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Video: AK-74 Rifle w/ Chrome Lined Barrel Blowout and Gunsmith Special


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Video Transcript

Hey everybody. Ben, with Classic Firearms here.

I'm standing in front of our remaining inventory on our DDI/Waffen Werks AK-74 rifles. About four years ago, we started carrying these Waffen Werks AK-74s. They were a very good project for us. We have sold thousands of these rifles. A few months ago, we did a large promotion, which sold out the vast majority of what we had left. Had tremendous sales. Toward the end of that promotion, we brought it to a close, we said, "We're gonna see where the dust settles. See what we have left in stock and then we'll bring them back to you." Frankly, that's been several months ago and you haven't heard anything from us since on AK-74 rifles. We simply had other things that came in and other projects that got us busy, but within the last few days we've had a chance to go back, take a look at these, get a count on what we have left, and the various configurations that we have left in and that's what we're gonna present to you today.

We're gonna do an e-blast on these. We're gonna put them up as a close-out and we're gonna sell them in several different variations. Let me take you though those variations so it's not confusing. Show you how we're gonna be offering 'em and then we hope you'll come to the site and take a look and think about purchasing one.

Jordan, if you'll follow me over here.

All of these rifles came in, originally, from Bulgaria as Bulgarian part sets. They all had their original furniture. Some of the furniture has more ware than others. If you'll take a look at this one, this furniture set has very little of the original finish left on it, as do most everything on this cart.

Jordan, if you want to just scan cart here.

You can see that all the furniture is in tact, but some of it, for lack of a better word, is quite ugly or has very little finish left. This is one of the worst ones. We're gonna be running these as our baseline rifle. If you order one of these rifles at the baseline price, know that you'll be getting one with a furniture set that has some ware and tear or, at least, some finish ware on the furniture set.

We're gonna also offer them as the original furniture, but a standard upgrade or a one-step upgrade. Let's come over here and take a look at some of that. These are the same rifles that are on these two carts we have here, but they have the nicer furniture. This furniture either came in the part sets as much nicer, much smoother furniture or somewhere along the way it's been refinished to a nicer look, so cosmetically it would look better. I think we're gonna offer those rifles, the baseline rifles, at a baseline price with a $30 up-charge for the nicer cosmetic furniture as you see here. Even with these, there may be a scuff or a handling mark. A dent or a ding. We're not promising perfection, but they will certainly be much nicer than our baseline rifles.

Also, included in that offering, let me walk around here, we have found some of our black poly-stock rifles that we still have left. I think there are only seven or eight of these left on our entire inventory, but we do have a few. We're gonna be offering those also as a custom option for an upgrade as well as, we have a few of the plum poly-stocks. This is the original Bulgarian plum, poly-stock. It's very rare and that will be another custom option up-charge. That's pretty much all the variations we're gonna have on our standard AK-74 rifles.

Jordan, if you'll follow me over to the cart here.

The other option we're gonna offer on these, we're gonna be very upfront about what they are, is what we're calling our "Gun Smith Specials."

Jordan's, got a wasp tryin' to get her as she mans the camera there. You can go on, Jordan, you don't have to worry about it no more.

These Gun Smith Specials, cosmetically, look as good as anything else that we've seen.

Jordan, I'll get you to scan those.

They look pretty darn nice, but all of these have been, at some point, in our repair bin. If I can get the camera back, because I want people to hear what I'm saying, be very clear about this.

Every rifle on this rolling cart inside of our cage here has, at some point, been shipped out to a customer and come back to us and placed in our repair bin for one reason or another. The tag on this one says, "feed issues." Evidently, the customer, at least, indicated that they tried to fire this rifle and it had feed issues. We have other rifles here that do not have tags on them, so I have no idea what the problem is. It could be as simple as they didn't like the cosmetics of it. It could be buyer's remorse. It could be the wife said, "Hey, you can't have another rifle," so the guy made up the excuse to send it back or there could be very legitimate mechanical issues. We just don't know. We don't have a testing facility here. We have no way to verify any of that, so we're telling you what they are. These were returns. We're offering them as Gun Smith Specials. That's gonna be the offering at a very good price point. If you have some skills, if you feel lucky, you may want to buy one of these at this price-point as a Gun Smith Special.

Here's the kicker, though, and here's the safety net on all of it. Regardless of whether it's our standard offering, one of our baseline guns, one of our higher-end guns or one of our Gun Smith Specials, all of these still carry the one-year warranty from DDI in Knoxville, Tennessee. They back the rifles with a warranty, guaranteed function. Each one of the rifles will have a warranty card in the box with it, so whether it comes off our Gun Smith Special or one of our other offerings, you can rest assured that you have warranty provided by DDI, one of the finest makers of AK-47s and AK-74s in the country.

Let me set this back and close it out.

As a side note, to our good friends down in Columbia, South Carolina, my daughter, Katie, being among them, they've gone through a flood, they've lost their coach, but they're standing strong. We're standing with you. Best of luck to you guys down there in Columbia.

We hope that you like our AK-74 offering. This is it, folks. What you've seen here is all we have remaining.

Jordan's getting eat up by wasps, so we're gonna cut it short.

Come take a look at our ad. Check out Brutus' description. Read all the details. Pick up one of these nice AK-74s while they're still available. They all come with one mag and with a warranty and, as always, check us out at www.classicfirearms.com.