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M44 Mosin Nagant Rifle - from Molot!

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M44 rifles from Molot just arrived!

Extremely Popular and Highly Desirable M-44 Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifles. 7.62x54r caliber, 5 Round, Bolt Action, in Very Good to Excellent Condition
Only 40' overall. Ammo is readily available and inexpensive.

*Note - Although these are all quite nice by surplus M44 standards, in any group of rifles some are always better than others.
We do offer a hand select option. ( See Check Box Below ) 

For an additional $10.00 / rifle we will select from the best of 10 for either best bore possible or best overall cosmetic finish.

See Brutus' description for more on condition and hand pick.

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M44 Mosin Nagant Rifle - from Molot!


M44 rifles from Molot just arrived!

Extremely Popular and Highly Desirable M-44 Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifles. 7.62x54r caliber, 5 Round, Bolt Action, in Very Good to Excellent Condition
Only 40' overall. Ammo is readily available and inexpensive.

*Note - Although these are all quite nice by surplus M44 standards, in any group of rifles some are always better than others.
We do offer a hand select option. ( See Check Box Below ) 

For an additional $10.00 / rifle we will select from the best of 10 for either best bore possible or best overall cosmetic finish.

See Brutus' description for more on condition and hand pick.

  • Buy 6 for $209.99 each and save 9%

Hand Select for Bore Condition, best of 5.
M44 Mosin Nagant Rifle - from Molot!

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  • Laminate Stock!
  • 1944 Izhevsk M44 -Spaxspore
  • 1944 Izhevsk M44 Reverse -Spaxspore
  • 1947 Izhevesk M44 -Spaxspore
  • 1of 6 pack
  • 2 of 6 pack
  • 3 of 6 pack
  • 4 of 6 pack
  • 5 of 6 pack
  • 6 of 6 pack
  • Full side view after refinishing
  • Bolt side
  • Site and Bayonet
  • M44 refinished with ebony stain
  • M44 and 91/30
  • M44 laminant
  • M44 laminant
  • M44 laminant
  • M44 laminant
  • M44 laminant
  • M44 laminant
  • My M44 Carbine
  • Clean Stamps
  • 1944 Izzy M44 w/ 440 ammo can
  • '44 Izzy
  • M44 scout  sniper
  • M44 Left Side
  • M44 Right Side
  • M44 Left Side
  • M44 Right Side
  • Mosin-Nagant Collection
  • M44-1
  • M44-1
  • M44-3
  • Mosin Nagant M44 twin-pack
  • M44 Laminant #1
  • M44 Laminant #2
  • M44 Laminant #3
  • M44 Laminant #4
  • M44 Laminant #5
  • M44 Laminant #6
  • 1943 M44
  • Hex on M44
  • Hex on M44
  • 1947 M44
  • 1947 M44
  • 1947 M44
  • 1944 M44
  • 1944 m44 1943 m38
  • m44 w/ Friends - Spaxspore
  • m44 w/ 1941 Nagant Revolver -Spaxspore
  • handpicked fore bore and finish
  • handpicked fore bore and finish
  • handpicked fore bore and finish
  • M44 Unboxed 1
  • M44 Unboxed 2
  • Raspootyn M44
  • Raspootyn M44
  • Raspootyn M44
  • Raspootyn M44
  • Raspootyn M44
  • Raspootyn M44
  • Classic M44
  • m44 unboxed 3
  • m44 unboxed 4
  • m44 unboxed 5
  • m44 unboxed 6
  • m44 unboxed 7
  • M44
  • M44
  • m44
  • m44
  • looks great!
  • The one I bought "1945" M44
  • I won this one! "1946"M44
  • Bore Selected
  • Look at that Muzzle Flash!
  • Screen Capture from video. M44 Fireball.
  • The M44 with the 91/30
  • The unboxing
  • My wife at the range on Oahu
  • original & archangel stock
  • Winter wonderland
  • Winter wonderland
  • Early Chinese in Cosmoline
  • All cleaned up.
  • Sino Soviet w/Vietnam Fiberglass Stock. Sweet!
  • Mosin Nagant M44 & M91/30
  • 1944 Tula numbers matching (MBC)
  • 1944 Tula (MBC)
  • 1944 Tula barrel check (MBC)
  • Great buy love it
  •  The 9130 hex laminate and the m44 1945 laminate. Both rifles are in really nice condition
  • 1944 M44
  • 1944 M44 on stand with ammo
  • newly arrived from Classic
  • stripped and cleaned M44/K11
  • green tint to M44
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Additional Information

Product Specs 7.62x54r Caliber 5 Round Bolt Action
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

New Batch Just In from Molot....

One of my favorite and quite possibly the most popular of all the Nagant variations. The M-44 was produced as a shorter, lighter, version of the standard M 91/30 rifle from 1944 through 1949. The Russians were searching for a weapon that was more fast handling and practical to carry and thus the M-44 was born. At only 40' overall, this is a very practical carry / hunting rifle and still retains a high degree of accuracy. Each rifle also incorporates a side folding bayonet.

*Note - Although these are all quite nice by surplus M44 standards, in any group of rifles some are always better than others. 

Manufacturer's Description

Model 1944 (M44) Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifle from Molot, 7.62x54r caliber, 5Rd, Bolt Action

Additional Information

Product Specs 7.62x54r Caliber 5 Round Bolt Action
Caliber 7.62x54R
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

5 Glorious Stars for the Motherland!
Review by KillerBD on 3/14/14
Cleaner than expected, did have a small-gash on right side of the wooden stock. But is nothing I would consider serious, some normal 'wear' on some of the metal-bands. Other than that it is very nice, much cleaner than I expected. Although I'm still going to clean it up far more over the weekend. I will recommend and buy from Classic Firearms again. :D
Video Review
Mosin M44 Classic Firearms
Uploaded by KillerBD
Real nice M44
Review by Rob on 3/10/14
Picked this M44 up with a B Grade 91/30. Have to say, this M44 is a real nice rifle. The magazine is a force match with original number scratched out, but that's alright. Bore has some good shine and rifling. The stock has a few minor nicks and scrapes about 1/4" long but nothing I'm concerned about. I'm happy to say Molot didn't billboard the importation on the top of the receiver of this M44 like they did the 91/30 I purchased. Excellent rifle and Classic made my hunt easy. Just wish they'd include a sling at this price but that's if I had to say something negative at all. I also noticed upon receipt that the package had a four-fingers sized hole along the side of the package. It was where the bayonet was and it had worn a hole during shipping. Luckily, Classic or Molot bubble wrapped the firearm so no damage came to the contents. Anyways, thanks Classic.
Video Review
Uploaded by Jagrmaister13
Review by CHRIS on 3/1/14
Video Review
Uploaded by Chris Ursiny
Tula Hex M44 | Updated with video link
Review by Eric on 10/29/13
Some friends and I went in on a stocking dealer pack of 12 rifles. A little disappointed upon taking delivery, I assumed they would be crated because the description said 'factory sealed by the Russians', but this was just a large cardboard box with 6 cardboard boxes containing 2 rifles a piece in it.

The rifles themselves were very good to excellent condition. 10 of 12 had legit matching numbers, the other 2 were force matched. 8 of the 12 were consecutive serial numbers. There was one 1944 Tula Hex in the box.

No visible rust on the important parts. A few did have the barrel shank stamps starting to rust a little.

None of these rifles were counter bored. Using a cartridge inserted at the muzzle, about half had very good to excellent rifling, the other half, decent. None were within 1/3" of the case.

