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Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Mag 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine

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Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Magazines, 7.62x39 caliber, 30 round capacity.  These are very rare and highly collectible AK mags.

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Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Mag 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine

Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Magazines, 7.62x39 caliber, 30 round capacity.  These are very rare and highly collectible AK mags.


Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price: $44.99

Regular Price: $49.99

Special Price: $44.99

Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Mag 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine

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  • Izhmash Bakelite Mag
  • Body
  • Body, floorplate, and spring with magazine restricter
  • My Yugo M92 PAP with the Bakelite Magazine
  • AMD 65 w bakelite mag.
  • AMD 65 w bakelite mag
  • Maadi AK w bakelite mag
  • Ak 's on Afghan rug.
  • (4) Tula's!!! Unissued and perfect!
  • Yugo M70 with Russian Bakelite Mag
  • Original Russian mags
  • pap left
  • Bakelite mag with M92 carbine
  • Removing the limiter is messy
  • Tula star and swirls
  • looks great with my milled polish 1960
  • mags. are Great cond. love them
  • Ak with Bakelite
  • Bakelite mag
  • Bakelite mag pulls it all together
  • Russian bakelite from Classic
  • Russian bakelite cartoon mode
  • russian 7.62 bakelite magazines
  • Russian Bakelite in a M92
  • Yugo M92
  • From Russia to Oklahoma!
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Additional Information

Product Specs Bakelite AK-47 / 7.62x39
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

What a find... These are the rarest and in my opinion highest quality 30 round AK-47 mags in the world.

Original Russian Military AK-47 Bakelite 30 Round Magazines in 7.62x39 caliber ... Don't be confused.
These are not some inexpensive polymer mag in an orange color, But Original Russian Military Bakelite Mags  
made even rarer and more collectible by the fact that they are in 7.62x39 caliber and are made by the military for the AK-47 Rifle.

Will fit all AK-47 7.62x39 caliber AK type rifles ... Very small quantities available and when they are gone, they are gone.

Note - In order to export these mags out of Russia the arsenal had to limit the mags to a 10 round capacity. 
In order to do that they removed the floorplate, installed a metal wire limiter, and re-installed the floorplate....
All of the original mag componants, spring, etc,  remained the same.... So all the end user has to do is slide the floorplate
off and remove the capacity restrictor.... This takes all of about 30 seconds .... or maybe 45 seconds if your blindfolded and have a broken hand. 
What I'm trying to say is the conversion back to 30 rounds is very easy...
We would have done it here, but thought folks may enjoy doing it themselves, and who knows.... you may need to restrict your mag some day
and if so you just re-install.

We have attached a helpful video to step you through and show you what we're talking about...

Note - Young David who did this video for us mistakenly called this a 5.45x39 caliber mag. These are actually 7.62x39 mags as advertised...

Otherwise this video correctly shows exactly how it is done. It is just that simple.  

Don't Miss This......  

Manufacturer's Description

Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Magazine, 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine

Additional Information

Product Specs Bakelite AK-47 / 7.62x39
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Russian Bakelite Ak-47 mags
Review by Ken on 3/3/14
Russian bakelite ak mags from Classic Firearms.com

Video Review
Russian Bakelite mags
Uploaded by Kensvideos08
Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Magazines
Review by intoweapons on 12/19/13
Purchased two of these original Russian Bakelite AK Magazines from ClassicFirearms.com. Very cool magazines that really look good with wood stocks/handguards.
Video Review
Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Magazines
Uploaded by intoweapons
Deliciousness from the Russian bakery...
Review by waywardcitizen on 9/20/13
Love my somewhat freshly 'baked' cookies. Ordered 6 on a Sunday, maillady handed me a box of Russian deliciousness on Thursday. 2 of them were in excellent shape, the other 4 had a good amount of wear at friction points. I would have liked a higher ratio of excellent shaped ones but I'm still very happy with my order. Received 4 Izhmash and 2 Tula. I hope to be able to buy more before they sell out.

Thank you Classic Firearms!

