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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, Bolt Action 7.62x54R - Our Most Popular Rifle

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Rifle, Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle w/ round receiver, 5rd Bolt Action 
7.62x54R caliber. By far the most rifle for the money of anything we carry !

Includes sling, bayonet and cleaning kit!

Check Out Brutus' Description below for details on our special promotion. 

Note - To order a Master Pack of 5 rifles just put 5, or any multiple of 5 ( i.e. 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. ) in the quantity field of your online order... 

The system will automatically adjust for price.

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Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, Bolt Action 7.62x54R - Our Most Popular Rifle

Rifle, Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle w/ round receiver, 5rd Bolt Action 
7.62x54R caliber. By far the most rifle for the money of anything we carry !

Includes sling, bayonet and cleaning kit!

Check Out Brutus' Description below for details on our special promotion. 

Note - To order a Master Pack of 5 rifles just put 5, or any multiple of 5 ( i.e. 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. ) in the quantity field of your online order... 

The system will automatically adjust for price.

  • Buy 5 for $135.00 each and save 4%
  • Buy 10 for $130.00 each and save 8%

Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, Bolt Action   7.62x54R  - Our Most Popular Rifle

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Customer Submitted Images

  • Before and After, Hex 9130
  • 1941/42  MO Izhevesk-Spaxspore
  • 1941/42  MO Izhevesk Reverse-Spaxspore
  • 1941/42  MO Izhevesk Markings-Spaxspore
  • Mosin-Nagant Collection
  • Refinished with Hermitage Green and Walnut stain
  • Case of Nagants
  • 1942 Mosin Nagant  M91/30 06.25.2013
  • 1941 Ex-sniper
  • 1943
  • Long Rifle & Carbines
  • Mosin Boyd's stock
  • Bought them by the crate
  • Bought them by the crate
  • Refinished the Stock
  • Had the Bolt turned down by the Boltman
  • The stock out to be a beatiful piece of wood.
  • Heavy barreled my Mosin!
  • 1943 Izhevsk
  • two of the five I bought
  • 91/30 Fresh from the box
  • The worst damage to the stock I could find
  • Tula 1938
  • Tula 1938
  • Tula 1938
  • new number
  • A russian makeover
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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x54r caliber
  • 5 round bolt action
  • Wood stock
  • Round receiver

Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle 7.62x54r caliber, 5 round Bolt Action.  Mother Russia's most historically proven early battle rifle and our most popular selling rifle by far.  And why not, these fine rifles have been meticulously refinished in Russian arsenals before release for export and they look great.  Not only are they 100% functional, but they have a reputation for being reliable, hard hitting, and extremely accurate.  The 7.62x54r round was the Warsaw Pact heavy caliber from the early 20's until modern day, so surplus ammunition is very plentiful and extremely affordable.  This renown cartridge is more powerful than a .308 and ballistically rivals our 30/06 caliber.  This round is more than adequate for harvesting any Big Game animal in North America.  Rifle is extremely accurate up to 300 plus yards with open sights and is capable of accuracy out to 1000 yards with proper optics.  Without a doubt the Mosin Nagant M91/30 provides by far the most bang for the buck of any rifle on the market today.  Here you have a rifle capable of taking any big game in North America at respectable yardage, fires affordable ammo, and can be obtained for less that the price of a high end pellet rifle. No wonder we have sold thousands upon thousands over the past 20 years. 

Note - These rifles are coming to us pre-boxed so as of now we are not selecting for type of receiver or manufacturer....

It is just too time consuming and makes too big of a mess to open all the boxes in search of a particular Mfg or receiver type.
Also, the serial #'s are matched to the #'s printed on the outside of the box and we don't want to take a chance of creating
serial # issues by having the rifles out of their original boxes.  This may change but as of now this is the way we are selling them.

Historically these guns have ran about 15 to 20% Tula Mfg.  What you receive will be luck of the draw.

Also as of now we are not choosing for hand select.  Honestly the ones that we have previewed are all so nice, that  your chances
of getting a select rifle are pretty strong even without paying the extra. These are all importer graded as Excellent Condition. They are really top end. 

Now here is the caveat on ordering a 5 pack. We do not open the boxes so your chances of getting a mixture 
of receiver types or Tulas and Izzy's is greatly increased. 

Who knows you might hit the jackpot and get 5 Tula's  serial #'d 1-2-3-4-5 .

Not Likely, but you might. 

What is certain is that you will get some really nice rifles, complete with all of their accessories, at a great price...

Note - To order a Master Pack of 5 rifles just put 5, or any multiple of 5  ( i.e. 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. ) in the quantity field of your online order...
The system will automatically adjust for price.

**** These are graded at the importer as X code  ( Excellent Condition ) rifles. They are the very best of what is in the country. They also carry their full accessory packages. Only the boxed rifles are currently coming with full accessories. 

****** - Just as an additional note - We are being told by the importers that the Russians, or more correctly Ukranians, although we still refer to them as Russians,  have a new minister of commerce overseeing the sell of surplus rifles and ammunition. It is said that this guy is more capitialistic and market savy than his predecessors. We are told that he feels that the surplus arms and ammunition leaving the Russian arsenals have been undervalued for some time, and that he has already implemented a take it or leave it stance regarding increased pricing to the importers.  

Bottom line is their arsenals are beginning to get depleted and they are determined to maximize profit on what they have left. 

As a result we have been notified of rather large pending price increases on Russian surplus and this may very well be the last of the
91/30's that we are able to offer at this type of pricing. 

Hurry - This offer may run for a limited time only.  

Manufacturer's Description

Historic Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle , 5rd Bolt Action - 7.62x54R caliber. Great Shooters, Accurate, Powerful, Arguably the most rifle for the money in the History of the World! Hey - Try our Special Promo on a Master Pack of 5 Rifles.

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • 7.62x54r caliber
  • 5 round bolt action
  • Wood stock
  • Round receiver

Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Great Rifle.
Review by Blackberry55 on 4/10/14
UP GRADE the stock to ATI Monte Carlo. love the rifle. this is a short video. best rifle for the money. thank to classic for great deal and fast shipping. always buy my gun from classic the best.
Video Review
Mossing Nagant m1895/30
Great rifle, Great experience!
Review by Scott on 1/28/14
My first purchase from Classicfirearms and it will definitely not be the last. I have wanted one of these Russian beauties for awhile and finally went for it. The ad didn't say it would be a hex but that's what I got! What a great surprise. Wood was in very good shape, no finger marks and even had the brass trim pieces and the metal inserts for the sling. I have seen these in gun shops without any of that, priced a lot higher! Bore is bright and looks nice, all the numbers matched except the bayonet but that's no big deal. On a side note, all my communications with Classicfirearms was responded to quickly and shipping to my pick-up point was reasonable and quick. Thanks Classicfirearms for a pleasant experience.
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com M91/30 Mosin Nagant-Nice!
Uploaded by TheBucklandFan
Review by Aaron on 1/10/14
The crate of m91/30s i bought were awesome. Everyone that received a rifle out of the batch has yet to complain about the quality or function, of the amazing Russian beast that is the mosin nagant. they also came with a few cleaning kits. wish i had the money to buy a whole other crate. thanks alot CF.
Video Review
mosin nagnat
Uploaded by Aaron Forrester
Great deal and fast shipping from Classic.
Review by Blackberry55 on 12/8/13
Purchase few days before black Friday fast deliver and the rifle in very good condition. will buy again from classicfirearms.
Video Review
Mosin Nagan with ATI Stock.
Great rifle for a great price!
Review by Larzul on 12/5/13
Everyone should own at least two of these rifles.
Video Review
Milsurp Documini Episode #0 - Mosin-Nagant M91/30 (PILOT EPISODE)
Uploaded by Larzul
This was a fun and educational purchase that just happend to come with some fine fully functional combat rifles
Review by Robert on 7/7/13
I have purchased six Mosin Nagant rifles and I am pleased with all of them. I have posted pictures and video in the review section. all of my weapons were matching. I have put about 260 rounds down range between all six rifles...two of the 9130's could use a scope, as they were far more accurate than I expected...the other four I would put up against any modern military rifle that I have used with open sights..... I refinished the two shooters (pictured) and I am working on the others. This was just a fun purchase for me...I own a few other rifles (all new) but these rifles are beast....and they deliver a big round for cheap!
Video Review
Uploaded by ThePlesioshark
This purchase was fun and educational ....and came with some fine fully functional combat rifles
Review by Robert on 7/7/13
I have purchased six Mosin Nagant rifles and I am pleased with all of them. I have posted pictures and video in the review section. all of my weapons were matching. I have put about 260 rounds down range between all six rifles...two of the 9130's could use a scope, as they were far more accurate than I expected...the other four I would put up against any modern military rifle that I have used with open sights..... I refinished the two shooters (pictured) and I am working on the others. This was just a fun purchase for me...I own a few other rifles (all new) but these rifles are beast....and they deliver a big round for cheap!
Video Review

