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TAPCO AR-15 Gen II Magazine 30 Round .223 Rem/5.56 NATO - Black Polymer

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One of the finest AR-15 / M16 mags on the market today. Extremely reliable and durable and at a great price.

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TAPCO AR-15 Gen II Magazine 30 Round .223 Rem/5.56 NATO - Black Polymer

One of the finest AR-15 / M16 mags on the market today. Extremely reliable and durable and at a great price.


Regular Price: $12.99

Special Price: $10.49

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Regular Price: $12.99

Special Price: $10.49

TAPCO AR-15 Gen II Magazine 30 Round .223 Rem/5.56 NATO - Black Polymer

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Additional Information

Product Specs 30 round capacity Black Polymer Construction Made in U.S.A. Lifetime warranty from TAPCO.
Caliber .223
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

One of the finest AR-15 / M16 mags on the market today. Extremely reliable and durable and at a great price. By collecting input from military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters, TAPCO has designed a magazine that can be depended on from a trip to the firing range to deployment overseas. Molded of reinforced composite with aggressive horizontal ridges that provide increased gripping surface for insertion and extraction of the magazine in wet or muddy conditions. This also helps to eliminate feed lip separation. The anti tilt follower has been designed to allow more dirt and grime to pass than any other magazine on the market. This allows the magazine to keep feeding ammo, despite loose dirt or sand that may have entered the magazine. The spring is made using a 1770 Stainless steel wire, featuring a unique shape for smoother, quieter loading through all 30 rounds. It also reduces overall stress on the magazine body, preventing spine cracks. 30 Round capacity. Fits All AR15, M4, and M16 Variants. Made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty from TAPCO.

Manufacturer's Description

Tapco AR-15 30 round mag, Generation II .223 caliber by Tapco - Black Polymer

Additional Information

Product Specs 30 round capacity Black Polymer Construction Made in U.S.A. Lifetime warranty from TAPCO.
Caliber .223
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Great Magazines!
Review by Monty on 4/5/13
I was limited on my video length, but these magazines are great, they are quieter and lighter compared to the USGI magazines. What I love about the magazine is the anti tilt follower, they make loading and unloading easy. The overall structure of the magazine is solid.
Video Review
Uploaded by monty098765
Great mags at a great price!
Review by shughes53 on 4/2/13
These have functioned flawlessly for me. They are just as good as magpul pmags in my opinion. You can get all 30 rounds in them, and the anti-tilt followers are perfect.

They do seem a bit shorter than a pmag, but also a bit wider. The deeper grooves on the Tapco give a little more grip when pulling from a pouch.

Compared to the thermold mags, this is a no-brainer. Thermolds generally work fine, but the followers can tilt and the finish is not as nice (may need a little trimming to fit, and the plastic is softer). At the same price, Tapco wins this battle hands down.

Classic rocks!
Video Review
Tapco Intrafuse Gen II (2) AR Magazine at a glance (Classicfirearms.com)
Uploaded by shughes53
These are AWESOME!
Review by JAMEYBAXTER on 1/15/13
Guess who has these IN STOCK? ClassicFirearms.com!!!

