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Video: 1903 .30-06 US Rifles Part 2


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Hey, everybody. Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Wednesday, April the 19th. We're going to continue today with our second group of rifles, like we started telling you about yesterday. These are our 1903 rifles from a private collection. We bought these from a private collector. All of them are rifles that he acquired through the Department of Civilian Marksmanship over a period of time. You saw the first group already in our email yesterday. This is the second group. We're going to take a little break at the end of this video, assemble the last one, two, three, four. We have five guns left over there. We're going to show you the last five guns, and we're going to show you a group, a collection of bayonets that came with these rifles also, that we'll also have to offer to you. But just more of the same today. We just wanted to show you the remainder of the guns. Matt's running the camera today. He also set up the rifles. Matt, I forgot to ask you, everything on the table is still Remington, correct? Still Remington. Still Remington. We haven't found any other manufacturers. So I'm pretty confident, unless we see something in this last five, that they're all going to be Remington. All are pretty much the same condition. Every one of them has their original military sling on it from the DCM. Let me see if I can get this open and it will come out. I'm not making a promise that every single rifle has it, but I will tell you that every rifle that we have checked has the cleaning kit still stored in the butt stock. So that's good. Again, hear what I just said. Every rifle that we have checked, and we have checked quite a number on them, I would bet the vast majority of these do have them. But again, we haven't checked every single rifle. Even if I thought we had checked every single rifle, I wouldn't make the guarantee, because Mr. Murphy lurks around whenever you make a guarantee, and something will happen, and one won't have it and somebody will say you told them a lie. But everything we've checked has it. Every rifle we've seen also either has the Certificate of Authenticity from the DCM, or the owner's manual. I think we've found a Certificate of Authenticity in everything so far. Correct, Matt? Yes, sir. This one does not have the owner's manual with it for some reason. That's why I picked it up. It just has Certificate of Authenticity. But 99% of them also have the owner's manual, and you'll see that when Matt scans the table. Matt, go ahead and scan on those. Once again, we have graded them out here by either Standard Grade, which is a very nice, nonrefurbished, 1903 Remington .30-06 caliber bolt action rifle. One of the most historic rifles ever in the US arsenal. If you're familiar with the movie Saving Private Ryan, Berry Pepper's character, the sniper in that rifle, used a variation of this rifle as the sniper character when he was portrayed in the movie, and used it very successfully. They are an extremely accurate rifle. Yep, you bumped into that one, didn't you, Matt? I did. They're precariously perched up on there, on there bolts there, as you see them. But a beautiful batch from the DCM. Matt, when you get there, let me ask you to come back to the front of this box. I want to make a point here. Without folks seeing too closely on the label, each of these boxes, and we're going to have to come in with some blackout, because I want to protect the anonymity of the person we bought them from. But each of these boxes does have the original FedEx shipping label where the DCM shipped the rifle to the end user. You're shaking your head. Did we lose battery? Are we okay. My phone went off. Oh, okay, your phone. That's okay. It wasn't very loud. It'll be fine. Don't know what else to tell you folks. You saw about the cleaning kits. You know about the slings. DCM rifles, which are a collector's dream. Every collector wants rifles directly from the DCM. These will ship in the original box, with the original label on it that the DCM sent it to the collector that we purchased them from. Folks, we're always looking for collections to buy, so bear that in mind. We want to be your buyer on your collection. So if you have a collection reach out. We pay top dollar for them, because we know what we're getting, and good surplus is hard to find. We have five more rifles and some bayonets to show you, and we will be right back. Hey, PS. We're going to add a tag to that video that we just did for a couple of reasons. Matt just reminded me that I keep saying DCM. I've always referred to it as the Department of Civilian Marksmanship. Most common nomenclature, I think, people call it the CMP, Civilian Marksmanship Program. Either way probably is technically correct, because it's one program under the guise of another, or departmental agency. But let's call these CMP guns, because that is what it says on the Certificate of Authenticity. Correct, Matt? Yes. You just corrected me on that. So thank you for the correction. Second thing is, I think we failed to scan this back row, which Matt also pointed out to me. So Matt, just make your way on around here, from