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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle W/ Hex Receiver - 7.62x54R

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Rifle, Historic M9130 Mosin Nagant Rifle W/ Hex Receiver, 5rd bolt action - 7.62x54R caliber.  By far the best shooter for the money!

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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle W/ Hex Receiver - 7.62x54R

Rifle, Historic M9130 Mosin Nagant Rifle W/ Hex Receiver, 5rd bolt action - 7.62x54R caliber.  By far the best shooter for the money!

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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle W/ Hex Receiver - 7.62x54R

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Customer Submitted Images

  • Tula Ex-dragoon
  • Tula hex stamps
  • Hex with bayonet
  • One of my box of 5 mosins
  • And another Tula
  • And yet another Tula!
  • Mosin-Nagant, 1924 converted Dragoon
  • One of my latest batch from Classic.
  • No counterboring here!
  • A 1934 Tula.
  • My nice Hex receiver 1930 Mosin Nagant
  • And here's a 1933 Tula.
  • 1935 Tula Mosin Nagant Hex receiver that arrived today from my FFL.  What a nice clean, light color stock with a bright, shiny (not counterbored) bore with a great crown and perfect bluing
  • 1935 Tula Mosin Nagant Hex receiver that arrived today from my FFL.  What a nice clean, light color stock with a bright, shiny (not counterbored) bore with a great crown and perfect bluing
  • 1929 Izhevsk. Looks great!
  • Unboxing Rifle and Accessories kit pic 1
  • Little worn, but shoots like she's fresh off the line
  • 91/30 transformed
  • anntiglint
  • Master Pack
  • MP1
  • MP2
  • Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant
  • Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant
  • Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant
  • What's in the box...
  • Not bad for 1928 ex-Dragoon.
  • Not bad for 1928 ex-Dragoon.
  • Not bad for 1928 ex-Dragoon.
  • 1929 Mosin Hex, Ex Dragoon in perfect condition
  • 1929 Mosin Hex, Ex Dragoon in perfect condition
  • 1929 Mosin Hex, Ex Dragoon in perfect condition
  • 1929 Mosin Hex, Ex Dragoon in perfect condition
  • Refinished
  • Refinished
  • Refinished
  • Raspootyn X code hex1
  • Raspootyn X code hex2
  • Raspootyn X code hex3
  • Raspootyn X code hex4
  • Raspootyn X code hex5
  • Raspootyn X code hex6
  • Mosin Nagant Unboxing
  • 1934/49 Tula just received
  • 1934/49 Tula receiver close-up
  • 1934/49 Tula 'man in the canoe'
  • 1934/49 Tula clean and ready
  • 1934/49 Tula ready to shoot
  • 1933/49 Tula: Just received and unpacked
  • 1933/49 Tula: Refinished in Golden Pecan
  • 1933/49 Tula: Closeup of Receiver/stamps
  • 1933/49 Tula: Stamp of my 'Man in the Canoe'
  • 1933/49 Tula: Ready to go to the range
  • 1933/49 Tula: Ready to go to the range
  • 1933/49 Tula: Neat stamps on the bolt
  • 1934 Tula (non matching floor plate)
  • 1934 Tula (non matching floor plate)
  • 1934 Tula (non matching floor plate)
  • Mosin as received from Classic
  • Mosin cleaned up
  • Mosin in an Archangel stock
  • I'm very happy with the M9130, 1942  "Tula" it is beautiful and the bore is very good !
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x54R
  • Bolt action
  • Adjustable rear sights
  • 5rd mag
  • Hex receiver
  • VG / EX Cond
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

We currently have in stock a very special select batch of Russian Mosin Nagant rifles W / Hex Receivers.  These are WWII era rifles that have been arsenal refinished.  All of these are considered Very Good to Excellent condition. These rifles all come individually boxed from the importer and ship complete with a Sling. Bayonet, Mag Pouch and Tool Kit.  Rifles are individual boxes with 5 boxes in a master pack. These are all in very nice condition and as such we are not doing a hand select for condition. From what we have seen these could all pretty much qualify as hand select. Also there will be a mix of Tula and Ishevsk rifles and even some Dragoon era rifles mixed in. We are not selecting for those either or sorting them out. In this environment we are simply too busy to devote the space or manpower toward sorting these rifles and what you get will be luck of the draw.

Who knows, best case scenario you may end up with something very rare and collectible - Worst case, you will have a really nice Hex receiver M91/30 with all accessories at a great price. Current Price Limited to Stock On Hand. The Importer honored an old pricing committment to us but future shipments if available will be more expensive.  

C & R Eligible 

Note:  As you may have noticed, the price on these has been slowly creeping up lately and we do not expect that to change for a while.  Buy one before the next price increase.

Note Part Deux: Some will ask why these boxed rifles have all of their accessories and our crated rifles only have the bayonets. Well here is what I was told.
These hex receiver rifles have actually been in the country longer than our crated rifles and have been sitting in a bonded warehouse up north without being released for sale by the importer. The importer on these ( Century Arms ) discontinued Nagant sales for a while in order to concentrate on semi-auto rifle production and sales.
I am told that future shipments may or may not have slings, etc, because they are drying up in the Ukraine, but these rifles, being from an earlier shipment still have them. My advice is to get what you can while the getting is good.  
Bon Apitite..... 

Manufacturer's Description

Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant WWII Era Rifle W/ Hex Receiver, 5rd bolt action - 7.62x54R caliber.  By far the best shooter for the money!

