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Original Russian Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle M91/30 Arsenal Refurbished w/ Original Scope and Mount - 7.62x54R

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Original Russian M91/30 Arsenal Refurbished Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle - 7.62x54R caliber.

Lens covers not included with this shipment.

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Original Russian Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle M91/30 Arsenal Refurbished w/ Original Scope and Mount - 7.62x54R

Original Russian M91/30 Arsenal Refurbished Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle - 7.62x54R caliber.

Lens covers not included with this shipment.


Regular Price: $729.99

Special Price: $679.99

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Regular Price: $729.99

Special Price: $679.99

Original Russian Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle M91/30 Arsenal Refurbished w/ Original Scope and Mount - 7.62x54R

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  • 1944 Izhevsk PU -Spaxspore
  • 1944 Izhevsk PU Reverse -Spaxspore
  • Mplot 9130 PU 1944 izhevsk by armenjs
  • Mplot 9130 PU 1944 izhevsk by armenjs
  • Mplot 9130 PU 1944 izhevsk by armenjs
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • 43 Izhevsk Classic Purchase rt
  • 43 Izhevsk Classic Purchase sc
  • 43 Izhevsk Classic Purchase shnk
  • Classic "Rifle Of The Day" PU lft
  • Classic '44 Izhevsk mint bore - Trauma1
  • Classic '44 Izhevsk mint bore - Trauma1
  • Classic '44 Izhevsk mint bore - Trauma1
  • PU Sniper
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn PU
  • Raspootyn Laminant PU sniper
  • Raspootyn Laminant PU sniper
  • Raspootyn Laminant PU sniper
  • Raspootyn Laminant PU sniper
  • Raspootyn Laminant PU sniper
  • Raspootyn Laminant PU sniper
  • 1940 Progress Scope
  • Matching Reciever
  • Picture of it longways
  • Dmitry '42 Izhevsk PU
  • Dmitry '42 Izhevsk PU
  • Dmitry '42 Izhevsk PU
  • Dmitry '42 Izhevsk PU
  • Dmitry '42 Izhevsk PU
  • Dmitry '42 Izhevsk PU
  • My Mosin Nagant Sniper.
  • Custom Stock & Timney Trigger
  • Bolt Handle Moved Aft & Reinforced The Receiver
  • PU Sniper
  • PU Sniper
  • PU Sniper
  • Excellent shooter
  • My First Mosin Sniper
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • Izhevsk Russian Arsenal M91/30 PU Sniper rifle
  • 5 round, Bent Bolt
  • Bolt Action
  • 7.62x54r caliber
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

This is a new batch of Snipers and supposedly the last that will be coming into the country (per the importer).  From what we understand the well has run dry. 

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And Now About The Rifles

What a Fantastic Find!  Here is the Full Story.

We have had these in stock for several days now but have been unwilling to post until we were able to inspect several pieces and  do further research in order to provide you with the most accurate representaion of what these fine rifles are as possible. 

Now that we have inspected numerous rifles, and combined what we are seeing visually with what we are being told by both the U.S. importer, and the Russian exporter, we feel very comfortable with both the quality of rifles that we have and the fact that we can represent them accurately.

First About the Scopes.  These Were Easy to Validate.

They all have the correct screws, the correct date ranges and original factory markings.  They also have original light finish wear consistent with the light wear on the rifles indicating that they are indeed original 3.5 power Russian made P/U and early date range SVT Scopes that were either original matches, or arsenal refurbish matched to the rifles. Original Russian scopes from this era have significant value in and of themselves and stand alone are worth a large portion of our asking price on these rifles. 

Now To The Rifles  - These Were a Little More Complicated. 

They Are All Original Mosin Nagant M91/30 PU Sniper Rifles.

  • They are all correct date ranges i.e most common of 1942 through 1944.
  • They are all high wall round receiver rifles - the only style chosen as suitable for true snipers.
  • They all have  an arsenal re-number on the left side of the chamber just above the stock line that matches the # on the scope.  This practice is common in the factories for matching up sniper rifles to their designated scope.
  • They have "smoothed up" actions and light trigger pulls.
  • They are original condition...i.e not arsenal re-finished.
  • The majority have additional stampings on the receivers that are un-common to standard or converted M91/30's.
  • We have seen a lot of Arsenal or post war conversions and these look different. They simply have an air of authenticity.

However - Many are Arsenal Re-Furbished
Here is what you Should Expect

As a group these rifles all  appear to be original sniper rifles that went back into the arsenals after the war and had varying degrees of re-arsenaling done to them to bring them back up to complete rifles of sniper standards  and capabilities.  Although they are original snipers, due to the re-arsenaling, they may not fully retain all of their original issue characteristics or condition.

In some cases you may find that a small part has been changed out, i.e  - a Tula bbl band on an Izzy rifle, etc. You may also find a force match on a floorplate or buttplate, or even a re-match where the designation # on the rifle has been re-struck to match it to the scope that it has been Re-Arsenal mated with.  Also, Scopes will have original stamped #'s but mount plates may be electro-penciled to match the rifle that the scope is mated with. 

These rifles are not cosmetically re-finished and the external condition as well as bore condition will vary from rifle to rifle. Generally the rifles are running at about NRA surplus very good condition and  somewhere around 80% to 85 % of new.

Most bores we have seen have been good and some are exceptional but we will not make any guarentees as to bore condition. 

Some rifles will be very close to exact original issue condition with very few if any changes made to the rifle after being returned to the arsenal, others will have more extensive re-arsenaling depending on the needs of the individual rifle.  However, all base rifles will have been original snipers and all scopes will be original and historically accurate. 

Note - We typically hand select and you may think that this project would be perfect for that. However, In the case of these rifles we will not be offering a hand select. One reason is that there are simply too many variables and we know that too many special request would be made for us to feasibly be able to do a hand select.

