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10rd Steel Mag for PSL Rifle

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Mag, Original 10rd steel mag for PSL rifle Read More
10rd Steel Mag for PSL Rifle Mag, Original 10rd steel mag for PSL rifle
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10rd Steel Mag for PSL Rifle

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Additional Information

Product Specs Romanian Steel Construction 10 Round Capacity Very Good to Excellent Surplus Condition.
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

These have been so hard to get and it appears that there will be no more coming into the country.

That's the bad news, The Good News is that we have some of them and the are very nice. Original 10 round PSL mags. Romanian made, steel construction. excellent surplus condition.

Fits the PSL, RPK, FPK, ROMAK-3 , and all other manner of 7.62x54r caliber Dragonuv style rifles.

Manufacturer's Description

Original 10 RD Steel Mag for PSL Rifle

Additional Information

Product Specs Romanian Steel Construction 10 Round Capacity Very Good to Excellent Surplus Condition.
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Better than expected
Review by John on 12/6/13
bought 2 one was like new the second one had minor rust spots both were in nice condition overall for surplus
Better than most!
Review by Gatorhunter on 8/24/13
This mag is refinished looking but feed ramps were good and fed well through my weapon.
PSL Mags
Review by Nazz on 7/26/13
Got these mags pretty quick. Tryed to load rounds in them but looks like feed lips are bend in. Mags also have rust on them, maybe from person not cleaning rifle after shooting corrosive ammo. I can handle the rust and the feed lips, but other than that the Mags are in good shape and better than I thought. Will be buying more very soon. This is the only place that I have found PSL magazines. Thanks
Review by Colt Nasty on 6/3/13
My magazines were shipped much faster than expected and appear to be in perfect working order.

Thanks Classic!
Well worth the money...
Review by Steve on 5/20/13
First one I had ordered shipped to me quickly, sealed in the cosmoline-coated plastic. Opened it up to discover a internally completely rusted mag that would not function.
A phone call went in to Classic informing me to return it for an exchange. I received the replacement, cleaned it up, and I am pleased that it functions great. Only bad part was that I had to pay to ship it back to them, and was never refunded for that.
To sum it up; I get it, Classic can't be expected to open every package to make sure the mags aren't rusted. I had an issue; and it was solved quickly. I am happy about my purchase.
PSL Magazines
Review by Mark on 5/19/13
The magazines arrived in a timely manner. They are in good condition, and are serviceable.
Excellent customer service
Review by py004 on 5/8/13
My order arrived promptly with each mag sealed in plastic tinged with the color of cosmoline or the like. At this point I was actually thinking they were new/surplus, though that was a bad assumption for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, used/surplus is fine with me and that's what I received. The first one showed regular wear, cleaned up fine inside and out and got me excited to pen the next one. Unfortunately it was a rust bucket, not that you could have known from the exterior of the plastic as the color of the packing grease is rust .

A quick email to Classic was returned with a quick and cheerful reply including instructions to return it for an exchange. I received the replacement, cleaned it up, and I am happy to report both run great.

These guys are great to do business with. They stand behind what they sell and i look forward to doing more business with them and recommending them to my friends.
mags that work great
Review by gunner on 5/8/13
bought 2 mags for the PSL and both looked great, not sure they where ever used,very small amount of rust ,but all in all both work as the should,THANKS:
They will work and hard to find
Review by Glen on 4/11/13
The mags are fairly nice, 1 of them I received has some rust on the feed lips and on the top outside. They had been cleaned and painted. They are expensive but hard to find at this point
Review by Rich on 4/4/13
I have been searching for the last three years for decent PSL mags. I found ONE in a gun shop in Savannah, GA, and it was a 5 rd. (or 7, it fits 7). Finally, after finding Classic Arms, I ordered an PSL and AK-47 mag. Even with the high shipping volume, I got both in three days. The PSL magazine is in mint condition, and fits / functions like its supposed to. Thanks, Classic Arms!
Review by Nestor on 3/28/13
hit and miss on these. ordered 2 of these, one works, minor rust between shell and follower. other one is beyond servicable usefulness. rust swelled shell so follower stops before feed lips and is not getting to the top making last cartridge fall out.
80% Good to fair quality
Review by Christopher on 3/20/13
After purchasing more than 50 of these mags, I can say that about 20% were good to very good condition - with only minor pitting on non-critical areas (total surface area of pitting less than a dime-sized area) and no visible rust. The next 60% of the mags have pitting on feed lips, mag release/body and/or follower. Some visible rust - functional, but fair condition - the total surface area of rust doesn't exceed that of a nickle. The last 20% have rust-thru (or nearly so) on critical areas such as mag lips and the follower... some have spring corrosion at the bends as well. Some also have internal rust thru and bulges from corrosion between folded sections of metal (followers will not travel properly) - not reliable or functional in any meaningful way. All mags have been repainted with a flat black paint, which removes easily for rebuilding the mags. All mags have electro-pencil serials etched on the side of the mag body. 90% are clean - about 10% still have cosmoline on the inside of the mag body, spring and follower - not an issue, but just a note. Considering the price Classic is offering these at - not a terrible deal - but when purchasing one or two you may get a non-functional or non-reliable mag. Hope that helps.