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Monthly Archives: March 2021

  • The New G4 Panzer AR-12 Shotgun

    We're out here with the new Gen 4 Panzer AR-12. And since we got these lightweight boys in, I was like, "All right, let's take it the range." You already saw a mag dump of it. It works good and it feels good to shoot. The AR 12 is a semiautomatic, magazine-fed, gas operated 12 gauge shotgun. And talk about cool, the new Gen 4, you've obviously got these cool little cutouts and everything else for weight reduction right up here.
  • The Shortest Rifle In The World (Desert Tech Micron)

    Hey everybody. Clint here with Classic Firearms, and we've finally got a beautiful day out here at the range, and I'm here to introduce something super freaking cool. We've had it in a couple of videos, but now we're here to talk about it and shoot it. It's to Desert Tech, Micron conversion kit. What you see right here is what Desert Tech is saying is the world's shortest rifle. It's awesome.
  • The Most Compact PCC

    What's up everybody. We've got a fun video today talking all about some pistol caliber carbines. We've got the SIG MPX, we've got the Fostech Bulldog, what wait. SP5 has entered the chat. Hey, everybody. Clint here with Classic Firearms, and yes. Like I mentioned just a couple of moments ago, we're talking about some pistol caliber carbines
  • Manufacturer Review: Kalashnikov USA

    How's it going, everybody? Clint here with Classic Firearms. Coming at you all today with another manufacturer's review of Kalashnikov USA and we're going to start off K USA with their KR-9 and KP-9 line of firearms and these things are sweet. It's pretty much a 9MM AK. Now it doesn't have a long-stroke piston system in it. It is just direct plowback, but they are super cool. Right? So Kalashnikov USA has been around in the United States K USA Kalashnikov USA. I think we can make that relation there since about 2011.
  • Ammo Shortage 2021 - When Will it End?

    The ammunition shortage that started in early spring of last year along with the onset of this unfamiliar territory and unexpected worldwide Plague that we call COVID, unfortunately, continues today and for the foreseeable future. 
  • What Is An RPK?

    RPK is a Russian acronym - Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova. In Russian, that literally means The Handheld Machinegun of Kalashnikova.
  • Top Six AR-15 Foregrips

    Vertical foregrips are currently one of the most popular accessories for AR-15's. Although they were never intended for civilian use at all, we put them on our ARs, mostly as a stabilizing tool.
  • What Gas System Is Best For The AR-15

    What is going on everyone, Alek coming to you today from classic firearms and guys today, we are here to talk about gas systems. So direct impingement versus long-stroke versus short-stroke. You know, if you're looking to get into an AR-15 platform or anything like that, what might be best for you? You know, kind of what are you looking for?
  • The Best Calibers For Hunting

    What is going on everyone? Alec, coming to you from Classic Firearms, and today we're here to talk about various hunting calibers. Seeing the intro, Ryan crushed my dreams and we're not going to be able to go hunting with the FM Ballista rifle. I wouldn't recommend it, it's very heavy, but you could definitely go hunting with a 3.38, which we will talk about here in a little bit.
  • Top 5 Favorite Guns (So Far)

    Hey everybody, I'm Clint with Classic Firearms and it's actually come to my attention that we've actually got quite a few new subscribers, followers on our social media and like I said, subscribers here on YouTube. First off, welcome and thank you. I've been asked to introduce myself and give a little bit of background by me and then talk about my current, because it is ever-changing, top five favorite guns.

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