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Video: Russian M44 Mosin Nagant Rifles


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Hey everybody. Ben with Classic Fire Arms here. Today is Wednesday April the fifth and we have life's little lot of surplus rifles that we want to bring to you today. Russian M44 rifles. We don't have many, we only have the ten rifles that are here on the table. We're going to scan them for you here in a moment. These have become very hard to find. It's the 7.6x54R Caliber short rifle based on the M91/30. These incorporate a side folding bayonet as part of the weapon. If you haven't seen these before, they're highly popular and you can hardly find them at all anymore. We actually got this small lot from the same folks that we acquired our M39 rifle project from. We knew that we had ten of these M44s in that project somewhere. I remember inspecting them when I was on their facility. They've been boxed up at the bottom of a gaylord up under a lot of M39s. We finally came across them so we thought we would bring them out to you today. Dillon set the table up. Dillon come on in and scan this table. Show these people what they are going to be getting. I think you said you kind of tried to put them on the table in order of maybe the roughest one to the best one. So you'll see as they go up the table as Dillon scans, they're going to get progressively better. Folks, here's the deal. We paid exactly the same money for every one of these rifles. We're charging the same for each of these rifles. We're not doing a hand select on them. Dillon lets show them an example of a rough one here on the end. I think this is the roughest one. You can expect to get. We're going to scan that good. You're gunna see the stock has some dents and dings, some surface wear, some bluing wear. Bluing is probably 60% on this rifle. Overall a solid functional rifle. Yep. Everything works there. So it goes all the way from that up to the ones on this end of the table are pretty nice. You can see really nice blue good wood. Etc.. Folks, here's the story on this. We could do hand selects and all that kind of thing, but we've only got ten rifles. With only ten rifles it is going to be luck of the draw. We have people call in and say, "How can I get the one on the end? How can I get the very one I want? If I can't get one of the better ones, I don't want one at all." Folks, here's the plain truth. When you only have a few rifles, it just has to be luck of the draw. So if getting one of the lower end rifles scares you, don't place an order for this particular lot of guns, because one of those guns is going to go to someone. On the other hand. Someone's going to get the best one on the table. It's just the way that works with surplus. With only ten that are going to sell through. Let me go ahead and give you a price. We're doing them all at $299.99 each. We're going to post to the site tomorrow at noon. $299.99 for an M44 rifle. Folks, we appreciate your business and thank you for being with us at www.classicfirearms.com.