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Polish TTC Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25

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Pistol, Historic Polish Tokarev pistol, semi-automatic, includes 1 mag, manufactured in the famous Radom Plant, 7.62x25 caliber - Excellent ondition Read More
Polish TTC Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25 Pistol, Historic Polish Tokarev pistol, semi-automatic, includes 1 mag, manufactured in the famous Radom Plant, 7.62x25 caliber - Excellent ondition
Spaxspore-Polish TTC

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  • Polish TTC Reverse - Spaxspore@Gunboards
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  • Spaxspore-Polish TTC
  • Spaxspore-Polish TTC & Polish M44
  • Spaxspore-Polish TTC & Polish M44
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x25 caliber
  • semi-automatic
  • blued
  • excellent condition
Caliber 7.62x25
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

My favorite of all the TTC Tokarev variations.  The Polish were true craftsmen and their quality certainly shows in their Tokarev Pistols.  Each semi-automatic TTC Tokarev comes complete with 1 mag.  They are all premium grade guns in excellent condition.  Just Look at the detail in the markings on the top of the slide in the above picture.  We have them in stock now and ready to ship -- 7.62x25 caliber.

Manufacturer's Description

Historic Polish Tokarev pistol, semi-automatic, includes 1 mag, manufactured in the famous Radom Plant, 7.62x25 caliber - Excellent ondition

These are beautiful!

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x25 caliber
  • semi-automatic
  • blued
  • excellent condition
Caliber 7.62x25
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Good Stuff.
Review by Christopher aka FirebrandChris on 4/27/13
I know I'm rather late! Purchased this back in December. Finish on it is excellent... Barrel is in good shape. Getting ready to take it out to the range tomorrow. Classic firearms is pretty constant with providing quality firearms.... So when ever this pistol comes back in stock... Y'll need to grab one!
Video Review
Polish Tokarev TT-33(Part 1)
Uploaded by Christopher Sumpter
Great Polish Tokarev
Review by Sean G. on 2/22/13
What a GREAT firearm! This 60 year old pistol has a finish better than any C&R item I've ever bought before. The Bluing is great and comparable or even better to a factory new modern firearm.
Video Review
Polish TTC Tokarev - Classic Firearms
Uploaded by Sean Guts
Nice Pistol
Review by Anthony on 3/21/13
Bought this pistol a couple of months ago. Shot the heck out of it and like it a lot. Has a heck of a bang....Classic was great to deal with and I bought 2 more pistols from the. Can't beat the prices and phone information.
Like the pistol very much.
Review by Captain on 2/21/13
The gun appears to be never fired. Finish is excellent. Nice shooter too. I liked it so much I bought two more pistols from Classic.
Awesome Pistol at Great Price!
Review by Fabius Maximus on 2/14/13
First of all, everyone was very nice at Classic Firearms, and my order went smoothly.

My Tokarev arrived looking completely new. I still cannot tell if it had ever been fired but all parts, including the finish were absolutely perfect. It is extremely accurate, and holds great groups. The trigger was god-awful, but that is what you expect on a military surplus firearm. Also, I fixed that easily with a little polishing and "hammer boosting," although neither Classic Firearms nor I take any responsibility if someone does it incorrectly and needs to replace their hammer group.

I was disappointed that the magazines do not drop free in the Polish Tokarev, but that is not a big deal to me.

Awesome gun; you will be very happy with it.
I was really surprised
Review by Halz on 2/12/13
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Tokarev. The numbers were matching (more than I had expected, guess I got lucky) and it looked practically brand new. (I did pay the hand select fee), I bought it as a X-mas present for myself, I was a little worried after I ordered it because of the "gun ban situation" and Classic Firearms was on at least a 14 day back-order, I was afraid I was gonna get whatever was at a hands grab away because they were in a rush. Boy was I surprised. The one I received was mint. Thank You, My expectations were exceed. I will buy from Classic Firearms again. I just wish it had an extra mag, tool and pouch. But I cannot complain with the quality of this pistol.
Not as advertised
Review by Chris on 2/1/13
I paid extra for –hand select- but was not worth it.
Both of the plastic handgrips are loose. When squeeze the trigger you can feel the movement in your hand.
It bothers me, I don’t even feel like taking it to the range.
Does it make any sense to return / exchange and pay again shipping and FFL fees?