Manufacturer's Description

Original Russian 91/30 Arsenal Refurbished Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle w/ Original Scope, Mount - 7.62x54R caliber

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • Izhevsk Russian Arsenal M91/30 PU Sniper rifle
  • 5 round, Bent Bolt
  • Bolt Action
  • 7.62x54r caliber
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Great purchase!!
Review by Rob on 1/27/14
Very nice refurb, highly recommended!!
Video Review
PU sniper from classic
Uploaded by Rob Mills
A War Relic
Review by LF on 1/24/14
If you're a Mosin Nagant fan then this is a must in your collection.
Video Review
mosin nagant sniper
Uploaded by muzzleblastm38
By far my favorite Mosin to take to the range!
Review by Alec on 11/18/13
Took the PU Sniper to the range a few days ago. to my surprise the Scope was already Zeroed. (don't adjust the scope at all) the rifle shot dead on to the scope at distances of about 200/250 yards. I am so glad I bought mine when I did. Thanks again ClassicFirearms.com!
Video Review
1944 Mosin Nagant PU Sniper
Uploaded by DEOXYS987
By Far the nicest PU Sniper i have seen
Review by Alec on 11/13/13
This rifle has become my favorite mosin I own. it is all matching except for the floorplate. its a 1944 Izhevsk PU Sniper, has the original scope and everything! has a tula cocking handle and a tula magazine, which would make sense as to why it doesn't match. Bore is shiny and has really strong rifling. Stock has some dings and wear as to be expected but is in 8.5/10 shape. Thank you ClassicFirearms! you just got yourself a customer! wont be my last purchase from classic
Video Review
Classic Firearms M91/30 PU Sniper unboxing
Uploaded by DEOXYS987
Nice Piece Of Russian History
Review by James on 10/10/13
See the video and see the condition for yourself!
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com Mosin PU Sniper 1943 Izzy
Uploaded by dustroyer13
Great 43
Review by Jeff on 10/3/13
Very happy with what Classic sent me, A 43 Izhevsk PU with a 3 stock repairs, Almost new bore, And a 44 Progress scope to boot. Thanks alot guys!
Video Review
Classic Firearms PU Sniper
Uploaded by doggystrike
'43 and '44 Izhevsks, Both In Excellent Condition
Review by Ol' Relic on 10/2/13
Two nice refurb PU's in good cosmetic condition and superb functional condition. Both bores are like new, should be superb shooters.
Video Review
2 Classic Mosin PU
Uploaded by Relic
Looks to be a great authentic sniper!
Review by sparetimeprojects on 10/1/13
This was my 3rd experience with Classic Firearms and they keep performing! I ordered my PU Sniper on a Wednesday and it was ready for pickup at my FFL on that Friday!! The rifle definitely appears to be a 100% authentic Sniper version! The scope serial number was force matched, but it does appear to be an authentic scope as well. When I was notified that Classic got this shipment in, I had to spring for it because they are nearly impossible to find these days. The rifle is in amazing shape with excellent bluing and unbelievably clear and sharp rifling! The only thing I didn't like was that there were a couple scrapes in the stock near the bolt handle which you can see in my video below. This could have come from storage or from shipping, but they aren't really deep and can be easily buffed out if I redo the stock at some point. Classic really pulled through for me again and I will continue to use them! I HIGHLY recommend that you get one of these snipers while you still can...
Video Review
Mosin Nagant Sniper Unboxing
Uploaded by sparetimeprojects6
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Pu Sniper from Classic Arms View Review
Review by 777Snowcrash on 10/9/12
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Pu Sniper from Classic Arms View Review
Video Review
Classic Firearms PU Sniper Nagant review
Uploaded by 777SnowCrash
A must have
Review by Larry on 4/23/14
I started collecting mosins a yr ago. Always been into history of the military. Serverd 12 yrs, myself. I have 13 mosins of different dates and factorys. Just bought my first pu sniper from classic, and I love it so much, I am buying another one. Classic Arms, are doing a fantastic job in all parts of the buying process.
Very pleased with them, kudos to you guys.
See detailed review
Review by Andy on 4/16/14
I am very satisfied with the gun. It has been fully disassembled, cleaned and reassembled.

Here is what I found.

1.The scope IS an original PU, manufactured in 1943, and the mount appears to original manufacture. Serial numbers on the mount are electro engraved.
2. The stock IS an original sniper stock. The cut out for the scope mount shows a proper cut out and " rounding" of the edges from age and use.
3. The receiver and barrel may be from an original sniper, an arsenal rework, or a very cleaver combination of parts from multiple rifles. The underside of the tang on the receiver shows 1944 manufacture, and the top of the barrel also shows 1944. The receiver is the correct high wall Izhevsk design. There are 2 reasons I question the sniper rifle originality. The first reason is that the underside of the barrel back by the receiver (hidden by the stock) has a ground out 4 digit identification number which is not consistent with the 3 digit top number, and the receiver has a fresh punched 3 digit number (matching the top of the barrel) down at the stock line. There are also fresh barrel/receiver mating/alignment marks on the underside where the barrel meets the receiver. The second reason is that the underside of the barrel, hidden by the stock, at the muzzle end, has peened out export markings with only FL (Florida) being able to be read.
4. The condition of the barrel is outstanding. There is a new crown on the Muzzle, NO counter boring, and the rifling came out mirror bright after cleaning. I estimate the rifling at 70-75 percent. Very nice.
5. Head spacing was check with go,no go, field test discs and came out "go".......again, very nice.
6. The bolt firing pin was set at the proper setting "as received" and reset as such after the bolt cleaning.
7. The barrel/receiver, bolt, scope mount (electro etched), and butt plate 3 digit numbers all match, with the magazine being clearly a forced match.

