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Video: Triumph Systems Pivotal Trainer Review/Live Fire with Jared Ogden


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Speaker 1:
Hey everybody, Ben with classic firearms here. As you can see we're on location today and we have a fantastic product to bring you. But before we do that I want to introduce a very special guest. We're honored to have this man with us, some of you may know him from his two seasons on ultimate survival Alaska on the Nat geo channel. Those of you in military circles will know him from his service as a decorated Navy Seal, spending eight years in some of the most troubled hot spots all over the world protecting our freedoms. Those in the firearms community will know him more so now as an innovator and a teacher an instructor. Someone that's came out with a very good product. Folks I'm honored to introduce to you, to my brother, my friend, Mr. Jared Ogden. Jared come on in here. Ben thank you very much. Such a pleasure to have you. It is terrific to be out here with you. I'm not typically nervous on camera, the people can see this I'm actually nervous, I'm so honored to have you with us today. Give us a little bit of your background and how it lead to this product we're gonna introduce. Sure, first of all Ben, I'm humbled to be here, thank you so much. We're gonna shoot here pretty soon, but my background, I left active duty in 2012 and when I did I worked with a lot of law enforcement and CCW. Permit holders, basically protectors here at home. And what I realized is our protectors here at home trained differently, they used different tools and methodologies, than what I used to make me a proficient thinking shooter. So I made it my personal mission to bridge that gap and bring those tools and methodologies to a market here for our protectors. Whether your mom or your a dad with the CCW, or you're a law enforcement officer I wanted to bring those tools and methodologies to market at price points that are affordable, not SOCOM price points. So the first product we are going to talk about is the pivotal trainer. You see it behind us and it is, the concept isn't a new one but the innovation is new and it's disruptive in the market for two reasons. One its transportability, two its price point. Specs on the product itself, you saw me set it up, it takes a few minutes. Breakdown takes a few minutes, it weight 13 pounds, there are two modes of operation and it runs on this RF line of sight remote control. So manual mode is one mode, in manual the end user controls when and which way it turns. There is also automatic mode, great for individual training, in automatic mode you first select if you are going to train from the duty or concealed position or the ready position. And then you select how long the target presents when it does turn. So I'm just going to put it on automatic unholstered, with a one and a half second target presentation time. Now from here I can turn it off with the RF line of sight remote control and the unit is gonna follow its last command. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery or you can plug it in directly to a 110 power source. And Ben when I designed this I had replace ability as a center piece. Because heres the deal, if it is down range it's going to get shot, so the frame for example is a very inexpensive lightweight extruded nylon material. But it's the same exact dimensions of a two by two. So the end user can replace it with wood out of their garage. Or if you wanted to make this a little bit wider, just grab two by twos that are 10 feet long and make that your top cross bar and your bottom cross bar. Same thing with the target hangar that is standard PVC. So again very easy to replace. The clips are clips, half the time I use zip ties. I do have a motor protector and I also have a steel motor protector that's an additional cost. But it's a great unit MSRP on this is $399 so when I say it's disruptive in the marketplace for its transportability you can literally take this from venue to venue. I've even got one set up in my apartment, so that I can dry fire at night, because as an entrepreneur I can't always get to the range but I still want that repetition. So you can have it set up in your house, you could take it venue to venue, very transportable and affordable. Most guys can make the purchase without having to consult with their wives first before they do so. Its a great product. (Laughing) That's always good. Jared, let me step back in here with you for a moment. Folks Jared was kind enough to come down a few weeks ago to our warehouse setting. We set this up in the warehouse, I was fascinated, it took such a short amount of time. Just minutes, less than minutes you know, two or three minutes to do the entire set up. We were able to see it and have a dry run there in the warehouse setting. At that time I said Jared would you be kind enough to come back, let us do a live fire video with this so people could see how it operates. One of our customer service guys, William, is going to our trigger man today. We're gonna put him on the spot, if I shot little Susie instead of the bad guy I didn't want you guys laughing at me. So we're gonna put William on the spot for that today. Well without further ado, unless you have something else Jared ? We will take a short break and we'll come back and go to live fire. We'll say this, Will in the world that I come from, if you