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AR-15 / M16 100 Round Dual Drum Magazine

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100 round dual drum magazine for AR-15 and M16 use. Manufactured in South Korea for the Korean Military. We are selling these by the each, and also by the master case of 10 as a stocking dealer special. Great for store stocking or gun show sales.  Free shipping on these!

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AR-15 / M16 100 Round Dual Drum Magazine

100 round dual drum magazine for AR-15 and M16 use. Manufactured in South Korea for the Korean Military. We are selling these by the each, and also by the master case of 10 as a stocking dealer special. Great for store stocking or gun show sales.  Free shipping on these!


Regular Price: $199.99

Special Price: $139.99

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Regular Price: $199.99

Special Price: $139.99

AR-15 / M16 100 Round Dual Drum Magazine

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  • AR-15 / M16 100rd Dual Drum Mag on my tac driver
  • Practical? No...
  • Ridiculous? Debatable...
  • Fun? Oh you know it!!
  • Eat it, Bloomberg!
  • Mag release and Magpul BAD lever fully accessible.
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • AR-15 dual drum magazine
  • 100 round capacity
Caliber .223
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

Brutus' Description

These 100 round dual drum magazines are super nice.  They're manufactured in South Korea for the Korean Military for use in their M16 rifles but work equally well in AR-15 rifles.  
Made to exceed NATO Specs.

We have carried them in the past and our customers loved the but then the importers ran out and there were no more to be found.
 Now they are back but only in a very limited quantity --get them while you can.

 These are all new in the box and come complete with all the components you see in the photo.

The push is on once again to ban high-capacity mags and these are at the top of the list.  Don't wait too long...

Stocking Dealers - Don't miss our special 10 pack Master Case Pricing.

Manufacturer's Description

AR-15 / M16 100rd dual drum mag. Manufactured in South Korea for Korean military use. These are nice and come complete with instruction manuals and all items you see.

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • AR-15 dual drum magazine
  • 100 round capacity
Caliber .223
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