These are VERY comparable, if not better than the pmag. These are in at a GREAT price!
Video Review
Tapco AR-15 Gen II Magazine 30 Round - classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by jamey baxter
Functions great. Looks cool
Review by Philip on 3/11/14
These mags fit better tan my aluminum ones and they give the gun a better look as well.
best buy in AR magazines
Review by mike on 1/18/14
These magazines are as good as any I have seen to date and at a price they is excellent.
best on the market
Review by Tom on 1/6/14
People rag on these for being cheaper than magpul... Never had a feed problem from a single one. unless you run metal mags, these are the ones to buy.
my favorite
Review by Adam on 8/9/13
the nicest ar mags in my opinion, look good work good, and a good price you cant go wrong
As Good As PMAGs
Review by Oscar on 6/8/13
I was surprised by these, I thought that they would be good but they were better. I would rate these as every bit as good as PMAGs. Thanks Classic Firearms.
great bang for the buck
Review by xxlt24 on 6/4/13
I bought a 10 pack of these for my AR15 right after Christmas time when everyone and there dog was jacking up their prices. Thank goodness we have classic Firearms that always sells great product for a great price, and doesn't take advantage of the consumer like the rest of the dealers. Thanks CLASSIC!!!
Great mags
Review by Jacob on 5/19/13
These mags are great. Fired a few hundred rounds through 2 of these without any malfunction.
Wy aren't these more popular? They're GREAT!
Review by DieselDork on 5/13/13
During the 2012-13 Gun Panic, I picked up 6 of these; honestly, just because they were available. While waiting on them to be shipped to me, I searched the web for reviews. They ranged from "junk" to "okay". The most positive review I could find was: "Not as good as magpul, but close". Well, after receiving them, inspecting them and using them, I can say that they ARE just as good as pmags and IMHO, they are better. I took my bro-in-law out shooting and we used both mags. He doesn't know squat about firearms. While we were packing up, I gave him one of each mag and asked him which he liked better. He said functionally there was no difference, but he liked the grip and feel of the tapco better. They're every bit as good as the pmags. Classic Firearms is GREAT to deal with also!!!!!!!!
Review by Devon on 5/8/13
Good quality, fast shipping, and a good price considering all the panic prices out there.
Tapco mags
Review by Andy on 4/22/13
Great mags, fast shipping. Will not disappoint.
So far so good.
Review by Z3 on 4/17/13
I don't write many reviews, but felt that Classic Firearms deserved one. The product I got here arrived as expected in great shape and very quickly. The mere fact that they had a good product at a great price in stock is a testament to greatness!

I've tested the four of these I ordered in my Rock River AR-15, and they fit wonderfully (better than the two steel mags it came with). I've put a full 30 rounds into the clip several times and removed (sitting on 15 pre-loaded in 2 of the four), and I have no complaints. We'll see how the spring holds up over time.

While I have not tested firing rounds with the magazines yet, I've manually chambered / ejected all 30 rounds from two of the four and I see zero negative operating aspects.

I'll be looking to classic firearms for future purchases.

Great product, fast delivery
Review by gunfighter84 on 4/15/13
Great product, fast delivery. Tapco mags are exactly as advertised, heavy duty and a ouality product, will buy again. Thanks very much.
Good for the times
Review by trek988 on 4/12/13
These mags perform great. They just feel cheap. I think the Pmags are far better but with them hard to find or hugely marked-up when you do find them Tapco mags will have to do.
Classic Firearms deserves a lot of credit for not price gouging like other sellers are.
Review by yar on 4/12/13
great product .fantastic service and the first time I was ever asked if anything was wrong by company when nothing was wrong. real people to talk to no run around. I will definitely be ordering from these boys again .happy happy happy .
good product from a great company
Review by lance on 4/11/13
Great product from a great company
Great Price, Great Service, and in stock!
Review by John on 4/11/13
Great Price, Great Service, and in stock! What else can I say.....

Thanks to Classic Firearms!!!!!
Awesome Polymer Mag
Review by Eric on 4/8/13
I bought a set of 4 of these, and 4 of the thermolds to make a comparison.

I have to say, side by side, these (the tapcos) outperformed across the board.

These were easy to load, easy to unload. The anti-tilt follower was great.

They fit my rifle perfectly, without having to force them in. (Had very little movement, and were nice and snug).

I loaded all 4 with identical ammo, full 30 rounds each, and all 4 fed flawlessly, and locked rifle open on empty.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone with an AR for an extremely well priced, and high quality mag. I am going to order some more right now!

ClassicFirearms handled the order perfectly. Shipped fast, packed well, A+++
Five stars on quality and price!
Review by figure 8 on 4/6/13
Best deal In the whole darn United States! Tough mags with smooth feed!
Review by Robert on 4/5/13
You found a customer for life! In stock and you didn't price gouge! I love them and look forward to doing more business with you in the future!
Review by marc on 4/4/13
I am so impressed with classic firearms. They are the cats meow. Granted I only bought some 30-rd magazines but not only haven't they not completely jacked the prices way up and there service was great! I will be using them from here on out. Thanks guys.
Review by slwize on 4/1/13
These Tapco mags are great! Great price, fast shipping! Thanks Classic!
Review by BigAL on 3/23/13
I bought 3 of these mags, they fit well. Loaded easy and I have had no problems to date
Good quality
Review by Frank on 3/20/13
Appears to be good quality. Load and free drop well from weapon. Will purchase more.
Great Company to shop and purchase with
Review by Joe on 3/14/13
The Magazines feed ammo fine, fit in my rife fine and are built with quality.

