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Russian Vepr 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun With Fixed Tubular Stock

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Russian Vepr 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun . This Rifle features the original Military Steel Stock Fixed in the Extended Position. Manufactured in the Molot factory the Russian Vepr is the Mercedes-Benz of Russian Semi-Auto Shotguns. Includes one original Molot 5 round mag.
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- Original Molot 5 Round Mags for Vepr 12 Gauge Shotgun
- Vepr 12 Gauge 12 Round Mag by SGM Tactical
- Vepr 12 Gauge 10 Round Mag by SGM Tactical Read More
Russian Vepr 12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun With Fixed Tubular Stock Russian Vepr 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun . This Rifle features the original Military Steel Stock Fixed in the Extended Position. Manufactured in the Molot factory the Russian Vepr is the Mercedes-Benz of Russian Semi-Auto Shotguns. Includes one original Molot 5 round mag.
Free Shipping on this item!

Add some extra mags to your Vepr 12 order and we'll ship them for free too!
- Original Molot 5 Round Mags for Vepr 12 Gauge Shotgun
- Vepr 12 Gauge 12 Round Mag by SGM Tactical
- Vepr 12 Gauge 10 Round Mag by SGM Tactical


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  •  All Russian Saiga Ak47. One of best AK’s I have ever had!
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  • what's in the box
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  • Two five round and two ten round
  • size really does matter
  • My Vepr 12 Shotgun w/ Muzzle Brake
  • "Timmy says: I'm a high stepper, with my Dad and his Vepr."
  • First Peek at my FFLs shop
  • VERP 12
  • VERP 12
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 12 gauge
  • Self regulating gas system
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Russian Shotgun 
  • 5 round mag
Caliber N/A
Gauge 12
Free Shipping Yes

Brutus' Description

Bigger, Better, Badder, The Russian Vepr shotgun is the Gold standard in imported 12 guage semi-autos.

I love the Saiga's, and at their price point, they can't be beat. But if you are one of those rare individuals that will not settle for less than the best, then give the Russian Vepr12 a try....

The Vepr 12 gauge shotgun is known around the world as one of the finest IPSC and 3 Gun shotguns availble.

In fact, everything about the Vepr is heavy duty. Take a look at these features.
Hinged dust cover with a picatinny rail 
Original Molot Polymer Pistol Grip 
Original Molot Polymer Lower Handguard 
Original Molot  Polymer Upper Handguard 
Molot Self-Regulating Gas System 
Original Molot Competition Magazine Well 
One Original Molot Factory 5 round Magazine 
Molot Factory AK adjustable rear sight 
Molot Original AK enhanced safety lever, single finger operation 
Factory chrome lined barrel, chamber, receiver shaft and gas chamber 
Factory last round bolt hold open 
Factory threaded barrel (thread pattern is the same as Saiga) 
Factory machined bolt assembly, gas blocks etc. (not cast like other AK shotguns) 
Original Military Standard ex-folding stock permantly locked in the open position to meet U.S. compliance. 
Cheek Rest unlocks and rotates on stock from right to left hand side for ambidextrous shooting.

* Note - barrels are threaded and have a thread protector threaded onto them from the factory. The thread pattern is the same as the Saiga Shotguns and any of the numerous different Muzzle Breaks on the market for the Saigas will fit the Vepr. 

** Also Note - These high quality Molot shotguns started out in Russia with the military style side folding stock on them.

Prior shipments have had the original stocks replaced with Wood AK Stocks or other alternatives in order to get the weapons into the country. 

This shipment has the highly desireable original stock still attached but it has been factory modified to lock it into the out or extended position. Stock includes a very comfortable cheek rest and it looks great. It is very difficult for me to take good photo's of an all black weapon. There is just not enough contrast. But trust me, this is one fine looking piece of machinary.

To see this weapon is to fall in love and to shoot it seals the deal. 
*** In reference to The Gas System It differs from the Saiga and in my opinion is a very nice upgrade.
 The Saiga 12 has a gas system that can be manually adjusted to allow for the firing of different shells,
i.e, Hi-Brass, Low Brass, Bird Shot, Buck Shot , etc.

Unlike the Saiga , The Vepr has a highly advanced self regulating gas system that automatically adjust to the recoil of the weapon allowing this weapon to feed virtually all types of shells without incident.

