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This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Classic Firearms strives daily to bring you the finest collectable, commercial and military surplus firearms, accessories and service available anywhere in the marketplace. In our business dealings, as in life, we make every effort to live by the Golden Rule. We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you will come back often. We appreciate your business.

Rifle of the Day

  1. Today is Thursday October 8, 2015

    Pro Tip: There are lots of great deals on this page and more throughout the site but they're not always on the top of the page!


    ATI Omni Maxx Hybrid AR-15

    Was: $579.99  Sale Price: $499.99!!

    California Compliant Option Available

    American Tactical Imports is producing these light weight, extremely durable, feature rich and very affordable Omni Maxx Hybrid AR-15 rifles. This model includes the highly desirable Rogers Super-Stoc, 10 inch quad rail and Magpul 30 round PMAG. At $500 bucks, we think this AR is real tough to beat.



    Steyr HS50 .50 BMG

    Was: $5199.99  Sale Price: $4249.99!!

    If you want to join the .50 caliber club and have the thrill of long range, extremely accurate shooting, without breaking the bank, then this Steyr is your answer. Steyr rifles offer lengendary quality and performance and this single shot .50 BMG is one of their finest examples.  Browse all Steyr models.



    VEPR 12 Tactical Shotgun

    Reg: $899.99   Special Price: $799.99!

    California Compliant Option Available

    NEW!  Now Available to Ship to California!

    Now shipping with a Bonus 100 rounds of Wolf Ammo!  A $100 Value for FREE!

    Bigger, Better, Badder, The Russian VEPR 12 shotgun is the Gold standard in imported 12 gauge semi-autos.  This newest batch, just received on Feb 24th 2015 features a different solid one piece stock that goes directly into the rear trunion unlike previous versions that had side folding stocks that had been welded open.



    VEPR Rifles!

    Several Models On Sale!

    The Russian Vepr is a premium grade semi-automatic rifle with premium high grade walnut wood furniture, heavy target barrels and a more traditional styling.  We have had these in the past and they were extremely popular.  Now we have small quantities of various calibers and variations back in stock.  No collection is complete without one. Available in .223, .308, 5.45x397.62x39 and 7.62x54R calibers.


    VEPR 7.62x54R w/ 23in Barrel

    Was: $899.99  Sale Price: $849.99!



    VEPR .308 w/ 20in Barrel

    Was: $799.99  Sale Price: $749.99!




    Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant Rifles

    The countdown to our next batch is on! See status update below!!!  

    Back On Sale in

    Unbelievable.  That is all that we can say about the overwhelming response to our second offering of M39's. 
    Our countdown timer and pre-notification e-mails directed everyone to the site at high noon today and the flood of orders we received in such a short period of time was absolutely amazing. We were awestruck as we watched it happen. 

    For you who were able to get your order in before we ran out, thank you. We will be processing these orders and shipping them out as fast as we can.  For those of you who missed out, another chance is right around the corner!

    Update 10/6/2015 - All rifles ordered on last shipment should be shipped out by end of day tomorrow 10/7. The next batch is being sorted and graded now.

    The next batch of rifles will go on sale on Monday Oct 12th at 12:00 Noon EST.

    A word of advice. Our last batch of rifles sold out in just over an hour and we expect this batch to do the same. Phone orders take longer and our operators can only handle so many calls in a short time frame so expect phone lines to be tied up during this period. Online ordering is much more efficient.

    If you expect to get an order procesed please go ahead and create an account with us now if you don't already have one and make sure your C&R license or receiving dealer's FFL is on file before Monday. Otherwise there is no way we can post or accept your order.

    Click here to watch Ben unbox the third shipment of Finnish M39 Rifles



    Huge Selection of AK-47 Mags

    Shop all AK-47 Mags and Accessories Here


    Tapco Black Polymer

     As Low As 5.99!

    Tapco Smooth Side DE

    On Sale Only $5.97!

    Magpul AK/AKM PMAG

    Only $12.99!

    Romanian Surplus Steel

    On Sale! Only $13.99!

    Korean Steel New

    Only $12.99!



    Yugo PAP M92PV

    Was: $479.99  Sale Price: $449.99!

    Stop the presses. There are many AK Pistols out there but none that can hold a candle to these.  We love shooting these pistols and you will too. SB-47 Stabilizing Brace also on sale!

    Bonus: Now shipping with 5 mags!



    AK-47 75rd Rear Loading Drum Magazine

    Was: $89.99  Sale Price: $69.99!

    Brand New, beautiful high quality AK-47 75 round drums mags made in South Korea. Individually boxed, with instructions and warranty. These are super nice and priced right.  Get one for your AK - you'll be glad you did.



    Polish Radom P64

    Was:$249.99  Sale Price: $219.99!