Even with the issues identified above I am excited to get this to the range, and will recommend it to friends at this pricing.
Thanks Classic....nice find!
Review by scpanish on 3/31/14
Very rough 1944 rifle with very nice 1941 SVT scope. Metal finish is good, but with deep pitting at and below the tang woodline that has been reblued. 1944 date. Terrible trigger - much worse than my other 3 MN non-sniper rifles. Excellent bore. Lined out sniper numbers.
warming up to this purchase
Review by jake on 12/6/13
Well initially I had a case of buyers remorse having spent money I shouldn't have and not being thrilled with the rifle based on stock condition,some ambiguity as to the markings and scope. But after 5 weeks heres what ive got...an Ishvesht dated 1943 with scrubbed lower breech apparently renumbered to match Tula bolt floorplate and butt ..post war stock. Undated progress scope late 1943 or early 1944 in pristine condition and apparently perfect bore so I should just snap out of it and be happy and buy another
Overall great gun
Review by Greg on 12/1/13
I really love the sniper I received following my order. Requested a 44 but received a 43. Was slightly disappointed until I looked past the date. Box was marked 43 excellent, and boy was it. Not a normal shellac slopped on finish, almost looks like an oil based finish. I liked it, looks like what I expect the stocks looked like prior to refurb. All Iz.parts.great bluing on all metal. All matching serial numbers. Rifling shiny and sharp. Wartime stock. Yoshkar-ola 1943 scope. Scope has a great finish and is crystal clear. Have not shot it yet because of deer season, but have high expectations for it. The only complaint is for $600 I would have expected a sling, I mean come on, for that amount to have to go out and spend another $10 for a sling. Overall very satisfied with that one exception. Thanks Classic, I will order again.
New favorite gun!
Review by Marc on 11/27/13
I love this gun! Not only is it cheap to feed but it also has the history to go along with it! Mine was a 1944 rifle with a 1942 scope which was force matched on the receiver. The butt plate and magazine were also force matched. The bore is a bit dark but has strong lands and grooves and should prove to be a nice shooter. I tried to get a picture of the reticule but it was not working out so well but trust me when I say the scope is nice and clear. I really wish I bought two!
Great rifle, great buy
Review by Dave on 11/26/13
When I first received my rifle my 91/30, I was a bit surprised at the condition of the stock, but after taking her out to the range and zeroing her in, I knew I had a damn good shooter. The stock on my rifle had handling marks (scratches and a couple of dings), but these rifles are definitely the real deal. Its too bad that Classic has run out of these rifles because I would love to by another one !
Terrific Rifle
Review by David on 11/25/13
I would like to thank classic firearm for their great customer service. I am very pleased this was my 3rd purchase and classic has delivered every time. Stock is very good, barrel was strong, clean and receiver markings were very good as well. Scope number was re-stamped to the rifle as expected as a re-arsenal. Thank you.
sniper rifle
Review by Wade on 11/23/13
Just received my 91/30 sniper. This is a '43 Tula with a '43 PU scope. All numbers match (barrel, bolt, mount and scope, butt plate) except magazine which was force matched. Metal is very good with bright shiney bore. The stock has some dings and scratches and the finish has some flakeing. Overall a nice looking rifle. Only negative was that the lens cap leather string broke right from the get go. Already ordered a new one. Very satisfied with this purchase and I would buy from classic again.
great rifle
Review by rob on 11/12/13
classic firearms shipped quickly to my ffl. the rifle is in excellent shape for a 70yr old rifle, it has what I wanted, scope matched the rifle, as did the bolt, the only thing that had been renumbered was the fixed magazine plate. the bore is excellent as are all the metal parts, the wood was dinged up a little but that doesn't bother me. The bolt works smooth. this was my second pu rifle, I had bought one from another company 2 months earlier for my son, it shot so well (1-2moa), I was kicking myself for not ordering two, but they had sold out quickly. I was pleased to find classic arms had them from the same importer at about the same price. my pu sniper did not shoot as well as my sons but still decent, I ended up doing some shimming and floating the barrel and I used coban(medical tape I had handy) to wrap the barrel at the front handguard clip area. I found these instructions on the internet. now I am able to ring the 18in plate at 250 and 350 yrds at the range and my 100 yrd accuracy is about the same as my sons. I now think any further improvement in accuracy is up the me the shooter or if I reload for it. I used 182gr prvi ammo to test. very happy I was able to get this rifle and classic firearms shipped quickly
Not bad
Review by Brock on 11/11/13
Overall a great deal! Poor to good stocks. Metal was perfect on all. All correct markings.
Sorry I only bought two
Review by John on 11/10/13
I bought two. Both are in excellent condition. I should have bought four. These will definitely increase on value but I will never sell them.
Outstanding Service and Quality!
Review by AllenInVA on 11/4/13
I actually bought my first PU from Classic over a year ago. I called my local dealer on the phone as I was working on the road. Needless to say, I couldn't get home fast enough! I received a 1944 Izzy with a 1942 SVT scope which is correct and the numbers matched. I've wanted a real PU since I was in middle school and I am not disappointed. I admit I shoot this rifle more than any of my others.
The bore was like new, the optics were crystal clear, and the metal finish is nice. The stock had two repairs that look great. It is covered in small scratches, so I really have no problem trapsing through the woods with it. Super accurate, even with mil surp ammo. I searched various weapons boards for months because I wanted to know I had the real deal and not a reproduction. All signs and marking point to yes.

If you don't own one of these, you must have one! A great product from a great company!
first purchase with classic firearms
Review by jackblack86 on 10/31/13
This was my first purchase with classic and it went very well. Both service an my pu sniper were better then expected. I will be back.
good rifle as advertised. maybe better.Shipped and delevered less than 1 week.
Review by Pharis on 10/25/13
The whole package was in good shape. the scope was 1941 refurbished in 1959. Scope is as clear as can be expected for 70 years,numbers matched the number stamped on barrel. all numbers matched on rifle. The scope mount is pinned and has correct screws. The stock has a very generous coat of red finish. The bore, after couple passes with patch and brush, is bright. Have to say as good as advertised. Satisfied with rifle I received. Hope it shoots as good as it looks.
Great Rifle!! Original Scope!!!!! EXC. Condition
Review by Alec on 10/23/13
The rifle came with an original 1940 Progress scope. Scope SER # is on the reciever and is the original number, 1944 Izhevsk, All matching except for the floorplate, but that doesnt matter. Scope is one of the more rare ones, accounting for only 3% of the total Scopes, Scope is in great condition, crystal clear, Great Bore, and really smooth bolt and trigger. Thank you Classicfirearms.com!! well worth the $600!
Pleased again.
Review by JEFF on 10/17/13
So happy I saved all my pennies to purchase one of these beauties. I got a "42" Izhevk with a "43" Progress PU scope. All matching numbers, bright and sharp bore and a very nice matching stock. Thank you Classic Firearms for making it possible to for me to get these wonderful guns at great prices.

Review by famas44 on 10/7/13
I have been a fan of Classic Arms for a long time, however, I am being honest about my review for this 91/30 PU sniper rifle.

Over the past two months I have purchased two of these rifles, one from another surplus dealer and one from Classic Firearms. I can honestly say that the one I received from Classic was in WAYYYY better shape than my first purchase! (I will not name this company)

The rifle arrived quickly from Classic and was wellpackaged. It was as described and was a 44 Izzy / matching numbers / re-furbished post war / force matched scope mount. The scope is in great condition! The only negative would be that the stock is not perfect, but it is a surplus stock from the 1940's. I cannot complain because there are not any cracks or major issues. Classic Arms are first rate and I highly recommend.
Excellent Purchase
Review by Diego on 10/3/13
I am very pleased with the rifle. It is an excellent historic gun at a good price.

Good points: Perfect bore, rifle numbers matching except floor plate (crossed out and forced matched), scope base matched barrel # and receiver # by electropencil, scope clear and posts centered, smooth action and great trigger pull, good metal finish. As is came, it was most sighted in, starting a little high, but with excellent accuracy.

So-so: The bedding was loose (it still shot fine). The action and barrel shifted back and forth and rotated a little. This is an easy fix. The stock had areas without any finish, but no problem. Things like these are to be expected in a surplus rifle.