either side, and scan this back row of rifles. Whenever you're done, just cut off the camera, and we're going to throw to that break and set up the last five. Now my phone's going off in the background. We've got to learn. All right, folks, this is our last five of these really nice 1903 rifles. I'll show you just a couple of things, and then we're going to throw it to Matt, who has been studying up a little bit on the bayonets that came with these things, and he's going to take you through the bayonets. Just before we go to the bayonets that we have, a couple of things on the rifles. This is our last five, of course. All of these are still marked as Remington, all 1903's, .30.06 bolt action historical rifles. We had this one originally, as you can see it's a very nice stock, good grain in the stock, good parkerizing. Originally had this one as a Hand Select. Happened to notice this one also has a little crack in the hand guard. Matt, are you able to pick that up and reach in for it. Get a little closer. I don't know if you can see it on the film. There's a little crack in the hand guard there. So we've marked that down to Standard grade. Otherwise, we have a couple of Premiums, a couple of Hand Selects left on here. Let's see. We'll just show another one really quick so you can see the overall condition and grade of these 1903's. You got the receiver there, Matt? Mm-hmm (affirmative). Good. All right, folks. Once again, these came with their Civilian Marksmanship owner's manuals and Certificates of Authenticity. All five of these, as we said in the previous video, or the first part of this video, they are coming with that, coming in the original boxes, etc. So we appreciate there. They're going to post tomorrow. We're going to take a short break, and Matt is going to close us out showing you the bayonets that you can purchase along with these. Be right back. Hi, everybody, Matt from Classic Firearms. I'm just going to present the last of this collection that we acquired for sale, related to the 1903 Springfields. First off, we have a single case of .30.06 ammo. That's 720 rounds, on stripper clips, and we're going to let this go for $399.99. Just the one case, folks, so sorry. Kind of a race to that one. Then we have these bayonets. These bayonets are a mix of M style bayonets, M series. So we have some of the original 1905 sixteen inch bayonets. Dillon, why don't you come on in close, and we can try to get a look at some of these markings on here. Let me grab a better one. There you go. You can see on these bayonets we have manufacturer markings. The RE inspection stamp, the flaming bomb, year of manufacture. This one's from 1912. These were the original bayonets for the 1903 Springfield. As they developed between World War I and World War II, the Army decided to go to a little bit shorter of a bayonet. That resulted in the M1 bayonet, which we have here. Interesting fact, a lot of the 1905 bayonets were actually shortened. You can actually see how the fuller on this blade kind of comes to a stop here before the tip, versus say on this one where the fuller runs all the way through, indicating that this probably started life as a 1905, and was then shortened, either by the soldier himself, or the military that collected them and actually shortened those. However, in the Pacific theater of World War II, they actually did issue some of the 1905s, because the Japanese used a longer bayonet on their Arisaka. So that gave us a tactical equal footing with them when it came to hand-to-hand combat. Then we also have some of the M1 bayonets in their sheaths. Now these have an interesting little kind of spring catch. So you have to depress this button to pull it out. Again, Dillon, if you just want to come up here real quick, we're going to take a look at these markings as well. This is actually a really interesting example, because it's marked NES with the bomb. One of the things that the source that we got these from hypothesized that these might have actually been Greek manufactured. I'm not really sure about that particular marking. I know that we do have some different manufacturer marks, Rock Island and so forth. As far as pricing on these, for the M1 bayonets with no sheaths, we're going to let those go at $79.99. Now as far as whether you get one of the later models or the earlier models that have been adapted and shortened down, it's just kind of luck of the draw. But $79.99 for those with no sheaths. For the 1905 bayonets, the full 16 inchers, we're going to let those go at $99.99. Then because the sheaths are actually somewhat hard to find, we'll actually have the M1 bayonets with sheaths going for $129.99. Now these bayonets will fit both the 1903 Springfields, and any M1 Gurands that you have. These are actually going to be listed on the page with the 1903's as a custom option. So we're not offering them as a separate item at this point. But again, Dillon, if you just want to come in, pan, see a little different details of the original wood grips, versus the later plastic grips. While he's doing that, folks, I just want to say thank you again for always coming to classicfirearms.com. We always appreciate your business. We will have this for sale on Thursday. We hope to see you there. God bless.