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Tikka Long Guns

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  1. Tikka T3 Hunter 30-06 Rifle, 22.44in Barrel Oil Finished Walnut - JRTA320
  2. Tikka T3 JRTXA320 T3x Hunter Bolt .30-06 22.4" 3+1 Wood Stock Blued
  3. Tikka T3 JRTXC316 T3x Compact Tactical Rifle Bolt .308 20" 10+1 Blued
  4. Tikka T3 JRTXA370L T3x Hunter Left Hand Bolt 7mm Rem Mag 24.3" 3+1 Wood Stock Blued
  5. Tikka T3 JRTXB414 T3x Lite Left Hand Bolt .22-250 Rem 22.4" 3+1 Stainless Steel
  6. Tikka T3 JRTXG341 T3x Laminated Bolt .300 WSM 24.3" 3+1 Laminate Gray Stock Stainless Steel
  7. Tikka T3 JRTXG340 T3x Laminated Bolt .270 WSM 24.3" 3+1 Laminate Gray Stock Stainless Steel
  8. Tikka JRTAC382L T3X TAC A1 6.5 Creedmoor 24
  9. Tikka JRTXA782 T3X Hunter 22.4" Fluted Stainless Walnut
  10. Tikka JRTXG382 T3X Laminated 24.3" S/S BLACK/GREY Laminated
  11. Tikka T3 JRT1X309 T1x MTR Bolt 20" 10+1 Black
  12. Tikka JRTXVA370 T3X Lite Veil Alpine 7MMMG
  13. Tikka JRTXRT318 T3X Lite Roughtech TAN 270
  14. Tikka JRTXRT331 T3X Lite Roughtech TAN 300
  15. Tikka JRTXRT370 T3X Lite Roughtech TAN 7MMMG
  16. Tikka JRTXRT382 T3X Lite Roughtech TAN 6.5 Creedmoor 24
  17. Tikka JRT1X309SB T1X 17HMR Bolt
  18. Tikka JRTXE331R10 T3X Lite 300MG
  19. Tikka JRT1X409 T1X Left Hand 20" Threaded BLUED/BLACK Synth

19 Item(s)

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