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Monthly Archives: May 2020

  • Top 6 9mm Revolvers

    9mm revolvers are so freakin cool. They allow you to use the most common round out there for handguns, but in a classic wheel gun platform. It also allows revolver shooters access to a wide variety of loads, which includes reduced recoil and defensive ammo at any weight. 9mm ammunition is also cheaper than any centerfire revolver cartridge. 9mm revolvers simply make sense. 
  • What Can the AR 15 Shoot?

    If you look at the side of your AR-15’s lower receiver, it likely says something like Multi-Cal. What exactly does that mean? Well, the AR-15 may have started its life as a small-bore rifle chambered in one caliber, but the popularity of the rifle has ensured it now comes in more flavors than Ben and Jerry’s. Let’s look at some of the most popular calibers the AR-15 now finds itself in. 
  • What Is A Sniper Rifle?

    To define a sniper rifle, let's first define a sniper. A sniper is an individual who engages targets from a distance, usually in a position of concealment undetectable by the target. An "official" sniper is usually military or law enforcement with specialized training, including long-range and high-grade marksmanship. The sniper utilizes specialized equipment, most notably a Sniper Rifle, to carry out their missions.
  • .45 ACP Revolvers

    So why is this article titled .45 ACP Revolvers? Because they actually exist! The .45 ACP is actually an old round that has been used in pistols for nearly a hundred years. In the early onset of the round, there were also revolvers that were manufactured and chambered in .45 ACP.  The sad thing is that there are only a few companies that currently still manufacture .45 ACP revolvers. And there are few that manufacturer revolvers that are chambered in .45 Colt and can accept .45 ACP ammo with the use of a moon clip.
  • Rifle Slings Explained

    "Don't leave home without it". Remember that old American Express slogan? That could easily be a rifle sling slogan as well. There are so many reasons as to why a sling is a great tool for your rifle. There are many variations of slings, such as a strap. I use that term loosely because I consider a strap and a sling two very different accessories. We will talk about both. If you are in the market to purchase an accessory, for your rifle, that would also help improve your shot, I would highly recommend a sling.
  • Brand Spotlight: Desert Tech

    Breaking News! Classic Firearms is now carrying Desert Tech products! This is a super-cool company that you should definitely check out. They have everything a gun builder needs, crazy cool rifles, great ammunition, an App that uses Doppler radar and sophisticated algorithms to predict your best shot with a ballistic calculator, suppressors, muzzle brakes, night vision optics, and too many other great accessories for me to list!
  • FMJ Vs JHP (Full Metal Jacket Vs. Jacketed Hollow Point)

    Full Metal Jacket versus Jacketed Hollow Point. Which is better? The answer depends on the context or mission of the round. In addition to being a law enforcement officer, I was also a Medical Examiner Investigator. I can tell you from experience, that there is a definite difference. Let's just get straight to the down and dirty of it, folks. Unless you are target shooting, if you fire your gun at someone or something, you are shooting to kill. I know that the politically correct term nowadays is "shoot to stop the threat", but if someone is within my 21-foot space and has a weapon, and doesn't drop it on my command (if I have time to give a command), I am shooting for one reason and one reason only. 
  • AR-15 Ammo Explained (.223 REMINGTON, 5.56 NATO, 300 BLACKOUT, & MORE)

    It seems like lately, we are hearing a lot about AR's, AR components, and AR ammo. I'll tell you why they’re everywhere, it's an election year. It's always a hot topic, and there’s nothing different about this year than any other election year as far as AR's go. So enjoy all of the attention that America's Rifle is getting right now, and moreover, enjoy the sales on AR's and ammo that this is generating! 
  • The AK-47 Vs. The AKM Vs. The SKS

    I was on the hunt to find out which early model assault rifle was considered the best rifle during the mid-century wars and conflicts. I was curious about what the average soldier thought about their Government-Issued rifles. Modern-day reviews trend toward the AK-47 for a post-war rifle to purchase. My personal opinion is that they are all a piece of living history, and every gun collector should have at least one, if not all three. As far as performance goes, I think it is one's personal opinion as to which of the three rifles are the most comfortable fit for them.
  • What Is An AR-15 Pistol?

    An AR-15 pistol just sounds weird. AR stands for Armalite Rifle, so it’s just a strange phrase all around. AR-15 pistols exist because of a set of laws outlined in the National Firearms Act. These laws created a method of classifying weapons. By this set of laws, a rifle is required to have a 16-inch barrel in coordination with a stock. If the barrel length is shorter, you can have an SBR, or short barrel rifle, but then you have to fill out paperwork, pay 200 bucks, and wait months for approval. Alternatively, you can have a AR-15 pistol with a barrel as short as you want it to be. 

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