to get next.
Review by Brian on 7/13/12
Arrived very quickly. I paid for the hand select and could not be more satisfied. Very satisfied
Review by John on 7/10/12
Just received my revolver on Monday after ordering on Friday, liked it so much I ordered another!
Best revolver deal on the market
Review by Matt on 7/5/12
You will not find a better revolver deal anywhere. Not only do you get a splendid piece of history but you get an amazingly reliable revolver as well. Surplus military ammunition has just come back on the market so, between that and a few commercial companies, ammunition is not too hard to find.