Video Review
Uploaded by theadjustedamerican
Review by CHRIS on 5/22/13
Video Review
Uploaded by Chris Ursiny
Good Mags
Review by Rae on 4/21/14
Mags that I got were in excellent condition, my only complaint is that sometimes on the last 3 or 4 rounds the rounds pop out of the magazine and cause a double feed (I used TulAmmo, Wolf, Wolf Military Classic, Brown Bear, Red Army Standard both Ukrainian and Romanian Production, and American Eagle). A little disappointing but I just bought these mags to say that I have them, I use Yugo BHO mags for "combat" use as they have been flawless in function.... The rifle I used was a Yugo NPAP underfolder. Classic gets a 5/5 they shipped these quick and without hassle
a must for the AK enthusiast
Review by jim on 4/18/14
Ordered three, got two Tulas and one Izhevsk. I've seen Tula bakelite mags go for $80 on other sites. Super good deal, very reliable mags. Original factory stamps and signs of light use. Sits rock solid in the gun, no wobble whatsoever, never had a misfeed. If you a running and gunning over gravel, dont just drop these mags. You will want to take care of them, some say they can be brittle if you abuse them.
From Russia to Oklahoma!
Review by richard on 4/12/14
Arrived in excellent condition! Already put 200 rounds through it with no issues.
Get them while you can!
Review by Nat on 4/9/14
I never pass up a chance to own a piece of history. I purchased several of these original Bakelite mags, and was very pleased. They shipped fast, and were in excellent condition for their age, with only the most minor wear. All were Tula marked. Classic is fast becoming the standard that i compare any other online dealers to in integrity, selection, and customer service!
One word GREAT
Review by Earl on 4/8/14
Fit and function are excellent. Condition I was a little disappointed. All mine had some gouges. On a scale 1 to 10, 10 the best I would rate the condition around a 6.
Holy Crap!! These mags are great!!!
Review by Ian on 4/7/14
These mags fit PERFECTLY in my Romanian AK-47 rifle!! I can't wait to test them out at the gun range. I'll definitely place another order on these mags!!
best damn mag
Review by joseph on 4/6/14
got this mag for my akm fit & finish perfect !!!! feeds like a 5 year old wolfing down mcnuggets fast,fast,fast
Awesome Mags
Review by John on 4/4/14
These mags are great. Match the bakelite pistol grip perfect. Fit and function flawless.
Just What The Doctor Ordered!
Review by puffrbelly on 3/27/14
I initially purchased these magazines because of their price point. The Magazines I received were Most Excellent! Two of the magazines I received looked as if they were New! Even though these are considered "Collectable" I will be using these in my WASR because they fit and function extremely well. I have since ordered a few more. Don't hesitate, get these while you can at this great price!
Review by Christopher on 3/24/14
Couldn't be happier with my Bakelite mag. And you can not beat the price!
Outstanding Find From Classic FireArms
Review by NorincoAKM on 3/21/14
Purchased two mags around x-'mas '13 and was so happy to see that they were in much better (nearly pristine) condition than their 'modest' description describes. Fast and well packaged shipping. Great tracking and communication.

Since have purchased a M56 Chinese SKS ( which I enjoyed 'de-cosmolin-ing' and is not one of my FAVORITE rifles.

- A VERY Satisfied Customer!
Original Russian Bakelite AK-47 Magazines
Review by Ed on 3/8/14
I ordered 6 of these babies and got 3 Izzys and 3 Tulas. One of the Tulas had the Cryllic symbol on it. These mags are great looking and make my AK look even better. And to think I almost cancelled my order. Great price at that. Thanks Classic I couldn't have asked or expected more.
Nice magazine, slow shipping
Review by Daniel on 3/7/14
Got a 79 Tula. Really really pretty magazine. However it took several days before it was actually shipped out. Good product though, I'll be uploading a few pic shortly
Bakelite Goodness!
Review by Smug Monkey on 2/26/14
I ordered four magazines and received two Tula's and two Izzy's. Each magazine had the inspector ink stamps still present. All four were in excellent condition with minimal wear, mostly from storage and shipping I would imagine.

