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Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifles - Grade B rifles

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Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, 7.62x54r, 5Rd, Bolt Action, with Bayonet, Oiler, and Tool Kit. 

Individually Boxed. Marked as B Grade due to potential for scratches,dings, or light gouges in stocks... see explanation below.
These came to us from Molot In factory master packs of 6 and 12 respectively and conditions vary from rifle to rifle.
As such, we are grading cosmetically for Hand selects. 

If you want to see a good mix, I would encourage you to order a master pack. They have been sorted to grade of course but a master pack
of 6 or 12 should still get you a good assortment of codes and dates and will be enough rifles to give you a general overall feel for what the
entire batch is like. And any increment of these quantities gives us a good tight outer box to ship it all in as well.

C & R Eligible 

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To Compliment these fine rifles we are offering a Very Special Deal on 7.62x54r Ammunition. 
This is the finest Nagant Ammo in the Country and a perfect compliment to these rifles.

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Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifles - Grade B rifles

Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, 7.62x54r, 5Rd, Bolt Action, with Bayonet, Oiler, and Tool Kit. 

Individually Boxed. Marked as B Grade due to potential for scratches,dings, or light gouges in stocks... see explanation below.
These came to us from Molot In factory master packs of 6 and 12 respectively and conditions vary from rifle to rifle.
As such, we are grading cosmetically for Hand selects. 

If you want to see a good mix, I would encourage you to order a master pack. They have been sorted to grade of course but a master pack
of 6 or 12 should still get you a good assortment of codes and dates and will be enough rifles to give you a general overall feel for what the
entire batch is like. And any increment of these quantities gives us a good tight outer box to ship it all in as well.

C & R Eligible 

Don't Forget The Ammo

To Compliment these fine rifles we are offering a Very Special Deal on 7.62x54r Ammunition. 
This is the finest Nagant Ammo in the Country and a perfect compliment to these rifles.

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Exterior Cosmetics - hand select: We will inspect 5 rifles for best exterior cosmetics ONLY. Please note these are grade B rifles even with hand select, but you will get the best of 5 grade B rifles.
Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifles - Grade B rifles

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Customer Submitted Images

  • 1940 Tula
  • 1940 DDR (East German).  Thanks, Classic!
  • 1943 Ishevsk
  • 1942 Izhevsk, DDR Marked
  • Flynorm1
  • Flynorm2
  • Flynorm3
  • Flynorm4
  • Flynorm5
  • Flynorm6
  • Flynorm7
  • Flynorm8
  • Flynorm9
  • Molot Mosin (side)
  • Molot Mosin, from muzzle end
  • Shank - note /25\
  • Bore - excellent
  • Rifle
  • 1937 Izhevsk
  • 1937 Izhevsk
  • serial
  • box
  • Barrel
  • Stock, nice figure
  • Mohawk Reciever?
  • great deal
  • cant beat in great shape
  • My First Mosin
  • came with everything but the sling!
  • all these goodies were included
  • chamber is beautiful!
  • good crown and low muzzle wear
  • bolt had no cosmoline on or in it!
  • nice clean bolt face
  • 1943 Tula Ex-Sniper
  • Grade B to Sniper
  • Red Oak Finish with 4 coats of Danish Oil
  • Molot Grade B Morphed to Sniper
  • Molot 91/30
  • morlot with archangel kit
  • Awesome Deer Rifle
  • Awesome Deer Rifle
  • Straight from the Box
  • Beautiful Stock
  • Mosin 5700
  • Mosin 885
  • Mosin 364
  • Breech View of Bore
  • Muzzle View of Bore
  • Unboxing - 3 Matching Serials
  • Barrel
  • Sporterized - ProMag Archangel
  • 1942 Izhevsk DDR Mosin Nagant M91/30
  • 1942 Izhevsk DDR M91/30
  • 1942 Izhevsk DDR Mosin Nagant
  • 1942 Izhevsk DDR
  • 1942 Izhevsk round (DDR marked)
  • a pair of nice b grade Mosin 91-30s
  • hex receiver, brass end plates & tiger striped stock!
  • close up of hex receiver
  • 1943 M91/30 Izhevsk
  • Eric's 9130
  • After the parts have been cleaned
  • Steaming the stock
  • After her cleaning
  • Good shooter
  • Good shooter
  • 2/8
  • Family+ 1
  • 1932 Molot 91/30
  • 1943 Molot 91/30
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • 1938 Izhevsk
  • The war room
  • Without ammo it does not matter how many guns you have
  • Mosin Nagant rifle1
  • Mosin Nagant rifle2
  • Mosin Nagant rifle3
  • Custom Zombie Rifle
  • Finished 91/30
  • M44
  • before and after of a perfect replacement
  • All matching Tula 1935 hex
  • My new baby.
  • Wife loves the Mosin
  • My Mosin with aftermarket butt
  • The 91/30 with the M44
  • "grade B", yeah right. Top notch.
  • unboxed with the M44.
  • two grade B mosin nagants in great condition. one Tula 1942, one Izhevsk 1943. Izhevsk has brass on the stock. both have decent bore. not counter bored.
  • Range day
  • My Mosins
  • 91/30 grade b and m44
  • 12 Grade b's
  • 3 Hex in order of 12
  • 1943 Izhevsk Round Receiver. Stepped Tang. No extra notch at stripper clip guide, High Wall, unmachined right rear receiver. No inner receiver tang. No lug race cut through. Early WWII sling slots (liner in front) No toe splice, wrist bolts, or barrel band
  • 2-1943 Izhevsk Round Receivers. Stocks are a little banged up. But, no rust and all numbers match. Rifling looks decent. Very little Cosmoline. I will do a Boyd’s nutmeg laminate on 1st and Archangel/Timney on the 2nd.  Yes I know purist will complain. I w
  • 1927-Izzy Hex
  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 Sportorized and Multi-Cam
  • Molot
  • nice battlerifle
  • great shooter
  • My modified mosin
  • Mosin 9130
  • My modified mosin
  • Mosin 9130
  • Fresh out of the box
  • 1938 date of manufacture
  • Both guns are gems
  • I give the grade B an A
  • Still in the crate!
  • Standing tall! Case makes a great table!
  • after refinish
  • 1940!!!
  • Looks brand new!
  • 1942 Molot Mosin
  • disassembled
  • refinished, floated barrel, recoil pad
  • Just a generic picture after refinishing.
  • refinished b
  • all kinds of armory marks
  • refinished b
  • refinished b
  • all kinds of armory marks
  • more and more for a 1941
  • ...all together now..
  • ex-sniper
  • ex-sniper 2
  • 5th Mosin
  • Mosin Grade B Rifle
  • Mosin Grade B Rifle
  • My two Mosins. A 1939 with the Archangel stock conversion and a 1943 handpicked. Both are a blast to shoot and very accurate.
  • My buddy shooting my stock Mosin.
  • Me shooting the Mosin with Archangel stock. Love it!
  • ex-sniper
  • The only cosmaline on it wiped off of the cleani rod in a few seconds
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Additional Information

Product Specs
Product Specs
  • 7.62x54r caliber
  • 5 round bolt action
  • Wood stock


Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

What a Find - Not only are we breaking the price barrier, but we are doing it with one of the coolest rifles on the market today.

These M 91/30 rifles were imported directly from Molot in Russia. Molot is renowned for having the most original, authentic,
and historically accurate firearms of all of the former Soviet Arsenal depots. All of these have the C.I.P. Proof mark from the Proof House of Klimovsk
diamond insignia stamp on the receiver wall. These are the C.I.P mandated proof markings, required for all firearms from C.I.P. member states, which Russia is.

About this particular lot of rifles.   We are calling these our grade B rifles as a way to differentiate them from our other M91/30 rifle sku's,
though most are likely nicer than one would expect from a grade B rifle. In fact some are gorgeous, but conditions and finishes vary from box to box. 
As such we are grading the rifles and also offering them in hand select

Some of the boxes are early Molot full color boxes and some are their more current standard white boxes.

Some rifles came one per box ( 6 per master ) and some came 2 per box with a divider in between rifles ( 12 per master ) .
We sell these individually of course and I would highly reccommend you to try at least one of these rifles.
If you only order one you will only get one, but at this price and especially if you want to see a good sampling,
I would really encourage you to get a master pack or 6 or 12 pieces.
They have been sorted to grade of course but a master pack of 6 or 12 should still get you a good assortment of codes and dates
and will be enough rifles to give you a general overall feel for what the entire batch is like.
And any increment of these quantities gives us a good tight outer box to ship it all in as well.

Of course we will also send you 2, or 3 , or 9, or 27... Whatever quantity you want. 

These rifles are a mixture of early arsenal refinishes, later arsenal refinshes, and even an occasional original Non Refinished, turn in condition gun.
Now please don't call or write and ask specifically for one of these non refinished rifles. I know some collectors would give their left arm for them
but they are just too difficult to search for in this mass of rifles, but I list them just so that you will know there are some there and there is a chance of receiving one. 

We are not guarenteeing it, but all that I have seen have Stamped Matching # Bolts and Receivers and many ( I would say 80 to 85 % ) are all matching

Very few mark through's or force matches, and I have not seen any electro pencils, but again, no guarentees. 

Some will show light scratches and/or dings / or gouges in the wood stocks.
There also may be some light bluing wear as many of these rifles have their original blued finishes. 

Also, some may have a blued finish that is more dull than what you are accustom to seeing with the painted re-furbs that are common to the market, as well as some low luster charging handles as opposed to the high polished ones that are common to the majority of those rifles currently on the market, or even on our other SKU's of M 91/30 rifles here in house. Again, this is a small percentage of the rifles but we are selling these as basically luck of the draw so we would rather prepare for the worst and have you pleasantly surprised than vise / versa. 

Personally I like these rifles. Yes, a few have slight cosmetic imperfections and/or parts not refinished, but to me it only adds to the character of the rifle.
However, most are quite nice and none are so bad that they can't be easily refinished if you so desire. All will be great shooters. . And at this price, you can't go wrong.

 So here is the deal... If you love a great rifle, at a great price, order this rifle. If you want a truely authentic M91/30 from Molot, order this rifle. 
If you love your mama and apple pie, order this rifle...

Seriously.... I don't think you will find an M 91/30 rifle in this market at this price point again. We have some local Gun Show dealers who were in the building as we were checking these in, who have already jumped on them, taken them to shows over the past weekend, were wildly successful with them and made good profit, and came back for more.... 

One More Note - I mentioned earlier that you may see some scratches and dings on the wood. It is not a huge problem, but one that we do need to mention as many of the rifles ( Maybe 40 % )  have it to one extent or another. It is also the primary reason we are selling the rifles at this price point. Let Me explain.

Each of these rifles were boxed in Russia by Molot in a Molot Factory box...They also come with Rust Wrap on each rifle protecting the metal from moisture during shipping...  So far so good, right... They also come with a bayonet... and small tools (no slings).... Still good, right.

Unfortunately while many of the bayonets were wrapped and packed separately, others were just laid in the boxes against bare wood where they sometimes scratched the wood unnecessarily during the transport process...Now I don't mean to be rude... We have some real braniacs on staff here too sometimes, but some little Ivan should get a butt chewing over that one. ... Just saying. ... Unless he looks like Ivan Drago of course ( Obscure Rocky reference ) ... Then you simply commend him and walk away. 

We are doing re-wraps on all the rifles before they ship from here and separating the bayonets properly for maximum protection.  

I really encourage you to try one of these rifles, or again, if you want a good sampling get a master pack or 6 or 12 pieces. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  

C & R Eligible 

Manufacturer's Description

Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, 7.62x54r, 5Rd, Bolt Action, Grade B rifles

Additional Information

Product Specs
Product Specs
  • 7.62x54r caliber
  • 5 round bolt action
  • Wood stock


Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Grade B Rifle - AMAZING quality!
Review by COMBLOC Commander on 4/12/14
I was pleasantly surprised to get such a good deal on this alleged Grade B rifle. This 1938 Izhevsk was in great condition with beautiful wood, smooth action, and complete bluing. I am consistently pleased with my purchases from Classic Firearms.
Video Review
Review of a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 Grade B Rifle from www.classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by COMBLOC Commander
Second Follow Up for Classic Firearms "B" Grade Mosin
Review by Jeremy on 3/12/14
Again updating a review with my M9130 B rifle from Classicfirearms.com
Video Review
"Scouterized" Mosin M9130
Uploaded by Jeremy Menning
Nice Hex B Grade!
Review by RC on 3/10/14
Picked up this and a M44 from Classic. To my surprise I got a Hex receiver. Can't figure out why it's a B grade, unless it's because of the mismatched bolt but who cares at this price? Receiver is a 1945 Izhevsk rifle with force matched parts. Oddly, the bolt possesses parts from the Izhevsk and Tula factories as indicated by both markings of star and arrow in triangle. Nicks in the stock? What are they talking about? Maybe the refinish applied isn't furniture worthy, but this stock and the metal parts are all good to go. I bought a 91/30 years ago from one of the "BIG STORES" that didn't look this good and paid $10 more for it at the time. That one was duracoated as it was too ugly. I've been wanting one that wasn't Bubba'd by me and in the traditional finish. This "B" grade from Classic??? She's a keeper as-is. The bore is a little dark, but the rifling is great and a quick bullet test confirms the barrel isn't shot out. If there's one complaint it's only to Molot. Why did you have to billboard the importation stamp on these to the top of the receiver? My M44's is hidden and wish this one was as well. Also, a sling would be nice but guess that's why Classic has the more expensive option. At this price, though? 5 Stars and a keeper.
Video Review
Uploaded by Jagrmaister13
video of my mosin B rifle from Classic
Review by Jeremy on 3/3/14
This is a follow up review to my previous review of my"B" graded Mosin from Classic.

Very happy. You will be too.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant Scout Rifle wanna-be
Uploaded by Jeremy Menning
Grade b mosin nagant 91-30
Review by Justin on 2/27/14
Great rifle for the price. With a little work it can look really great. Mine groups 5 shots about
2 in at 50 yards. Watch the video! Leave a comment!
Video Review
Mosin Nagant 91/30 grade-b review
Uploaded by Steven Johnson
Very satisfied purchase of 12 Mosin Nagant 91/30 'B Grade' rifles
Review by adam on 2/26/14
This video review is for a recent purchase of 12 Mosin Nagant 91/30s from ClassicFirearms.com. These are all 'B Grade' rifles. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend ordering either large quantities or small quantities of these rifles from Classic.
Video Review
12 count Mosin Nagant 91/30 Review - ClassicFirearms.com - 'B Grade' Rifles
Uploaded by AdamBicycle
A nice surprise
Review by GotVTX on 2/26/14
To my surprise I got a really nice rifle at a good price. Recomended
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com rifles
Uploaded by Got Vtx
4 rifles for 470$ shipped
Review by jesse on 2/16/14
I boutht 4 of these rifles with the 10$ hand picked option. In my opinion, from some of the other video reviews i have seen on here, there wasnt a big difference from hand picked vs regular. i was happy as a school girl when i picked these up from my ffl. as soon as i got them home i opened them up and started checking the head space with my okie gauges. BUT i had one fail :( it failed the no go gauge. but i started emailing classicfirearms about it and they told me they would do a in store credit, exchange, or return so i was very impressed with the response i got. i was very happy with these guys and the rifles. if your like me and shopping around for your first mosin nagant online purchase i recommend classicfirearms
Video Review
classicfirearms.com mosin nagant review
Uploaded by knivesgotguns1
Great rifle
Review by Jason on 2/12/14
Very satisfied with classicfirearms.com
Video Review
Uploaded by Jason Jeffers
Great $99 rifle deal
Review by 45AMT on 2/7/14
Bought 2 like so much bought another here's the third Mosin purchase from classic this time i got a Nice DDR marked (East German) Rifle was also Polish marked on the barrel shank and on the stock. With a diamond 3 and diamond 5 on the stock Awesome deal love how clean they are when they arrive just a light coat of oil. Thanks Classic!
Video Review
Another $99 Mosin Nagant 91/30 purchase from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by 45AMT
$99 Grade B unboxing
Review by PittsburghStealer on 1/19/14
Very happy with my recent purchase of the $99 Grade B Mosin Nagant. A little bit of cleaning and this rifle is smooth.
Video Review
2014 - $99 Grade B Mosin Nagant from Classic Firearms Unboxing
Uploaded by Pittsburgh Stealer
Excellent rifles for the money!
Review by Gunnut357mag on 1/13/14
I have ordered quite a few fire arms from classic, and have yet to be disappointed. I expected to get rifles that were in good condition but had stocks that would look like a beaver got to them. However, my assumption was wrong. what I got was three rifles with excellent bores and good stocks. I received a 1943 Izhevsk, 1939 Tula, and a 1942 Tula that is DDR marked. All three of the stocks had some light finish scratches, but hey, they are 70 plus year old rifles. The one stock did have a small chip and gouge in it, but nothing a little putty didn't fix. All in all, these are excellent rifles!
Video Review
Classic Firearms B-Grade Mosin Nagant Review
Uploaded by Gunnut357mag
If this is grade B, Grade A must look like the gun did in 1943!
Review by Brian on 1/10/14
I bought this beauty with the hand-select option and got what I would call a grade A rifle. Cleanest MN 91/30 I have seen in a long time right out of the shipping box. Stil searching for a hexagonal MN 91/30, I may break down and buy one of the guaranteed hex receivers from Classic Firearms!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant 91 30
Uploaded by Laventry Beria
Solid Rifles
Review by Jason on 1/9/14
Classic has done a great job with these rifles. Unbeatable prices for a solid product. Will be doing business again. Thanks
Video Review
Mosin Review
Uploaded by Jason Jeffers
Great Deal very clean Mosin
Review by AMT45 on 1/8/14
Great Deal Ordered 12-27-13 Shipped 1-3-14 Received 1-6-14 There order system is great. They send you emails to keep you updated with the process as it progresses. Both were 42 Izzy wartime guns Very clean these were a big surprise how nice they were Much nicer than ones from other Mosin importers and NO COSMOLINE!! These are a great deal I can't imagine these will last much longer at this price. Buy while you can! Thanks Classic for a Great buy!
Video Review
$99 Mosin Nagant 91/30 Molot Rifles
Uploaded by 45AMT
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant M-91/30 Unboxing and preview
Review by dmc on 1/7/14
I am really happy with my recent purchase from classic firearms. The service was great as usual. The rifles were better than expected and the packaging was done with care. I will buy more for sure!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant M-91/30 Unboxing and preview
Uploaded by Red Rifles
Awesome : Like a box of Chocolates
Review by David on 1/3/14
I ordered 4 total. If you get a Round Izhevsk then you got your money's worth. The bores can vary from gun to gun just like any other Surplus Mosin. They all will shoot and the Ruskies do a good job rearsinaling them to make them function. All 4 of mine had good Head space checked with an Okie Go and No-Go gauge. I was lucky to get a 5 Line Hex 1926 Tula in the bunch along with 3 Round Izhevsks. But one of the Izhevsks has a really clean bore with low muzzle wear. Its already proving to be a good shooter. but the other ones are not far behind. This batch had very little cosmo. As if they were stored with cosmo and partially cleaned before import. As advertized the stocks have some scratches and dings but not too bad at all. See the Video.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant from Classic Firearms Review
Uploaded by MyRifleShooting
its russian-rific
Review by mosinmaneack on 12/29/13
I own many mosins I mostly bought this one for the box. I thought it was really cool its hanging up in my gun room now. Its really nice and comes with a neat little manual.
Video Review
mosin from classicfirearms.com unboxing
Uploaded by m16andg36556nato
Got a HEX receiver Mosin-Nagant in great condition with all matching serials!
Review by OIFEagle on 12/27/13
I feel like I had a winning lottery ticket with this purchase!

I paid $99 for a HEX receiver Mosin-Nagant with all matching serials!

There were a few scratched and dings in the stock, but I really came out on top with this one!

Video Review
Classic Firearms Unboxing Part 2
Uploaded by OIFEagle
Excellent deal don't hesitate... Buy a few extra
Review by Chris on 12/23/13
I bought a few of these 3 out of 4 were amazing. The forth was a basic wartime rifle. I tried my first video review on my favorite of my group a 28 Tula. Hope it helps Sombody decide to buy one of these
Video Review
Mosin nagant $99 special from classic firearms.com
Uploaded by Chris Smith
Unboxing a $99 Mosin Nagant rifle from Classic Firearms!
Review by OIFEagle on 12/20/13
Unboxing a $99 Mosin Nagant rifle from Classic Firearms!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Unboxing Part 2
Uploaded by OIFEagle
Excellent Rifle, Excellent Service and Fast Shipping
Review by nomansland111 on 12/20/13
Finally, I got her last night. Right away, I stripped her down...gave her a nice massage and I made sure that all parts were cleanse and put back in order. I will take her out very, very soon. Great rifle with history. Thank you Classicfirearms.com!
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle.
Uploaded by Carlton Prince
Mosin Nagant from Classicfirearms.com
Review by bbmize on 12/17/13
Just got my Mosin in from Classicfirearms.com. Check it out. Thanks to wysiwyg for putting me on to this deal.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant from Classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by bbmize
Review by JR on 12/16/13
Received a 39 Tula, 40 DDR Tula, and a Rough machining 42 Tula! Very pleased with the condition they are in! Thanks again classic.
Video Review
Classic Firearms "Grade B" Mosin Nagant 91/30 Review
Uploaded by doggystrike
$89? can't beat that
Review by Bamajama002 on 12/14/13
This gun arrived exactly as described. I bought my rifle with the Black Friday deal and didn't expect cream of the crop. I expected a functional rifle and that is exactly what I got. The bolt didn't match the rest of the gun. It was cleaned of all cosmelan. It did include the rifle cleaning kit and bayonnet. The bolt is a little iffy and I will give an update when I get this gun out at the range. All in all, for $89 I can't complain about this gun. I would highly recommend buying from classic firearms.
Video Review
Molot 91/30 Mosin Nagant - unboxing - from Classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by bamajama002
Mosin Nagant 9130 From ClassicFirearms
Review by Wysiwyg101 on 12/9/13
ll in all I got it PDQ and when I got it it appeared as though the majority of the cosmoline has already been removed. It's a rounded receiver from the Izhevsk plant in Russia from 1942. The bolt moves pretty good but, is a little stiff. Other than that, the rifle appears to be in pretty good shape. I can hardly wait to go shoot it.

