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Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Carbine ( M38 Rifle)

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Extremely Popular and Highly Desirable M-38 Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifles. 7.62x54r caliber, 5 Round, Bolt Action, Arsenal Refinished by Molot and in Excellent Condition Only 40' overall. Ammo is readily available and inexpensive.

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Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Carbine ( M38 Rifle)

Extremely Popular and Highly Desirable M-38 Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifles. 7.62x54r caliber, 5 Round, Bolt Action, Arsenal Refinished by Molot and in Excellent Condition Only 40' overall. Ammo is readily available and inexpensive.

Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Carbine ( M38 Rifle)

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  • 1942 Izhevsk M38-Spaxspore
  • 1942 Izhevsk M38 Reverse-Spaxspore
  • 1942 Izhevsk M38 Markings-Spaxspore
  • M44 & M38 with my case of ammo
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Additional Information

Product Specs Arsenal Refinished to Excellent Condition 7.62x54r Caliber 5 Round Bolt Action
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

This is my favorite of all the Nagant variations, and this is quite possibly the nicest batch I have ever seen. The M-38 was produced as a shorter, lighter, version of the standard M91/30 rifle from 1939 through 1945. The Russians were searching for a weapon that was more fast handling and practical to carry and thus the M-38 was born. At only 40' overall, this is a very practical carry / hunting rifle and still retains a high degree of accuracy. Unlike some shipments that we have had in the distant past that came in to us crated, these rifles were Arsenal Refinished, and came to us in individual boxes from Molot in Russia. They are beautiful. Each rifles ships in a factory box with owners manual.

Manufacturer's Description

Model 1938 (M38 ) Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifle, 7.62x54r caliber, 5Rd, Bolt Action

Additional Information

Product Specs Arsenal Refinished to Excellent Condition 7.62x54r Caliber 5 Round Bolt Action
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