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x54R
  • Bolt action
  • Adjustable rear sights
  • 5rd mag
  • Hex receiver
  • VG / EX Cond
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Happy, Happy, Happy!
Review by Laketboy on 10/28/13
Overall very happy with purchase and condition of the Mosin I received from Classic. Only downside as mentioned in video review and by others is packaging. I'd like to see Classic consider wrapping firearm in either bubble wrap or thick mil plastic, but luckily no real harm done. This was my first surplus firearm purchase. I am one of many who is really particular about the finish and condition of my firearms (read: don't like scratches, scuffs, nicks, dings, etc.) so it took me a bit to get past this "previously well loved" firearm dipped and generously coated in this gooey sticky waxy smelly substance! As my video shows, once I got it cleaned up (best method I think), oiled, bolt polished and easy stock refurb job completed I very happy with my usable collectible. I might consider a bluing job on the barrel and receiver as well as a bit more polishing on the bolt. Just ordered some ammo and a front sight adjustment tool and hope to get out to a buddy's 30 acres this fall to destroy some paper, cans and milk jugs! I have no problem recommending Classic after my first purchase and plan to be buying an AK-74 and maybe a Mosin M44 from them soon!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant M91/30 1929 Tula Hex
Uploaded by laketboy1
Great overall piece of history
Review by BoB K on 10/26/13
A pretty dang neat piece of history here. Was extremely happy how fast the gun came in to my FFL--w/in a week from order to arrival. Got two ammo pouches as well--was only expecting one, so that was neat as well. And for being however-old the bayonet was, it was still sharp enough to make a person need to be careful w/ it. Only bad thing was after getting the cosmo off, the front barrel band retainer was broke. Not really a big deal or anything--those bands stay pretty tight anyway, so I will probably just glue on rather than pay for a replacement, even though they are relatively cheap. In no way affects the gun, so not worried about it. The rifle has been been counterbored, which kind of stinks more because it means it doesn't look as clean as if they had just left it alone. Again not a huge deal, just saying. It was a Tula, which is neat. It also has 1933/49 MO stamp which is REALLY neat. Overall I am extremely pleased w/ the Mosin that Classic sent me--honestly, all the 'negative' stuff I said above are just little nitpickings to an above-average piece of history. Just thinking about the fact that this thing is 80 years old is just mind-blowing! Thanks again, folks!
Video Review
1933 Mosin Nagant from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by jerichoreed22
Another great Firearm form Classicfirearms.com M91/30 Hex Receiver !!!
Review by Bryan on 9/24/13
I purchased this M91/30 Mosin Nagant, 1931 Hex Receiver Rifle at Classicfirearms.com and wanted to do a short review of what I received from them shipped right to my door on September the 24, 2013 since I have a Curio and Relic's Federal Firearms License. I loved it when my UPS deliver man came to my door and said good morning and then tells me that it looks like he brought me something good from Classicfirearms.com, since he is also a gun enthusiast. This short video shows you how it was shipped from Classicfirearms.com and what my rifle looked like right out of the box and with the bubble wrap. I did not have the options for hand select for bore and finish when I ordered it online at classicfirearms.com. Since they felt all of the Hex Receivers they had were in excellent condition. It came with all the Mosin Nagant accessories cleaning rod, bayonet, oilier and tools for cleaning the bore and making and checking adjustments to the bolt, tool pouch, and sling and two double magazine pouches. It came with matching stamped serial numbers on the bolt, receiver, and magazine and butt plate. Wood finish was in great shape for a military surplus rifle from 1931 with matching wood all around the upper and lower of the Tula 1931 Hex Receiver. I used a bore light to check the rifling and it was in excellent condition with good rifling along with a 7.62x54R ammunition round to check for counter boring at the tip of my barrel. My M91/30 Hex Receiver was not counter bored at the end of my rifle barrel which I thought was great for being 82 years old and possibly an updated Dragoon version of the M91 since it is from 1931. Maybe some of you all might be able to tell me if it is or not. It was refurbished by C.A.I. Georgia, Utah or shipped to them to be boxed from Russia. Everything was covered with cosmoline and I had no rust that could be found and had a bright and shiny bore. I’m looking forward to firing this rifle once I have it all cleaned up really well. I'm also thinking about purchasing another Mosin Nagant M44 since I bought one right before this purchase from Classfirearms.com especially if they are in as great shape as this M91/30 Hex Receiver and my M44 was from them. Thanks Classicfirearms.com
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com M91/30 Mosin Nagant Hex Receiver Rifle
Uploaded by Joe Smith
Scored a 36 Tula
Review by Michael on 9/23/13
I knew I would get something special, having ordered one to a fraternity brothers FFL when the price was $20 ago I figured I'd get some good karma when I finally ordered my own and I sure did. Looking forward to getting this bad boy out to the desert and making things explode there. Thanks Classic. First an M44, then a Sino Soviet SKS, then a great AR from MMC, and now this. I have not had a single regret for any of my orders. Great company and if I didn't feel bad running up credit cards I'd own many more. Buy these while you can!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Hex Mosin 91/30 Unboxed and Cleaned. 1936 Tula. SCORE
Uploaded by BattleRifleReviews
Outstanding Tula Hex 91/30 100% Satisfaction
Review by Tom Adkins on 9/18/13
Once again, Classic Firearms has got it right. This is a beautiful rifle and I will be buying more from Classic in the future. Fast shipping, Outstanding Customer Service, 100% Satisfaction....
Video Review
Classic Firearms - 1935 Tula, Hex 91/30 Mosin Nagant
Uploaded by Tom Adkins
The perfect Mosin Nagant
Review by Possum on 9/9/13
Purchased the Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Hex Receiver. Came coated in cosmoline which i removed from the metal pieces using kerosene and the stock by the 'garbage bag in the sun' technique.

Beautiful clean mosin with extremely smooth action. very pleased with my purchase from classic firearms.
Video Review
Classic Firearms - Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant w/ Hex Recei
Uploaded by Jake S
Nice rifle, Unboxing...video
Review by Biggsio on 8/7/13
Great Buy...! Excellent rifle and service from Classic Firearms. 1935 Tula hex receiver.
All matching numbers, no counter bore and wood in very good shape. Extremely pleased with purchase...
Video Review
Mosin Nagant M91/30 from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by Joseph Phillips
A Great Buy...!
Review by Biggsio on 8/7/13
Very pleased with purchase from Classic Firearms... 1935 Tula Hex in excellent condition.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant M91/30 from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by Joseph Phillips
Video Update
Review by Crucible Arms on 7/7/13
Here is a quick overview and range video of the Mosin-Nagant purchased at Classic Firearms. It is a 1924 converted Dragoon.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant - Former Dragoon - Range Time
Uploaded by CrucibleArms
video update
Review by smibrover on 6/17/13
just updating my review, added a video, once i got it all cleaned up i noticed a few things i thought id add. there was some rust inside the magazine mainly in the few areas that are not easily cleaned. there was some black spray paint around the barrel by the front sight, that came right off after mineral spirits were applied. i dont know what it was covering as the barrel looks fine. im still happy with the purchase.
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com mosin nagant review.
Uploaded by TheSmibrover
Beautiful Example of a Mosin Hex
Review by Dennis on 5/31/13
I picked this up and hadn't cleaned off the cosmoline from the rifle but wanted to put a video showing what my rifle looked like when it arrived - I am very pleased with what I received and look forward to spending range time with my newest Mosin - this was my 1st firearms purchase from Classic and I will be back!!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant 91-30 Hex Receiver
Uploaded by Dennis G Mattinson
Got a good one
Review by ed92254 on 4/15/14
Bought this one and a 44 and both were good looking guns and great shooters
1932 91/30 Mosin Nagant w/hex receiver
Review by Will on 3/5/14
Received only a couple days after ordering.

The gun came heavily coated in cosmoline and in great shape. Numbers matching and even the stock was in great shape!

Cleaned up super nice and was not counter bored and had a great looking bored with nice rifling.

I put it into an Archangel stock and it's a sweet gun at a nice price.
Great Piece of History!
Review by Robb on 1/3/14
This is my 2nd M91/30 and first Hex, first purchase from Classic Firearms. What can I say that hasn't been said before! The ordering and shipping processes were flawless, ClassicFirearms did a "bang-up" job of informing me of tracking status updates, and working with my preferred FFL in Fort Worth was a breeze.

Now for the rifle. A 1935 Hex receiver with a striking tiger-stripe pattern on the stock! Beautiful! Following my cleaning routine with Simple Green and boiling water and LOTS of elbow grease, I had a working M91/30 and it fired flawlessly at my local range. A "BOOMSTICK" indeed!

