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Zastava M88A Compact 9mm, 3.7"BBL, Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol

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Zastava M88A Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol

Comes With 2 Mags and Cleaning Brush

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Zastava M88A Compact 9mm, 3.7"BBL, Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol

Zastava M88A Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol

Comes With 2 Mags and Cleaning Brush


Zastava M88A Compact 9mm, 3.7"BBL, Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol

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Additional Information

Product Specs Semi-Auto 9mm Parabellum 2-8 Round Mags
Caliber 9mm
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

Brutus' Description

Our new compact 9mm TT style pistol is an improved version of the basic M88 model.

The M88A has an external safety and features a hammer forged barrel and slide.

Ergonomic improvements include polymer grip covers and the mag. base is designed for easy removal of the mag.

Comes with two 8 rd. mags. and cleaning brush. Barrel: 3.78", Overall: 6.89", Weight: 1.87 lbs.

Not available for sale in CA; NY;Cook County, IL or where prohibited by law. Condition: New.

Really nice little more compact version of a traditional Tokarev pistol.

For those of you like me, who love a Tokarev,  but want something a little more concealable... This is the answer. 

Manufacturer's Description

Zastava M88A Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic TT Tokarev Type Pistol

Additional Information

Product Specs Semi-Auto 9mm Parabellum 2-8 Round Mags
Caliber 9mm
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping Yes

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Customer Reviews

For those who love the classic Tok
Review by jimraynor21 on 11/9/13
My video is a bit long but very detailed.

Overall very happy with the firearm so far considering the price. If you love Tokarevs but you want something slightly smaller with a true safety, in a caliber most of us can find, I highly recommend it.

Classic is great to deal with and were very prompt in processing/shipping my order.
Video Review
Zastava M88a(9mm) in-depth review
Uploaded by jimraynor21
Neat little 9mm
Review by Blacker on 4/21/14
I got the M70A full size 9mm Tok and was very pleased with function and finish and wanted this one too. It just came back in stock and I ordered one immediately. Shot it this weekend after cleaning and it worked great. I was just plinking at some cans and putting rounds through it to break it in but it performed well. I recommend this one and the M70A as a couple of reliable and super economic 9mms. They are all steel frame guns so they feel good in the hand. Great bargain for to have a couple extra 9mms available.
about to buy one
Review by knobcreek on 4/20/14
My shooting friend has one, I've shot it a lot, real nice shooter. I helped him replace the hammer due to doubles now and then. Easy to service. I am placing a order for myself tomorrow. ( great price too ) Nothing better than to try something out before you buy one for your self. I am a long time customer and very pleased with Classic.
good deal
Review by cornbread on 4/19/14
Solid gun. Machining is somewhat funky as is the finish compared to a high polish blued finish buts its much more than serviceable. Obviosly at the price these sell for and being all metal the crafstmen belt sanding the parts have to work very fast and get it to within thier range of quality the first time.
I only got to put 50 rounds through it so far. Mine needs the sights adjusted before I can tell how it grouped- I really only had time to figure out where I had to aim to hit center! At 30 feet I had to aim a foot high and 6 inches to the right but its just a matter of tapping the front sight- its visibly off center to the right and it needs filed down a bit. I have no problem with doing that.
No failure to feed in 50 rounds and its really easy to shoot, recoil is minimal. So far it looks like its worth more than the asking price. I need to get it back out to the range to really asses it after I adjust the sights.
I hope that all doesnt sound negative because its not meant to be- I am happy with it, amazing price for a new gun all metal with blued finish, solidly made.
Service was really good, quick shipping, no problems. Thanks I would buy one again
Would give it five stars, but
Review by Dennis on 3/8/14
If it wasn't for the rear sight falling off I would give this pistol five stars! Finally give up and put an adjustable sight on it and so far it has stayed put and is as accurate as i can make it! This is my favorite carry gun! Also installed a t-33 hammer & spring " drops right in" and acquired a couple extra norinco 213 magazines that work like they were made for it! Also uploaded a couple of pictures!
Review by Vasy on 2/14/14
I received the gun very fast I love it was a great price fun to shoot and accurate thanks Classic Fire Arms.
Great pistol highly recommended
Review by Jim on 1/24/14
I purchased two of these guns, one for my son who is just getting into shooting and "wanted a 1911". I liked it so much I decided to purchase another for myself. Their reliability in my experience has been excellency with 800+ rounds fired of various ammunition types including hollow points and not one jam so far. The basic design has been around for about 80 years and is battle proven. No it's not a 1911, not even in the same ballpark. BUT, it's single action, slender, and there is John Browning design written all over this pistol. The guns are "Russian block rough" with lots of tooling marks, a little gritty and stiff out of the box. But undeniably functional... think Makarov. A good cleaning, lube and a few hundred rounds later it really smooths out and becomes a nice shooter. Between the two we own there are some quality control ( or lack there of) manufacturing differences but none affect overall reliability or accuracy.

