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Monthly Archives: October 2020

  • The Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits

    The day that I knew that I had achieved complete satisfaction was the day that I learned how to disassemble, carefully clean, and reassemble an AR-15 as a new recruit going through the academy. I fell in love with the AR-15 before I even shot it. You know the feeling!
  • What Is An AR-15 Lower Parts Kit?

    There are several reasons that I can think of where you might find yourself looking for an AR-15 lower parts kit. There are many advantages to purchasing the parts as a complete kit over buying each piece individually. The most obvious ones are the ease of installation and cost.
  • Body Armor Levels

    Body armor is a critical piece of protection equipment. Bullet resistant equipment can come in the form of clothing, helmets, gloves, vests, shields, and accessories like backpacks. In these forms, you have non-plated body armor and hard-plate reinforced body armor. Non-plated armor will offer moderate to substantial protection, whereas hard-plate body armor will offer maximum protection, for example; combat soldiers and law enforcement officers have hard-plate body armor.
  • Home Defense Firearms

    Likely, the most popular answer given when asked "why did you buy a gun?", is "for home defense". The obvious follow-up is what is the best firearm for home defense? Notice that I did not automatically rattle off several shotgun manufacturers and models. I will say that there are many different perspectives.
  • Are Flamethrowers Legal? How Do I buy One?

    But first, what exactly is a flamethrower? A flamethrower is a ranged incendiary device that can project a controlled jet of fire. (Defined by California as having a range of 10 feet or more in their laws.) The mechanism is relatively simple, consisting of a reservoir of liquid fuel that is sprayed out and an igniter to ignite the flame. Most likely portable and carried by the operator.
  • AR-15 Meaning - What Does It Stand For and Why Are They So Popular?

    The original AR-15 was designed by legendary firearms designer and engineer Eugene Stoner in 1956 while serving as chief engineer for ArmaLite, a small arms engineering company. ArmaLite was a new division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation that was willing to utilize aerospace manufacturing techniques and materials. 
  • AR-15 Forward Assists and Do You Need One?

    An AR-style forward assist is a plunger that is designed to help the bolt go forward into battery in the event of the round not fully chambering. Eugene Stoner’s original AR-10 and AR-15 designs did not include a forward assist. After Colt bought the ArmaLite designs and ramped up production capabilities, theirs did not either. 
  • Historical Look At British Enfield Rifles

    American inventor James Lee designed the action and magazine on the rifle. Lee-Enfield rifles were named after the American and the factory in which they designed it; Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield. The Lee-Enfield was adopted in 1895 and produced through 1926. Some rifles still see service in isolated areas of Asia and Africa. Afghanistan soldiers are being fired upon with the same rifles British troops used in World War 1. They estimate total production for the rifle at an astounding 17 million.
  • Rifles Vs Carbines Whats The Difference?

    A simplistic explanation; carbines are described as a firearm with less than a 20-inch barrel and lighter. We consider long guns with a barrel length greater than 20 inches a rifle. Over the decades, the line between a rifle and carbine has blurred considerably. Don’t even ask the ATF how they describe the two!
  • The Chinese Type 54 Tokarev Pistol

    The Tokarev 7.62x25mm Semi-automatic pistol was a prolific design, built by nearly every Warsaw Pact country. Some firearm enthusiasts, assume the Tokarev was crude and under-performing. This is a false assumption.

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