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Ithaca Gun Long Guns

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  1. Ithaca Gun FL1228VRA M37 FTHRLT 28 VR Walnut F/M/I Shotgun
  2. Ithaca FL1226VR Model 37 Featherlight Pump Action 12 Gauge
  3. Ithaca Gun WF1228VR M37 Featherlight Waterfowl 12GA 28 VR Synthetic Shotgun
  4. Ithaca Gun HD2018W M37 Defender 20GA 18.5 Black Walnut 5rd Shotgun
  5. Ithaca Gun TKY1224S M37 Turkeyslayer 12GA 24 RS w/base Black Shotgun
  6. Ithaca Gun FL122426VRCBA M37 Upland Combo 12GA 26 VR 24 FR RS Shotgun
  7. Ithaca Gun DS32026A M37 Deerslayer III 20GA 26 w/base FR Walnu Shotgun
  8. Ithaca Gun DS31226A M37 Deerslayer III 12GA 26 w/base FR Waln Shotgun
  9. Ithaca Gun DS22024A M37 Deerslayer II 20GA 24 FR RS Walnut Shotgun
  10. Ithaca Gun DS21224A M37 Deerslayer II 12GA 24 FR RS Walnut Shotgun
  11. Ithaca Gun HD1220W M37 Defender 12GA 20 Black Walnut 8rd Shotgun
  12. Ithaca Gun HD1218W M37 Defender 12GA 18.5 Black Walnut 5rd Shotgun
  13. Ithaca Gun FL2828VRMA M37 Featherlight 28GA 28 VR Walnut F/M/I Shotgun
  14. Ithaca Gun FL2826VRMA M37 Featherlight 28GA 26 VR Walnut F/M/I Shotgun
  15. Ithaca Gun FL2026VRA M37 Featherlight 20GA 26 VR Walnut F/M/I Shotgun

15 Item(s)

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