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Romanian 30 Round AK-47 Steel Magazine

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Romanian Surplus 30 Round All Steel Ribbed Back AK-47 Magazine

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Romanian 30 Round AK-47 Steel Magazine

Romanian Surplus 30 Round All Steel Ribbed Back AK-47 Magazine


Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price: $13.99

  • Buy 90 for $12.99 each and save 8%

Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price: $13.99

Romanian 30 Round AK-47 Steel Magazine

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  • Atilla The Gun,  With One of these Mags.
  • Romanian 30 Round steel mags
  • Ready for fun
  • AK 47 and 10 steel magazines & bayonet
  • AK 47 & SKS
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 30 Rd
  • Steel
  • Ribbed back
  • Surplus good - very good
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

Eastern Bloc Surplus AK-47 30rd magazines. All Steel construction. Features a reinforced ribbed back for superior strength.

Surplus - Overall Good Used to Very Good Condition, These came in directly from Romania in master cases containing 90 mags each. Each case of 90 mags contains 5 inner boxes or sleeves packed with 18 mags each. We sell them by the each, by the sleeve, ( 18 ), or by the master case of 90.

Some mags will show some light rub wear at the insertion points, and some will even show some overall bluing wear, some may show a lot of bluing wear. But others many are like new with some brand new mags mixed in. Basically a hodgepodge. All are very servicable. 

True military steel AK Mags are becoming very expensive and getting tough to find. Stock up now.

*** Note to Gun Show Dealers  and Retailers - -There is a lot of profit margin over and above your cost at the quantity pricing levels... Stock Up Now. 

Manufacturer's Description

Romanian Surplus 30 Round All Steel Ribbed Back AK-47 Magazine

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 30 Rd
  • Steel
  • Ribbed back
  • Surplus good - very good
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Excellent surplus mags.
Review by paneerdog on 1/3/14
A little finish wear on some of these, but 100% functioning with all 8 mags I bought.
Video Review
Classic Firearms AK Mag Review
Uploaded by Paneerdog
Best Steel AK Mags I've Seen
Review by John on 3/29/13
These are great magazines and they feel like they would last another 100 years.

The five magazines I purchased are all in varying degrees of finish remaining and condition ranging from "well-used" to "brand new". Even the worst looking one *still* works fine (almost no original finish and a shallow dent, doesn't restrict follower movement) and the best one looks like it's never had a round in it(!). Classic Arms did a fine job of "mixing it up" regarding the condition of the magazines. The cosmoline cleanup was fairly easy because there wasn't an egregious amount of it *and* AK mags are easy to disassemble.

I'm a happy customer and I would recommend these magazines.
Video Review
Classic Arms AK Magazine Review
Uploaded by John Wortham
Great deal
Review by elvis on 4/16/14
10 stars! Got 7 of these mags all of them in almost perfect condition! Thanks CS.
Cheap price, great quality.
Review by Catch on 4/14/14
Mag wasn't brand new, slight wear, but I didn't expect it to be new. It was an older made one but I'm very pleased. It's much better than some of the brand new metal ones I have. High quality. It'll outlast me.
Good Mags Second time Around
Review by hiesenberg on 4/3/14
Ordered 10 mags, the first shipment all were inoperable. Classic sent a return shipping label to cover shipping. The next 10 that arrived, 9 are new and 1 shows some wear. Bottom line is if Classic screws up they will make it right.
Forget the composite. Stick with steel.
Review by Don on 4/2/14
I'm sure there will be some disagreement with this, but the steel magazine in your AK is the way to go. Having tried several name brand plastic, composite and other synthetic magazines, nothing beats the steel for reliability, durability and ease of use. Since these are almost "as new", they take plenty of use and abuse and come back for more. And the price is roughly 1/3 of what most chain merchants are selling them for. So stock up now before they're history.
Review by dkk on 4/1/14
I ordered 6 magazines. 5 of the 6 could very well be unused. The other was obviously used and may very well have been used as a hammer. ,

I am satisfied with quality of the 5 Even figuring the price for 5 it was still reasonable compared to what I have been finding in shops. gun shows, and mail order,

I will buy some more..
good practice, NOT battle reliable
Review by ak dude on 4/1/14
Excellent customer service! Replaced a nice one for a clunker that I got. HOWEVER, all mags need work, great for practice, NOT Battle Reliable. I will not take these mags to a fight. They are used and jam and need oil to impede the rusting. But great for range time.