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Customer Reviews

Awesome 100 round AR-15 Drum mag
Review by birddog4588 on 3/21/14
Great job Classis Arms. Quick FREE shipping to West coast. Shoots awesome. Buy one before they are gone!
Video Review
AR15 100 Round drum mag
Uploaded by Mike Haass
Good product
Review by Deuce on 10/23/13
I tested a full mag in two very different ARs with fantastic results. Check out the video to see the unboxing, loading, and shooing of a full mag.
Video Review
KCI AR15 100 round drum magazine review purchased from www.Classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by sciencescifigaming
looks and fits great fast shipping good price
Review by Jacky on 2/13/14
I pieced a Ar 15 M4 together that I purchased from Classic Firearms. I bought the complete MM lower matched with the MM upper, ordered this 100 round drum mag just because.
Haven't had a chance to run the complete assembly yet but it all fits tight and looks great, Price for all was very reasonable.
Pretty Good but not flawless
Review by COLIN on 2/11/14
Ran a mag dump with one stovepipe with wolf steel ammo. Fairly easy to load with the loader and thats great because even with the loader you will be loading for a while.
100rnd Drum
Review by Matt on 12/12/13
Ordered this and received it quickly; only took a few days. Weather has kept me from actually using it, but the drum feels well built. Apparently it's supposed to come with an instruction manual? Mine didn't, but if you don't know how to load a magazine, you shouldn't be buying this. =P
Get one before "they" say you can't anymore!!
Thanks again Classic!
Great Friggin' Present
Review by BadKharna on 7/14/13
Bought this as a present for my son as he does not own one of these....wished I had a camera when he opened it up...definitely a picture worth posting...so as soon as he has time to go shooting, I will post some pics..Great Job Classic Firearms!
It works
Review by Nyfofam on 6/14/13
Ran a full mag through without any FTF issues or jams. Wouldn't want to lug this full mag around in my M&P 15 all day as it will add a considerable amount of weight to your rifle. These "Korean clones" get a bad rap for unreliability all over the net but so far, its functioned flawlessly. Just in case, Im gonna make sure I always keep the graphite lube close by.
Drum mag
Review by Javi on 5/25/13
Got my drum mag in about 2 weeks ago. Just got the chance to use it today and its the best drum mag out there and for the price who can beat it. Classic firearms is one of the few who hasn't gouged their prices.
Review by Thomas on 5/15/13
Ordered and received in short order. I am now the envy of the AR Crowd with this Dual Drum Mag. Strongly recommend the drum and Classic Firearm!
A really great product
Review by Robert on 4/29/13
Love the ease of loading, though would like to see a 10 rd. loader for this. Very lightweight and highly functional. I recommend this to my friends and once they use mine they are hooked
Review by RON on 4/11/13
As always nothing but the best from Classic Arms love your items the 100 drum mag is awesome love it the only down fall of it would be it adds alot of wieght to the AR15 when it is loaded with the full 100 rounds but other then that PERFECT God Bless such a wonderful company shalom
Great Item!!!!
Review by Antonio on 4/5/13
Thanks for the clear back! Can't wait to go to the range!
fantastic product
Review by zephyr0069 on 3/17/13
love it. only downside is refilling it each time I take it to the range LOL.
Great Drum
Review by Lightning on 3/14/13
I have not had the opportunity to test this drum yet but based on appearance and weight this drum will be outstanding. It comes with a great carry pack and everything you need to have smooth operation.
worked perfect
Review by Pete on 3/11/13
I got my dual drum mag on Thursday loaded it full then took it to the range Sunday! It ran through every round without any problem !!!! It came with the clear back which was a nice surprise!! Thank you classic firearms for the fast shipping ordered monday night got it thursday! Awesome
Great item.
Review by Hammer on 3/10/13
Exactly as described. A certain place was selling the same item on the same day for $100.00 more! Now that is bad business on their part. I think this site is great! Feel free to use my rating & name anytime.
Awesome buy!
Review by Mitchell on 3/10/13
I received my drum in a timely manor, couldn't wait to run a few rounds with my slide fire and that was the most fun I had at the range in a long time! No jams, no problems with accessories,awesome product.
Review by Rich on 3/8/13
Combined with the slide fire stock, The fun factor is worth every round!
Excellent item
Review by bobmyles on 3/8/13
Loads very nice, not as heavy as i had previously thought it might be. IOne thing I would recommoend is purchasing the 10 rd loader with it which will be my next purchase, comes wiha 5 rd and it works qiute well. Overall an exellent item
good buy
Review by Joe on 2/20/13
It misfeeds every now and again but i think that's because its new, i am sure after a couple hounded rounds it should be much better. the prise is fair cant find a better deal any where i looked places wants like $300 for it. So i think its a must buy for a drum mag if u own a AR but keep in mind if u want to keep it for a rainy day you must break it in.
Excellent drum
Review by Hassy on 2/15/13
This drum is awesome, get one while you can. Classic firearms is the only company I've dealt with in the past 3 months that actually keeps their time frames realistic. Midwayusa, cheaperthandirt, and promag can kiss my ---- as they had backorder dates that keep moving further and further away AFTER you bought saying the backorder was only weeks out.

Review by T on 2/14/13
Received my drum magazine today. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones as well, the magazine I received has the clear back cover. Now my only question is do I use it, or do I store it for a later date? With the current political nonsense its hard to say.

Only reason I bumped it from 5 to 4 stars because mine did not include the graphite lube. But that is not really an issue. Thanks Classic Firearms! You guys are awesome yet again.
Better get one before there banned
Review by Larry on 2/12/13
I am amazed these are back in stock and was actually able to order and receive one. (Rather quickly I might add) This is my second drum mag. The mag I received has the clear see through back cover which is really cool so that was a pleasant surprise. I will order more just in case the need arises. After all you cant have enough guns, ammo and high capacity magazines, right?

I would rate this 5 star if the bolt locked back after the last round. As it is the bolt travels in about half way and stops against the plastic coated dummy feeder rounds. Just pull back the charging lever, lock and drop the mag and ready to go another round. - Enjoy.............
Great deal
Review by Jim on 11/24/12
This dual drum mag. is an excellent value.
It's built well and functions just fine. It does not hold the bolt open when empy however.
The mag. loader included with it is a nice touch, allows easy fast loading. Received mine, tested it and quickly ordered another.
Ar15 drum mag
Review by Bob on 10/4/12
Well made recommend that you get them wile you still can. Super fast shipping