I felt like I needed a few more magazines for my AR-15 so I shopped around and decided to purchase from Classic Firearms for the first time. The process was easy, the price was fair, and the shipping was speedy. Later I called customer support to inquire about a different product and was greeted by a pleasant woman who answered my question politely. Over all great company.
Review by Larry on 3/14/13
These mags are very well made and they are easy to take apart and clean.Never had any fail to feed issue's what so ever.They maybe a little wider then Magpul but they function just the same.Highly recommend.
Review by Melissa on 3/12/13
No Original Packaging! BOOOOO!
Review by Scott on 3/11/13
The mags are nice, but I must say I am disappointed that none of these mags came in the original packaging (I know my AK ones did from Midway). If you plan on using them immediately, no problem. However without original packaging, it may be hard to re-sell or trade them if you should choose to do so.
Thanks Claaic Firearms
Review by slwize on 3/9/13
These magazines are great. High quality construction and extremely durable. Moreover, my purchasing experience with Classic Firearms has been A++++! Items arrived sooner than I expected and were exactly as described! Thanks Classic!
Review by slappyhooper on 3/9/13
Picked up 10 of these and haven't had an issues. They ship like an OEM product. (No packaging, shipped inside a bulk USPS mailer.)
That being said, they arrived in great shape, and seem to be great quality mags.
They're VERY easy to disassemble for cleaning, but very sturdy and free from any slop or rattle. I haven't torture tested them yet, but they seem at least as good as any other mags out there.
Great Product
Review by ddub on 3/1/13
Great product at a good price and handled quickly. Thanks Tapco. Thanks Classic Firearms.
Awesome Magazines
Review by DOHC on 2/28/13
These magazines are awesome, took them out for the first time and they functioned exactly like they were supposed to. We'd buy these again.
good stuff
Review by joshua on 2/28/13
ordered a couple of these in january, even with all the increased traffic classic arms still got them out to me and at my door in just over 2 weeks. good product and good company, i will do business with them again.
great mags!
Review by Tyler on 2/27/13
Great mags at a good price. A friend of mine likes them more than his pmags.
Great deal
Review by Me on 2/24/13
Great service on an excellent product, will do again.
Very Good
Review by Michael on 2/23/13
I got 10 of these. They are good quality mags, with true "no-tilt" followers. I get just as good of performance out of these as I do out of my Pmags. I would have given 5 stars if they were under $15, at $23 they are only worth 4 stars. In today's market, they are still a good mag for a "reasonable" price.
Review by jb on 2/22/13
good product
Nicely put together
Review by Tarzan on 2/22/13
The Tapco mags are well put together. The follower is anti tilt, there are no sharp edges and the mags click into multiple AR's without any slapping or banging. They load easily and actually hold 30 rounds with no issues.

I was not convinced these mags were a good idea - after reading other reviews and then looking at the product I am convinced these mags are good to go.

High quality and good price
Review by Ed on 2/13/13
I bought a stack of these mags and they all perform great. Very similar to more expensive mags but Classic offered these at a much better price even during peak demand for 30 rounders. I applaud their ability to refrain from gouging the customer when supplies were scarce.
Review by John on 2/13/13
Very good mags for the money.
great mags!
Review by watchdog718 on 2/7/13
These magazines are really high quality; on par with pmags in my opinion! They look great, feel great and are definitely priced competitively. I'll buy more when the need arises!
Great Product
Review by Joshua on 2/4/13
This is my first time buying polymer mags, but I picked up a few of these, and I absolutely love them. I'm sure I'll buy some more if they ever come back in stock. They also look real good in my Bushmaster.
Review by Rick White on 2/3/13
Ripped some rounds out of my ar_15 with these tapco mags today. Awesome value, awesome quality!
As good as Magpuls
Review by Joel on 2/1/13
I picked up a couple dozen of these mags, had to wait a while for shipping but am so happy I did! These mags fit great in my DPMS. Maybe I should have bought 4 or 5 dozen instead. :)
comparable to the famous PMAG
Review by Jay on 1/21/13
this is a very well built magazine, very comparable to the Magpul PMAG...!! feed spring/plate is identical, to that of the PMAG... however, the price has jumped quite a bit, I only paid $13 for mine only a month ago..!!
Great Magazine, no feed problems
Review by Minagera on 1/16/13
These are in at a GREAT price! Very happy with the build and feeding.