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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  • Maxim Defense MDX 508 And MDX 510 - Shot Show 2020

    Maxim Defense unveiled the MDX 508 and the MDX 510 at this year's SHOT show. The cutting edge technology used to engineer these weapons is evident just by looking at them. Maxim primarily focuses on small arms manufacturing. There is nothing fancy about the name of the two new models, the MDX 508 has an 8-inch barrel and the MDX 510 has a 10-inch barrel, which is also the respective measurements with a fully extended stock or brace.
  • Franklin Armory Showcases The 22CI Trigger At Shot 2020

    In 2015, the first Binary Firing System was released for the AR platform. Now nine models of the Binary trigger are currently available from Franklin Armory. The latest release in 2020, the Generation 3 Firing system, offers something different and intriguing.
  • The New .350 Legend Hunting Round

    Winchester is proud to tout this cartridge as a balanced performance. Giving the shooter low recoil and reduced muzzle blast with every shot, it makes for a good day in the woods or at the range. With less recoil, more energy, and better penetration than many of the high-powered straight-walled cartridges, the .350 Legend is sure to become a popular choice for hunters.
  • Shot Show 2020: The Colt Python Revolver

    Another brand new release at SHOT Show 2020 is the Colt Python. Everything old is new again, so IT'S BACK! Colt engineered this combat magnum to look like the original, but with updates and upgrades to give the consumers what they expect from Colt in today's competitive firearm market.

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