I will from now on spend the $30 for US Palm ak30s or brand new steel mags...the reliabilty is worth it when in a firefight.

Great company, will come back for different products.
One Mag was rusted, the rest great
Review by Jim on 3/29/14
Ordered 5 of the steel Romanian. Arrival was within days. All mags were in great shape except for one. I called Classic and let them know that one was rusted shut. Classic quickly sent a replacement. All lock in great. Going to the range soon! Thanks Classic
Romy steel mag
Review by stanislav on 3/27/14
Purchased 1x Steel and 1x Bakelite mag for my Yugo. I don't see the sense of getting 10+ mags for a rifle which is not fully automatic.
The Izzy bakelite was flawless but I did run into a problem with the steel one-the top 3-5 rounds don't load under spring tension since the spring only stays halfway in the middle. I took it apart, cleaned it(bolied off the cosmo), and its still a problem with the mag body-it looks like it was bent but I am not even sure where. Not sure what restricts the follower , since I tried this mag's follower in my other steel mag and it worked fine; when I tried my mag's follower which came with my rifle if would do the exact same thing so its something to do with the mag body

cosmetically the mag itself is in a pretty darn good condition, most of the finish is there and the spring is really strong.

Not sure if I should request a refund or be a man and spend half the weekend fixing this mag up -_-
will be doing a youtube review on this "culprit" as well
Good as New
Review by Randy on 3/27/14
I bought 6 of these mags not knowing what to expect. They came each wrapped separately and needed some cleaning as advised but when I was finished they operated smoothly and dependably. Great deal and will buy more.
Great mags
Review by Mountaineer1984 on 3/27/14
Ordered 5 of these mags. 3 looked new and 2 used very good condition. Very happy with this purchase especially at the current price point. Will be buying more soon. Thanks Classic!
nice mags
Review by Scott on 3/22/14
New to the ak platform, but these mags appear to be very nice for the price
Review by Steve on 3/22/14
Not a scratch or dent, no rust, like the just came off the factory line. Some reviews day theirs are caked with cosmoline; mine had a liberal coat of oil, not cosmoline. Quick break down & wipe with microfiber got them perfect.
Not Bad for $12--Buy Some While they Last
Review by Kelly on 3/22/14
I bought five of these. It would have been foolish not to do so for the price! Four of them had really nice, black finishes, with light cosmoline that scrubbed off with some CLP and paper towels. There were also a few spots of rust on three of them that came off with more CLP and a nylon brush. The fifth one had much of the finish worn off, and something had happened to it that caused the feed lips to be pressed together to a point that a round will not fit between them into the top of the magazine. I haven't had a chance to go to work on it, yet, but I am sure that it will work just fine when I pry the lips apart some.

For the four functioning magazines, I loaded 10 A-Zoom snap caps into each and cycled them through the rifle. Each functioned perfectly, and I am sure that they will work well with live rounds, too. I am very happy with them. If that fifth magazine had worked, too, I would have given the product five stars, but, like the title of this review says, you can't go wrong for $12 per unit. I would definitely recommend that anyone still thinking about these needs to buy some before they run out.
Romanian surplus magazines
Review by Mike on 3/20/14
I ordered a few of these and they are functional except one mag I received which i fixed and works fine now and the finish is pretty good on all, but the worst one had a dent in the side that I had to pop out slightly and the mag follower was also bent causing it to catch on the spring on a half full mag, have not had any problems with since. it also has a strange bent piece of steel welded to it with a hole drilled in it. Ive never seen anything like that and i have read only a couple other reviews of people getting one of these . I assume for a lanyard of some sort? Overall I am pleased with my purchase and classic has them for a pretty good price compared to what others try to get out of them now a days, I will continue to purchase from classic.
Very Pleased!
Review by Clyde on 3/20/14
Ordered 10, 7 looked brand new 2 showed some light wear marks and one was a "veteran" but even that one looks good to go.