So, if you're looking for a decent Soviet Bloc type firearm be it a Mosin Nagant, Chinese Type 53 or Chinese Type 56, AK47, AK74 or several others, check out Classic Firearms. The only note of caution I would bring concerns the AR's they sell from MMC. Do your research folks....do your research. Everything else though, as well as Classic Firearms is good quality stuff.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant 9130 From ClassicFirearms
Uploaded by Wysiwyg101
Review by Chris on 12/6/13
Got rifles and they're in great conditions.. Wood is good, little nicks, and forced matched parts/ non matching bayonets but very good condition overall and at a great PRICE! THANKS!!!
Video Review
M91/30 molot classicfiirearms.com
Uploaded by cl5290at
Surprisingly nice B-Grade Mosin
Review by Seattle Dave on 4/16/14
My second Mosin-Nagant from Classic, this time a randomly-picked, B Grade 91/30.

I was looking for a project rifle at an amazing price, and I got a nice 1942 Tula round-receiver, with beautiful metal, and a great bore (not counter-bored) that still has very strong rifling !

Sure, the stock had 4 small gouges, and the magazine bottom plate had the original stamping lined-out and re-stamped to force-match the rest of the rifle. Not an issue! I also appreciated that this one was not swamped in cosmoline, too (although tearing one of these down to de-cosmoline it is part of the 'bonding' process with a newly-acquired rifle).

It certainly exceeds expectations for what I wanted. In fact, I wish the bluing had been in fair-to-poor condition, as I wanted to experiment a bit with refinishing metal and re-bluing. That's right, I'm complaining because it was too nice ;-)

The only worn out part of this 72-year-old rifle is the trigger itself, whose top edge has worn down to a radius, which therefore won’t allow it to hold back a cocked bolt. No biggie, a $5 replacement trigger was easy to find. Still a 5 star rating rifle, relative to this price point!

Oh, and the bayonet that it came with actually installs, which is nice – the laminated-stock hex receiver M-N that I ordered from here last month came with a bayonet that was slightly too tight to actually be able to install on that rifle. (I recently learned why rifles from this era had so much wood - so that the soldier wouldn't burn his hands while putting the bayonet to use.)

Thanks, Classic! What a cool piece of history to own.Two Mosins for my collection is "enough?, right?
Review by brian on 4/14/14
This was a great buying experience and I am more than happy with my purchase!! Classic firearms is the best and fastest transaction i have ever experienced. I was very pleased with the Mosin and classic has the best prices you will find!! I purchased mine and as soon as I received it my dad couldn't help but purchase one also. I will definitely be doing more business with classic firearms in the future. Thank you!!
Review by yankee kenny b on 4/12/14
This might be the best $109 I've ever spent . The bore is shining , bolt is free and easy .the stock has two small dings which you have to look hard for . I'll be at the range tomorrow and if shoots well I'll be back for a few more. This was my first purchase from Classic but won't be the last . Nice honest people down there
Buy it you will like it
Review by Frank on 4/11/14
March,2014 I purchased 2 rifles, a 1939 Tula and a 1942 Izzy, both had a few niches and dings. After cleaning, the bores are shiney and we're not counterbored. I was so impressed I purchased 2 more April 9, 2014. I received them today April 11, a 1938 Tula and a 1942 Izzy, they also had a few niches and we're not counterbored. This weekend I will clean them and in a couple of weeks go to the range. The service was excellent and I received a product exactly as it was advertised. Thank You Classic and Thank You Lisa for the phone call to let me know they were being shipped on April 9. I will be purchasing more firearms in the future.
outstanding piece!
Review by wildb on 4/10/14
Well, back again..ordered 2 more for some buddies of mine. 1st one in good shape all around, excellent bore & as expected 71 year old wood with decent finish left. 2nd one has very nice finish on wood & to our surprise an ex-sniper model. (scope mount holes plugged). She is a superb shooter, very accurate with nothing done other than a minor cleanup. NICE!! So...why are you waiting? Order one (or 2) now.
Not perfect but definitely worth the price
Review by Randy on 4/10/14
Very nice rifles, picked up 2 along with an SKS. I received 2 round receiver one Tula and one Izhevsk (which is what I was hoping for) both were force match (one done by a dyslexic (1771 and 1717) and stocks have a few chips. Both were counterbored but bright barrels.

Packed in VERY light cosmoline
Overall very happy.
real solid rifle at a great price
Review by Clayton on 4/9/14
shipping was quick and the rifle in much better condition then I thought it would be. Great job guys
real solid rifle at a great price
Review by Clayton on 4/9/14
shipping was quick and the rifle in much better condition then I thought it would be. Great job guys
Great Value
Review by node on 4/7/14
I was very excited to receive the weapon once i purchased it. Shipping was fast and the rifle was way better than I thought. Great stock, great barrel and great value. I took the rifle to the range last week and fired around 300 very accurate rounds. This is a must have for all firearms people!!!

Big win Classic Firearms!!
hit the lottery again
Review by William on 4/7/14
My third gun through classic firearms my second mosin and they have all been beautiful guns and shipped and received in a couple days. Plan to order more as soon as my wife allows me to. Thanks again.
hit the lottery again
Review by William on 4/7/14
My third gun through classic firearms my second mosin and they have all been beautiful guns and shipped and received in a couple days. Plan to order more as soon as my wife allows me to. Thanks again.
Mosin Grade B 1933 Hex "Izzy" w/pewter handguard
Review by Southerngunner on 4/5/14
Very happy with a fantastic rifle. Love Classic. Bought many guns from there. Didn't have to adjust front sight, previous owner had shooting eyes like mine.
nice gun
Review by freelancefiring. on 4/4/14
good shape.all numbers match and original.
only ? is if you pay the extra 10.00 for hand pick how do you really know.after getting the gun it does not say anything any were that it was a actual hand pick.but it is what it is.benifit of the doubt.
More good than bad
Review by FLF on 4/2/14
OK I purchased a bunch ( 10 ) of the Molot Mosin B Grade Rifles at $99.99 and I have to say most all were in better shape that some of the $149.00 ones from other distributors. Now that's the good side, my 1st beef is that the shipping time was fair at best and not on the days I was told. OK once was due to a snow storm and that's acceptable but after that it was slow. My 2nd beef is that your card is charged the minute you order the product, then ya got-a WAIT while your moneys is tied up. Honestly I deal with a dozen distributors and how they work it is simple, your card is charged the day your product is shipped and your money isn't tied up. But the salvation is that the Molot Mosins Grade B are pretty damn nice for the price. So at the end of the day I'll be buying more and I'll just have to wait a while.
Review by chaplain on 4/2/14
awesome rifles. wish the 99 special would come back
nice 1938 tula 91 30
Review by Christian on 3/31/14
so I ordered one of these b grades not sure of what I would get. when I got it the stock did show some rough wear but I received a hell of a rifle for what I spent. the bore is dark but looks like it will clean up nice and the metal parts have seen numerous refurbishment but are well blued. all in all its a solid shooter. the importer marks look much better than the dot matrix marks of other rifles. I plan on ordering 2 more and doing an extensive video review. worth the money any day of the week.
Review by rhall007 on 3/31/14
Good deal
Review by Marty on 3/30/14
Great deal on a classic firearm. The finish was a little worn but that was to be expected. I plan to strip it down to the wood and refinish it this summer.
Two excellent Mosins
Review by Wayne on 3/29/14
I ordered two of these "B" grade rifles, and they turned out to be in better condition than the "A" grade wartime Izhevsk that I already had (from another vendor). They were a 1934 hex receiver and 1935 round receiver, all numbers matching. The bores were beautiful, and there was no cosmoline. Neither has been counter-bored, and they are both very accurate. The stocks turned out to be in excellent shape.
Good Purchase, good price.
Review by Squirrel Assassin on 3/28/14
For the price I paid I fully expected both rifle barrels to be counter bored at the muzzle, I was surprised to find they were not. Another pleasant surprise was that they were pretty much cosmoline free which if you have ever cleaned a firearm coated in the stuff you will know what I mean. Both rifles were in fairly good shape. No cracks on the stocks no splices or other repairs. If I had to pick a minus it would be that one of the bolts and bolt handle looked like it had been cleaned with 80 grit sand paper. Deep scratches and gouges along its length and the ball is actually misshapen. All in all I feel like I got one heck of a deal and am glad I bought two. excellent customer service from Classic as well. You can't go wrong.
5 stars
Review by Bikepeddler on 3/28/14
I bought 12 of these and they all shoot great, 3 hex receivers and an ex-sniper. What more could I ask for. 5 stars, I will buy more. (I have a video review in the video section).
very pleased
Review by pawpaw mike on 3/28/14
Ordered this b condition rifle and I was very surprised at the great condition it is in. My brother-in-law just got his mosin, the one for 139.00 with all the accessories and it had 2 sets of ammo pouches with it, he gave me 1. Although his is a nice 39 Izzy, I would not trade my 38 Izzy for it. Of course I didn't tell him that. Now I want an m44, ak, and an ar, not necessarily in that order.
Fantastic rifle, especially for the money
Review by Robert on 3/28/14
I originally bought the rifle purely as a refinish/upgrade piece. I've got a nice hex receiver that I bought years ago, so I wanted something I could fiddle with without worrying too much.

After getting the rifle, all I can say is: WOW. The stock was in fantastic condition, the hardware was all excellent, and the "dings" were, as near as I can tell, purely theoretical.

A few days of stripping, staining, and polyurethaning later and the wood looks GREAT. I swapped out the rear sight for a dovetail mounted long eye relief scope, as well.

It took me about 20 minutes with some steel wool and various grits of sandpaper to turn the bolt from the classic Nagant "cycle with a hammer" to "can cycle with one finger." I polished the sear and trigger at the same time and took the pull down to what my (amateur) finger guesstimates to be about 4 pounds or so.

Long story short: Man, I'm glad I snagged this when I did. Now, I just have to resist the urge to snag another....
Great deal
Review by Alibaba on 3/27/14
Got one of the $99 ones. Mine is a 1942 Russian with little stock scratches. I have recommended Classic firearms and this rifles to two friends and they also bought. Straight shooters, my next one will be a M44.
Great buy and great rifle
Review by Craig on 3/27/14
Ordered a grade B rifle and glad I did. Saved $$$$$ and got a rifle that is in great shape. Friends have spent more and gotten less. This one will go to the range and hunting, I enjoy hunting with classic guns.
All Good!
Review by Bill on 3/27/14
I recently ordered 7 Molot B Grade rifles and 1 Laminate Stock Mosin for myself and some shooting buddies. I was happy to see 4 Tula's! All were in good shape, no major stock blemishes and no counterbores! The laminate stock 91-30 Izhevsk was beautiful even through the cosmoline and had all the goodies, even the cartridge cases... Want to order more just to see if I could get "hexed" just once! Great job to our friends at Classic Firearms!
very nice rifle!!
Review by Russell on 3/26/14
Thank's again classic!! The rifle is a very nice 1943 IZZY!! I highly advice everyone to get one of these while you can!!
My first Mosin!
Review by Tommy on 3/26/14
Just got my first 91/30 from my local FFL! Although it is a Grade B, it is exactly what I wanted. All serial numbers on the gun matched. Good overall condition. The few nicks and scars just added to the character of a rifle made in 1943.
Better than descibed
Review by Mike on 3/25/14
First time ordering, awesome experience, quality was better than described, would highly recommend have bought a few more since first.
very happy with purchase
Review by nick on 3/24/14
recieved my molot mosin
very nice, not to much cosmo
probaly will order couple more
Couldn't be happier
Review by Christopher on 3/24/14
Once my Nagant arrived I couldn't have been happier. Even my local FFL store was shocked at condition of rifle for price I got it fore. Can't wait to get my next one or even an AK-74 to go with my AKM. Classic Firearms rocks!!! Will highly recommend to friends and family.
Review by William on 3/24/14
This is the second purchase I have made and I am very pleased with the quality of the gun that I have received. Mosin was far better than a B grade.
Fantastic Value
Review by Kevin on 3/23/14
I bought this rifle on a whim when it was still $99 as part of my birthday gift to me. I just got back from the range with a buddy of mine and what a great shooting rifle this is. I could not be more impressed by this rifle. Both at 50 and 100 yards this rifle was on target out of the box. No adjustments were done by me before firing other than cleaning the rifle to get the cosmoline and other stuff off. If they all shoot like the one I got, you will not be able to find a better deal out there. Period. Thanks for the great gift Classic, I really appreciate it.
great 9130
Review by mike on 3/22/14
I love my 9130 I got a while back. I still need to shoot it. I will definitely do more business with them.
Review by stephen on 3/22/14
Just purchased my second Mosin from Classic Firearms, The first purchase I made was for a 91/30 labeled on their site as "our most popular rifle" I paid 130.00$, and also selected the "hand picked option" for an additional 10.00$. I could not have been happier, it shipped fast and is in great condition, with all matching serial numbers (minus the bayonet) it had a few dings, but it gives the rifle the character that I love. I then ordered a "grade b" rifle also with a hand pick, and again was super pleased!!! The rifling on the grade b is immaculate, it easily has 90% life in the barrel (it was acutlaly much better than the more expensive one) however the stock was more dinged, and not all parts matched) but I am not complaining!!! Plan to refinish this one as a project gun.. I would highly recommend Classic Firearms for any of your Mosin needs! Will be purchasing an M44 soon from Classic Firearms!
Exactly what was pictured and shipped fast!
Review by Brad on 3/22/14
This was exactly as pictured and the hand selection was definately worth the $10. Thank you very much and will be buying more guns from Classic in the future.
Review by heathro on 3/21/14
Best looking mosins I have ever purchased. Good bore nice stock. I have 10 other of different origin but these two are the best. All my friends can't believe the price. Good show Classic Firearms.
Are you kidding me? It's $99!
Review by Anne on 3/21/14
Got this with a hand selected Tula 1490 M-N. No pitting or major issues with the barrel or bolt. Got it put into a Archangel Stock. Put a 100 rounds through it two days ago and totally worth it for a piece of history at 74 years old. Great time firing this. The after market stock took off the sadistic metal butt plate. No bruising for this lady's arm or shoulder. Will be continuing to improve my project build. And putting up a vid in the future. Good purchase. Thanks Classic, may have to get another.
Good buy
Review by Lafemiller on 3/21/14
Rifle in very good condition. Very pleased I bought it.
Grade B stock Grade A++ Rifle
Review by Tyler on 3/21/14
This firearm showed up to my door after only 2 days of constant anticipation! After i ripped away the box and wrapping there lay my little Russian Treasure.. This Grade B Molot was gorgeous.. The wood has seen better days but for $110 i didn't expect Irina Shayk..Anyway The stock was seeping with cosmo which sweated right out.. The metal... by god the metal.. nearly spotless with a light bit of grease. Cleaned up in a snap.. Putin himself would be proud of the metal work of his past comrades. Oh and the rifling/bore was impeccable. For the price of this gun and the quality of it i feel like i got a better deal than the Russian supporters in Crimea...THANK YOU CLASSIC
Great Rifle
Review by Chris on 3/20/14
Certainly not grade B, the FFL agreed saying he has seen several in his shop and this one was one of the best. Mine is a 1938 Tula, the rifleing and bolt are both great. The stock has some dings, but its getting sanded down and refinished with Danish Oil anyway. Certainly worth more than what I paid for it.
better than expected
Review by plummy on 3/20/14
Just Received The Rifle Today Gave It a Quick once Over. Removed The Bolt Cleaned And Oiled It And That's A Far As I Got. This Rifle Is Great Has Minor Marks From Use Or Storage No Bigg. My Expectations Were Not That High To Begin With Just Because It Is A Surplus. I Would Like T Get A Few More In The Future, Not To Be Collected But Stocked And Shot Regularly Not A Prepper Either Just Love Old Rifles And Handguns I May Post A vid Or Photo After I Get It Cleaned up.
better than expected
Review by plummy on 3/20/14
Just Received The Rifle Today Gave It a Quick once Over. Removed The Bolt Cleaned And Oiled It And That's A Far As I Got. This Rifle Is Great Has Minor Marks From Use Or Storage No Bigg. My Expectations Were Not That High To Begin With Just Because It Is A Surplus. I Would Like T Get A Few More In The Future, Not To Be Collected But Stocked And Shot Regularly Not A Prepper Either Just Love Old Rifles And Handguns I May Post A vid Or Photo After I Get It Cleaned up.
gorgeous rifle
Review by Gory on 3/19/14
I opted for hand select for exterior cosmetics. Gun looks gorgeous, at least as gorgeous as a Mosin can look. Finish is intact, no significant dents or scratches on the wood. No visible rust on the metal. Still need to strip it to clean all the metal, but looks good so far. Bore looks good, bright and sharp rifling.