Uploaded by
Really nice rifle.
Review by Ray C on 5/1/13
These are nice rifles. I purchased one of the crates of twenty and all of them were in good condition, there were some minor flaws but nothing that hampered their operation. I also picked up some of the surplus ammo and really like the stuff as well, though I get tired of cleaning the rifles afterwards. Great job Classic.
Video Review
Silly review of Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant M9130
Uploaded by Raymond Cox
Video of the Hex 91/30
Review by Dennis on 4/26/13
Video review of the Hex 91/30
Video Review
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant 91-30 Hex Receiver
Uploaded by Dennis G Mattinson
Nice Hex receiver Mosin
Review by Paul on 4/24/13
I have been wanting a hex receiver Mosin, as the quality of prewar Mosins were very nice and finished. Shoots very accurate, barrel was nice and shiny.
Video Review
Con on Mosin Nagant from classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by madrussian75gmail
Nothing like a pack of guns
Review by Lee on 4/24/13
I got a 5 pack and while I did not get anything special I did get 5 fully functional and mechanically sound rifles, I'm very satisfied and happy with them. Honestly the feeling of getting a pack of guns is pretty damn good, opening them all up and looking them over is great fun.
Video Review
Classic Firearms Mosin Nagant M91/30
Uploaded by leethegeek
Great Rifle
Review by Seamus on 10/25/12
Classic Arms sells the best and here in my video review of Classic Arms Mosin-Nagant.
Video Review
Classic Firearms-Mosin-Nagant
Uploaded by LuckyShitZu
Another Great Deal !
Review by Dana on 10/7/12
Classic Firerarms has done it again ! Mine is a 1942 Izhevsk round receiver model. Bore looks strong without having removed cosmoline. Fast & reasonable shipping to my FFL. Rougher war time production methods are obvious, but this does not detract from this rifle one bit. At $99.99 I strongly suggest you get yourself one. This is my second purchase from Classic Firearms and they pleased me again. Thank you & God Bless.
Video Review
Classic Firearms 1942 Izhevsk Mosin Nagant review - Surplus Purchase
Uploaded by Dana W
Excellent, historic weapon that won the Battle of Stalingrad
Review by WncBikeRider on 7/4/12
Great Gun! Mine is a 1938 Tula round receiver. I went the hand pick and it was well worth it! Fun and cheap to shoot. There's a short youtube review of me shooting it. Get one!
Video Review
Mosin Nagant 91/30: Shooting, Reviewing, and a Brief History. "Live from Stalingrad" HD
Uploaded by WNCBikeRider
Best Mosin I've seen anywhere
Review by Ak on 4/11/14
This is a great deal I received a 1942 izzy in excellent condition stock was almost flawless bore is like new all matching numbers 100% bluing. Perfect crown!
Only complaint is in the packaging the barrel had punched a hole through the box luckily there wasn't any damage to the rifle but would have been directly on the crown or front sight
Very happy with purchase... once again!
Review by Mark on 4/11/14
Once again Classic Firearms has come through. Went through all 5 and you sent a good variety of years of manufacture and style, whether or not you intended to... either way, I am very pleased and looking forward to my next purchase. Like someone else said, "watch out for 91/30s, they multiply!"
Great experience
Review by Jeremy on 4/11/14
Placed an order for 18 Mosins, I could not be happier with the selection and service I received. Out of the 18, 2 were hex, several Tulas. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of cosmoline that can packed into these rifles.
First purchase and definately pleased!
Review by DMC on 3/31/14
I bought a master-pack of five rifles a couple of weeks ago and they arrived at my FFL within a couple of days. Very smooth communication and transaction, and some very beautiful rifles! I'll be giving three of them as gifts as soon as I get them all cleaned up and test-fired. I highly recommend Classic Firearms and will definately be ordering from them again.
Great weapon in great shape!
Review by Cromarty Ladd on 3/31/14
A great piece of history that came in great shape. After three days in mineral spirits it cleaned up like new. A few minor cosmetic rubs on the end of the barrel where the bayonet attaches and some minor rubs on the wood stock. All in all, a great buy that I can't wait to take to the range.
Review by Edward on 3/30/14
Well this is my first Mosin I ever got. Cosmetically the gun is ok on the outside, no rust. Upon field stripping I found it was missing the ejector/interrupter, screw. (That's a $5 screw sadly).
The bore is not all that great, lots of pitting almost the entire length except for maybe the last 4 inches. The rifling looks strong but I'm guessing on that because I haven't gauged it.
Its gonna be one of those bores you will have to clean religiously even when you don't shoot it to keep the pitting from getting any worse.
Not really looking for that kind of commitment myself, I think this might be better in someone else hands. For a first go around its ok I guess, had I seen this gun in person however I would have passed for what thats worth.
Classic seems to be a nice place to do business with though, no problems with the order end of it. Good Luck
1938 Tula in excellent condition!
Review by Igor on 3/28/14
I’ve got a 1938 Tula with matching numbers, bayonet, sling, field tools, oiler and two sets of ammo pouches. The condition is truly amazing, it’s by far exceeded my most optimistic expectations – the bore is shiny, everything is in great condition. I’m not even sure it this rifle had ever been fired. Great service from Classic! Very happy customer here! Thanks!
Review by jeff on 3/28/14
I bought a Grade B Mosin first and was real happy with it, it did have a couple minor issues I ironed out and now is a good shooter. After getting then infected with the mosin bug ordered 2 of the "excellent" Mosins, was a little dissapointed,will have to put a sight on one, the metal was just spryed over with junk black instead of blued, and the bore in one is all but missing rifling. Shoulda just stuck with the B Grade....
Very nice at a low price.
Review by Roger on 3/21/14
I bought this gun for shooting and hog hunting. I am very please with the quality and it capability. I would recommend purchasing this gun from Classic. After traveling to several local gun shops , they had the best prices and quality I have seen.
Gotta HEX
Review by Bobby on 3/21/14
Second one I have purchased and this time I received one with the hex receiver. Sweet Deal.. Will buy from Classic again!
Great Rifle
Review by Russ on 3/19/14
Got a 1939, Still figuring out the markings.Rifle is in very good condition & Numbers Matching.Will Be Buying from Classic again.Thanks Guys,
Great Rifle
Review by Joel on 3/17/14
I received a war time production(1943) round receiver from the Izhevsk. All the serial numbers of the major components were the same. The woodwork was in excellent condition and the bore was bright and shiny. No excessive cleaning was necessary to prepare the rifle for the range. A good shooter. Another classic item from Classic Arms.
My 1938 Mosin Nagant
Review by Tony on 3/13/14
I received my 1938 Mosin Nagant M91/30 long rifle yesterday, dismantled it and removed the cosmoline from all it's nukes and crannies. It felt like Christmas morning! All the serial numbers match, furniture and metal are all in great condition. I couldn't be happier with my purchase from Classic Firearms. Can't wait to get to the range!
M9130, 1942 "Tula" is Excellent
Review by Paul on 3/10/14
I'm very happy with the M9130, 1942 "Tula" it is beautiful, matching serial numbers and the bore is very good with well defined lands and groves !

I will be taking it to the Range soon

Many Thanks
Review by K-9 on 3/9/14
I wanted a nice M91/30 that I didn't have to put in a different stock. I ordered two and got what I wanted. Really nice wood stocks - with a few knicks in one and the other was pretty much perfect. Bores look really good. All in all, a very good buy! Thanks again, Classic!
Excellent value
Review by Gerald on 3/4/14
Just received my 1938 Tula. Half the fun is opening the box to see what you ended up with. My FFL commented that is was one of the nicest M91/30's he had ever seen. Very happy with my purchase and I love the customer service from Classic. Thinking of buying another one before they are all gone.
Nice rifle
Review by Robertr on 3/1/14
Nice 1944 Mosin, numbers match, wood and metal are in great shape. Excellent tag on the trigger guard.
A great shooter.
Review by Jumpin Billy on 2/28/14
My recently purchased hundred dollar Mosin Nagant 91/30 came to me ready to fire, although I still gave her a quick cleanup. In excellent shape for a 1942 manufacture date. All I added was a surplus sling. All matching numbers, except bayonet. I'm proud to add this fine example of Russian history to my collection. Billy
Good investment
Review by Ralph on 2/26/14
Bought a box of five of these. Cleaned up really nice. Haven't had chance to shoot them yet. Bores were all good. No brushes in cleaning kits though. No big deal. With bayonets, which I had been warned about then not fitting, all I had to do was use a Dremel pencil attachment grinding tip to ever so slightly grind the inside loop that slides over barrel. They all fit perfectly now. Going to try and attach picture of two of them
Nice Gun
Review by Chris on 2/23/14
I picked up my Russian M91/30 rifle yesterday. It took a little while to clean, but underneath the packing grease was a beautiful 1938 Tula rifle with matching numbers. The stock was in great condition for a 76 year old weapon. My children enjoyed learning about the history of the rifle from the markings. I can't wait to get it on the range. I'm looking to buy a M44 Carbine next, I hope the condition of those are the same.
Purchased a crate
Review by Jeremy on 2/16/14
I told my wife I was looking to buy a new rifle to add to my military collection. When I explained the 91/30 to her she said it sounded like fun and to go ahead. I contacted Classic Firearms and came home with a crate full.

In the crate there were six hex receiver one ex-dragoon, one ex-sniper, and several Tulas. I couldn't have been happier with my purchase. There was not a single rifle in the crate I would hesitate to take to the range, and I haven't.

I gave my brother, father and father-in-law each a rifle as a gift and they were all impressed.

I expected the guns to be overly covered in cosmoline but they weren't and only took about an hour to clean to a level to be ready for the range. This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms and I will continue to purchase weapons from them in the future.
Outstanding service and great rifles!
Review by Mike on 2/15/14
This was my first purchase from Classic and will not be my last! Ordered two rifles in early December and they were delivered to my FFL 3 days after placing the order.

The two Izhevsk rifles I received were exactly as advertised. They were produced in 1941 and 1943. Magazine floor plate serial number was force matched on the '43 while the magazine floor plate and butt plate were forced matched on the '41. Neither was counter bored and both bores were in excellent condition. Wood on both showed some minor wear but was overall excellent condition. Each was complete in every detail including the sling inserts in the stock. They cleaned up so well I don't plan on doing anything more to them!

Both rifles came with complete accessories (cleaning kit, oiler, bayonet and sling) and 5 magazine pouches each. My father was very pleased with his Christmas present, the '41.

Finally had a chance to try out my '43. Was very pleased with accuracy using PPU 182gr FMJ ammo. Was only able to fire a few rounds at the end of a session. Can't wait to take it back out and see what it can do at longer ranges.

If the first session is any indication I may look to mount a scope on it. Probably a Brass Stacker mount for a long eye relief scope. Allows for the iron sites to still be used and you can quickly and easily return the rifle to it's original condition.