Questions: The scope seems original and has all markings but no date. Initial research shows 1943 but I'm unsure.
The rifle is an Izhevsk, the bolt has the Tula star, but both have what seem to be originally stamped matching numbers. Fascinating history...
Review by Lee on 9/29/13
I bought 3! All with clean shiny bores. A 42, 43, and a 44. You better get yours before they're all gone.
Nice Finds
Review by Colin on 9/18/13
I got 2 of the returned snipers. Both are Izhvesk, one a 1943 with WWII stock, the other a 1944. The glass on the '43 looks new, the other is a bit foggy but very usable. I've uploaded a couple pics, one with a couple notes. These fall into the middle condtion wise of the 20 or so 91/30s I have. Bores good, actions good. Stocks have had some repairs. These guys look like they have been in the field and used. All #'s don't match, don't care. Just glad to have them and at the lower price, would have been happy with these at the higher price.
'44 Izhevsk PU Sniper Review!
Review by Trauma1 on 9/18/13
Hey Guys,

The big brown truck just dropped off the PU sniper that I bought from Classic last week. It's a '44 Izhevsk with a war time stock and Yoshkar-Ola scope. I just had time to give her a once over, but there are some excellent, good, and not so good features to this one at first glance.

The Excellent:

1) The bore on this rifle is absolutely phenomenal. It's easily the best of the 6 PU's that I own. It's mirror bright with sharp lands; and has about as good as you can get bullet test with the crown. It's essentially a mint bore and looks like it's never been shot. I'm very pleased.

The Good:

1) It appears to be all Izhevsk parts on this one; all original matching with no line outs. The date of the receiver tang is '44 Izhevsk as well. No billboard import stamps either; much more discrete on this shipment. Very nice indeed and quite the jackpot from a collector standpoint!

The Bad/Ugly:

1) The stock is flaking shellac pretty badly. There are areas on the top of the wood line near the barrel that weren't even refinished with the shellac at all when this was at the arsenal. The black paint that was applied to the scope is awful and looks like it was done in haste. Regardless, none of this really matters to me in the slightest; just making an honest observation at first glance. The only thing that I'm concerned about is the bore, and I couldn't have asked for a better example with this beauty. This gun should shoot very well.

Needless to say, I'm a very happy camper. I've been pretty luck with what I've received in terms of PU's from Classic Firearms. This is my 4th PU sniper from Classic, and they have all been very nice. I can't wait to get out and shoot her.

Thanks again, Classic!

- John (Trauma1 on Gunboards.com)
Unbeatable value
Review by William on 9/13/13
I purchased one of the previous batch of Mosin PU snipers a while back, and couldn't be happier. I didn't choose hand pick, but externally the rifle was quite good, with only a few of the usual (very) minor dings you expect from a rearsenaled Soviet weapon that's been in storage for decades. There was a small amount of rust under the wood line which was not apparent without disassembling the rifle. The bore is great, and so is the crown. The only problem, which arose only on disassembling the rifle, was that one of the barrel band retainers had rusted and broke upon removal, but Classic sent me a free replacement!

The rifle is an Izhevsk dated 1943, and the scope is a 1940 Progress SVT scope serving as a replacement to the original, whose serial number was lined out. Actually it looks like there may have been two previous scopes, since there are seven digits crossed out by two lines, and the scope currently on it has only a five digit serial.

If you have any interest in owning a genuine WW2 sniper rifle, jump on these PU snipers while they last. They are absolutely a fabulous value.
Excellent quality, best price point.
Review by Justin on 8/24/13
I bought one of the six listed as return rifles. Why anyone returned this rifle baffles me. Cosmetically Mosins will always leave something to be desired. But I have all matching numbers and all the markings are of an authentic sniper. The barrel is gorgeous, I expect excellent accuracy from this rifle. This is the second rifle I have bought from Classic Arms. I will continue to do business in the future. This is one of my dream rifles, I never thought I would actually own one, and especially for this price. Thanks.
so happy i got one when i did
Review by james on 8/21/13
i have always been interested in ww2 and the arms used. after seen enemy at the gates i wanted a russian rifle. i jumped at the chance when i first saw the listing. for all of you that missed the chance i hope that they get some more in. if so, go for it. i like it as much as my 1903.
One Excellant piece of history
Review by Ed on 5/7/13
I got my Scoped Mosin back in Feb, and am very impressed at it! It's got the real dings that a LONG service would entail, a great bore condition. Although the maker and date were wiped, I have no problem believing the scope is a '50s type atop the 1943 Ishevsk rifle. I'm looking forward to shooting it, now that I have some match grade non-corr ammo.
Review by Moore's C&R on 4/22/13
Not only was the 70 year old shellac perfect, or the bore like new, the the bluing like new, or the fact that the serial numbers all matched, it is the fact that the ORIGINAL PU Scope was manufactured at the Secret City of Yoshkar-Ola sometime in 1943. Some lucky collector is going to have his dream rifle this year!
Beautiful rifle
Review by FinnFan on 4/10/13
Beautiful 1943 Izhvesk with matching "Progress" 1943 scope. The service from Classic Firearms was first-rate. The condition of the stock and metal is certainly different than the usual M91/30's you find on the market...I know what they mean when they say "it just looks different".

Stock and barrel on mine were both marked as "refurbished", but condition is great. Probably a lot more like these rifles were when first issued.

The bolt appears to be an original sniper bolt, not retrofitted to be a sniper,

Magazine has been renumbered to match receiver, but stock is unnumbered, and butt plate does not match.

Well worth the price. I may buy a second.
Mosin Nagant pu sniper
Review by Mosinsam on 4/2/13
Received my refurbed Izhevsk 1943 sniper on 3/25/13 only 5 days after ordering! What an excellent rifle this is. Matching #'s on all parts including scope &mount. Bore is as new! Bluing is 100% and laminated stock is in excellent condition. Thank you Classic !
Very nice rifle and scope!
Review by garandman on 4/2/13
Received my rifle last week and am very pleased! It is a 1943 Tula for starts! Bore is immaculate! Finish on metal and stock is refinished and super nice. The scope is 1942 marked and optics are super. The rifle is a mixmaster of manufacturer parts. It is Tula but has a lot of Ishi parts. Forced matching numbers. Very nice rifle and I am very pleased. Mine must have been one of the last few shipped. I am really glad I got one before these sold out! This was my first order from Classic Firearms and I am very impressed. Will be ordering more things, when I can afford it! Thanks Classic!
Awesome PU sniper
Review by Bc28036 on 3/30/13
Mine might have been the last one shipped out or extremely close to it..... When I checked before ordering there were only 5 left. Just got the rifle today, thank you UPS! Great finish on wood, no bruises on this one, quite surprising for a surplus. The metal bluing is extremely nice as well. Barrels bore is excellent and bright. Barrel stamped 1944 Tula! Sweet! It is an arsenal refurb, as the barrel bands are izhevsk and the scope is a 1962. Probably a total scrub out on all parts and a re-number since all numbers are all matching with no strike outs (barrel, mag, and bolt). Matching scope number is stamped on the barrel, EP on the scope mount along with the rifle number. Interesting tibit is that there is no arsenal mark or production date on the reciever tang. No marks that would be considered even a light stamp. No signs of scrubbing at all. Cool! Looks like Boris had a bit too much vodka with lunch and missed this one entirely. Overall a very nice rifle from Classic! Keep 'em coming this is truly some very nice stuff!
Another Great Buy from Classic
Review by JoeD on 3/30/13
I received this rifle a few weeks back and finally got it out to the range today and figured it was time for a review. There's some good, and some not:

The good:
While every other dealer was taking weeks to deliver goods thanks to the panic, Classic had this rifle to my door in 4 business days. That's pretty impressive considering I actually had to wait 41 days for a rifle from one of the other guys. Classic's service is always top notch.