Well packaged in the original Molot box, bubble wrapped and wax papered. All accouterments wrapped in wax paper. Sligthly oily feel to the wood, and some light cosmolene remnants on the metal, but not a heavy coating.
Fantastic Rifle!!
Review by Russell on 3/18/14
Great Rifle excellent value!! Got a 1939 Tula!! Classic does it again!! Great people to buy from!!
Review by Justin on 3/18/14
I just wanted to say thank you to classic firearms for a fantastic weapon at an even more fantastic price. I ordered my grade b mosin on March 5 and picked it up at my ffl on the 11!! There tracking process is wonderful and kept me updated on my order status all the way through and each day I got a bit more excited. I ended up with a beautiful 1943 izhevsk. No gouges in the finish though there are a few minor scratches. Matching bolt stock and barrel markings! It wasn't caked with cosmoline but rather a thin coat which made it easy to clean. Was shooting 3 in groups at 100 yards and open sights!! Thanks again classic firearms! !!
Very Nice "B" Grade
Review by Joel on 3/17/14
A very nice rifle for the price. All S/N's match. The bore is a little dark, but is not shot out. The headspace is within specifications. There were a few scuffs on the stock, but these are easily repaired. Bluing is 100% intact. It will not take too much effort to clean up and it will be ready for the range.
excellent 91/30 mosin nagant.
Review by bud on 3/17/14
the russia 91/30 mosin nagant grade b rifle was in excellent condition with all matching numbers.stock had arsenal repair on butt end,but it was a very good repair.
excellent 91/30 mosin nagant.
Review by bud on 3/17/14
the russia 91/30 mosin nagant grade b rifle was in excellent condition with all matching numbers.stock had arsenal repair on butt end,but it was a very good repair.
VG Round Receiver
Review by Joel S on 3/15/14
I was very impressed with the condition of the rifle from Classic Arms. The rifle was wartime production, but the machining was well above average. All S/N's matched and the stock and hand grip was in excellent shape as received.
Review by SPARKY on 3/15/14
Very Pleased
Review by Kevin on 3/13/14
I was a little hesitant on buying a grade B for the first time but I took a chance. I also ordered another 91/30 with a laminated stock with hex receiver. Both guns are Gems. This grade B does have some nicks on the stock but those can be fixed easily. The barrel and receiver are in excellent shape. No corrosion under the stock or hand guard. 1938 is the manufacture date from Izhevsk. Gun came very clean, very little to no cosmoline except under hand guard I found when I removed the guards checking for corrosion. I will be ordering more from Classic!
Great Buy!
Review by Henry on 3/12/14
great rifle, great condition! a few marks on the stock nothing too bad and bore is in great condition. I recommend this rifle, i got it when it was $99 and paid $20 to ship. Cant wait to shoot!
nice for the money
Review by Peter on 3/12/14
I bought 2 of these one to keep stock and one to modify both guns were in great shape with minor stock flaws. You cant go wrong for the price and shipping was quick.
very cool
Review by joef on 3/12/14
love it, ordered it waited two days,saw no notice of shipping, emailed, was told they are aweek to ship, I was put at ease.. please tell people up front about delay, very happy with gun
Exceeded My Expectations!
Review by SSRet on 3/12/14
Purchased two 91/30's (this one and a laminate stock with a hex receiver). First Mosin Nagants. I have wanted a hex receiver for awhile, and when shopping for one, discovered an appealing aftermarket stock, so I decided I would also get a Chinese Type 53 with it's typical beat to death stock, and make a nice rifle out of it. However, these "Grade B" rifles can't be beat at this price, so I took a chance with no hand select or anything, hoping that I would get one with a stock with enough damage that I wouldn't mind converting it. Instead I got a 1937 Tula round receiver with stamped matching bolt and butt plate. The floor plate is force matched with a line-out and re-stamp. No problem for me. Despite a couple of gouges and scratches, the stock is really quite nice - deep red with lots of interesting markings. It is a later stock, and does have a toe splice, but overall this rifle very much exceeded my expectations and simply has too much character to convert to a different stock. I guess I am going to have to get that Type 53 after all!!!
One more thing - I expected this rifle to be full of cosmoline, but it was delivered remarkably clean. It looks as if you could just run a patch through it and take it to the range. If you're thinking about "pulling the trigger" on one of these, do it! It's a lot of rifle for the money!!!
Molot Mosin Nagant 91/30
Review by Tom on 3/11/14
I received a very good rifle with an excellent bore and metal finish. The hand guard was cracked probably from shipping but easily replaced.
WOW !! What a nice rifle.
Review by mike on 3/10/14
This is the 3rd Grade-B that I have recieved from Classic. The first two were great but this one is like a new gun. It is a 1937 Tula w/o the counter bore. The bore is like new and the stock had only light scratches. The head space is ok and the bolt works easy. The local shop has them for $189, and they aren't even close to these in quality. This has to be the best deal arround.
Nice Rifle
Review by Rick on 3/9/14
Received my Grade B Mosin and it is a Wartime 43 Izzy, with typical rough machining but there is no rust , very little cosmoline, numbers matching, strong bore, bolt a little rough but should be a good shooter. This the second grade B, the first was a 1938 Izzy and it looked as if it was never fired. Can,t beat the price and service as these are better than any of the Mosins at the recent gun show or local dealers at twice the price or more. As a bonus it shipped in the original color Molot box well packed.
great rifle
Review by michael on 3/8/14
I love to shoot this rifle! I got it in and had to wait to find the ammo, but it was well worth it and I am considering buying a few more for my adult sons. the rifle did not kick much at all was right on target with open sights up to 300 yards( I can't see further than that). was in better shape then I expected it to be and worked even better than expected!
Better Than Expected
Review by John on 3/8/14
Shipment arrived excellently packaged. Rifle is in great condition with all matching numbers. Very please with my purchase. Would definitely buy again... in fact, I just might.
19/30 Do Not Hand Select
Review by Brandon on 3/6/14
I just received my 3rd Molot 91/30 today and am very disappointed with this one as compared to the others. I have ordered several guns from CF, and usually when I select Hand Pick I get a beautiful rifle! Not in this case. I payed the extra 10 to get hand select and the rifle stock is in terrible shape. The finish in is very bad shape. When I order another I will not hand select for this Molot 91/30 its just not worth paying the extra money.
As advertised
Review by Nicholas on 3/6/14
Paid for hand select and ended up with a 38 izzy with some dings and scrapes on the refurbed stock. It's not counterbored, theres light pitting and wear at the muzzle, but it otherwise has strong rifling and will be a good shooter, which is what I was looking for. Definiteley a good deal.
Very, very good...
Review by bullet308 on 3/6/14
Ordered in a batch of six rifles for resale. A guy got the real winner of the batch (a minty '39 vintage Tula covered in neat proofmarks) before I could go thorugh them. Four more were typical wartime Izhevesk guns, all in great condition with excelent to mint bores. The sixth one was kind of the "runt of the litter", another wartime Izzie with a darker bore and so-so metal finish, but still well worth the money and a good candidate for sporterization. All in all, a really good mix and a really good deal.
Review by Ryan on 3/6/14
Packaging is top notch. The rifle was packed with care and came out of the box clean and ready to go. It may be labled grade B, but there was nothing major in the cosmetics. Just some charecter bumps and bruises. A beautiful rifle at a great price.
M 91/30 Giving 5 stars as 5 of 6 rifles deserve it.
Review by Olin on 3/5/14
Chose hand select for a purchase of six 91/30's. Due to the holidays it took longer for the staff to select, package, and ship. However once shipped they arrived quickly only a few days. Receiving the rifles and opening the boxes was like Christmas all over again. Of the six rifles, five were in better than Grade B one was probably a Grade C or D. That one took a lot of work to get all the cosmoline out of the wood, bleach water solution and simple green. However once it was pulled out and the wood light sanded and stained turned out to be a decent looking rifle. When able to I'll be ordering from you again
thx classic
Review by jada on 3/5/14
Thx classic firearms for a all mathing hex reciver and special thanks to my picker and packer for looking out for me on this purchase wink wink your the greatest classic firearms rock.
Review by James Addiction on 3/5/14
This Mosin was my first purchase from ClassicFirearms.com, and it certainly won't be my last! In fact, I just ordered a Saiga AK47 through them over the weekend, that im super excited about! But anyway, back to the Mosin.The rifle took a little longer than expected to ship out (about a week and a half after I placed the order) but once it was shipped it arrived at the gun store 5 days later. Much to my surprise, it came in a nice card board box, already cleaned, and with a bannot, takedown tools, and oil can. Even came with a factory looking manual!! The gun is in great shape, and seems to function as it should. But I won't know for sure until this rain stops and I can get out to the range. For $100 you cant go wrong with this rifle! God knows I've spent more on a bar tab!! Ill update this when I finally get a chance to shoot it.
Great gun, the low price is just a bonus
Review by WindySidney on 3/4/14
Purchased two Excellent grade B M91/30's, all matching numbers except for the bayonets, no c-boring, rifleing excellent. stocks better than I expected. Not so sure I would choose the hand picked option again, based on consecutive serial numbers. I'm thinking this was due to late ordering on my part and the amount of rifles sold before years end.
My first firearm and online purchase experience
Review by Judah on 3/4/14
I was looking locally for one but prices were too steep for me. I stumbled upon classic firearms and their $99 deal. So I decided to give take a chance since it was my first rifle and online firearm purchase. They went above and beyond to make every step of the process smooth and simple. The rifle I received is amazing, it beat my expectations! I believe the stock is post war but the barrel is 1939 Tula round receiver. All numbers match except the magazine cover. The rifling is worn but decent, no pitting and the stock is in really great condition besides really minor dings. All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you ClassicFirearms.com for making my first firearm purchase a really simple and enjoyable one!
Review by Mark on 3/4/14
I feel like I hit the jackpot today. I bought one of these a few weeks ago and liked it so much that I decided to order three more. I received a 1934 Hex receiver that has a great bore and excellent bluing. It has never been rearsenaled. The second is 1939 Tula that is in great shape with great bluing. The third is a 1942 wartime Izzy that is in good shape with a lot of interesting marking. Now my only question is this: Do I order 3 or 5 more for my collection.
Molot Russia M 91/30
Review by Ray on 3/4/14
I got 2 of these Molot's at the end of last year one is a 1939 and the other 1940. The stocks have some dings and scratches but over all they are in decent shape. The order process was easy and Classic keeps you updated on where you are in the process. It's not easy to put out money on a firearm you can see beforehand but classic does a great job of describing the condition and other customer images help to ease that decision.
Thanks Classic
Great condition, great price
Review by jwt on 3/3/14
This is the 3rd m91/30 that I"ve purchased from Classic Firearms.It arrived quickly and in very good condition. I plan to use this one with the original sights. The other two I have set up with long eye sights and lasers.As always there were no problems and the service was great. Can't beat the price or condition.
Loving these rifles!
Review by Jacob on 3/3/14
I previously bought one of the laminate stocked 91/30s from Classic and got the same quick shipping on the two B-grades I got. Love these rifles; so fun to shoot and easy to find surplus ammunition to plink with. I have to say that I was super impressed with these B grade stocks; I was expecting a few nicks and dings but they are both visibly flawless. Haven't shot either yet, but if they are anything like the laminate stock then it will be a blast! (Pun intended) Plan on keeping one as-is and putting a new stock and other upgrades on the other so I can have a nice trio of mosins in the the collection. For the price of the rifle and ammo, these things can't be beat. A joy to shoot and an inexpensive, but powerful rifle as well!
very happy with both of these rifles!
Review by Mosin fan. on 3/2/14
I ordered 2 of these "b" grade rifles and really like them. The actions work well and serial #'s all match. Looking forward to target practice soon.. Thanks Classic arms. I really appreciate the scriptures posted on your website!!!
Great 12 pack of rifles!
Review by crotalus72 on 3/2/14
I bought a twelve pack of these B grade rifles. It only included one Tula but a wide range of Izzy. Both pre-war and wartime. Factory refurbs on the stocks and metal parts on some. Two with no evidence of refurb at all. Four of the twelve were ex-snipers. Great selection at a great price.
Good, had a few issues.
Review by Derrick on 3/1/14
My 91/30s arrived a week after ordering. I received a '42 Izhevsk and a '42 Tula. I am happy with the guns I received, though next time I will use the hand select option. One has the stock cracked in two places, and the other slam fires.

If you want a perfect Mosin, this option is obviously not for you. Spend a few bucks extra and get a real nice one. However, if you don't mind putting in a little extra work, this deal is for you. Thanks Classic Firearms for providing these rifles at a very reasonable price!
Awesome ! Over The Top Happy :)
Review by Dana on 3/1/14
I purchased a 6-pack. Awesome hand picked rifles. Here is the breakdown, a 1922 Hex Receiver Izhevsk Dragoon, a 1939 Tula round receiver numbers matching, 1940 Tula round receiver numbers matching with the exception of a "force matched" magazine floor plate, Hello ! Another 1939 Tula round receiver all numbers matching, a 1943 Izhevsk round receiver model with rougher wartime tooling evident, and finally, a 1938 Izhevsk round receiver model that looks like a war turn in....dunked in cosmoline and not rearsenalled. Happy ? Can you imagine that Fat Little Kid that is plastered all over Facebook with various captions ? If you can, that would be me ! Thank You & God Bless !
Pleasantly suprised
Review by Marcus on 3/1/14
I picked up my Mosin from the dealer today, and was delighted to see that Classic had already cleaned off most of the cosmoline prior to shipping. With the exception of a few snug spots, they did a great job.

The rifle itself, well, is definitely a "Grade B rifle." The stock has multiple scratches, scuffs, and toward the back it looks like someone tried to take a bite out of it. However, other than a few wood dings, the weapon appears in good shape otherwise, with nothing a little putty couldn't fix, and the metal has very little visible cosmetic damage to it. I would feel safe firing this rifle.

And, let's be honest, you can't beat it for a hundred dollar bill.

I was also delighted to see that the numbers all matched up, and that most of the cosmoline was already gone from the bolt.

All in all, I feel I got exactly what was described, and feel I got my money's worth. The Mosin Nagant is a great piece of history and I'm glad to own it.

As far as Classic, I only had one question I emailed which was promptly answered, and the shipping was pretty fast given that they took the time to clean it up for me. No fuss, no hassle, outstanding speed with delivery and the frequent notifications never left me wondering where we were at with delivery.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied. I will definitely be purchasing from Classic again.

... but you still only get 4 stars because of the gigantic bite mark!
handpicked or no? you decide!
Review by Ben on 2/28/14
grade b is right. This stock had Vasily slap it with a muddy shellac rag and it was packed in a bed of bayonets. over 20 arsenal refurbish and lot numbers, several over stamps on the metal, including a weird import one on the barrel. Oh the rod was bent too. No handpick, wanted a beater to refurb, got my wish! 5/5
nice rifle
Review by mrtwizzler on 2/27/14
I purchased one 91/30 with the hand pick option. I got a 1943 Izzy with matching numbers. The metal is all good with no signs of rust. The stock is dark with blemishes that are expected. All the wood is the same shade. The bore is in good condition. The gun was much cleaner than expected right out of the box. No cosmoline. The barrel was the dirtiest part, but it cleaned up nice. The dirty oil and lead protected it. I'm satisfied with my B+ rifle and am really looking forward to a trip to the range.
Excellent rifle at a great price
Review by chrisjake on 2/27/14
This was a great buy for me since I was already planning to use this rifle as a project and build my own stock. Even as "grade B" it was still in excellent shape. The stock was a bit banged up, but far from unusable. The stock serial numbers do not match the receiver, but the bolt and receiver numbers do match. Most important though, it shot great! Even better than my other Mosin Nagants. I'm still in the process of building a new stock from scratch. Pictures will be posted when it's done.
2 more outstanding rifles
Review by Matthew on 2/27/14
Ok, this is my third review on these grade B mosins, and I have to say, yes, I have a serious, serious case of mosinitis! I've been ordering 1-2 rifles at a time as money permits and slowly filling an empty crate. It looks better and better as I add each rifle.
So today I picked up 2 more and wow what a nice job the wonderful folks at Classic did!
Through mail order you never know what you might get. Well, I scored 2 color Molot boxes each containing a hex Tula, a 1932 and a 1934. How do you like that? The wartime stock on the 34 is rough and looks like the varnish was applied with a straw whisk broom by a drunk Russian, but the bore and function are excellent. The other rifle has a near flawless bore and pretty red postwar stock. I must say these grade B mosins I've received all have had better than average bores for mosins, with some being downright beautiful, shiney and sharp. These grade Bs are the best bores I've seen in mosins from all the different places I've bought mosins from. Cosmetically not always the prettiest but who cares when the bores are clean, frost free, and sharp. The very first one I bought was counterbored and was a bit of a let down but since then no regrets on all the others.
Boys, these are good rifles for the money. No they are not always beauty queens but if you want a nice hard hitting piece of history that wont put you in a financial hole, that is what you will get. How can you go wrong at 99$? Where else can you get a full power military .30cal rifle for around 100$?
Happiness is indeed a crate full of hex and round B grade mosins. You can bet I'm going to get a few more.
Not collector stuff
Review by Surplus Steve on 2/27/14
Bought two of these Grade B with hand select. It took a full week for them to ship but I understand the weather was less than desirable and demand is high. I received two 1943 Izhevsk round receivers. Both had decent bores, good bluing and "meh" stocks. Was hoping hand select would get me something a little more unique after reading about guys getting hexs, double dates, and MO markings. Haven't fired either but I expect no problems. Overall satisfied but just know these aren't for the collector.
Couldn't be happier, get them while you can!
Review by Scott on 2/27/14
I order two of these and I am more than pleased, both are in excellent condition. No rust at all and all matching with smooth actions. And the best part of it is one of the rifles is a 1932 hexagon receiver made in the Tulu factory! Could not be happier, thank you classicfirearms!
Review by Milton on 2/26/14
Great Service arrived at FFL in outstanding packaging, rifle was better than I expected,
Fired it at the range with iron sights nice groups for an old rifle. Already recommending Classic to co-workers and friends.
Keep it up Classic......
Review by Tammy-Plinker on 2/26/14
I ordered 2 prior to those storms the other week and they arrived to my FFL a week later. Classic did an excellent job keeping me informed after the order was processed. I can’t comment on the packing since my FFL had taken the entire bubble wrap off to my dismay. Maybe he placed an order that day himself after looking over mine? I received 2-1943 Izhevsk’s with round receivers. Stocks are a little banged up. But, no rust or counter-bores and all numbers match. Rifling looks decent. Very little Cosmoline. I will do a Boyd’s nutmeg laminate on 1st and Archangel stock/Timney trigger/Scope on the 2nd. Yes, I know purist will complain. But I’m keeping the original stocks and not doing anything that can’t be reversed. I will surely order more and hopefully get something nice to keep original. The price has gone up since my order. Get them while you can…
p.s. I uploaded a couple pics under customer submitted images.
One of the Best Mosin Deals of 2013/2014
Review by MNLuvR on 2/26/14
Very happy with the purchase I made of the Grade B Mosins. I ordered a 6 rifle master pack of hand selects, and I believe the extra $10/rifle paid off. I received 4 "special" rifles, and 2 very nice common rifles. Every rifle is worth more than what I paid. These Grade B stocks are in better shape than most of the Mosin's I saw get picked out of full crates last year.

I couldn't be happier with the service and the packaging. Thanks Classic!
Great Rifle!
Review by Robby on 2/26/14
Got this gun out of the box and was shocked to have gotten a 1930 rifle with a hex receiver! When i went to the range I shot 75 rounds though the rifle and it fires like a dream like it was made yesterday as opposed to 1930 pre-WWII highly recommend this to everyone two of my buddies have bought Mosins because of this rifle
great rifle at a great price
Review by Marc on 2/25/14
I purchased this rifle through your company. I put on a long-eye relief scope and it's very accurate.

Thank you for offering such a great rifle at a great price

Thank you !
Review by Dr. B on 2/25/14
I have purchased two of these rifles from classic.

#1. I am a collector of mosin rifles, and after all that I have bought fom collectors and retailers (Cabellas) I have to say that this is the finest cleanest mosin that I have ever handled. The entire rifle was clean and ready for battle. When I first pulled the trigger it reminded me of my remington 700 it was so crisp. 10 stars.

#2. My second rifle, was just as good. Even better on the trigger, almost no withdrawal on the bolt and an amazingly crisp trigger. My only complaint with this one was it was NASTY with cosmoline. It smelled like a coat that had been in the closet for 70 years. This is good and bad. I know it is kosher and original however I wish that Classic would take the time to de-cosmoline the gun! I did get original ammo packs which are actually more valuable to me as a collector than the gun but overall I have to day that I am impressed and will never stop buying.

Classic is the best. God fearing, gun toting and I love them thank you all. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Pay the $10 to have a hand select!

Excellent, very happy
Review by GrayGhost on 2/23/14
Just got the chance to tear down the 4 I got last month. There was no rust, guns were not counter bored. After cleaning the bores, they looked like new. Everything about the operational aspects of the rifles is excellent. I received 1 Tula out of the 4. That is the one we test fired. From the 1st shot it felt smooth and firm. I will be refinishing the wood on all of them, so the nicks and scratches don't bother me. I would definitely buy more.
Call me lucky
Review by Michael on 2/22/14
If you have any doubts, take a chance. At this price it's more than worth it. I ordered three during Thanksgiving. Had to exchange one which took awhile but went fine. All three are more than I hoped for. Especially the 1942 numbers matching Tula. It's a beautiful example of war time production, outstanding in every respect. My collector friend is green with envy. Definitively a safe queen to be handled with affection and reverence. Ok, that was weird, but you get the idea. The two Izys, while not numbers matching, are better than most I've seen at twice the price. My two boys are thrilled and we need more ammo. Thank you Classic.
Very Nice Izzy for the Money
Review by Tim on 2/22/14
I was a little shocked to see that someone took the effort to clean all the cosmoline off this Mosin before it was shipped. Due to the fact it was so clean I took it the range after a quick bore inspection and lube. The weapon was flawless. The bore was a little dark but it fired like a new gun. I would like to thank Classic FAs for providing these products at a great price. I will definitely be buying many more guns from from Classic FAs in the future.
Review by Andrew on 2/22/14
It shipped in no time and definitely went beyond my expectations I will be doing business again with this amazing company
Review by Jerrod on 2/22/14
I received a 1937 Tula with a round receiver the stock has a few scratches as advertised but actually exceeded my expectations. Smooth bolt, bore in good shape and for $99 I am a happy customer. Will do business with classic firearms again!
Review by Rick on 2/21/14
Just got the grade b Mosin, I,d like to see what the grade A looks like, must be new. It is a 1938 Izzy and looks like it was barely fired with strong bore and came shipped in the very cool Molot color box which was packed very well. Classic is the best, Thanks.
My nicest Mosin yet!
Review by Caboose on 2/21/14
Classic Firearms has done it again, I have nothing but a great experiences with them and their items. The Mosin I got from the black Friday deal is just amazing, no forced matched numbers, clean and like new bore (possibly unfired), no cosmoline or rust....just a great rifle. 1941 with a refurbished stock, finish took a little beating at some point but that's about it. A+
Thanks again Classic Firearms!
Review by Brandon on 2/21/14
Beautiful piece of Russian goodness! Can't beat classi deal on the Mosins! Will undoubtedly be doing business with them in the future.
Great Rifle for the money
Review by RDSTEXAS on 2/21/14
I have several different 91/30s in my collection but didn't have one from Molot. I can certainly say that Classics' grade B is like most of the others grade A rifles. Great condition, good bore and even the stock on the one I received was nice. Very happy with my purchase.
3 stars - a couple of nice rifles but overall a little disappointed
Review by beeguyneb on 2/21/14
3 out of 5 stars for me rifle and experience of purchase. To sort out ordering with more than one payment, the customer service rep was a little short, not helpful, and would not order over phone even though website says you can order on phone (later read this). I had to order in two batches in two shipments counts 1 and 3 to use my forms of payment. I paid for handpicked 4 Ish's. The rifles... 2 in good shape appearance and bore B+ shape (1 DDR). One B to B- grade IMO bore rough heavily frosted, pitting with some distinct edges but cleaned up some with 40 patches. Last rifle (Polish stamped, I think) put very rough with extensive exterior light surface rust and dents on metal. Bore very rough and near smooth in a couple of spots more like grade C. Overall it cost me about $155 per rifle for purchase, hand select, shipping and FFL. Recentl locally purchased rifles with complete kit (sling and pouch too) and in better shape cost me about 165-$179.00 after tax. If you have a C&R this will be a better deal for you. If you don't mind not having a choice in individual selection and want to see what you get, this might be appealing. I am not sure that I would do hand select on these again and may not order from this batch again. In looking at other reviews posted of Classic, people seem to be happier than I, maybe in part perhaps because of their luck in getting more of the premium rifles. Maybe a hex would have biased my ratings a bit.
Happy with second purchase of this rifle from classic
Review by Freight Train on 2/21/14
I am happy with my second purchase of these mosins. The one I got this time had a great barrel with great rifling. There was little to no cosmo on the gun which is great. The stock is beat up with several nicks, scratches, and a gouge in it but that's what they were advertised as. The stock is not nearly as nice as my first which disappointed me a little but again as advertised. What made it all right for me was that the gun was a izzy 1943 numbers matching, there was no force match at all. Another great purchase from classic love doing business with them.
Like a steal
Review by Jeffrey on 2/21/14
I bought this rifle during the black friday sale. It was only around 10$ off the original (and still amazingly low) price, which basically allowed me to select the hand select for free.
I barely paid anything for this rifle, and to be honest, I was expecting a whole lot worse. I bought it at the same time as my M44 and the furniture quality was on par.

I continue to have fun with this rifle, it shoots true, and it doesn't even look half bad.

