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Video: AMD 65 Conversion Buttstock


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today we're going to focus on our Hungarian line of AK Rifles, particularly our AMD 63s and our AMD 65s. This is the AMD 63. It is a full fixed-stop version. It has the black polymer furniture, if you can see. People love the compensators on the Hungarian weapons. They love the vertical foregrip. These are very well-made rifles, and they're still at one of the most affordable price points of any AK on the market. We have a very high-level satisfaction rate on these rifles, so I would encourage you to try one out.

The next one I want to show you is the AMD 65, another Hungarian-based rifle. Vertical foregrip. Same nice compensator. Matter of fact, exactly the same base rifle as the AMD 63. The only difference is the AMD 65 has this wire side-fold stock on it. They're made for portability. They were made for the paratroopers to use, because they can more easily be carried with a sling over the back, and they're a little lighter. The only rub on these, or the only negative comment you ever get about an AMD 65 is that the wire stock, and this is true of any wire-stock, butt-stock gun, does not provide a stable point of rest for your cheek, and it's a little hard to get on your sight radius and so forth with your wire stock.

That leads us to our next product, and it's a new product that I think is just ingenious in its design. Our friends at CII have come up with a new stock to go over the wire stock on an AMD 65. It's a two-piece polymer unit installed very, very easily, and it's very light- weight. Basically, what this stock does is convert a folding wire stock to a folding full stock. We have one installed here. You see the internal dimensions on it are flat so that it will fold very easily up against the weapon. When you want to fold it back out to the out position, it locks tight in the out position, and as you can see from this side, provides a very steady cheek rest and aim point for this rifle. Again, it works, locks up good and tight in the folded position. Locks up good and tight in the fixed position. Incorporates and utilized the original butt pad from the standard wire stock.

I just think it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. If you're an AMD 65 rifle owner, I think you'll enjoy this up-grade. We're running them on sale, right now, in this email special, along with these two nice rifles and some other accessories for them. We hope you check it out. We appreciate your attention, and as always, thank you for visiting us at www.classicfirearms.com.