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Italian Firearms Group Long Guns

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  1. IFG/Sabatti SB-TEVOB-65C Tact EVO US Black 6.5 CM
  2. IFG/Sabatti SB-STROW-65C STR Overwatch 6.5 CM
  3. IFG/Fair FR-ISPRDL-1628 Iside Prstge Dlxe 16/28 Shotgun
  4. IFG/Fair FR-ISPRDL-1228 Iside Prstge Dlxe 12/28 Shotgun
  5. Italian Firearms Group FRDC421230 Fair 30 Carrera ONE 15MM Shotgun
  6. Italian Firearms Group FR-ISPRDL-2028 Iside Prestige S/S 20GA. 3" 28"SR CT-5 SIL/BLD WLNT DLX
  7. Italian Firearms Group S.780-457 Sharps 1874 .45-70 Sporting NO.3 32" OCT. Walnut
  8. IFG/Davide Pedersoli S.740-457 86/71 L/A Classic 45/70
  9. IFG/Davide Pedersoli S.822-457 Rolling Black CREDM#2 45/70
  10. IFG/Sabatti SB-RVRTUS-308 Tactical US MRR 308WIN
  11. IFG/Fair FR-SLX600B-4128 SLX600 Black 410/28 Shotgun
  12. IFG/Davide Pedersoli S.741-444 86/71 L/A Boarbustr 444
  13. IFG/Davide Pedersoli S.924-357 Lightning Standard 357 MAG
  14. IFG/Davide Pedersoli S.924-045 Lightning Standard 45LC
  15. IFG/Fair FR-SLX600B-1228 SLX600 Black 12/28 Shotgun
  16. IFG/Fair FR-ISBS-1628 Iside 16/28 Shotgun
  17. Italian Firearms Group SBURBN65C Urban Sniper 20" Barrel Blued Black
  18. Italian Firearms Group SBRVRTUS65C Rover Tactical BLACK/BLUED Matte

18 Item(s)

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