Fast shipping, well packed and a great price. Heading to the range this weekend, will post an update on function

This was my first purchase from Classic but it won't be my last!
I was given a like new condition mag.
Review by David on 3/19/14
My mag was in like new condition. ZERO rust on any parts. The mag was saturated in cosmo but some bore scrubber sprayed it out pretty quick with the help of a tooth brush. My favorite mag in my new saiga! I will buy more!
Good deal
Review by Scott on 3/18/14
I purchased 5 of these mags and when I received them, 4 out of 5 had some rusting in spots and pitting. Still great mags and functioned exceptionally, giving only 4 stars because of rust. Would still buy more from Classic Firearms in the future. Great customer service.

Great Deal
Review by Cal on 3/11/14
These Mags are the real deal. Fit like a glove. All but one looked like brand new, never used.
I'll be back for more.
great Ramanian steel Ak 47 mags
Review by Vic on 3/5/14
I got 10 of these steel mags and they were various degree of wear. Some appeared unused, but all were servicable and run well. The Romanian mags have always been the best no matter who I ask. Mated some with couplers to keep that extra firepower handy. Very happy customer here.
Good product, great service
Review by Herman on 3/4/14
With original steel AK mags becoming harder to find, it was a pleasure to get these from Classic Firearms. Customer service was great, very helpful folks at Classic. Mags ranged from excellent to good, some need minor refinish. I will order again.
Great Product/ Great Customer service
Review by Israel on 3/3/14
I purchased several Romanian mags from this company. Out of 7, there were about 3 that I wasn't totally happy with. I called the company, they were EXTREMELY friendly, and was glad to replace them. I recieved the mags, and they appeared to be unused. I will certainly be buying items from this site again!
Amazing service
Review by Michael on 3/2/14
First-time order of three used Romanian surplus magazines, two were in really good shape, one, well... a little past usefulness. Most of our email communication was over a weekend and I have to say, it was the best ever customer service I have ever had on internet sales. I asked for a return / replacement or a refund (knowing, of course, this was a surplus magazine and I takes me chances). A most wonderful lady with Classic Firearms immediately (literally) returned an email and said. they would refund my $12 and said I should keep the magazine and perhaps use it for parts. I would NEVER hesitate doing business with this company. I just wish I had more money to send them. Thank you!
Product: 4*
Service: 20+*
Great Deal!
Review by Johnny138 on 3/1/14
These mags are a great deal! Bought 20 and all are great condition. All are useable and only 1 small dent out of all of them!
Great mags
Review by ander on 2/27/14
Received in a timely matter.Were in good shape. No problems.Work well.Big smile.
Best price going, pure quality!
Review by Amy on 2/21/14
Did not hesitate to snatch these mags up at such a low price! Ordered 8, all of which were beautiful - 2 slightly used but overall perfect, the other 6 were coated in cosmoline, just the way I like em'! Order while they still have them!!!
Great mags....cant beat 'em!
Review by Mike on 2/21/14
I have purchased 30 of these over the past months, and they fit my custom built Bulgarian AK perfectly snug. I have had to 'adjust' maybe 3...minor filing...and I have 30 perfectly working mags!

I think I have maybe 8 that have never been used, and the rest have various stages of wear....and I must say, the ones with more wear were the ones that work the best. (the 3 adjusted ones were the new ones).

Great deal!
Good Stuff
Review by Jron on 2/20/14
Bought a bulk order mags were in varying condition from literally like new to moderate signs of usage. Nothing out of ordinary. Did have 2 that hand banged up feed lips but dont believe it affected function. Definitely drenched in comoline but that is as expected. Overal very good product and a very good price. Will most likely order another batch.
Hit and miss, but classic is still the best
Review by mike on 2/19/14
A few of the mags were not in good shape. Dents and bent feed lips, but I called customer service and we worked it out. They are mil surp, so you can't be sure what you got until you clean and inspect. Would buy again
30 rd AK47 mags
Review by John on 2/13/14
Classic Fire Arms did it again! Got my mags in three days, awesome product all steel, fits perfectly with my Saiga AK 47 Variant!