The quality of service from Classic was excellent, and I am already planning my next purchase.
Great Rifle
Review by jonathan on 2/21/14
I have a few Mosin's from Classic. So this time I decided to get one of the $99 "Grade B' rifles. Well I ordered it and opted for the hand select, it arrived very well packed and I was very pleased with the appearance. The stock is very nice without any gauges or damage. The metal has some very light bluing wear, the bolt is shiny, the numbers all match and zero rust. I thing I get a few more..
Review by smokey685 on 2/20/14
For grade 'B' this rifle is nice. Clean bore, stock in nice shape, 2 rusty bolts no problem.
Love my Mosin!
Review by JustinC on 2/20/14
Ordered one for a friend and one for myself. I picked the hand select option for mine, and ended up with a '34 Tula Hex reciever in awesome condition! Matching numbers, except a force matched floor plate. It's exactly what I hoped to get :) The grade B was definitely a B+. not and A as others have described, but for $100 deer rifle, who can complain! It had all matching numbers, great bore, and a pretty good stock. Can't wait to get another!
Tickled pink1
Review by Tim on 2/19/14
I only know what my brother has told me over the phone about this order. I'm over seas and Bro did the pick up. He does say that they look great. Not too much cosmo, only a few knicks in the furniture and the actions and bores (we bought 4 together) are in great shape. Its winter in Maine so not much chance to pop some caps yet. Hope to have some range video up in the near future.
What a deal
Review by Mr.Teasdale on 2/18/14
A working rifle for fewer than 100 dollars? Must be some sort of catch right? Not at all, in fact for a rifle that dates back to the WW2 era it was a lot nicer than I expected. Sure the stock had some scratches but everything else was fine. If you’re looking for a rifle to add to your collection or something just to shoot and have fun with this is for you.
Beautiful gun
Review by gerald on 2/16/14
This was a great buy no flaws and hope to do more business. Great gun.
Great Value
Review by Howard on 2/14/14
Both 2 of the "hand selected" Mosins... Can't believe they are classified as grade 4; there was some scuffs on the stocks, but these rifles are great! Date stamps are 1943 and 1945, and they are free of much of the usual packing grease- in other words, very clean. One rifle came sans the tools, but a quick email to Classic, and tools arrived in the mail a couple days later. My son wants a rifle for his birthday, so maybe I'll part with one of these! You won't be sorry with your purchase..
Very well pleased
Review by David on 2/14/14
I purchased 2 of these rifles and am happy with both. These are my 1st Mosins and I am thinking about more. Both rifles are 1942 stamped with matching numbers w strike over and stamped. Both are also counter bored but I am not dissatisfied because of this. At my range on Fridays they have a shoot for all open sight military rifles out to 300 yards. I found that my AR15 chambered in 7.62x40 was not much fun in the shoot because it was just to easy to hit the target. I bought these for the challenge and am very happy since not all shots with them are guaranteed hits.
Nicer than expected...
Review by steveW on 2/14/14
I just got my two M91/30s from Classic Firearms, and they are cleaner and in better condition than I expected they would be. One, a 1942 Izhevsk, has some finish scratches as described in the listing for a "Grade B" item, but if I decide to refinish the wood, most will disappear. It's not really objectionable as it is. I'll decide if it gets Monte Carlo stock and scope after firing it. My purchase of two grade B Mosins was to expect one to be beat enough to convert into a hunting rifle, but neither are really beaters, so we'll see. The other one is a 1922 hex receiver Izhevsk, and is pretty clean as is. There are a couple of minor blemishes in the wood finish, but otherwise is clean. I'm leaving that one as it is. I just picked them up this afternoon from my FFL, and I always clean and check a "new to me" weapon, so I haven't fired them yet. Both bolts cycle smoothly out of the box. Both bores are clean, with the hex unit brighter at first glance. Both have matching numbers, although the hex looks like the bolt might be a grind and renumber. If it is, it was well done, because it's not as obvious as others I've handled. Looking forward to range testing this weekend. THANKS Classic. They shipped out quickly, and tracking info let me follow them across the country and note winter weather delays. Arrival was still reasonable. Packaging was good as expected. I highly recommend Classic Firearms, and look forward to the next purchase. Again, THANK YOU.
Review by Ray on 2/13/14
I bought 10 of the "B" Grade rifles they weren't individually boxed they came two in a box, I would have liked to had a couple boxed individually just to have the boxes. Over all I was satisified with the rifles I got a good mix ended up with six Hex receivers.
A perfect replacement
Review by Jeff on 2/13/14
I would like to thank the team at Classic Firearms for their hard work in helping me with my purchase of a grade B M91/30 from Molot. Although I did have a problem with my original purchase, and had to send it back, you were very helpful every step of the way. I eventually received a hand picked replacement rifle that was exactly what I was hoping for. You truly went the extra mile with the replacement. I would not hesitate to recommend Classic Firearms to anyone. I will continue to keep you in my favorites list, and look forward to doing more business with you in the future. To those of you who are wondering about these rifles, I can not emphasize enough that Classic Firearms is NOT your typical C&R sell and forget dealer. From the progress emails, the helpful folks who answer the phone, the manager who hand picks a replacement, to the how did we do request, this team is just fantastic. Do not hesitate to get in on this deal. If you pass on this you will kick yourself later.
Review by Adrian on 2/13/14
Amazing. BUY ONE...NOW. You will not be disappointed. I got a VERY nice 1943 rifle with matching numbers. I will be buying more while they last as well as more firearms from Classic. Thank you Classic Firearms. You guys really impressed me!
Review by This guy on 2/12/14
I ordered this gun, with hand select. I wasn't expecting a perfect mosin, I know this thing is 70+ years old.
But dang, this rifle is beat. The rifle was ground down with what looks like a rock, the stock looks like somebody tried to laminate over muck and grime.
However, the action is really smooth and I'm going to shoot it tomorrow, but it looks to work correctly. It's not nice enough to put a better stock on it or anything.
excellent, better than the normal rifles
Review by gatorboy on 2/12/14
I bought six of these on the black friday sale. I expected the worst. All of the rifles were in excellent condition except for a few dings on the stock. I had one tula and two hex recievers.All the barrels were shiny with no pitting. None of them were counterbored. Some of the barrels looked brand new.
Very Cool
Review by COLIN on 2/11/14
I purchased four of these and got 41, 42, 42, 43 all Izzy. All are decent stocks, very different and have excellent bores. One did have some slight rust on the rear sight but now is reblued. The 43 turned out to be exSniper! If Classic still has these when I get my C&R Im getting two more!
B Grade Mosin From Classic EXCELLENT VALUE!!!
Review by Jeremy on 2/10/14
Ordered the B grade Mosin M91/30 from Classic not sure what to expect. This is literally the only place you can still find this rifle for under $100.

Came as promised. Used condition 70 year old rifle that had been reworked. No it didn't match…don't care. Yes it had dings and dents…don't care. Ladies and gentlemen this is a $100 .30-06. Where else can you get that kind of punch for that kind of money?

I might buy another one! Or two! Hell I might buy a crate!

Love this gun. Love this price.

Thank you Classic. You delivered everything you said you would!
Good rifle for the money
Review by tybeeryus on 2/10/14
The stock on the rifle was excellent, which was the part I didn't expect to be 100%. It has force matched parts and the plate on the bottom of the magazine is loose and rattles, but I don't expect it to impact performance. For $99 it's a good value.
Fast delivery, rifle really nice
Review by Dude on 2/8/14
Very little cleaning need, wood in good condition, no rust anywhere. Looking to get another one very soon.
couldn't ask for a better gun for the money!
Review by allynj on 2/8/14
If they consider this a grade B rifle then I would have no problem buying a grade D rifle from them for the same price! My rifle was in better condition then the ones the local sporting good stores are selling for twice the money. I'm planning on buying a couple more from classic firearms. These guys are great to do business with!
Great rifle at a fantastic price
Review by John on 2/8/14
I received my grade B Mosin Nagant 91/30 today and I have to say I couldn't be more satisfied. The rifle is in great condition. The serial numbers on the receiver, bolt, and butt plate are matching, the furniture is in excellent shape with just a few scratches and dings, and I even got the bonus of a hex receiver. The bluing is 100%. All of this plus the rifle is cosmoline free. This rifle is much better than a "grade B" and at $99.00 is a fantastic bargain. Think I'll get another one!
Good value as a shooter
Review by ShinyPartsUp on 2/8/14
First I should say this was my second 91/30. My first was bought at Classic Firearms several years ago: a beauty hex with grade A hand-select stock, near perfect barrel, all accessories included with original matching serial numbers that cost me $129. So I am now comparing a grade B round receiver 91/30 with no accessories that has electropenciled serial numbers and some dings in the stock to that rifle, so I may be overly harsh. I have not cleaned the rifle properly, but would say for the $109 hand select price it was worth it as a fun shooter. I would recommend it to someone who wanted one for their collection to shoot and show friends, rather than as a collectable. All the required parts are there and shipping and service from Classic was wonderful.
Second one was decent, not as good as first
Review by Drew on 2/7/14
My first was great, the second one I got is not bad, but not great. I opted for the hand select which I generally do. What I ended up with was a 1942 Ischevsk with a decent stock. The issues were the force matched floor plate and butt plate. The bolt is a little on the "grindy" side, but over all I am really pretty please with my second Mosin from Classic. I don't mind a rifle with a little "character".
Grade A! Extremely Nice!
Review by JPowhatan on 2/7/14
This is the nicest Mosin I have bought. No cosmoline, which is such a relief. The condition of the rifle in all aspects is beyond my expectations. I wish I would of bought more. Don't think about it, buy one or two or three. Thank you Classic Firearms!!
Yep - Just as described
Review by DG Nebraska on 2/7/14
My Mosin arrived a week after initial shipping. I chose the hand-select option. I received a very nice 1939 Ishz. DDR. Stock very good with one minor ding. At worst you get what you paid for a slightly cheaper than your local BB retailer. Cost me $150.00 with, HS, shipping, and FFL. I ordered three more and hope to get something more interesting. Roll the dice and see what you get. Doubt you will find a better price unless you purchase private for from a small dealer.
Great gun
Review by Arkansas fan on 2/6/14
Boy did classic come through for me this time. I just got a 1933 Tula hex with all matching numbers. The gun looks almost new, I dont know what to say about Classic, accept job well done. You have my business from now on. Thanks...
GREAT $99.00 rifle
Review by louie on 2/6/14
This is a great class"B" Mosin Nagant,which should be class "A". I ordered my rifle and paid the extra $10, to be hand picked, and glad I did.The people at Classic Firearms sure know what they are doing.My rifle had very little cosmoline on it,all the numbers matched, and the rifle was in Excellant shape,couldn't be happier.Classic Firearms ROCK!!!
Excellent rifles for an excellent price
Review by Chris on 2/5/14
All I can say is that for $99 and change, you cannot go wrong with these rifles. I ordered three and received absolutely beautiful rifles. One of them was a Tula, hex receiver, ex-sniper (I call it the triple play!). You will not be disappointed with the quality of the rifles for the price. Moreover, Classic's customer service is one of the best that I have dealt with in the industry. Buy one (or a crate) of these rifles, and buy it from Classic. You'll be happy you did.
Great Value
Review by barrywh487 on 2/5/14
Got a 1943 Izhevsk in good condition. This rifle looks as good as any I've seen in gun shops at a much better price. Thank you Classic Firearms.
Was as discribed
Review by Bobby on 2/5/14
The bore and the stock were in great shape,however the gun had light rust all over and the bolt was pitted but not real bad over all not bad for 99.00 dollar gun.I am a Classic customer for life:)1943 Izzy
Very Impressed
Review by nigel on 2/5/14
Rifle is better than described. Can't wait to get to the range.
Great Buy!!
Review by spiderjm on 2/5/14
This was a sweet buy. Thankful these are not completely packed in cosmoline. Had one nice find with the Hex Reciever. Need to buy another one since this was to be modified for hunting...just can come to tapping the hex reciever to mount a scope. Thanks Classic for yet another great purchase from you guys!!!
Great gun in good condition
Review by Mike on 2/2/14
This Mosin is a great buy for the money. I paid the extra $10.00 for hand select and got all matching numbers, not sure on the stock though, I haven't taken the butt plate off to check. The stock was in good condition and a few scratches but nothing that can't be cured with refinishing, although I probably won't refinish it I like the looks of it the way it is. The gun came with not much cosmoline on it and was very easy to clean. I haven't shot it yet being that I live in New England and winter weather is here. I can't wait to go to the range and see how it does. Overall this is a great buy for the price and would recommend spending the extra 10 bucks for hand select. I also bought the full case of surplus ammo (880 rounds).
Molot Russian 91/30 B grade
Review by leadhead on 2/2/14
Was very pleased when I removed it from the box. Had a very few minor scuffs on the stock that a little stain took care of. Great looking bore with maybe to much wear at the muzzle, but won't be able to tell till I shoot it. It's been to cold but can't wait to try her out. Would like to order another but don't want to push my luck. I am very pleased with what I got.
A lot of fun for $100
Review by Jb on 2/1/14
My dad and I bought these rifles, paid an extra 10 for the hand select. Overall both rifles where nice. Mine was 1938, Dad's was a 1942. The 1938 was the better looking of the two, ended up swapping the hand guards and it really help the looks of both rifles. They both shot well of of the box and where a lot of fun. Just make sure you clean all the cosmoline before you shoot it. Both rifles had a nice bore that looked nearly brand new.
One fine Rifle
Review by gerald on 2/1/14
Very impressed with the quality and speed of delivery.
A+ Better then expected
Review by Jason on 1/31/14
I orderd this On Jan 17th and received it on th 30th! Would have been quicker but had to have my ffl send their info. The gun is in great shape, only part cross stamped is the butt plate, I would recommend to anyone who wants a great gun at a great price! Thanks Classic! I will be a repeat customer!
all and ll liked um.
Review by charbie45 on 1/31/14
I got the order a couple weeks ago and was late in opening the boxes. I found one really nice 1942 Tula and one not so nice 1942 Izhevesk. I guess that's the luck of the draw.
I am cleaning them up now and will try to post some pics at a later date if I can figure out how to do it.
Thanks Guys
best mosin deal out there
Review by Max on 1/31/14
I bought 2 of these "grade b" rifles. I would not call either one a grade b. one was a 1931 hex receiver that maybe had a few small areas where the varnish wore off the stock. The other looked just as good as the higher priced rifles. You are crazy not to buy a couple of these.
Better than expected
Review by feedbag on 1/31/14
I paid the extra $10 for the hand select, but for a grand total of $110, I didn't expect a lot. WRONG !! I have bought 12 Mosin Nagant 91/30's so far from various places with prices as high as $200. This one for $110 was by far the nicest one straight out of the box yet. The metal was perfect, the furniture had just a few small scratches, and the fact that there wasn't any cosmoline anywhere was a nice bonus. I have already.refinished the wood which I do to most of my 91/30's, and its a beauty. Forgot to say its a 1939 round receiver Tula and came with bayonet, tools and tool bag, oil can, and clearing rod. Great job AGAIN, Classic Firearms. I swore I wasn't buying any more Mosins this year, and I made it to Jan. 21...lol...still better than last year.
Thanks Classic Firearms Great Shipment
Review by Hoop on 1/31/14
I ordered 8 Mosin's I have to admit I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
I was pleasantly surprised all where matching except 1 lower was a strike out. It gets better one of the rifles was a EX PS, a 1943 Tula and 1933 Izhevsk Hex. Both of which are really in great shape. I was floored great pick, aside from a few dings as expected I think you all are great will order again for sure.
better than I expected!!!
Review by Louis on 1/31/14
I got the call from my gun dealer,where i had it shipped to,and couldn't wait to see the rifle. I opened the box and pulled the rifle out and i couldn't believe how great it looked. I am so glad i paid the 10 dollars to hand pick,it was worth it. Classic Firearms is the best,the rifle looks way better than B grade. I will take pics tomorrow and post. These guys know what they are doing here. They really deserve 10 stars.
Exellent better than described..wow
Review by Duckmeister on 1/30/14
i ordered this rifle,was aawsome surprize when i git it i don;t know what the "B' stiock ment .this rifle was superb -the nimbers l=matched the sitoc had a few minor scratches bei i refinished it and resprayed it that evening ,clu=eaned the cosmoline with amonia ,was ezy..i dertailed the barreland cleaned every inch.which i enjoyed doing and expected to do.. it turned out great looks new...the barrel looks new inside, no pitting,,,took it to the range and it was spot on from the first shot ..great 2 inch grouping at 100 yards...these guys shipped it fast and i got the cans-bayonet- and tools with it..i'm a happy camper and will be a returing buyer...all the numbers matched ,,was impressed with these kats .....so my advice to anyone is get ya one of these..and some ammo while they are cheap to purchase,,i plan on getting a few more,,, see ya the range,,,,,DB..
Review by Matt on 1/30/14
I ordered 3 of these because, lets face it, we're not gonna see sub $100.00 "nuggets" anymore.

The first one was a really nice Tula, almost perfect for a Mosin really. Stock was great. Don't see why this one was a B rifle.

The other two were a little less polished, Ishvesk (sp) but still were in 7/10 or better shape. There were some dings in the wood, but nothing that can't be taken out with some sandpaper and elbow grease.

All 3 rifles were numbers matching too!

For 99.00 you really can't go wrong here. If I had a need for more Mosins I'd buy more!
Not bad at all. Thanks!
Review by Charles J. on 1/30/14
Hey not a bad rifle for the price. I bought two and ended up getting a 1940 and 1943 Izhevsk. Nothing special, but the rifles are in excellent shape with near perfect bores. Will make superb shooters.

Thanks again Classic Arms! Will be back for more :)
Mosin Nagant better than expected
Review by Lyndel on 1/30/14
Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. Very little to no cosmoline when I stripped it.
$99 military surplus rifle rifle that can't be beat
Review by imxnavy2 on 1/30/14
Wow! The rifle arrived at my FFL 5 days after I ordered it. Once picked up I raced home to unbox it, ohh the anticipation. The stock was rough and the hand guard was a replacement but for the money very well worth it. as my first mil surplus rifle I am very pleased. After watching all of the video reviews here I had to refinish the stock. I haven't had it to the range yet though so I don't now how it shoots. Thank you Classic Arms and all of the video reviews here on the sight for helping to make it easy to pull the trigger on my first mil surplus. I'll defiantly order my next rifle (M44) from you.
A great deal!
Review by walsho17 on 1/30/14
I had missed the Thanksgiving day sale and was kicking myself, but then Classic Firearms brought the deal back!

These are exactly what they say, Grade B stocks—mine had a minor gouge in the stock. The muzzle crown looks great and the barrel does not appear to have been counter bored. The bolt moves flawlessly and the entire rifle seems in really great shape.

This is a really great deal for anyone who is toying with the idea of buying a Mosin, but is unsure and doesn't want to spend more thank $99 on one.
Review by paul on 1/29/14
Ordered black Friday grade b molot 91/30 rifle. Dealer could not believe how nice it was like new! Not counter bored shoots great only a couple small scratches a 1942 Izzy am very pleased thanx classic for another fantastic deal u guys are the best.
great gun, better than expected
Review by bullpupfan85 on 1/29/14
i selected the option to pick a nicer looking rifle for a few extra dollars and it was totally worth it. The rifle is fantastic numbers matching on all parts, shiny bore with strong rifling, wood has no scratch marks, can hardly believe how nice it looked when i took it out of the box. there was nothing grade 'B' about the one i got, it could be a wall hanger.
Great Deal Very Nice with a few dings
Review by Ranger C/75th on 1/28/14
These Grade "B" rifles are in really nice .
I have purchased a few a couple of times and both times got a nice surprise, the condition was excellent with a few dings.
Got a 1930 HEX in one package, got a DDR in another.......Thanks guys.......
Grade B
Review by Timothy on 1/28/14
I have no complaints with my order (2 B's). I had hoped to have the luck of some of the others giving reviewers and get a hex or tula but didn't. However, what I did receive was exactly what was advertised. I received two Izzys (1937 and 1943).

The '43 has matching receiver and bolt but everything else is a force match. The stock is beat to hell with multiple arsenal repairs and the metal looks like it was machined with a hammer and sickle. I don't know why but this rifle has a lot of appeal to me, it Is a great example of a weapon made with every shortcut imaginable and thrust into the hands of a soldier who judging by the condition put it to work.

The '37 is a different creature all together. All numbers matching (minus late style stock), metal and machine work were done quite well and the wood is in (decent) shape minus several dings and gouges in the blond shellac.

All in all I feel that I received exactly what was advertised, it was shipped quickly with plenty updates letting me know what stage my order was in.
Great purchase as always!
Review by Asroma on 1/27/14
This is my 4th or 5th purchase from Classic and have yet to be disappointed. I purchased 2 Mosins. I would say definitely better than B quality. I received a 1930 Hex Tula with obvious battle scarring on stock. Awesome! Also got a 1938 Tula with an East German 1st quality refurb mark. I'd like to know the history of this one. It looks like it was never issued. This makes five 91/30's and an M44. As always, a pleasure doing business with you.
superb wartime 91/30
Review by abc123 on 1/27/14
After getting some disaapointing products from J&G sales and Bud's. I gave classic a try. I must say I have been very impressed with them in all aspects.

Ok, my 91/30 is an undated (no year on receiver or tang) war time production. Most likely a 1941 izzy. That year production
superceded esthetics. The stock has no blemishes watsoever it is perfect and contains the pressed in escutcheon. So it was a post war replacement. It has all the rough tooling marks of that year which is fine considering that its a very accurate shooter. I gave a 4 star just because it was not a tula, hex, westinghouse etc. If my molot M44 is as good as this one classic will be my first c&r go to place.
Not what I expected
Review by oldmanshootin on 1/26/14
Ordered a 6 pack. I guess after reading all the reviews and "special" guns everyone received I had my hopes set too high. Not really an early/late mix of arsenal dates in my 6 pack.
I got a 1939 Tula red letter, good bore but is difficult in chambering a round. Then the four 1942 Izhevsks, 1 was counterbored 1.730 deep the rest were okay, nothing special, no ddr/mo marks just 4 1942 Izzy's and then 1943 Izhevsk, which is by far the best shooter with 2 inch groups at 100yds.
All the rifles had wartime stocks. I wish I had not done hand select because the stocks were still pretty rough. Were they worth the $125.00 each I have in them, of course they are! But I will have to sell a few of the 42's.
As far as Classic goes, Great price, friendly service, fast shipping and a great company to deal with!!!!
Just don't get your expectations up as it is a lottery chance on one of the "special" rifles
Excellent Grade B
Review by Pierre on 1/25/14
As I've read some descriptions of grade B indicated there are some dings and scratches on the rifle. I think they made mistake and gave me instead grade A.
That's what I am talking about.
Excellent Condition!!
Review by Brett on 1/25/14
Just received my new 91/30. Its a '43 Izhevsk in just about unissued condition. The wood is slightly scratched up, but otherwise its a nice even coat of red commie shellac, no flaking ,dents, dings, etc. I did pay the extra 10 bucks for a hand pick.
The bluing is just about 100%. The rifling is sharp and crisp . This wasn't fired much if at all. Molot did a decent job cleaning it up, not much cosmoline on it. That was kind of a let down, I'm becoming addicted to the stuff.
The only negatives here is that isn't all matching. The magazine is a force match. otherwise all else matches. Also, No sling. they added a bayonet, oiler and cleaning kit, but no sling.
All in all for 100 bucks, you can't go wrong with this rifle.
Job Well Done
Review by USMC1991 on 1/24/14
Picked up the 1940 Tula. Bluing excellent. Wood has a couple of minor repairs. Metal inside is impressive. My hands are still dirty from cleaning. Not the typical cosmoline. Fine layer. I was concerned with the bore. More I cleaned, the better I felt. Strong rifling and a shine. No pitting. I've spent $150 on a Mosin and received less. Crown is fine. Front sight straight.. Bullet test shows plenty of bullet. The only two things that could make it better would be a sling and Hex receiver. Will buy another to add to my collection. Customers at FFL were impressed. And then they heard about the price. One asked for the website. On the fence with the SKS. Thanks.
Mosin Nagant rifle
Review by Brent on 1/24/14
A really nice piece of history, paid the extra $10 for the hand select and it turned out to be a really nice rifle. Even the store I had it transferred to was surprised the great quality of the rifle. Really no cosmoline on the weapon that would require countless hours of cleaning so that really helps out the total time to restore the weapon.
Shipping and communication was great from Classic Firearms will definitely buy again from this company.
Review by BT on 1/24/14
Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. Beautiful rifle! There were a couple dings on the stock but the blueing on the rifle was great and SNs matched. Will buy from again!
Great rifles for a great price!
Review by WMiller on 1/24/14
I ordered 2 and the better of them was a 1938 Izhevsk. I stripped all the cosmoline and old stain from the stock and put a nice "Classic Oak" color to it. Turned out well. The rifling on both that I received were some of the better ones I've seen. Great deal! Thank you! A+++