Thanks for the most pleasant of gun-buying experiences!
Great Hex
Review by Rick on 12/20/13
Beautiful Hex receiver at a great price. I was pleased with my purchase and look forward to future purchases.
91/30 Hex Receiver Nagants
Review by darkk on 11/8/13
I purchased a 10 pack of these beauties. I unboxed them and they sure were greasy..lol We cleaned them all...whew! I ended up with 2 Tulas a 1934 and a 1933 w/prewar stocks. 1 1928 Izzy w/post war stock, it looks brand new and looked like the original bolt and all. The Rest were all Izzies with post war stocks with the exception of 1 wartime stock. The years were 1928-1934 inclusive. All the guns were very very good cond and some were excellent. We received all the accessories including bayonets with each rifle and an extra ammo pouch for each. I should have bought a 20 pack instead. I kept 3 and sold the rest. I could have sold 67 rifles at last count...It was a great deal, I would do it again...great people to deal with...
Great Looking
Review by Terry on 11/6/13
Looks real good for as old as it is. Has the normal wear and nicks. Nothing that I wasn't expecting. Very happy with purchase.
Truly impressed!
Review by Hey Ho Lets Go on 10/31/13
I was truly impressed with this gun. The stock looked like a nice piece of furniture, very few scratches and beautiful wood. Full nice looking bluing. AND BOY CAN IT SHOOT!!!! I have 2 round receiver 91/30's and a 44 carbine, none come close. I was hitting 1 - 1 1/2 inch groups with bullet holes touching at 100 yards....consistently, using green spam can ammo. I see some others didn't get so lucky but I felt really lucky to get such an accurate and beautiful tula rifle. I guess it is somewhat luck of the draw and I got lucky. On a side note I see all kinds of methods on these threads to remove cosmo (yes it had plenty), I use plain old O'reilly brake cleaner in a can, it gets the gunk right out of all the nooks and crannies and then you just clean it with hoppes or whatever, I use this on all my Mil surps and it works great, quick and easy.
Not Bad
Review by MICHAEL on 10/24/13
I received a 1932 Izhevsk hex all matching numbers except bayonet. If anyone received S/N 81490 bayonet I'll trade you. Also barrel is counter bored and recrowned it looks. The stock is post war and more of a blond color rather than red. It looks pretty good. I'm just getting started learning about Mosin Nagants. I really like them. I feel I got exactly what was described, a refurbished hex M91/30. It would be nice if everything was perfect but thats not what they are selling. I'm happy with it and Classic did a good job packing and shipping. I hope this one will shoot good. I'm happy and would buy again. Thank you folks at Classic, well done.
Fantastic rifle, thank you Classic Firearms!
Review by Martin from NJ on 10/16/13
I just picked up my rifle today and I could not be happier. I wanted to thank all the good people at CF and especially the person who picked my rifle for the absolutely fantastic example I received. I got a numbers matching 1930 Hex Tula in pristine condition. Great stock, great finish and great bore! I know it's unlikely, but this thing looks unissued! Obviously these rifles are refinished at the arsenal, but I still can't believe how "new" this rifle looks. Of course it was drenched in a metric ton of cosmoline, but cleaning it is part of the fun of owning this type of a firearm. This is my second Mosin from CF and both times I received fantastic rifles. Great customer service from CF, as usual. Thanks again, I'll be back for more!
Forgot to mention
Review by OldWeirdRon on 10/14/13
I forgot to mention that after cleaning this weapon I now have a near life time supply of Cosmoline and Cos soaked rage... My 1928 Hwx came with ALL possible SN's matched it even had 4 ammo pouches as well as all the field tools. I too w3ill be getting a butt pad, The Rifle is older than me but not that much. It is a 1928 model and my vintage is 1945.
It has a pristine bore and is as accurate as the Swiss Schmidt Rubin's (Long guns, NOT Karbine). I t5hink I will get some more Stripper Clips and another 4 pack of ammo pouches. I just wish the bayonet was more like my Swiss Pioneer Sawbacks (One Sig Neuhausen and one HS).
Outstanding Accuracy
Review by OldWeirdRon on 10/14/13
My Hex Rec. is a 1928 model in outstanding condition. The marks on the receiver indicate it probably stood in front of a door in the Kremlin or some other high priority guard post .
Once I figured out the range markings were in an arcane Russian measurement instead of Metric or yards it became frighteningly accurate at rather LOOONG range. Especially with Steen core Boat tail Mil Surplus ammo.
It beats hell out of my Mauser HighWall 8MM's
My only Bolt action better is my Schmidt Rubins.
too cool
Review by the dog farmer on 10/6/13
This is my first vintage/historic firearm purchase and I couldn't be happier about. It is so cool that I NEED a M44 to keep it company. Service from Classic Firearms is excellent as is their follow up. I really like the "tell it like it is" product notes.
I am joining the "repeat offender club" today!
Another great purchase from classic
Review by john on 9/28/13
Took my new Nagant to the range today. Fired about 20 rounds no jams or stuck bolt. Condition is pretty good especially metal pieces, my only concern was stock left a little more to be desired also I was hoping for a complete gun not a frankenzilla. Overall though happy with my purchase not quite 5 star happy but close. Buy from Classic with confidence.
History in action
Review by Jason on 9/19/13
This thing is AMAZING! You never realize just how nice these things are until you get it in and unwrap it like you're an eight-year-old on Christmas.
The rifle was in great shape. The barrel was nearly flawless, and the stock, though it had some very minor dings, looked great too. I like a relic with some character - this just proves to me that it was actually used in battle and didn't just sit there in some officer bodyguard's hands.
I WILL be buying from Classic Firearms again. As a matter of fact, they've become my first-stop site for historic rifles and parts. I've also recommended this site to friends.
Thanks Classic Firearms. "Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." It's all that much easier to do when you know you've got a nice, active piece of history in your hands.
My fourth rifle from Classic and all "5 Stars"!
Review by Daniel on 9/15/13
This is my second Mosin Nagant Hex receiver from Classic Firearms and it's just like the first; perfect! I have purchased four rifles from them, a Mosin M44, two Mosin Hex receivers and a Yugo Mauser M24/47, and every rifle was in the most perfect condition. When you purchase a rifle online, you never know what you're going to get? But with Classic, their word is "the Golden Rule"! I have never been let down! This rifle is a 1929 Izhevsk (pronounced "e- -chev-ska"). The date says it's an ex-Dragoon and the wood and bluing is excellent for a rifle that is 84 years young. The refurbishment include two stock repairs, which were done to perfection, and a really great, non-counter-bored bore! I cleaned very little cosmoline off the metal with boiling water and the gun looks beautiful and I can't wait to shoot it. Thank you all at Classic Firearms? You are the company that has my trust and loyalty!
Great deal for the money
Review by Wiretwister on 9/15/13
I purchased a pair of theses guns last month. Firstly, the shipping time was FAST! In four days, these guns were sitting at the dealer awaiting pickup. Second, the stuff that comes with the guns was totally unexpected. I had no idea that the original slings, ammo pouches, oil cans (I think that's what they are), and bayonets came in the box. They had a nice coat of cosmo on them, but it protected them well for the last few decades. Set aside at least an hour for cleaning one rifle. After the gun was disassembled, cleaned, assembled, and function tested, I found that the action was very smooth with minimal "wobble". It cycles rounds perfectly and shoots very true through the original iron sights. I am very pleased with my investment.
Great experience on all five purchases so far!
Review by Tony on 9/7/13
My first order was for five hex receiver 91/30s. All were in great shape. The head space was fine on all of them. I shot the 1928 Ishevsk first out of the batch of five. It was zeroed for 100 yards right out of the box. I've since bought a laminated stock 91/30, an M44 Carbine, and just today, a 91/30 sniper rifle , all from Classic Firearms.. Shipping and service have been fantastic. These are great people selling just what they advertise.
Fine Quality, Tight Group
Review by UrsusMaximus on 9/5/13
I purchased a MN91/30 about two months ago. I cleaned the cosmoline off with a little elbow grease and some lacquer thinner and it came off great. I oiled the bolt and off I went to the desert to take aim at 100yards. The first 5 rounds were high and to the right, so I adjusted and the next five were about a 4 inch group littering the bull's eye. I have pretty poor vision and I cannot see very far so I will mount a scope and site my rifle in. But, for now, I am so very pleased that my rifle shoots straight and consistent.

Things to know
This is a hex receiver, as advertised.
My barrel was NOT counter bored!!
The only rust was a thin layer dwelling in the serial numbers on the receiver.
The trigger pull is fine if you're a man.
The kick is fine, but nobody will judge you if you buy a rubber pad for your shoulder. I felt it after 80 rounds in 110 degree AZ desert.
The stock had very minor marks on it, no problem.

I recommend this seller under this category, I got a winner and it seems like the majority of purchasers did, too.
Great Rifle
Review by Kevin on 8/27/13
I was somewhat hesitant to buy a firearm online, however what Classic sent me was in excellent condition. The shipping was fast and what came in the mail was a great rifle, fully packed in cosmoline. Took it to the gunsmith after cleaning and he was pretty impressed with the condition of the Mosin. Very happy overall and would not hesitate to buy from Classic again.
Couldn't be happier
Review by Nathan on 8/26/13
Ordered two hex receiver Mosin Nagant rifles, and got two beautiful ex-Dragoons. The first rifle was a 1922 Izhevsk, all matching. The second was a 1925 Tula, all matching. Stocks look great, especially the Izh, and the cosmoline kept both rifles rust free; bores look like they are new!

I have ordered C&R from other companies and saved a few bucks, but was sent rifles with counter-bores or mismatched bits.