Thanks for all of the great toys you carry!
Work Great
Review by Vic on 2/10/14
Bought 2 of these clips. Took them to the range and they work great whether loading with 30 rounds or 10. No feeding issues with these clips like I had with a plastic clip.
Review by Sharrack on 2/8/14
At 13.80 shipped each....i bought 10 because it just didnt pay to buy 2 or 3.
Three would have cost about 16.00 each!
5 of the mags are in nice condition and 5 are what i would consider HEAVILY USED.
No dents but the finish is worn clean off.
They actually look very cool especially if you were going for the battle worn look. No rust and only a light oil on them.
I learned from the 2013 high cap mag scare ......buy when the price is right because these mags were going for big bucks during that time. I'll never go through that again!
Good Mags at a good price!
Review by Tom on 2/6/14
Good mags, good price and fast shipping. What else could you ask for?
2 In Perfect Surplus Condition 1 Slightly Dented
Review by Wanda on 2/4/14
I bought 3 of these mags. 2 looked great, visible wear marks, but they have character and is typical for surplus. 1 has a dent in the side and will only hold 25 rounds. Haven't fired any of them. I'm sure they will work great.
Review by Hugo on 2/3/14
I first purchased a few magazines just to check the quality. One magazine had corrosion. I contacted Classic Firearm and they sent me a replacement with no hassle. I then purchased a total of ten (10) magazines. Some were used and a few also used in almost new condition. After detailed dis assembly, cleaning and inspection all these magazines work and feed great in my Romanian AK 47 dated 1984. The magazine fit in the AK 47 is perfect, there is no sided to side free-play and the latch has positive engagements. Thank you for the great product and good honest service. Looking forward to my next purchase for you. This completes my collection of AK 47 and two (2) SKS , of which I have owned since 1984 and never been fired. I just enjoy reading and cleaning my guns.
Very nice magazines
Review by Andrew on 1/29/14
Just received 4 magazines the other day. They're definitely used, but in excellent shape; just minor cosmetic issues from gentle use. They're heavy duty and appear to be well-made, quality magazines.
Fair to Good
Review by Brian on 1/28/14
Although fully functional, these mags are more like fair to good condition, not good to VG like what the product description says. Be prepared to do some good cleaning as they are soaked in cosmoline, some of it solidified into goo.
They've seen milage but are still ready to travel...
Review by theadjustedamerican on 1/26/14
Ordered six of these. Delivery was prompt. We've always been happy with Classic, they have great products at great rates. We've ordered M44 Mosins, a Yugo AK-47 Pistol Model PAP M92PV, and a bunch of the original Russian Bakelite AK 47 mags to name a few things from them lately. We are quite happy with those purchases.

We wanted to give these Romanian mags a five star review but unfortunately one of them is unserviceable. It was cleaned well then attempted to be loaded. Mags locks up just before number 20. Everything was fully disassembled for cleaning. The magazine is simply too beat up and the number combined with the severity of the dents are just beyond fixable, at least on this end. Hoping Classic Firearms can replace this magazine. All the other magazines were fine, they showed some mileage but were serviceable nonetheless.

As for the review vid, many items are covered, including these mags and the Tapcos.
Romanian AK Mags
Review by Blossom89 on 1/25/14
I ordered 3 of the Romanian AK mags just to stock up a bit. As others have mentioned they were a mix of conditions but none were unusable.

I got one with plenty of scratches, paint missing, and looked like it had seen VERY heavy use. It still works fine however once I disassembled it, cleaned the cosmo out, and reassembled. The follower on this one showed deep scratches as if it had seen hard use.

The other two mags were much better looking outside though, one had only a couple of scratches and those were light, the follower had some scratches showing a little use.