5 Months into purchase(Sheer Awesomness 2)
Review by Christopher aka FirebrandChris on 7/19/13
5 months into my purchase and my rifle is still performing like a champ. Once I start handloading for this rifle then I'll be able to bring out it's true potential. When classic firearms gets these rifles back in-stock... y'all should purchase one!
Video Review
M38 Mosin-Nagant Review (Classic Firearms) 5 months into purchase.
Uploaded by Christopher Sumpter
Outstanding Purchase !
Review by Dana W on 3/6/13
Just received my 1944 Izhevsk M38(KO-38) Carbine. Non-counterbored barrel, pristine bore, all matching number rifle. Period correct M44 stock that may have a splice in it, see still pictures at end of video review. Not literally slathered in cosmoline, will clean up quick and be ready to get out to the range. Great job getting the "good stuff" to us ClassicFirearms.com ! Keep up the good work & God Bless !
Video Review
ClassicFirearms.com - M38(KO-38) Mosin Nagant Carbine Review
Uploaded by Dana W
Review by Joseph on 2/20/14
Bought In a group buy with my local gun club at the time a year ago and this is definitely one of my favorite rifles. All matching numbers and in pretty amazing condition.
Review by Scott on 5/7/13
Nice rifle. Kicks hard. I put 40 rounds through it without an issue. Overall, I am pleased with this Nagant. 1942 model with an excellent bore. A few scratches here and there on the stock, and it arrived with a fair amount of oil in the barrel and bolt that I removed by using a steamer. If you like M-N's, you will like the M38.
Review by Jeff on 4/21/13
This firearm was perfect, looks like it just came off the assembly line. I have to wonder if it has ever been issued.
love it
Review by RICHARD on 4/6/13
Arrived in good shape,VG condition furniture and metal.Knocks off clay pigeons(stationary) at 200 yards with iron sights all day long.
Review by DoubleDubs on 4/3/13
As soon as I saw M38's for sale on here I had to jump on the deal. It was the first time I had seen them for sale from a dealer in a long time and took the chance not knowing much about Molot, who these guns were coming from. I'm glad I jumped on the deal because these rifles are excellent. I got a 1943 with a mirror bright, non-counterbored bore and M44 stock. It shoots almost dead on with surplus ammo and required minimal cleaning up. Just a quick soak for most parts in degreaser and a bit of scrubbing on some dried cosmoline spots and she was good as new.
A little beauty!
Review by retromotors on 4/1/13
Received a very pretty 1943 Izhevsk M38 with what appears to be the correct wartime stock.
Rifle in great condition and shipped quickly.
Keep up the good work, Classic!
This rifle was in excellent condition, well worth the price.
Review by Firefly on 4/1/13
This is one of the best condition Mosins I own. Wish I bought another.
M 38
Review by Dirty on 3/26/13
First of all I just want to admit I suffer from the dreaded mosinitis disease to and classic is were i get my fix, now talk about the gun, 1943 izzy ,bore is just like new,matching numbers except force match floor plate,m44 stock in nice shape,DDR stamped, overall excellent gun for a great price. P.s. thanks classic for not price gouging!
Great weapon, great price!
Review by Caleb on 3/25/13
For a weapon that's seventy three years old, this little baby came out of the box looking almost as good as the day she rolled off the assembly line. There was a ton of cosmoline, as is to be expected, but other than that, it was a close to pristine specimen. Some minor rusting on the bands and inside the chamber, but it was nothing a little steel wool and some Rem Oil couldn't fix. All in all, a great buy!
Sweet M38
Review by Ed on 3/25/13
This is a very, very nice little carbine. Laser etching is a nice touch. Headspace is perfect. Bad trigger. A quarter inch of sloppy play, which I only now learned is not uncommon with the Russian model. Easy fix though with the Mosin trigger spring I ordered online.
Bought a Six-pack Got 5 Ex and 1 WOW Rifle
Review by karlsgunbunker on 3/24/13
I ordered the dealer six-pack and received Five Excellent Rifles and one Magnificent Specimen. MO Double Dated in a Laminated Stock. WOW!
Review by Flash on 3/20/13
WOW!!! This rifle was pristine! Always wanted this variant of the Nagant. Beautiful stock, barrel and upper. Wish I would have bought two or three. Hope they get these again. The quality of this rifle is why I come back here again and again.
Review by Denton on 3/20/13
Ordered Six, my customers are VERY happy. Five had original M38 stocks, one had a brand new M44 Laminated stock, all had bright bores, beautiful wood, minimal handling nicks. All had matching numbers, only one or two force matches (arsenal). Bluing is just like NEW, beautiful rifles. All in all a fantastic find of beautiful rifles that have not been imported for a few years now,
Receievd my M38
Review by Jeff on 3/19/13
Received my M38. Gun is in decent shape, all matching numbers, cleaning rod is there, but won't screw in, no biggie. Took a long time to get here. No problem with the 5-7 business days advertised to ship. Three weeks, however, is a bit excessive. Still, its here and I will clean it up and shoot it soon.
Great Buy
Review by USMC1991 on 3/13/13
Just finished cleaning and inspecting rifle. very pleased with the exterior and interior of the waepon. Surprised witth the bore condition. Shiney! excellent rifling. Matching numbers. Purchased mil-suplus at Classic in the past with no real compliaints. Just ordered a M44 this morning from Classic Arms as a gift to myself (B-day / income tax return). Only thing on a negative note, It took 16 days to ship. I called and Classic responded next day. With the current events with firearms, I must have gotten lost in the scramble to ship firearms. Is there a cure for collecting and shooting Mosins? I need the antidote.
Not Bad
Review by Paul on 3/11/13
Received my M38 with a M38 wartime stock. Blue is almost 100%, but seems to be a weird rust color blue. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that the barrel was chrome lined. Very bright silver with great rifling.
The bummer is that it appears to be all forced matched. Buttplate has a line through it and the bolt and floor plate appear to have been grinded down and re-stamped. I could be wrong though. The metal work is very, very rough. Was probably being bombed while they were making this rifle.