Classic is my first stop for all things C&R; these rifles have become instant heirlooms. Thank you Classic!
Mosin Nagant wHex Receiver
Review by John on 8/24/13
I received my Mosin Nagant which came to me pretty clean but I'm not one to rely on what others may or may not have done.
So after numerous cleanings and leaving it out on the deck in the heat of the sun the broken down rifle of 1932 was ready for shooting. This Mosin was in fairly good condition with updated serial numbers and cleaned up fairly well.
With no real setup of the sites I hit a dead center at 50ft. I continued to shoot half a box of ammo and nothing but center black shots. My shoulder needs some healing but I'll get a slip on gun stock pad for the next time I take this girl out.
Excellent M91/30
Review by Dave on 8/22/13
Very happy with the M91/30 I received. It was a 1935 Tula, hex receiver. It was cool it had "007" in the serial number. All match the barrel, bolt, butt plate, but the magazine is a force match at the factory, older two cyrillic letters-four digits were lined out. Barrel was very clean not alot of cosmoline, very light coat. Stock was excellent with a toe splice and with sling slot escutcheons liner in front, nothing in the stock. I got all the accessories, very happy about that. Thank you Classic Firearms! sigillvm militvm xpisti -D
Nice rifle
Review by Thomas K on 8/22/13
I ordered mine 8/19 and it arrived today 8/21. The rifle I received is a 1932 Izhevsk and it was drenched in cosmoline. Every number matches except for the floor plate and bayonet. The stock is a post war stock and is basically brand new. I'm betting this is going to be an accurate rifle since the barrel looks like it was shot at the factory and then put up; very, very bright and shiny with strong rifling. It came with more cosmoline covered goodies (cleaning kit, two ammo pouches, bayonet, and a cosmoline soaked sling). Needless to say I spent two hours cleaning the rifle. I was hoping for a Tula but this Izhevsk looks great
Very Pleased!!!
Review by Dkeith on 8/15/13
I ordered this hex model after I got a terrific round receiver awhile back. The first was an Izmesh hand picked so I was hoping to get a Tula because of no hand picks this time. Well I got lucky and received A Tula. I have to say I was very pleased. The quality and finish was excellent. Bore is excellent. There was only two places where the stock had been superbly refurbished. One was next to where the magazine fits into the bottom of stock and the other was the lower part of the *butt of the stock. *This may have been done when the stock was first made according to some things I have read. All the parts matched receiver except for floor plate being stamped forced match. Bayonet didnt match and was not up to the quality of the one that came with my Izmesh but it is earlier and doesnt bother me. Loved all the extras that came with it. I recommend buying one before they are all gone. Great rifle from a Great Company!!! Go Classic!!!
Excellent rifle
Review by Dan on 8/14/13
Ordered and received a 1928 Izhevsk. The rifle new. A friend on mine also had a 1928 M91/30 and was jealous of the condition of mine. Received lots of accessories with it. Nice addition to my collection.
One 1934 Izhevsk Mosin Nagant-
Review by Daniel on 8/11/13
Some time back a friend of mine got a Mosin Nagant, after handling it and hearing about the low price point I was intrigued. Proceeded to read every thing I could about the Mosin, the history, durability, general badassery, the more I read the more I knew I had to get my own. This eventually led me to finding about and subsequently getting a C&R license and from there found classic firearms. I was new to the world of military surplus so this has been a great learning experience for me, not a good thing for my wallet though haha. So I settled on a hexagonal Mosin, placed my order and a little over a week later I was up to my elbows in cosmoline. No joke there, my rifle was slathered in the stuff, hah good thing too I suppose because once I got to cleaning I saw just how excellent a rifle I had. Only thing wrong was the finish on the stock was horrible, just a quick, poorly done and sloppy job during its refurb though the wood was in great shape/ the actual metal was damn near factory new. After giving er a bath in mineral sprites, I set to work on the stock. I can already hear the shouts of bubbing from the peanut gallery, but trust me the finish as it stood wasn't any thing a collector would care to see. If you have a look in the photo section you can see the end result, not too shabby a job from a green amateur like m'self if I do say so, and now I've an gorgeous piece of history to pass down through the family. Ah yes before I forget, all matching, no pitting, clean rifling, no counterboaring, no sticky bolt, great trigger pull, and shoots like a champ. So the moral of my rambling is this, if you've got a chance get your hands on a mosin nagant- you won't be sorry. Now the only question is what to get next?
Great Rifle, Great price, Great Business to work with
Review by Bill on 8/10/13
I ordered one of these from Classic a few weeks back. This a fine rifle with the more rare hex receiver, a nice addition to any Mosin-Nagant collection. The stock is in great shape, the bore is in solid with excellent rifling and the rifle itself is numbers matching. It also comes with a great kit of accessories . I even had 2 ammo pouches come with mine. I highly recommend ordering one and as usual thank Classic Firearms for superb service and selection. Thank you Classic!
Review by RussianGunsRock on 8/10/13
This is actually the first firearm purchase I've ever made, and I have to say, I will be ordering from Classic in the future. I placed my order Thursday in the evening, had a tracking number by Friday midday, and went to pick up my Mosin on Tuesday of the following week. The gun is in beautiful condition, and me being the history enthusiast I am, I was more than joyed when I un boxed it. Fair warning, it WILL have a ton of cosmoline, but it really doesn't take more than a couple hours and some elbow grease to clean up, a tip for cleaning the wood stock, use Murphy's oil soap (mixed with hot water of course) and the cosmoline will come right off and the wood will have a shiny and polished look to it! I received a 1935 Izhevsk with a hex receiver and I couldn't be happier, thank you Classic.
Very nice hex receiver Mosin
Review by Bo on 8/9/13
Very nice shape, shellac was 90% intact. No counter-bore(guess I am lucky?). The rifle line is still strong, but there is slight fuzziness in the bore indicating it was once rusted.
Review by John on 8/8/13
This is my third mosin and my second hex receiver from Classic. The first hex, a 1930 Izhevsk, was nice enough that one of my sons claimed it for a birthday present, so I needed a replacement. The order went in after hours on a Friday and it arrived at my dealer the following Wednesday. After a quick un-boxing and multiple paper towel wipe down, I found a 1935 Tula hex receiver with a force matched electropenciled bolt that has Izhevsk stamping on some pieces and Tula stamping on others. The magazine is from Izhevsk, with one electropenciled number struck through and a second number matching the receiver electropenciled in next to it. The but plate is also electropenciled with the receiver number. So, obviously not an immaculate collector's piece, but still an interesting historical gun. All of the varied components seem to work together whatever their origins and I look forward to seeing how it shoots after I have a chance to do a full cosmoline removal.
Nice Izhevsk hex
Review by John on 8/7/13
Ordered on July 22nd, arrived at my FFL on July 24th. After unwrapping and a quick wipe-down I found a 1930 Izhevsk with matching serial numbers, a clean bore and a decent looking stock. After disassembly, a good dunking of the metal parts in mineral spirits, application of frog lube, and reassembly, the gun went bang nicely. It did arrive with no bayonet in the box. I left a message in the website contact box and didn't get any response so I forget about it until a box with a bayonet showed up. Thanks Classic, great service!
Nice Rifle
Review by Paul on 8/3/13
I ordered my Hex Nagant several days ago and it already came in, super quick shipping. The rifle, boy what a job, COSMOLINE AND COSMOLINE AND MORE COSMOLINE, but it was well worth the effort and time it took to get it cleaned up. Mine is a 1932 100% correct numbers matching Ishmael that is in pristine condition with a numbers matching bayonet. The addition of the cleaning kit, ammo pouch and sling made the deal even more attractive. This rifle has not one ding or dent anywhere in the wood and the bluing is 100%, serioulsy it looks like it did probably the day it left the factory. Anyhow, I will forsure order another one.
History in a box
Review by Rich on 7/30/13
I bought a master pack of 5 rifles, and I'm very pleased with the ones received. 3 Izhevsk's and 2 Tula's, all in very good/excellent condition. One of the Tula's was even a double dated, MO stamped rifle. Researching the stamps, cartouches and idiosyncrasies of each rifle is worth the time spent.
Very nice gun for the price
Review by Mosin Freak on 7/25/13
I ordered and received promptly a 1934 Izhevsk. The stock was in decent shape, with a couple of minor dings. Typical refurb stock. Not too heavy on the cosmoline, which was a nice plus. Only a couple of minor drawbacks. One, the front retaining ring was too small and marred the stock on the way off. Two, the firing pin didn't screw off easily and wouldn't screw back on. It was also too long. I had the replacement bolt parts, so that was fixed in short order, but if it was my first gun it would have been disappointing. The bore was dirty, but cleaned up nice and has pretty nice rifling. No counter-bore. There's no way to spot the two defects without breaking it down. The gun is pretty and hopefully will be a nice shooter. Just have to check the head space and off to the range we'll go!
Not bad for a 79 year old rifle.
Review by Andrew on 7/25/13
Received a 1934 Tula that was an arsenal Frankenstein. The bolt and the magazine plate were forced matched, the steel butt plate had no numbers, and the magazine was Izhevsk manufactured. It came in a post war stock that had 1 major repair on the bottom end of the butt stock but is solid, and it has some dings and scratches. The bluing on the rifle is in decent shape after cleaning it, but when I disassembled the gun I found 2 dime sized rust spots with pitting on the barrel under the stock. The rifling is very dark and the crown is in good shape, it has not been counter-bored. It came with the cleaning kit, 2 ammo pouches, oil can, sling, and a bayonet that goes on and off easily. Overall I would say this is in good condition, I am planning on replacing the stock and Dura-coating the metal so all my issues for the most part will be taking care of. I will check the head space before I fire the rifle, as should you all, you only have one face. If you are on the fence, buy it. Buy a hex receiver if you buy a 91/30 they are nicer fit and finish. These are awesome rifles with a good hard kick to them, and at the price you can't beat it. Thanks Classic firearms. I shall buy more.
Hex &
Review by CP on 7/24/13
I'm not a huge fan of buying sight unseen. I told myself I would buy a few 91/30s and quit as soon as I got a turkey. #16 & #17 from Classic showed up today. 1929 and 1936 Tula Hexes. All numbers match (not bayonets). 3rd and 4th Hex models I have.
I know the collector value is not great with these since there are so darn many, but no two of mine are the same and each gives me a different feeling when I pick it up. Some are shooters, some are wall mounts, a couple will teach me how to refinish. Dealings with Classic have been great. Order #9 going in tonight.
80+ year old gun, still rocking hard
Review by Aiden on 7/20/13
I purchased this firearm a month ago, it was completely drowned in cosmoline, but it really wasn't too hard to remove. The serial nimbers are all matching and the rifle is dated 1931. The stock has a few nicks here and there, but from 5 ft away, it looks perfect. I have yet to fire it, but after cleaning the bore, it is absolutely spotless. Easily the best $160 I've spent.
Very Pleased!
Review by Luke on 7/19/13
This was my first purchase from Classic. I received a very nice 1929 Izhevsk example. The stock is in excellent shape and much to my satisfaction it's a pre-war stock. Bluing is excellent, and the crown is nice and tight, with no counter-boring at all. Bayonet matches as well!

