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Magnum Research Rifles

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  1. Magnum Research MLR22WMHGT Lite 22WMR 19" CW Barrel Hogue w/TB
  2. Magnum Research SSH22GT Switchbolt 16.5 CW Barrel Hogue w/TB
  3. Magnum Research SSEFC22G Switchbolt 17" Camo LAM
  4. Magnum Research SSTB22G Switchbolt 17" Tact
  5. Magnum Research SSER22G Speedshot 17" Red LAM
  6. Magnum Research SSEB22G Speedshot 17" Blue LAM
  7. Magnum Research SSAT22G Speedshot 17" Thumbhole Stock
  8. Magnum Research SSH22G Speedshot 17" Hogue Stock
  9. Magnum Research SSEBP22G Speedshot 17" Black Pepper LAM
  10. Magnum Research MLRS22WMH Magnum Lite .22 Magnum 19 SS Hogue Blued
  11. Magnum Research MLR22WMBFC Magnum Lite .22 Magnum 19 Barracuda Forest Camo
  12. Magnum Research MLR22BN Magnumlite Semi-Auto 22 LR 17" Barracuda
  13. Magnum Research MLR22WMBN Magnum Lite Barracuda Semi-Auto 22 WMR 19" 9+1 Laminate Brown Stock Black
  14. Magnum Research MLR22WMBW Magnum Lite Barracuda Semi-Auto 22 WMR 19" 9+1 Black Walnut Stock Black
  15. Magnum Research MLR22WMH Magnum Lite Houge Semi-Auto 22 WMR 19" 9+1 Hogue Overmolded Black
  16. Magnum Research MLR22WMBP Magnum Lite Barracuda Semi-Auto 22 WMR 19" 9+1 Laminate Gray Stock Black

16 Item(s)

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