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Video: FX-9 9mm AR Type Rifle


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Friday, March the 24th, and today is a banner day today here at Classic Firearms because today is the day we finally get to introduction the FX-9 9mm AR platform rifle. This rifle is an exclusive to Classic Firearms, our first exclusive distribution commercial rifle. It's been a joint collaboration between the manufacturer, Freeman Coordinates and Classic Firearms, with input from both parties. We wanted a rifle designed the way we wanted the 9mm rifle designed, and to be able to bring it to the market place at a price point that we thought our customers deserved. Frankly, I think we finally achieved that. It's a great little rifle, they're tough as nails, they're accurate, we have torture tested them extensively, we can't get this thing not to work. It has performed flawlessly for us and we are very very proud of it. Cassie's running the camera for us today, Cassie's new to us here at Classic Firearms, but she's doing a great job. Cassie come on in lets show the folks what we're getting. First thing I want to let you know is this rifle is 100% American made from the ground up. Every part in this rifle is made in the United States and assembled here in the United States. We have spared no expense to try to put good quality parts in the rifle. We'll start with the butt stock, this is a UTG US made butt stock, 6 position, collapsible stock. Excellent high quality. Have the polymer pistol grip of course, all of these rifles are designed to fire from a Glock 9mm magazine, and we have a proprietary mag well here that accepts all standard Glock 9mm handgun mags. Now bear in mind, this is a very streamlined magazine well it's not some Frankenstein of a AR-15 that still has the old mag well, the wide mag well that would accept AR mags, and you have to use an adapter. That is not the case here. This was designed from the ground up to accept all 9mm Glock magazines. Another thing we're very proud of, is our mag release. This is also proprietary. Most AR-15's have just a button here that kind of has to be pushed in from the front. We were looking at designs and we said what if we had a paddle as a mag release. We want to retain the drop free capability on the mag, but we also want to have a lever and we want to have it textured so that the finger can grab it easily and then come right back to the fire position as it slides off the lever. We seemed to have achieved that here, one of the coolest mag releases in the industry. Again our mags are drop free, that's the SGM tactical mag. Each one of the rifles will come with one of these in the package in the box. They will also accept all standard Glock mags. This is an OEM factory Glock 17 mag, 17 round. It accepts other aftermarket mags like the ETS tactical clear mag, these are very popular these days. You see it goes in there and locks up tight, drops free. Their high cap version of the mag does the very same thing with a very cool look and drops free. Not only that, but we've got these, lets say inexpensive, you never say cheap in the industry when you're selling a product, we have these inexpensive Korean mags the Glock 9mm clones in high capacity. Sometimes these are a little sticky in handguns or rifles just because of their design, but in the FX-9, it drops free. The only thing I've found that doesn't drop free, this one just because it's new and maybe the width of the mag as it goes up into the rifle, is our 50 round Glock drum. Folks let me hold this to the shoulder, I want you to see the shooting profile of this rifle, and Cassie the rifle is empty, I'm not going to turn it towards you but I am going to come to this profile here so folks can see the Glcok drum. Is that not a cool look? That looks fantastic with that Glock drum. Finger off the trigger Ben, looks fantastic with that Glock drum in the magazine well. We found with the drums they are a little sticky, but just a little pressure pulls it right out. Let me put my mag back in, never liked to display a rifle without the mag, you can see with the charging handle open it's a last shot bolt hold open, but mag release is very prominent over here so insert a new mag, press the mag release and it drops the bolt along with the charging handle to charge the next round. Lets show you the top of the receiver. The top of the receiver is setup with a rail system on it, an A3 rail system like any standard AR-15. That flows directly into a 13 inch UTG pro key mod rail. It's a free float rail, slimline, again made in the United States, allows for all types of attachments. It also allows the barrel to breathe. Very smooth on the hand, very small profile, and again they have the T markings from top to bottom so any optics you put on you can know exactly what your attachment point was to go back to it. We've also equipped these rifles all with a 9mm heavy barrel so they are extremely accurate, and they all come with a birdcage type flash suppressor in 9mm so it's appropriate for the round that's going to be coming out of it. Gorgeous rifles, freedom ordinance markings here on the receiver, make them look very beautiful. Again they're tough as nails, and they really perform. Let me show it to you with a couple of the optics options that we have just so you get the look. This is one of our Simmons red dots, very inexpensive but at the same time very functional, keeps a low profile, drops right on target, that red dot has several different [inaudible 00:07:23] settings for the dot. You can see how good that looks on the rifle. We also have an example of it with a Reflex sight. Such as the military and the police departments use. Quick acquisition Reflex sight a perfect option for this, or if you're more old school, we also have the flip up sights both front and rear for the AR-15. They simply attach to the rail wherever you would like to set them. Flip up for use, and flip back down when they're not in use. Folks we love these rifles. We have done a torture test on these rifles at the factory at Freedom Ordinance. Literally the torture test consisted of, 12 guys, technicians, staff members, gunsmiths, passing the rifle from one to the next. We had loaded up with 33 round mags had them preloaded. As soon as one guy would finish he would pass it on to the next, soon as that guy would finish he would start loading another mag. 4,000 rounds through the rifle in one session, had the rifle white hot. We were shooting .124 grain, .115 grain, full metal jacket, hollow point, combinations from one guy to the next with different holds different shooters, different positions on the stock just to see if recoil had any effect. To a 1, we could not make this rifle fail. It held up to it, the thing heated up red hot, still held up as far as function and was shooting. So we really think we've done a great job on these. We're very proud of them, we think you will be too particularly at the price point. Introductory price on this great little FX-9 rifle, $599.99. Let me go back to the base rifle just like it ships so there's no question. When you order here is what you get. I'm going to stand up the box, this ones still got one in it so it's a little heavy. You get the Freedom Ordinance FX-9mm rifle in the box with one 33 round mag. It also comes with an owners manual. They've done a really good job on this manual, it is chocked full of pictures, shows you complete assembly, disassembly, recommendations for ammunition and so forth, and how to care for your rifle. As well as, and most importantly the back page is your warranty card shows you how to register for warranty. Freedom Ordinance fully warranties this rifle for function so you have that guarantee. Along with that, each of the rifles comes with one 3 inch rail, that can be attached to your key mod, anywhere on the key mod, for attaching flashlights or anything of that nature. It also comes with an armorers tool. Folks, I've got to admit, I've kind of bragged on this rifle more than I typically do. There's a reason for that, we spent a lot of time on it trying to get it just right. We think we've achieved that, very proud of this rifle, they are on the site now and the price point is right, $599.99. We love them, we think you will love them, we hope you've enjoyed learning about it. If you want one, we've got them on the site now. Thank you for watching and as always, we appreciate you coming to see us at www.classicfirearms.com.