The metal on the rifle was in great shape-- all numbers matching, great condition, bore is fantastic, and the bolt works like butter. As is common, the scope's serial was punched on the rifle, but was not the original. The front of the scope has just a touch of surface rust and the leather covers fall off in a slight breeze, but the scope works perfectly and the glass is clear and in great shape. The scope mount had a electro serial that didn't match either the scope or the rifle. At the range, I had to do very little to get everything lined up. Accuracy with garbage 60's surplus was quite good at 100 yards.

The Bad:

These are advertised as rearsenaled, but my hand guard looked like it'd been sanded and slapped back on. Maybe Ivan did the prep work and took a vodka break and never got back to it. The rest of the stock made me wonder if the sniper who owned this used it as a club or baseball bat as it's pretty rough with tons of dings, gouges, and scratches. I suspect this one was on the bottom of the shipping container as it looks like another rifle's bolt pounded the stock repeatedly. As Classic went "out of stock" soon after my order, I suspect this was literally the bottom of the barrel.


I strongly considered shipping this back based in the stock, but in looking at what counts-- bore, metal, scope, and most of all, how it shoots, I figured it was a keeper. I think I've just been spoiled by some of Classic's other guns, and was a bit disappointed when it didn't look like new, which isn't really fair for a 70 year old gun.
Overall very pleased!
Review by Quest Master on 3/28/13
Just a quick review on the M91/30PU.
First....from the time I clicked "purchase" to the time of pick-up from the FFL took 2 weeks. Not bad considering what I received.

I am very pleased with this rifle. It is a 100% matching M91/30PU made by Iszevsk, dated 1944. The scope matches the rifle serial number on the receiver side and all of the parts on the rifle appear to have the same serial number on the top of the receiver. The rifle s/n is electro-pen inscribed on the scope mounting bottom.
Overall finish is super with no damage to the wood. Very clean bore (without cleaning). The only detraction is that the scope has been marked and dated 1959 when the weapon was rebuilt, BUT it appears to have been rebuilt/refinished with all of the original 1944 production parts.

I have not fired it yet, but overall very very pleased at the condition at a super nice price.
Update after shooting
Review by Michael on 3/16/13
Hi Guys, took the Mosin to the range and it shot flawlessly, great groups with milsurp, PPU and reloads. COOL scope, the aiming point moves around the sight picture!!!!! These are a available now from a local store but Classic sent me a great rifle in a great condition. Thanks again.
Great Buy
Review by sbelse on 3/15/13
Bought this two months ago, but finally got out to the range. Really a beautiful rifle. She has some signs of use, but character is of course expected with a military surplus rifle. A little rust on the magazine. Some scratches to the surface of the stock. Action is smooth. Bore is nice and shiny with strong rifling. Crown is excellent.

Scope does not have a date on it, but is serial numbered (with electro-pencil) to match the rifle as advertised.

Scope adjustments were very easy, made by adjusting elevation and windage turrets, followed by loosening the locking screws and resetting the calibration rings. The sight picture is still great, center of FOV as it should be. No need to file or shim the mount base, or mess with it in any way. Accuracy is great. She's a 1 MOA rifle, which surprised a lot of people at the range given her age.

Very satisfied, and convinced that CF is selling the real deal: authentic, original PU sniper rifles, which I feel necessary to say as at least two other companies are advertising the same, but with limited details and questionable reviews. I'd say you can feel safe buying from here. I'd get a second one . . . but the wife won't let me. Sad face.
Good Service
Review by Meplat on 3/11/13
I purchased four rifles for import to Australia and received good service from Classic Firearms. Have not received the rifles as yet as the importing process takes some time, but was happy with the service from Classic Firearms. Thanks.
As expected
Review by Bob on 3/10/13
Service was great considering how busy everything is, and the rifle and scope were just as advertised. Have not shot it yet, but so far I am well pleased.
Review by smokndav on 3/7/13
Been putting this off for quite a long time but thought I should order one before they go away. Received mine in a timely manner, about 2 weeks. Scope was in good condition as was the rifle. A good cleaning revealed a very good bore. First time out it shot very high, probably 15ft. A lot of adjustment and a 2nd trip to the range gets it hitting a 8in. target at 125 yds. shooting surplus "match" ammo. Probably ok and will eventually try some hand loads. Glad I got it and good service from Classic.
Review by Ben on 2/22/13
This rifle is perfect. Shoots 1 inch at 100 yards all day long. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. Out of all the firearms i own this is one of the best. For a 70 year old rifle it rivals some of my modern rifles in accuracy.
Nice Additon
Review by Donn on 2/22/13
I am finally getting a chance to write this review even though I received my rifle almost to months ago, but work till now has kept me from the range. The rifle was shipped faster then I expected, and came well packed. After examining the rifle, it appears to be an all matching Izzy, with nice wood, a very clean bore, and smooth action. After firing it though, I found that the scope mount screw would loosen a bit, but a drop or two of Loctite should cure that. I first tried at 100 yards through the open sights, and like my other Nagant, was pretty accurate. The scope however, is going to take some time to get used to its adjustments. Just when I thought I was about to get it zeroed, it would be off again. Thats more me then the scope, as I am used to the scopes on my rifles I use for hunting. Overall, I am very happy with this rifle, and would recommend anyone that wants one to get them now. I definitely plan to buy from Classic again
Great Rifle
Review by Michael on 2/18/13
Received the rifle after a short delay, no fault of Classic. My FFL asked 'how much do I want for it', took it straight to my gunsmith to chech headspace etc, got same question. Rifle is 1944, scope is 1942, both seem to be in excellent condition, scope actually seems like its unissued except for the leather covers which are obviously old but in good condition. Cleaning the remains of the cosmoline this week, will comment again after shooting but so far 110% satisfied.
Review by mico4 on 2/12/13
It is a refurbed scope. Original serial and manufacturer logo are scrubbed off, and new serial added
Great product and great service
Review by Mike on 2/11/13
A beautiful rifle at a good price and the customer service at Classic is terrific. Thank you!
We will see
Review by dkish on 2/7/13
Even with the craziness going on right now, Classic took care of my order quite fast. I received a common date, but the bore was nice and it has an almost black - brown stock. the only issue is the recticle in the scope is bad, rust on the recticle has weakened it and the pointer is coming apart with recoil. Classic is trying to find a replacement, as I chose not to send this rifle back, I like it too much. im just hoping they will take care of me on this one issue. communication has remained good, so my hopes are high.
PU sniper
Review by John on 1/30/13
Received a 43 IZZY with a very dark stock. All numbers matched on the rifle with no force matching. Plus the bore is mirror bright even without cleaning it The only thing I could find wrong was the scope was not the original. It was lined out and replaced with another, but the optics is in great shape. For the price you just can't beat it.