Great guns...as advertised.
Review by Andy on 1/29/13
I ordered 2 of the Polish TTC Tokarev pistols and they arrived as advertised! Both guns had matching receivers and slides. The finish on both guns was excellent. The only blemish on one of the pistols was on the slide near the front sight where it looks as though the file slipped while filing the front sight. Nothing a little blue touch-up won't fix. Both barrels were excellent. I will be a long-time Classic customer!
Very happy
Review by Andrew on 1/28/13
I purchased a hand-select one and I am very happy with my purhcase. After a thorough cleaning, I don't believe my Polish TTC Tokarev has ever been fired. Will do business with Classic Firearms again!
Go Go Classic you are the man.
Review by Ivan on 1/27/13
Let me tell you< I am so pleased with the TTC I got. I felt like a kid at Christmas. More than best customer service experience. I am so pleased withe Classic I have recommended them to everybody at work. Thanks guys. As far as the Tokarev goes I think somebody pulled this one out of their private collection. Not a spot of cosmoline on it, shiny, mirror bores. I got the 1952 model and the guys at work could not believe their eyes for the way it looked. Now I just hope to find the ammo for it or start reloading my own. You folks have proven this Ukrainian immigrant that there is honest business men in the US, that don't let the greed direct their action. Keep up the good work. !!!!!!!!!!!!
Not the quality advertised
Review by Bob on 1/22/13
I purchased one of the Polish TTC's. The firearm metal is very nice, problem is the lanyard ring is not there, and the bottom of both handgrips are somewhat beat-up. Not sure what happened here. I purchased one of the Romanian a while back, and it was MINT.
I think the Pol's built this one on a monday.
Pristine Codition
Review by Mike on 1/10/13
This firearm appears to be in brand new condition! After taking it apart, I did notice the barrel and frame serial numbers do not match. I am just hoping to be able to find some ammo to shoot! Another nice weapon fron Classic Firearms!
I Can't Believe It!
Review by Mike on 12/29/12
So...my Polish TTC Tokarev Pistol arrived today at my door and I opened the package (packed very well I might add). I really couldn't believe my eyes! I have ordered several firearms from Classic, and this one was the best yet! It was covered with Cosmoline and I thought, well, once I begin cleaning off all that stuff, then I will see the real truth about the condition of my new old gun. So, I began cleaning...and inspecting...looked very hard under some good, strong lights...FLAWLESS! When CF says that an item is in Excellent shape, they mean it! I paid the extra $10.00 for hand select and was it worth it! No marks on the plastic grips, no scratches, no nicks, no holster wear, no smudges with the exception of a very small one at the back of the trigger that I had to look very hard to see! This gun is almost too perfect to have been made 60 years ago! The year...1952...one year before I was born, and I must say, I wish I was in as good shape as this baby! I had watched videos on youtube on how to tear down the TTC, so I was prepared. Tore it down and the inside looked as good as the outside. The inside of the barrel looked a little dark, so I cleaned it very well. The dirty patches that came out was the only way to tell that this gun was ever fired! After a good swabbing out, the barrel shined like new! I have no doubt that this thing will shoot every bit as good as it looks. I couldn't be more pleased. It looks every bit as good as my brand new Glock Gen 4 G-26! I just keep looking at it in awe. Everything on it works beautifully. Now that I have figured it all out, I really don't understand why they felt the need to put the little safety on the gun before it was allowed to be imported. The half cock works great! I mean, The extra safety doesn't bother me and it works fine, but it just really wasn't necessary. Anyway, Great job on getting these in CF! Another winner and I will remain a loyal customer. Keep on paying the extra to get the quality military surplus weapons that you do. I would recommend this gun highly! The only reason that I rated this gun five stars is because there are not six stars!
Great Condition Gun
Review by Patrick on 12/28/12
Really nice gun.
Shipped quickly and packaged nicely
I would say almost 100% Blueing.
Numbers did not all match however slide and frame did.
Bore was very nice and shoots well!
polish ttc
Review by michael on 12/28/12
opened up the box and was pretty happy. noticed some scratches on the plastic grips but really who cares its plastic. looked at the front of the barrel and seen rust. thought well if this is it not bad. pulled the the slide back and looked down the barrel and was not happy. It had areas of rust. First thought was I'm sending it back.Then i figured before I call and start complaining I would try cleaning it with some flitz and brass brush. well I'm pleased to say with a lot of elbow grease and flitz I did get rid of all the rust, can still see where the rust was, its kind of cloudy/dull looking. Going to keep cleaning until i cant see it anymore. the magazine needs work, Not sure what the issue is but some times it work and others I have to pull the magazine out by hand. not really a big deal. Now for the last issue. I dont know why but for some reason the trigger has been ground, now there is a burr knife edge because of the vertical groves in the trigger. will have to pull out the dremal and fix this. I know it sounds like I'm down on this gun but I'm NOT. I really like it. I would buy this gun again and I would recommend it to a friend. I gave it a three because its right in the middle not terrible and not great. If i wouldn't have had to scrub the barrel and deburr the trigger it would have been a 5 for sure. oh well, next time ;)
awsome firearm!
Review by caro on 12/5/12
This is a very nice looking gun! Looks like new and the bore too. Very good fit and finish, I wasn't thinking it was gonna be this good. And it shipped fast. My only complaint other sites had holsters included. But all in all awsome sevice girls\guy thanks
Review by Andy on 12/1/12
Opened the box and couldn't believe my eyes. This gun looks to be brand new. Mirror bore. Cleaned her up,took it to the range, put a hundred rounds of milsurp through her without so much as a hiccup. Runs like a new gun and accurate to boot. What can I say.........BUY ONE!!
Review by Rustam on 11/30/12
I love this pistol! Came like new, looks like Russian model only without stars on grips. Choose hand select, worth it. Can't wait to shoot!
Great product !
Review by DrDragunov on 11/17/12
Received my Polish TTC few days ago and it looks like brand new ! Bluing excellent, rifling excellent ! Took it to the range yesterday and it shoots as good as it looks 1.5 " group freehand at 15 yards w/ 8 rd magazine using surplus ammo. Excellent value, Thanks Classic Firearms !
Nicest of the Tok's
Review by Ken on 11/2/12
I bought 1 each of the Tokarevs, a Yugo, Romanian, and a Polish.