Pictures uploaded to the owner pics.
Close your eyes, Imagine the perfect 91/30
Review by Mike on 1/24/14
Thanks to Dan! That's what I found when I opened the white box. The stock was beautiful. The exterior pristine. The bore, dark and dry, as advertised, but a swab with Frog Lube down the barrel and the lands and grooves showed their true, strong character. Good Strong Lands and Deep Rifling. And I just noticed it's a pre-war rifle. Built by Molot in 1936 it appears to be all original. I am guessing it's good for another 5 or 6 thousand rounds. Which means until the next millennium for me. I just sat there and thought-- Wow--This one is going deep into my safe to be displayed on days when I want to remember what it felt like to be on the range with a full company of M60A3's battling for high score against a hypothetical horde of Soviet BMP's and T-70's in a Cold War Armageddon.that thankfully never happened. But back to the Mosin, Wow! Thanks. Do not wait. Order one today!!! Best to all and thanks again!
EXCELLENT purchase!!!
Review by Donald on 1/23/14
WOW!! I can not believe this is a grade B 91/30. While I was cleaning it everything seemed to be NEW! The stock also was in excellent shape. The lands and groves was as if it had never been fired. Molot did an excellent job of restoration. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Classic, thanks again for the excellent service.
Still the best deal going
Review by Jason on 1/23/14
I'm hoping these prices stick around for a while. I have ordered 8 Mosins from Classicfirearms.com since the Black Friday sale. I was able to get two ex-sniper rifles with the others being typical war time guns. I plan on buying more! Thanks again Classic!
Awesome Bang for the Buck
Review by okie dokie on 1/23/14
Received my $99 Grade B M91/30, didn't choose hand select. Great clean rifle, no cosmoline, only a couple minor scuffs, not counter-bored. 1943 Izzy DDR marked. After a stiff shot of vodka to honor the Motherland and our comrades before us, I opened the box, then ran a couple patches down the bore, lubed the bolt, then took her to the range and blasted off some surplus 54R. What fun! Pretty accurate too. Non-matching bayo is too tight to go on, but that can be fixed. I can't think of any reason why anyone wouldn't want one of these rifles at this price.
2nd purchase from classic firearms
Review by Steve on 1/22/14
This was my 2nd purchase from Classic fire arms in less than a month. First let me say I was a little disappointed at first with my 91/30.(hoping for a hex or Tula) But after thinking about what 100 bucks gets you these days I changed my mind. What I received after 1 week from ordering was a 1943 Izhevsk, no big deal right. But the stock for a grade B was in very good shape, only a few minor scratches and some arsenal repairs that were done by a craftsman which I cleaned up with some furniture polish. I do not intend on re- finishing it like I did with my M44. Clean and shiny bore and it was not counter bored. All #'s matched except for floor plate and bayonet. Bluing was spot on along with the bolt being very smooth for a 91/30. However the receiver was hastily produced during the war and had some rough milling marks. I looks and shoots good. I give the rifle a A- grade and customer service a A+. I will be buying from CF again. You need to buy one of these 91/30's before they're gone!!!
Grade B...ROCKS
Review by doug on 1/22/14
The only 2 ways to improve on my Grade B Mosin Nagant would be to add an Engraved Brass plate with my name encribed on it or to charge me $50 dollars. Best 100 dollars I'll ever spend for a great weapon.
Great Grade B Rifle
Review by Jim on 1/22/14
The laminated stock has some character marks (which I do not mind -- and actually kind of like), the cleaning rod was bent, and the butt plate unfinished with light pitting ... that said, it looks great otherwise. The bore is shiny and the action smooth. Definitely worth the money. I'd consider getting another one.
100% worth your money
Review by Devon on 1/21/14
The Mosin Nagant arrived after just two and a half weeks of processing/shipping, and with minimal cosmoline removal need. The gun looked a little rough at first, but then I carefully steamed the wood, and rinsed all the parts off. After just 2 and a half hours, the gun was completely cleaned, oiled, and ready to shoot. The gun is a beauty, and I can't believe that $99.99 can buy such a great firing, great looking, and awesome gun. If you have the money, and are contemplating buy a gun, BUY THIS GUN. Thank you so much Classic Firearms, you guys were great in every possible way, and I will DEFINITELY buy another gun from you guys.
Very Impressed
Review by Ragnar Danneskjold on 1/21/14
I purchased this rifle as my first C&R on 12/28. However, due to holidays and heavy influx, I didn't receive it until 1/20. But it was worth the wait. I would hardly call this "Grade B". Upon inspection of the rifle, It was in pristine condition, from a nice shiny clean bore, clean crown, and a very nice bolt. The receiver was a bit rough due to it being a 1942, But aside from a couple scuffs on the stock, it was mint. Very little to no cosmoline when I stripped it. And what really made my day was the DDR marking (The number 1 inside a triangle on the barrel shank) This rifle exceeded my expectations, and I would encourage people to grab one while they last. No guarantee on condition, but from what I've seen and heard, its a chance worth taking.
Don't miss out on these
Review by Tony on 1/21/14
Received my third set of (2),#1 is a 1939 Izzy in round receiver,postwar stock good metal and not counterbored,stock was not really that bad.#2 is 1942 Izzy round high wall receiver,really rough postwar stock,With4 major repairs,metal work is good and bore dark but good l&gs,mnot counterbored with 5/16" bullet test.Both should be good Shooters.Tony
Very nice gun to be a "B" grade gun!
Review by emann on 1/20/14
I rated this five stars because I can't hardly imagine a "B" grade gun being any better. It had about a quarter inch patch of rust under the stock. Cleaned it off with a small patch of pitting left. Nothing serious at all! The stock has a few places where the finish is scuffed but hardly noticeable. I did choose to pay the extra $10 for hand picking and it payed off!!! As far as I"m concerned I would definitely buy from again.
Very reasonable deal
Review by BRUNO on 1/19/14
Picked up a pair of 'B's. Satisfied with the deal. Both have some stock nicks, numbers match. Gonna strip and refinish the stocks anyway. The barrels were filthy, no rust or pits. Hoppes#9, brass bore brush, did the trick. Both appear to be functional...that is next.
Gotta ask.... What do you want for a C-note? Get 'em while they are hot !!!!
Nice Rifles Fast Shipping
Review by DD on 1/19/14
I Ordered three rifles and were shipped to my FFL two days later. I decided to go with the hand picked option for all three. All three came with matching serial numbers. My FFL was not on the Classic Firearms list. A few hours after he emailed his license to Classic Firearms, I received an email that my Mosins were ready to be picked. They were picked and shipped the next day. I was a little disappointed in one of the stocks. It was a little damaged for paying the extra ten dollars. Overall I am satisfied and would purchase from Classic Firearms again.
Exactly as decribed
Review by Kenneth on 1/18/14
Awesome gun at an unbeatable price! All numbers were matching on my 1942 and very few scratches in the wood with no rust on the metal. Very pleased!
Great deal
Review by Casey on 1/18/14
I ordered 3 of these and got 3 very nice hex receiver mosins years were 29,33,43 all had nice rifling and good color sticks were in better than expected shape one was true matching serial the other 2 force matched, bolts felt great upon action I am very happy with this purchase I did not select hand pick.

Thanks for the review Casey. However, you received 3 "very nice hex receiver Mosins" in "better than expected shape" for $99 each and you don't give 5 stars? Well, at least we can say we tried :-)

- The Classic Firearms Team

Good deal for the money.
Review by Bill Y on 1/18/14
4 stars for the rifle and 3 stars for customer service. Pleasant enough but told me there was no one there at the time that knew anything about rifle parts when I called with a question about the firing pin. They told me to ask a gunsmith. I visited youtube instead.Simple fix.

Rifle is a 43 Izzy with an excellent stock. I went with the "hand pick". Good deal for the money.
Great for the money
Review by 1911kevin on 1/18/14
Shipped promptly and arrived packaged very well. The rifle is a little beat up as you would expect for a grade B but not badly. Really it's a great deal and an nice piece of history. This was my first mosin and if this is an example of a grade B I'll have to buy some others.
Review by dick on 1/17/14
I picked up two of these back in November. they were just as described...actually a little better. Terrific shooters. Five stars well deserved. Dick
Money well spent
Review by Chris C on 1/17/14
These guns are a great price. I ordered 6 of them and they arrived all intact with bayonets, tools, rods, and oilers. One of the bayonets was completely rusted and unusable however the bayonets are not commonly used anymore. All of the stocks were intact one had a noticeable repair made and another had some deep gouging. One of the front sight was damaged, but i was able to repair it. All bores were dark, but i cleaned them out and are now shiny. there is some bluing worn off near the crowns where the bayonets had been used. only floor plates were force matched on all 6. 4 had round receivers and 3 were tulas. Now I could go on and on, but my point is that when you buy these. expect wear, tear and maybe a hex reciever or tula if you buy for than 2, but the thing that makes them so great is that they clean up well and parts can be easily replaceable or repairable. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I will defintitely buy more of these from Classic Firearms.
Money well spent
Review by christopher on 1/17/14
I bought 6 of these and they came in a big tall box. My wife and I called it the "BIG BOX O GUNS". All had forced matched floor plates, all other main parts matched. One of the stocks had a lot of dents of gouges, but nothing horrible. that one had seen more usee than others. 3 are Tulas and 2 of those tulas were hex recievers. bores are great just needed a good cleaning. some rust around the barrels but it wipe away easily. they all came with bayonets, cleaning kits, rods , and oilers.some were too rusty and beat up to use, they all passed headspace checks and should be good to shoot. I could go on and on, but my point is they are not pretty, but they can be refinished and clean up well. Don't waste money on a kimber and buy at least 10 of these. They are worth every penny.
Review by Stephen on 1/16/14
got 6 of these I will be giving to the Parents in my Boy Scout Troop 1 of these rifles for every boy that makes Eagle Scout for there boys
Nice rifles for the price.
Review by Jason on 1/16/14
I order 2 of these with the hand select option. 1st one I pull out is a nice 1938 Izzy #s matching no ep/force match that I can tell, bore is a little dusty but looked good, no counter bore, rearsenal stock needs a good cleaning (left my hands yellow).
2nd is a 1943 Izzy #s matching, no FM/EP, clean bore, rearsenal stock, can definitely tell it was wartime hurry up job with the rough tooling, I like that.

The bad: the 1938 has me worried since the bolt moves up and down when pulling and releasing the trigger.
The 1943 is missing the front barrel band ($8 part and some time with a vice, hammer, and brass punch)
Will be taking them to be checked out by a gunsmith before running any rounds down the pipe, and for the price I wasn't expecting pristine rifles. Overall I'm happy.
Great gun at a Great price
Review by masrtod on 1/16/14
Bought this for my son's birthday. Gun arrived promptly and with only a light coat of cosmoline. Cleaned up nicely and shoots great. Already put a 100 rounds through! Get one NOW!!
It's worth it
Review by Al on 1/16/14
I rated these guns based on how they were advertised. At the time I ordered mine I thought they were supposed to have a simple importers stamp instead of the "billboard" that so many of us loathe. Both of the guns I received had the billboard markings.
The barrels are a different matter all together. These are the best barrels I've seen of the few samples of Mosin Nagants that I own or have looked at. They have crisp rifling and could be the best shooters of the MNs I own.
Make no mistake, these are shooters. The guns are simply unremarkable in their present condition so "serious" collectors wouldn't give them a thought. If you're looking for one of the few affordable surplus guns still on the market I'd buy one of these, you really can't go wrong.
Great rifles at a great price.
Review by Dave on 1/16/14
I got two of these as project guns. I heard so many good things about them in a couple groups I am in on FB, that I thought I should grab a couple because the price was so good. I was expecting a couple of rifles with rough, maybe broken stocks. But, really, all I was concerned about was the inside of the bore and chamber, as these were going to be projects, anyway. Well, when I picked them up today I opened the box and looked that the first one, a '43 Izhevsk... the stock was pretty beaten up, but the metal was in good condition, and the bore and barrel were great. Clean, crisp rifling, and all matching, with a force match magazine floor plate. Yeah, I could deal with this... Then I took the bubble wrap off of the second one, a '42 Izhevsk... My jaw just about hit the floor... Except for some dust in the barrel, the rifling and the rest of the metal were marvelous... and the wood... the wood was a beautiful medium blonde, and hardly a mark on it. I hate to say it, but I may feel guilty changing anything on this one, just because it looks so beautiful already.
Great rifle!
Review by Mark on 1/16/14
What can I say that hasn't already been said over 100 times before? Awesome rifle! I got the non-handpicked just to see what a 'bad' Mosin looks like. I was very suprised! Very good/excellent condition! Buy one. Or three.
Excellent Buy!!
Review by Saj on 1/16/14
I am extremely pleased with the rifle!! Very nice condition!!!
Very Impressed First Time Buyer
Review by B.D. McGee on 1/16/14
I ordered two Grade B 91/30's during the Black Friday Special. Very happy with what I received. I am new to the Mosin-Nagant World, so I cannot tell you the maker of the rifles, but I received a 1942 and 1943 make. The stocks show some minor dings and scrapes, but as far as any mil-surp rifle goes, they are in excellent condition. The metal is in very good condition with no visible rust, and they both have strong rifling. An added bonus was that one rifle has a much lighter color than the other, so even though they are service rifles, they stand apart in my collection! I am very happy with this purchase, and will likely be making more!
Mosin Nagant
Review by Duckie on 1/16/14
jusy got my Mosin last week -must say i was suprised at the quick shipping and the quality of the rifle it looked like it had never been fired as far as the metal and the finish or the metal..all the numbers matched !! a plus..the stock however needed refinishing but would have been ok as is...these guys are the champs..this was my first order form them and won't be my last ..on this peticular rifle i just don't see where the "B" comes into play..i am well satishedfied all around great experience with these kats..well worth the effort..get ya one of these before they get like the 22 ammo hard to get !! peace and biscutes ,,Db ~ from Tennessee
Pleased again!
Review by Ian on 1/15/14
This was my second of these Molot B grade Mosins. Both arrived in great shape (minor dings in the stock as stated, but no big deal) and both are DDR rifles!! Metal is near perfect.

Thanks for the great deal!!
Great Weapons!
Review by Daryl on 1/15/14
I'll admit I was skeptical of the B grade but I received 2 beauties and one the stock was a little rough but mechanics on all were great.
Classic Firearms is a great dealer with spot on customer service that should be made the model for all!
Thank You so Much,
Review by kevin on 1/15/14
I bought 2 of them and they both exceeded my expectations. I was very happy with the whole transaction.
Review by LIONHEART on 1/14/14
A very nice piece of history!
Review by SevenForOne on 1/14/14
A very nice piece of history! Very nice for the price range. Mine has all matching numbers and was in very good condition with only a few scratches in the stock. The weapon was had nearly all of the cosmoline removed and was pretty clean. The bore was cloudy but cleaned up. Rifling was good. Very good job on the packaging!
Review by Jarrod on 1/14/14
Three words: Happy, Happy, Happy!
great buy
Review by bird on 1/13/14
1936 izhevsk with a post war stock. shiny barrel with very good rifling. no rust. i didn't choose the hand select and got an excellent rifle. thanks classic
Great Deal!
Review by Mark on 1/13/14
The rifles are in great condition compared to the typical refirbs on the market. The bores were very dirty but cleaned up after being shot twice. After their cleaning the groups tightened and that's all she wrote! Like all M91/30's the best accuracy is with bayonet extended. Jump on this deal!
Here is my honest review
Review by Weston on 1/13/14
I bought a 6 pack of these rifles with hand select,I already did a review but I guess the moderation team here didn't like it because I said it was a gamble for collectors and actually gave my honest review for these rifles...so lets try this again.

Bought a 6 pack with hand select,all rifles except for one were A+. Now being a collector im advising other collectors of these rifles not to buy these in hopes to get a /1\ mark Mosin,Hex receiver,any other unique/rare Mosin, or a MO marked one. These rifles are more for the "newbie" of Mosins and not for us collectors. Out of my 6 pack I bought I got 5 Izhevsk Mosin Nagant rifles and 1 Tula rifle. The dates for the 5 were 1941,1942,1942,1943,and 1943. The Tula was a 1938. All round receivers by the way. Yes all of them were in good shape overall and above "B" grade but from now on im only going to buy Mosin rifles that I can see with my own eyes because of this.

That's my trimmed down honest review. Lets see if this gets posted now or see if Classic keeps emailing me to review it.
Good to go
Review by Wesley on 1/13/14
I ordered 3 and are very pleased with them. I am hard pressed to give them a Grade B rather than a Grade A. They are fantastic. No cosmoline. Only thing I don't like is the "billboard" import stamp on the receiver.
Great rifles, much better than expected
Review by Georeg on 1/12/14
they are really nice for guns that are just about my age. There was not too much cosmoline on then They cleaned up real nice; I used furniture stripper the wood and mineral spirits and bore cleaner on the steel.

After cleaning I applied 3 coats of tung oil and 2 coast of spar varnish to the wood. The steel looked good so nothing was done to the the finish.

Deliver took a little longer than I had hoped but, all in all I think Classic firearms did a great job. I will be looking for more interesting guns to purchase.
Review by Scott on 1/12/14
Purchased two of these, was getting iffy on xmass delivery with all the storms during that time frame. But they got delivered.

Was expecting a couple of beaters with late war date stamps. 1st one unwrapped was 1929 Izzy all matching ser #'s!!!!!!!!! the other was a 1942 Izzy all matchng serials. Took some scrubbing on the bores, patches still come out alittle dark, but both rifles have strong rifling and shiny bores! Very satisfied with product!!!!!!!
Review by jason on 1/11/14
I received my $99 mosin last week and was elated to find they had sent me a Tula 1934 hex receiver in mint condition. This is my second rifle through classic firearms and they are amazing. Great customer service as well. You'll be getting my buissness again soon...
Grade B
Review by Huntsky on 1/11/14
I received a beautiful 1942 Ishvesk produced rifle with a sharp like new bore. I paid for the hand select and was rewarded with a "Triangle 1" (DDR marked) and "Triangle 25" marked rifle in a reddish wartime stock. All matching numbers as well. Classic did it again. Thank you.
Great gun for the money
Review by Jason on 1/10/14
Really nice mosin should have did the handpick because the stock was kinda thrashed but I had a spare stock and just swapped everything over! Now it's as good as new!!!! Beautiful action no rust and no pitting!
Excellent matching numbers rifle.
Review by JOHN on 1/10/14
The only problem with this purchase from Classic Firearms was that I did not purchase more of these rifles on Black Friday! The rifle received was excellent! Matching serial numbers and excellent stock. Was not a good rifle for a refurb project. Nothing to do but clean it. Excellent bore too!
Couldn't be happier
Review by Andrew on 1/9/14
Received my Mosin vary quickly as I always do from Classic. I opted for the "hand select" option and I am very pleased with what I ended up with. I got a 1939 Tula round receiver that is in pretty darn good shape and not loaded down in cosmoline. There are just a few nicks here and there in the stock but everything else about the rifle seems to be perfect. Thanks, Classic.
Grade B Molot
Review by Huntsky on 1/9/14
I received a beautiful 1942 Ishvesk produced rifle with all matching number except the bayonet. The war time stock is in excellent condition. The rifle is DDR marked as well as trangle 25 marked. The bore is in excellent shape, like new. No countebore, sharp shiny lands and grooves. I am impressed with this rifle. Excellent addition to the collection.
Grade B Hand Select
Review by Huntsky on 1/9/14
I received a very nice 1942 Ishvesk produced rifle with all matching numbers, except bayonet and a war time stock. There were a few surprises though. The rifle is DDR marked (triangle 1) as well as Trangle 25 marked. The bore is like new. The lands and grooves are super sharp as well as shiny. This rifle is awesome. Thank you classic!
Pretty nice piece for grade 'b'
Review by Bill on 1/9/14
Very nice! For a grade 'b' piece, my Mosi came with minimal cosmo, and actually the furniture was in very nice shape other than the shellac being worn in spots. (after 65 years, my shellac would be worn too!) This is my 2nd Mosin Nagant, (1st one shoots groups you can cover with a quarter at 300 yds) and I will probably order another as soon as I am done giving this one some TLC & maybe an upgrade or 2. Get one if you don't already have one!
Mosin Nagant
Review by Ron on 1/9/14
Shipping was fairly fast to my dealer so that was a happy thing. The rifle itself was well used as to be expected but the bore is bright and still has useable life. I plan on converting to a sporter so a lot of the roughness will disappear. Thanks Classic Firearms!
war-weary heros
Review by Van on 1/9/14
Today received two MNs. No pleasant surprises; the rifles are $100 guns ($124 delivered).
The first is a 1942 Izhevsk with typical hurried WWII extremely rough/crude milling. It has a Ukraine refurbishment mark. All serial numbers match, with a forced match on a new magazine floor plate. The gun has a nice appearance, though obviously war-weary with many nicks & scars, and a terribly corroded bore. Its bayonet is for an older gun, and does not fit on this rifle.
The second MN is not so nice as the first; it is of unknown Soviet production & unknown date, though the lack of brass inserts is the style of 1943-44 MNs. All serial numbers match (none forced) and the bayonet fits; but, this MN also is war-weary with many dings & scars, and a disappointingly corroded bore.
The guns show rough treatment, and that’s what they’ll continue to get, perhaps bagging a bunch of coyotes, coons, and varmints, maybe even a deer or two.
War-weary heros
Review by Van on 1/9/14
Today received two MNs. No pleasant surprises; the rifles are $100 guns ($124 delivered).
The first is a 1942 Izhevsk with typical hurried WWII extremely rough/crude milling. It has a Ukraine refurbishment mark. All serial numbers match, with a forced match on a new magazine floor plate. The gun has a nice appearance, though obviously war-weary with many nicks & scars, and a very corroded bore. Its bayonet is for an older gun, and does not fit on this rifle.
The second MN is not so nice as the first; it is of unknown Soviet production & unknown date, though the lack of brass inserts is the style of 1943-44 MNs. All serial numbers match (none forced) and the bayonet fits; but, this MN also is war-weary with many dings & scars, and a very corroded bore.
The guns show rough treatment, and that’s what they’ll continue to get, perhaps bagging a bunch of coyotes, coons, and varmints, maybe even a deer or two.
Excellent Deal
Review by Douglas on 1/9/14
I was expecting to receive a gun with some scratches, dings, etc in the stock. This rifle was in excellent condition. bayonet, oil can and tool kit was wrapped very well and in excellent condition. The sling looked like it was never used.
The packaging was better than other online dealers that I purchased guns for $1,000.00.
Gun was in 3 layers of bubble wrap, tools, and other items were all wrapped separately
I would highly recommend buying this rifle from Classic!!!.
good stuff
Review by none on 1/8/14
I bought one mosin nagant and I'm very pleased. I have been collecting mosin nagants from every place I can find them. Now I know where the best place to get them, "Classic firearms." I will buy more soon.
Great Buy -As Advertise
Review by marcus on 1/7/14
This gun was my first C&R purchase and my first purchase from classic firearms. I was not disappointed I had done some review watching on this product not knowing if it was what i wanted. Then It went on sale for 89 dollars for black Friday and that was it i jumped on the deal. I received the product a little before Christmas do to the mass influx of orders they received but knew i was going to have to wait due to great communication from classic. The Gun was better then described the stock was just a little scratched up, the Bore was in great shape the rifling was awesome and after a little cleaning it was nice and shiny. The Barrel was in good shape on the top after pulling the gun apart there was one small pitted spot with some rust right on the wood line where the bottom and top hand guard came together. Other then that it looked great and the best part was there was no Cosmo on the gun at all when I received it made cleaning real easy.