All 12 passed a field gauge headspace test.

The stocks were the most inconsistent part of the rifles. One of them was just amazing. Most were good to very good. 1-2 were bad relative to the rest of the lot with scratches, some deep, etc.

As far as cosmoline, these were very lightly coated on the outside, you could handle them all without getting more than a light residue on your skin.
Nice Gun
Video Review
Classic Firearms M44 Review
Uploaded by MidnightHozz
Eating my words,,, Outstanding Rifle
Review by Thomas on 10/19/13
You know the day that I received this rifle in the mail, I wasn't impressed, bad day, bad mood. But, after I slept on it, and went to work, had a better day, better mood, this is actually a beautiful rifle. It's an excellent addition to my collection. Classic Firearms has my loyalty,,,you can't go wrong with them.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant M44 - Molot - 1944
Uploaded by Tom Adkins
Once again, another OUTSTANDING purchase!!
Review by Tom Adkins on 9/28/13
Classic Firearms.com, another great buy! This is my 3rd M44 that I've bought from Classic Firearms, and I'm just as impressed with this one as the last two. You can't go wrong with these guys, Outstanding Product, Outstanding Customer Service, and Excellent shipping time....I bought this rifle on Wednesday, and had it in my hands on Thursday,,,Love it. Yes, I live less that 12 hours away from them, but regardless of that fact, I'm impressed and will continue buying from them in the future.
Video Review
Classic Firearms M44 1945 Mosin Nagant
Uploaded by Tom Adkins
2nd M44 Outstanding once again!
Review by Tom on 9/18/13
This is the second Mosin Nagant M44 that I've purchased from Classic Firearms. Once again an Outstanding Carbine, and you can't beat the customer service from these guys. I will be buying more from them in the future.
Video Review
Classic Firearms M44, 1944 Izhevsk - Outstanding Carbine
Uploaded by Tom Adkins
Great !!! Mosin-Nagant Model 1944 Carbine (M44 Rifle)
Review by Bryan on 9/18/13
I purchased this M44 Mosin Nagant 1944 Carbine Rifle at Classicfirearms.com and wanted to do a short review of what I received from them shipped right to my door on September the 12, 2013 since I have Curio and Relic's Federal Firearms License. This video shows you how it was shipped and what my rifle looked like right out of the box. I selected the options for hand select for bore and finish when I ordered it online at classicfirearms.com. It came with the Mosin Nagant cleaning rod, oilier and tools for cleaning the bore and making and checking adjustments to the bolt, no tool pouch, and sling or magazine pouches though. It came with matching stamped serial numbers on the bolt, receiver, and magazine and butt plate. Wood finish was in great shape for a military surplus rifle with matching wood all round the upper and lower of the Tula 1944 receiver. I used a bore light to check the rifling and it was in excellent condition with good rifling. My M44 was not counter bored at the end of my rifle barrel which I thought was great. My bolt when broken down did have a lot of work done on it either when it was refurbished by P.W. Arms in Redmond, Washington or originally from the factory in Russia during the war. There was some spots of pitting which let me to believe that the rifle had been used since they fired 7.62x54R military surplus ammunition that had corrosive primers in it. However, the pitting is minimal and keeping the bolt clean and well oiled will prevent any issues in this sixty nine year old rifle in the future. I’m looking forward to firing this rifle once I have it all cleaned up really well. I'm also thinking about purchasing a Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle that has a hex receiver and accessories from Classfirearms.com especially if they are in as great shape as this M44 was.
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com Mosin Nagant Model 1944 Carbine (M44 Rifle) Review
Uploaded by Joe Smith
Beautiful Rifles and a Blast to Shoot!
Review by Sparetimeprojects6 on 8/25/13
I purchased 2 of these M44 rifles from classic, and I will definitely be buying more! Be forewarned, the Mosin fever rumors are true! I had wanted one of these rifles since I was 12 years old and finally was able to get one. Both have been refinished and re-stamped by some company in Washington State, but that didn't matter to me. I opted for the hand select for finish and bore on both rifles and they appear barely used! I give Classic's service a 3 out of 5 because of the way they were packaged and that it took about a week longer than expected for them to ship the guns to my FFL, and I'm only 45 minutes away from their warehouse... I called 3 times to inquire about the status of my order and all three times was given a completely different answer. Finally, the 3rd person I called said that they had been in the process of moving inventory, so I guess I ordered at a bad time. The box they arrived in also only had a small sheet of bubble wrap around each receiver, and the bayonet bracket on one of the guns had ripped through the box and it was bent slightly, which was disappointing but luckily didn't affect the way it functioned. Otherwise, the guns were in amazing condition with near perfect rifling! You will not regret purchasing one of these guns! I know I'll be buying more!
Video Review
Mosin Nagant Fun
Uploaded by sparetimeprojects6
Outstanding M44, 100% Satisfaction!!!
Review by Tom on 8/21/13
I'm very happy with my M44, very beautiful and clean rifle. This is my first M44 and it will not be my last that I buy from ClassicFireArms. I highly recommend their firearms and all of the their accessories. I just found out today that in the past I bought my first Mosin from them from my FFL at a gunshow here in Virginia. Customer Service 5 Stars,,,,Quality of product, 5 Stars.......BUY THIS RIFLE,,,,!! I did not take the "hand select" option, I just left it up to the good people at Classic Firearms.
Video Review
Mosin Nagant M44 1944, First Look. ClassicFireArms.com
Uploaded by Tom Adkins
M44 Izhevsk
Review by John C. on 8/15/13
I received my M44 and it was a 1944 Izhevsk. After some cosmoline removal and refinishing of the stock, I have a great shooter! The barrel and stock are great considering it's a wartime shooter. It performed flawlessly at the range and I introduced more people to the platform. Yet another great purchase from Classic Firearms! Thanks!
Video Review
Mosin Nagant M44 (1944, Izhevsk) - classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by Sailor Gloom
Excellent Overall!!
Review by Brett on 8/10/13
This was my first purchase of a firearm online, so naturally I was a little skeptical. But after I got my C&R FFL and saw the reviews, I pulled the trigger (no pun intended lol). Very fast shipping; I ordered on a Tuesday morning and got it Thursday afternoon. And what a beautiful gun! Check out my video! I paid for hand select and requested a WWII date. The note on the packing slip said "I found the best 1944 I could; -DM" To whoever DM is, and the rest of the Classic Firearms team: THANK YOU! I will be using you exclusively for my C&R needs and more!!
Video Review
Mosin M44 Unboxing
Uploaded by Brett Nicholson
very pleased
Review by mainer86 on 8/7/13
This is the M44 Izhevsk Mosin I received last week from Classic Arms. Overall it was in decent condition. You always hope for the gem that sometimes you get lucky with but this one was probably just average. It had active corrosion in a few places (mostly under the stock) and had a cracked hand guard, but nothing bad enough to send back. I refinished the stock and the corrosion cleaned up pretty good. What I was really happy with was the 1944 year, no counter bore, all matching numbers, and a clean bore. All in all very pleased with the purchase. This wasn't the first and definitely won't be my last purchase from Classic.
Video Review
20130807 1308291]
Uploaded by 86Mainer
M44 Review - Very happy!!!
Review by Pat on 8/4/13
Great rifle!!!
Video Review
classicfirearms.com Mosin Nagant M44
Uploaded by patfracc
Bought two M44s and am a happy customer
Review by TheMaineEvent on 7/17/13
I bought two M44s and just got them in. I opted for both hand select finish and bore on one and hand select finish on the other.