The Polish models are the nicest finished of the three. The slide serrations are just like the Russian models too.
nice gun
Review by doug on 10/17/12
this is my fourth tokarev and my second one from classic arms (previous one being a chromed M57). i paid xtra for hand select and it looks to be in pristine condition. the only bummer is the barrel's #s don't match the slide and frame. paid for 2 extra romanian mags (they didn't have any polish to spare..)- these appear to be brand new though they have a "made in taiwan" sticker on each- so not romanian... both cycle ammo fine, though i haven't taken it to the range yet..
Awesome, Im lovin this gun
Review by James on 10/15/12
This is an awesome piece, a very nice gun. I decided to Opt out of the Hand Select and I still received one with an incredible finish. Also I know that the description is reflected in whatever ClassicFirearms orders from their suppliers but as I took it, I read it to say that I would only get 1 Mag with the gun, whereas I received 1 EXTRA mag. Cudos A1++++

Quick question tho... Because this came out of the Poland Random plant and not the Romanian Cugir plant, wouldn't this technically be a Pw wz.33 instead of a TTC? Isn't the C in TTC for the Cugir plant?
Review by CRACKER-BOY on 10/5/12
Another Classic Home Run!
Review by Machodoc on 10/3/12
In fairness, let me say that I love Tokarevs, and that my favorite variant is the Polish TTC. This makes my seventh Tok, and my second Pol-Tok.