The only other thing I've notice is the complaints about Classic Firearms customer service. I ordered this rifle during the time the web site has been down. I sent them a e-mail just requesting to know when they would be taking phone orders. I was having trouble ordering on line for some reason. To my surprise I received a quick response back telling it was going to be while before they would be taking phone orders and asked me if I was unable to order on line they would make arrangements for someone to call me and place the order. Now, if that isn't customer service then I don't know what is.
Great service once again
Review by Worm on 1/22/13
Came in perfect...not concidered a "real" sniper but I will say all ares are original sniper rifle parts> All were in great shape..has the traditional referb items scraps on the stock and such but I am very happy.Optics are in awsome shape bore is crisp and clear,a great buy from a great comapny. I love their products and sevice..hope to deal with them many times in the future..if people would just stop the panic...they can't take everything from us so please stop lol I want more product to come in at a decent price!!!
Review by gunslinger on 1/21/13
This is a great deal on real sniper rifles. Mine came with a perfect bore. I have purchased alot of firearms from classic arms and they have all been in great shape.

Donald f. Stratman Master Gunsmith
Great "hunting" rifle!
Review by Petronela on 11/14/12
Honestly I did not expect this rifle to look so good...I got a 1943 Izhevsk with a few barely noticeable dents on the stock and a few scratches and flakes near the buttplate from normal handling. Bluing looks original with light wear, almost intact. All matching numbers, smooth action, strong rifling and a perfectly functional 1941 PU scope.Overall a well maintained rifle.
It also came with some cleaning tools, bolt gauge and a oil/base small container.
I cannot be happier....Thank you!
Fantastic surprise, much better than expected
Review by dpd3672 on 11/8/12
I have to preface this by saying that while I've collected guns for 25 years, and love shooting my "run of the mill" Mosin Nagant, I know very little about the numerous variations, including the sniper rifles. I heard some good things about this recent batch of PU snipers, but something else always came up, so I never got around to ordering one.

When I noticed that most vendors were selling out, and that Classic Arms was down to the last couple dozen in stock, I hurried up and put my order in. I had some issues with my C&R, but Classic was very helpful to work with, and a few emails later, I was good to go.

I placed my order, and a few days later received the shipment. I'd done a little research while waiting for it to arrive, but what was in the box was a big surprise.

I got a 1944 Izhevsk that looks to be completely original, down to even the small parts. Original scope, mount, barrel, floor plate, bolt, butt plate. I won't say it's perfect condition, there's some handling wear and a few dings here and there, but it looks to be lightly used and well maintained...if the CMP found a Garand in this condition, it would go straight to auction, and raise a pretty penny.

I put up some photos where the "experts" lurk, and the consensus is that it's pretty much original, in very nice condition, so I guess I either got one of the better ones, or that this is just an outstanding batch of rifles...most of the posts I've seen on collector's forums suggest the latter. Here's a thread I started:


So piece by piece:

Receiver/Barrel: 1944 Izhevsk with a nearly perfect bore (after a TON of cleaning up old, hard, dried cosmoline and dirt from the barrel...it'll look like rust, but stick with it, it'll clean out). Not a lot of cosmoline on the rifle itself; as milsurps go, it was pretty clean. Bluing looks to be original, very nice overall, with the "orange" highlights in the lettering. Scope number is stamped into the receiver, does not look to be scrubed and restamped.

Scope/mount: Original Progress 91/30 scope. Clear optics, knobs work as they should. Mount has receiver and scope numbers electropenciled on it.

Wood: What can I say, these aren't Krieghoff shotguns. If you want deeply figured wood, beautiful grain, or fine finishing, Mosin Nagants probably aren't your thing, right? No cracks, gouges or major issues, the shellac had some runs and some thin spots, but that's the way they made them. A few chips and flaking, but nothing really worth mentioning.

Bolt: original, no rust, numbered to the receiver.

Small parts: all are correctly marked. The magazine floorplate and buttplate are original and numbered to the gun. All of the small parts have the correct Izhevsk markings, even the barrel bands.

Overall, it looks to be an all original gun, in excellent condition, for a great price. I couldn't be happier.
Great sniper rifle!
Review by Grintsum on 11/7/12
Received my MN sniper today (Nov 06) after placing order on Oct 31. Excellent shape for Izhevsk rifle manufactured 1943. Matching serial numbers all around with no strike-outs or forced matches. Bluing is 100% on rifle and scope, although there is a little fading probably due to age. Bore needs to be punched to remove storage grime and cosmoline, but the lands and grooves look sharp and bright despite debris. Rifle is serial numbered to the scope and the scope mount is electro-penciled to match rifle serial number. Stock and forestock are dark red birch with no repairs, although there are a few minor scratches on the stock and one moderate gouge on the forestock. Trigger pull is smooth with typical military heftiness. Scope is bore sighted. Accessories include new cleaning kit with pouch, new oil bottle, cleaning rod, used ammo pouch, and new MN sniper manual in English that was serial numbered to the rifle on May 21, 2012. Overall, this is a great deal and I can't wait to see how it performs on the 500 yard line. The only disappointment is that there was no MN sling, but then, Classic Arms did not advertise it came with one. I am very, very happy with this purchase! Thank you Classic Arms for making it possible to own one of these beautiful rifles.
Review by Spaxspore on 11/1/12
Ok, i got an all prefix matching Izhevsk 1944, with all correct make parts + beatiful stock and crown.

Sounds great huh? Well when i first started to clean it with hoppes 9, i was getting brown junk all on my patches.. rust right?!

Looked down the bore, SEWER PIPE!... Well not really, make a long story short It was ancient dried up cosmoline that made the bore to appear pitted. It took a bore brush and JP bore compound.. but 10min later i had a mirror bore with a near perfect crown and throat.

So if you think you have a bad bore; before you request a RMA or exchange, thoroughly clean the bore with some thing stronger than hoppes 9.

Take Care everyone.