I would highly recommend this gun and I'm thinking of picking up another
Grade B, say WHAT?
Review by Ian on 1/7/14
I just received my rifle I ordered on the black friday $89.99 sale (had to delay shipping due to being out of town).

There's nothing B grade about it. It's a 1943 Izzy round receiver DDR marked with all matching numbers. The floorplate does have another serial struck out and this one added, but it's stamped and not scribed.

There is one small ding in the stock, and a couple small areas where the finish didn't soak in right. Otherwise, I would grade it as Excellent condition. The metal is immaculate. The rifling looks brand new, crown looks perfect.

This one is staying in the cosmo and will be a safe queen. I have other Mosins ready to shoot.

Thanks Classic, I am VERY impressed and happy with my order!

Now I have another one on the way :)
Great rifles for a great price!
Review by William M. on 1/7/14
I've owned a few M91/30's and I will say, the bore on the two I got from Classic Firearms were in MUCH better shape then higher priced Mosins on other sites. The stocks were in nice shape as well and the numbers were matching with the exception of the bayonets. If you are looking for a first 91/30 or to add to your collection, you can't go wrong!
Review by Doug on 1/7/14
Have not had a chance to look them all over too good yet but the 4 that I have looked at out of the 20 I bought were just as advertised.
Exceeded my expectations
Review by ebodell on 1/7/14
I ordered three and rec'd 1937, 1939, and 1942 examples all from the Tula Arsenal. All three were in much better condition that I expected with very nice bores. My only regret was not ordering a 6-pack as I bought mine on Black Friday and will not likely see that pricing again for some time (if ever).
Thank you Classic.
excellent value
Review by Richard on 1/6/14
I bought one on the black friday special it was not in perfect condition it has stock scratches but otherwise the reciever bolt and bore are perfect. I bought it for hog hunting and it is perfect for that and the price is great I have air rifles that cost more than my mosins I have two other mosin that are in too good of condition to put through what I put them through in the delta.
Nice shooter
Review by Dwayne on 1/6/14
I got one that was in really good condition. I did go ahead and strip the finish off the stock and coat it in boiled linseed oil because I wanted a different look. Turned out great. May buy another one for my Uncle.
Terriffic gun for a hundred bucks
Review by Benjamin on 1/6/14
I thought grade 'B' meant lower quality. It doesn't. It must mean something else ! This gun was in great shape, no cracks in the stock and fully functional right out of the box. As always Classic Firearms made my purchase smooth as silk and quickly. Thanks Classic Firearms for the great deal !
Very nice rifle for $99!
Review by Kip on 1/6/14
Great gun for the price. Stock had a few dings but nicer than I expected. Gun was clean with very little cosmo. After taking apart and cleaning I shot 40 rounds of the bulk ammo from Classic. No problems at all and the gun grouped nicely. Will definitely buy from Classic again.
Less Than Pleased
Review by David A on 1/5/14
We tried to fit the bayonet to the gun but it did not fit. Since one of them was supposed to be a gift for my grandson we have had to do some extra work on it to make everything fit properly.
Great Rifle
Review by Nate on 1/5/14
I ordered two of these rifles based solely on price alone. Upon arrival I am considering ordering a couple more. The condition is great and the fit and finish is better than the two 91-30's I have bought previously. They are a great value.
Lokks like a nice one
Review by Joe on 1/5/14
Some cosmetic dings to the wood, but what do you expect from ancient rifles. Have not fires it yet but the bolt feels good. Like all my other Mosins and anyone I've handled the trigger is different from one to the next. This one is stiff but without a lot of creep.
Great rifle no matter what price
Review by mholmes on 1/4/14
Good quality Mosin 9130.
OK for the price
Review by Hunter on 1/4/14
Received my Grade B mosin yesterday. Rifle has a good finish on the receiver. I got a 1942 Izhevsk round receiver. Most parts are matched, mag plate is lined out and force matched. Wartime stock was in decent shape with a couple of small gouges. Bore is excellent with no counterboring. The only reason I give this 3 stars is due to the amount of fairly heavy pitting on the barrel underneath the stock. Several large patches, one patch is about 6 inches long. The rust was still active when I received the rifle but I cleaned it off, leaving the open pits behind. If I would have paid $150 for the rifle I would have been displeased but for $99 I guess I can't complain. I'm not sure if the pitting plays into it being a grade B or not. Be sure to check underneath the stock when you receive your rifle. Despite this, Classic is always a great company to deal with. Fast and great service.
great guns for the price
Review by William on 1/4/14
I received 2 amazing rifles for the price 99$ for each you can't go wrong! Get them while they are HOT!!
Review by morgan on 1/4/14
Recieved the email notifing that that these qereback in stock and ordered my rifle all in about 20 minutes. The rifle is exactly as described I didnt pay the extra for hand select and my stock showed it but the metal was amazing the bolt reciever and buttplate match with the magazine cover being a force match bore is wonderful. Will continue ordering from classic for sure
Great company
Review by Jeff on 1/4/14
Although this review is for the Molot 91/30, since there are so many reviews on the model, I'm going to review the company.

This was my first time ordering a firearm online, and I must say I was very impressed. They made it so easy, I'll definitely buy from them again. 5 stars for Classic Firearms.
Head Turner
Review by Bones on 1/3/14
Just picked up the Mosin Nagant M 91/30 Rifle I ordered last weekend; delivered a day early, even with the New Year’s holiday! Used a preferred vender nearby, whole process took 15 mins. They unboxed it so I could view the rifle, as they did they asked all kinds of questions about it, as well as the folks in the store. Had a few scratches/dings in the stock – nothing that I wouldn’t have done myself after a few times out and the bolt action moved with ease once unlocked.
Can’t wait to get out to the range over the weekend to run a couple 100 rds. thru it!

I have my eye on another item, hand gun this time, to add to my collection. Hope to order in the next week or so, but it will definitely be from Classic Firearms!

Don A.
Wish to have More!
Review by Kelly on 1/3/14
This is the second Mosin that I have bought from Classic Firearms, and they did an outstanding job as usual. If I hadn't been on vacation when it arrived, I would have had it in my hands only a matter of days after placing my order.

As for the rifle, itself, the only thing that I can see about it that is Grade B is the rough machining that came with it having been manufactured in 1943 at the height of The War. As far as I'm concerned, that only adds historical charm to it. The bore, though, has the sharpest looking rifling and looks like it has hardly seen a round pass through it. As for the stock, it is beautiful, with hardly a nick in it. As a nice little cherry on top of the whole thing, the cosmoline is on there in only the slightest layer. Cleanup will be a snap.

I can't wait to take it to the range!
Great deal
Review by Rodney on 1/3/14
My rifle is well worth the money! It had one ding on the stock which could easily be steamed and repaired. The receiver has plugged holes and they were ground before rebluing, but doesn't detract from the looks. Over all a very good rifle for the money.
pleasantly surprised
Review by tony on 1/3/14
Received (2) of the grade B rifles,#1 was an Izhevsk 1942 in a wartime stock,some rust under the stock line but cleaned up easily,bright shiny bore.#2 to my extreme joy was a 1925 Dragoon with updated sights in a postwar 1 piece stock,metal 100%deep blue and the stamping the best I have ever seen clear & sharp,counter bored 2" but has strong lands&groves,all matching no strike outs.Classic you have proved to me again you are #1.
Very Nice
Review by Rich on 1/3/14
I purchased 2 of these rifles and I am very satisfied with the results. The first rifle is an average condition war time gun and worth the 99 bucks. The second rifle was a pre war Tula in really nice condition. Absolute bargain!

Thanks again Classic
Very much worth the money.
Review by Terry on 1/2/14
This item is worth the money, I recommended this deal to many of my friends who bought one too.
Awesome Deer Rifle
Review by Justin on 1/2/14
Add about $200.00 the already great price of $99.00 for this rifle and what you get is an awesome deer rifle that you would be proud to show off to anyone at the range or hunting club. Getting lots of WOW's for this one.
Review by Drew on 1/2/14
I ordered one of these "B Grade" rifles with the knowledge that everything I've bought from Classic in the past has exceeded my expectations. This one was no exception. It had a few small scratches to the right buttstock which were barely noticeable. Overall it's nicer than most of my Nagants. The metal finish is very nice. The bore is a little dark with strong rifling, above average for a 91/30. I believe that any other dealer would have sold this as an "A" grade rifle or even a hand select.
Better than "Grade B"
Review by JK on 1/2/14
With the seller's disclaimer that the rifle would be "Grade B", my expectations were somewhat low. I was very happy with the condition of the rifle I received. If you get what I got, you won't be disappointed.
Buy it.
Review by rharper on 1/1/14
Beautiful rifle. The stock marring was there, but minimal--had to actually look for it.

The bore was gorgeous ... even shiny. My FFL guy was surprised at how good it looked.

It locks up tight, and goes boom. I haven't logged any real range time, but I'm expecting very good things.

Added bonus (aside fro the excellent customer service):

It's ALREADY CLEANED UP! Molot has taken care of the Cosmoline. It's ready to go right out of the box.

If you are even thinking about buying a shooter's Mosin, get one of these.

Great item... Just as described. Def. worth the Money.
Review by SurplusNut on 12/31/13
Ordered 2 of these rifles. I received a 1942 Izhevsk as well as a 1940 Tula, both being round receivers. These examples were in very good shape. The bores and mussles were excellent on both rifles. The stock on the Tula was almost perfect and the Izhevsk had a little rash but not bad. As far as overall quality of the examples i received they were both comparable to my 1943 Izhevsk laminate stock that i purchased a few years back and it was graded as being excellent condtion. Great buy... even better deal if you have a C&R permit. However, Beware of Mosins!!! They are addictive!! I think there is actually a warning from the Surgeon General saying so stamped somewhere on these things...
True History
Review by David on 12/30/13
This is a piece of true history. It is one thing to read about it in the history books. To own one is to read the history books with understanding. I recommend that all who can to purchase one. It is a worthy investment!
Review by P38DLightning on 12/30/13
Received two Mosins. They were two Izhvesk 1942 and 1943. Nothing special about them, other than one of them being DDR marked, but with lined out butt plate and magazine numbers and stamped matching. The bores were good and I guess that's what matters. It's not really worth paying the hand select fee as I didn't see much of a difference between mine and acquaintance who didn't pay for the hand select fee. His rifles were actually nicer pre-war Mosins. Don't do the hand select.
Great Tula
Review by Bill on 12/30/13
I have picked up a few of these Molot rifles. The last was a fantastic looking 37 Tula. Pick one of these up while you can.
Great deal! Great gun!
Review by Abel-Dewar on 12/30/13
Right before Thanksgiving I received my C&R in the mail. I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday deal, not expecting much, and a little hesitant to buy a gun sight unseen, even for $89. I took a chance and was very happy with what I received. After unboxing, cleaning, and researching the various markings, I discovered that I was now the proud owner of a 1943 Ishevsk DDR! All serial numbers match except for the bayonet (expected), and the magazine which was force matched. There were a couple of minor nicks and dings in the stock as advertised, but nothing bad. I am seriously thinking of buying another this week. If only Classic could guarantee to handpick me a beautiful hex like some of the other posters have reported receiving. Classic, you listening?
Buy some!
Review by Hawgkeeper on 12/29/13
Bought 2 of these Molot specials from Classic and I was very pleased and impressed by the condition. One was a Tula 1940 the other Ishevsk 1942, metal on both very good, stocks good to very good, few scratches and dings. The both came very well wrapped, thanks for doing that guys! Over all would definitely buy some more of these baby's! My local Cabela's was selling some Nagants for $129 at Christmas and they weren't as nice. Get them while you can at $99, you won't be disappointed!
Great rifles, extremely happy
Review by Joe on 12/29/13
Great rifles. Paid the $10 hand select fee and got a rifle with the best bore of any mosin I have ever seen. Everything the ad promised and more. Scratches on the stocks were minor and superficial. One member of our Mosin FB group even got a hex receiver in this deal. So far all of our members have received high quality rifles with no problems or complaints. Mine were fairly clean when they came, hardly any cosmoline at all. I also want to say that Classic did a great thing for some of our returning Marines from deployment. Thanks guys.
Good Deal All Around
Review by Aaron on 12/28/13
Second M91/30 and first from Classic. Far better deal with classic. It arrived on time and the best part was it wasn't all caked with cosmoline!!! It had matching serials even the bayonet. The stock had minor dings but what do you expect from a weapon manufactured in 1939. I would not hesitate to purchase another though I will probably stop at owning 2 Unless I decide to get another one to Mod somehow..
Review by William on 12/27/13
What a great surprise! I got a 43 Tula Ex Sniper in near perfect condition. First order from Classic, and nothing but great things to say... Great deal, quick shipping, Beautiful firearm.
Review by John on 12/27/13
Received my 2nd rifle today and it has a HEX receiver. Jackpot. The rifle is in A+ condition. So happy with this one I order my 3rd one. Thanks for the great deals. Classic Firearms are the best. Thanks
One of the best Mosin Nagant 91/30 in my collection
Review by Heiko on 12/27/13
I am VERY pleased with the rifle I received! I added the minor fee for hand selsct. I probably didn't have to as from previous purchases, without the hand selsect, I recieved excellent exapless. Brutus does a great job being honest with the description. A soon as I can figuere out how the camera works that I recieved for Christmas, I will post a picture. I will continue being a customer of yours! Extremely easy to deal with and have found you to be one of the best dealers I have used! Both for C&R and moderrn firearms. Happy New Year and I hope you can keep your shelves stocked with the excellent product and fair prices you place on your products . Thanks agian, Heiko
From Russia With Love... And Loud Noises
Review by Jaysen on 12/27/13
These may be sold as Grade B rifles due to the packaging, but mine came with nary a scratch. i was surprised to see DDR (East German) markings on the rifle when I opened the box, as I've heard tales of their supposed "rarity" on the interweb forums. The rifle I received is a 1943 Izhevsk, with a fantastic dark shellac finish. I literally just cleaned it up, and checked the bore and headspace and took it to the range, where it proceeded to devour every one of the 150 cartridges I fed it with 100% reliability. After my shoulder stopped throbbing from not keeping it high enough in the pocket, I decided to make a return trip to the range, where I finished off the small batch of Brown Bear I had left over from my last trip.

As for Classic... They've never let me down, and have continued to provide excellent customer service, despite high levels of traffic, like when they are being insane and selling high-quality 91/30's for $100.
Best Deal to Date
Review by William on 12/27/13
I bought 2 of these M91/30 because the price was so low. I figured that maybe I would trade them someday for another weapon to add to my collection. They are in great condition for the price. This price is so low that I was checking out a gun shop for deals and the owner had a case of them set out with a price of $179 each, I told him what I paid for mine and he said he couldn't get them at that price. He promptly asked me where I bought them.
If you want to add a M91/30 it won't get better than this.
What a great gun for the money
Review by Joe on 12/27/13
This is my second mosin but first time buying it from here. I couldn't be more happy received a beautiful gun super fast. Very great customer service. I will no longer buy from cheaper than dirt. I will only buy from classic from now on!!
Looks even better now!
Review by David on 12/27/13
Picked up my Molot a while back, finally got around to getting into it. The shellac finish was coming off, stained my hands red so I took it off, what would you know there was a beautiful blonde hiding underneath! Like it so much I may just have to buy another.
Great value for a piece of WWII history
Review by James on 12/26/13
I did not pay for hand-select, and was pleasantly surprised during unboxing when I pulled out a 1939 Tula DDR that was light on cosmoline. There were a few dings and scratches on the stock, but all metal on the rifle is rust-free and fully functional. All numbers on the rifle matched, while the bayonet was not matching. Shipping was quick and secure. After this experience, I am very pleased with the entire transaction, and I'm tempted to order another from CF!
Exceeded my expectations
Review by jordan on 12/26/13
I was very impressed with this rifle, I received a 39 Tula. Bolt and receiver had matching serials, the stock had some minor gouges and scratches but I bought this as a shooter . I was most pleased with smooth action of the bolt compared to another mosin I have, cycles flawlessly without any stick. My favorite part NO COSMOLINE to clean off!!! Only problem I encountered was sloppy play in the trigger that wouldn't break until almost hitting the trigger guard. But simply tightening the screw for the sear spring. Took it to the range put about 50 rounds through it with no issues at all. Already love this ugly little gun more than my nicer looking mosin I paid almost double for on a whim at a LGS
Great buy at today's prices
Review by Philip on 12/26/13
I've not had a lot of time with this piece yet but from what I have seen of it, it was a great value for the money. The stock did have a "burnt" spot on it even though I paid extra for "hand select" but I found out that that just means they're gonna pick one up from a crate of five.....Silly me. And I thought I'd be getting one of the nicer stocks from MANY DIFFERENT choices. Maybe I did, but that's why I didn't give it five stars. I felt like I wasted the ten extra dollars. With that being said, still an EXCELLENT VALUE at today's prices and current anti-gun environment.
great deal great rifles
Review by Anthony on 12/26/13
Received (2)Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles both 43 Izhevsk not counter bored.They were in great condition including the stocks.good enough to order (2)more.Great deal.
Great buy
Review by Aaron on 12/26/13
Bought this gun as a birthday gift to myself. I will say that the one I got was scratched up and had some small dings in the stock. They did say this was possible so I was not too concerned about it. I sadly have not had a chance to fire it yet, but I have gotten it cleaned up and am looking forward to refinishing the stock at some point. Definitely worth it for the price
Ho Hum! Just another great rifle from Classic Firearms.
Review by reddy on 12/25/13
Rec'd. in record time a 1940 Izhevsk Molot, no counterbore, all matching numbers, no rust, very clean rifle inside and out. Rifling decent and will clean up nicely. I did pay the 10.00 cosmetic select. What can you say that hasn't already been said of these great pieces of history?
Pleasantly Surprised
Review by Bier on 12/24/13
When I saw these grade B Nagants for under $100, I figured I'd go ahead and pick one up to work on as a project gun. Unfortunately, what I got was so nice that it's something I have no intention of messing with!

Ended up with a numbers-matching 1943 Izzy DDR rifle. Stock was pretty dinged and gouged as expected, but I didn't choose the hand select option. Has an interesting reinforcement at the trigger as opposed to the wrist like I've normally seen. Crown is great, muzzle wear is so-so, not counter-bored, bore itself is gleaming after just a patch or two. Light surface rust on the receiver and a spot on the barrel under the stock, but otherwise looking excellent in what appears to be its original blue.

All in all I'm extremely pleased with what I got! It's always a risk playing surplus roulette but I think I did quite well this time. I fully recommend these rifles and hope others have just as good of luck!
Excellent Condition. Great Deal
Review by William on 12/24/13
Please add to my review that the Mosin came with the cleaning rod, bayonet, oiler, multi-tool and cleaning tips as well as bore guide.
Excellent Condition. Great Deal
Review by William on 12/24/13
I was hesitant but after opening it I'm glad I ordered it. I received a 42 Izzy in very good condition. Furniture is great. Bore is one of the best I have seen and the metal looks as if it was almost factory new. Forced matched but no big deal. Some interesting refurb marks on stock and receiver that I am going to look up. Best Mosin deal I ever got for $99.00. The most impressive thing on this firearm is the condition of the bore. Excellent condition.

It was not caked up with cosmo either. A good cleaning and a furniture wipe down was all it needed. Can't wait to fire her. Thank you Classic for a great Mosin at a great price.
Review by Scott on 12/24/13
This gun came suprisingly clean, took a half a day to clean it, and putting the stock under a gas heat lamp brought a lot of the dings and cosmoline out of the stock. Looks great, is an interesting piece to bring out for people who know nothing about guns. And for 99$ you cant go wrong. Makes a great gift!
What a Deal
Review by GiMiK on 12/24/13
I just love this Rifle...
Really nice
Review by DoubleDubs on 12/24/13
I mostly bought one of these because these guns haven't been this cheap for some time. A beat up stock doesn't bother me much anyway. I purchased a basic one, no hand-select and am very happy with it. I didn't get anything special, a '42 Izzy with rough machining on the receiver and magazine. All the numbers matched and the bore was actually pretty good. Cleaned it up a bit (already pretty clean) and shot it. Shoots a bit low but other than that right on. Bluing was good all around with maybe a couple rust spots but nothing bad. Overall a better rifle than one I paid $30 more for a few months ago.
I like this rifle
Review by Gary on 12/24/13
I was skeptical of the price...I didn't think Mosins would go back to 99 bucks again and I figured the quality would be bottom of the barrel but I wanted another one as I sold my collection over the summer and needed at least one to shoot because they rock for target practice.

I opened the box and was actually pleasantly surprised as I had purchased an M44 from Classic last spring that I was not a hundred percent happy with but this Molot 91-30 is cool...good bore, nice furniture, no counter-boring and the metal was free of rust. Some force-matching but that is expected. It came well-oiled but not totally gummed up with cosmoline. overall, a nice firearm. I am looking forward to shooting it!

I have to say the owner has been nice but sometimes the customer service is lacking when I call, the people I have talked to are very business-like, no humor but I can deal with that.