Couldn't be happier with this transaction and the quality of merchandise delivered by Classic! Will definitely look to them for any future purchases I make.
Like Christmas morning!
Review by Robert on 2/15/14
Got a master pack of 5. Let me tell you I was blown away. Every rifle was in near flawless condition. I received 1 Tula in the bunch and 2 of the others where ddr marked. 2 of the rifles have some great trench art on them. Fast shipping to my ffl guy. You did it again classic. Keep up the good work! You have a new customer for life, Thanks!
Bought a 5 pack...all great rifles!!!
Review by Dan on 2/12/14
Great service and shipping from Classic. These rifles were all in very good condition. We have cleaned them all and shot 3 so far. Can't believe how accurate they are and everyone at the Range commented on the looks of these rifles!
Can't get any better!
Review by David on 2/10/14
This 1938 Tula is one of my nicest guns. The stock is outstanding and the bolt action is smooth. It's a forced matching number but not the bayonet. Not counter bored too. What a great price also! Classic has a great site with dependable service.
Very Nice Rifle as Advertised
Review by Jay on 2/6/14
Very Easy Transaction
Just great!
Review by Robert on 2/5/14
I was really timid to order a Mosin off of the internet just based on info I read through the internet and people I know. Cabelas was out and after reading the reviews and others gun photos on the site, I DO NOT REGRET my purchase one bit!! I got a 1942 Izzy, what a pretty gun now that the cosmoline is removed. I get to shoot it finally this weekend. I would definitely order from Classic Firearms in the future!
1943 "Izzy"
Review by Kyle on 2/4/14
Great job classic firearms, communication was great, shipping was fast even with the winter storm that hit us here on the east coast.

Rifle is in very good shape. Wood is good, barrel is shiny. Only my receiver and bolt have matching numbers. The buttstock plate is a different number and the ammo release on the bottom of the rifle had one serial number that was crossed out and then the same number as the bolt was scribed in next to it???? Not sure if this is normal or not. I was hoping for all matching numbers (with exception of bayonet of course). That is really the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars. I am looking forward to some range time!!!!
Review by William Y on 1/25/14
UPDATE: Just noticed my Izzy also has A DDR mark which is a BIG bonus so I upgraded my purchase to 5 stars. Thanks Claasic!
great rifle at a great price very pleased!!!
Review by William on 1/22/14
I recieved my mosin 91/30 in great shape. After redoing the stock it made it even sweeter!! Will deff be a returning customer! Thank you classic firearms!
Very Pleased
Review by Randy on 1/20/14
I've been wanting to get a Mosin for a while and ran across Classic Firearms. I love this rifle so much, I just ordered two B grade rifles in hopes of landing a Tula or one with a hex receiver. I have nothing but good things to say about Classic Firearms. I love owning a piece of WWII history, especially after watching the movie "Enemy at the Gates".
Second Rifle from Classic
Review by jonathan on 1/18/14
Just got my second 91/30 from classic. just like the first one it had just enough cosmoline to protect it. but the packing wasnt as good as the first. so i got a scratch from the bayonet... dose this hurt it, not at all. it has all good dark metal and very nice stock. oh p.s. numbers match.. second one as good as first.. im my opinion yes. I will order many more Mosins from Classic.. thank you Classic
What I expected - very nice!
Review by Randy on 1/17/14
The rifle was in very good condition, just as I expected.. The only problem is that you send the rifle to 27 Glade Ave. instead of 29 Glade Ave. Their was a (1) day delay. I hope to order another refle in the need future!

purchased 5 was amazzed
Review by Doc1 on 1/16/14
I purchased 5 of these weapons and after receiving them. I decided to gift one each to our sons
Opening these up we found three of the five were Tula.
Two of the sons has shot one and they loved it
We were surprised at how good they felt and looked
the best people with the best deal.
Review by monk on 1/14/14
The rifle is great. Love it.
Would buy again
Review by Divercritter on 1/11/14
Received my M91/30 a few weeks ago. Packed in a pretty good lathering of cosmoline. All matching number, 1939 Tula. Great condition all around. But after I wiped it all down, I could tell that some of the shellac was a little chipped on the bottom edge in a couple of spots. Really doesn't bother me because after thoroughly cleaning & degreasing all parts individually, underneath all that was a really nice and pretty rifle, worthy of any collection. Only issue, was delivery (around the holidays) was much longer than I think I would tolerate again in the future.
First Purchase at Classic
Review by Cavediver54 on 1/7/14
Just received my 91/30 today. It was my first purchase from Classic . I was so impressed I just bought another.. My rifle came packaged very well, shipping was fast and the rifle was pristine. wood was excellent and the metal was dark with no wear. the bore and rifling were in great shape. And just enough cosmoline to protect the metal.. Thank you Classic
cant go wrong with a Mosin from Classic
Review by Keelan on 1/6/14
My Mosin is awesome and very accurate. The bore was perfect. The stock was a little beat up but was expected. I now have an M44 and the 91/30 both purchased from Classic. Both are great and I gave the 91/30 to my father and he covets it. Classic is a real pleasure to deal with and a great American, God fearing company and it shows with their great customer service.
Great gun.
Review by George on 12/27/13
Just got my 2 mossies in and love them. These are great guns for the price. Well made and easy to assemble and disassemble. They look great and shoot great. Thanks so much!
really excited
Review by Doc on 12/26/13
We purchased the 5 gun deal
They cam in just under the wire of getting for Christmas
What a surprise when I opened them up and found 3 were the Tula (star) and 2 were the Ishezk/Ishevsk
The bayonets were great as well as all the other the accessories
We are well pleased with the purchase of these and may even buy some more
Beautiful 91/30!
Review by Sammy on 12/18/13
This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms. I must say I am impressed. My 91/30 arrived as advertised and in immaculate condition. I wasn't expecting the heavy coat of cosmoline, but I know it is for the good of the weapon. Can't wait to get it cleaned and get some lead down range. Thanks Classic!
Review by Robert on 12/18/13
Better than expected! Very happy customer.
Review by Chris on 12/6/13
Advertised as "Excellent Condition", and that is exactly what I received. The M91/30 that I got is a very nice 1943 Izhevsk. The rifling is excellent, the stock looks new, the action is smooth, all the accessories and the bayonet were in excellent condition, and it looks great!. It definitely turned some heads at the range with its impressive BANG! I love my piece of Russian WWII history.
Awesome Rifle
Review by Philly Joe on 12/1/13
This was my first transaction with Classic Firearms, or any online firearms merchant. To say that I am pleased is an understatement. I received a 1939 Tula in exceptional condition. My Son has a '39 Tula as well, and we are a couple thousand serial numbers apart. All serial numbers match, stock is in very good condition and the rifle just looks great. Much nicer than the ones I bought for my 2 Sons at a large store, at a higher price. So, I am very happy with this purchase, I am very happy with Classic Firearms and I look forward to doing more business with Classic in the very near future as well. Thank you!
Classic continues to impress - - -
Review by Rodney on 11/20/13
Classic is the correct term for this organization. Quality product, quality service. #1 in my book - 91/30 was in excellent condition. Thank you Classic Firearms!
** just ordered $99.99 Molot 91/30 - what a deal!
Why I prefer Classic: outstanding weapons!
Review by Reddy on 11/11/13
Received a like-new 9130 today. I trust Classic, as they always come through with a classic weapon to be proud of. Strong rifling, slathered in cosmoline. What's not to like? Once again, well done, Classic.
Buying more
Review by BOBBY J on 10/24/13
this weapon is super nice Stock is real nice metal in excellent condition
Buying more
Review by BOBBY J on 10/24/13
this weapon is super nice Stock is real nice metal in excellent condition
Review by Jimmy T on 10/14/13
Received a 1937 Tula and a 1939 Izzy. Both guns are like NEW. Both have BRASS end caps on upper forearms. ALL numbers match. Bores look new, however I can tell they have been fired. The 37 Tula also has a 3 digit serial number. Bayonets have matching numbers also. I could not be happier! Well, unless you get some M38's in that is....
Best rifle ever
Review by Mike on 10/8/13
This was my first time buying a c&r gun online so I didn't know what I was going to get. I was a little nerves about the hole thing by looking online and seeing peoples blogs about this site I gave it a shot and I was blown away on how good of shape the rifle was in for being made in 1943 the nagant looks like it has never been used the stock and bore is perfect all and all I will be buying more guns from u guys thanks for the fast shipping and gun
Superb Rifle, Way better than I would ever imagine
Review by Dennis on 9/24/13
Purchased this rifle about 2 weeks ago and arrived at the dealer this morning. This was my first rifle that I purchased online, and also my first Mosin-Nagant. Was welcomed to a great surprise, a 1928 Hex-Receiver Ex-Dragoon! Was not expecting that! The stock looked great with all matching numbers. Thanks Classic for a great rifle! Will definitely be buying more in the future!
Beautiful Gun
Review by Justin on 9/19/13
I received my 91/30 promptly direct to my house via the handy C&R license. I cannot say anything bad about this rifle it is my 3rd mosin and it is in great condition, all matching numbers except for the bayonet (which was to be expected) overall condition 93% out of 100. not too much cosmoline on it the remainder cleaned off quickly with mineral spirits. Thank you to Classic Firearms!!
Sweet Firearm!
Review by Steve on 9/18/13
I just got my Mosin-Nagant and it is in incredible shape. It is1938 Tula! I have recently started collecting old military weapons. For the price you cannot go wrong. And Classic firearms is very professional and quickly responded to any questions I have had on 3 orders with them now. Shipping has been extremely fast every order. Thank you Classic Firearms. I can't wait to get it cleaned up and out to the range!
Minute of Angle Shooter!
Review by PreacherMan on 8/24/13
Grab these while you can! They're not getting any cheaper, and they won't get any better sitting in a warehouse. Talk to your local mechanic about throwing the parts in his hot tank - knocks most of the cosmoline right off. Since this is my second Mosin, I chopped six inches off the barrel, re-crowned it, mounted a RockSolid scope mount and bolt, and then dropped it into a Pachmayr Archangel stock. I just got back from dialing it in at the range. Right close to minute of angle off-hand. Not bad for an old Jarhead with a 80 year old rifle! While your here, grab a case of ammo too. (You'll be surprised how quick it goes when your friends see your dolled up 'new' rifle). Thanks Classic!
great buy
Review by bigjohn on 8/14/13
My first online purchase, wont be the last. Great buy, cleaned it up and took it to the range, mosie managed two inch groups @ 100 yards. Well pleased with this weapon, love to shoot it.
Great Rifle.
Review by Joel on 7/31/13
I have had this rifle for a couple of years. After reviewing many reviews on Youtube, none are quite like mine. The one I have has brass half-rings instead of the black painted steel ones. These are the 2 rings along the barrel. The bore is perfect, and operation is perfect. It is very accurate and a pleasure to shoot. Also, ALL of the numbers matched, including the bayonet, and nothing was force matched. This must have been a "parade" rifle and wasn't fired much. Thanks Classic!
Very happy with my purchases
Review by David on 7/30/13
I recently purchased 2 Mosin Nagants and was not sure exactly what I would get. When the FFL dealer opened the boxes to show me the firearms, I was very pleasantly surprised. Even coated in cosmoline, I could see the firearms were beautiful and in great shape. Instead of the hard, dried coating I had read about, the firearms had a light coating of a light weight grease that wiped off easily. One of them was dated 1943, with a pinetar finish that is in great shape, with a bore that is bright and shiny. All matching numbers except the bayonet. The other turned out to be an ex-sniper, with all matching parts, a beech stock that is in great shape and a bore that is shiny and bright. I can't wait to shoot them. I'm very happy with my purchase and the service from Classic couldn't have been better. I'll be buying more in the furtue I'm sure of that. I'd recommend their site to anyone interested in WWII firearms. Thanks
glad I got one
Review by Jim on 7/22/13
The M91 is everything that they said it was.Mine shoots high and left as do most of the MN's do .I am having fun tuning it up
Overall, really pleased.
Review by Ace16 on 7/15/13
Gun was shipped promptly and I had it in hand within a week. Gun came absolutley caked in cosmo which was okay as the cleaning of it allowed me to get familiar with the gun. The bore and all metal parts were in very good condition with a few small blemishes (rough spots) here and there on the exterior. The stock was beautiful and had very few scratches. No refinishing needed.