    Famous Polish quality in a P-64 Makarov Pistol. 9x18 caliber, 6 shot, semi-automatic.  Comes with 2 mags.  These continue to be a favorite amongst collectors and shooters alike.  C&R Eligible.



    Bulgarian Makarov Pistols

    Just Acquired!  Excellent to Like New Condition!

    Bulgarian Makarov Pistols. 9x18 Semi-Auto. All are in Excellent to Like New Condition. Famous Eastern Bloc military pistols built in the world renowned Arsenal Plant.  The remarkable condition of these pistols along with the original communist star grips make these a real show piece.



    Del-Ton AR-15 Magpul Rifle Kit

    New Item!  Intro Price: $499.99!

    16" M4 Rifle Kit with Magpul MLOK handguard, MOE grip and MOE buttstock in dark earth, comes with everything needed to complete a stripped lower receiver.  Pair it with a Del-Ton stripped lower receiver for a complete build kit.

    Also available in Black here.



    Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 Complete Upper

    SPECIAL PURCHASE! Only $289.99 For a Limited Time!

    These are really nice, function tested and ready to drop into any AR-15 lower and start firing.  Barrels are made from 4140 cold rolled steel and are rated at a life of approx. 150,000 rounds - they are top end.



    Yugoslavian SKS

    In Stock and Ready to Ship!  Only $429.99!

    After a long period of no availability, we're thrilled to be able to bring you these beautiful Yugo SKS rifles once again.

    These are without a doubt the finest group of military surplus rifles we have ever received.  These rifles appear to be in their original factory issue condition from the butt stock to the barrel tip.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a beautiful sample of this historic rifle.

    Check out the Unboxing Video

    These rifles are also available by the crate here!



    Polish AK-47 Parts Kit

    New Item!  Intro Price: $399.99!

    These are really nice Polish AK-47 parts kits complete with new U.S. made barrel.  Factory disassembled in the famous Radom plant in Poland.  Receiver not included.  Kits like these are getting harder to come by, especially in this nice of condition.  Fall weather is a perfect time for a build project.



    Century Arms C93

    Was: $749.99  Sale Price: $679.99!!

    A more compact version of the CETME rifle, the C93 is basically a clone of the HK-93 rifle that is world renowned for it's reliability and accuracy. Chambered for the 5.56/.223 cartridge. It features a fluted chamber for reliable cycling and a roller lock bolt system.



    Glock Police Buy-Backs

    Starting at $399.99!!  What a Deal!

    One of the best opportunities we have ever been able to present! These guns are top notch.  Several models have already sold out.  Don't miss this opportunity to own a great Glock pistol at deeply discounted prices. Click here to see Ben talk about the different Glock models.

    Glock 22 Law Enforcement Trade-ins - Gen3 & Gen4



    Barrett 82A1 .50 BMG

    Was: $8599.99  On Sale: $8399.99!

    Tighten the belt on your big boy pants...

     For more than three decades, the Barrett 82A1 has been carefully studied, honed and refined. The result is a feat of engineering so infinitely precise that it's hard to believe it's man-made.  After 30-plus years of making history, the powerhouse rifle that started it all is still leading the pack.  

    This configuration includes the incredible Leopold MK4 Optics.  Check it out here.

    Barrett 82A1



    DDI AK-47 Magpul Edition

    New Item!  Introductory Price: $759.99!

    Now you can get custom quality at production prices.  This rifle has a KG Gun Coat finish, Fenocited bolt, bolt carrier, cleaning rod, axis pins, rear sight assembly, spring guide, and Green Mountain barrel. Also features Magpul MOE furniture, Magpul magazine and Tapco G2 FCG.



    Canik TP-9 SA 9mm Pistol

    Was: $339.99  Now Only $294.99 with Mail-In Rebate*!

    * Must purchase by October 15th

    They took an already great pistol, and made it even better. This is the New for 2015 version of the TP-9 and let me tell you it is worth the wait. Not only does it look great, it functions even better, My old TP-9 is still a great gun and I trust in it but it is going in the glove box, this one is taking it's place as my primary. Available in Black or Desert Tan

    Mail-In Rebate Opportunity Expires October 15th!



     Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifles

    Tula, Izhevsk and Laminated Stock Options.

    The M91/30 Mosin Nagant is Mother Russia's most historically proven early battle rifle and the most popular selling rifle by far in the 25 year history of our company.  They were gone for a while, but now they're back!


    Check out the Unboxing Video



    Star Super B 9mm

    Back in Stock!   Only $249.99!

    This is the mid 1940's variant of the Classic Star Model B and is marked "Modelo Super" on the right hand side of the slide. The major change in the "Super Model" over the standard model B is the replacement of the swinging link with a Sig 210 style closed cam path integral to the barrel.  These are cool pistols.



    Zastava M77PS .308 Caliber

    Get Yours Before They're Gone! Only $579.99!