I couldn't be happier with both rifles. The finish is superb on both and so is the rifling. The bluing is almost perfect, too.

The customer service is also worth mention. I bought the rifles two days apart, but in that time, the price dropped. They happily refunded me the difference on the first rifle which is above and beyond.

I'll definitely buy from here again!
Video Review
Uploaded by Darryl D
My Daughter and My Mosin
Review by Floyd on 6/28/13
A father-daughter bonding moment, thanks to a great M44 and great service from Classic Firearms!
Video Review
My Daughter and My Mosin Nagant M44
Uploaded by Floyd Teter
Hubby using my new Russian Flame Thrower
Review by Linda on 5/22/13
Awesomeness to the max !!!!
Video Review
Mosin-Nagant M44 - The Russian Flame Thrower
Uploaded by lowjack989
Mosin M44 Carbine out of the box vidoe glimpse
Review by Barry on 5/18/13
I literally just took it out of the box and shot a short clip so others could get a general idea of what you will get. I know nothing about these guns, so I probably won't be able to answer any questions. I couldn't tell you if this is a good one or a bad one, but I'm pretty happy with it and the service from Classicfirearms.com is excellent.
Video Review
Classicfirearms.com M44 Mosin Nagant out of the box video glimpse
Uploaded by Barry M
Great Rifle!!!
Review by Larz on 5/14/13
Great Rifle! Definitely worth the money.
Video Review
Mosin-Nagant M44 Test Firing
Uploaded by Larzul
Happy, learned a lot, added a video
Review by William on 4/24/13
I have added a video to my over all review. I have learned a lot about this rifle. It is my first Mosin. For example, the stock that I thought was repaired, was made with a splice it.
The rifle is in excellent condition, the packaging was professional, shipping was fast. Thank you Classic Firearms.
Video Review
Mosin M44
Uploaded by wonbychrist
Fantastic M44 From Classic
Review by Nick on 4/21/13
Couldn't have been happier with the M44 that I received. The metal work was in excellent shape and the bore was like new. I refinished the stock on mine and ordered another one as a gift as well as a K31 bayonet. 1st transaction with Classic and won't be my last.
Video Review
1945 Mosin Nagant M44 from www.classicfirearms.com
Uploaded by NH5877
M44 To the range ! M38 & CZ-82 Too !
Review by Dana on 4/16/13
Range time video follow-up to my M44 purchase. Two other purchases from ClassicFirearms.com accompany me too. Long video, but also a collection or slideshow of still shots at the end to boot. Thanks again ClassicFirearms.com ! God Bless & Keep The Good Stuff Coming.
Video Review
ClassicFirearms.com Purchases Go To The Range !
Uploaded by Dana W
Great gun Great buy from a Great company!
Review by Scott on 4/7/13
This is my first m44 as I have others of the m91/30 variety. I would rate the gun I got as good. I base this on other Mosin's I have purchased online and found the overall finish of the wood to be in excellent condition and would dream of refinishing them. I found the condition of the finish on this purchase to be a little rough. But, in a way, I didn't mind because I was looking for a project to refinish the stock. The metal work was in very good condition with only a few spots of rust on the barrel bands but again, nothing I wouldn't expect from a gun that is nearly 70 years old! The ordering was easy and the deliver was super fast! Check out my video which says it all.
Video Review
Mosin-Nagant m44 suplus rifle cleaned and refinished showing strip down to final finishing
Uploaded by swhite10539
Excellent Rifle and Service
Review by GSA on 4/7/13
The rifle came packaged well with quick delivery. The rifle exceeded expectations in fit and finish. The finish of the metal looks new and appears original based on the tooling marks from the factory. The barrel and Bore look new as well. The stock is in excellent shape. All of the numbers matched as well. Overall beautiful rifle. Thanks Classic Firearms. I will be ordering many more products from you.
Video Review

Uploaded by
Great quality, love the rifle
Review by RobCC on 4/3/13
First time buyer of these sorts of guns and i can say I'm incredibly pleased, was tempted to buy a chinese replica out of a brick and mortar store, but im glad i decided to go with classic firearms. I was a little worried buying a gun sight unseen, but all worry was washed when i opened the gun at the shop i did the transer through. Even the shop owners were impressed! the gun has very little cosmoline on it, and has a couple small scrathes and blemishes but nothing bad at all. Will be taking this out to the range as soon as i can get a chance!

Video Review
M44 mosin nagant review classic firearms
Uploaded by robert cisneros
Another Milsurp Hit !
Review by Dana W on 3/21/13
Video Review of my recent M44 Mosin-Nagant 1944 Izhevsk Carbine. This was a surplus weapon purchase from ClassicFirearmns.com and I have temporarily cured my "Mosinitis", I think ?! Another great purchase, great stuff...Keep It Coming !
Video Review
ClassicFirearms.com M44 Mosin-Nagant Video Review
Uploaded by Dana W
Great gun!
Review by Peter on 4/21/14
I purchased the M44 along with a Swiss K11 and I glad I did! The M44 is just my kind of gun. It is short and compact and feels just great in the hands. I received it from Classic and once going through the background check took it back to the house and proceeded to clean it. It did not have an excessive amount of cosmoline which made cleaning easier. And if none of you folks out there have never purchased a Mosin rifle, this has to be the simplest gun known to man or beast. Cleaned up the barrel did a little bluing and stripped the stock and painted it in green aniline dye with a little black mixed in. If you dropped this gun in the woods you might not be able to find it! All in all a pleasure to do business with Classic firearms and don't hesitate on getting one of these guns, you won't regret it.
A fine rifle in good shape.
Review by Ray on 4/20/14
A fine rifle in good shape.
Great Purchase
Review by Jack on 4/20/14
Really pleased with this purchase. Great rifle for the price. A real beauty. Smooth operation with minimal scratches on the stock. This is my fifth gun purchase from Classic and I've been happy with all of them. Minimal cleaning required and it fired great at the range. It's so nice I'm leaving this one as is. Received numerous compliments at the range. I'm sure this one won't be my last I buy from Classic. I wish more companies had Christian values and weren't afraid to admit it. Please let me know if you're interested in opening a franchise in South Eastern Virginia. God Bless Classic Firearms and God Bless the USA.
Wonderful piece of history and a great shooter!
Review by robokop on 4/16/14
I originally was planning on buying the 91/30 (which I still might since they aren't that much in price. I'd like to find a Tula hex) but then I learned about the carbine with the mounted bayonet so I decided on that instead. I ordered it on 03/14/14 and my FFL received it on 03/19/14 so the processing and shipping was quick. There was no hand select available for condition but there was for bore so I did pay extra for that. The rifle I received had pretty much a perfect bore with no counter bore, no pitting, etc. The bluing was nearly perfect. The only rust I found was on the butt plate at the very bottom of it which I should be able to grind off and reblue. I can't just replace the butt plate because the rifle has all matching numbers and I want to keep it that way. Mine was made in 1944.

The condition of the stock was decent but not perfect so I bought a real nice stock off eBay which was a blonde wood with almost no scratches or dents. Once I received the new stock, I soaked all the metal parts in mineral spirits overnight, rinsed it all off with hot water, dried everything via compressed air/towel drying/air drying, and then oiled the
crap out of all the metal parts to protect them. I swapped out the stocks and I now have a beautiful rifle in great condition that I can be proud of. I plan on passing it down to my son when he gets older and can appreciate it the way I do. The stock that came with the rifle from Classic Firearms wasn't bad and could be refinished to great condition with some time and effort but it was clearly a repaired stock which I'm not fond of which is the only reason I bought a different stock. Overall, what I received from Classic is awesome.