OK ... now that my biases have been stated, the only thing better than getting a Pol-Tok in the mail is getting a hand-select that outwardly looks like a brand new firearm. That's what happened today. In fact, until I tore it down to clean it, I thought that it was un-fired. Close, but not quite. Although the bore has high and crisp rifling, there were a couple of small frosty patches. Nothing of the least concern, but just evidence that someone had shot it .. but I'll bet they didn't shoot it much! I wish these weren't creeping up in price because I'd really like to buy a couple more in the future. Thanks, Classic!
Review by cjack on 9/15/12
Picked one of these up about a week ago. The gun itself is beautiful, almost immaculate with a great finish on it. The bore however didn't look so hot. It was pretty dark and worn but in buying surplus firearms thats one of the risks you take I guess. Took it to the range today and It seemed to shoot all over the place. I may try and give the bore a good scrubbing with some elbow grease and see if it will clean up at all, maybe that willl help? Over all great gun I would recommend it to anyone.
Beautiful Tokarev
Review by Russell on 9/12/12
Everything about ordering this neat little from Classic was great! The little gal taking the order was very pleasant, and very swift on the order process. Pistol arrived fast, looks great, and I just got back from the range with my grandson, who loves these pistols. Shot very accurate, no ftf's, no jams, just all bullseyes. Very impressed. I don't think this gun was fired much, and the barrel is bright and shiny. I would surely buy another!
Review by ushooter on 9/11/12
This is one fine piece of machinery.
The entire thing looks like it was shot maybe
a couple of times. It is very accurate.
I have shot targets from about 25 yards and have shot a milk jug from about 80 yards.
The grouping on the targets was very nice.
I shot the milk jug in 2 tries.
This thing cycles fmj surplus and new production, as well as the wolf hp just fine.
A couple hundred rounds so far, and no jams, no fail to fire, no problems!

Also, this thing fits in my pocket just fine.
Great concealed carry piece.

When I purchased, these were still coming with a holster and cleaning rod, which is a nice addition.
I love Classic Firearms. They have great customer service, and the best deals.
Amazing Deal
Review by troyriser on 9/6/12
I have done business with Classic Arms before, buying a nearly immaculate Polish P-64, which--given the compact frame and slim profile--was intended as a CCW carry weapon for my girlfriend. When I saw the quality of that piece, I was about to order one for myself but since I own a Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev and love the feel of the weapon and the ballistics of the 7.62 x 25 cartridge, I opted for the Polish Radom Tokarev instead.

This Tokarev is an extraordinary pistol. I chose hand-picked, thinking maybe I'd get lucky with a nearly unfired piece, and I did: the pistol is as-new and had rarely (if ever) been fired. No holster wear, and its fit and finish are more than marginally superior to that of the M57. The Polish Tok's grip, while somewhat smaller than its 9-round capacity Yugo cousin, melds to the hand perfectly. I replaced the barrel bushing with a compensator purchased from Gun Parts Warehouse to reduce muzzle flip, which is a consideration given the power of the round. I like rapid target re-acquisition.

Like my M57, this Tokarev is unfailingly reliable after firing through it several hundred milsurp rounds. Insofar as accuracy is concerned, no complaints. It's a combat pistol and its purpose is combat accuracy. I get tight, fist-sized groups off-hand at 7, 10 and 15 yards. That's all I ask.

Extremely pleased with this purchase (as I was with my previous P-64 purchase). I'll continue to do business with Classic Arms, no problem.
Great Gun
Review by JonfromKC on 9/6/12
I want to apologize to Classic about my previous review of this gun. You were right, the gun deserved five stars.

The reason I rated it lower was that it didn't include a holster. When this gun was offered before it lncluded one, but clearly your description did not include one, but that wasn't the most important part of my purchase; the gun was! It was like new, and I am quite pleased with it!

Again, sorry for my hasty review!
looks can be deceiving....
Review by JOHN on 8/24/12
This was my first transaction with classicfirearms. I ordered this and the cz82. I opted for the handpick because everyone recommended choosing this option. The pistol looks great on the outside..but does not function well. I can barely hit paper at 7 yards. The bore is in poor shape. I have a Russian model which functions flawless and groups well. I tried contacting customer service....but phone just rang and rang. I thought hand pick would yield me a better pistol....in my case it didn't. I am glad most have had great luck with theirs.....I got a lemon. I will try to contact customer service next week....not a very good first impression. Sorry....