The last mag was pristine, there weren't even any scratches on the follower, it had never been loaded from the looks of it!! I'm well pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to order from Classic Firearms again!!
Good mags for the price.
Review by warriorlistings on 1/24/14
Fast shipping from Classic .Ordered two mags, one was a little worn but functions flawlessly,the other looks and works like brand new.Great mags and great price
Romanian surplus 7.62x39 steel mags
Review by Jw on 1/22/14
Ordered 8 of these. Shipping was prompt, several were heavily used but in good shape several others were lightly used one was brand new still had rust paper on the follower. Great mags at a great price! Definitely will be ordering more soon!
good shape
Review by joe on 1/20/14
Magazines are in good shape for bring used. They were all greased up and well rapped for shipping.all in all a good product.
AK Magazines
Review by Luke on 1/20/14
The magazines arrived promptly and were in great condition. Of the five I bought all had some finish wear but none had any dents and all were serviceable. All seated in my WASR-10 with no issues.
Solid product
Review by Phil on 1/20/14
Bought 6 of these since I needed to add to the collection...only had the standard 2 that came with my AK when I bought it. All 6 look pretty good for Eastern-bloc surplus, most of them look very lightly used. Two of them didn't even look used at all, probably have just been sitting underground for the last 40 years haha. Overall I would buy again!
Rough, but not too bad, they work.
Review by ZA_Survivalist on 1/17/14
Ordered a week ago 1-7 or 1-10 got them today 1-17, CF is very busy so I didn't hold that against them.
Ordered 4 mags.
1st almost new rough follower little internal rust: refinishable, functional
2nd almost new, small dent rough floor plate and follower internal rust as well as a little rust on the edges: refinishable, Functional
3rd rough but decent finish, worn floor plate, follower internal rust: Refinishable, functional
4th no external bluing left, very rough follower and floor plate
(missing material and was bent up good)
Internal rust: refinishable, and seemingly functional. A new follower and floor plate and it should be good (I have spares of both)

All in all, the rust can be brushed away, the metal reblued and the damage/worn floorplates replaces as needed. All in all just an afternoon of fun work.
All seem to function. Did rod test to check spring and return.. All worked. They SHOULD all fit my rifle. (Testing now). Taking them to the range to test feeding reliability.

These will make great truck/trunk or bug out mags. For $12, its worth it.
Very nice
Review by bmark on 1/17/14
Ordered 5 and was really pleased with the condition of all of them. They showed very little wear
.great surpluss mags
Review by Cliff on 1/15/14
Bought for mags.Shiped fast.all were in great condition.I did have to straighten floor plate on one mag but they clean up great and function.awsome service from classic.this guys are top notch
ome service from classic
You can't go wrong...
Review by Dr. Grubb on 1/12/14
You can't go wrong with these. I ordered three and these are strong enough to drive a truck over. 2/3 were cosmetically pretty good, one looked a little rough. The springs were all solid and aftre a quick cleaning they were good to go and will outlast me.
Surplus finish but reliably functional.
Review by solidbrim on 1/12/14
These magazines came bagged and wrapped in cosmaline. The magazines I received ranged from good to fair quality. However, I was only worried about function. All of my magazines seem to work fine. They all came with a small attachment welded too the front of the magazine. I was pleased with the product and will be purchasing more.
great customer service
Review by erik on 1/6/14
I initially ordered 4 magazines. 2 of them worked well, how 2 were dented badly enough that it prevented the follower from traveling all the way. I contacted classic firearms and they sent me 2 more magazines at no additional charge. I was compelled to write this review because this is the best customer service ive ever seen.
Nice magazines!
Review by Ebador on 12/26/13
I ordered a handful of these magazines and glad I did. There was quite a wait for these to ship out, but worth it. They arrived very well packaged. 2 of the 8 had very minor surface rust and 4 had some dings in them. Nothing that would detract from their appearance nor will it effect the performance for these magazines, after all they are surplus. I will be ordering a few more in the near future. Don't wait order today!
Review by Van on 12/21/13
Just to spread the shipping cost of an AK bayonet package I ordered from Classic, I threw in one of these mags because of the low price. What a pleasant surprise!
Although these older steel mags don't have a last-round bolt hold open, they are better built than newer steel mags; they have more & bigger spot welds, and more and better ribbing at the heel (see photos).
Mine arrived already cleaned & lightly oiled, only requiring wipe off. No wear, fits tightly, works perfectly!
Great condition
Review by Nick on 12/20/13
I received my magazines today and I have to say these magazines were in excellent condition for being surplus mags. I wouldn't hesitate to place an order great vendor & great price. Buy with confidence.

