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This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Classic Firearms strives daily to bring you the finest collectible, commercial and military surplus firearms, accessories and service available anywhere in the marketplace. In our business dealings, as in life, we make every effort to live by the Golden Rule. We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you will come back often. We appreciate your business.

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    Win The Ultimate Colt: 1911 PIstol

    Valued At $2499 Contest Ends June 4



    ATI GSG M1911 .22 LR Pistol

    5" BBL & 10 Round Capacity Only $216.79





    Russian .22 LR TOZ-35M

    Comes With Customizable Grip Only $499.99



    Sootch00 Visits Classic Firearms!

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    Beretta 92S 9mm Pistol

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    Special Edition T-Shirts Restocked!

    Available In All Sizes Only $29.99



    FedArm AR-15 .223/5.56 Pistol

    7.5" BBL & 7" Free Float M-LOCK Rail Only $449.99



    New Daniel Defense Rebate!

    Get A Free Vortex Sparc AR Red Dot Sight With Purchase of Any Daniel Defense Rifle



    sootch00 Reviews The M14 Rifle

    Check out sootch00's detailed review of James River Armory's M14 Rifle



    JRA M14 Rifles

    Original Military Configuration Only $1499.99

    Paratrooper Version Only $1499.99

    M14 Paratrooper Version



    On Sale Now: Select Barrels

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    Steyr AUG A3 M1 (3X Optic) .223/5.56 NATO

    16" BBL & 30 Round Capacity $2226.79



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    Shop VEPR Rifles & Shotguns

    Only A Few Remain!



    Bulgarian Makarov Pistol, 9x18

    Good Surplus Condition Only $249.99



    Yugo PAP M92PV AK-47 Pistol 7.62x39 Caliber

    Built In The Famous Zastava Arms Factory Only $627.79



    BM-59 .308 Rifles

    Only $1,299.99

    This is one of the sweetest shooting rifles I have ever seen. I would consider pulling the trigger an absolute privilege.

    Watch Ben's Videos + IraqVeteran8888's Review Video For More Information!

       Iraqveteran8888 Video: Italian BM-59 7.62x51 NATO Video   



    SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces!

    Multiple Styles & Models Available 



     Manufacturer Spotlight: Aresnal

    Check Out Arsenal AK-47s


    Hundreds of Additional Firearms and Accessories

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Joke of the Day
First day at school

The child comes home from his first day at school.

His Mother asks, "Well, what did you learn today?"

The kid replies, "Not enough. They want me to come back tomorrow."

Today in History
1977 Star Wars opens

On this day in 1977, Memorial Day weekend opens with an intergalactic bang as the first of George Lucas’ blockbuster Star Wars movies hits American theaters.

The incredible success of Star Wars–it received seven Oscars, and earned $461 million in U.S. ticket sales and a gross of close to $800 million worldwide–began with an extensive, coordinated marketing push by Lucas and his studio, 20th Century Fox, months before the movie’s release date. “It wasn’t like a movie opening,” actress Carrie Fisher, who played rebel leader Princess Leia, later told Time magazine. “It was like an earthquake.” Beginning with–in Fisher’s words–“a new order of geeks, enthusiastic young people with sleeping bags,” the anticipation of a revolutionary movie-watching experience spread like wildfire, causing long lines in front of movie theaters across the country and around the world.

With its groundbreaking special effects, Star Wars leaped off screens and immersed audiences in “a galaxy far, far away.” By now everyone knows the story, which followed the baby-faced Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) as he enlisted a team of allies–including hunky Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and the robots C3PO and R2D2–on his mission to rescue the kidnapped Princess Leia from an Evil Empire governed by Darth Vader. The film made all three of its lead actors overnight stars, turning Fisher into an object of adoration for millions of young male fans and launching Ford’s now-legendary career as an action-hero heartthrob.

Verse of the Week
I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought. —1 Corinthians 1:10

If people in our congregations are ever going to get along, the leaders of those churches must remind us of how important it is. Jesus' dying prayer was that we would be one. Why? So the world would know that the Father had sent him. Unity is not important, it is essential; not just as a theory or theology, but as a daily practice among the people who claim Jesus as Lord.

Born on this Day
May 25th


  • Adam Saathoff, Tuscon Ariz, running target 1996 Olympics


  • Heather Simmons-Carrasco, Mountain View California, synchro swimmer, 1996 Olympics


  • Mark Knight, California, rock guitarist, Bang Tango-Dancin' on Coals


  • Mike Myers, born in Scarborough, Canada, comedian, voice actor, 'Wayne's World', 'Austin Powers', 'Shrek'


  • Jessi Colter, Miriam Johnson, Phoenix, country singer, I'm Not Lisa


  • Robert Ludlum, New York City, spy novelist, Bourne Identity


  • Gene Tunney, world heavyweight boxing champion, 1926-30