Hello John - As described on our website, hand select is for exterior cosmetics only and thus will have no impact on the gun as a shooter. These are old used military surplus pistols and bad bores are always a possibility, though they are few and far between - it's the nature of the beast. Our phone lines are open 9:00am - 5:00pm EST, but the lines have been extremely busy as these are high volume days for the firearms industry as a whole. Please try us again Monday morning (or send an email through the Contact Us page) and we are happy to receive the gun back and send you a replacement if that is what you would like to do. We do want you to be satisfied with your purchase from Classic Firearms. God bless......Rick Jones

- The Classic Firearms Team

Old but looks New- Fires great!
Review by Salty on 8/24/12
This was my first transaction with Classic and I am very satisfied. My hand selected Tokarev looks amazing. The gun fires very accurately and I love the round this gun is chambered in. I highly recommend and I will be shopping here again.
Great Gun for the money
Review by Marty/Texas on 8/19/12
Just got back from range testing my Polish Tokarev, fired like a new gun. The condition of mine was amazing for 1952 gun. Hand select worth the money. Smooth,straight shooting gun!!
Another Great transaction!!! Thanks!!
well worth the money.
Review by gezora0 on 8/17/12
great pistol,..looks brand new with bright super clean bore. well worth the $ on the hand select. i recomend this to anyone..this being my first transaction with classic and im very pleased.
Disappointed - no holster or tools!
Review by Jon-from-KCU on 8/11/12
I liked the gun, but was expecting it to include the holster and tools. I thought it did, and was pretty sure the last time Classic offered this gun the holster and tools were included.

I should have read the description and specifications more carefully before ordering.

The gun itself was great - looks new and the bore cleaned up and shines like a new one. Also, the hand-pick option was worth it.

Hi Jon-from-KCU - We sell them as they come to us from the importer. Yes, previous batches were imported and delivered to us with holsters. However, this latest batch was not imported with holsters and thus we immediately removed the holster from the pictures and the product descriptions. You mentioned in your review above "gun looks new and the bore cleaned up and shines like a new one". And you only gave an old used surplus gun that "looks new" and a bore that "shines like a new one" 3 stars? Now, I'm a little disappointed :( Feel free to reach out to me directly if you are unhappy with your transaction and we will arrange to have have the gun returned with no questions asked and will issue a refund. God Bless......Rick Jones

- The Classic Firearms Team

BEST of the TT line
Review by Flash on 8/4/12
Prior to this purchase I had the M-57 and Romanian TTC. This gun put them to shame. I got all three from Classic Firearms, all in wonderful shape, but this is the BEST shooter and most accurate of the bunch.
Review by Craig on 8/3/12
I received my Polish TTC a few days ago and I was VERY pleased with the specimen. The hand select option pays guys! My pistol is, as far as I can see, flawless. Mine looks like brand new. I'm wondering if these pistols are the best arsenal rework job ever or if they are New: Unissued. In a word...WOW!

Another nice TTC
Review by Daniel on 8/1/12
I've got a few TTs from other countries, and a Yugo on the way from another source. I've always liked these pistols, and this new one from Classic is no exception. I received a nice 1952 specimen, which was in great shape, and even had a nice bore to boot! Only the smallest of scratches on a section of the slide, right in front of the rear sight was noticed. The gun looked like it had just come of the production or refurb line. Looks like the correct Polish grips as well, not the Romanian with the star in the middle. Ordered an extra mag as well, but were in great condition, and drop free, the spare mag was very, very well preserved in cosmoline :-) Highly recommended pistol, and great service from Classic!
Looks New
Review by chet0729 on 7/26/12
Received the Polish Tok and it looks like it was never fired.
Excellent value, cant wait to shoot it
Review by John on 7/23/12
If you want a weapon that looks great, shoots great and feels comfortable in your hand then get the TTC from Classic.

This gun is clean with no import company names marked on it and this one was manufactured the year I was born "great year I'd say". I did a look over wiped it down checked the barrel - really clean then swabbed it clean and went to the range.

Very nice shooting and others where making note how nice the gun looked and shot.

