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Istanbul Silah Long Guns

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  1. Istanbul Silah P28A00CS24A Plus Strata 28"+24" S/A Combo Shotgun Shotgun
  2. Istanbul Silah P28A00SR Plus Nero Red 3" 28" CT-5 Blued Synthetic Shotgun
  3. Istanbul Silah P28A00CX Plus Xtra Finish 3" 28" CT-5 Xtra Finish Synthetic Shotgun
  4. Istanbul Silah P26A00CX Plus Xtra Finish 3" 26" CT-5 Xtra Finish Synthetic Shotgun
  5. Istanbul Silah P24A00CX Plus Xtra Finish 3" 24" CT-5 Xtra Finish Synthetic Shotgun
  6. Istanbul Silah P28A00CS Plus Strata 3" 28" CT-5 Strata Synthetic Shotgun
  7. Istanbul Silah P28A00CM Plus MAX 5 3" 28" CT-5 MAX 5 Synthetic Shotgun
  8. Istanbul Silah P26A00CM Plus MAX 5 3" 26" CT-5 MAX 5 Synthetic Shotgun
  9. Istanbul Silah P28A00CL Plus Bottomland 3" 28" CT-5 Bottomland Synthetic Shotgun
  10. Istanbul Silah P24A00CL Plus Bottomland 3" 24" CT-5 Bottomland Synthetic Shotgun
  11. Istanbul Silah P28A00CB Plus BRK UP Cntry 3"26" CT-5 Camo Synthetic Shotgun
  12. Istanbul Silah P24A00CB Plus BRK UP Cntry 3"24" CT-5 Camo Synthetic Shotgun
  13. Istanbul Silah .28A00ES Plus Elite Gray 3" 28" CT-5 Synthetic Shotgun
  14. Istanbul Silah P28A00WB Plus Nero WB 3"28" CT-5 Blued Wood Shotgun
  15. Istanbul Silah P28A00SS Plus Nero S 3" 28" CT-5 Blued Synthetic Shotgun
  16. Istanbul Silah P26A00SS Plus Nero S 3" 26" CT-5 Blued Synthetic Shotgun

16 Item(s)

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