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Win A .50 BMG Barrett M82A1 Rifle w/ Leupold Mark 5 HD Scope ($11500 Value!)
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Traditions Rifles

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  1. Traditions R72103547 Buckstalker 50CAL 24 Cerakote G-2 Vista Black Powder Rifle
  2. Traditions CR9451120TDC Outfitter G2 22 Cerakote PK
  3. Trad CR451130T Outfitter G3 Black Synthetic
  4. Trad CR351130WT Outfitter G3 Black SYN
  5. Traditions CR8411416NS Nitrofire .50 CAL 26" B. BRONZE/GO Wild Rockstar
  6. Trad CR351130LT Outfitter G3 Black SYN
  7. Traditions CRX62200721 Crackshot XBR .22LR w/XBR Arrow Upper BLUED/EDGE
  8. Traditions R5692621NS Strikerfire .50 28" NITRIDE/RT Edge
  9. Traditions R57411421 Pursuit G4 U-LIGHT .50 CERAKOTE/RT Edge w/3-9x40
  10. Traditions R7492421NS Pursuit G4 U-LIGHT .50 NITRIDE/RT Edge Camo
  11. Trad CRX6220070 Crackshot XBR Package Black/BLUE
  12. Trad CRX62200717 Crackshot XBR Package CAMO/BLUE
  13. Traditions R675644621 Strikerfire .50 28" RT Edge w/3-9x40
  14. Traditions CR4711221T Outfitter G2 22" 1rd
  15. Traditions CR451120T Outfitter G2 450BM 22" 1rd
  16. Traditions R599246NS Vortek Strikerfire Black Powder Rifle
  17. Traditions R72103540 Buckstalker Rifle Black Powder Rifle
  18. Traditions R461140NS Vortek Ultra-light Black Powder Rifle
  19. Traditions R29564446 Vortek Strikerfire Black Powder Rifle
  20. Traditions R2020 Kentucky 50CAL Rifle Black Powder Rifle
  21. Traditions R591140NS Vortek Strikerfire LDR 50CAL 30 Black Hogue Black Powder Rifle
  22. Traditions CR1220070 Crackshot w/Scope BO 22LR 16.5" 1rd Black Synthetic Stock
  23. Traditions CR220070 Crackshot Break Open 22LR 16.5" 1rd Blued

23 Item(s)

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