For the money I chose the hand select - Do not hesitate - get yours today!
Great pistol!
Review by Gerald on 7/20/12
I am glad I purchased this pistol. Mine shoots great and is fun to shoot!
Great firearm
Review by WILLIAM on 7/16/12
When I opend the box I was amazed. This firearm look new with the exception of one small blemish from holsterware which I didn't even notice until after looking at it 100 times. Great buy.
everyone should have one.
Review by Blao on 7/13/12
My Polish TT33 is in great condition. It gives me consistance groups of 5" Avg. @ 25Yds (shooting off hand) using Polish supplus ammo ( Split case's neck at firing/ejection with no other issues). Compared to my Yugo M57, my Polish copy is more accurate but it is not easy to hold due to it's short handle (even for my medium size hand). Remember to wear glove or the hammer and the magazine will cut your hand operating the weapon.
Wonderful gun
Review by Jonathan on 7/4/12
I bought this a few months ago because I wanted something close to a Tokarev without the same pricetag. Wow was I impressed! The gun looks near perfect, and shoots even better. I need to find some 7.62x25 in bulk because I love shooting this fun peice!
If you have trouble with the magazine
Review by JimmyM on 7/4/12
If when you purchase this pistol you find it almost impossible to get the magazine out,don't despair.An officer that i work with bought one and i did also.We both recieved pistols that looked NEW.The magazines however did not look new.One had looked like it was sent through a belt sander and the other looked like it had a few shallow dings from a hammer.You have to field strip the gun.Clean it up.Put oil on the mag release.It gets progressively easier to eject the magazine.Mine is about normal now after maybe ejecting it 50 times.The gun is good though.Don't forget that it is the caliber that is special here 7.62X25,useful against those who would take your liberty.Happy 4th of July! Independence Day!
Great weapon
Review by MW2566 on 6/30/12
This is a great version of the Tokarev.The one I got from them looks near new.and was dated 1952. It is the second one I have owned and both were very accurate and flawless in opperation.In my book the Polish version is the best.Classic was so wonderful to deal with I will buy more from them.
Exceptionally nice!
Review by Machodoc on 6/23/12
I ordered one of these back in the Spring when a new bunch came in. Suggest that you get on the "notify" list and then pay the hand-select fee. What I received was a used firearm, but one that had been used very gently and cared for well. The holster that came with it had a little more "experience", but it still would pass for nicely broken in (hint: put mink oil on the thing when you get it). The Radom factory does really pretty work, and the design of this firearm is superb. It breaks down quickly and easily for cleaning (esp. nice if you are shooting Berdan primers). It shoots a surprisingly tight pattern, has never jammed on me, and fits my hand perfectly. When you get it, learn to break it down and clean it thoroughly! Cosmoline is your friend when it comes to keeping these things nice for decades, but it hides everywhere and affects performance. Magazines eject much better when it's cleaned & lubed correctly, too!
nice gun
Review by al on 6/18/12
Nice pistol. I payed for a hand select and still got one with a scratched slide. They are out of stock now so I probably got one of the last ones which would have been nice to know before I payed the extra money.

The grips are not Polish, they are Romanian which is fine because they look more like the original Russian ones.

The magazines are wrong too. One was filed down on the sides so it would fit in the gun, and the other does not fit at all. They are most likely Romanian too which is dumb because they label them as Polish and charge more for the extra one even though they don't belong in the gun.

Response from Classic Firearms - Hi Al - Yes, you apparently did get one of the last remaining Polish Toks. I'm sure you did get the best of what was left since you paid the hand pick. However, I do not want you to be unhappy in the least. Please give me a call directly and I'm happy to refund your hand pick fee if you would like. Regarding the mags, the ones you received should be Polish. We do not switch Romanian out for Polish, nor vice-versa. I will be happy to help with this concern as well. I'd call you, but you posted your review as a "guest" (not logged in to your account), so I do not have any contact info and am hoping you will see this response to get in touch with me. Thanks for still giving the pistol 5 stars! God Bless.....Rick Jones
Saw one less than two hours ago
Review by Jimmy Mullin on 6/1/12
I suggested to a fellow security officer that he buy a 7.62X25 pistol.He did.He showed it to me less than two hours ago.It looked NEW!!!! I just ordered one for myself ( even though my wife will get pissed ).Make sure you get that extra mag.8 rounds is not a lot these days.I'll be sure to show mine to friends and i'll tell them where i bought it.Now if some gun manufacturer would only come out with a double stack 7.62X25 pistol.
Review by JOHN on 5/25/12
The pistol looks brand new! I realize they say excellect but spend the extra $10.00 for the hand select as I did.
Review by jack0 on 5/25/12
Delivered in awesome condition. Very pleased with it. 2 mags, holster looks brand new. Pristine bore.