Pics and write up -


Spaxspore- Gunboards.com
Review by David on 10/26/12
I was a little dissapointed when I scoped the barrel and was seriosly thinking I got hosed. Then I cleaned it only to find a Like new PERFECTLY Bright bore with deep rifling! The exterior was excptional and all #'s matched except the buttstock. The Scope was clear but a bit used looking as it should be. I have an incredibley accurate fake that I enjoy shooting but this one is going in the collection. Thanks for a fair Deal! Dave
Two NICE Matching Tula Snipers
Review by James on 10/18/12
Purchased two Tula Snipers from Classic about 2 months ago and am very pleased with both. All matching serial #'s on both, including scopes and mounts, nice bores, good lumber, just real nice refurbed snipers. No regrets on this purchase, would certainly recommend Classic!
Great Rifle - Great Company
Review by vincent on 10/12/12
Fast shipping, well packed, good communication. Received a nice 1943 Tula that is refurbished like all of them are, but it’ mostly original matching with the prefix to the serial numbers there, and the bore was great! (asked for a nice bore since i do shoot my rifles) Think these are a good deal and can recommend getting one from Classic. Thanks guys!
Review by afh2 on 9/27/12
Not much more I can say other than what has already been stated. Ordered on Monday and received the rifle on Wednesday. Rifle appears to be original 1943 Izhevsk with no lineouts. Serial numbers on butt plate, bolt, barrel shank and mag all match with prefix and font. Beautiful bore with strong rifling, shiny groves and no pitting. The only thing that appears to have been added at re-furb is a 1942 Progress scope and mount. This is my first purchase from Classic; they are at the top of my list.
real nice rifle
Review by Christopher on 9/24/12
2d one of these from this importer, 1st from Classic. Shipping outstanding, ordered late Friday afternoon, received weapon on Monday. 1943 Izzy all matching stamped numbers. Scope is a Progress with clear crisp optics and with numbers matching those stamped on the left side of the receiver/barrel. Wartime stock which really gives the rifle character. Bore was full of cosmoline but cleaned up real well, weapon has strong rifling, shiny grooves and no pitting. These original Russian WWII sniper rifles are a real bargain for about $600 delivered and will certainly only appreciate in value over time plus the 7.62x54R is very hard hitting, plentiful, cheap, and fun to shoot. I highly recommend this gun.
VERY NICE 91/30 Sniper Rifle
Review by Franz on 9/23/12
I just received my 91/30 Sniper Rifle. It arrived in four days from the order date.

I attached the scope at the gun store I work at part time and took her to the range. I bore sighted it before leaving the store. At the range I adjusted it for windage and elevation. It was right on for windage at it's zeroed mark! and about 4 on elevation. SO shooting where it would be for 150 meters not 100 as I was shooting at. Which tells me it had been sighted in with this rifle a zeroed before storage.

All of the numbers matched. The scope was serial numbered with the additional serial number stamped into the receiver just above a strike out above the wood. It has the accuracy marks (Concentric circles) on the barrel which by the way is a pristine bore with bright shiny lands and groove. She shot a 1 inch group at 100 yards with Wolf Silver.

I couldn't be more pleased. From all indications she is 100% authentic and certainly shoots like a sniper rifle.

I work at a gun store and it is my opinion it is not a fake or buildt up one from a standard 91/30 or the scope would have needed adjustment instead of being right on.

Also the markings all were done long ago. The fitting of the wood to the scope indicates it was done during war time conditions. The accuracy was excellent and consistent.

The people at Classic were very friendly and helpful. I have passed the same information to to people on the Mosin Nagant forums as well.

Thanks for a great buying experience. I will buy more as my money allows!!!
Nice suprise!!
Review by Comraadski Karol on 9/20/12
Well the brown truck came today, and delivered my other sniper. A 1943 TULA with a like new bore!. Overhauled commie scope, dated 1953, so likely these rifles were done over far after the war was finished. Nice wood, lined out mag plate. A good piece for my grandson to shoot! Thanks CLASSIC for a nice rifle!! The gates are safe for a while....
great battle rifle!
Review by carol on 9/13/12
I have my first classic mosin sniper for a few weeks now. Just shot it the past week, and hit fieldstone at 200 yards, whats amazing, is that the iron sights are dead on too! Gun has original wartime stock, and the only line out is the mag bottom. Orig izzy base and mount. Overhauled scope with pink lens.. Crystal clear. Sniper trigger, crisp let off, and smooooth bolt. A sharp like new bore! I love this one. I just ordered another! I paid way more for a sniper at another place a year ago, and this is a far better rifle. Classic has the real deals!
Very nice!
Review by Brett on 9/11/12
I ordered mine while they were closed on the weekend and they were able to ship it early monday 9/10. I got it the next day, today. The rifle looked great. I was worried about the bore condition because there was no hand select option. But the bore was better than the standard mosin i hand picked out locally! All numbers match, including the scope, which i'm not sure what year it is from. It didn't have a date visible, all i can confirm is that it was made in the Progress plant and is original to the gun. I still have to clean some of the grease that came on it off. All in all, great buy and i suggest y'all to buy one also. I doubt we will see many more of these imported. I should have a video review up soon. It was great working with Classic Arms, and i will again in the future.
Great Shooter
Review by TimMan2 on 9/10/12
Just took delivery yesterday. I wasn't sure what I was going to receive as there was no hand pick. I received an all matched 1944 Izzy with a '43 scope in a wartime stock and no refurb marks on any of it. Bore is pristine, no counterbore and light trigger. Shot it today, scope was zeroed when mounted. Put 4 of 5 rounds in 10 ring at 100m shooting Russian 1974 light ball. I'm extremely happy customer!
Get 'em while you can!
Review by uncledoodoo on 9/6/12
These rifles are one of those deals that you will look back on and say "remember when you could get a PU rifle for less than $600?" These are the real deal, a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Any other WWII sniper rifle would cost you $3000 right now.
M0sin Nagant 91/30 Sniper
Review by Vasliy on 8/30/12
Shot some more Wolf 180 gn BT-Sp sighted in at 200 yds.
I was able to hit 1 and1/2 inches high of the Bullseye and three shot hit the vertical line. I could cover 4 shots with a Quarter. My targets:

50 Yards: http://i.imgur.com/PXCAT.jpg
100 Yards: http://i.imgur.com/9yYxM.jpg

I am very pleased with the my purchase of a 1944 Ishevsk with a matching 1943 PU scope..
The Soviet Sector in my safe is pleased!
Review by Mak on 8/24/12
Overall- A nice, solid rifle that appears in everyway to be an original WWII sniper. A friend who is really into this stuff could not find anything to question (although, for the price, he really wanted to). The action was smooth and the trigger crisp if somewhat heavy. Better than most MNs I have handled.

