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Beautifully Refurbished German K98 Unboxing
Beautifully Refurbished German K98 Unboxing
17:26 | 1 year ago
A Small Number Of K98 Rifles Just Arrived
A Small Number Of K98 Rifles Just Arrived
15:48 | 4 years ago

K98 Rifle - German K98 Rifle 8mm Bolt Action - W / All Original Markings - Lightly Refurbished

MPN: KAR98  |  UPC: ITM168275


K98 Rifle - German K98 Rifle 8mm Bolt Action - W/ All Original Markings. A beautiful selection of Original German K98 rifles that have been refurbished back to as close to the original issue condition as possible. Metal finishes are a deep rich blue, Stocks have been lightly refurbished to the extent that refinishing was possible without going too deep. All original German and Nazi stampings are still intact including War Eagles and Waffenampts where they were original to the rifle. The vast majority of these rifles have heavy cupped butt but some, especially on the hardwood stocks will have flat butt plates. Stocks will vary from rifle to rifle, with some being laminated and others being solid wood. Also, some will have their sight hoods and others may not strictly depending on if they were on the rifles when received. Also, note that some stocks may have slight non-function inhibiting cracks in the grain of the stocks but all stocks will be intact and safe to shoot. The base price on the rifles will be $999.99 with some being priced either more or less based on value and desirability. 

We are selling these rifles at various price points by manufacturer codes and years of the manufacturer based on their characteristics and level of collectibility. All purchase selections must be made through the custom options tab below. Also, we are offering a hand select and it can be applied where there is sufficient quantity available to get the best of what is left in any group. We would suggest not choosing Hand Select where the " Low Stock " notification is present. 







Bolt Action


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