In addition, I received 2 ammo pouches, along with the typical toolkit (which came in one of the cloth rectangular pouches), oiler and sling.

The only negative I can say about the rifle is that the bolt, buttplate, and floorplate have electro-penciled numbers, which is something I've never seen before on a hex receiver rifle. But, one has to expect that sort of thing on a refurbished rifle.

All said, the rifle is very nice, and I look forward to taking it to the range!
More than was promised
Review by Richard on 7/17/13
Unboxed it after i got home. Tons of cosmo, but thats fine as the bluing is deep and dark and the weed is a dark red that i love about these rifles. After i got it cleaned up, i looked at the proofmarks, and after cross-referencing with 762x54r.com, i feel confident in saying that i not only got a rare izhevsk hex, i have a 1929 izzy hex ex dragoon. This surprised me greatly. It also has the rarer "oo" accuracy stamping that they used briefly in the late twenties. Bore is immaculate, as is the crown. Rifling is as crisp as the day it came off the assembly line. There are a bunch of different stamps on the stock by the butt plate, though. They arent a problem, i just wish i knew what they meant!

Overall, my only regret is that i have space for only one of these in my paycheck. These cost a bit more than what people have gotten used to paying for them in the past few years, but at any price under $4-500 bucks, id say these are still a great value as rugged, dependable, and sometimes downright sexy pieces of history.

Thanks, classic, will definitely buy another with my next paycheck!
More than was promised
Review by Richard on 7/17/13
Unboxed it after i got home. Tons of cosmo, but thats fine as the bluing is deep and dark and the weed is a dark red that i love about these rifles. After i got it cleaned up, i looked at the proofmarks, and after cross-referencing with 762x54r.com, i feel confident in saying that i not only got a rare izhevsk hex, i have a 1929 izzy hex ex dragoon. This surprised me greatly. It also has the rarer "oo" accuracy stamping that they used briefly in the late twenties. Bore is immaculate, as is the crown. Rifling is as crisp as the day it came off the assembly line. There are a bunch of different stamps on the stock by the butt plate, though. They arent a problem, i just wish i knew what they meant!

Overall, my only regret is that i have space for only one of these in my paycheck. These cost a bit more than what people have gotten used to paying for them in the past few years, but at any price under $4-500 bucks, id say these are still a great value as rugged, dependable, and sometimes downright sexy pieces of history.

Thanks, classic, will definitely buy another with my next paycheck!
Great service and great site.
Review by Joseph on 7/16/13
As a first time buyer of firearms, I was initially hesitant to buy online. However, after getting this site recommended to me by a friend, I went ahead and dropped money on this rifle and a 880 case of ammo.

I was not disappointed when I picked up my purchase from the store. The rifle was in a box within a box and showed no damage. Taking it out, the first thing I noticed was that it was covered in a ton of grease, and to no surprise I found no rust on the gun. The bore was immaculate and the rifling was very pronounced. No pitting present and no notable defects in the metal. It's a very accurate piece even though I know it's not a sniper, I guess hex receivers had better quality control than rounds. Plus the post war stock was absolutely gorgeous!

Also the accessory kit included two ammunition pouches, an original cleaning/takedown kit, a sling and a bayonet. The first three all found uses, but the bayonet got some interesting comments at the range.

Bottom line: Great buy for collectors, hunters, and recreational shooters. Ammo is cheap and common (found another 880 round crate at my local hardware store), and most rifles can hold a nice group at 150 yards.
Pretty good for a first Mosin, eh?
Review by Jim on 7/15/13
Greetings from NH, the "Live Free or Die" State.

I recently purchased my first Mosin Nagant rifle from Classic. It was my first purchase from Classic (there will be more).

Rifle turned out to be a 1929 “Hex” receiver Izhevsk Ex-Dragoon in a post-war stock.

Overall, it’s in very good condition, no counterbore. Bore is shiny. Rifling is there but a bit “soft” which is OK by me. It is eighty something after all.

I cleaned it up using GOO-GONE initially, hot water (be careful of the painted parts) and a little mineral spirits in hard to reach spots. Care must be taken in choosing a citrus cleaner in that some are not suitable for wood.

Liked it so much, I bought a second rifle, which turned out to be a 1935 “Hex” receiver Tula in post-war stock. It remains in the grease (and will for the time being).

Classic service is excellent with fast shipping and good follow-ups.


