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Video British Enfield Mk3 Rifles


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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. How long has it been since you have seen Enfield rifles on the US surplus marketplace? This is an Enfield #1 Mk3. Some of you old timers may be familiar with these, they haven't been on the marketplace in quite some time, we were just able to obtain a small lot of them. As you can see, Enfields are not beauty queens typically, we're listing these as good condition based on the functionality of them and the solidness of them. They are not pretty and don't expect them to be pretty, but you are getting a nice, complete Enfield rifle.

Let me open a few more boxes. What we wanted to do is just show you a random sampling that we're taking straight out of the boxes, unopened, so Jordan, if you'll just stay with me while I open this box. A lot of different surplus here. Just came in, we're about to post it, so let's take a look at two or three of these randomly. If I can get the boxes open ... and see what our general overall condition is going to look like. That's a little nicer than the first one, at least cosmetically. Again, dark, very dirty, that is typical for Enfields, they haven't been cleaned up. We're going to let you get the enjoyment of doing the cleaning.

Going to shoot back over here for a moment, I'll just pull out two more. There's one. The warehouse guys love me, they have to put all this stuff back in the boxes when I get done because I'm too lazy to do it. There's another. I see some repairs in the stocks. You may see a minor crack or two in some of these, I'm not going to guarantee that you won't. I'm sorry, Jordan, you're trying to do something. Do you want me to hold it still? All right, I'll hold it still. A beautiful British Lee-Enfield rifle, .303 caliber British. You see the basic condition on them. I think we're going to have a couple of different options as far as hand select and that type of thing. We'll leave that up to the guys that do the ads, but I did want you to see them.

We don't have a large quantity, I expect they will go very quick, so we're going to encourage you to go to our site, take a look. As always, thank you for shopping at www.classicfirearms.com.