Thank you,
Review by BOB H on 12/19/13
Condition more like fair to good
Review by blkwulf on 12/16/13
I received six of these magazines today. Packaged nicely and wrapped in bubble wrap in pairs. I should have paid more attention to the "Brutus description" for this item. The condtiton of the six that I received was as follows: 2 regular use/wear, 3 heavy use, lots of bent things such as lip of follower bent, base plate bent, stiffner on back of mag body bent, and 1 was pretty much trashed mag body bent with follower hanging up. All mags required a good cleaning with brake cleaner as they all had cosmoline inside. I believe these mags were more in the category of fair to good. I guess that I have been spoiled by "Classic Firearms" items that I have received in the past. This order does not change my opinion of Classic Firearms Co., I think they are very good people to do business with, but I will do a better job of reading the item descriptions in the future. Kindest Regards, Blkwulf <><
Review by Paul on 11/16/13
Ordered 2 of these mags. Order processing and shipping were fast. Magazines are in excellent shape and work flawlessly!
Top-shelf Mags
Review by Qat on 11/13/13
Bought four of these for my Serbian O-PAP. Mags looked nearly new, one had a couple of small rusty spots; easily fixed. Slipped right into the mag well and no wobbling. No feed problems. Think I'll get a couple more!
Great Service
Review by Dan on 9/7/13
I am very pleased with the quick ship and follow up of my order.

-I ordered 6 - all were used and undersized with wobble (but again this is surplus, so I can live with that).

-All were well oiled and the followers, though used were in great shape (much higher quality than I was expecting).

-3 had surface rust on the outside that cleaned up quickly (but then again these are surplus, so I can live with that).

1 was totally unserviceable - I assumed it was canted because I could not remove nor install the follower without tapping - in other words it was useless. I emailed Classic as to the issue and received a quick email in return with instructions for getting the magazine replaced. In several days received a replacement in the mail as promised.

I am VERY pleased with the product, customer service and follow-up. In talking to them on the phone they were curious and seemed to strive to provide the best product possible at competitive prices with excellent customer service. What more could one ask for?

I will continue to buy from Classic.
Fantastic product
Review by Dave on 8/21/13
I bought three of these for my AK-47 SAR1 (being a Romanian rifle itself), and I have to say the mags meet my expectations. They have an incredibly sturdy design, fit my rifle perfectly, and I haven't had a single misfeed yet. I am planning on buying some more!
Good deal. Good price
Review by BOOTS on 8/11/13
I bought a 4 pack of Romanian AKMags. Good quality mags.. Good price too.
Good shape
Review by Dylan on 6/7/13
Ordered four. Three were in good condition with a little external wear and operate fine. The fourth was banged up with a few dents that effected operation, and had quite a bit more wobble when inserted. I attempted to fix the dent and wobble with a little bending pressure seemed to fix it OK. I thought about exchanging the last one, but did not want to pay to ship it back.
Perfect 100% quality
Review by Aztecwrestler on 6/2/13
These fit perfect and feed great in my mak-90, ak 47 variant.
Good quality mags
Review by Jason on 5/28/13
Ordered 3 mags, 1 looks new and unissued, the other 2 have some finish wear but are in good shape. All cleaned up nice and had good springs. They all cycled flawlessly. Thanks again.
Fits like it was made for my AK and by gosh it was.
Review by John on 5/24/13
Man I'm telling you these guys at Classic Firearms are glutens for praise. They did everything but insult my parentage to get me to review these Eastern Block AK mags again. Well they deserve the praise. So far I've bought 2 batches of 4 and 6 each. These are great mags and for all of the weirdness going on in DC they are a great price. As I mentioned in a previous review they are well oiled so you don't have to worry about getting rusty equipment. Take advantage of that like I did and use the excess to wipe down your high carbon steel items. I'm tempted to buy more but counting the 5 I had before these 2 purchases that's 450 rounds of 7.62X39 ready to go down range. That should be enough to turn back any attacking Zombies or a hog or two. I don't care what they look like as long as they work. If you're worried about finnish these may not be for you however a little Gun Coat goes a long way. I uploaded a photo of one in my not so conventional ferral hog hunting AK. The hogs haven't complained about the looks of these mags so neither am I.

John in Hog infested Texas
Great magazine
Review by The Cow on 5/24/13
Now, I've had Romanian magazines in the past all with varying degrees of used magazines. Most of them were fairly used to something somebody dug a whole with. Because of this, I opt for the Bulgarian magazines which were out of stock.