Not bad for the money. Still a rare rifle and a perfect addition to my Mosin collection.
great gun
Review by jacob on 3/10/13
got a 1944 with laminated m44 stock shinny bore numbers match
Excellent rifle
Review by LT on 3/9/13
Much better than anticipated, excellent condition and service from classifirearms as usual
Great gun, clean bore, bolt, and stock!
Review by AZG on 3/8/13
Received my M38 from Classic Arms and I am very happy. Its my first bolt action and could not be happier. Little to no scratches and bore looks great. Thanks again to Classic Arms!
great looking M38 rifle
Review by vidd9130 on 3/7/13
The M38 I ordered from Classic Firearms came in excellent shape. Good bore (not counter-bored), 1943 with M38 type war time stock. Very nice. Cleaning rod is correct type. Tools and oil (NOS) only included. Some PPS / PPSH slings can be found to fit these. Have not fired this rifle yet so accuracy is unknown at this time.

Haven't seen these imported in awhile. Melot in Russia did a good job on these. Already de-cosmoed, and ready to wipe down and go out. They come with a booklet, designating them as a hunting carbine. The KO-38 model number is just a stamp on the receiver that was meant to re-model the rifle for import. Everything about the rifle is "Military issue" correct.

Classic picked some great imports. Glad I was able to get one!
Piece of History you can be proud of.
Review by Tyson on 3/7/13
This was my first purchase from Classic. I received my M38 in a reasonable amount of time after ordering, the rifle was per the description. I am very excited to get it out to the range. I will do business with Classic again in the future.
very satisfied!
Review by donald on 3/7/13
This firearm shipped to me in less than a week's time. It was everything as Classic described, and more - matching numbers, beautiful stock, a real beauty! I love the length, it seems so much shorter than it's 40 inches, a definate carbine. Once again, thanks Classic Firearms for delivering a great product!
Very nice gun !
Review by mike on 3/7/13
Just received a very nice 1944 M/O 1953 stamped M-38 in a laminated stock. It looks like a new rifle. I can't wait to see what ClassicFirearms offers next. I wish I had ordered more.
Awesome Rifle
Review by Datrowl on 3/7/13
1941 all numbers matching, no line outs, no force match, all actual origional stamped matching 1941 Ist M-38. Non counterbored, M-44 stock with a few dings and a nose splice. Action is butter smooth and rifleing is super sharp... I own 9 other hand picked Mosins... this one is my favorite. just Awesome condition....my only regret, not haveing bought a few more at that price.
My first C&R purchase from Classic, very impressed, rifle was better than expected, and delivery was prompt and fast. Thank you
Review by Customer on 3/7/13
Thank you for a great experience, this was my first C&R purchase and I was very impressed with the whole Experience, the M38 was better than I expected. Thank you.
Review by Just4FunGuns on 3/6/13
Outstanding. Both had minor stock dings, but to be expected. easily fixed. And stocks were for an m38, not m44.
I however have to stop collecting guns (or breathing, which ever comes first!)
Very pleased
Review by Gary on 3/5/13
Took the plunge and bought six. These have not been available in the last few years and I did not want to miss out on my favorite Mosin Nagant carbine. No counterbores, matching, great bores all. I could not be happier. Well...I was. Receive an East German marked M38 to go with my M91/30 & M44 East Greman marked carbines in my collection :) Thanks Classic! (rocker98 Gunboards)
Great Rifle
Review by Johnny on 3/5/13
My first time with Classic, I have to say I am VERY pleased. All numbers matching except for the floor plate. A real pleasure to shoot. Thanks Classic Firearms.
Sheer awesomeness