In Fact, We have tested this weapon with all different types of loads and powder charges and even mixed different loads within the same magazine. In all cases the weapon functioned flawlessly. 

All of the Veprs come in an original Molot Factory box with manual and warrenty information. 

Finally,  we now have in stock very affordable 10 and 12 round mags for this weapon. 

Manufacturer's Description

Russian Vepr 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Tactical Shotgun .
Manufactured in the Molot factory the Russian Vepr is the Mercedes Benz of Russian Semi-Auto Shotguns

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 12 gauge
  • Self regulating gas system
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Russian Shotgun 
  • 5 round mag
Caliber N/A
Gauge 12
Free Shipping Yes

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Customer Reviews

just purchased a vepr 12
Review by Lee on 2/11/14
Hey, I just purchased a vepr 12 from classic firearms and it is the funnest rifle ive ever owned. I made a gopro video showing off the rifle.
Video Review
Molot Vepr 12
Uploaded by Pine Tree Ranch
wow just wow
Review by james on 4/17/14
So for the records I have yet to fire this weapon so can't comment yet on that. I can however comment on just much a quality item this shotgun is. Everything about it is well made. Did several modifications to make it 922r complaint after I broke the weld and got hi cap mags. Also bolted a magpul l5 rail on lower handguard so I can now attach for grips which I recommend. Overall one of the best shotguns for the money. Now all I got to do is shoot the damn thing :)
Your shotgun search ends here.
Review by Jeffrey on 4/17/14
I had eyes on this since it came out and I finally went over the edge and ordered it from Classic Firearms. I ordered less than a week before the price dropped from $999.99 to $799.99 and I hadn't yet received the shotgun when the price was lowered. But, thanks to Classic Firearms being an outstanding company they extended that price to me. I immediately liked everything about this shotgun when it came in, but that was just the beginning. I finally recently went to the range and shot about 75 rounds out of this with 00 buck, slugs, 3" magnums, and about 25 birdshot. I had 0 malfunctions. Out of reading other people's experiences, I was expecting to maybe have an early issue since I was breaking this shotgun in, but everything went flawlessly. I can't complain one bit. I was thinking about getting a Remington 11-87P for the longest time there for a home defense shotgun, but I don't think you can beat this. The most important thing to me was reliability, but after one trip to the range I was impressed.
Review by Vepr1212 on 4/12/14
Excellent firearm. Fit and finish is excellent for a Russian AK Style shotgun. Folding stock latch absolutely works (Contrary to what other reviewer said on this site). Push hard on the stock release latch until it moves. You may have to wrestle with it the first time (Mine was a bit “stuck”). Wear a glove if you’ve got baby skin on your thumb. If you're worried about breaking it, don't be, it’s normal. Be sure you know and comply with all laws (google “VEPR 922r”) before modifying this shotgun to allow the stock to fold. The parts you will need to purchase and replace can add significant cost to this firearm but are all nice improvements over the russian made parts.
Superb Tactical ShotGun AAA+++
Review by Caliber King on 4/11/14
Now own three (3) of these Babies and they are HOT!!!! You will know it when you get one and especially after shooting it!!! Get them while you can as these wont last long!!!
Excellent Shotgun
Review by Yabuddy on 4/8/14
I just picked mines up from my FFL yesterday so happy to get it. It looks and feels nice. Metal work is very good to excellent. Classic Firearms are wonderful people to deal with their email system will keep you up to date the whole time. All of my orders came in on time. Cant ask for better service, I will upload pics soon. Thanks again Classic Firearms.
Verp 12 ga
Review by Tim on 4/6/14
Great gun
fine fit and finish
Will be adding a muzzle brake
Just wish I had waited a couple more weeks to order it. I could have saved $200
Over the years I have ordered a variety of stuff from Classic Arms and have always been pleased with quality and service.
Fantastic bargain and great weapon !!!
Review by scout33 on 4/5/14
I bought one of these at $999.00 and it is a great weapon ,,,,,, especially compared to a custom mod of a Saiga 12.

8 round orig Russian magazines available on web.

One Caveat....The stock can not be made to fold, despite jiv from web-surfers to the contrary.

You just don't dremel a spot weld. The tip-off is the latch for the stock does not travel, which it would if it was free and all you had to deal with is a bit of welding on the hinge seam.