The only complaint I have is that the gun fires high. After firing about 150 rds I have noticed that the gun consistantly fires high, around 2 feet high at 200yrds (no, I did not have the near site elevated, it was was set to the appropriate distance). Hopefully I can adjust the far site somewhat to help with this.
great value, fulfilled expectations
Review by Big John on 7/4/13
Mosie arrived as expected. Cleaned her up and went to the range where I managed a 2" group @ 100 yards. Impressive for a rifle made in 1942. I do plan to do more business with Classic Firearms, at the least one more "Mosie"& plenty of ammo. Thanks for making a classic available. Next time I will send pics or video.
Very Good Deal
Review by BigsWick on 6/26/13
I ordered 2 of these rifles and was sent 2 Tulas, a 1938 and a 1943. Nice bonus! Neither was counterbored. Both were force matched, but look really solid. Stocks are repair free and the bores look good. Should make great shooters. I'm pretty happy!

If you are on the fence about getting one of these rifles I'd advise going ahead and making a purchase. Lots and lots of inexpensive fun, and the prices everywhere keep creeping up. Who knows how much longer you'll be able to get one fresh from storage, still coated with cosmoline, and with all the accessories?
great deal
Review by Robert on 6/16/13
I have two of these mosin nagant rifles. The first one I purchased from another dealer, it has a laminated stock. This one from classic has hardwood stock and its is a blonde and man is it cool. this rifle appears to not have been used very much. There was only a small size spot of rust that had been repaired by the armory years ago it was only as big around as a pencil eraser, and that was under the stock. this rifle came with cosemoline on it but was very easy to remove with windex. so don't be scared of having to clean if you never had to before it only took an hour or so for me and this rifle is so very Easley broken down that I think anyone can do it. just youtube it you will see. this rifle with only a slight adjustment to front sight I was hitting four inch targets at two hundred yards with just the open sights on this rifle I do not like scopes if you hit the scope against something it with be off so I only shoot with open sights on the guns I use. the fact this one is so old and is still spot on is amazing. the guys that come to range with those thousand dollar plus ar15 and no idea how to shoot without scope and even with scope not able to hit the target. with as tight of a group as I do with this C&R rifle is so funny that I always seem to make someone mad they say will I just don't have this scope set yet an leave shaking their heads. I am no sharp shooter by any means but alittle time and a few hundred rounds or so and you too will be better then you thought. so buy this rifle its the best $139.99 I have ever spent I enjoy shooting and this gun allows me to do that for very cheap. Just do it
Great deal and a good product. Enjoyed doing business with you guys!
Review by Dave on 6/15/13
Great deal and a good product. Enjoyed doing business with you guys! Once I cleaned her up (which was really painless) we took it out to shoot. Fired one shot and made a single adjustment on the elevation and I was hitting dead on at 300 yards. This is my second Nagant! Thanks!
Review by zombietako on 6/13/13
Fast and cheap! Look forward to doing business with CF again!
Usually Happy.... Not this time!
Review by Gunman9 on 6/13/13
I have ordered several mosins from Classic Firearms and all have been very nice, top quality rifles but...... I just got my most recent in today and im not happy with it at all. There are terrible machining marks all over the gun and especially the receiver. I do not know why this was such a bad egg but with the prices rising its hard to justify when you receive such a poor rifle like this. Not saying that all of them are like that because this is the first to come like this!! But highly unhappy non the less. I wish they still had the hand pick option cause I would have paid $10 more for a much nicer rifle. Thanks anyway!!
1938 & 1942
Review by Pete on 6/13/13
I received my two rifles a few weeks ago and after finally getting around to cleaning them up I am pleased with what I received. the 1938 model is in near perfect unused condition and the bayonet fit right on perfectly. As for my 1942 model, you can tell it has been used. A lot of the bluing is patched on the magazine area, and barrel with what looks like a quick half-hazard paint job, the stock of the rifle is in excellent condition, which is ho I assume these are graded. the bayonet had o be bored out a bit with a file and dremmel, but it fit on well after. Overall, I am pleased with the service, speed and products I received for the price, and got what I wanted, a rifle to shoot and peat around, and a rifle to keep for good. excellent service Classic.
OK rifle
Review by Thomas on 6/12/13
I had high hopes for my "new mosin". I recieved a mosin with a large stock splice/fix and the bolt and magazine are not original serial numbered but are electropencil matched as is the but plate. We'll have to see how it shoots. I think an excellent condition rifle should have a better stock. Maybe I'm just unlucky. My last two classic rifles were 100% perfect.
I love this gun!
Review by Brian on 6/10/13
I absolutely love my Mosin. I received a 1940 Tula and couldn't be happier. I love owning a piece of history. This was my first transaction with Classic, but It won't be the last. I do wish the accessories were packed separate to prevent the cosmoline from getting on the sling and ammo pouches.
Review by liveaction on 6/8/13
good but
Review by D Kay on 6/5/13
Gun received promptly nice shape for a mil surplus of the era, Unfortunately no bayonet was included.

Sorry to hear you are missing the bayonet. Please contact us at sales@classicfirearms.com. We will be happy to get you it ASAP.

- The Classic Firearms Team

excellent buy
Review by Recon222 on 5/30/13
I ordered another mosin nagant from classic firearm and it was a very nice used mil-surp-got my moneys;s worth. when I ordered this one, didn't no what to expect you know. Well what I recieved was hard to believe. This rifle honestly looks like it has NEVER been fired. the lower forearm finish is cracked-just the finish not the wood. The bore is brand new-chamber has no visable wear with a boresight and the go- no go headspace gage is perfect. I can not find any wear anywhere on this rifle. I have other guys look at it also. I know the next one will not be like this one but that is OK- Thanks Classic - order up!
Review by Danny on 5/26/13
Got two 1943 Izzys. One was all stamped, the other was electropenciled. Stocks weren't perfect, but in amazing shape considering they are 70 years old. Cleaning them took forever, well preserved with cosmoline. Neither barrel was counter-bored.

Would highly recommend anyone buying these get a firewerks or Okie headspace gauge and check the headspace before firing them. Both headspaces were fine on my Mosins.
Great product
Review by jimmy jam on 5/25/13
I received the 91-30 rifle very quickly, had it in my hands almost a week after ordering. I am amazed at the quality and operation of a 70+ year old rusky rifle. All numbers matched except the bayonet. Can't wait to take to range.
packing issues
Review by am on 5/23/13
I haven't had a chance to clean and fire my Mosin yet but based on looks alone it appears to be a really nice rifle. I did have one issue withe the transaction though. The rifle arrived completely caked in cosmoline, which is fine. I don't have a problem with that although they could have given it a quick wipe down (that is, I'm assuming they do open the box and inspect it) My problem is that they just throw it in a box along with the accessories (bayonet, sling, ammo pouches, manual, tool kit, etc) with out at least wrapping it in plastic first. The accessories were in a bag that was torn open and all the leather, canvas, sling and the manual was completly saturated with cosmoline. You can imagine what a mess that is. The rifle is also just loose in the box and when I received it the muzzle was sticking out the end of the box, Luckily it didn't appear to be damaged. They had sent an e-mail asking for feedback but when I called I just got a talking head that just kept repeating company policy to me. Not exactly what I was hoping to hear. Anyway, I just asked if I could get another manual (which amount to a folded 12" x 11" piece of paper) since mine was pretty much wasted, and I sure as hell couldn't put it in my file with my other gun related papers, but was told that they don't have any?? Ever hear of a copy machine, or a scanner? I find it very hard to believe that they don't have a single manual laying around that they could send send, e-mail or copy. Anyway, happy with the gun so far but very disappointed with their packing and customer service. They had also sent an e-mail requesting a review of this product which I didn't want to do because I didn't want to write anything negative, which is why I called first, but since that didn't go very well I figured I'd honor their request
Very happy
Review by DoubleDubs on 5/20/13
Well I just got one of these rifles. I'm not happy the price has gone up but I didn't think these guns would be under $100 forever. I'm pretty happy with the rifle I got. It was coated in cosmo and there is still quite a bit dried in the bore that I will have to shoot out but it should clean out great. The rifle I got was from 1943 and all matching. It is all a bit rough, likely from being mid-war made, but still beautiful.
Excellent conditioned item. Clean it up and it's ready to go! Love this rifle!
Review by rcx67 on 5/19/13
Love it! Hear me now, believe me later...GET ONE!
Great rifle and even better for the price
Review by Joey P on 5/18/13
I got my Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30, a few days ago. First off, very fast service. Took about a solid week from Classic to me. My only real complaint is the shipping box was a little flimsy and opened. My rifle was a 1940, Izhevsk, all numbers matched. Stock had tiny dings here and there, but overall real nice. I'm no gunsmith or expert, but after cleaning it up, the bolt looked real nice, as all the metal. There are a lot of you tube videos on cleaning the cosmoline, but I know some guys into these Soviet/Russian rifles, and Mineral Sprits and boiling water work great!! The guys I know that own these love them. For less $$ than a nice pellet gun, you get a great shooting rifle. and even A good hunting rifle. My FFL dealer here in CT, Omega Armament in Bristol, gave Classic great reviews on the rifles he sees coming out. I think I'm going to get the 5 deal special and a crate of ammo. Hopefully Classic gets more other rifles in soon that are out of stock. All in all, great buy, great rifle and a great company...
Review by colt nasty on 5/16/13
I picked up my 91/30 Mosin last week.