Review by Christopher on 3/5/13
Nice addition to my growing Mosin collection.., which includes a M44. I took her out to the range yesterday.... Shot extremely well... And grouped well. The loud blast drew the range officers and the person in the next booth... who just so happen to b shooting a 91/30.
Russian Classic
Review by Mikhail Kalishnikov on 3/4/13
M38 arrived in excellant condition as advertised. Looks great and is a steal at these prices. Get one if you can, agreat weapon at a great price.
Extremely nice
Review by Predator on 3/4/13
I just happened to be stuck at home, unable to go to work, thanks to a snow storm that was hitting my area and decided to check some of my favorite sites for milsurps. When I did I saw that classic had these M38's and after debating for 30 minutes I decided to buy one and COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! Shipping was right fast. The stock had a few dings and was the M44 kind but it still looked good, the numbers were all matching, the bore wasn't counterbored at all and looks quite shiny. Overall I am very happy with my 1943 M38.
excellent rifle
Review by Satchel52 on 3/4/13
received the rifle on Friday. Excellent condition. Very little cleaning had to be done except on the accessories. Wood in very good shape as was all metal. Bore is quite nice. Scrubbed well, oiled wiped down and ready for the range. Classic Arms came thru again
Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Carbine ( M38 Rifle)
Review by Michael on 3/3/13
This would be my first purchase from Classic Firearms.A friend of mine told me about these M38's being for sale. I couldn't resist this deal. I jumped on it an ordered it that night about a little after midnight, by 3:00 pm they were sold out. Glad I pulled the tigger on this one. I recieved a 1943 Izhevsk M38 stock,no counter bore,all matching#'s accept floor plate (forced matched). Beautiful gun and it's my first M38.Documentation and Individual serial # recorded in owners manual is nice to have and adds value I think. I have two M44's and other hex and round recievers so this is a great addition to my Mosin addiction. I have only one complaint. The individual boxed M38 should have been shipped insde another box as my box with the gun inside had a 20 inch gash in it. Luckily the M38 was not damaged.Judging by the tracking info it was scanned and handled alot! * * * * * Great Buy !
Great Rifle
Review by Grant on 3/3/13
Great rifle with all matching numbers, a great bore, at a fantastic price!
Nice Mosin
Review by Jrod on 3/3/13
I recently purchased this rifle from Classic firearms. I was extremely pleased when i received my rifle. I have several Mosins, but none were in as good as condition as this one when i purchased them. It looked almost new when i took it out of the box. Two of my friends saw it and went to order one, but they were already sold out. Once again Classic Firearms has provided me with an excellent firearm - Keep up the good work!!!!!!
Great guns, couldn't be more satisfied
Review by Bushrod on 3/3/13
Ordered 6 guns, all were in excellent shape. I couldn't be more happy. Very clean, only minor dings on the stocks. None were counterbored. Can't wait to take apart, clean and shoot. Will definitely buy from Classic again.
Review by soulshift on 3/3/13
Got a wonderful 1943 - Izhevsk with a true M38 stock! Color tone is deep red with minimal stock wear. Blueing is excellent. Cleaned up very nicely and passed the field gauge test. Only oddity is that it looks like it had a pistol grip or something at some point, which the screw hole has been repaired very nicely with a wood plug. Has anyone seen this? Another great purchase from Classic! Thx....p.s.-got another 880 rounds on the way!
Excellent Mosins Best I've Seen in a Long Time
Review by HMF on 3/2/13