I shot it for the first time 2 days ago and it was a memorable experience. Youtube videos can not prepare you for the boom this thing makes and the fireball that shoots out the barrel. I don't have the greatest eye site anymore but I shot 20 rounds of Brown Bear (split up between 2 targets) and had a good grouping each time at about 50 yards. I was a bit low and to the left so I might have to make some sight adjustments but I don't want to do that until I know if it is the rifle or me. No sticky bolt issues whatsoever. This is my first milsurp. I absolutely love this gun and I'm so glad I bought it from Classic Firearms.
Great buy
Review by ed92254 on 4/15/14
I got a good one looks good shoots great
Excellent shooting rifle
Review by Andyk on 4/14/14
It's been almost a year since I got my classic m44. I was pleased with this rifle when I picked it up at my local shop. It had a lot of cosmoline on it initially, but I cleaned it off only to find a beautiful rifle underneath. Bluing is almost 100% on this beauty. All matching numbers. The bolt is pristine.

At the range this rifle is very accurate. It out shoots my m9130.

I'm very pleased with this rifle and it was priced lower than the junky m44's I see at gun shows!
Pretty good with minor problems.
Review by Joey on 4/10/14
It shipped 6 days after I placed my order. WOW. Anyways, When it came in the stock looked FANTASTIC! Some scratches here and there but I did not expect it to look so good. However, there were some problems. It was completely missing the retaining lug as well as it had a pretty bad extractor. I will be replacing these. Overall, Fantastic buy!
Great Firearm For the Price
Review by Trey on 4/8/14
Late review due to time constraints. Overall impression is that this is a great example of a 1944 M44. Received in a timely manner, cleaned up really well. Had a pretty nasty "scuff" on the left side of the piece that I was a little disappointed in but since I plan on shooting it won't be a big deal. Plus I haven't tried any type of blending repair or refinishing. Bolt was really a pain and would not cycle out of the box, it would really bind up even without a round. upon further inspection the bottom fork of the bolt had a slight bend to it. Worked fine in my 91/30 so I swapped a piece here and there and they both cycle smoothly dry. Haven't had the opportunity to shoot it yet but I truly can't wait . Even with these minor issues I still give it 5 stars, It is a 1944 surplus rifle after all. I don't expect it to behave like a brand new M4.
Thank's Classic, won't be my last purchase for sure!
Very well pleased
Review by Randy on 4/7/14
I received the M$$ Mosin Nagant with the time period you specified. The rifle was in great shape and as a bonus - all the serial numbers matched. Please contact me if you receive any M38 Mosin Nagants. Thank You!.
A Mixed Bag
Review by Buckshot on 4/7/14
I bought two of these, one for me and one for my son. I give his 4 stars and mine 3, so I'll round it up to 4 because I've always been happy with Classic Firearms. I've bought over a half dozen firearms from them now and my M44 was the first time I was a little disappointed. My son's looks great with a nice stock and bore. All numbers match on both. I paid the extra 10 bucks for hand select bore on mine and the bore is nice, but not any better than my son's. That's OK because I know how it works with milsurps and I wanted to make sure I got a good bore. I was disappointed, however, with the stock. It was pretty rough and, based on what I've gotten from Classic in the past, I thought it might even be a B grade. I guess I got the best bore of the bunch of 5, but the stock is probably going to get refinished. Either way, I'll still do business with Classic. I've been happy every other time and their customer service is top notch.
Great Buy
Review by James on 4/5/14
I've looked at Mosin Nagant rifles for the last couple of years thinking having one might be fun. (I'm more of pistol collector than rifles.) After some research I decided to finally take the plunge with the M44. While I paid for hand picked selection I really wasn't expecting much. I couldn't be happier! Everything is in very good shape. A few very minor cosmetic defects in the stock, great rifling, and overall very clean. Just needed a light cleaning.
Shooting is a blast! (pun intended) That old Soviet ammo is cheap but sure is dirty. Prompt cleaning is a must and does take some time. A great buy and a lot of FUN!
Excellent Rifle
Review by Robert A on 4/4/14
I am extremely pleased with my purchase of this classic rifle. I requested a "Hand Select for Bore" and happy I did. The rifle is well preserved, can't wait to finish the clean and start shooting. Thank you Classic Firearms !!
Worth the price
Review by Felipe on 4/4/14
Hard to say this but really wished the gun came with more Cosmo hard a few areas of rust the worst part was the bayonet has about a 1/2" spot of rust on it besides that all matching numbers minus the butt plat over all really good can't wait to shoot it
Five Big Ones Again For Classic!!!
Review by Bill on 4/3/14
Got another M44 from Classic and it really rocks!! Super good finish and a beautiful bore! Can't wait to shoot it- still a little cold in Minnesota, but next week much warmer. I know this rifle will shoot as well as it looks! I have yet to find a better online gun dealer than Classic Arms!!! I have had nothing but sweet products and wonderful service from them. A tip of the Hatlo Hat to Classic!!! Gotta be old to remember that one!!! Thank you, Classic!!!
1945 M44
Review by Kevin on 4/3/14
Wow I ordered a hand picked M44 Mosin Nagant. The m44 I received has a very clean bore, numbers matching, perfect blueing, no rust anywhere, stock has very light wear. Quick shipping for across the United states I'm very pleased with my purchase, I plan to do a lot more business with Classic Firearms. Thanks for the M44!
Not all can be above average
Review by Matt on 3/31/14
Most of the reviews here seem to be people who got lucky, but not everyone can get an above average rifle. Mine was rusty - very rusty. Both bands, the underside of the barrel, and the receiver were crusty and flaking. This is the worst condition rifle I've received.