shoot something that your not supposed to it's a tire pull, and I don't want you to have to do any tire pulls so you know guy with the gun that's the threat. But I know you'll do fantastic, we're gonna have fun. All right very good folks we'll be right back. All right Will, you ready? I am. All right heres what were gonna do, I'm gonna control this manually and we are going to start in the home position right there. And I'm going to turn it one way or another, you're gonna work from holster. If it's a threat your gonna double tap, if it's not a threat obviously you're not gonna engage. All right. Good to go ? Yes sir. All right ... All right eyes and ears we are going hot. Good holster up. All right lets go ahead and now we are going to work from the ready position. So high ready or low ready, whatever you want and it will be the same thing. Actually lets do Mozambique, so two in the chest one in the head. Good to go ? All right, shooter ready. Nice. Get that magazine up! Nice right on. All right go ahead holster up, I wanna show you another drill, and I love doing this. Lets go down range, so what your gonna do here, your gonna actually stand with your back to the pivotal trainer. When you hear it turn, you're gonna look, just for admin purposes, your gonna look over your left shoulder when you hear it turn. And you're going to make a decision, is this a threat or not a threat. If it is a threat, you are going to create distance while you engage. If it's not a threat, obviously you are just going to keep walking down the sidewalk, you know this is a great situational drill because it could be you pumping gas, it could be you at the ATM machine, you hear something behind you're gonna turn around to investigate. If it's a threat you are going to neutralize that threat and create space. If it's not just keep doing what you are doing. Its all good ? All right cool so administratively, Will is going to always turn over his left shoulder, so if I could all the camera people, just for safety I want everybody to be kinda in this direction. Is that okay? So, all right stand by, shooter any questions? No sir. Okay I'm gonna reset it, just stand by. Okay shooter you ready ? Yes sir. All right. That's why we train this way, that's the guy taking your picture. Oh okay. Yeah I get that okay. That's why we train this way No they oh no yeah, just killed Joe with his cell phone. I'm gonna reset All right. All right shooter ready ? Yes sir. There we go, reset. Shooter ready ? Yes sir Nice. Shooter ready Yes sir Reset ... Get that mag up, get that mag up. Nice reset. You dry ? Almost, my last mag. Okay we'll do a couple more. Well I got one more no. Right on reset. All right Will, what do you think? I think it's awesome. Good tool? Awesome tool. We'll go ahead and call it cold, call the range cold. So the two things about this system, it eliminates shooter anticipation because you don't know when it is going to turn. And it forces shooter discretion. And I don't know if I mentioned this earlier or not, but Will you can actually slave up to 10 units to one of these RF line of sight remote controls. So imagine the scenarios you can create where multiple units are slaved together and they are all in automatic mode and they're turning at different times. You can create very overwhelming scenarios that are fantastic for training. And one of these things can overwhelm a shooter, try multiple units, it's game changer in the training world. What do you think ? I think it's awesome. Gets those motor skills. Shows you how to react from the brain all the way through the gun, to the trigger, accuracy, everything. Right you know that, when you were working especially from the ready position, when that target turns, that triggers movement. So you're actually doing a drill if it's the unknown or the good guy, you are actually doing a drill where your pushing your pistol forward but you're making a decision to not do anything with your finger you know. Because that motion causes you to present your weapon, but you're not engaging. So it's a great discretionary training tool. Even for dry fire, phenomenal. Yes that's what I do in my downtown apartment, I dry fire. Excellent I like it. It's a great tool, especially, for just to have fun, for anybody competing IDPA. But really where the rubber meets the road for me is anybody law abiding responsible citizens carrying a firearm as a tool. This is great training. Well you hit a key point for me, something that hits close my heart, as Americans it's our right to bear arms. If you chose to do so, it is your absolute responsibility to train, because at the end of the day you are responsible for every single round that leaves the firearm period. That's right. Cool you want to keep shooting ? Absolutely, all day long. All right cool man, lets do it man. Aw the boss is going to be mad Jared, we been having too much fun out here folks. Off camera, everybody that's out here with us today. We've got some of our media people and everybody has been taking a turn at these targets. We've had a blast right. Oh Indeed. You guys always hear me talking Jordan, Jordan running the camera don't like to be on the camera. But Jared has been working with her, he's turned her into a world class marksman on this thing here in the last 30 minutes. It's been great, Jordan I wish you would have just been on camera we could have sold this thing instead of putting it out there for free. At any rate we realized