Ordered 6 of these mosins. They are some of the nicest M38 that have been imported in the last 10 years. All with excellent non-counterbored bores with sharp rifling. The bluing is near perfect on all and small import marks on underside of barrel no ugly roll marks. Stocks are all correct M38 except for one dated 1944 which is correct because they stopped making M38 stocks in 1944. Very Happy.
Excellent Rifle
Review by Keith on 3/2/13
I ordered my M38 on Thursday and got my on Wednesday. It is a 1943 Izhevsk in excellent shape with all matching numbers. Mine has the M38 stock where I see some have the M44 stock. I think they sold out in 3 days and I am glad I ordered one when I did. This is my second purchase from Classic Firearms.. My first was the Mosin Sniper. They are lots of fun shooting. The M38 shoots perfect and is louder than the 91/30's. It really shoots out a big fireball. I have 4 versions of the Mosins now and hope Classic gets some M44 rifles in. Thank You Very Much Classic Firearms...
Excellent rifle!
Review by Gunhorde on 3/2/13
I received my M-38 carbine after impatiently waiting for it to arrive, but Classic Arms processed my phone order and shipped the rifle promptly. I received a VERY nice 1943 Izhevsk M-38 in a modified M91/30 stock. All parts are Izhevsk and stamped matching (no Cyrillic prefixes). The bore shows some wear, but is completely serviceable with no rust or pitting. The barrel has not been counterbored. I'm extremely satisfied with the rifle, and look forward to getting it out to the range! Thank you Classic Firearms!!
Very nice gun
Review by mosin762 on 3/2/13
Received my M38 on thursday,ran a patch thru the barrel,checked headspace and firing pin adjustment,wiped some excess oil off,took it the range and fired 50 rounds,shoots good.Only concern is the firing pin adjust notches are labeled 1.9 and 2.41,my 2 other sets are both marked 75 and 95,the 2.41 is higher than the 95,the 1.9 is equal to the 75,wouldn't want to knock the primer out.Nice rifle,good price,decent shooter,very happy.
A great M38
Review by Drydock on 3/2/13
Recieved a 1943 Izhevsk in a postwar M44 stock. Beautiful wood and metal, all matching numbers, no force matchs. The bore is the best Mosin bore I've ever seen, like new. Would have liked a 38 stock, but a great deal on a fine carbine. Thank you Classic!
Excellent Rifle!!
Review by Jeff on 3/1/13
Outstanding buy / Excelent condition rifle
Review by privateer on 3/1/13
It is March one 2013 and I just came back from my dealer with a Molot Import KO-38 hunting rifle.This firearm is a high wall receiver Izhevsk dated 1943. Overall Outstanding condition Mosin m-38 Carbine. The stock is the m-44 version often found on refurbished guns and mine has inspector cartuche marks in several places.All matching numbers throughout.The importer roll marks are under the barrel at the muzzle. This rifle will be fired much more than my Mint condition polish WZ44 copy of the M44 carbine.The owners manual is interesting to read and it came with a double neck solvent bottle and Mosin tool kit. Warning-The wax paper that the Russians use to wrap these guns is impregnated with insect repellent. Wash your hands after you handle that brown paper.This is Another fine Classic Firearms deal.
M38 Rifle
Review by Brent on 3/1/13
I received a 1942 M38. I was a little dissapointed with the condition of the stock (Pretty big dents) and the fact that it is a M44 stock. I see some others are getting M38 stocks! Wish this would have been in the description. Metal is flawless though and it is "MO" marked which is cool. Not counter bored either! All in all satified. Love Classic Firearms!
Review by da RICO on 3/1/13
Awesome rifle! 1943 Izhevsk with all Izhevsk parts. M38 wartime stock, all numbers match, bore is perfect. Overall VERY pleased with this purchase. Thanks Classic.