90% stock and blue, no counterbore, rifling can be better but I am happy
Review by Bo on 7/13/13
It's a very nice piece in heavy cosmoline. 90% stock and blue, no counterbore, rifling can be better but I am happy.
Another Mosin Nagant Dream Come True!
Review by Daniel on 7/12/13
I received my 1935 Tula Mosin Nagant Hex receiver purchase today, being my third rifle that I purchase from Classic Firearms. Like the M91/30 and M44 Mosins before this one, this rifle is in excellent condition just like the two before it. The wood was an amazing, golden color, finished to perfection and not a ding or scratch on the entire rifle. When I inspected the bore it was shiny with good rifling and a perfect crown. All of the metal parts were a dark blue and looked as if they just rolled out of the Tula factory. All the numbers matched except the bayonet and, believe it or not, the bayonet slipped on the muzzle and lock in to place like it was made for the gun. I could not be any happier with my purchase and with the quality of the products and service that Classic Firearms deliver. I thank God that I found this company online and will always return for more! Thanks so much Classic!
Review by M1917 on 7/6/13
Buy from Classic - they are outstanding to deal with! The Hex rifles I bought (a 5 pack and a laminated stock) were all in very, very nice condition. I suggest the 5 pack - I got two ex Dragoon rifles, a Tula with a Tula stock and two early stocks! The staff is the best I have dealt with. Period. Do not worry about dealing with the company or worry about the quality. Their descriptions are accurate!
Great value
Review by Guy on 7/4/13
Gun came as ordered, good condition with all items. Wood is in great shape for a weapon build nearly 100 years ago. Bore looks new and never shot.
All times, ammo holders, grease canister, bayonet, and sling in great condition. Will look good in my gun case.
Quality Purchase
Review by djharv on 6/30/13
My 2nd Mosin purchase, and was very pleased
Overall great purchase
Review by Jason on 6/26/13
I ordered a five pack of hex mosins a couple weeks ago. I got:
-1930 izzy mo double dated ex dragoon excellent cond
-1934 izzy mo double dated (with mo struck thru?) excellent cond
-1934 izzy excellent cond
-1934 izzy with a sewer pipe for a bore. it slugged at .314. It was the rustiest most pitted bore ive ever seen on a mosin. i shot it at 100m (after extensive cleaning) and it shot a 18 inch group and even key holed once. complete crap.
-1935 tula excellent cond
I know these are straight from the importer so i really cant complain and 4 of the 5 were great rifles so i gave this transaction a 4. It was my first transaction with classic and found it to be an enjoyable one. My father ordered two five packs which we are about to pick up from our ffl. i guess ill be writing another review soon.
Thanks classic
Great Rifle
Review by Rocco on 6/17/13
This rifle came nicely packed and in fantastic condition. It is a 1932 Izzy hex 91/30. It fires well and it is in great condition.
Better than expected.
Review by paul on 6/13/13
I got a 1930 Izhevsk Hex, all matching original #'s, nothing rare nothing special. I wanted a shooter and it looks like i got a great one. rifling is bright and pronounced, crown is good and not counted bored. looking down barrel there are a few spots but im hoping its just grime and need to get it all properly cleaned. i took everything apart and not a spot of rust. whole rifle looked to be just dunked in a barrel of cosmoline. the stock was decent a few gouges by the bolt but no cracks or major damage. Came with all usual extras and i really couldnt be more pleased.
Outstand product and service!
Review by polishsniper on 6/12/13
Prompt and professional service. Beautiful hex receiver Mosins in laminated and non-laminated stock. Outstanding value and a fine addition to any collection.
Review by Robert on 6/12/13
This 1933 Izzy with the hex receiver is just awesome. The fact that this rifle is 16 years olded than me is so cool ( oh did I just give away my age... LOL ) This is one fine example of Military history !!!! It came with all the accessories too. I am a repeat customer with Classic Firearms they are GREAT to do business with. You can't go wrong with Classic.
Cosmoline land. Awesome rifle.
Review by Constitution? on 6/12/13
Received mine from the FFL yesterday and after I got home I got it out of the box with latex gloves and began the great long task of cleaning the mounds of cosmo off/out of it. This is my second Mosin. The first one being a 1943 and this one being a 1932. Both are Ishevsk which I was hoping maybe for something a little different this time but that's okay they are both great guns. Only thing different is the markings and factories from the other manufacturers. I am not too bent on a "rare" Mosin because they are all extremely common guns and everyone's got one. The cool things about these guns is that they come with a goody bag with a bayonet, an ammo pouch or 2, cleaning kit, oil container, and a sling. Never know when you'll need that bayonet man. Seriously, I use mine for a screwdriver and a hammer all the time. I bought a hex receiver this time because I had already had a round receiver. But on forums here or there or other videos, people have said that there is little to no difference between the hex receiver and the round but in my experience yes, there is a pretty big difference in fit and finish. The hex receiver I noticed doesn't look like it was done in an extreme hurry and all the edges weren't smooth and flush like on the hex receiver. Doesn't really affect the gun really but it looks a lot better. The bluing seems more thick and full. The actual wood finish on my rifle came with some nicks, dings and missing finish but it was about 10x better than what my round receiver came as. I also noticed that the trigger on the hex receiver fits to my finger a bit more and it is a little more convenient with the wood stock. Hard to explain but it just feels a lot better, more smooth. The trigger is also a little bit lighter. Not buy a great deal, but it is certainly a little more smooth than my round receiver. The downs about getting my rifle was that the box it came in was ripped open by the bolt so the bolt was sticking out. My FFL said there was another box on the outside so it wasn't just open to the free world. Which is nice to know. It came in 3 days which is how it should be. I ordered the rifle around 9:30AM on Thursday, got to my FFL Monday. The customer service quality when I called Classic to check to see if my FFL's license faxed over was a little less than I expected. The lady on the other end was a little blunt and seemed a tad unconcerned about what I was asking. So I continued my ordered through the website myself. I will put up some pictures hopefully soon and if you are on the fence about getting a round receiver and a hex, get a hex now, before they run out because these rifles prices have doubled just between 2010-11 and now. I bought my first Mosin for 80 bucks. The dealers probably aren't getting them at 50-60 bucks anymore. Thanks for reading and remember what our ancestors died for over 200 years ago because the history books may be different tomorrow. Cheers.
First-time Mosin buyer
Review by Julio793 on 6/10/13
Ordered mine on Thursday June 6 and brought it home Monday June 10. A+ for standard UPS shipping.

Great 1929 Izhevsk hex bolt. All s/n match, except on bayonet, stamps are deep and clear, and barrel is not counter-bored. Rifling looks okay - will know better after cosmoline removal. Rear sight base is dovetailed and pinned, so with that and the 1929 date I believe it's an ex-dragoon 91/30.

Very happy and can't wait to put down rounds down range.
As Though It Were Just Produced
Review by Ben on 6/8/13
I ordered my M91/30 w/Hex receiver on 6/5/2013, and it was delivered on 6/7/2013; I used standard shipping. When it comes to processing and shipping orders Classic receives an A++. Now to the rifle.....

The rifle I received (a 1933 Izhevsk) looks as though it were just produced. I feel as though I traveled back to 1933 and purchased the rifle. All parts match (no forced matches), the stock is flawless (I couldn't find any cracks and/or scratches), and the bore is in excellent condition (the rifling seems to be near 100% intact and has not been counter-bored). Also, the gun came with 2 ammo pouches, bayonet, oiler, and a toolkit. I intend to buy another before supplies run-out.

I neither work for Classic nor know anyone who works there; my review in not tainted. If you're seeking an M91/30 I suggest you buy one from the batch Classic has. You won't be disappointed.
5 for 5
Review by digimatt on 6/8/13
Just received my 5 pack of hex receivered 91/30s today and did a quick check and....

5 out of 5 are Tulas. 2 1930s, a 1933, a 1934 and a 1935.

I haven't cleaned them up enough to check condition, but I'm realistic about these pre-war rifles.

Thanks Classic!
counter bore
Review by bubba on 6/5/13
super nice people to buy from ships very fast had some of the nicest furniture that I had seen. the rest of the gun look super except for being counter bored very disappointed with that....I felt like I had married a 20-year-old only to find out she was 70...
Another excellent purchase from Classic
Review by Badger Boy on 5/31/13
Yet again, another fine rifle from Classic Firearms. Purchased this hex for my 16 year old son, he could not have been more excited to get it and promptly broke it down and removed the cosmoline.