    The M77 PS .308 Semi-Auto is our hottest selling rifle of 2015.  This high quality rifle combines the rugged reliable action of an AK-47, with the power and long range accuracy of the .308 Winchester caliber. 

    This rifle will out perform other .308 semi-autos costing over three times as much. Remarkable rifle, fantastic price.  Purchase any of our M77 rifle adapters kits with the rifle and the kit will ship free with the rifle.  The only problem with this rifle is that they are running out of them fast.  Hurry and get yours today!  

    Update: We now have really nice U.S. made 20 round magazines for this rifle!



    Romanian TTC Tokarev - Excellent Condition 

    Was: $249.99   Sale Price: $229.99!

    Historic Romanian TTC Tokarev pistol, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Cugir Factory, 7.62x25.  Excellent condition, comes complete with Holster, Lanyard, and 2-Mags



    Russian Saiga AK-47

    Was: $749.99  Sale Price: Too Low to Show

    Add it to your cart to see  the Classic Firearms instant rebate available today!

     Russian Saiga 762 AK variant rifle by Kalashnikov USA. One of the smoothest operating, best looking Russian AK-47 rifles available.  The combination of the customized pistol grip and the highly desireable Phoenix stock  make these one of the most comfortable and controllable rifles on the market today.



    AR-12 Shotgun

    New Item!  Intro Price: $389.99!

    The AR-12 not only resembles the AR-15 / M16 rifle but the control and function are similar. Barrel is threaded for choke tubes and firearm comes complete 3 choke tubes and 2 all steel 5 round mags.

    Check out the Live Fire Video!



    Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K11 Carbine

    Back In Stock!  Only $299.99!

    The Swiss 1911 Carbine being smaller, lighter and still lethally accurate, became a favorite of the Swiss Army and its popularity contributed to the design of its successor, the K31.



    Anderson AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

    Going FAST!  On Sale $39.99!

    Talk about a great value.  We don't think you can beat the quality of these lower recievers anywhere near this price point.  Get yours now, they never last long when we sell them at this price.



    Huge Selection of AR-15 Barrels

    Starting at $74.99!

    We have a huge selection of AR barrels in various lengths, twist rates, finishes and styles.  Upgrade your AR with a high performance barrel or give it a new look.


    AR-15 100 Round Dual Drum Mag

    Was: $139.99   Sale Price: $99.99

    Manufactured in South Korea for the Korean Military for use in their M16 rifles but work equally well in AR-15 rifles.  The ultimate AR accessory at the range.  Includes nice storage case.

    Check out all of our AR-15 magazines and accessories.



    Romanian Mag Package Deal

    4 Mags + Pouch Bundle Only $59.99!

    Get the highly desirable surplus Romanian AK-47 steel magazines with an original Bulgarian mag pouch at a great combo price!



    Uzi 9mm Sub Machine Gun

    Back in Stock!  On Sale: $599.99!

    Based upon the combat-proven and well-respected Israeli sub-machine gun design developed by Uziel Gal in the 1950's, the 9×19mm Centurion UC-9 Carbine is a semi-automatic only, folding steel stock, straight blowback operation, closed bolt carbine.



    AR-15 80% Lower Receiver

    No FFL Required.  As Low As $39.99!

    For the weekend gunsmith, Class Seven manufacturer or simply those who want to private label their own firearm we are pleased to bring you these 80% complete lower receivers made of 7075 forged aluminum. No FFL is required for transfer and the only machining needed is to finish to completion is for the fire control group, trigger pin,hammer pin,trigger slot and safety selector.



    Bulgarian Arcus 98DA or 98DAC

    Was: $319.99  Sale Price: $279.99!

    The Arcus Model 98 Series pistol is widely used in Europe and has been chosen as the official sidearm of the new Iraqi Army and Police. Designed to meet the tough as nails standards of military and law enforcement, the Arcus is based on the classic High Power 98 Series and is a single or double action firearm you can count on for carry, sporting or home defense.




    Del-Ton Sport Lite AR-15 Carbine

    Was: $519.99  Sale Price: $449.99!

    California Compliant Option Available

    The DT Sport "Lite" was designed specifically as the ultimate light weight, no frills entry level carry rifle.  It  features a 16" light weight barrel with 1x9 twist, 6 position M4 stock, CAR handguards with single heat shields and A2 flash hider. 



    Russian Saiga AK by Kalashnikov USA

    Was: $899.99  Sale Price: Too Low to Show

    This is one of the coolest newly manufactured items we have ever had.  This thing is even cooler in person than the pictures can do it justice.  Check out the ad and learn all about it.  

    Add it to your cart to see the large Classic Firearms instant rebate available today!



    Wolf Performance 9x18 Makarov Ammo

    As Low as $11.99 per 50rd Box

    High quality Russian 9x18 ammunition.  Works great in our P-64s and other fireams chambering the Makarov round.