I am bummed that I missed out on the $89 ones right after I ordered this one for 99 bucks.
Very pleased , happy happy happy
Review by Brett on 12/24/13
I must say I was impressed with this transaction ( it was my first C&R purchase) I was expecting something a little rough around the edges based on the "B" grade. I received a TULA 1939 , bore was in decent shape without any signs of counterbore. Blueing on steel is very good -no cracks in stock. Cannot wait to shoot this rifle. Also I'm most likely going to buy another one as soon as I can afford it. ...looking forward to more business in months and years to come. Brett
Classic does it again
Review by mike on 12/24/13
I got my second " grade B " from Classic and once again was very happy to see matching numbers and a nice bright bore. Nothing special, just a 1943 Izy.The wood was as described, a few nicks and scratches. Nothing bad. I like to refinish the wood anyway. After a very light sanding and a few coats of tung oil, it looks great. I can't wait to shoot it. Thanks again Classic.
Awesome deal
Review by dcor388 on 12/24/13
109 for a hand select...shipping was fast and easy and for the money how can you beat this deal? Definitely buy from Classic again!
Review by TRAMP7810 on 12/24/13
best dang bang for da buck out there . saw it used on national geographics knew i had to have one. so iffin u got 2 leggid varmins or 4 , this will rid u of um at a price that cant be beat. oh an even with a couplea small scuffs there purdy.
Review by alpo on 12/23/13
I did not buy this for the furniture. I removed the wood and installed a synthetic stock. Once I remove the iron sights and add a scope I will have an AWESOME deer rifle at a bargain price. the ammo for this rifle if relatively inexpensive. It is very dependable and the stock I got comes with a 5 round detachable magazine with an optional 10 round mag. I really like this rifle and may get another one. Can't beat the price. I highly recommend this one.
Review by RC on 12/23/13
GREAT VALUE,Fantastic weapon, flawless performance, fast shipping excellent customer service.Thank you Classic Firearms
best deal on the molot m91/30 rifle.
Review by william the great on 12/23/13
This rifle is the best looking 91/30 rifle I've bought. the price was fantastic. this rifle has matching numbers a very smooth action. thanks classic!
Looks so good I boxed it back up
Review by Sailct41 on 12/23/13
I had so modified my other mosin that I thought I should buy two unmolested ones and keep them for later. I bought a really nice hex receiver so covered in cosmoline that I really did not want to touch it. Ewww. This rifle was very nice and not so cosmolined up that I could not check it out. I boxed it back up and put it away for a few years. These are great rifles , fun to shoot but I wanted two unmolested versions for later.
Awesome product and service
Review by cg142 on 12/23/13
Just wanted to say how pleased I was when I received my "grade B" M91/30. I ordered this on Black Friday and it arrived a week later. I was expecting a fixer-upper but I like what I found inside the box. A 1943 Tula in awesome condition. Very little cosmoline, a couple of nicks on the stock, matching serial numbers on the receiver and bolt, magazine and butt plate were strike-throughs. I can live with that. Thank-you Classic Firearms! I will order from you again.
Pretty good
Review by paul on 12/23/13
I took the straight up, grab one out of the box, no hand select models. It had all matching numbers. It had been counter bored but the rifling was clean and sharp after clean up. It was scratched and dinged. I don't know if it ever had been refinished. The varnish/stain had been heavily applied and had pooled in certain areas. I decided to strip it, oxidize the wood with a wash of battery acid(be careful) and a hot hair dryer drying, then stained it with Minwax English Cherry and a coat of boiled linseed oil. All in all it turned out very nice.
Mosin was AWESOME
Review by Don on 12/23/13
Bought this Mosin to make a sniper rifle, but it was so nice with 100% Blue and 98% Wood.
Wow what a deal and after cleaning it up it now hangs on the wall with all my other military rifles. The whole purchase from Classic Firearms was flawless and they are a pleasure to deal with. I most definitely will buy from them again. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!
Great Price; OK Rifle
Review by Luthierseye on 12/22/13
I got it in rapid time and cleaned it up good-not alot of cosmo as expected. The stock is a "B" grade for sure-did some work on it. Mine's a 1943 and is a war weapon for sure. The rifling is a bit worn and all the numbers were force matched. I know it's a crap shoot on Mosin Nagants unless you can lay your hands on them and I didn't win the potato & cabbage. My brother's was a winner on several points-but he deserved it b/c he didn't do well on the last one-so it was my turn. So, my review is neither good or bad-hey, it's only $99.99....
Fantastic deal
Review by John on 12/22/13
I expected a good rifle. Instead I got a GREAT rifle with some marks on the stock. No cracks or rust. I will order another. Thanks
Well worth the money
Review by John on 12/22/13
Finally had a chance to take my Moslin to the range today. I was really pleased with the appearance, and even the accuracy was better than I had imagined it would be. Other shooters stopped by and asked about it and I even had a 10 year old shoot it. The smile on his face after shooting was incredible. I heartily reccomend adding this to your collection !
Almost perfect Original Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle - Grade B
Review by neilchad11 on 12/22/13
Bought one of these on the Black Friday Sale and all I can say is it was almost perfect. Almost no Cosmoline on it.Everything worked as it should have. Will buy again and again!
I was one very happy camper!
Tooo good to be TRUE
Review by Frank on 12/22/13
After receiving and inspection of this mosin nagant .I found A serious problem.This rifle can not be fired !!!! It is way to nice to fire this mosin nagant is perfect. I literally removed from the box and put it in the safe .If this is grade "B " I can not imagine what grade "A"would be like... W O W ! I will have to order another one that's not so nice.needless to say I'm extremely happy with this purchase this is my third purchase .They will be more.Thanks classic firearms.Another happy customer as usual.
Not worth the money
Review by Earl on 12/22/13
The rifle I recieved was packed by a drunken Russian who had been on a three day binge. The reciever had been ground on both sides so that the thing looks like a mowhawk. It probably got blown up by the Germans and put back to gether in haste. Has cracks or gouges along the side may not even be safe to shoot if they are cracks. Was prepared for a bad stock had three good ones sitting on my bench. Always got good firearms in th past but this one blows. Picture provied under title of Mowhawk reciever.

Hi Earl - Sorry to hear you received a firearm that did not meet your expectations. We certainly do not want you to feel stuck with a firearm with which you are not happy nor one you feel may be unsafe to shoot. Please do reach out to us at 704-774-1102 to return the rifle for a replacement or refund (your choice). We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to make it right. Thanks and God bless....

- The Classic Firearms Team

Great rifle for 99.99 dollars
Review by Todd on 12/22/13
The rifle I received was 39 tula all matching except the trigger housing it also had a little rust under the stock. Thank you again Classic Firearms
Molot M91/30
Review by Doc on 12/22/13
I picked up one of these a few weeks back and was thrilled with mine. It had some arsenal wear but was still in nice shape. Mine was good enough that I have no plans to refinish the stock. Might even add another to my collection while they still last.
home run
Review by Carl on 12/21/13
Excellent product in great shape. 1940 Tula with minor dings in stock. No rust at all on the gun and the bore is in great shape. The stock is in far better shape than advertised. The bayonet didnt match or fit but other than that....no complaints. I gave it a 4 based just on the Bayonet not working.
Extremely pleased
Review by Alvincyork on 12/21/13
I ordered one of the Black Friday "grade B" Molot 91/30's for $89. I expected a rough stock, non-matching shooter. Boy, was I wrong! I received a beautiful 1942 Izzy all matching numbers (except for one of the barrel band retainers and the mag base was force matched) DDR stamped rifle. The stock only had 2 or 3 very slight dings. The bore is fantastic. It also had nice stock cartouches. The Russian crest is nearly worn off, but that is my only complaint. It is one of the cleanest, nicest looking 91/30's I've seen in quite a while. I don't know what made my rifle a "grade B" at all. I did pay the ten bucks for hand select. I will absolutely order more of these. I also highly recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a great weapon. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Classic!
Not bad
Review by B. on 12/20/13
I ordered mine on black friday and opted for the hand select as this is my first rifle ever and I might as well make it count. First thing I noticed was that I didn't have to deal with removing the cosmoline like I planned. Second was the gun stock with the exception of a few nicks, looked amazing! It was smooth with no flaking and had a lighter colored handguard.

I received a 1943 izhevsk with a DDR marked receiver and Tula bolt with forced matching on the receiver, magwell and stock. The bore is very dark and looks as if it needs a good cleaning, but otherwise looks fine.

All in all, for the money spent, It seems like a good buy. I can't wait to take it to the range with me.
Molot does all the dirty work
Review by Deadly In OKC on 12/20/13
Molot arsenal refinished 1944 Izzy with only a very light coating of cosmoline. Pay the extra for cosmetics - - it's worth it! Stock is in good shape with only a few scratches fixed with Olde English Walnut scratch Remover. The top hand guard is a lighter color of the original Birch, so I may just refinish the whole stock to match that lighter color. The barrel and bolt matched; however, the magazine and butt-plate were struck-through for forced matches. The barrel rifling is excellent. Overall a very good rifle for an outstanding Black Friday and Cyber Monday price offer that I just could not refuse - - thanks again, Godfather, Classic Firearms!
Still good deal for price
Review by Ken on 12/20/13
I ordered three and all had trashed bores. The rifling was strong, but the bores were dark and full of pitting.

All three of mine had a lot of finish wear, scratches, and a few gouges.
Nice addition to my nagant family
Review by James on 12/19/13
I didn't pull the trigger when these came out at $99.00. Then on the black Friday special for $89.00, I had to jump. Took around 10 days for the delivery backlog. Got it today and did a quick inspection, and logging of all #s and info. I paid $10 for the hand select, and was just a bit disappointed. More dings and scratches for a hand select, but the number of these you sold, I'm sure all the better ones were already gone. But who cares? This is my 9th Nagant, and I enjoy tearing them all down and going through them. I have yet to buy one with a shiny bore, all have been really dark, but strong rifling, and shoots straight and hard. So, I am looking forward to tearing into this 1936 baby and getting out to the range. Classic advertised these as grade B, and I think that was a fair description. Every purchase at Classic has gone smooth, and will continue buying in the future. Great job Classic, another great addition to my growing collection.
Awesome deal!!!
Review by Armycerveza on 12/18/13
I ordered one of these rifles during the black Friday special. I wasn't expecting much for a rifle that was only $100. I was pleasantly surprised with the rifle that I received. There was no rust or damage to the stock. The rifling was excellent and the bolt was tight! I am very satisfied with the item that I received and even more happy with the service that Classicarms provided. My item was at my FFL in a week even though the company was swamped with black friday orders. I WILL do business again with Classicfirearms!!!
Pretty good score.
Review by Kiloh on 12/18/13
I hit the jackpot. I got a triple date MO Tula with a hex receiver with all matching numbers for $89. Please don't hate me. If it makes you feel any better I had to buy 12 to get this lucky. I also ended up with a 1939 Tula with all matching numbers and an Izzy DDR with all matching numbers.
Should have bought more...
Review by Wilson on 12/17/13
Since I already had several Mosin-Nagants of different flavors, and the Black Friday special was grade B, I only sprung for one. That is my only regret with this purchase. I got a 1942 Izzy that is very clean, with all cosmoline removed. In fact, it is beautiful, Numbers match with a force match of the mag plate. Bolt action is very smooth. The only grade B issues are a couple of wear spots on the stock finish and one thumbnail sized scratch in the wood that wouldn't have kept me from buying as a grade A. After seeing some cosmoline-coated beaters at a local show this weekend, I expected to spend a few days cleaning up my purchase. Instead it could be loaded and fired right now. I got email updates from Classic throughout the process, and they did a superior packaging job on the rifle. I will be buying again, especially if you get more "grade B" in stock.
Review by carrguy1 on 12/17/13
Sorry to put a damper on all of the positive reviews. I understood how these were advertised but the overwhelmingly positive reviews of beautiful rifles convinced me to get another. I figure they're increasing in value and I'd kick myself down the road for not grabbing one at the black Friday price. I already own a 91/30 and an M44.

That being said I got one hell of an ugly rifle. There are some positives: It's a 1939 Tula. The bolt is smooth. The barrel and receiver match (and maybe the bolt, I can't remember now) but the rest is force matched. The bore looked beautiful, not even dirty, and perhaps the nicest of any of my old surplus rifles.

That's where it ends though. The stock's finish is dried out and flaking. If you touch it you are constantly brushing your hands off. I didn't even really want to put it in my safe and get flakes all over the floor. I can't tell if there are scratches in the wood because you can't see through all of the flaking. The butt plate doesn't fit the stock right. There's about a half inch gap between the wood and metal. I'm not sure if tightening the screw will pull it in or strip the wood. It looks like someone had the front barrel band in an incorrect location for an extended period of time. Worst of all though there is a fair amount of rust all around the barrel and receiver where they meet the wood. I assume it will be the same story underneath. I'm actually surprised at how nice the bore looked considering the amount of rust outside.

My other two are pretty much safe queens in beautiful condition so what I was hoping for a here was something decent for the price that I wouldn't care as much about. I reread the description and it suggested some rifles may be in non-refinished turn in condition. I'll have to do some research to see if that's what I got and if it's worth anything but as I see it I got a project gun in need of a full restoration which isn't really what I was looking for. Maybe I'll get around to that someday. If I had seen what I got at a show for this price I would have kept walking.
Review by Tommy on 12/17/13
I have been out of town for two weeks and so was only today able to get to my ffl to pick up my rifle. Since I ordered a "grade b" rifle I didn't have very high expectations. I was absolutely delighted when I opened the box and saw the rifle for the first time. It is in outstanding condition and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone from Classic Firearms!
mosin nagant 91/30 molot
Review by dick on 12/16/13
Just received the nagants and am quite satisfied with both. Every thing I've purchased from Classic Arms has gotten 5 stars. Can't get any better than that. Regards Dick
Killer Deal
Review by Russell on 12/16/13
Killer deal if they ever come back in stock. I bought two when they were on sale, one is all numbers matching and just has some minor marks on the stock, one is a little rougher and has a forced match magazine plate. Both well worth the $ and make excellent shooters.
Grade B+
Review by Davey on 12/15/13
I received my M91/30 about 5 days ago and I thought I would let the "another new C&R rifle" euphoria wear off before commenting here. I'm a first time customer here and have purchased 6 Mosin variants from other sources. I give two thumbs up to Classic for their ultra professional web site, their e-mail correspondence, and above all else, their over the top packaging of this rifle. I have had many rifles shipped to me and have shipped a few myself, but this rifle couldn't have been packaged any better!

I received a 1939 Tula - It was not counterbored-the barrel crown looks good and the rifling is bright though worn. ( I went through 2 handfulls of cleaning patches to get it clean). It has the triangle with the 1 inside which I gather is a DDR marking. I don't think that really means much on a 91/30 though. All of the numbers were force matched. The right side of the barrel had some pitting removed with a BIG grinder. The stock is actually pretty good (I paid for hand select). The box magazine is pretty well hammered.

Over all Is would say B+.

If the numbers would have all matched I would have gone with A for sure.

Since the rifling is worn somewhat I plan on shooting 180 grain cast bullets with this gun (open sights). I would live to shoot some of the military ammo available here but since I live in the Peoples Republic of California I can only shoot non-magnetic ammo.

Thanks Classic! Great job!
I got exactly what I expected
Review by Greg on 12/15/13
This was my first order from Classic Firearms, as well as my first online firearm purchase. I honestly had no idea what to expect. When they ran their Black Friday deal on these rifles, I couldn't pass the amazing deal up.

After ordering, it didn't take long at all to get the rifle delivered to my FFL. +1 for Classic Firearms for dealing with the inevitable influx of business this time of year so well!

I will admit, I got hopeful after reading so many glowing reviews about this rifle and the shape that their "B Grade" rifle was in. Because of this, I was initially let down when I open the box and saw a very rough rifle with a stock that needs a lot of work. After some thought, I realized that I got exactly what was advertised and instantly all was right in the world. After two days if heavy cleaning of the residual cosmoline (there wasn't much at all on the gun, I'm talking about the nooks and crannies where the stuff hides), I've put about 50 rounds through the rifle without a single issue. The bolt on this gun is extremely smooth and the stock will get it's due attention as soon as I have the time to completely refinish it. The bore is almost perfect so mechanically, this gun is in great shape. The VERY rough machine work on the receiver matters little to me now that I've shot the rifle and understand how well it shoots.

I wrote this to kind of counter all the reviews that state how wonderful their gun is and how it's not a Grade B gun at all. I am truly happy for those buyers and thankful that they were pleased with their purchases. I simply don't want unreal expectations set for future buyers because Classic Firearms doesn't deserve that. I too am thankful, very thankful in fact, for my experience with Classic Firearms and will undoubtedly do business with them again but for those of you that read this, please don't take the other reviews of receiving a perfect gun when its listed as B Grade as the rule. I would presume that those are more the exception, rather than the norm.

All in all, I have a gun that shoots very well and in the exact condition that was advertised. I will 100% deal with Classic Firearms again.
Received DDR rifle
Review by Dan on 12/15/13
My second review of my recent Mosin Nagant purchase. My Black Friday purchase yielded a really nice 1943 Izzy with some unusual markings. It turns out I received a DDR marked rifle. I'm wicked excited about it. Thanks Classic!!!
Outstanding 91/30
Review by Dan on 12/15/13
Another outstanding purchase from Classic! 1943 Izzy with a great stock, mostly matching numbers, good bore, and no cosmoline! Didn't know how to act buying a Mosin Nagant and didn't have to clean it out. I always get great guns, superior customer service and shipping from Classic. Merry Christmas from your very satisfied regular customer!!
Two nice Molot 91/30's, one is an Ex-Sniper
Review by James on 12/15/13
Received 2 Molot 91/30 rifles in nice condition. Both had scrapes/marks on the stock but overall look fine. Both purchased with the $89 sale price on Black Friday. I did pay the extra $10 for hand select. Neither rifle was counter bored.

The 1938 Tula had a light colored post war stock and was all matching with a forced matched mag plate. No rust at all. Bore looked nice

The 1943 Izhevsk was matching also with a dark war date stock and forced match mag plate. First thing I noticed about this rifle were the four holes drilled in the left side of the receiver, threads still present, and no attempt to fill in the holes. The scope serial number is still stamped in the left side of the barrel, no attempt to grind it off. Bore looked nice in this rifle too, again neither rifle was counter bored. Receiver markings were quite smooth when compared to other '43 Izhevsk, which are often rough and unpolished. No rust on this rifle either.

I'm very happy with my purchase from Classic. I've purchased from them several times in the past three years and will continue to do so.
Review by Kevin WA on 12/14/13
Received the 1943 izzy, One piece non refurb stock is fair, bore is fantastic. The bayonet needs to be opened up quite a bit. Overall I think the b grade rifles ran out on Black Friday and they sent us all random 91/30s grade A and better! Love the gun, should have bought another.
Review by dassimo on 12/14/13
I've had my eye on these for a while now and when they went on sale my dad bought one. That was the last straw. I went for it. Man am I glad I did. Due to sales volume and weather it a while for it to get here That just added to the excitement. The night before I went to pick it up I was like a kid on Christmas eve.

When I opened the box there was minimal cosmoline and one scuff on the foregrip and a ding in the stock. Wow. I was expecting wood work in my future but I think I will leave the wood as is. It has character.

Thank you Classic.
Much better than expected.
Review by steve on 12/14/13
Ordered when on sale, got a rifle that looks like it was hardly fired. Bore is excellent no pitting and no counterbore,looks as goos as a K31 I have. 1937 Ishevek and the stock has few scratches or flakes. Can't wait to see how it shoots.
Far better than expected
Review by Jeffrey on 12/14/13
In all I ordered 3 of these rifles and considering they were grade B, my expectations were realistic. My first was a 43 Izzy, great stock, great metal, shiny bore. It was in such good condition that I immediately ordered 2 more. Out of the next 2, I got another 43 Izzy in great shape, but the second was a huge surprise. 1927 hex receiver Ex Dragoon, 5-line Tula! The stock is a little beat up but I am over the moon at receiving such a great gun out of this lot. I'd like to hug the person that picked that one! This is about my 10th Mosin from Classic and I will certainly be coming back for more.
Just as advertised
Review by Jason on 12/14/13
Not a lot to say that has not already been said. I received 4 Mosins with one being a Tula and three Izzys...great bores, little cosmoline, and an honest sale from Classic!

I will be ordering again!
Review by M on 12/13/13
My first purchase with Classic. Very very pleased! Gun is in great condition. Cleaned up nice. All matching numbers! The metal parts have a nice dark finish. A few minor scuffs on the stock as noted, but overall extremely satisfied. Thanks!
Fantastic Gun! Fantastic Company!!!
Review by Donald on 12/13/13
Another Mosin, another beauty purchased from the Classic Firearms team. I just picked up my second "B"-grade Mosin from my FFL today and it may even be nicer than the first one I bought. It, like the first purchase, is a blemish-free beauty with a silky-smooth bolt and very strong rifling. The stock on this one is something to see. A gorgeous dark wood in superb condition. The best part is this Mosin was 10 bucks cheaper ($89) than the first one. Simply unbelievable the condition of both my new rifles. I've never dealt with Classic before but have been collecting and shooting almost all my life. I'm almost 40 years-old now and these guys are the most fair, honest, pro-customer firearms dealer I've seen. Ever. By far. Thank you Classic!
Product better than expected.
Review by erik on 12/13/13
Just received my Mosin, way better than expected. Not a scratch, just some minor blueing fade around muzzle. This is to be expected so no worries. Shipping was fast and reasonable. The folks at Classic are good with communication and quick response to inquires. I appreciate the service and efficiency.
Found in the Volga river???
Review by Jason on 12/13/13
RUST!! The Grade "B" description mentions dings on the stock, blueing wear...cosmetic stuff. Mine had LOTS of rust on the screws,bolt, mag well, trigger guard, under the barrel. Rust and deep pitting. In fairness, the majority of the rust is not obvious unless you disassembled the weapon and I know this is impossible given the volume you all deal with on a daily basis but some of it was very obvious. Seems to be mechanically sound but we will see. Headed to the range today to see. I am not holding out much hope given the condition of the bore which is also pitted with atleast some of the rifeling left. All that said, the shipping was great, the communication from Classic was outstanding and what the heck....it is an $89 rifle! Next time I will invest in the hand select option.
better than i ever expected
Review by sean on 12/13/13
my gun was a tula made in 1927 in mint condition. stock great, metal not a flaw. also a hex receiver. could not be happier . 5th gun from these guys always a great gun. I am so pleased with this grade b gun . my best mosin by far and most valuable. and got for 89.00
great rifle surprise tula hex reciever
Review by sean on 12/13/13
got my grade b mosin. ended up with a hex receiver tula gun. also it was in very very good condition. a gun worth way more than advertised. very happy my 5th gun from these guys. I recommend highly. again stock is excel. and metal immaculate.
Great Batch
Review by Armistice on 12/13/13
Bought 2. I wanted a third, but I wasn't able to change my order. Odd, so instead of paying shipping for one I just bought 3 more, haha

The first set of 2 came together. One is a '38 Izhevsk DDR marked, and other than a few minor gouges on the butt, it's in amazing shape. I was expecting worse. The second is a '42 Izhevsk with shellac flaking at the butt. A few small gouges. Some minor rust pitting. Both were c'bored, but bluing is over 97%. Super smooth bolts. My lammy hex isn't that smooth

The second batch is '39 Tula (a few wood gouges), '39 Izhevsk DDR marked (light wood with dark upper handguard), and a '40 Tula (dark wood with light upper handguard, with a pre/early WW2 stock with a few arsenal repairs). Bluing on all was 100%

I wish I had got all 5 as the second batch came, but regardless, I like what I got. Thanks, Classic!
Review by Jimmy1Testty on 12/13/13
I ordered a six pack. Everyone know some of the best things in life come in six packs.