The bayonet needed a little Dremel tooling to fit past the sight, but other than that, yet we are very, very satisfied with this rifle.
Very pleased all the way around!
Review by Hull-Z on 5/25/13
I received my rifles a few weeks ago. Have one cleaned and anxious to try it out. I also have Tokarev SVT-40 so it will be nice to have another 54R rifle. My experience with Classic Firearms was perfect. The rifles came as advertised and are great examples of a 91/30. These are my first Mosins and couldn't be more happy with them so far. Will be back for other guns for sure.
Nice addition to family
Review by mosinitis on 4/12/13
Got a 1933 Izhevsk MO double date. I didnt have one so this was great. I just wish the bayonett would have matched. The rifle had a counter bore. The gun is still a beautiful gun and and since its a MO it goes up in the rarity scale. Thanks classic firearms. The accessory kit was awesome, I actually got two ammo pouches. For $149.99 getting a Hex, a MO, and the accessories. Cant go wrong.
Review by captron on 4/8/13
Very nice from what I can see at this point. Lots of cosmoline(sp) but nothing that a couple of years of cleaning cant cure. Just kidding. Very nice and in great condition!! Thanks
1924 ex-dragoon - Izhevsk
Review by CrucibleArms on 4/7/13
My first Mosin Nagant. 1924 ex-Dragoon - Izhevsk. All numbers match. Post war stock in pretty good condition. Definitely been in service. Blueing is excellent. Action is excellent / smooth. Unfortunately it is counter-bored. Bore seems to be in reasonably good shape. I'll know more after putting some rounds through her.
pleased with this purchase
Review by Tony on 4/7/13
Great rifle but wish it had not been counterbored
Two Home Runs !!
Review by Jim on 4/7/13
Received my hex Mosin and the M44 carbine same day earlier this week. Already reviewed the M44, so now for the Hex. I did the major portion of cosmoline cleaning etc. and initial inspection today.Couldn't be happier. 1932 Tula hex with excellent metal, and better than my other Mosins furniture. Most cosmoline I have seen to date, but as I have said before, that gives you a good reason to break it all down and do a through cleaning. All numbers match, 1 force strike on mag plate. Did not check the bayonet yet. All the extra goodies are still in the bag, but look to be in great shape. We almost hit 90 today, so I used the black plastic bag to melt the cosmo out of the stock.Mineral spirits and steam worked great on the metal. Bore has excellent rifling, but did not have time to work my magic on getting it to shine.This might move up to my 2nd favorite Mosin, right after my sniper. Thanks Classic, you did it again. Just as advertised, with no surprises, and pretty quick delivery. Can't wait to get them out to shoot some rounds through them. I know they will perform superb for an 81 yr. old and 68 yr. old rifle.Like I said, Classic hit two home runs for me this week.
P.S. anybody want to buy some "spare" cosmoline??
Jim, Vail, Az
"Mosin Na-grease" is a pristine rifle!
Review by Deadly in OKC on 4/6/13
Covered in thick cosmoline in the box at the FFL, what immediately stood out was the darkness of the wood stock.. Could it be Walnut? Cleaned up, it was a 1933 Izzy with one strike-through on the magazine- -all other numbers matched. The stock is much darker than my 1943 Mosin Nagant. The rifling in the barrel is very good, if not excellent. The quality control in the manufacture of this 1933 Hex rifle shows the workmanship of that time; it is now clean, pristine, and will be a good shooter. Thanks, Classic Arms!
Not as good as expected
Review by ahamay79 on 4/6/13
The gun was shipped quickly... no problems with shipping or packing. The stock is in excellent shape, but the barrel has been counter bored and the rifling is very weak. Plus, there are a few spots on the barrel that have been touched up with black paint over pitted areas. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but I am very concerned about the weak rifling.
Gooey and well preserved hex Mosins
Review by James on 4/6/13
Received a couple of very nice hex receiver Mosins that were covered in cosmoline, more than I have ever seen on a 91/30. Both rifles were well preserved......nice stocks (one a pre-war type), bluing was excellent and the bores were very good with light frosting. Neither was counterbored. One rifle was a 1925 Izhevsk and the other a '35 Izhevsk. All were stamped matching and came with bayonets (not matched), tool kit, oil bottle and sling. Very satisfied with my purchase, no regrets at all.
Broken Front Sight
Review by David on 4/5/13
Box came in damaged on one end. I accepted it after inspecting it best I could at my FFL. Got it home and started cleaning off the cosmoline and the front sight was broken off. It won't go back on. Left a message on the website about it but never heard back. Will try to repair on my own. It is a 1942 Izzy. I haven't finished cleaning off the cosmoline yet as when I saw it was unrepairable I stuck it in a corner as a later project rifle.
Review by Tom on 4/3/13
I made sure I didn't make the same mistake as last time of only buying one. They really didn't pick through these as there are some rarities that I am still trying to look up. Well over half of my order were Tula. I think I will save the last pack of five for Christmas. (in case no one gets me anything) :)
Sweet Rifle!
Review by Buckshot on 4/1/13
My 1932 Izzy hex receiver came just as advertised. It had tons of cosmoline on it, but some mineral spirits took care of that. The stock is in great shape, the action is smooth and the bore was great, even better than I expected. I'll be taking it to the range for the first time tomorrow and I expect it will perform admirably. I'm very happy with this rifle. Thanks Classic!
Great buy
Review by Adam on 4/1/13
I received a 1934 Ishvesk hex receiver. It is number matching and in very good condition. It was covered in a nice thick layer of cosmo. Second gun I've purchased from Classic and I am very satisfied and will buy again in the future.
Like Christmas in March
Review by ddub on 3/31/13
I wound up with a 1929 Ishevsk (ex-Dragoon) in EXCELLENT condition for an 84 year old weapon. The bore is pristine and looks like the rifle may have never been fired. All numbers match (except bayonet) and all included accessories look unused.

1: I disassembled the rifle and cleaned on newspaper by heating with a heat gun.
2: I would suggest NOT even trying to instal the bayonet.. I buggered up the end of my barrel a little by doing so and have since read that sometimes they become impossible to get off.