Thumbs up to Classic Firearms for sending out great mags at a reasonable price!
Just Fantastic!
Review by Carbineer on 2/26/14
I own two of these Russian classics from Classic. One of my best friends (thanks, Chris!) surprised me with an Izhevsk (Izhmash), so I placed an order and received a Tula to complete the manufacturers package! Both are in exceptional condition and have likely never seen a loaded round. I'm keeping mine pristine as collector's pieces, as we are lucky that Classic has acquired these and are offering them at such an exceptional price.
awesome old school mags
Review by ally on 2/25/14
Great mags, like new
just clean the insides with rugging alcohol
and wipe a little olive oil on the outside to keep rhese stored.
great mags for the price these look almost unissued.
I thought these would have more scratch marks from being stored for so many years and then shipped to the us.
great price thanks classic.
also thank my friend for giving me 2 that she order from here.
Great deal
Review by Ian on 2/20/14
My mag was in excellent condition and for the price you cant beat it
Great magazines and great prices!
Review by James on 2/15/14
I picked up 3 of these Bakelite magazines and wish I would have picked up more at these prices..... Great fit,,, great color,,, 2 of them were Tula magazines
Highly recommend them and classic firearms
A++ people
Review by B CRISP on 2/14/14
Russian mags looked brand-new. Each mag was neatly wrapped and promptly shipped. A very nice piece of historical miltaria .The staff at Classic FIrearms is efficient and very professional. I highly recommend them for all your shooting needs.
Review by Shuffles on 2/11/14
Great looking mags, came in great condition and worked perfectly
In a word - AWESOME
Review by jw on 2/11/14
I bought 4 of these because they look so good in an AK and the price was great. I have seen them for sale at gun shows and other online sites for $75 to $100 and there is no difference. Thanks Classic for treating your customers right and not trying take advantage of us.
Perfect! Great Quality!
Review by Marines= Uncle Sam 911 on 2/10/14
These mags are in great condition, best prices online. They are lightweight, durable, and with reinforced steel lips. They are a must for any AK owners. I highly recommend them! Get them while you can!
Review by Robert on 2/6/14
Great Deal
Review by gunslinger1971 on 2/4/14
I bought three of these and I am very happy with what I received. Two were in excellent condition and the third looked like it had never been inserted into a rifle. Hopefully when I get the money to buy more they will still be available.
Absolutely amazing!
Review by StreuB1 on 2/3/14
I placed an order for (4) of these mag's after reading all the positive reviews. I wanted a set for my Polish underfolder. Deep down I wanted all Tula's but figured I would get half Tula and half Izzy like everyone else seemed to be getting. Well, I got lucky and got ALL 4 TULA'S!! They are in perfect unused condition and still have the ink inspection stamps on them. Classic is the best!
Utterly thrilled
Review by Richard on 1/25/14
Have nothing to say but these are just Awesome. Of the four so far all have been beautiful examples and one was so far a very rare one. All four so far have been Tula examples which are not quite so common as the Ishvesk. One rare one was a very very early one. Ordered yet another two and really intend to do so as long as the spare money allows me to and stocks hold out.
Beautiful Mags!
Review by K47ASHNIKOV on 1/21/14
As usual, excellent service from Classic! Thank you!!!! You will be pleased with these mags. The 3 I ordered arrived in superb shape, like they hadn't even been used.
Very nice
Review by bmark on 1/17/14
Ordered 2 and got a Tula and an Izzy. Both show some wear but are in great shape. Will order a couple of more as soon a I can. Love the way they look.
Looks Great!
Review by DAVID on 1/16/14
I purchased two of these with the intention to use them with my Yugo M92 PAP AK Pistol. I took them with me the last time I went to the range and they worked great. Had to take out the round limiter but that was easy to do with some simple household tools. I would have liked to have received one of the Tula ones but maybe the next time.
Great mag
Review by Dakota on 1/15/14
Great mag looks almost brand new not a single scratch on it. Only issue i had was the feed lips and spine are not steel reinforced but for the price i paid i still got a quality mag that looks great in my collection.
Review by Nelly on 1/9/14
Very nice mag, shows a little bit wear, and rust on the follower, but other than that it's good.
One of Each
Review by Deadly in OKC on 12/28/13
Ordered two and got one Izzy and a Tula - - both in great condition. The Tula is like new and the Izzy has some wear; both will look great on my Maadi and Russian kit projects. Thanks again, Classic!
awesome everything
Review by logan on 12/24/13
The mags themselves are tip top. I have a rifle that had been dremmeled a little to big and had a lot of wobble with steel mags. These Bakelite mags fit more firmly and definitely gets style points. The limiters are a breeze to take out, and they are just all around awesome!

