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Winchester Guns 535206230 70 Extreme Weather Bolt 7mm Rem Mag 26" 3+1 Bell & Carlson Gray Stock Stainless Steel

MPN: 535206230  |  UPC: 048702002656

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The Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless utilizes a Bell and Carlson lay-up composite stock that provides a solid feel and features trim and lightweight ergonomics. It has a textured charcoal gray matte finish for rugged good looks and improved grip in adverse conditions. The sculpted cheekpiece helps insure proper eye-to-scope alignment from any shooting position. The thick, black Pachmayr Decelerator pad helps take the felt recoil bite out of high performance magnum cartridges. Like all Model 70s today, it features the Pre'-64 type claw extractor with Controlled Round Feeding so the cartridge may be easily withdrawn from the chamber at any point after it leaves the magazine. The Extreme Weather SS rifle's free-floating, fluted stainless steel barrel is made in the same factory as those found on U.S. military rifles and machine guns, and features a recessed target crown to protect the rifling.





7mm Rem Mag


Bolt Action

Barrel Length






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