I have bayonet # 31019 if anyone has
1923 Hex Tula ex-dragoon excellent condition
Review by Steve on 3/31/13
I received a 1923 Hex Tula ex-Dragoon, which is somewhat rare. Bluing was 99%. The stock was post-war and had one gouge but overall in excellent condition. All matching and no line-outs. I forgot to check to see if the crown was counter-bored and there was so much cosmoline I didn't check the condition of the bore. However, based on the overall external appearance of the rifle, I'm not worried, and overall am very pleased with my purchase.
1923 Hex Tula ex-dragoon excellent condition
Review by Steve on 3/31/13
I received a 1923 Hex Tula ex-Dragoon, which is somewhat rare. Bluing was 99%. The stock was post-war and had one gouge but overall in excellent condition. All matching and no line-outs. I forgot to check to see if the crown was counter-bored and there was so much cosmoline I didn't check the condition of the bore. However, based on the overall external appearance of the rifle, I'm not worried, and overall am very pleased with my purchase.
very pleased
Review by powderbob on 3/31/13
Just got it.So much cosmoline,I could have used it for four more rifles, but this is a good thing,so preserves the rifle well during long storage as mine is from 1927 exDragoon Izhy.Very well wrapped and came with all the accessories.Bore is very shiny,stock just a couple light scratches,the only bad thing is,I couldn't convince myself (and the wife)to buy more and now it's out of stock.Pleased with the service from the Classic's firearms folks.Thanks.
Think I have Mosinitis
Review by Gregg on 3/31/13
I received a 1928 5 line Tula ex-dragoon, at least that is what the barrel and receiver are. Everthing else has the Izhevsk stamp on it. Like the others it had a heavy coat of grease on it, that stuff is not cosmoline. Used Coleman camp fuel to clean it up. It worked very well. The barrel is counterbored about an inch but the bore is excellent. The stock appeared to be new. This was purchased to be a shooter so I'm very happy with my purchase.
Super nice
Review by Tyson on 3/30/13
This 91/30 was in great shape the bluing was some of the nicest i have seen on these guns have a bought
Once i got it cleaned up and check the boar it had great rifling
I couldnt be more pleased every time i do business with Classic Arms I get more then i expected !
Not great
Review by Jason on 3/28/13
I just received my guns yesterday. After eagerly waiting since 3/13, I received the biggest messes I have ever seem. The guns literally look like they were dipped in a barrel of cosmoline. I am not kidding. The boxes had wet spots where the cosmoline soaked through. One gun looks good, through the goopy mess, the other has a mismatched bolt with the serial number carved in with one of those handheld engraving tools. It looks like crap. I had hoped these would be as nice as the M38 I ordered here recently---WRONG! Buyer beware on these old guns that you can't inspect.
Review by Landmark Firearms on 3/28/13
I have always like the firearms that Classic Firearms send me but WOW was I blown away when I got my last Mosin-Nagant today from the UPS man. I opened the box and 1st I was let down because the firearm was COVERED in Cosmoline more than normal. After I started to clean it up some I was checking out the date and to my surprise it was a 1914! I didn’t even think any of these were still around, I thought they had all been bought up. The firearm is in better condition than the other two Mosin’s that I have. Once the weather warms up I will be posting some YouTube links of this puppy in action.
Excellent rifle, fast shipping
Review by Leigh on 3/28/13
The item was in better shape than I ever expected. The shipping was almost instant. All matching numbers, superb addition to the collection.
Review by Customer on 3/26/13
Great gun excellent service can't wait to purchase other products when back in stock Thank You
Very Happy!
Review by zswartley on 3/26/13
Picked up my 91/30 hex today from the local FFL. First impression... HOLY MOTHER OF COSMOLINE!

1935 Tula
All matching numbers (not bayo)
Strong rifling
No counter-bore
Stock in great shape

Thank you Classic! This was my second purchase and you have not let me down yet!
Just received - AWESOME rifle
Review by Dennis on 3/26/13
I just received this rifle and it looks to be in excellent shape. Been looking for a Hex receiver for a while and jumped on the opportunity to get one. Take a look at the video for a 5 minute overview of this particular rifle. 1st purchase of a firearm from Classic and I am impressed. I will be buying more!
Great Rifle, Great Price
Review by Nolan on 3/26/13
I purchased this rifle from Classic Firearms, my first purchase from them, and am very pleased with what I received. It was well protected with cosmoline, that's the nasty part, but I could tell the bluing and quality of the rifle is really great. Can't wait to get her cleaned and shooting!
Great Everytime
Review by John on 3/26/13
I have lost count on how many guns I have purchased from Classic Firearms. I guess I could look it up. But once again I love what I had delivered! One Tula out on 2 ordered! If you ever have a problem they will make it right with in reason. Love the products and love the people! Keep it up!

Great rifle!
Review by Shook on 3/26/13
This was my second purchase from Classic Firearms and I'm sure it won't be my last. I regretted not buying a Mosin when they were $99... Finally caved when I saw hex and $149. I received a 1934 Tula. Just took it out and shot about 40 rounds and loved every single shot. Tried a 10" steel plate from 200 yards away, nailed it. I was very impressed with myself and the rifle.
excellent service
Review by yapa on 3/25/13
Got CZ-82 and 91/30 from Classic Firearms.

Very pleased with service.
Fast on time shipping.
Product quality at par with description.
Even with current delays these fellows prove their professionalism and dedication.
Keep up the good work !!
Highly recommend.
Disappointing TULA
Review by Chuck on 3/23/13
Was Happy to have received a TULA...
Not so for Barrel being Counter Bored by 1" deep...
Usually am very happy with Classic Firearms to offer direct Re-Arsenaled/Surplus Rifle, which are right on... This one unfortuately not... Must have been the one that slipped through... Refused transfer on that one while waiting for another to show up...
Better than expected
Review by Steve on 3/23/13
This rifle came in better than expected, and that's saying something because I thought I was getting a very good/excellent condition rifle that was essentially hand select. The first thing I noticed was the grease! There must have been (and still is, just got it today) a small childs worth of cosmoline all over this rifle. That, of course, is why it's so well preserved and beautiful.

It's a 1935 Tula Hex, and I couldn't be happier with it. Awesome stock, the bluing is so good it's almost black. Still a little cosmo in the bore so I can't say whether that's good or not, but at first glance I didn't notice any issues, and judging by the condition on everything else I have no reason to believe there will be a problem. I only regret not getting 2 of these, or 5 for that matter. If you are still waiting on yours to come in, fear not.
My new favorite
Review by Dan on 3/22/13
Just got mine in a couple days ago. Spent one morning cleaning the expected cosmoline off the rifle. Had to wait another day to get the 440 rd spam can of ammo. Now I'm ready for test fire. I ordered the rifle and ammo on the same day. I had both at my house within one week. Great job Classic! Rifle was as described if not better!
Review by Kevin on 3/22/13
Ordered a 5 pack and picked them up today

1 is 1928 ex-dragoon Izhevsk
2 is 1935/51 double dated izhevsk (35 already being rare then add the double date it's a pretty rare example)
3 is 1932 Tula
4 is 1933 Tula
5 is 1934 Tula

All in very good shape some counter bored some not.
Great looking guns
Review by Wayne on 3/21/13
I got my 5-pack of these today and am very pleased. These are my first Russian Mosins (I do own a Chinese M53) and I am happy. They got here very quick, have all their accessories and here are the five I got:

1) 1933 Tula
2) 1929 Tula
3) 1936 Tula
4) 1932 Tula
5) 1929 Izhevsk

I have looked at all and all rifle ends are bare so I would say all are counterbored. Quick look seems like they all match without forcing except the bayonets and I cleaned the 32 Tula up and I would consider it very good with bright bore with strong rifling. Hoping the other four are just as good.
excellent in every way
Review by woodlands tom on 5/31/12
I own several 91/30s, and some of the nicest are the hex receiver versions i have bought from classic firearms. Once cleaned up, one of these at the range is always guaranteed to strike up conversations. To know these rifles and a bit of their history is to love them. When Classic Firearms says they have an exceptionally nice batch of them, they mean it.
Wonderful Gun!
Review by soaringhawk on 5/23/12
This was my first gun, a C&R friend of mine talked me into it, and I love it. While not a home defense gun, it is very fun to shoot at the range and will be my main hunting rifle. The price if unbeatable; at the price of a .22 why not get something special. Ammo for it is still plentiful, corrosive and non-corrosive. If you are looking for a good first gun, adding to a collection, or buying a gun on a budget: I highly recommend this wonderful weapon (plus, who wouldn't wants a gun with a bayonet, if they still come with those)!
An excellent purchase for the price
Review by Brian on 5/23/12
I purchased one of these from Classic Firearms in Fall 2011. It was a Rifle of the Day, a 1926 ex-dragoon Izhevsk in great condition.

Here' the thing about the M91/30. It is NOT a modern rifle (originally designed in 1891, revamped in 1930), it is heavy and long. With the bayonet on it will likely be taller than you. The M91/30 has a medium/heavy kick and after a 5 or 10 rounds the bolt may be sticky and a little difficult to operate.

Here's the other thing, its is now basically my favorite gun. This thing is packed with history, the Soviets drove back the Nazi Juggernaut with this rifle.

As long as your rifle is in good condition, it will be plenty accurate. This is a powerful hunting-caliber rifle and Mil Surp ammo is currently cheap and available.

Spring for the few more dollars and get a Hand-pick Hex while they are available, you wont miss $20, but your friends will be jealous their M91/30 is not as nice as yours.

Another review on the internet gave the M91/30 2 out of 4 stars, but the reviewer also said "2 stars is a lot of gun for $99."