Maybe my luck is just exceptionally bad, but I can't believe that in the pile there aren't others like the one I have. Be prepared to get a rifle that is not as nice as those that other reviewers have received.
Beautiful and a lot of fun to shoot
Review by remo713 on 3/29/14
Ok so sometimes I'm leery of buying guns online. You don't get to give it a good once-over, see what the bore looks like, see what the finish looks like and get a good overall feel for the gun. I read reviews and thought I would go for it. Even if it needed some work it would be ok. So I paid $10 extra for Hand Select for Finish and paid my $$. When the gun arrived I was very happy. The finish was very nice. It had a few low spots but some alcohol will allow me to re-blend the shellac easily but there were only a few spots. The bore looks unfired. The rifling looks clean and bright. I was amazed. I did a good cleaning and took it to the range and she fired beautifully. It was shooting low and left at 50 yards but I read that the M44 will shoot off just a little bit if you don't shoot with the bayonette extended. I haven't been back to try this out but once I figured out where POI was the gun was a nice shooter. I'm very pleased with the gun and very happy with Classic Firearms.
M44 Mosin Nagant
Review by Aelmo on 3/28/14
Great rifle. Very nice condition. Matching numbers.
Real happy with Classic Firearms
Review by Steve on 3/28/14
Picked up my M-44 a few weeks ago. Box was received from my FFL intact with no damage. Got a super clean 1947 Izhevsk M-44 with all matching numbers. The only (common) flaw was some pitting on one area of the receiver where it meets the barrel. Other than that......Bore was shiny and clean already, no pitting in bore, deep lands and grooves, and not counter bored. Minimal cosmo overall and it passed a headspace test out of the box. Buy with confidence !! Classic has definitely earned my business in the future.
Great piece of history
Review by Rila on 3/26/14
My Nagant M44 received from Classic Firearms, was superbly packaged, and there was no damage to the packaging by UPS. I opted for a hand selected bore and got a nice shiny one, and not counter-bored. No rust on the metal that I can see. The stock is a bit rough with some dings and gouges, but that just adds to its character. Mine was a 1944 Izzy with all matching serial numbers. I haven't had a chance to shoot this yet, but if it shoots as good as it looks, I will be a happy trooper.
Review by Mike on 3/25/14
handy little rifle with a big round and a big bang. only down side was the import marks scribe across the top of the receiver like a billboard ad. good bore, paid the 10 extra. stock was a little dinged up in places but some 000 steel wool and some layers of oil will fix all that. I love my 91/30 the length is a bit much, the 44 is a great all around rifle to keep close by on the farm. Till to kill coyote from the bathroom window now! Thanks classic!
Review by Mike on 3/25/14
handy little rifle with a big round and a big bang. only down side was the import marks scribe across the top of the receiver like a billboard ad. good bore, paid the 10 extra. stock was a little dinged up in places but some 000 steel wool and some layers of oil will fix all that. I love my 91/30 the length is a bit much, the 44 is a great all around rifle to keep close by on the farm. Till to kill coyote from the bathroom window now! Thanks classic!
1944 ishevsk m44
Review by John on 3/24/14
All around good. Blueing and bore are in great shape. Stock has a few rough spots but considering it's a war time stock and it's age it's in exceptional shape. Pleasant transaction all the way around. Thank you classic
great purchase!!! thankyou classic firearms!!!!
Review by david f. on 3/23/14
back in feb. i purchased 3 rifles from classic firearms: this m44, a laminate 91/30, and a chi-com sks. because i live in ca. i waited nearly a month before i was able to get it in my hands due to regulation here in ca. and because i don't have a c&r yet, and because it came all the way across the country. classic did a great job of packing this rifle for shipment across the us and no damage occurred during shipping. although i did get a glimpse of it at the dealer when it came in, it wasn't until 10 days later that i was able to get it home and cleaned up, and really see what they sent me. the first thing i noticed was that they sent me a laminate stock which is absolutely beautiful, especially since i only expected a standard hardwood stock and they don't list a laminate option which also usually costs more as an upgrade. next all numbers matched from the trigger, bolt carrier, buttplate, and receiver. no electro-penciling, and no force matching!!!! my final concern was barrel condition and i paid the extra $10.00 for hand select on the bore. the bore was in excellent condition and was bright and shiny with sharp rifling on the lands and grooves. also very important to me was that it was not counter-bored, and it was not. the rifle itself is an izhevsk with a date of 1944. it had the period correct early single ear bayonet lug and it came with the cleaning rod and all the standard mosin tools. another interesting thing is that these rifles come from molot. on some collector forums there are guys saying that molot refinishes these rifles and it destroys the collector value and they aren't worth buying because of this. from what i could see this rifle looks good but it was definitely not refinished. it had the usual small dings and scratches like any surplus firearm. the only thing that was different was that it was not covered in cosmoline. i think molot just cleans off the rifles and laser etches their logo before shipping them here. it just doesn't make sense that they would refinish or put new parts on these rifles at this price point, spending more time and money for less profit. would i buy one again and do i think i got my moneys worth on this rifle? absolutely!!!! and i am seriously considering buying another one. only a few of my friends have seen this rifle so far, but several have asked me where it came from and are already considering buying one. i have a lot of shooter friends and once the rest of them see this rifle i think classic firearms is going to get their business. i just hope they don't sell out before i can get another for myself!!!! i'm generally a sort of picky guy when it comes to quality and buying experience but classic came through big time. i would not hesitate to make another purchase and i have a feeling they will hear from me again in a short time. classic firearms went beyond what i expected, and that's a not so common practice these days with lots of businesses. in return i'm going to direct all of my friends to them as well. hopefully my reviews will do the same. thank you classic firearms, i couldn't be more happy with this rifle!!!!
-dave f.
"good condition"
Review by Bruce on 3/22/14
good condition, probably could have saved the $10 for hand select
Great little rifle.
Review by Daryl on 3/20/14
I am very pleased with my rifle. I am use to cleaning globs of cosmoline off Russian Trifles but this one was cleaned before I got it. That is a plus, but I had one arwea that is a little ruff otherwise an excellant rifle. I still gave it a five because of the price and history. I bought a M1 carbine that was 4 times this price and worse shape. I have other Mosin Nagant's and I like them all. I enjoy the history and the fact that they look brand new inside the actionj and barrel. I am glad these are still reasonably priced because everything else has trippled in the last ten years. Everthing is limited in numbers so if you are just thinking about buying this, just do it. you'll be happy years from now and ammo is still affordable.
Great Shooter!
Review by Stephen on 3/13/14
A few light scratches on the stock but very nice cosmetically overall. I was surprised at the accuracy. Once i extended the bayonet, i was hitting within inches of the bulls-eye. Service was very good. I will be ordering from Classic again.
Review by Bob on 3/11/14
Received my M44 about two months ago, shot
it once and was sure I had a bad rifle. Shots
landed about a foot left of aim. Text from Mosin
Nagant said, deploy bayonet to correct the
problem. It did. M44 is beautiful, accurate and I
couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Classic
Review by K-9 on 3/9/14
I took a chance when these were first listed and, man, this M44 is beautiful! I was very surprised at the quality. A few very minor knicks, but that is about it. Just wow!
Quality Rifle at a Great Price....
Review by Joel S. on 3/8/14
The rifle that I purchased was received yesterday. It was in excellent condition. Cannot say enough about the finish and cosmetics. Very little clean-up of the exterior surfaces was required. Bore was clean and bright. I cannot wait to take it to the range. I have purchased many Mosin's over the years and this rifle is the best of the lot. The rifle was packaged extremely well and the order process from beginning to end was nothing more than professional. Classic Arms does a "Classic" job.
Very nice rifle.
Review by David on 3/5/14
Bought this with extra hand selection. Not disappointed. Really nice rifle. Will go to the
range as soon as weather permits.
Review by Denny on 3/4/14
Received my 1944 Izzy today. Blueing was excellent, not counterbored and it appears to be all matching numbers I have to say it was a pleasant surprise to see it had a laminate stock . I chose to pay for cosmetics and bore and it was well worth it. I've bought all my surplus firearms from Classic Firearms and im not the least bit disappointed. I'll keep coming back.
Very nice condtion
Review by Brian on 3/4/14
Very nice condition. Mine was hand picked for bore and finish and you can tell it was. I'm really glad that they give BOTH of these options. The rifle was VERY well wrapped in bubble wrapped and packed in two cardboard boxes, one inside the other.