we have a go pro with us. We didn't have an attachment, but we had some glue Jared, so we glued it to an extra hat we had over here. If you don't mind would you be so kind. We're gonna swap hats out, here you go Jordan bring it into the frame. You're asking me to shoot ? We're gonna put you on the spot. I will gladly do that, absolutely. We're Go-Proing. Is that thing on ? I don't know if it's on, but we'll take a break and we'll turn it on. When we come back, we're gonna set it for your big head first thing were gonna do. And then we're gonna Go-Pro with the Navy Seal on his own product. Folks we'll be right back. So we picked a beautiful day to come out here and shoot, last week actually it was 25 degrees in North Carolina, today it's like 75, everybody is back at the truck. But I'm going to keep shooting so I appreciate you filming. And since no one is here, I'm going to put this thing in automatic mode, unholstered, with one and a half second presentation time. For now just gonna turn off the remote control. And this will enable me to train by myself. I'm going hot ! And I'm out. All right good to go, oh here we go, thank you. Folks we've had a great day here with Jared Ogden and Triumph systems and all of his cool product. Thank you very much, thank you for your time. Thank you so much for being here, I wanna make you a deal, if you'll send me one of those t-shirts, I will wear it in some of our product videos going forward. Done. I want to look as cool as you do. Done. Folks this is the real deal, look him up online, he's not hard to find. Jared Ogden, Triumph Systems. Again so honored to have had you. Look for his product online here at Classic Firearms. Folks we appreciate your business and as always thank you for being with us at www.classicfirearms.com

Video: Triumph Systems Pop Packs Review/Live Fire with Jared Ogden


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
All right Jared, we've seen the Pivotal Trainer in action now. Everybody's very impressed with that. We've got a couple more products from this innovative genius here. I'm going to go ahead a say it, we've got some Pop Packs here. We've also got some interactive targets that we're going to display. Classic Arms will be carrying all this product very soon in the future. Jared, tell us the concept behind this. With the Pop Packs, really, there's two different ways to think about it. The intended applications for law enforcement and for serious trainers is to do call out drills. We've all done call out drills before. Typically, it's symbols spray painted on a piece of Tyvek. The issue with doing that is, you know in advance of what's being called out, how many times you're going to shoot that variable. You're conditioning your body to respond in a stressful situation by only shooting once, or only shooting twice. The training score that this products mitigates is, you do a call out drill, just like you would any other call out drill, but you shoot what is called out until the target is fully neutralized. Which, by the way, looks like this. This is kind of like a Pop Pack, you're going to get that instant feedback. You shoot the target until it's fully neutralized, just like in a violent encounter you would shoot a threat until that threat is fully neutralized. Now, for recreational shooters, for plinkers, this is just an awful lot of fun, as you're about to see. It's a safe, much less expensive substitute to Tannerite. Everything that you see here is biodegradable, so it's not bad for the environment. It's also water soluble, so if you get up close to it and it splatters back on you, it's not going to stain your clothes. You just told me the price point on those. I'm not going to reveal it until we actually have them on the site ... Okay. ... ready for sale, but I was surprised at how affordable it is and how much fun it's going to be when we shoot it. William, you're going to be trigger man for us again on this? Excellent. All right, we've got our volunteer folks. We'll be right back with some live fire. We are going hot. All right, make your weapon hot and we will be going live shooter. I'm going to call out a variable, a unique variable. It might be two identifiable things, or three, but you're going to PID, or positively identify, and then you're going to shoot until that variable is fully neutralized, just like in a violent encounter, you shoot a threat until it's fully neutralized. Good to go? Yes, sir. Any questions? No, sir. Okay, going hot. Yellow square, three! There we go. One, green circle! Yellow triumph! Pink triumph! Three, green square! Nice. Pink circle, two! Green triumph! Three, green triumph! Mag change, mag change, get it up! Nice. Three, pink! Square, pink, two! Square, pink, two! Oh, [inaudible 00:03:25]. There we go. That's it, what do you think? That is fun. It's pretty good. Lot of fun and there's a lot of stuff going on. There is. I'm like, "But, yeah ..." So imagine if you had like two or three buddies up there and you're racing each other. It took me a while not being ex-military ... Triumph? Okay, what is ... Shield? Oh, and I should have told you that in advance ... That's all right. ... but again, you know, just you thinking under pressure. That's great. I didn't tell you but you connected the dots, put it together. So, good drill ... That's wonderful. Thank you. It's good training. Yeah, yeah. It's a lot of fun too. I get the feeling when we ... [inaudible 00:04:04], isn't it? Yeah.