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Monthly Archives: November 2020

  • What is an AR-15 Dust Cover and What Does it Do?

    A simple dust cover like the one shown serves to protect your AR-style rifle from dust, dirt, and other debris in the air. The dust cover is essentially a stamped metal flap on a spring-loaded hinge (although machined billet aluminum is available today as well).
  • What Are The Shotgun Shell Types?

    Much like bore sizes that allow for different calibers of pistols and rifles, different bore sizes in shotguns gives us the term gauge as a means of measurement when selecting a shotgun and the appropriate ammunition for it. 
  • How To Dry Fire A Gun And Is It Safe?

    Brother against brother. That's the type of reaction that you will get anytime the subject of dry-firing comes up. Some of us baby our firearms, yes us meaning some of you and myself, while others want to achieve the highest potential results that their firearm has to offer. 
  • What Is An AR-15 Magazine?

    Even though my answer may seem a little juvenile and even open-ended, I'm gonna say that a good definition for what an AR-15 magazine is will be any magazine that fits into an AR-15 lower receiver.
  • AR-15 PDW. What Does The PDW Mean?

    So, the short answer to what the PDW in an AR-15 PDW means is that it’s an AR-15 personal defense weapon. The theory of human evolution says that there is a missing link between a caveman and a modern man.
  • AK-47 Draco - What Is A Draco?

    Latin for serpent or dragon, the Draco was clearly inspired by the AK-47 rifle. The Romanian design keeps the 7.62x39mm caliber rifle cartridge used in AK rifles but with an engineered crisp and ultra-compact design that still provides the low-recoil, easy control, and most importantly the power of the popular rifle round.
  • What Are the Best 300 Blackout Rifles? 

    The 300 Blackout is a revolutionary round that is rather new in the world of bullets and cartridges. It was designed for AR-15 rifles and will work with 5.56 bolts, magazines, uppers, and lowers, and the only real change is a different barrel. The 300 Blackout has a few claims to fame. First, it's easy to suppress because it can use subsonic rounds. Second, it's versatile because it can reliably fire both supersonic and subsonic loads that allow shooters to switch at will. Lastly, the cartridge can work from a superbly short barrel. 
  • The Top 45 ACP Revolvers 

    45 ACP revolvers have been around for over a century with the advent of the Colt and S&W 1917 revolvers. These 45 ACP revolvers were produced to fill the gap in the supply chain because the 1911 couldn’t be produced fast enough. Since then, the 45 ACP revolver has been a popular choice for revolvers. 
  • Do they Make Left Hand AR 15s?

    The AR-15 world is impossibly massive to navigate sometimes. There are just so many different models that it’s impossible not to find the perfect one for you. So, what about lefties? Do they get a dedicated AR-15 for their wrong handedness?
  • Best .338 Lapua Rifles

    The 338 Lapua is an extremely powerful rifle round designed for long-range shooting, primarily for use by snipers. The round was adopted by the United States military in a limited capacity and has been a big hit in long-range precision shooting circles.

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