I would/will certainly buy from Classic Firearms again.
Review by Frank on 3/4/14
I originally was a bit disappointed on the receipt of this 1945R as I had returned a 1944R that had some serious barrel rust. Despite the absence of military marking on the stock, the hardware is perfect and looks like never been fired condition. A very bright and solid grooved bore. Even the bolt comes apart and goes back together easier. After a good cleaning I brought it to the range and met a gentleman with a 1938 and was amazed that this M44 was in such great shape. Shoots high left at 50 yards so an adjustment tool is on the way. Very pleased with the replacement M44. Thank you so much for taking the time to expedite the replacement. Now, we need some more ammunition in your inventory. Soon I hope .
looks pretty good so far...
Review by jeff on 2/27/14
I received my Mosin M44 today. So far - I like it.
The good:
- Bore is bright. Rifling looks good.
- The numbers all match. No "forced" numbers.
- 1945 manufacture date.
- Some wear on the stock and metal. Not bad. Just some use. You will have that...
- Very light cosmoline.
The bad:
- It took 10 days to get it.
- The shipping box was beat up some where along the way and the bayonet lug was outside the shipping box. The bayonet lug was lightly scuffed.
- Some fairly heavy rust pitting around the barrel bands.
- Metal reinforcements in the stock for the sling are missing.

For a nearly 70 year old rifle - it's quite nice. If you enjoy military weapons and for the money...I recommend you get yours - soon.
Mosin Nagant M44 by Molot
Review by Michael on 2/26/14
This is my first review of my first ever order and first time use of my C&R license. I have just received the M44 that was hand picked out, I am very please to know that the comment section when placing a order was being monitored! I am very pleased to have received a 1944 Tula! Thank you very much for taking the time out to look for rifle that I really wanted, enough though you guys were playing catch up gathering and packing orders that were stacked up from being shut down for a few days due to the severe icy conditions offered by "Winter Storm Pax". The customer service that I experienced with Classic Firearms and the staff was unbelievable!
Great deal Great Service
Review by Bill-in-the-Hills on 2/23/14
Live in Galax VA so drove two hours to Monroe to pick up rifle at Take Aim Training. BUT, back to Classicfirearms... Great service. Ordered on Thurs afternoon, was sent or picked up Taken Aim on Friday. I picked up rifle on Sat. Opted for both bore and appearance hand pick. Bore is shinny although the lands don't seem as defined as other Nagants I own they are consistent the entire barrel and their doesn't appear to be any pits or even crazing in spite of the age. The stock... what can I say? Galax is famous for our wood furniture...Hello! The Ruskies know their wood and this one looks like a piece of fine furniture. OH, and I'm VERY hard of hearing the guys cooperated FAR far further than I had any right to expect. Great Guys and Gals. Excellent service and a good price. See you next time I have some cash for "toys"!!
Fine rifle, great price, very satisfied!!!
Review by Bill on 2/22/14
M44 arrived today and I am very pleased! I paid for handpick for cosmetics and bore and was well rewarded with a beautiful rifle with an almost pristine bore. Very happy with this purchase! Classic Arms is THE place to get great service, a fine product, and the most bang for your buck!!! Thank you, Classic Arms!!!
Nice and clean
Review by Bubba Zinetti on 2/22/14
This is the first Mosin I've bought, and I liked the smaller size and attached bayonet so I got the M44. The stock was nice, a few nicks as to be expected, but the working parts of the gun were in great shape, not a lot of cosmoline and cleaned up very well, bolt moves easily and best of all the barrel looks shiny and pretty near new with no counter-boring. Numbers don't match but I expected that as well, and no problem as this is to be used and not just left in the safe. Great value and a fun little gun.
My favorite rifle
Review by Jeffrey on 2/21/14
I bought my M44 during the black friday sale, along with a grade B 91/30.
I paid a little extra for a hand select, and although there are a couple blemishes on the furniture, the bore is gleaming, and it shoots like a dream.
This rifle is fun, and it's rare that a old bolt action turns heads, but the M44 has that effect on people.
My overall experience with Classic was smooth and painless.
I'm already planning my next purchase.
Review by smokey685 on 2/20/14
In great shape. This rifle is sweet!!!!
Review by MilSurpCollector on 2/19/14
The M-44 I received was absolutely beautiful. It was not completely caked with tons of cosmoline and cleaned up in less than an hour. Had a few spots under the stock that had a little rust starting around where the bottom screw holds the magazine to the stock and into the receiver. But in all fairness, it is 70 years old. I have a lawnmower thats two years old that's showing rust already. Anyways, haven't shot it yet, going out this weekend and will post a video hopefully when I return. If you want one, I say get one while you can. I'm getting more when I get the money. Just ordered an SKS too, waiting patiently until I get that piece of awesome in my hands. Will post an unboxing of that when I get it. Was too excited when I got the M-44 and ripped the box apert getting to it and forgot to video it. Expect more business from me in the future Classic Firearms. Also, expect some business from some of my co-workers after they saw mine.
Very Nice Rifle
Review by Richard on 2/15/14
I used the hand select option and received a very nice Mosin with matching numbers. It was also pretty clean and only requires a minimum of cleaning. There was no rust or corrosion present and the bore was shiny with good rifling. Took it to the range and ran a few clips thru it, shoots really nice. The shot brass shows no head space issues. Definitely a good buy, get one while you can!
Review by Curtis on 2/14/14
This was my first Mosin Nagant from Classic. It will not be my last. The rifle came quick and is a fine example of M44. Excellant bore, stock very good. I am one happy customer!
Great Rifle
Review by COLIN on 2/11/14
Only thing holding this back from 5 stars is the forced match on the magazine. Great Rifle Great shooter!
Slightly Disappointed
Review by Jason on 2/11/14
I received my 1944 Izhevsk from my local FFL on 2/10. I paid the extra hand select fee for bore and finish.

Shipping: A. Rifle was very well-packaged and came within about a week of my order. Only had a relatively light amount of cosmoline. Tools and oil bottle were separately wrapped, so nothing was rattling around.

Stock : A. It is a wartime stock and in great shape with only a few very minor dings, which is impressive considering its age. No complaints here.

Metal: B-. All numbers matched except the butt plate, which isn't a huge deal to me. The bluing is generally good, but there are a number of dings in the metal and spots where the bluing has been worn off, particularly around the edges of the receiver.