Fantastic M-38!
Review by Tony C on 3/1/13
Got my very nice Mosin M-38. Mine is a 1943 Izzy with all matching numbers and a correct M-38 stock. Bore is the best Mosin bore I have come across. The tooling is a bit crude on the reciever, but at this point the were cranking them out. Classic's normal great service makes it all the better. Only real regret is that I did not get more than one!
Better than expected !
Review by Michael on 3/1/13
Received my M-38 yesterday and man.....what a gun. Much better than I had expected. The bluing is near 100%, the barrel is excellent and the wood is just beautiful. Classic Firearms did a fine job on finding these beauties and I do mean beauties. I'm just really tickled. Can't wait to take it out and shoot it. Thanks for a Great gun !
Very pleased
Review by Nathan on 2/28/13
Picked up my M38 from my FFL last night. Absolutely beautiful rifle. It was built on an Izvhesk hex receiver dated 1927. Has a laminate M44 stock. It's a little rough, but I like that because it gives the rifle some character. The bore looks brand new. Can't wait to take it to the range!

Classic served me well again. The rifle shipped within two hours of my order being placed. Can't beat that!
WOW - Amazing condition
Review by Gary on 2/28/13
Wow. Super nice matching M38. Best Mosin I have ever owned or seen. The bore, metal, wood, and action all great. Headspace, firing pin extension, and muzzle wear all checked out fine. Processing/shipping was relatively fast and It arrived two days after shipment.
besides excellet service
Review by DNAdna on 2/28/13
3rd time purchase from classic and this time I cannot be more happy with this decision, the rifle is all matching with clean barrel and it’s not counter bored! Rifle is in excellent condition!! Thanks Classic, you guys rock!!! I guess I have more projects to do this year: collect mosin series from your guy!
Great Rifle
Review by Mike on 2/27/13
Received this rifle four business days after placing the order online. As always, Classic's online ordering process was easy and fast. Upon receipt I opened the box with the enthusiasm of a child opening the biggest gift under the tree on Christmas morning. Once opened, I was not disappointed. This M38 is beautiful. Mine has about 97% of the bluing still intact with a mirror bright bore (not counterbored). The stock is a beautiful, almost flawless, laminated stock. I was pleasantly surprised at how little cleanup the rifle required. It only took me about an hour to completely break it down, remove the cosmoline, clean it, lube it and reassemble. In comparison, it has taken me 3-4 hours to do the same to with surplus 91/30's. It came with one oil can and all the typical mosin cleaning accessories (minus the canvas pouch). If I had to be critical of something it would be that the stock appears to be a re-arsenaled M44 stock, there is a groove on the right side for the folding bayonet. However, given the premium placed on M38's with original stocks I assumed this batch of rifles would have M44 stocks. No harm no foul, my biggest regret from this experience is that I only ordered one rifle. Great job Classic, keep the cool surplus stuff coming!
Nice Rifle
Review by Dan on 2/27/13
Received my M38 yesterday and it was very nice! Izzy 1944 receiver with all kinds of markings. The stock was from an M44 which is pretty normal and in fair condition (will refinish it anyway). As always, never disappointed when dealing with Classic. Shipping was fast, service is great as well as my rifle!
Update of Yeterdays Review
Review by Larry on 2/27/13
I completely disassembled my M-38 (KO-38) that I received yesterday (cleaned it completely) and the firearm is in amazing shape. The bore is the cleanest of any Mosin that I have received (3 others), The stock is in excellent shape with absolutely no dings. The Russians do a good job on their metal work but I think they skipped wood shop because they are lousy wood finishers. I will refinish the stock to my satisfaction. The receiver has so many stampings on it that it is hard to figure out where this rifle has been (but we can imagine). A nice touch is the importer stamped the underside of the barrel so it does not interfere with the rest of the stampings. This is also the only Mosin I have received that actually says in English "Made in Russia" and came with documentation. It also came with cleaning accesories and an oiler can.

If anyone reads this review and knows what KO-38 (actually stamped in the rifle) means please send me an e-mail which is below.

Thanks again Classic Firearms for providing historic firearms for us gun nerds. If you receive more of these I will buy another one if I can order in time before they sell out. I noticed that a lot of folks jumped on this one as they do not come up very often.

Larry Mayes
Midland Texas
Excellant Rifle and service
Review by Larry on 2/27/13
I received my M38 today, but it says KO-38 so am trying to figure that one out but it is definately a Mosin carbine and in super shape. I haven't cleaned the cosmoline off of it and it still looks great. I may not even have to refinish the stock (but I probably will as that is what I do) as it looks so good compared to the other Mosins I have received from different places. Shipping was fast and Classic does not charge an arm & a leg for shipping. The paperwork that came with it was also interesting as I have never seen it before

Thanks to the Classic Team and keep them coming.

Larry Mayes
Great Rifle !!!
Review by Michael on 2/27/13
Ordered from Classic Firearms before and have never been dissatisfied. Recieved a 1943 M38 on this order with all matching numbers. The entire firearm is in great condition from the barrel, reciever, bolt, etc. to the fabulous looking stock. It is one great looking firearm in great condition! Classic Firearms does a heck of a job providing quality products to their customers! I am a very pleased/satisfied customer and will contiue to do business with them in the future. Thanks to all at Classic Firearms!
Great Again
Review by John on 2/27/13
I think this is my 41st purchase from Classic and it just may be the best! Great gun, not counter bored and all matching. Should have purchased 5 of them. Keep up the good work! Oh, these make great deer rifles.
fast shipping, excellent quality
Review by smitbare on 2/21/13
Placed my order Wed. morning the UPS man delivered it Thursday afternoon !
Beautiful matching number rifle.
Classic keeps the good stuff coming !