My only real criticisms are: The sights are awful, I have since built up the front sight with some model paint which helps sight picture tremendously. Second, while many Tokarev parts probably interchange there are a few which don't including the recoil spring and associated guide rod and as of this review nobody seems to be importing parts. At least I haven't been able to find any.

In summary, like the Tokarev they’re plenty reliable and highly accurate and will leave you with plenty of cash left over for the best firearm accessory of them all, ammo. For the price of $230 it's hard to beat and I would without question trust my life to this gun, even over many guns I own costing 4 times as much.

In case your wondering, I just use a typical 1911 holster and it works fine and rumor has it that Norinco 213 magazines work.
Great Buy
Review by gary on 1/22/14
Very pleased with this purchase, so much so that I ordered a second one. Really nice finish and fit for a gun in this price range. Also feels great in the hand.
A really well built pistol
Review by Dr Tom on 1/18/14
I bought one of these when it was on sale a few weeks ago and once I opened it and handled it for a while when cleaning and reassembling I found it to be a really nice pistol for the money. I have not fired it as yet but have done quite a bit of dry firing to get used to the trigger and holding it steady to keep sight alignment and found it to be very manageable as a self defense weapon. I will be trying different brands of ammo to see how it does perform in the near future.
nice product
Review by windowman on 1/18/14
My wife loved her Christmas present
Good gun for the price
Review by Bobby S on 1/17/14
Received the gun, finishing is awesome , fits the hand like a glove but get those hogue grips, took it out to the range, It shot well and very accurate even from 30 feet.
Shot some reload ammo and still did fine, the gun needs to be cleaned well and need at least 500 rounds in order to break in,
field stripping is easy,Fits the same holster as the colt 1903 and 1908.
Good truck gun or Bug out bag gun.
All steel decent quality gun for around $220 is unheard of.
Excellent value
Review by davmoha on 1/17/14
If you are looking for a quality made firearm at a low cost this is the perfect weapon. All steel to take up recoil, ambidextrous grips for this lefty, and a slim profile, make this a number one choice for conceal and carry. I would not hesitate to suggest this weapon to anyone, especially with the unbelievable pricing.
Great gun for money
Review by Tom on 1/14/14
Bought one and was so impressed that I bought a second. Fun to shoot and accurate.
great 88 !
Review by bassinator on 12/31/13
This is a great pistol that is very accurate right out of the box.Simple take down for cleaning and care.Classic Firearms is a great place to find deals on good weapons.
Zastava M88A
Review by Tom on 12/31/13
I have just purchased my first M88A and am surprisingly happy with my purchase. I was not expecting a nice pistol but found that this one is better than expected. Being made by Zastava was the reason for my buying the pistol along with my experience from two previous rifle purchases from the same manufacturer. The pistol needed cleaning, oiling, and greasing when it arrived to remove the shipping oil residue and unfreezing the parts. After operating the slide and smoothing the trigger a bit I found this pistol comparable to other previous Soviet Bloc firearms but with better ergonomics. This is an excellent firearm to have around for self defense when needed.
Beyond happy
Review by Aaron on 12/25/13
Because of the black Friday sales I had to wait about two weeks before my pistol was shipped. But all the wait aside, it was well worth it. Only negative is the front sight is a little bent and the rear sight is over to the left(I will be getting a hold of century for that). The pistol shoots very smooth and soft, feels good in my big hands, has a very VERY nice bluing on it, and cleans up fast. NOTE to anyone purchasing this fine weapon, do a field strip(very easy) and a good deep cleaning(I used a aerosol degreaser to speed that up) then re-oiled it. I will probably buy another one from ClassicFirearms in the near future.
great customer and warranty service from century arms
Review by bear on 12/22/13
The zastava m88a was my fourth firearm purchase from classic this year. Arrived as before in record time. Cleaned it and took it to the range the next day but unfortunately there was a failure in the guide rod distal pin the was unable to shoot more than 30 rounds or so. Was quite upset, but called Century Arms warranty number and a human actually answered and referred me to pistol warranty repair in Vermont. They e mailed me prepaid shipping labels and returned the gun in less than 2 weeks fully repair and very functional. Very pleased with purchase. And since I purchased there was a price drop and free shipping and 2 of my friends ordered the same pistol. Thanks Classic and Century.
Great utilitarian
Review by Abc123 on 11/17/13
Just wanted to say that classic arms has been a fenomenal company to do business with. Courtious, fast shipping and quality products. This baby tokarev is a great value. Where else can you buy a "new" 9mm for under $250 that is reliable, compact and ergonomic. For those thinking of using this pistol as a concealed option I say.. Be realistic! There is no firing pin block or half-cock option so stage one hammer down, safety off carry is a risky proposition. For those accustomed to 1911's cooked & locked this gun is intuitive, for me fumbling through safeties in a diré situation is risky. The protruding sights is a snag risk the 10lb trigger pull, body sweat on an all steel gun are you getting my drift. As a home defence, bug-out, car gun this weapon is great; It will not win any beauty pageant but is as reliable and accurate as any post peristroika gem.