This one was from what I could tell, brand new. Still had that nasty cosmoline on it which is a joy to remove. Thanks guys.
Great Product
Review by B on 5/19/13
Great Mags bought two. Tight springs in good condition. Well worth the money. Keep it up Classic!
Review by Eric on 5/14/13
Ordered 10, of those 4 were new....2 like new and 3 above good...1 had a ring welded to the front of mag. Almost like it was tied to the rifle aka Israel. Overall, fantastic deal and experience!
surplus ak-47 mags
Review by robert on 5/13/13
Well they shipped them pretty fast , but that's where the compliments end.
I guess i was just unlucky. All three of my mags were VERY worn, with many dings and little blueing losse bottom plates and worn springs. One was completely unserviceable. I couldn't even depress the follower because it was dented on both sides. I know they are surplus but this is BAD. I expected more for a $20 mag.
Built as tuff as the weapon they fit
Review by John In TX on 5/2/13
My five came four used one new and well oiled, very well oiled. I used a roll of paper towels wiping them down. I had enough oil to wipe down a couple M7 bayonets, a machete and a large damascus hunting knife so it didn't all go to waste. I'm buying four more today. I might come back in a few weeks to buy some more. My car will be due for an oil change then.
Excellent mags great price
Review by T J on 4/29/13
I ordered 6 mags, 4 are in excellent condition and 2 look like brand new. This was my first order from Classic and they beat my expectations. Great job Classic, I will be ordering more, great service and a great price!

Very Nice Mags
Review by Braden on 4/21/13
The magazines arrived in very good shape, One has a few scratches as expected, but has basically all the finish. The other looks like its never been loaded or used and has all the finish. These are very nice and high quality all steel and easy to take apart. They are eastern block with the ribbing on the back. Come in surplus cosmoline, easy to get off with simple green. Will buy more of these magazines.
Good mags
Review by Calvin on 4/7/13
Very happy with the mags, bought 4 and only had typical wear, will buy more soon. Classic firearms is great!!
very good condition
Review by dick on 4/6/13
This is my first purchase from Classic Arms and I am very pleased with my purchase. The 3 mags were in very good plus condition. Very little cosmo to clean up and snapped into my Krebs AK with ease.I appreciate the fact that there is no price gouging in this tough political climate. One more point...surplus mags may be a little rough as they were used but all that really counts is if they function when called upon. Dick
Review by Daniel on 4/5/13
First let me say I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Classic and have always been impressed with what they have to offer, their pricing, and customer service. This is a website I check daily and I appreciate that they haven't sunk into the price gouging that other websites have.

These mags are just ok though, or at least the mag I got was. Probably more to the fair-good range than very good. Dings, some surface rust ( should wipe off though), and the base plate seems a little loose. I'm thinking about ordering a couple more to see if I get a better luck of the draw, I mean it is surplus so they aren't going to be perfect anyway.
Good deal
Review by Vince on 4/3/13
Shipped quickly and out of the 5 I bought 3 look hardly used and 2 were new!
Good value, mixed bag on finish wear
Review by Dave on 4/2/13
Ordered five of these. Cosmetically, three were in great shape, one was in good shape, and one was very well-worn, so having a specification as "Surplus very good - excellent" doesn't accurately apply.

However, they all seem to function well enough, and as someone else mentioned, cleanup wasn't bad at all compared to other surplus mags with baked-on cosmoline.

One unusual thing: Welded to the front of two mags was a horizontal steel tab with a hole in. No idea what it's for (maybe for a lanyard?), but it doesn't affect seating in my Arsenal AK.
Good Mags
Review by Christopher on 3/30/13
Typical surplus mags. 4 of the 5 I ordered were in great shape with little cosmoline left to clean up; one mag had absolutely no cosmoline in it which was surprising. Only 1 of the 5 had some problems. The follower gets stuck when it's near the bottom of the mag. Being surplus, occasional issues are expected. Other than that, they are a great price considering the current political climate.
Great mags
Review by Minuteman on 3/25/13
Alright, I got these mags with my Romanian WASR 10/63 AKM rifle and they are very well made, very durable, and they fit very well into the rifle. I have had my mags for about 4 months now and they feed wonderfully. Never had a jam or issue with these magazines. The steel matches the blueing on the rifle perfectly. It just makes the Ak look like an AK. I have had experience with Korean mags (which are thinner great steel but still great mags with no problems) Polish steel mags, and Bulgarian steel mags. In my opinion, these Romanian mags out due all of them. The only mags that can compare to these mags in my opinion are the Tapco polymer mags. But if you want steel, go for the Rom arm mags. Thanks for reading.