Even during all of this holiday madness, I received them half the nation away in just three days. Customer service was also very warm to my questions when I called after purchasing.

My business is definitely going and staying at classic firearms for a good long time!
Great mags
Review by LT on 12/20/13
These mags are great, getting two more
Mil surp shape but good value
Review by Joe on 12/19/13
Ordered my first one and received a tula with metal reinforced lips. There was a small gouge near the spine but I decided it was acceptable and still serviceable, I just hope it doesnt prove to be a weak spot and crack at a later date.
After the price dropped I ordered another one and received another tula, this time without the metal reinforcements in the lips and a flat floorplate. This one was slightly more scratched but has no gouges.

Both are still beautiful
Review by BOB H. on 12/19/13
Very nice
Review by Brandon on 12/18/13
The 3 I ordered were in very good condition. Including a Tula with stamps. Ordered 3 more already.
Review by Luca on 12/10/13
Ordered two of these magazines, and they are in great shape. Will order more!!
Bakelite Mags
Review by J.J. on 12/7/13
Bought three of these magazines and i love them. Functioned and fit flawlessly in my sam7sf. Awesome deal
Bakelite Mags
Review by J.J. on 12/7/13
Bought three of these magazines and i love them. Functioned and fit flawlessly in my sam7sf. Awesome deal
4 nice Bakelites
Review by Christian L. on 9/22/13
Ordered four of these to add color to my RPK's. Priority mail got them to me in 3 days (to Alaska), faster than most parts I order elsewhere.
3 were Izzy's and 1 was a Tula (with the star). All are in great shape and still have the inspection stamps inked on them. None appear to have been used, yet ! Very pleased with the purchase and the delivered goods, better than expected.
Thanks Classic, now if you can get any PSL's.......
Very nice
Review by JA on 8/30/13
The magazines I received were Izhmash, not Tula. The magazines were in good condition. They cleaned up very nicely. Each had an internal wire limiting the mag to 15 rounds, but that is easily removed given that I live a state which does not regulate magazine size. The magazines function flawlessly and look great. Mine still had the purple inspector stamps.
Absolutely beautiful!
Review by carts 19d on 8/22/13
I ordered one of these a couple months ago and I love it. It's a great looking mag and I get compliments on it every time I go to the range. Crazy fast shipping too, I ordered on a Friday and it came by Monday. These magazines look as if they were just made yesterday they are absolutely beautiful! Can be difficult to find these in 7.62x39 so I suggest buying one just to add to the collection.
Review by Windmillfan on 8/21/13
I received my order of two Bakelite's VIA Priority Mail. Classic is excellent about keeping you posted as to the location and actual delivery time of your deliveries. That way the box does not sit on your porch for long.

The magazines I received were manufactured by Tula and, as expected - with nominal wear. The inspector stamp has long disappeared, but that is what I was expecting, so I was not disappointed.

One magazine looks as if it was dropped with minor damage to the upper portion of the back locking lug and a chip out of the left feed lip.

I disassembled the mags, cleaned and ran 2 full 30 rounds through each with out a misfeed so who could complain?

I purchased these for more of the "authentic" look rather than rolling in mud so I doubt they'll receive many more rounds.