    California Legal AK-47 M247-T

    New Item!  Only $599.99!

    California Legal I.O. AK-47 Model M247-T Semi-Auto Premium Grade Tactical Rifle. U.S. Made by I.O. Inc., 7.62x39 caliber w/ riveted to legal magazine and factory installed mag lock. Includes side rail, tactical scope rail, match grade barrel and phantom muzzle brake. Lifetime Warranty.



    MEXSAR Mendoza Semi Auto .22LR

    Inventory Blowout Sale!

    Our Lowest Price Ever!  $149.99!!

    The MEXSAR Mendoza is a lightweight, easy to carry semi-automatic rifle chambered in .22LR with a 16 round tube fed capacity.



    Russian Surplus 7N6 5.45x39 Ammo

    Get it While You Can!  Only $239.99!

    This is the stuff you want to fire in your weapon. 7N6 is the ultimate 5.45x39 ammo.  Designed by the Russians for ultimate performance in all AK-74, Saiga and Vepr Rifles that fire the 5.45x39 cartridge. 



    Sellier and Bellot 9mm Ammo

    Was: $14.99  Sale Price: $12.99!

    This is fantastic Ammo. Made in the Czech Republic by the world famous Sellier and Bellot Ammunition company.  This high quality 115gr, FMJ, 9mm ammunition is boxer primed, non corrosive, brass cased and fully reloadable. Great ammo, great price...  What are you waiting for?

    Magtech 9mm 124gr Ammo also on sale!



    Mossberg Persuader Pistol Grip Shotgun

    Back in Stock!  On Sale Only $319.99!

    There is a reason that the Mossberg Persuader is one of the most popular 12ga pump action shotguns ever made.  It's the perfect all round home defense tactical shotgun.  It makes for a great addition to any bug out kit too.



    I.O. AK-47 M247-T Tactical Rifle

    Was: $599.99  Sale Price: $549.99

    Semi-auto premium grade U.S. made AK-47 tactical rifle. 7.62x39 caliber with black poly stock and 2-30 rd magazines.  Also includes side rail, tactical scope rail, match grade barrel and phantom muzzle break.



    I.O. M247 AK-47 Poly Stock Rifle

    Was: $529.99  Sale Price: $499.99!

    The design and construction of the AKM247 is based directly from Polish AKM blueprints and features several upgrades over the traditional AK, including a tough polymer furniture set.  This American made AK is also a great value.  See the Live Fire Video, Introductory Video and then watch Ben dump some ammo in a torture test.



    Extended Capacity Mags for Glock Pistols

    Shop all of our Glock Pistols


    .40 Cal Glock 31rd Mag
    As Low As 8.99!

    .40 Cal Glock 50rd Drum
    On Sale Only $69.99!

    9mm Glock 50rd Drum
    On Sale Only $49.99!

    9mm Glock 33rd Mag
    As Low As 8.99!

    .45 Cal Glock 26rd Mag
    As Low As 8.99!



    Hirtenberger 7.62x51 Surplus Ammo

    360 Round Battle Pack Only $259.99!

    Hirtenberger is considered some of the finest ammunition in the world, and this is no exception.  Very Clean 7.62x51 NATO by Hirtenberger Mfg (Austria) Brass, Boxer, Reloadable, Non Corrosive, Lead Core .308.  360 Round Battle Pack.



    Romanian 7.62x25 Brass Berdan Ammo

    Only $27.99!

    This is basically a shortened rifle round and as a result shoots faster and flatter than virtually any pistol round out there.  It roars like a lion, throws a flame that is quite impressive and draws attention from others on the range.  Don't buy this if you're shy. 




    Hundreds of Additional Firearms and Accessories

    For Sale and In Stock Here at Classic Firearms!

    Long Guns - Hand Guns - C&R Eligible - Ammo - Accessories


Joke of the Day
Be careful when you hire a blonde

A young blonde girl in her late teens, wanting to earn some extra money for the summer, decided to hire herself out as a "handy woman" and started canvassing a nearby well-to-do neighborhood.  

She went to the front door of the first house and asked the owner if he had any odd jobs for her to do. 

"Well, I guess I could use somebody to paint the porch" he said.



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Oct 2nd 1980 - Larry Holmes TKOs Muhammad Ali in 11 for heavyweight boxing title

I actually remember watching this as it happened. Holmes was a former sparring partner for Ali and knew Ali was well past his prime. I honestly think that he really just didn't want to hit him anymore but Ali wouldn't quit and the referee wouldn't stop it. ,

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Verse of the Week
Do we have our priorities straight. Jesus helps us know if we do.

Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.

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Born on this Day
Oct 2nd 1954 - Lorraine Bracco

She played Dr. Melfi on The Soprano's and was also in Goodfella's. 

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