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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  • .223 Vs 5.56 - What's the Difference In These Calibers?

    The big wide world of ammo can often be a confusing one. There are eight different 9mm rounds on the market, and none are interchangeable. The 223 and 5.56 rounds are even more confusing, because they are the same, right? Well, no, but kind of? The 223 vs. 5.56 debate has been going on for a long time, but let’s put it to bed here.
  • The AK-47 VS The AK-74

    The most significant difference between these two guns is simply the caliber. The old AK-47 is chambered in the venerable and near universal 7.62 x 39mm. The AK-74, meanwhile, is chambered in the 5.45 x 39mm. The name difference is an unintentional palindrome, as these numbers represent the year the gun was more or less adopted. Clearly, the 1974 designed AK-74 is a little newer than the post-WW2 AK-47. 
  • Red Dot Sights For Your Pistol

    Thinking about purchasing some red dot sights for your pistol? Wondering if they are worth it or not? Let's go over some Basic Red Dot 101 questions and answers, and then I will suggest a couple for you if you need a little guidance.
  • Brand Spotlight: Maglula

    More often than not, our Brand Spotlight articles focus on firearms or firearms manufacturers. But this time around, I want to fill you in about a really cool device that will take the pain out of loading and reloading your magazine. It will literally buy you more time on the firing line. No, I promise that I’m not trying to sell you some snake oil, these devices are legit! 
  • What Are Tactical Pens?

    Sometimes with self defense you may need something other than a firearm. With the exception of law enforcement, military, or working for a firearm company, not many jobs will allow you to carry a gun to work. Despite this, there are many circumstances that can lead to a self-defense situation. Simply leaving work to go to the parking lot or use public transportation could be risky. Don't you think it could happen to you too?
  • Rifle Iron Sights

    In a time where we seem to be going back "to the good old ways" during this pandemic, I thought about my older semiautomatic rifle that was gifted to me. It’s nothing fancy, as a matter of fact, it's kinda plain, or even a little ugly. Sorry, I got lost in the nostalgia, but it got me thinking about my rifle. It has iron sights, which are pretty primitive compared to today's selection, but the bottom line is, they work!
  • What Is Headspace?

    What is "headspace", and how does it affect your rifle or firearm? Unless you consider the Big Book of Ballistics a good read, I am going to try to break it down and simplify this for you.
  • What Is The Effective Range of a Handgun?

    What is the Effective Range of a Handgun? Well, that's a loaded question (and yes, that is my pitiful attempt at humor). I think the one word that likely applies to that question is...variable. If you are just looking for a simple number for the answer to that question, I would say the effective range of a handgun is somewhere between 10 to 300 feet. 

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