It was just the way you want it: absolutely packed in cosmoline.

I cleaned her up over the weekend.

This one is a numbers matching 1937 Izzy that does not appear to have been used much at all. Expectations have certainly been exceeded.

I have purchased several firearms from these folks. Wonderful on all levels. You will not go wrong. Highly recommended; I will be back for more, for sure.

Thanks Classic!
Outstanding product and service from Classic Firearms.
Review by polishsniper on 5/15/13
Outstanding product sold up by a professional and fine dealer (Classic Arms). Both rifles arrived promptly and were just as described. A fine addition to my military collection. I highly recommend Classic Firearms for ammo and firearms sales!
Happy with my purchase
Review by Donny on 5/15/13
Rifle was OK for an old military surplus. Stock was in decent shape, but parts of the metal had been painted by the arsenal. Bore looks good. Have not got to shoot it yet. I went a little crazy with this one and refinished it with a green and walnut stain(See Customer Photos). Overall, I am happy with my purchase.
m91/30 nagant
Review by wolf on 5/14/13
thanks everyone from classic firearms it was my first time ordering from here, gotta say i was pretty impressed with the price, shipping time and quality of the rifle. If your looking for clean and shiny guns try again they come completely covered in cosmaline the way i like it.will buy more soon.
Nice Set
Review by Fonty on 5/12/13
I ordered the dealer pack of five and received them in about four days. Pretty good turnaround. The boxes were, as promised, unmolested and the guns were in GREAT shape. Three Izzys ('41,'42, '43 including a lighter colored stock that just screamed beautiful) and two Tulas ('43 and '38). All stamped matching, all non-counterbored, and all in near perfect condition stock and blueing wise. Overall, cannot complain. I sell these to customers all the time as hog guns and collectors bits, but I had to keep the '42 Izzy for myself...just was too darn pretty. Great work Classic!
91/30 smoke stick
Review by Rich on 5/10/13
Got my first 91/30 from CAs a few weeks ago. Have not shot it yet, but the condition is what I would like to pass on. Site stated gun was in very good condition. I'm very picky to the extreme some would say. Thought I was getting a project gun for only $150ish delivered. Well, when I picked it up it was covered with that @&$! stuff we all love. After a hour or so of cleaning, I could finally see what I had. It was not very good like CA stated it was. It was in outstanding shape considering the age (1943). I don't think it was ever used by military. It has handling marks on the stock here and there from handling, but all metal parts look unused. Very happy with this gun. Can't wait to go shoot it! Oh ya, great price on 440 large rifle rounds too. Highly recommend! Rich

Excellent Rifles
Review by Delegate Bob on 4/29/13
When I received an email from Yosemite Sam asking for my thoughts on my two Mosins from Classic I just new I had to give a write up. NO one says no to that Varmint.

Anyway, the gun smith at the Virginia FFL dealer looked at my two MN's from Classic. He declared one was new, never used, and the other was barely used. All serial numbers matched on both rifles.

I had previously purchased one excellent hex model MN from Classic, and am glad I bought these two as well.
Better than expected
Review by Tony on 4/25/13
Not being offered a hand pick option , I half expected something a bit "battle worn" - not a huge concern since this rifle was to be reserved for an Archangel stock that I'd ordered. After wiping the cosmo off , I was very surprised - a 1942 Izzy that looks brand new with a beautiful red stock (solid with no repairs) and minimal bumps 'n dings- just enough to give it character . All numbers matched except the bayonet -again , not a concern . I have concluded that I'll have to order another since this one is too nice to part out

This was not my first purchace from Classic Firearms and certainly won't be my last - I have held many Mosins in many Gun shops and most would feel very loose in their stocks - wall hangers in my opinion, and closer to $200 than what these folks are offering. I have been extremely pleased with all my purchases so far and won't hesitate to make another , like when the Swiss K11 or K31's are back in stock *hint hint*

Thanks Classic guys !
Beautiful gun
Review by Nick on 4/25/13
As we all know..my 1943 Izzy was covered in cosmiline..I mean its what they did to preserve it, and man did it do a good job at that! Absolutly no rust, bright and shiny bore, all matching parts (except bayo) & minor dings at BEST..i mean un-noticeable..and just all in all a beautiful gun. Took about a week to get here and had it all cleaned up by the end of the night..very pleased with it.
Very happy with my 91/30!
Review by Doug on 4/23/13
Received a 1937 Tula absolutely drenched in cosmoline but underneath was a like new rifle. The finish of the receiver is excellent (pre-war). The bore is mirror bright. Will finish cleaning and get to the range. A great product.......thanks! And BTW, the customer service is first rate, very good communication and fast shipping.
Review by jake on 4/22/13
Long gun is great.Took me a couple of days to break it down clean it up and put it back together.It shoots like a champ.100 rounds thru and no problems and dead on !
1942 Izzy
Review by Deadly in OKC on 4/22/13
Brutus is right again with his description. This 1942 Izzy was obviously made before the Soviet Union/Russia got too hot and heavy into WWII and definitely before the Battle of Stalingrad. The finish on the barrel and receiver were excellent craftsmanship compared to most 1943 - 1944 Mosin-Nagants during increased wartime production. Barrel rifling is very good to excellent all the way - - no counter-boring. Will tame the recoil with another 15 X 1 RH Type 74 CNC Warrior muzzle brake. Can't wait to take it to the range and watch the "whipped' males squirm when this "boomstick" makes them wish they had better ear protection. Thanks, again, Classic Arms!
Tula 1935 Hex Receiver
Review by Jbaggie88 on 4/21/13
Tula 1935 Hex in excellent shape. All matching serial numbers. Bore in decent condition. Still shoots great. Came with various accessories (bayonet, sling, oil can, ammo pouch, firing pin gauge). Fully coated inside and out with with liberal coating of cosmoline.
Great gun
Review by Nghi ` on 4/21/13
Awesome buy because i got to spent some quality time with my dad cleaning the gun. Could not ask for more :-).
Great bargain, great gun
Review by Edward on 4/21/13
Great quality guns, great price and great shipping. Guns were exactly as advertised and were shipped promptly. My only regret is I did not buy more.
Great Product!!
Review by Jeff on 4/18/13
Another excellent gun from Classic Firearms.
Review by Flash on 4/17/13
Bought two of this lot, received both promptly. Even with the copious amounts of cosmoline, these guns appear to be 99%. Both had matching handguards, no major nicks or dings in the wood, and were all matching (I have not checked yet to see if the bayonets do or don't match). Two beautiful rifles that anyone would be proud to own.
Excellent Condition
Review by Kent B on 4/17/13
Received my M91/30 04/16/13 after only (5)
days. The rifle is a 1940 Izzy with round
receiver. The wood on this rifle looks new
with only 2-3 small nicks.The bore is shiny
and all metal in great shape.
I am never disappointed with the folks and
the firearms from Classic Firearms.
Excellent communication and tracking link
on order.
Well pleased!
Review by David on 4/13/13
I ordered a 20 rifle crate and I am extremely happy with the purchase. Classic has excellent customer service and the transaction was easy (except for picking up the crate – very heavy). Of the 20 that I purchased – 9 had hex receivers (5 being Tula). Excellent condition with just a few nicks here and there. All had bayonets with matching serial numbers. In the bottom of the crate was a false bottom containing the original cleaning kits. The 5 piece kit is complete except for the original pouch. I received much more than expected – thanks Classic!
Review by Mike on 4/10/13
I received my Mosin Nagant about 30 days ago. I don't enjoy giving negative reviews, but I'll have to this time. First I have to say..."What do you expect from a low price?" I was hoping for a little better. I'll have to refinish the stock. The metal pieces (all 4) on the stock for the strap are missing. I should be able to find some. You guys do a great job and I will be back.
I was just a little disappointed. mike
so far so good
Review by RICHARD on 4/6/13
Bought a 5 pack of hex receivers,unpacked,disassembled and cleaned one of 'em.Took it to the range and it patterns ok at 200 yds,still need to adjust the sight for no bayonet shooting,sight tool arrived today.Rifle is beautiful for it's age(1931),the other 4 are still in the cosmo and will stay that way.
Not what was advertised.......it was better!
Review by Brian on 3/23/13
I ordered the crate of 20 Mosin Nagants. I was expecting to get a crate of 20 round receiver Mosins with no accessories. I was hoping to get one laminated stock out of the 20 rifles. I did not get one at all. Instead, I got something much much better. I received no less than 8 numbers matching (meaning no arsenal force matched parts) Hex receivers, of which at least 3 of them are ex-dragoons. I am not sure about the rest of the Hexes, I am still researching them. I also had 4 numbers matching (also meaning NO FORCE MATCHED PARTS) round receiver Mosins. Three of them are pre-WWII construction. The rest all had either a force matched magazine floor plate or a force matched butt plate. All of the rifles had matching bolt, receiver and either floor plate or butt plate. None of them had more than one force matched part. Also, out of the 20 rifles, 4 of them are "MO" marked which surprised me. All in all, I am VERY pleased with the contents of the crate. I was also pleased with the speed of shipping and the courtesy that customer service showed during the ordering process. If I had to find something to complain about, it would be that the crate was in worse shape then I expected. I plan on turning it into a coffee table but I am not sure if I will be able to do that without a lot of work. The dividers are all soaked in cosmoline and became weak and broke so I will have to find someone to make new ones for me (I do not do woodworking. I suck at it). The corners of the crate are also in bad shape. Either way, even though the crate is in bad shape, the rifles were in almost pristine shape and worth way more than the price I paid for them. Thanks Classic Firearms, you have a customer for life now.
Something for Everyone
Review by Andrew on 3/22/13
I ordered the crate of 20. Customer support was excellent, and delivery was timely. As mentioned in other reviews, not all were round receiver as the ad stated, but that is a good thing. As stated, there were no slings or ammo pouches when ordered by the crate, but the tool kits were still included. 3 Tulas, 2 hex receivers, 4 laminated stocks, and 5 brass tipped hand guards. Approximately half were from the late 1930s, and half were wartime production. Prewar rifles had better cosmetics and finish, but they also had very well worn (some also speckled) barrels. Wartime rifles, while uglier on the outside (mill marks, deleted escutcheons, etc), had excellent bores, and will be great shooters. ALL had numbers matching bolts, receivers, floor-plates, butt-plates, and bayonets. The non-serialized bits (barrel bands, assorted bolt components) did not always match, but that is expected of arsenal refinished rifles. Expect to spend a while cleaning out the cosmoline, and the wood will start sweating it when the barrel gets warm with use. Import marks are etched/engraved on the left side of the receiver just forward of the bolt. They are clear, but not distracting.
Overall, I am happy with the purchase. Some are good for collecting, others for shooting, but there is something for everyone when you order a crate.
I would purchase another case when in stock anytime when I can afford it
Review by steven on 3/14/13
I recently purchased a case of these for partial investment and trades for other C&R items later. They came in a timely manner and I did not have a long wait. I assumed that there would be only round receivers and no accessories since it was listed as such, but the folks at Classic were "slightly" wrong. The case contained 20 extremly nice rifles 7 with hex receivers, none had any beat up stocks, with only minor nicks on a few. The refurbishing was excellent, they all almost looked new, and the numbers all matched. What I ended up getting were:

10 IZZYS from 1940-45
1924 IZZY Dragoon
1925 IZZY Dragoon
1929 IZZY
1931 IZZY
1932 Tula
1934 Tula (2)
1937 IZZY
1938 Tula
1940 Tula (too bad not a 41)

I got these delivered in the rain and since I could not get the case in the house I had to remove them and take them in 2 at a time when it stopped. While after cleaning them off and waiting for everything to dry (it was still a little misty out, but I could not wait anymore), I examined the shipping crate and noticed a false bottom on it which was filled with the cleaning kits and oil bottles.
Love those Mosins
Review by WILLIAM on 3/9/13
In October 2012 I bought a 5 pack of the Mosin Nagants rolling the dice and hoping for at least one Tula and/or hex receiver. I received neither.

BUT I received 5 Mosin Nagants in superb condtion and I am very happy with this purchase.

I am a confirmed customer of Classic Firearms. Even with shipping costs and FFL transfer fees the bargains at Classic can't be beat! And the quality of the products I receive from Classic far exceeds anything I can buy at my local gun shops.

Customer service is excellent!
Is what it is
Review by Tyler on 2/22/13
I like my rifle. It ain't new but I knew that before I ordered. Very accurate I'll probably get a couple more and refinish them. Might make a scout out one. Service was great.
Review by Zachary on 12/15/12
I ordered and received 8 of your rifles and I will have to say they were amazing! I paid for the Basic package and received 3 Hex and 3 Tula's. They all were in great shape with nice wood. That and they shot even better! Will but from you AGAIN!
Very Pleasantly Surprised
Review by Tim on 11/27/12
This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms and was not what I was expecting. Shortly after placing my order for my Mosin I noticed that they were out of stock and became a little concerned that since I had never ordered from CF before, only ordered 1 rifle (when they were selling them by the case) I would end up with a dog. Honestly for around $100 I was planning on having a project gun and had already started planning to refinish or replace the stock, duracoat the metal and install a scope mounted scope. Everything changed when I pulled this thing out of the box and peeled off the bubble wrap. Beneath a HEAVY coat fo cosmoline the stock was gorgeous (aside from a crack in the but that had been repaired), the bluing/paint (what ever it is) on the barrel is in great shape and the icing on the cake - all of the serial numbers match. Now I don't want to chance damaging the rifle by replacing the rear sight with a scout mount. My only concern at this point is that there is no finish on the end of the barrel as if it has been freshly crowned which I've read probably means it has been counter bored. honestly don't care as long as it shoots well. Seriously already considering buying at least 1 or 2 more if/when they are available again. Very impressed with this gun so far. There is something infectious about holding these pieces of history.
classic , You folks are #1
Review by Bryan on 11/19/12
i dont ever write reviews , just not my thing .
But i could not just pass up a chance to let the folks at classic know how happy i am with my mosin 4 pack i bought & and yes i am the guy who bought the last 4 they had in stock .so lets get on with it .very fast shipping , very very well boxed .i just recieved them a few minutes ago .pulled the boxes out and just looed at them for a sec , wondering what i had , now keep in mind i was not looking at the end of the box that has any info on it from the importer , it was not until i looked at that when i seen i had scored big time 3 HEX recievers WOOHOO .i only have 1 in my collection now a all matching down to the bayo tula .so i start getting the suckers out of the boxes and each one i open i am rewarded with gorgeous rifles amazing shape .I lay um all out on the floor and it hits me , no it cant be , oh yes baby it can be not 3 hex recievers 4 hex reciever all matching 91/30 1 tula the other 3 izzys . Classic let me say this , you guys are doing a great job keep it up. i am 100% happy with my order . 5 stars from me
thank you
Most bang for you buck
Review by warriflefan on 11/18/12
The Mosin rifle is by far the best value milsurp rifle available today. Sure, the bolts clunky and it's a mile long with the bayonet on, but the ammo is super cheap when you buy surplus, and they are in general very accurate once your rifles favorite ammo. I'm pretty sure you can run these over with a panzer and they will still work like you got it from the assembly line at the Tula factory. My mosin was the first milsurp in my collection and still one of my favorites!
Review by Deputy on 11/18/12
Just got my Model 91/30 yesterday. It had a light coating of preservative on the stock and a little heavier on the metal parts. It is a 1942 Tula. The color of the stock was a reddish-brown similar to postwar M1 Garands I own. I am 100% satisfied with the rifle and the only minor problem is the inside of the barrel. It had a preservative coating and it appears they applied it over carbon fouling. It's turning out to be a real pain to clean up. But the rifling is sharp and it looks shiny under the crud. I may have gotten the last one of these, since they wentr out of stock immediately after I ordered mine.
Better then most you will find
Review by Brandon on 11/9/12
So where to start. Firstly dealing with CFR was easy and hassle free. Ordered 5 over the phone, had them the next week and overall a pleasure to do business with. On the rifles I guess I will start with the bad. The first thing is these rifles should not be marked X-cellent. They should be marked good. I have bought excellent MN rifles and these are not. But a lot better then most you will see at Big 5. One was forced match, one had extensive stock repair. 4 out of five have very stiff bolts and one is very tight. This is not a cleaning issue but just a 70 yr old gun issue. Also three of the bayonets are very tight and will not lock all the way becoming useless and none of the bayonets match. Patchy black paint on 3 out of 5 including the tips of the barrels and bluing was gone under the paint. Bluing was about 80% average on all rifles. Also all rifles were counter bored from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches. This is all expected with these rifles but they should be marked from good to very good and not excellent. But here is the good news.

1925 USSR Tula ex-dragoon all matching very good condition
1932 Izzy Hex all matching good condition
1938 Izzy Round very good condition and all matching
1942 Izzy Round all matching good condition
1944 Tula Round ex PU sniper good condition unfortunately a lot of markings have been ground then re-blued when it was re-arsenaled back to an infantry rifle

I think the best thing about ordering the master pack is you don't know what you are going to get. It is like Christmas and as you can see I lucked out and got some good ones. All the bores are about the same the dragoon being the darkest but all having a lot of life left in the rifling. All in all I am happy with my purchase mainly for what I got and the price is so much better then a lot of places especially Big 5. I would definitely buy from again and I fully understand what I am buying, however I do think the X-cellent grading is a false statement and a lot of people would expect like new surplus rifles like my unissued 1953 polish M44.

So to sum up, this is a great deal and you have a chance to get some great historical rifles with about a 70-80% condition. Role the dice and get the master pack!

All the best,
Great Nagant
Review by Garry on 11/6/12
Just recieved my New Mosin Nagant from Classic I was very impressed with what I got, a 1934 Hex reciever, action is smooth. Its gonna be hard not to order another one. Shipping was fast cant wait to clean the cosmoline off and get it out to the range.
Mosin Mega Ball
Review by Scott on 11/6/12
I just received my pack of 5 Mosins today and damn I won the Mosin lottery. 3 were Hex receiver Tulas with consecutive serial numbers. The condition was beyond superb. The stocks did not have a blemish and color was the best I have ever seen on any Mosin.
If Classic has anymore of these I'll be getting ATLEAST 5 more! Beyond my expectaions.
91/30 Nagant
Review by RODOLFO on 11/4/12
If anybody is looking for a very nice Nagant dont hesitate to give Classic Arms a call. I received a very nice matching number 91/30 for a good price.
Great weapon
Review by Ken on 11/2/12
I went for the 5 gun deal and was pleasantly surprised at the excellent condition of each rifle. Each came w/ 2 pouches, tool kit, sling, bayonet, and oiler.