A great combat shotgun with a skeleton stock that has a mag well like an AR15...straight in and lock-up and much lighter than a Saiga 12 and also has AK type forearm and a rail on top.

Excellent Piece
Review by Hotdigittydog on 4/2/14
I have had this piece in my sights for sometime now and finally decided to take the plunge. I first saw it when it came on the market for $1399.00 and all the reviews said it was too expensive although the reviews were good it was still a little pricey in comparison to the Saiga. I purchased it about a month ago for $999.00 and saw a video online about "tricking" it out and proceeded to acquire all the necessary pieces and upgrades to make it happen. I actually received most of the parts before I received actual shotgun. I recently had a chance to install all the parts and this is one cool weapon, the beast comes alive. On Friday I received an email from Classic that the price has come down to $799.00, I actually could have gone a long while without receiving that, it really made my weekend. I use Gunwatcher a lot and now everyone has brought the down to $799.00, talk about price fixing. They get you coming and going.........sort of takes the sweetness out of it.
Review by Kenneth on 3/27/14
Do yourself a favor and track down the 25 round drum for this thing....it is so much fun at playtime. Mine did not like 7 & 8 shot bulk pack ammo but I polished the FCG and it eats pretty much anything now. If you don't know how to do that or don't wanna fool with it run some stronger loads like 4 shot or harder for a little while and that will break it in for the same effect. Smile is stuck on my face ! Thanks Classic!
excellent shotgun
Review by Larry on 3/21/14
Have been wanting one of the vepr12's for a while now and decided to pick 1 up fit and finish is excellent as well as the shipping and customer service from classic firearms the dayi picked up the weapon gave it a quick field strip and cleaning then went to the range started off with 50 rounds of 00buck then 100 rounds of the federal bulk shells from walmart not 1 hiccup weapon worked flawlessly get yourself 1 of these shotguns you won't be disappointed
Nice but not perfect
Review by Whiskeytango on 3/17/14
Just a follow up to my last review I have run a couple hunderd rounds through my VEPR and it fires well...it still has periodic hiccups with Wal-Mart Winchester 8 shot value pack ammo and the bolt does not lock to the rear when the magazine is empty...other than that it is an awesome shotgun. Would recommend getting a choke if you are going to shot skeet with it.
Molot VEPR 12 guage is everything I wanted it to be.
Review by SPQR on 3/13/14
I just received my brand new VEPR and I shot it right out of the box with no cleaning and cheap 00 buckshot. Since most parts are stamped like normal AK's are, and this is a round about AK platform, it was about a 6 round break in period, I'm assuming to a few rough edges and 2 FTF's. BOOM. Then I never had an issue. Couldn't be happier. Put 24 more rounds through it without a hiccup. Cheek rest is nice, stock is barely welded to fixed. I just need to use my dremel and I'll have it folding in a few minutes. Control is wonderful, it does kick but the BCG does a good job taking a lot of the force. I'll be on the lookout for a muzzle break, I want it a little easier. Only took a week to ship from NC to OH. Everyone I've shown and told about wants one now. Made the guy with the AK at the range jealous. It's good to be the king. Hats off to Classic Firearms for all my newfound joy.
Must have !
Review by tb on 2/28/14
Really like my Vepr12, very well made and fun to shoot . I have shot it only once and used slugs in an indoor range .... No issues. Got great service from Classic
Vepr 12
Review by phthorla on 2/20/14
review could be summed up into 6 words " love it, love it, love it". this is what happens when you take Russian craftsmanship 12 gauge and testosterone and mix it all up. Action is smooth and recoil is really not bad. I have shot almost everything between seven and a half bird shot through deer slug. The only thing I have not shot through it yet is low brass (Walmart cheap shells). But i will be testing that next week. I also added a Molot style muzzle brake, which really helps keep sights on target when you're pulling that trigger as fast as possible. Took a couple runs through mags to loosen them up, but runs like a champ now. Thanks Classic Firearms.
Awesome shotgun
Review by dproctor15 on 2/5/14
I liked it enough to purchase two. This shotgun is accurate as described. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it needs a little tweaking. I found that it will cycle any low brass shells after breaking it in. Mine cycles fine as long as you have a good shoulder weld. The cheek riser is too high for the iron sights but the correct height for an optic. The easy solution is to flip it to the opposite side for iron sights. I replaced the trigger with a g2 and the difference is minimal, it is 3 US parts tho :). The threaded barrel is begging for a choke. The current set up is good for home defense/short range shooting. But with the extra full choke, I feel comfortable with the pattern out to 40 to 50+ yards for hunting or 3 gun courses. The factory 5 round mag was junk on both of the V12 I bought. They continually fall out when firing. The SMG 12 rounders I bought work flawlessly tho. I polished the bolt/bolt carrier on one of my V12 and not the other to compare them. The polished V12 cycles low brass better, especially with the stock folded, and the factory mags have not ejected since then.