Thank you again

Review by Sonny on 8/17/13
I first bought 3 of these bakelite's when they were $50 each & they were tip top condition 9.5 out of 10. I then bought 4 from another company for $40 each and they are about a 7 out of 10. Then I bought 4 more from here when they marked them down to $40 & I'm happy to say they are still the tip top 9/9.5 out of 10 condition! Of course these old soviet mags fit and function perfectly in my AK47/AKM. They come packaged really well and shipping is fast. Needless to say, when I need anything gun related I look to Classic Firearms first.
If you own an AK you must have this mag!
Review by AKCRAZY on 8/15/13
Ordered 3 of these mags in hopes to get a Tula star marked mag and received 3 of them. All in good shape with a smooth back and a ridge back with a mix of smooth and waffle floor plates. So happy I ordered three more all ish marked w triangle and excellent shape. Very fast shipping! I haven't seen Russian Bakelite mags at this low price in a long time. May ordered more don't hesitate these are great and look even better in your Favorite AK!
Great Magazine
Review by Randy on 7/26/13
Again Classic Arms has done a good job on shipping and product. Even if it is a used mag it looks and feels great. Shoots good also. Love this baby so much getting ready to order another one. Thanks guys.
Great buy
Review by Daryl on 7/10/13
Shipping was fast ! Magazines looked great. Removed wire limiter in no time. Received one tula and one izzy. Hoped for both tula, but I am still happy. Finally bought me two. Keep up the great work Classic !
Review by dick on 6/23/13
I bought another one of these last month and just got around to trying it out. It functions perfectly and gives my Krebs AK the mag it deserves. A prior poster mentioned something about metal feed lips not being on his mag. Mine don't have them but works just fine. I have a little over 500 rds through mine without a problem. I can't see an issue here. A+ quality. Dick
Exceeded my expectations
Review by ScShooter57 on 5/28/13
I Initially order two. When those arrived and I saw how nice they are, i quickly ordered two more. Shipping was quick. Quality, fit and finish exceeded my expectations. Function is flawless. Used them at the range this past weekend and they all fed perfectly. Love that classic russian look they add to my AK!
Russian Bakelite AK-47 Mag
Review by DSS12 on 5/28/13
Very nice. They work great.
Fast shipping and excellent magazines
Review by Howard on 5/25/13
Shipping was fast . Magazines came in excellent condition , limiter was easy to take out and bother mags were from the Tula factory . Will order more in the future .
Great magazine
Review by The Cow on 5/24/13
Item is exactly as described. Still had the limiter in it. Wasn't too difficult to remove, though it left a nasty grease marks on my hands.

Looks like the magazine might have been uses a little bit. Probably just to see if it fit a standard AK47. Few scratch marks near the feed lips and some exposed metal around the tabs. No worries since these buggers are hard to come by and in otherwise pristine condition. Still had the ink on them
No metal reinforced feed lips in the one I got
Review by Dave on 5/24/13
The one I got did not have any metal in the feed lips. Looks to have been removed and then filled in with a similar bakelite resin. I called customer service to ask about it/see about an exchange and she didn't know what I was talking about. She told me none of the magazines have metal reinforced feed lips. It appears however that other customers are getting them with metal reinforced feed lips as evidenced by the last reviewer that posted a video: You can clearly see the metal is there when he shows the feed lip area. I don't know why someone would remove that, otherwise the mag is good. Looks like other people are giving good reviews so I'm probably just the unlucky one that got a bad one.
Good Stuff
Review by Bill on 5/23/13
I ordered two of these magazines on Monday and got them yesterday...two day turn-around. Besides the best customer service out there, the mags were of high quality as promised. Have not used them yet but anticipate only the best. Thanks Classic Firearms!
Excellent Product
Review by Luke on 5/18/13
I ordered two Russian 7.62x39 bakelite magazines, and they were shipped in a timely fashion. They arrived exactly as described. there were no blemishes on the finish, and even had the ink markings from the factory.

The capacity limiters were easy to remove, just like shown in the video.

This is my first experience with Classic Arms and I will confidently do business with them again.
Perfect AK mags
Review by Jared on 5/11/13
Received my Bakelite mag yesterday. Quick shipping and perfect product. Round limiter was very easy to remove. Might have to buy another one!
Great item
Review by Bob on 5/10/13
Received 2 magazines this afternoon. Both are in great shape. I collect AK magazines and I've got to say these are indeed some of the finest out there. Shipping from Classic was fast, got my order in just a few days. I'll take the limiters out this evening and see how they shoot tomorrow, Thanks Classic.
Quick Delivery & Great Mags
Review by Lee on 5/8/13
My first order and the delivery was just 3 days. The restrictor was a piece of cake to take out. I also got a mag from each Russian factory. Yea!
Review by Daniel on 4/26/13
Love these mags... have been a hit on the range and are really unique. Thanks Classic! Also they are selling them about $25 bucks less than the " other" guys.
Review by dick on 4/22/13
I am very satisfied with this mag. All markings are present. These are getting very hard to find and removing the restricter in the mag couldn't have been easier. Dick
Awesome mag
Review by Matt on 4/22/13
This magazine came today and is in excellent condition, showing little to no signs of use. Yeah, it's a little pricey...but it's super cool to have and instantly my favorite mag. I wish I could afford a couple more.

The limiting wire was very easy to remove. And the mag is a perfect fit in my Arsenal milled receiver.