I got a 1923 Izhevsk Hex receiver, the rest were all round receiver Izhevsks 1941, 1942, 1943, and a 1942 Tula Round receiver.
Mostly nice
Review by Ho on 11/2/12
Bought a package of 5, 4 were very nice including a Tula and Izzy Octagonal (yea!). The last rifle was in poor shape, if it was arsenally re-finished it was done by a wino. I could see brush marks on the barrel and magazine where it was painted (forced match). Finish was flaking; Pitted receiver on outside rear. Bore doesn't look that hot, but only one I've cleaned up the cosmoline. I'll shoot it this weekend. Other 4 were beautiful rifles. I'll shoot the odd one and put the rest away. Still very pleased. All assessories were mint.
Great rifle
Review by Matthew on 10/28/12
I received this rifle about a month ago but didnt want to review it until I was able to shoot it. Now that I have I can say this rifle is great all around. I got a 1941 Izzy that appears it was only test fired. This rifle shot great and the action was very smooth. I was thinking about replacing the stock with a monte carlo but the wood is in such great condition that the more I look at it the more I want to keep it as is. A brass stacker will complete this rifle for me. This is my first purchase from classic and I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to get a few more.
great products, fast delivery
Review by Andy on 10/28/12
happy with both my rifles. both in great condition.
Awesome buy - I'll be ordering more
Review by Ryan on 10/23/12
I received my 91/30 today, and it's in excellent condition. Minor dents and scratches, but they just add to the mystery of it's use in another life. All serial numbers match. Barrel looks to be in great condition. It is covered in oil/cosmo and will need a tear down. I am disappointed that the sling, tool pouch, and ammo pouch have a small amount of cosmo on them. The oiler is *covered* in cosmo. All of these parts were in a large plastic bag together. I'm not holding Classic responsible for the cosmo on the accessories, as I knew what I was getting into. I purchased on 10/18 (Thursday) and received it today - Tuesday, 10/23. It was shipped via UPS with signature required. The kit came complete with the gun, sling, bayonet, oiler, 2 pouches (each a dual pouch), and a full tool kit. I'm very happy with my purchase and Classic Firearms has definitely earned my business. I've already purchased more arms from them.
Pretty nice for the$$$$
Review by James on 10/23/12
I just got my 20 mosin nagants in today guns look great for the most part 1or 2 should not have been in the excellent marked box wood was a little beaten up. My biggest downer was there are only 2 hex rec Tula 1930,1935
The dates did not vary much I got 15 1943
My son the sceptic said they would pick the best out if you don't pay for hand picking!!

Hi James, Please let your son the sceptic know we do not offer hand select (even for a fee) currently AND, as you may have noticed, we don't even open the individual rifle boxes. Thus we have no idea what is inside (Tula, Hex, Dragoon Era, etc). We will start back the hand picks when we receive them by the crate. These were already boxed by the importer. Classic Firearms

- The Classic Firearms Team

Review by John on 10/18/12
It is safe for me to review this now that I ordered my second batch of 5...sorry wanted to make sure they didnt go out of stock..lol ..as stated they shipped em right out the door..I got lucky 4 izys and 1 tula..the tula and 1 izy were hex...the whole batch was in perfect condition for old rifles...the oldest one i received was a '41 all the others were earlier and had the short wall on the receiver... absolutely love em and Classic is top notch..real ppl with real service!!!
Nice 5 Pack of 91/30 Mosins
Review by James on 10/18/12
Received my 5 pack of Mosins in good order. All were Izhevsk, one was a hex 1932, one a round receiver 1942 and the other three round 1943s. All were stamped matching, a few had mag plate lineouts, all were saturated in cosmoline. and had the usual bayonets, tool kits, etc....Nothing rare or unusual, all were in good condition and are a good value for the price. I'm happy with my purchase.
Fantastic Job!!
Review by Alfred on 10/13/12
Just recieved my order of Mosin's. Fantastic job! Just as you described them. Very fast delivery. You guys ROCK! Will definitely be a repeat customer. I love your morals and company ethics. Your 5 pack is like opening Cracker Jacks to see what surprise is inside.
Review by rrredwing on 10/11/12
i received my 91-30 yesterday. when i unpacked it, wow was i surprised; it was not a hand picked. it is a 1932 izzy hex receiver and in almost new condition. after cleaning the cosmoline off it is just beautiful. excellent bore and very nice trigger pull. thank alot guys at classic firearms.
classic and accurate
Review by gogi on 10/9/12
cleaned off the cosmo and found a 1938 Tula with numbers matching.

left the wood as is, since its good looking enough. polished the bolt and re-painted the original factory stamp.

its a great and accurate gun with a lot of power behind it.

currently hanging on my wall, and comes down everytime i go shooting.
Review by JC on 10/9/12
Unbelievable service from Classic Firearms! Ordered my Master Pack of 5 rifles Wednesday and received it in TN on Friday. 2 Tulas, 2 hex receivers, 1 MO marked and all great looking stocks. It is risky to buy an unopened (boxes had never been opened) Master Pack, but I took the risk and am glad I did. Classic Firearms has the best customer service in the industry these days (I remember when that wasn't the case a while back). Still can't believe how fast I received these!
I know it's a 70 year old rifle but it does say X ( For X-Cellent )
Review by kebe on 10/7/12
I wise I could say this was all good the rifle looks great wood is good ,looked like a nice rifle, and that's why it got 3 stars

so I started to clean it up looked at the barrel end The barrel was counter bored about 1.5" and re-crowned then looked at the rifling it's worn down not sure if I want to even shoot this thing, what else is worn out and is it safe to fire I do not know I do not have the tools to check every thing

I am no expert even I can see there are no edges just smooth bumps barely that at the receiver end(receiver just has marks in metal where the rifling was ) to
the rifling I have cleaned it so it's not dirty,

I know it's a 70 year old rifle and I was not expecting new but it does say X ( For X-Cellent ) but next time if there is one I would like to have one hand selected and bore checked

I do not blame classic firearms they just shipped the rifles on ,in future I think I need to see what am buying before I hand over cash buying online is a risk and I lost with this one
Get them while you can
Review by andy on 10/6/12
I picked up from FFL three days after ordering. Rifle is in imaculate condition! It is a 1942 IZZY with a really nice bore. Thanks guys, for the great products and service.
Rifles Great--Accessories Trash
Review by Curt on 10/5/12
Bought 5. Rifles were in excellent condition-just as described. All Tulas. Very happy with them.

Classic does, however, need to tell the brain surgeons at Century that when they throw a useless oil bottle literally caked in cosmoline into a plastic bag together with other items made of leather and cloth, the cosmoline gets on the leather and cloth items and doesn't go away. Only those wishing to walk around the range stinking of cosmoline want that crap on their slings and ammo pouches. So the only accessory of any value is the useless oil can.

Good job by Classic scoring some high quality rifles and selling them at a good price. Typical less-than-medicore job by Century with the accessories.
Great Gun, Excellent Condition
Review by Brandon on 10/5/12
Bought this gun and only took 2 days to get here! Not a tula or a hex reciever :( BUT!!!! The gun is in amazing condition, i would say brand new. Not one sing dint or stratch on the stock and the the rest of the gun is the same way. Probably the nicest mosin nagant i own. Love it!!! Get them now they are extremely nice! But when is ClassicFirearms coming out with some discount codes! I have bought numerous guns from here and not one discount code!! Come on guys!

Great Gun!
Ordered the unopened 5 pack
Review by Tommyboy71 on 9/29/12
I ordered the 'straight from the distributer' 5 pack of Mosin-Nagant 91/30's. UPS brought it yesterday (I have a C&R license) and it did not disappoint. The large box held 5 smaller boxes, each with a rifle, bayonet and all of the accessories. They are all indeed in excellent condition and there were 2 Tulas and a hex reciever in the lot of 5. Great guns at a great price, get 'em while you can the Mosin supply is drying up fast as people discover what awesome rifles they are.
Can you say Awesome???
Review by flash on 9/28/12
Another rifle that can only be called pristine. All matching, Tula Mfg. Not a blemish anywhere on the rifle. Might just be the best one I have ever received. Thanks, Classic!!!
Great $89.99 Rifle!
Review by Mike on 9/13/12
Another winner from Classic Firearms! I had asked to be notified when another shipment of Mosin Nagant M91/30 came in and was notified on the weekend. I immeadiately ordered, requested a Tula model and hex if available. Well, I didn't get the hex, but what I did get was a beautiful 1937 Tula with all matching numbers! Only a few little scratches on the butt stock, but for a 76 year old rifle, what can you expect?! I got all the accessories which are very nice and I would recommend anyone to get one of these before they start to dry up! I bought a couple of these rifles many, many years ago at Roses Dept. Store for around $29.95 and gave one to my son. they were in pretty bad condition and mine even has a cracked stock. They still shot well though. This one looks brand new compared to those! The bolt is not sticky at all and works like butter...SMOOTH! I love it. I see more in my future...at least one hex model and one with a laminated stock. I love Classic Firearms!
Awesome rifle, fast shipping and great service
Review by Gerald on 9/10/12
I ordered a Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle from Classic Firearms and couldn't be happier. The rifle shipped fast to my home with my C&R license and it was a beauty. I paid extra for a Tula and hand select and got a beautiful 1939 rifle with all matching numbers. I would highly recommend Classic to anyone, in fact, I already have. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Bad turned good
Review by m0m0 on 9/1/12
I ordered a hex model over a year ago, and when I received it at first I was unhappy with the stock. It did not have any finish on it at all. It was so dry it weighed half as much as the other refurbished stocks on my other Nagants..
I called and complained about the condition the stock was in......You folks told me to ship it back.......I started a good once over of the weapon, and discovered the gun was as old as I was, 79, built in 1933...one good point in it's favor, then I discovered the chrome lined barrel , the chrome cleaning rod, and all the numbers matched except the bayonet....I found a keeper after all....I started refinishing the stock and ran into a problem, the wood was so soft,on the underside of the hand hold that instead of dust from sanding, it rolled up like wet newspaper.....I got it cleaned up as best I could I sanded all the other parts of the stock, and started layering on tung oil 24 hrs between coats, Now I have a great weapon, lighter then others and I can live with the small area that is rough .I have 5 Nagant's so far in my armory. two 880 cases of ammo, plus 300 that came on clips, plus a few boxes at my local gun shop of 20 I purchased before I ordered my first 880 case....My P64 with 1000 rounds of 9x18 Makrov is lonesome, so as soon as I get my pawn/gun dealer to send a new FFL,to the nice folks at Classic, I will order a CZ-82 to keep it company.......Happy happy is this 79 year old grumps.......
no complaints
Review by Burnie on 8/27/12
Ordered two a while ago. Several months ago really. The company - excellent customer service on this transaction and a previous purchase of a saiga .223
The products - One had a repaired stock, and what looks like a new bore. The other had a much nicer stock but an obviously used, though not in bad conditioned bore and doesnt shoots quite as tight. Both easily shoot within 6" at 100yds with the iron sights though.
Im not a collector, just wanted a cheap fun bolt action and the price was so good i decided to get two. Wasnt expecting much for $90 and i definately got much more than I expected. Very satisfied. I'll probably buy more when they're back in stock as backups SHTF pass outs for friends and family.
For those contemplating their first mosin nagant be warned...its a shoulder buster if you're bony like me. Spring for the rubber butt pad.
Nice gun and fun to shoot
Review by Jack on 8/18/12
I purchased this rifle about a month ago. 1939 Tula 91/30. Transaction was very smooth and I picked it up from my local FFL a week from ordering. For some reason I was not given the opportunity to order a hand selected , so I went with the Tula model.
I was happy to find I received all the accessories except for the cleaning brush. I also received two pouches for the ammo which I'm sure one was an extra.
Expecting to remove globs of cosmoline, I was surprised to find the rifle had very little to remove. I cleaned her up and gave a light oiling and was ready to go. I was unhappy to find the top of the barrel had its share of corrosion and pitting. Even the head of the bolt showed signs of corrosion which I assume is from the use of ammo with corrosive primers. The stock was in great shape with very little nicks. The crown had been counterbored and the action seems smooth, although after shooting the first 10 rounds the bolt started sticking and was hard to open and close.
The serial numbers were matching on all parts except for the bayonet. I tried to attach the bayonet but it was tight and I had trouble getting it off the little bit that did go on.
At the range it was fun to shoot. The recoil was more then I expected and a bruised shoulder was the result. Pretty accurate for a rifle that is 73 years old and very loud.
I have to say for the money this is a great deal and a great rifle. I would buy another and plan on doing so after I get used to this one.
Thanks Classic!!!
Excellent rifle
Review by CR FFL holder on 8/17/12
I purchased a hand picked 1932 Tula.
The 1st time shooting, I noticed about every 3rd or 4th round would require a lot of force in order to chamber the round.
After a lot of research, I discovered the shell extractor needed to be adjusted. With 2 light taps from a brass hammer, the shell extractor was now where it needed to be. After shooting the Mosin a 2nd time, was when I fell in love with this rifle.
Hope this may help others who may experience this issue.
Thank you Classic Firearms !!!
Review by Jeff on 8/11/12
I picked my mine up at my FFL today and was pleasantly surprised. The rifle was in great shape and I can't wait to shoot it. Thanks Classic! JRB
4 stars
Review by Dave R on 8/10/12
I ordered the TULA for an extra $15. I received a Mosin Nagant with Tula markings from 1937. Overall, the rifle cleaned up great for a gun manufactured in 1937.