I expected some cruddy rifles to be honest but I was wrong!!!!

Three Izhevsk, two war-time and one '38 all were /1\ DDR stamped.

I got three Tula pre-war and one was DDR stamped.

I was pretty impressed. Not a single counter-bore. They are all good shooters. I have paid more money for less in the past. If these come back in stock I'm buying a twelve pack.

There was one with some crusty rust in a few spots, but when I looked down the bore it looked NEW, like mirror friggin' bright. Like a mirror made into a cylinder then grooved, wrapped inside out in that barrel! I have never seen a Mosin barrel that clean.

Classic, do me a favor and find me more! PLEASE!!!
Review by james on 12/13/13
Got my grade B Mosin 91/30 today that I ordered on Black Friday, $89.00, paid the extra $10.00 for exterior select. The stock is excellent, just a couple small nicks. I was expecting something much worse that I was going to refinish, I will be leaving it as is. The stock is many times better than a Mosin I bought at a local shop for twice the price. It is a 1943 Izzy so the machining is rough but over all a real bargain.
Molot M91/30
Review by Matt on 12/12/13
Like everyone else, I couldn't pass up a $90 Mosin! I told myself not to get my expectations too high since these were "Grade B" rifles, but WOW, was I surprised when I opened it!! I did pay the extra for hand select....however, what I got was better than expected: A 1939 Izhevsk all matching numbers (except bayonet, but that's the norm)..no force matched parts; perfect crown; the bluing is good and all the arsenal stamps on the receiver and bolt are crisp and clear; excellent bore; only one "major" scratch on the right side, which is easily fixed. All the edges of the wood are sharp...around the receiver and even the finger grooves. If not for the rearsenal mark, you'd think it was an unissued rifle! My only regret is that I didn't order two..
Much, much nicer than the Mosin I bought last year from my LGS for $150. Thanks again Classic!!
Master Pack of 6, Great Purchase
Review by Michael K. on 12/12/13
With great anticipation, I ordered a master pack of "Grade B" 91/30s.
When the box arrived, my heart skipped a beat when the first box was full color Molot box which contained a 1942 Tula DDR with Pre-war stock (my son's Christmas present). The rest were in plain boxes which contained the following rifles. 1940 DDR Izzy with blonde stock, 1942 DDR Izzy all matching serials, 1943 DDR Izzy war time stock, 1943 Izzy fair stock, 1944 DDR Izzy blonde stock.
Five of the stocks are definitely grade B, all the hardware and bores are in good to very good condition.
All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase! Just wish Classic Firearms had more available.
Could not be happier with my "Grade B" Mosin Nagants
Review by GSR_Positive on 12/12/13
I didn't want to get my hopes up while waiting for my two MN 91/30 rifles to arrive. I just wanted one "wall hanger" that looked good and one "shooter". My expectations were indeed surpassed. Both are Izhevsk, one a 1943 and the other a 1937. All numbers match on both rifles, no counter bores and no forced matches. The only marks on the stocks are very minor and look they happened in shipping from Russia, as described.
The 1943 is very good, especially for the price, but nothing exceptional. However, the 1937 is amazing! It honestly looks like it was never used. All of the metal is in beautiful condition, the barrel crown looks perfect, and the action is as smooth as silk. It is both a shooter and a show piece.

OK, that really nice 1937 must have gotten put in there by accident. Please send it back ;-)

- The Classic Firearms Team

they are ok!
Review by bobby hill on 12/12/13
I ordered two of 91/30 i just got them today.one rifle looks great but the bolt was made to match( rebuilt,grinded down,stamped to match) the bolt is a iz plant bolt but had a part replaced with a tula part but still nice (1942 IZ)
The second is a iz plant 1942, the stock was replaced with a later stock maybe 1920s, the stock was beat to hell. Both rifles had strike out mag butt plates but for 89.99 you get what you pay for. Came in white box not the molt box like i hoped. Will i buy from classic firearms? Yes but will pay extra for hand select.
Good rifle for the money
Review by Jeffrey on 12/11/13
Just got my nagant I purchased on black friday. I will be using it for a project so the stock did not matter. The barrel, receiver, and magazine are all in very good shape. I will be installing on a boyds stock and making a wild pig killer. I got my first nagant in 1995 and it is a Tikka battle warn rifle. This model I just received is a Tula with round receiver. This rilfe does not compare to the Fin Tikka I have. Action is not real smooth but that will smooth out over time and some good cleaning. Also the trigger is a little heavy. But for a shooter you could not beat this deal. Picked up a rilfe and 440 rounds of ammo for 89.99 each.
Review by Fredrick on 12/11/13
I ordered one of these rifles during the black Friday sale. Shipping was SUPER quick and the item is FANTASTIC! There is absolutely nothing "grade B" about these Mosin Nagants!
I can't wait to shoot it! Thanks Classic Arms!
Molot 91/30
Review by Sean on 12/11/13
I was very pleased with the rifle and the guys at my local ffl admired the weapon as I took it out of the box. They were ashamed of the condition of the ones they were selling for $75 more. The cleaning kit and bayonet were a nice addition also. Also fast shipping, overall great deal. Thank you so much.
Review by Richard on 12/11/13
Ordered prior to the Black Friday sale and received my rifle a week later. Condition was outstanding! Stock has minor dings and a slight wear on the handguard finish.

Bore is shiny, and bolt moves freely. All numbers match stamped, with the exception of a forced-match mag cover electro-penned out.

The real surprise was the reciever: a 1939/46 Tula DOUBLE DATE STAMPED WITH THE "MO" - A genuine Ministry of Defense re-issue! Smooth receiver and a flawless bore and chamber! Looks un-fired!

Thanks Classic, if this is a Grade B rifle I can't imagine what a Grade A is!

I did pay extra for hand select.

Thanks again Classic!
Wow I got a great deal but I might of got screwed
Review by Eric on 12/10/13
I got my riffle awhile back ago, but been very busy. I made my first purchase from classic this year and was very impressed by the customer service I had to buy more stuff. Overall on the grade B 91/30 I got a great deal but after ready some of the reviews I think i order too late. Wow I thought I was one of the first. Good looking rifle for the money force match but I tried to get all match and bayonet doesn't fit but I know how to fix that easily. can't comply classic always has great stuff. I haven't even tried with another sight because how well rounded Classic is. Great job guys. And I hope the deal with M1895 goes through I am ready to make my next purchase.
Grade B still very nice!
Review by Reddy on 12/10/13
Rec'd. my second 'B' grade Molot which was ordered on the same day I rec'd. the first one.
Stock light in color as last one, 1939 Izzy. DDR marked, clean with just minimal nicks/gouges/abrasions. Holding Classic to a very high standard, had to award only 4 stars as had active rust on end of barrel, end cap and barrel under end cap. Cleaned up nicely, however did pay the extra 10.00 for cosmetic appearance! Once again though, a 'classy' rifle from Classic. Well done.
Couldn't be happier!!
Review by Jeff on 12/10/13
This was my first purchase from Classic. I could not pass up the deal on the so called "Grade B". Let me tell you this was an awesome grade B. I received a 1939 Tula with all numbers matching except the magazine base plate, that was a strike-out force match. The bore was excellent and not counter bored. Can't wait to send some down range with this one!!!
Molot 91/30
Review by RODOLFO on 12/10/13
I just received my Molot 91/30 today and all I can say is Awesome. Classic firearms has always come through with every one of my orders. I paid the hand pick fee and got a nice rifle with a very nice stock. thanks Classic
A bit disapointing
Review by Matt on 12/10/13
Based on reading the previous reviews of this I thought I would jump on this and finally purchase a Mosin Nagant. I purchased the hand select upgrade and feel like I was a let down from reading the other reviews. My rifle has some deep scratches and gouges in the wood, rusting on the magazine & trigger, a pitted bolt, and some significant rust on the barrel underneath the sight. I would not buy this again.
Best deal all year
Review by Pete on 12/6/13
We won the Classic Arms $99 Mosin lottery!
We are very pleased with the Mosin you shipped. The risk factor for wolves around here has just gone up!
1937 Izhevsk: Non-Refurb?
Review by James on 12/6/13
Just received my 1937 Izhevsk $99 special. I agree with some of the other comments on the great condition of these rifles. Stock is nearly perfect, non-counter-bored and I cannot find any refurb markings. All matching numbers too. Santa sure came early for me this year!
I hit a home run! What a nice rifle...
Review by Matthew on 12/6/13
I knew when I opened the box and saw the screwed in sling escutcheons that I had a prewar or early war rifle, or at least the stock.
I was excited! I could tell the stock was finished nicely, not your usual russian shellac slop job. The shellac was almost a light honey color and made the stock grain stand out beautifully. I gently pulled away the wax paper from the receiver and was rewarded with a 1939 izzy in excellent shape. Cccp stock marks intact, no counterbore, mostly izzy bolt and trigger housing groups, smooth bolt operation, and generally well made in fit and finish.
This rifle looks and operates great!
The stock only has few nicks or gouges, nothing I can't polish over. This grade B is my grade A rifle! No counterbore and strong rifling with very very minimal frosting ( almost mirror like) all the way to the crown. Man I just love this Mosin! It's beautiful to look at, has a great bore, and I can't wait to clean her up and make a place for her in the safe!
Thank you Classic!!!
Extra Surprise with my Molot 91/30
Review by Russ on 12/5/13
I received a BEAUTIFUL Molot rifle. The stock was much better than I expected-almost a laminated style-only one 'ding' that wasn't significant at all. The surprise was to find the DDR mark on the receiver-a very nice extra bonus. There wasn't anything 'Grade B' about this rifle, more like A+. I'm glad I didn't pass this opportunity to add to my Mosin collection. Once again, Classic Firearms, has surpassed my expectations and I am a very happy customer.

Ok guys, enough is enough! These are B-grade rifles! They are not that nice :)

- The Classic Firearms Team

Review by Flash on 12/5/13
Just received order of three Grade B Nagants. Wow!!! All were darn near perfect except for minor stock rubs, all had matching numbers, and excellent bores, If these are grade B, then what is an A??? New production? Arsenal never issued? Thanks Classic!!!

Flash! Seriously, cut it out! You are going to have folks expecting that condition rifle!

- The Classic Firearms Team

Nothing grade B here! Wish I could get more!
Review by Matthew on 12/4/13
I ordered a few of these as soon as I saw them advertised at 99$. They are an incredible bargain on a whole lot of rifle. The stock is nice with only minor easily cleaned up scratches, nothing major. The fit and finish is basically like new and it functions great. Barrel has decent rifling on cleaning. I got a 1942 izzy and am pleased overall. I cant wait to get the other ones I ordered! Thank you Classic!!!
a great gun
Review by henry on 12/4/13
I received my molot 91/30 today and it was just as advertised a few scrapes and dings ,its a Tula 1939 not countered bored, strong rifling. I'm very pleased with my order & fast shipping THANKS classic for another great purchase...
Excellent rifles!
Review by Chris on 12/3/13
I received 2 of these nagants yesterday. I am very pleased with them. The wood is not perfect and has gouges and scrapes and scratches. Just as description said so no biggie. One is a 1942 izzy, the other is a 1928 Tula. Very excited to get the Tula.
Classic is the best firearm company I order from very glad I can consider them local to me as well, fast friendly service.
Review by Peter on 12/3/13
Picked 2 nosing 9130 today pretty good shape packaging could have been better both bolts had punched through cardboard during shipping
Review by Hunting4One on 12/3/13
I ordered a hand pick Grade B rifle with light scratches and/or dings / or gouges in the wood stocks. What I got was a beautiful rifle with matching numbers. If this is a grade b whats a Grade A look like?? Scratches and gouges? almost no scratches and no gouges or deep marks of any kind. I would expect to pay a lot more!! This is the first order ever placed here. I will be back. very very happy with purchase!!
Bought 2 - Very Nice
Review by Steve on 12/3/13
Ordered 2 and received them today. They are both 1942 Izzys. Very nice shape with some gouges on the stock, but expected that. Very little Cosmoline so cleaning is easier than I expected.
Mosin - B Rifle
Review by qz2026 on 12/2/13
I jumped on these as soon as I got the $99 email and ordered two. I thought if worse came to worse I would have two parts guns. These are far from parts guns. I would consider them very good. There were some minor things line the stock were a little scratched up, but not bad. They are really very nice stocks. I got a 39 Tula and a 39 Izhevsk - a /25\ rifle to boot. There was nothing wrong what so ever with the metal on these rifles. I think one had a little surface rust under the wood line but that came right off. The barrels were powder fouled a bit more than I am accustomed to but once cleaned there is strong rifling and just a little frost. They will be good shooters. These rifles are also true/blue Molots. This is the first time I have ever seen the stamped Molot billboard on the receiver, a MNxxxxx serial number on the receiver rail, and various Russian export stamps further back on the receiver by the cocking piece. I don't know if these are older Molot markings or what they are doing now. Kind of interesting and may be collectable within the Molot realm. First time ever receiving a rifle imported by WPA, as well. All-in-all, for $99 bucks, I think it was a wise purchase.
Review by Bobby on 12/2/13
I ordered this rifle as a project,but what I got was a very clean izzy very little cosmoline great gun.I wish I had ordered 2!Thanks Classic for selling these great guns at a great price!
Grade "B" ???
Review by reddy on 11/30/13
Rec'd. a 1940 Tula, all matching numbers, very clean machine with a butt stock repair (not unbecoming), and very little cosmoline. Looked almost new. Bore cleaned up nice, everything about it spells 'sweet'. One more is on order as I write this review. Thanks again, Classic for a very 'classy' rifle.
Sent the Wrong Gun
Review by Donald on 11/29/13
I thought these were supposed to be "B"-grade rifles. If that's true then the folks at Classic Firearms sent me the wrong Mosin. The one I received has no blemishes on it, not a one! It is a beautiful rifle with hardly any cosmoline, a super smooth bolt and very strong rifling. Grade "B"? No way, these are "A+" all the way! Way to go Classic Firearms!

Thanks Donald!
Note to other customers - Please do not expect to get as lucky as "The Donald" :-)

- The Classic Firearms Team

Review by rg on 11/29/13
Not the best but!!
The metal work was very rough looks like it was finished with a gas powered demo saw

Stock has about 6 fresh gouges ion and several are3as where the finish is scraped off

Bore looks good after cleaning out the lead

I normally spring for hand select should have with this one.
Could not be happier!
Review by Jeff on 11/29/13
I ordered 2 at once with a 880 rd. case of ammo to split with my brother. I received one Tula and one Izhevsk. Both are in very good condition! I was very surprised! Nicely packed with no cosmoline. Rubbed some Olde English Furn. polish on the stocks and did some minor cleaning and these guns are beautiful, unbeatable for the price. Very nice to have these WW II throwback rifles with bayonets. Can't wait to go to the range! Don't pass up this bargain deal!
Fantasic deal!
Review by jay on 11/28/13
I bought this Molot Mosin because at $99 it's hard to pass up, and I was thinking about getting a "project" gun. The description was that it was "B" grade due to cosmetics, which was perfect for what I wanted. I did pay extra for hand-select mostly to help ensure the metal parts were in good shape. i wasn't worried about the stock.

I did not get a "project" gun. It's in beautiful condition! All numbers matching 1937 Tula, rifling looks really strong. It is not covered in Cosmoline. It will be simple to clean up. I'm anticipating it being a fantastic shooter.

The stock is in great condition save for a few scratches that could easily be repaired. The bluing is nearly perfect. As another reviewer noted, the import mark is laser-etched in rather than electro-pencil, so it looks like it belongs rather than a hack job.

There's no pouch or sling in the box, but I don't care since I never use those anyway. It did have the toolkit and the oiling can, as well as the bayonet.

If you're thinking of getting a Mosin, this is the deal that should push you over the edge.
Review by Scott on 11/28/13
just opened the box and WOW ! very happy I didn't hesitate on this deal. Nowadays you see $99 Mosin deals you expect something that looks like it was dragged all the way to your door . Not these Got a 43 Izhevsk nothing special but good solid markings and matching #'s condition is outstanding! bluing is good few dings in the stock but overall good buy . All this thing needs is good normal cleaning and its ready for the range! Didn't really need or want anymore 91/30's but after seeing the condition of this one I may just have to pull the trigger on a few more ;)
Excellent Rifle
Review by Jim on 11/28/13
I just received my Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle … It is better than I could have imagined. The stock has a few “scuffs” they can hardly be seen. The receiver, bolt, magazine, & butt plate have all matching numbers. Best of all, the rifling looks like it has never been shot. The barrel crown in perfect.
Also, received my tin of 440 rounds of 7.62x54r ammo. It is very good and I expect it to perform well at the range.

I am well please with Classic Firearms, my Molot, and ammo. I will definitely purchase from Classic Firearms again.


Jim – Greenwood, SC
Great deal!!!
Review by mike on 11/28/13
Wow, Got my 91/30 yesterday and it exceeded my expectations. I thought being a b stock it wouldn't be the nicest riffle. I was wrong this gun is outstanding. Some minor flaws on the stock but nothing a little cleaning and touchup wont take care of. Mine is a 1942 Izhevsk and the bolt and receiver serial # match also # on bottom of mag cover matches. The bore looks great and is not counter bored. I would not hesitate to order another. Packaging was also excellent, lots of bubble wrap and the box had a compartment to separate the bayonet and accessories from the rifle. If it shoots half as good as it looks i'll be very pleased. You can't go wrong with this deal!!! May have to order another!!
From Russia With Love!
Review by Norm on 11/28/13
Got my rifle yesterday. The packaging was the best I've ever seen from anywhere. I paid the extra $10 for hand select and what I got was a 1940 Tula DDR. There was no cosmoline. The upper hand guard was new as it must have been replace so the coloring of the furniture is off, the bolt handle knob looked as if it was re-welded on but was worked and grinded nicely. The fwd barrel band is rusted on the bottom but I have 4 new bands ready to replace this one. All matching numbers except the magazine and butt plate are nicely forced match. Lots of clear markings. Can't wait to shoot this one by far the funniest "power" shooter, a real man's rifle. I now have 8 Nagant long rifles, 2 Nagant carbines and 2 Nagant sniper rifles. They are displayed through out the house and are envied by friends & visitors. My uploaded photos when approved are named Flynorm at the bottom of the pictures.
Very Nice: This doesn't look like a "B" grade
Review by mike on 11/27/13
I got my $100. Mosin today. This was a very nice supprise. It is a 1940 Tula with numbers matching on all but the floor pklate, witch is force matched. The bore is not countered and is bright. The stock has some scratches but no dents or gouges. I checked the headspace and it is fine. I took it apart to clean and didn't have to do much. It had been oiled but no cosmoliene. If you have $100 burning a hole in your pocket, get one before they are gone. As usual Classic has the good stuff.
Happy Happy Happy
Review by Eric on 11/27/13
The 1943 i got is amazing. The wartime stock is in great condition. It is not counter bored. I cant believe what i got for the price.

There is only a light film of grease for protection. Cant wait to shoot it!
Great Rifle
Review by Thomas K on 11/27/13
The rifle I received is a '43 Izhevsk. Pretty much what I expected. The bore is great, all numbers match, and the stock has a few minor dings in it. Surprisingly, this rifle had no cosmoline on it when it arrived. I guess Ivan is getting paid a few rubles more an hour over there.
Grab one Fast
Review by Gonzo on 11/27/13
Just got mine from the UPS guy. Unboxed and this is what I found. 1937 Isvek with multiple accuracy marks stamped on the barrel. Magazine is force matched Receiver was scrubbed at the re-arsenal. Inside of the barrel looks great, and probably better with a cleaning. Barrel is not counter bored.

Now the real thing, those Grade B stocks. I did not pay for handpicking, wanting to see what I got, and as advertised I did have a single, solitary, ding/gouge on the bottom edge of the stock about the width of the bayonet tip and maybe an 8th of an inch deep. Easily covered or repaired with basic skills. the laquer has a couple checks in it but its hardly noticeable.

So mechanically I am calling this 100%, match is 95%, and stock is a solid 96%.

Two big plusses to also note
1. Very little cosmoline, enough to preserve but not the BP oil spill levels you sometimes encounter
2. The importer is using laser etching to mark these guns. I can't stress how much better this makes the importer info and added receiver serial look. they are actually sort of snazzy. SO much better than those old dot matrix looking ones.

So to sum up, this is a solid deal. Grab one and don't worry. This is my fourth Mosin to date from Classic and all of them have been better than advertised.
Excellent rifle
Review by Jeffrey on 11/26/13
Received a 1943 Izhevsk round receiver. Stamped numbers matching on all but the floorplate. (That matches also, but its Epen'd.) The stock and gun overall is in like new condition, very happy with this and ALL my purchases from Classic.
Review by WILLIAM on 11/26/13
Nothing B grade here. Less than six days to get it with such high order volume, great job, once again. 1938 matching Tula. Hot Dog! Santa came early and I must have been nice.
Review by Martin O'Malley on 11/26/13
I received a 1940 Tula that is DDR marked (triangle with a "1" inside it) meaning it spent time in East Germany. DDR is one of the rarer Mosin markings, and I see another customer besides me uploaded a pic of a 1940 Tula DDR. The rifle is in great shape, I am over the moon with it, especially for the price.

Thanks Classic, my expectations of military surplus rifles are rarely exceeded but you guys did it with this one!
Review by Gunman9 on 11/26/13
I just received my Molot from Classic Firearms and I was a little scared of what the box held because they are listed as class B rifles. Well needless to say I was very surprised!! I received a 1940 Tula Molot. The gun stock as stated had some dents and dings in it but nothing major, and no cracks. The bore was very clean and non-counter bored. The front sight was way off to the left. All the numbers matched. Very happy with this purchase especially when you cant find these for under $100 anywhere. Get one if you haven't you will not regret it!!!