Bore: Giving this a C. Based on the reviews and customer photos, I was expecting a great bore (especially being a hand pick). I will say that the bore is very bright and has been cleaned well over the years. It has only minor pitting within the grooves and no "frosting" as seen in many of these. However, this rifle must have seen heavy use because the lands are extremely worn. My '43 91/30 has a mediocre bore but the lands seem about twice as pronounced as the ones on this rifle. I'm still holding out hope that it will shoot well (you just never know with Mosins), but my expectations are definitely low based on the condition of the rifling.
Review by Mike on 2/10/14
When i purchased my M44 I chose hand select for bore and finish. The rifle I received was in excellent condition with a bright and shiny bore. The stock has a few minor rubs or dings but nothing to worry about. Overall an excellent rifle .
Quite the thumper!!! Must have!!
Review by Zach on 2/10/14
I've had this rifle for about a month now and I could not be any more happy with it. It shoots as good as it looks! A great purchase from Classic Firearms and I can't wait to do business with them again, they're great!
Very Nice Rifle!
Review by JPowhatan on 2/7/14
Thank you Classic Firearms for another great rifle. The condition is great and can't wait tot shoot it.
Almost Amazing
Review by TexasTrenton on 2/7/14
My rifle is a 1944 Izzy.
Its toe splice does not meet up for a seamless fix even though I paid for bore and cosmetic select.
Its bore is mirror clean and a great shooter!
For those reasons I can only give it 4 out of 5 stars. This is highly recommended by me!
Every Mosin collector needs an M44!
Beyond words
Review by SVK on 2/6/14
Couldn't be happier. The stock was in near perfect condition with only (3) 1/4" dings on one side. The bluing seams to be at least 90% with no pitting. The bore is both clean and sharp. And all matching numbers. I doubt that this piece had seen real action except maybe target practice. If I could give it any more stars, I would.
Nice looking rifle
Review by Southern Boy on 2/4/14
It's a nice looking rifle, something different from the full size M91/30. All numbers matched but for the magazine well, but I wasn't worried. But... But when I shot it the grouping was far left. At only 25 yards the rifle was hitting about 6-8 inches left of the bullseye. I wasn't used to have a Mosin Nagant shooting so far off. So I was a little disappointed with the grouping but it is a surplus rifle and I like to collect World War II and Cold War guns so I give it 4 stars. I don't regret the purchase.
Excellent M44 WOW
Review by Yakdriver on 1/31/14
Received rifle this week, Molot and Classic great matchup, rifle is in as new condition all #
match has little wear for a 1944 unit. if you dont have one buy one before they are gone.
Great Rifle
Review by Burt on 1/30/14
Orderd one 2 wks ago, received today, excellent shape 1944 issue, very little wear.
outstanding service from classic arms, cleaned
up in minutes ready to go to range.
Review by JoeyP on 1/29/14
First things first... I'm upset with Classic, because whenever I order from them, I get a rifle that's so nice I don't want to shoot it!! I got the hand select for bore and finish. The stock was very nice except for 3 scratches. BUT for an Izzy from 1944, I cant really complain. I bought this to be a shooter not a wall hanger. The bore was so tight and clean, and the metal was so blue, I'm wondering if this was even shot. No crowning or anything! The BAD is that other than the receiver and the bolt, all the other parts are forced matched. I'm wondering if next time I request an all numbers matching rifle if that could happen? Anyways, overall, this is an outstanding M44. I know I'm going to end up buying another one. (I wish the wood didn't have those scratches tho... )
How many are enough ?
Review by USMC1991 on 1/28/14
How many are enough ? I don't know. Working on it. Brought a B grade less then a week ago. M44 awhile back. I don't know if I made a review then. Happy with both. Paid extra for hand pick. Worth it. In time I think quality Mosins will be worth more and in demand. I a few and will probably treat myself again. Buy one or two while quality Mosins are at Classic has them. Truck gun. Wall hanger. Range rifle. Survival weapon. Mine look sharp. Fires straight. Takes a beating. Like an ex-wife, it asks for more and more.
Review by Dan on 1/23/14
I just recieved my second m44 . I paid for hand select,and once again I'm glad I did, good rifling good bore stock is nice minor corrosion on some bolt parts but cleaned up nice. first m44 was dated 1948 second was 1944. great job!
70 years old and only looks 30
Review by TejasTom on 1/20/14
Chose bore/finish hand select and was not disappointed in spending the extra money. Only 2 cherry sized surface finish blemishes on the butt of the rifle. Bore was exceptionally good for the age of the rifle. No excessive wear on the bolt carrier group. After disassembly and good cleaning, put 100 rounds of surplus russian down range in 38 degree temps. Rifle performed well with zero mechanical issues, short of a front site that was in need of adjustment. Action was much smoother than I expected. Best I could do was 3" grouping at 50 yards off a bench with shooting bags and gloves on. After 50 rounds barrel was hot and shot placement loosened up to 4" and sometimes an occasional 5" groupings. This is a fun and cheap rifle to shoot. 762x54R is a heck of a lot cheaper then 308 or 30-06! It was well worth the wait to own a functional piece of WWII history!
A really good gun!
Review by rocketroger on 1/19/14
I took a chance and bought this gun. Paid for bore and looks it was well worth it!
What a surprise!! I never thought id get such a good looking gun!
Took it to the range and it shot great!! Its cold in this Ohio weather ,but I cant wait to shoot it more!
If you want one of these great m44,s. I highly reccomend classic for your purchase!!
I will be giving them more of my business.
rifle purchases
Review by Mike on 1/18/14
Ordered early Dec. 2013, received late Dec. but concidering the holiday rush and the quality of guns the wait was worth it. excellent quality,well pleased and i will definately do more business with Classic Firearms!
Great 44 Tula
Review by Gary on 1/17/14
Got the rifle several days ago and just got back from the range. This rifle looks and shoots great.

I took it completely apart and had just a little cosomoline, not much. The bore is in great shape and the wood has just some small handling marks as should be expected.

I asked for the hand select for the bore and finish. I ordered it on the phone. They shipped it a couple days later and it was packed very well.

As an added bonus the rifle is a 44 Tula, which makes it less common.

