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Wolf Performance 7.62x39 122 GR Ammo, Non-Magnetic, Lead Core, Full Copper Jacketed Projectile, Non-Corrosive, Range Safe - 1000 Round Case

MPN: 7.62x39 WFMJ-122GRAIN-WCFMJ  |  UPC: 645611763229
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Wolf Performance Ammunition 7.62x39 caliber, 122 grain, Lead Core, Full Copper Jacketed Non-Magnetic, Range Safe Bullet, Non-Corrosive, Coated Steel Case, 1000 Round Case. Unlike the standard Wolf line of full metal jacket ammo, which has a bi-metal jacket on the bullet with some magnetic properties,  this particular round has a true copper jacket that will not stick to a magnet, allowing its use on most indoor ranges that have magnetic restrictions.  Wolf Performance Ammunition features a specially formulated coating that ensures smoother feeding and extraction. This line is available in several calibers for recreational, competitive, and tactical shooting enjoyment. Wolf ammunition is known worldwide for its reliability and performance.  This ammunition comes packaged with 50-20 round commercial boxes in a 1000 round case.  We sell the SKU by the 1000 Round Case quantity.  

Note - Wolf Ammunition is branded as either Military Classic, Wolf Performance, or Wolf Polyformance. Wolf is currently shipping the same steel-cased polymer-coated ammunition packaged under either of the brandings with no difference in the ammunition regardless of the packaging. As such, we are selling all Wolf ammo as simply Wolf Performance Ammunition and will make no guarantee as to whether it will ship in the Performance, Polyformance, or Military Classic Boxing. Please know that the boxes you receive may or may not be the same as the image in this ad depending on how the ammunition arrived to us.  If this is a potential issue please do not purchase this ammunition.  







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