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Update - 03/24/2014

An Endorsement from The Guy Who Sorts Them 

Since our summer help has largely gone back to school, I , the old webmeister,
have been choosenselectedappointed
let's see... forced...
to take over the sorting and grading of the AK-74 rifles. 

Just Kidding - For Me it is a Labor of Love

Anyway - As many of you know our AK-74 rifles are assembled by Waffen Werks
and come to us in pre boxed in batches of 100 to 150 per week. 

They build the rifles out of A-Grade kits, New Barrels and U.S. parts we provide and do
a beautiful job on the metal finishes and assembly
 so that part of the rifle is always very consistant. 

However, they do not do wood work and the stocks come to us as original.
Therefore, on a rifle to rifle basis we never know 
which type of furniture
we will get or what the condition of
 the furniture will be. 

As such we sort them here for the different types of stock finishes 
we offer and to sort the poly stocks from the wood. 

Now we have a guy on staff that does a good job of wood re-finishing 
and we select certain rifles , typically ones that show really
pretty grain patterns but may have a certain amount of original color
or finish rubbed off, for him to refinish. They turn out beautiful. 
These rifles we sell as our high end shooters package deals 
with extra mags / scope, etc. 

The others we sell as-is... The roughest ones , the ones with excessive wear or
noticeable dents and dings, we call a grade B and sell for $599.99. 

The better ones, ones with close to 100 percent original factory finish, 
we sell at $649.99 ... That is the ones I want to tell you about.   

 What I have noticed on these last couple of shipments is that we are 
currently receiving some of the best original condition wood stocks
that I have seen to date. 

I have been sorting rifles over the past week and having seen them, 
if I were going to throw my weight behind one of the wood stock 
product codes rifles as an endosement, it would have to be 
our $659.99 rifle Item # LNGAK74-WW-Rifle-1.
I have a number of them seperated out in the back and appointed 
for this product code and they are all really nice. 

Now I am not saying these are perfect. You may still see a small scatch or ding, 
but overall, this current batch looks really good and some look like factory new. 

To me it is well worth the price difference in price. 

Now, if you enjoy wood finishing, or don't care about cosmetics, 
get the cheaper one, the only difference is cosmetic. 

However, if you don't want to make a trip to Home Depot for stain,
sand paper, sponges, brushes, a broom to sweep up the mess, etc... 

Consider the LNGAK74-WW-Rifle-1. Our current batch is really top end. 


AK-74 Rifles and Accessories

Listed below you will find some of the finest deals
on AK-74 Rifles and Accessories available anywhere in the U.S.  

AK-74 5.45x39 Caliber Semi-Auto Rifle w/ Chrome Lined Barrel

By Waffen Werks w/ Original Un-Refinished Grade B Wood Stocks, Rifle Only 

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AK-74 Semi-Auto Rifle W / Chrome Lined
Barrel by Waffen Werks. With Original
Un-Refinished Grade A Wood Stocks, Rifle Only

These Are Gorgeous Rifles


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Original Russian 5.45 x 39 Ammunition

1080 Rds / Tin - Great Low Price

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Original Bulgarian Military Surplus AK-74 
Burned Orange Polymer 30 Round Magazines
These are the Original Bakelite Color Bulgarian Poly AK-74 Mags. 
These mags all feature steel reinforcements at the locking points, fed lips and floorplate

 as well as having slots molded in for the stripper clip guide.  

I have heard the color on these called, brown, burned orange, ruddy red, or plum,
and the color sometimes varies somewhat from mag to mag, however,
you can basically see what they look like from the photo above.

These are highly collectable, work extremely well, and are considered the
most desireable of all the Bulgarian AK-74 mags.
If you have an AK-74 rifle of any type I would strongly encourage you to add
a number of these to your collection.

A Must for any AK-74 Owner, Shooter, or Collector

Used Military Surplus - Excellent Condition

AK74-30BOM......... Only $29.99 Ea. 
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Original Bulgarian Military Surplus AK-74 
Burned Orange Polymer 30 Round Magazines 
Mag Pouch Deal - W/ 4 Mags and Belt Pouch

Canvas Mag Pouch holds 4 - 30 Rd Mags
plus has a bonus side pocket
for cleaning kit, oil bottles, etc. 