The Rifle- Correct 1943 Izhevsk production "high-wall, round". The front sight installation was a bit sloppy but considering when and under what circumstances this gun was produced I'll forgive the less than perfect workmanship. The blueing was almost perfect. I believe it was re-blued as some of the markings looked a little buffed but still visible. All marked parts are Izhevsk. All-matching #s except the floorplate which was a neatly done forced match.

Barrel- Very pleased! Not perfect but considering the rifles age and use, I am VERY happy. Good crown also, not counter-bored.

Wood- Sound and solid but nothing fancy. Original solid hardwood with a liberal application of shellac applied with a toilet brush. A few handling and storage marks as well as a few indecipherable markings.

Scope- No doubt an original 1941 production PU in very good (not perfect but very good) shape with clear optics. Lens caps do not seem to fit very well. The mount seems original and is electro-penciled with the serial numbers of both the scope and the rifle. The rifle also has the scope serial number stamped along the left side of the barrel.

Molot assigned a new serial number for export/import and FFL recording purposes. This was neatly placed on the left side of the receiver. The manual from Molot lists the rifle as produced in "05/2012" as a "Hunting Rifle".

A may buy another before these sell out!
Just as described
Review by rick on 8/19/12
Received the M91/30 Sniper Rifle and was very pleased. It was what I had hoped for when ordering. Scope was clear and easy to mount and took about a minute to boresite - expect to try it out this week!
Got two of 'em.
Review by Jbird206 on 8/15/12
Ordered with my C&R, which is why I love Classic Arms. Like the new webpage design by the way.

Rifles had usage marks on the stocks(duh), deep finish looks fine. Pristine bolts, barrels and, from what I can tell a re-crowning. I'm no gunsmith but that feature, if I'm indeed correct wasn't mentioned in a review or selling point. Nice. Truth be told, haven't shot it yet.

Matching #'s, great bluing. For the staunch collector, there is electro penciling and a modern stamp on the rifles from factory.

Always happy with you guys!
Pretty Good
Review by Ty on 8/7/12
Already had a review up, but not a video review. Maybe the folks at Classic Firearms can remove the original?


Ordered this rifle 12 days ago. Got it today and gotta say I am pretty happy with it. Very dark stock, darker than I have seen on one anyway, and overall in good shape.

The only thing that is a little disappointing is that my scope is a different year than the rifle, and it is definably beat up. There is a dent along the side of the tube but the reticle still seems operable.

The only reason I am giving this 4 of 5 stars is because, I wish Classic Firearms would have offered Tula option right off the bat instead of saying that they were not going to have that as an option, that it would be luck of the draw if you received a Tula. I would have paid extra for that, but my order had already shipped by that time.

Over all tho I'm happy with this purchase.
tula sniper
Review by fcguitar on 8/1/12
Ordered a Tula sniper on 8/20, recieved it 8/30. Could not be more pleased, like opening a time capsule. Receiver, floor plate, butt plate & scope & mount all matching. No forced matches or line outs. Bore as new as is stock! Thank you Classic Arms
very pleased
Review by avman on 8/1/12
Got mine yesterday and was pleased with the condition. the gun does not look like it was carried or shot much. Barrel was excellent. Most number match. Was surprised the date on the scope 1940, did not match the 1943 the gun.
Very good overall
Review by Shawn on 7/31/12
Received My Izzy Sniper today. Six days from ordering. 1st the stock was verydark. Scope is a PU in verygood shape, with only alittle of the finish worn in a couple of places. The barrel is VERY GOOD. Bright and shiney with strong rifling. The worst part is under the barrel where it is contact with the stock there is 2 BAD places with rust pitting. Not bad enough to efect the rifle, and cant be seen with the stock on. The receiver has the scopes Ser# stamped on it and the base is forced matched. The only non matching Ser# is the trigger housing. It is a line out. If not for the 2 places of pitting I would have marked it as a 5. Deff worth the money. I cant wait to shoot her.
Excellent Rifle
Review by mikey43 on 7/31/12
Received a 44 Izzy in excelllent condition. Only shot at 50 yds so far but rifle was accurate and can't wait to shoot again. I'm very pleased.
Very good +
Review by Kcole on 7/26/12
Recived my rifle today and I am very pleased. The wood and metal condition was very good. The bore was lightly frosted but with sharp lands and grooves. ( what you would expect from a gun fired with corrosive ammo) mounts had correct keeper screws in place. Expect it to be a great shooter.
Mosin Nagant 91/30 PU SNIPER RIFLE
Review by VASILY on 7/26/12
Got mine (a 1944 Ishevsk) in yesterday and sighted the rifle in this afternoon .I shot some Russian milsurp 149 gn BTFMJ and some Wolf Gold 185gn BTSP.

I shot some Russian milsurp 149 gn BTFMJ and some Wolf Gold 185gn BTSP with good results ( at least I know I can improve with some practice and fine adjusting). Presently, my Ishevsk 1944 MN 91/30 is more accurate than I am. These are the real deal. The sight picture was centered nicely without any adjusting to the scope mount

Beware of bores
Review by Mike on 7/20/12
These are a very fair price, even for a less than stellar sample. Be aware, however, that the bores can be quite poor. Mine isn't the worst that I've seen from a 91/30, but the lands are very worn and the groves very pitted, especially at the muzzle.

I knew I was taking a chance with this, and Classic in no way misrepresented the guns, so no complaints against them. If, however, you have the general impression that the Soviets only kept very good or better samples in sniper configuration when re-arsenal time came around (as I did from my own reading), I wanted to put a word of warning out that that is definitely not the case.

I'm currently planning on taking it to a show tomorrow. If I can get $600 or so for it, I'll be ordering another if I can get one still.

Classic Firearms response: Hi Mike - Thanks for posting your review of the PU Sniper you purchased from us. I do apologize the bore did not meet your expectations - I can tell you that every bore I have seen on these rifles has been exceptional. Either way, we do not want you to be unhappy with your transaction with Classic Firearms. Please know that we are happy to take the rifle back and issue you a refund (or replacement rifle) if you have not been successful in selling it already. Feel free to reach out to me directly and I will personally take care of it for you. God bless......Rick Jones
Love it!
Review by Chuck on 7/19/12
Ordered Monday and got it the mail today (Thursday) - thank you Classic Firearms! I've been wanting an original PU Sniper for years and this one is better than expected. By far the best gun in my entire collection! THANK YOU again!!!
Excellent weapon. Pleasure to deal with Classic
Review by Don on 7/19/12
This is the second gun I purchased from Classic within a month. These rifles were too tempting not to grab.

Dealing with all the people at Classic was a pleasure and the gun was just as described. I can't wait to get it out to the range and try it out.