Long story short. Buy the V12, Polish the bolt/bolt carrier, get 922r compliant, get a choke or muzzle brake, own one of the best shotguns ever.
maybe second thoughts
Review by Whiskeytango on 2/3/14
After looking at the Saiga and Fury options I opted for the VEPR at about twice the cost. I purchased this for the claim that it fired everything and I would not need a gas tube adjustment...well the WalMart Winchester 100 pack 8 shot shells would jam and have feed issues periodically, so is that just really bad ammo? I used both 5 round clips and a 10 and 12 round one, the 12 round seemed a bit cumbersome to seat at times but all the magazines feed and loaded rounds without issue. I am looking forward to the upcoming 25 round drum. While the magazine well is much better upgrade than the Saiga and Fury I dont know if it justifies twice the price. In the end I am happy with the weapon but not sure it is worth twice the money as the Saiga or Fury.
Unbelievably Beautiful
Review by Matt on 1/31/14
When I finally received the Molot Vepr 12 Shotgun from my FFL, my order took almost near a month, Besides the 2-5 round Magazine, I also ordered one of each SGM 10 & 12 round magazines, but the 12 round mag was not available. Kinda saddened, I had just wished someone at Classic Firearm would have called rather than delay an order, as I did. But I didn't let that bother me. I called and they took care of my order...next thing I read was that Classic Firearm immediately shipped my order and within days...it arrived at my state. I was astounded by the fact that it felt solid, very solid...tight, clean, parts complete. smooth when testing the bolt action...it was worth the wait. I ordered the Molot Gk-01 Muzzle Brake two weeks earlier, and when mating both, it was too awesome. Tell me something...I threw the oiled paper...and I found a punch tool. I didn't know that that was included....I tought it was just paper. So if you ever order this, please check your order...you might be lucky to have one.
Love this shotgun!
Review by Toos on 1/26/14
I can see what they mean when they call this the Cadillac of Russian shotguns. Finish inside and out is excellent. It digests everything I put into it, including WalMart Federal 100 pack ammo. Only the WalMart Winchester 100 pack shells seem to make it choke and that may improve as the gun wears in. Buckshot, hunting birdshot and slugs run flawlessly. I am really loving this shotgun! Highly recommended. Now SGM needs to make a 12 rd drum and it will be perfect.
Built like a tank - but mag issues so far.
Review by nspirals on 1/3/14
This beast is truly high quality. The receiver is solid and heavy, fit and finish is great. Shoots fantastic with all loads, including light birdshot. My only issue so far is that the SGM 10 and 12 round mags I bought with it do not function properly. Classic's staff quickly got me in touch with SGM's and they have identified the problem with their injection molds and are sending me two new mags. However, this review is for the factory rifle with the factory magazines and that deserves five stars. Just a word of caution for those considering the cheaper SGM mags that they might have issues.
Excellent shotgun
Review by Rok on 1/2/14
I've been checking this shotgun out for about a year, then, 2 months ago at my range, a fellow shooter came in with the wood stock version and I was able to shoot 12 rounds and that was it. Classic Firearms had it on sale and I bought it. I've put almost 200 mixed rounds through without some much as one failure. PLUS, mine came with the welded rail buttstock which had a weld the size of a pencil eraser and well, darn it, it accidently broke, leaving the weapon as it should be but I did place on a US muzzle brake AND 10 round mag to make the ATF Feinstein all giddy and euphoric.
Stellar piece of weapontry workmanship
Review by Rok on 12/29/13
From the first time I saw this weapon I was immediately drawn to and wanted it but I took my time, read a myriad of reviews and then, actually while at the range had the chance to shoot one with a wood butt stock. Based on the owners remarks and the 12 rounds he allowed me to put through, I had to have it.
Excellently wicked, the first 150 rounds fired were 2.75 - 3.00 inch bird, buck, and slugs without so much a hick-up. Get it, and you too will be thrilled.
Vepre 12 reliability
Review by Paul on 12/28/13