Convienent Belt Loops on Back for Easy Carry 
This deal gets you 4 of the original military
Burned Orange Poly Mags  
and a pouch all for one great price 

It's like getting the Pouch for Free


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Original Bulgarian AK-74 Bayonets

Your Choice of 2 different styles of bayonet. 

Black Poly Handle and Sheath,
Burned Orange Bakelite Handle and Sheath. 



Both are wire cutter style and come
complete with original sheath and belt connector.

Also, Unlike standard AK-47 bayonets
these are designed specifically to
utilize the AK-74 compensator
as a connection point.

Fits all AK-74 rifles with a bayonet lug
and original compensator. 


AK-74 Bayonet Black ...AK74BAYO-B....$29.99
AK-74 Bayo Burned Orange..AK74BAYO-BOB..$39.99
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Original AK-74 Stripper Clips and Guide Loader

Stripper Clip fits in Guide
and hold 15 rounds of ammo

Guide fits on Mag and lines up rounds

Press down to load 

Two charges equals one full mag


These are almost impossible to find here in the U.S. 
A must for every AK-74 Owner, Shooter or Collector
5.45 x 39 Caliber - All Steel Construction

Insert Clip into guide to load
Then remove clip from guide to store
Guide unlocks retainer on clip
for loading and unloading

Retainer keep round in place
when out of guide for storage
This device is genius... 

AK-74  Guide / Loader With 1 Stripper Clip

AK-74 Stripper Clips.... AK74-SC15.............$1.99 Each
10 or More ...$1.50 Each  -  20 or More ....$1.00 Each 
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Original Bugarian AK-74 Tubular Cleaning Kits

 Original tubular kits insert in buttstock
and contain all the items needed
to properly clean and disassemble your
AK-74 rifle in the field...

These kits are true 5.45 x 39 caliber
and are scarce as hens teeth
here in the states. 

Each Kit contains a jig, punch,
driver blade and brush.
Driver blade inserts in tube to create handle,
brush threads onto cleaning rod in rifle. 
Military surplus as new condition..

Don't Miss This 

AK74-TCK................$9.99 Each 
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Original Bulgarian Military AK-74 Sling

 Original Canvas Sling for AK-74 Rifle
Mounts easily, Fully adjustable, Excellent  Condition

Also fits all other AK and Most Assault Type Rifles

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Original 5 Pocket Canvas Mag Pouch

Holds 4 - 30 Round AK-74 or AK-47 Mags
plus a side pocket for oiler or other accessories

All are O.D. Green canvas and is in used
surplus very good to excellent condition
A safe and convienient way to protect,
store and carry all types of AK Mags

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 Original Military Oil Bottles

 We have single spout oilers in plastic and metal,
and dual compartment oilers in metal.

Three different options .

Single compartment plastic oiler....ACC-PO1....$1.99

Special Deal on Single Platic Oilers
10 for $10.00..............25 for $20.00

Single compartment steel oiler....ACC-SO1.....$2.99

Dual  compartment steel oiler....ACC-SO2.....$3.99

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AK-74 Complete Accessory Package

Bulgarian Red / Burned Orange / Brown.....
Buy as a Package Deal and Save $$$$ 

Each of these sets includes the following Items

( See Individual Discriptions Above )

1 - Canvas Mag Pouch

4 - Bulgarian Brown  /  Red 30 Round Mags

1- Bakelite Burned Orange Bayonet with Sheath

1 -Original Stripper Clip Guide / Mag Loader

2 - 15 Round Steel Stripper Clips

1- Original O.D. Green Canvas  Sling

1 - Butt Stock Style Tubular Cleaning Kit

1 -Original Issue type Oil Bottle ( Style May Vary ) 

If Purchased Individually these AK-74 Accessory
would cost over $195.00

However,  Purchase them as a Package Deal and Save Big $$$$$ .....
Each Unit Shipped will contain all of the items Above

Item # AK74-ACCPKG-OR2........$169.99
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Original Bulgarian AK-74 Pistol Grip


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Original Bulgarian AK-74 Trigger Groups 

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Bulgarian Trigger Group / Pistol Grip Combo

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