Only problem I have and the reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that the bayonet does not fit and refuses to pass the front site. Bummer..
Oldie but Goody
Review by Mark on 8/8/12
My Mosin Nagant arrived quicker then expected. My transaction was extremely smooth and easy. I expected a lot more cosmoline, and had her cleaned up and out to the range at wich time it shot well except when it got hot, but a little J&B's in the chamber and another cleaning of the barrel, and no more sticky bolt or extraction problems. I love shooting it and I spend all my extra time at the range. Thanks again. I might just by another one !!
Great historic firearm
Review by LSLGUY on 8/6/12
Picked it up from my dealer 6 weeks ago. It was delivered quicker than expected. I chose the upcharge for hand pick and Tula MFG. Well worth it. After a good cleaning it was in fabulous condition. All serial numbers matched. It was extremely acurate first time out this weekend. I will be adding to my collection through Classic Arms. Very good service.
don't buy anywhere else
Review by leighton on 8/5/12
I bought a Tula hex hand pick about a year ago and i specified clearly that all i cared about was bore condition. My plan was to sporterize it for elk hunting. The rifle I recieved had a PERFECT bore. I don't know if they normally take requests for specific things like that, and there's no way they could really hit a home run like that every time, but GREAT JOB! I ended up having to sell that one to pay some bills... Months later, things came together again and I was ordering a CCW pistol from a different well-known online company with free shipping and I thought I'd pick up another mosin from them at the same time (because of the free shipping). I'm not at all happy with what I received from the other company. Because I can sell it easily for 150 on armslist, I think I will do that and order another hand pick Tula hex from Classic Firearms. Plus, I like supporting Christian companies. I'm also wishing I had just bought a radom from Classic Firearms instead of the CCW piece I bought from the other company. Would have had money left for scopes and ammo.
Tula M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
Review by nicholas on 8/2/12
After cleaning the cosmoline off the rifle, I'm not exactly thrilled with condition of rifle as the other reviews.

Wood seeems to be mismatched and most of the bluing is gone on one side of the trigger/mag body. I used steam to remove the cosmo and no chemicals due to allergies.

I selected the Tula upgrade and made the mistake in assuming it was a hand pick option as well, which is not the case...My mistake.

I would not order this again with out a hand pick option.

Classic Firearms response: Hi Nicholas - We do apologize you are not happy with the overall condition of your rifle due to bluing missing from one side of the trigger/mag body. Please bear in mind these are "used" military surplus weapons that are 70+ years old :) In any event, we do not want you to be unhappy with your purchase and we are happy to allow you to return the rifle for a refund or exchange. If you'd like to exchange, I will personally hand pick your new rifle (no additional charge) for you to ensure you get one to meet your expectations. Since you posted your review as "guest", I do not have any contact info you, so please reach out to me at your convenience and I'll gladly assist you. God Bless.....Rick Jones
Nice rifles
Review by Svetlosar on 7/30/12
I am very satisfied with the service and rifles
great purchase
Review by Steve on 7/28/12
I spent the extra money on the mosin nagant rifle to get the hand picked, it was well worth it the weapon is in excellent shape and all the accesories were a pure bonus. I also love the fact that this is a Christian site and will do business with them again. Thanks Yosemite.
excellent rifles
Review by jake on 7/26/12
ordered 3 rifles nearly a month ago so its long due for a review.

1st two were hand selected tulas and both were received in excellent condition, one even came with brass caps over the sling inserts. one was counter bored and the other normal barrel. furniture was near perfect with little to no blemishing, 95%. bluing was 95% with minor wear towards the crowns. barrel on 1938 tula was excellent while other 1940 counterbore was slightly dark.

last was hand select,1944 izshevsk only. barrel was the brightest of all 3. furniture was more worn than the tulas and bluing was 95% intact.

actions on all 3 rifles are smooth. both tulas received had all matching #s including the bayonets, Izzy came with all matching #s on the rifle save for the bayonet. but this wasnt a problem for me. took them all on multiple shooting trips since and all functioned excellent.

only reason i gave this review 4 stars was because of the wait felt a bit too long for my tastes. all in all, great investment for me.
Exellent product. Will do business again. Great prices.
Review by Royal on 7/26/12
Great prices. Excellent product. Will continue to do buisness with classic firearms.
Beyond Belief
Review by Flash on 7/13/12
I have purchased at least 15 of these rifles, all were excellent!!! Including Laminated, Hex, Dragoon, etc. Best of all, 4 of them had fully matching numbers ALONG WITH THE BAYONET!!!. You really have to love this company, best on the net!!!!
Well pleased with results even after you had to deal with my ordering mistakes.
Review by Lane on 7/2/12
Thanks for the great job of circumventing my ordering error and delivering up a beautiful Mosin for me as promised and on time. Taking it out for a spin on the 4th !!
Very Nice Rifle
Review by Erik on 7/2/12
This was my first purchase from Classic. I purchased the tula model and hand select and recieved a nicer rifle than I thought I would. Even all the original serial numbers matched on all the parts(except for the bayonet). Very pleased.
Customer Service Counts
Review by LJ on 6/26/12
A couple of weeks ago I had ordered a hand picked Tula from Classic Arms. Upon receipt of the weapon I had noticed water damage on the furniture.

I took the weapon home and proceeded to clean the Cosmoline off and upon removing the wood I noticed dents in the barrel that could not be seen when the weapon was dressed. After complete disassesmbly and cleaning the weapon off all grease I reassembled and loaded a stripper. Upon trying to cycle the weapon any round after the 2nd would not go into battery and damaged the cases beyond use.

The next day I called Classic Arms and spoke with Lisa who informed me that the weapon should not have been shipped. She was very pleasant and informed me to send the weapon back for replacement.

After receiving the return label I returned the first Tula and received the most stunning 1940 Tula example I have ever seen. I looks like it has never been fired!

Now a nice product means a lot to me but more than anything it is customer service that make me a loyal and repeat customer.

Classic Arms has won that respect from and I will be buying again .

Thank You Lisa and Classic Arms for making good a mistake.

L. Jackson
Review by John on 6/22/12
This is my 30th firearm I have purchaced from Classic Firearms. Only 1 issue and they made it right.. This was a great rifle.
Love it!
Review by redman on 6/18/12
I ordered this last week on Tuesday, UPS was at my door on Friday. Firearm is perfect, all accesories were there, couldn't be more pleased with everything! Will order from these folks again, I promise! Thanks for great service!
Mosin Nagant 91/30 Hex
Review by Maj. T.M. Wilson on 6/14/12
5 Stars to Classic arms! The 91/30 Hex receiver I ordered is the best rifle of all the other 91/30/s I own. All matching serial #, bore is excellent. These rifles from Classic arms are some best rifles available anywhere. Blueing is in great shape as well as the stock, headspace check was perfect.
Very nice rifle
Review by Ben M on 6/13/12
I bought this several months ago from Classic Arms and have enjoyed shooting it. Nearly everyone that shoots it wants to know where they can get one too. Great accuracy even with iron sights.
fantastic rifle
Review by Evan M on 6/10/12
I've bought 3 of these and believe me when I say that Classic Arms only carries the very best condition Mosin Nagants. Every rifle I've bought has been in NRA excellent condition with mirror bores and perfect bluing, even the rifles I didn't have hand selected were perfect.
Great rifle!
Review by Joel on 6/5/12
Just so happens that all numbers on my rifle match. It shoots great, and is far more accurate than I thought it would be. The bore is in great condition too. I am completely satisfied.