Bought this Vepre 12 awhile ago now.It is a fun shotgun to shoot and handles even low base 8 shot trap loads.Let a few people at the range shoot it,and only one guy had trouble because he didn't have the magazine seated till it clicked into the locked position.Once we seen what he was doing wrong we corrected him and he enjoyed it as much as the rest of us. The shipping was prompt and the transaction was excellent. Well made gun it's like a AK47 12 gauge. Thanks, Classic Arms.
This is the best auto loading shotgun on the market, bar none!
Review by 1liter on 12/28/13
I have been wanting one of these sfs Vepr 12's since I first saw them. I've customized Siaga's for over a decade. The Vepr's come the way I want them from the factory! The shipping was very fast too..
Stellar Russian 12 Gauge
Review by rokmon9 on 12/27/13
Like many people, I'm guessing, after I saw this weapon, I thought I'd like to own one of these but I don't rush into buying an $1100 shotgun on a whim. I read many forums regarding the Vepr 12 and last month at my local range I saw one. I asked a myriad of questions including his dislikes, he paid $1359 for his over a year ago and even so, he was stoked with its performance, ability to shoot everything, including loss brass shells. He allowed me to fire 12 rounds. His Molot was dressed in a muzzle brake, Red dot sight, and 12 round magazine. That was it, I HAD to have one and with Classic's sale price it seemed karma. I've put 100 rounds through mine and my only gripe is, I wish I had several thousand more to burn through, It's accurate, flawless, and just freakin' wicked.
The VEPR Beast
Review by Rick on 12/22/13
I wanted this VEPR 12 Gauge the 2nd I laid Eyes on it and It Differently Lives up to all the Great Reviews and Photo's , mine Came From Classic Firearms FAST Also LOOKS and Functions PERFECTLY,Thank You Classic Firearms !!
Best AK 12 guage on the market
Review by scope on 12/20/13
This is one fun shotgun to shoot. The quality is superior to the Saiga shotguns, and $1K is a terrific price. You won't be unhappy with this gun.
Great Buy! Very pleased with the shotgun
Review by mdwagner54 on 12/3/13
The Vepr 12 Gauge was every thing that was advertised and then some. Every thing I have purchased has shipped very fast and in great shape. Love the new shotgun and have always liked the AK format because of dependability and simplicity. This will have been the second gun I have bought from Classic firearms and will continue to do so one because the price is right and two they are very friendly and ship fast. Thanks so much Classic!
Great Shotgun!
Review by dhy808 on 11/9/13
Awesome shotgun at an awesome price! Better model at a better price from other dealers, Fit and finish of this gun was perfect!
Review by jdl on 10/9/13
As everyone else has said, the Vepr 12 is beyond belief! It will cycle any ammo you feed it. I use the 5 round mags that came with it and I also have 2 10 round mags. They all feed the Vepr flawlessly. I recommend the Vepr very highly! You wont regret the purchase.
Review by Moose on 9/5/13
This is one mean shotgun. Great workmanship. Cycles everything I've put thru it with no problems at all, and just plain WICKED looking!! Definitely a BUY!
Excellent product!
Review by John on 9/3/13
Received this Shot Gun.....WOW! Amazing workmanship. Just like the product discription. Took it to the range, ran 3" and 2 3/4" shells through it and it performed flawlessly! Great product would recommend this one to friends!
The Ferrari
Review by mike on 7/7/13
The VEPR 12 is the greatest home defense weapon on the market today. This gun ate every kind of 12 Gauge ammo I had in stock flawlessly! Straight out of the box at 25 Yards We put four 3" slugs on top of each other using the standard AK sights that come with gun. We cycled rounds continuously using 2 Molot 5 round mags,2 Molot 8 round mags,and an SGM Tactical 10 round mag. All the magazines and different rounds fed flawlessly!I let one of the range officers cut loose with 3 mags and have no doubt in my mind he will be buying one soon. The VEPR 12 is some serious Russian whoop ass and I will be buying several more for my collection. Thank you Classic Firearms for your professionalism and quick delivery of this 12 gauge Masterpiece! It is a multi purpose shotgun that can be used for just about everything. God Bless,Mike