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Video: 7.62x54R Blank Blows Up An Apple


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Alright, we're gonna do a little something different here. Just real quickly. We're gonna show you the power of just one of these blanks. No golf ball launcher. No golf balls. This is just the blank. Cody, let me see. This is the blanks that we carry. 7.62x54R blank. No projectile other than the blank. We're going to put it against an apple. We're doing this to demonstrate, these generate a tremendous amount of kinetic energy. They are in and of themself deadly at close range. You don't want to be playing with them.

People think "Oh it's just a blank." Yeah, it's just a blank but it's a lot of energy. We're going to show you so. Cody load 'er up and see what just a blank will do to that apple.

Jordan, she's ready. Go ahead.


Speaker 1:
That's a blank folks.

The apple [crosstalk 00:01:09]

Speaker 1:
Alright, I'm covered with apple, but we've had a good time out here today. As you can see those blanks are very powerful. They're not toys. Once again, safety warning on all of that. I got apple juice on my glasses.

Anyways, thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed this. And as always, check us out at www.classicfirearms.com.