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U.S. Surplus M1 Carbine Unboxing
U.S. Surplus M1 Carbine Unboxing
12:27 | 10 months ago
The Best Surplus M1 Carbines We've Seen👀
The Best Surplus M1 Carbines We've Seen👀
12:39 | 1 year ago

M1 Carbine Rifle, .30 Caliber, Semi-Auto, Original U.S. Military Issued - NRA Surplus Good Condition - Winchester Mfg. - C & R Eligible

MPN: M1 Carbine-WINCHESTER  |  UPC: ITM593765


M1-Carbine Rifle, .30 Caliber, Semi-Auto, Original U.S. Military Rifle. These were manufactured for the war effort by Winchester. C & R Eligible - NRA Surplus Good Condition.
These were original WWII Era M1 Carbine rifles that were stored overseas for years before recently being re-imported back into the United States. Because the Winchester name is so ingrained in American history and culture in terms of firearms, and because Winchester developed the .30 caliber carbine round, and was the driving force behind the development of the M1 Carbine rifle, M1 Carbines with the Winchester manufacturing stamp are some of the most highly coveted after by collectors. Because of this, M1 Carbines actually manufactured by Winchester, as opposed to a secondary licensed contractor, have become increasingly difficult to find. These rifles have and are being sold under their original serial numbers and have not been importer re-marked. Overall condition is a solid NRA Good Surplus condition with some at the top end approaching Very Good. We do offer a hand select option for the best of 10 while supplies last. We had the opportunity to inspect these rifles before purchase to assure the grade and quality and are pleased to be able to offer them here. Each rifle ships with one new aftermarket replica of an original 15 round magazine. 
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US Mfg


.30 Carbine


Semi Automatic


Surplus / Used



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