Review by Jake on 10/20/13
I bought because of the price, but if it was nearly twice as much, it would still be worth it. Very impressed. Zero complaints. Thanks Classic!
This Is A Real Pistol
Review by Fritz on 10/12/13
I am more impressed than I thought I'd be from reading the other reviews. This is a great buy for all the reasons. Accurate is an understatement! I was very impressed with the accuracy at 15 yards so I moved the target out to 44 yards and was really impressed with groups in a 12" pie plate circle!! I was using a rest; still, that is fantastic for a handgun. The finish is impressive-smooth even bluing overall. Easy take-down and cleaning. I really like the way it fits my hand and the excellent trigger-very smooth. The slender profile makes it an easy, comfortable carry. At the outdoor range, several other shooters were impressed as well. I can't say enough about this Tokarev Type pistol made with the old school approach except to say that the other reviewers are spot on with their impressions. This is a great bargain!
excellent weapon, excellent price!
Review by Frosty on 10/12/13
Being a big fan of the M57 full size Yugo Tokarev, I was excited to see this pistol come on the market. It's everything the full size Yugo Tok is(same company, new country name). I tried a couple of polymer pistols, but all I see they have going is their lite weight and smaller size over an all steel pistol. I'll take the dependability and proven reliability of all steel pistols. JMO. I love this old school pistol, in this easy to find ,popular caliber.
Great little handgun
Review by John C on 9/29/13
I picked up my Zastava M88a 9mm pistol last week and finally got to try it out on the range today. I really love this pistol! I own and love shooting the larger Zastava M70a 9mm and the M88a is no let down. The M88a fits my hand perfectly, it is balanced, nice trigger and it is very accurate for a smaller handgun. I had no trouble putting rounds down range and getting nice groups at 15-20 yards. I was also impressed with the condition of the gun, ease of initial cleaning and the price, It is now my favorite pistol. Thanks Classic for a great buy!
Great pistol
Review by Sasha on 8/1/13
This is a great pistol. Just make sure you lube it with grease before you fire it. Put a hundred rounds through it no problem. Very accurate as well with minimal recoil. Quick shipping. Thank you classic firearms.
Wish I bought two
Review by B on 7/21/13
I purchased this pistol from Classic Firearms, and I was so impressed that I decided to post a review for the first time. This is a great buy. Having detail stripped the gun to see how everything worked, I wanted to point out a few things that I did not see mentioned anywhere when I was doing research before my purchase: (1) The trigger is straight pull, like a 1911. The pull weight is a little heavy, but not nearly as bad as what I was expecting based on discussions on other sites. (2) The magazines took a few tries to get back together. I ended up locking the baseplate in place without the spring and then feeding the spring and follower in through the top. (3) The safety locks the firing pin in place, shrouds the end of the firing pin so that the hammer wouldn't touch it if it drops, and also engages the trigger disconnect lever.
zero regrets
Review by BurnPgh on 7/20/13
Purchased from a different vendor over a year ago. More accurate than my buddies glock at half the price. Well made and battle tested design, all steel, and affordable. Can't beat it. Have had many rounds through it and only one stovepipe buring the break in. Things to note - 1)Other reviews online complain about the trigger, which isnt a match trigger but is MUCH better after disassembling the hammer assembly and thoroughly cleaning. If you dont feel comfortable popping out the pins and springs douse it with break cleaner. A lot of it. then re-oil. The cosmo it comes in attracts a lot of dirt before it even gets to the customer it would seem and causes the trigger to seem heavier and grittier than it actually is. 2) Don't get curious and try to disassemble the safety/remove the firing pin. Putting it back together is more tedious than it's worth and the safety detent ball/spring can get lost very easily. 3) In humid climates with lots of handling the acids in your sweat tend to promote rapid surface rust, especially on the backstrap/grip/trigger. It's light to the point that you can remove it by rubbing lightly with a t-shirt but if you intend to carry it on a daily basis as I do, do yourself a favor and keep the outside of it If clean and oiled. A simple wipedown every few days is sufficient. 4) If you carry with a round chambered as I do there are two things to note. The safety must be COMPLETELY engaged. Check it visually. Feeling for the click may ALMOST engage it but mine will actually click twice, once in the middle and once its actually fully engaged. If the safety is not entirely down, even by a bit will allow the trigger to be pulled, though the hammer block mechanism will still work. Not something I would personally like to chance though. Also if you carry chambered...when you go to clear it before diassembly either clear it with no magazine and the pistol upside down or remove your full mag and replace it with an empty before pulling back the slide. Pulling the slide to clear a round with no magaine tends to let the round nose dive on it way back and it tends not to extract properly and will jam up.If i had the fun money Id buy another one from Classic Arms right this minute. (I've bought before from classic and they are my prefered online retailer. Superb group of people.)
Excellent pistol
Review by Bob on 7/14/13
We have two of these though not bought from Classic Firearmes. Very well made, good weight, and accurate. Also a great price. And CF are great folks to deal with.