Overall, I couldn't be happer with the purchase. This is not the first, nor will it be the last item I purchase from Classic.
Great rifle at a great price!
Review by andycapp on 1/16/14
This is my second purchase from Classic, with the first being a handgun. I just received my M44 Mosin Nagant Rifle - from Molot. I did select "Hand Select for Bore and Finish". This rifle is in excellent condition , All matching numbers, No counter bore. It's so nice it's staying original after it has been cleaned. Looking forward to going to the range. Thank you Classic Firearms!
Pretty nice...
Review by Mark on 1/16/14
I ordered two of these rifles to add to my collection. One was 100% original numbers matching however had some pretty nasty gouges in the stock. The second was force matched but in great shape. All metal was outstanding. One issue is the bayonet is so tight that it actually looks like it's spreading the mounting location and really takes some grunt work to deploy. Some grinding will ease it up but surprised that it is a problem that exists. The rifles are great, was not impressed with the speed of processing/shipping. I had ordered two other rifles from a different company three days after I ordered these and they arrived before these even shipped...
Just buy one!
Review by Brian on 1/16/14
This was my first purchase from Classic, and I could not be more pleased. I opted for hand select for finish and bore. This m44 is damn near perfect! All numbers match except forced matched but plate, but no big deal. There wasn't a ton of cosmoline either which is a good thing. It arrived at my ffl packaged well and I was surprised to find out that they sent an oil bottle and tool kit. If you're on the fence about purchasing one of these, just do it! It's short money for a high quality rifle from a high quality seller. You will not be disappointed.
Impressive M44!
Review by J.B. on 1/16/14
This was my first order with Classic Firearms and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I chose the hand select options and was not disappointed. Overall the rifle is in excellent condition and the bore is like new! Thank you Classic Firearms.
Great Purchase
Review by Jeff on 1/14/14
I got 2. Nice 91/30s! Beautifully blued. Stocks in B+ condition. All numbers batch except bayonettes (on both). They shoot very well.
Mosin Nagant M44
Review by Sigman on 1/13/14
Thanks you guys did a great job on picking out one of the best M44's my FFL dealer has seen in awhile ,and myself I am very pleased .I have a M91/30 .and now this baby I am set .Really love to shoot these .I have my brother interested in one now so will be ordering either M91/30 or a M44 he haven't decided yet Thanks Again for the Great Pick of the Litter well worth the money
Mosin M44 - Looks as tho never fired!
Review by James on 1/13/14
As stated in summary, I see no sign this gun has been fired!
Matching serial numbers.
One shallow scratch on stock.
Minor corrosion on two stock clips/bands.
Disassembled and cleaned bore and bolt assy.Very little cosmoline.
I paid the extra $$ for bore and o'all finish.
I was amazed how nice this weapon looks!
The gun was a bargain!
Thanks Classic Firearms! JC
Fantastic, like new...
Review by Dave on 1/12/14
I already had a Tula 91/30. Bought it from a local dealer. It was covered in cosmoline. After a good disassembly/cleaning with WD-40 (works great removing the stuff) found not in that great shape. Acceptable though. This M-44 however, was in clean - ready to shoot condition out of the box. I gave it a good cleaning anyway. it was immaculate. I reload so I took some PPU/IMR4895/125 gn rounds to the range. Bullseyes from the first shot. Did not have to touch the sights. Great buy for a great weapon. Only thing that would have been better if I had lucked out and got a Tula instead of an Izzy. Still love it. Would recommend over any others I have seen, and I did my homework. I did pay the extra $20 for considerations.
Review by Dan on 1/9/14
Great rifle,I had one hand picked, I'm Happy I did. Good blueing good rifling , stock is nice. only problem is I want another one.
Great rifle!
Review by Reese0313 on 1/8/14
The M44 I ordered from Classic was in great shape and looked almost brand new. The bore was very good and all the cosmetics were better than expected for a surplus rifle. This was my fifth purchase from Classic and I have yet to be disappointed! Classic even sent me the year of rifle I requested in the customer notes section. I'm not going to guarantee you'll get every little thing you wish for, but you will be hard pressed to find a better online dealer who can meet or surpass your expectations every time like Classic has done for me. Thanks again Team Classic!
Review by David on 1/7/14
I received my M44 yesterday. I "slept on it" prior to posting this review. This is my 6th Mosin, first online purchase and first M44. The intent was to have this be the showpiece of my collection. I have read the other reviews here and the seemingly great luck folks were having, so I decided to try an online buy. Still slightly concerned I paid the $10 for Hand select for cosmetics and the $10 for Hand select for bore. It arrived well packed with bubble wrap and internal cardboard frame cutouts to secure the rifle in place. White box inside of brown shipping box.
After opening the box and removing the bubble wrap, the very first thing I noticed was the upper sling slot was heavily rusted and pitted all the way through the slot, have never seen that on any Mosin I've handled, 100+ . There were the normal slight dimples/scuffs on the furniture. There was one heavy ding, complete with protruding splinter, on the stock end. Unfolded the bayonet and noted a small spot of surface rust immediately behind the mount under the fold. I knew that it would buff right off, so no concern there. Very little cosmoline was noted. Bolt and receiver were stamp matched. Mag box and butt plate were strikethroughs. Bolt was "Mosin smooth". Placed my Field gauge onto the face, bolt did not close so headspace safe. Visually inspected bore with light, all looked fine, was pleased to see no, ZERO, pitting at all. Pulled the rod, slid the bands off, removed hand guard. Metal under guard looked fine.
Removed box screw, rust on last few threads pitted on end. Removed tang screw and pulled barrel. Two large areas , 3" x 1",of buff-able surface rust along both undersides of the receiver, and under the entire tang. Heavy rust and pitting on bottom end of recoil block, that explains the rust and pitting on mag box screw. The ejector spring screw head was a rust fuzzball, which also has pitted the end of the spring under it. Cleaned, lubed, reassembled everything and shot ~30 rounds through it. Shoots well, has the deeply satisfying fireball and bark. In conclusion, other than probably having a 'tap-die and replace' ejector spring in my near future, I would rate this gun as good, not very good to excellent as the description states. This will probably be my last sight unseen purchase
Nicer than expected!
Review by JAGACIDA on 1/7/14
I already own one which is pretty nice, but these are just as pretty. I chose the hand picked option which I feel was well worth it. A minor clean and a weather warm up and I'll take them out for a session. Thanks.
Very pleased!!!
Review by Noel on 1/2/14
My M44 arrived quick this time..I'm very pleased of how this rifle looks..cant wait to shoot it..
m44 mosin from molot
Review by jerry on 1/2/14
extremely happy with the rifle looks very nice for a 1944 and shoots very well shot 8 rounds from about 60 feet 3 where dead center and the other 5 just outside of dead center very tight group was very impressed
I'm Thrilled with my grade B Mosin 91/30
Review by fayettebr on 12/31/13
I've been a longtime, happy AIM customer. I had never bought anything from Classic. Their $99.99 grade B Mosin 91/30s made me decide to give them a try and WOW I was not disappointed! The rifle was shipped promptly, very well packed. Communication about my order was great. I would grade this rifle A- at least, close to excellent IMO. Nice bore, good trigger (for a Mosin), just a really nice rifle. The icing on the cake was I got a 1930 Tula hex. Thanks Classic. I'll be back!
Great gun with nice bore
Review by Jeff on 12/30/13
Great gun
I have a hawkeye bore scope and I just checked out the bore on this beauty. It is very shiney and bright for a surplus rifle almost 70 years old. Will buy another one without hesitation. I did pay the extra $20 for hand pick. The stock is nice as well with exception of a few marks nothing major.
Izhevsk M44
Review by Ox on 12/28/13
Ordered this rifle and received it quickly even though it was in the middle of the holiday season. Classic Firearms carefully packaged the rifle and it arrived undamaged. I paid for the hand select for finish and bore and was not disappointed. The rifle is in excellent shape and was manufactured by Izhevsk in 1944.

The stock has some very minor dings but it otherwise in great condition--there's even a faint circular 'CCCP' stamp on the butt. The buttplate and magazine base plate are forced matched, but that's okay with me since I intend to hold on to this great rifle.

Great customer service and a great product--I'll definitely buy from Classic again.
Molot M44
Review by Oornice on 12/27/13
I received my Mosin Nagant M44 today. It's a nice rifle. Bore is very clean. I would say the finish was Good not very good or excellent. I think the hand pick is pretty much the luck of the draw.I would stick with the standard over the hand pick and save yourself some cash. My friend got an M44 about a month ago and got a standard pick and his finish was nicer. Like I said it's luck of the draw. Maybe the number available is thinning. I'm still ok with my purchase.
Very Nice Mosin Nagant M44 by Molot
Review by Richard on 12/27/13
Ordered a hand select bore & finish on Dec 10th and received Dec 24th. Received a very nice 1944 Izhevsk with an excellent barrel in and out. Stock would have been excellent had it not been for two deep gouges mid length on the left side. All matching numbers except for a force matched stamped magazine floor plate. Stock damage must have come from storage because packaging was very professional and should have been adequate to protect from shipping damage.
Review by DoubleDubs on 12/24/13
Well I recently got this as an xmas gift and am quite happy with it. It was hand selected for both bore and stock and came in all matching. The import stamp is under the barrel near the muzzle so there isn't a billboard stamp on the receiver like some seem to be getting. It shoots a bit low but is otherwise accurate. Contrary to the other two Molot guns I've gotten, this one was a bit more cosmo filled, mainly on the bolt. Overall its a great buy at this price and well worth it.
great gun beautiful looks brand new
Review by kenny on 12/24/13
great job guys beautiful rifle . will be ordering again in the future
Very Positive
Review by Joeinthehills on 12/24/13
Very impressed w/ the M44 Tula and 91/31 Tula "B".
Keep Up the great work on what you are providing!
Third Time and the Charm is Still There
Review by Deadly In OKC on 12/22/13
Third M44 from Classic Firearms. This time, a 1946, that's right "6", Izzy with all matching numbers except for the butt-plate and to me, that is no big deal. Great bluing with a shiny barrel that looks like it is chrome-lined.. Stock was in good shape, too.Since it's from Molot, there was very little cosmoline - - and with the thorough cleaning and oiling, this one is ready to shoot. Thanks again, Classic!
Just what I asked for
Review by Ryan on 12/21/13
I ordered my M44 back in the summer and chose the hand select for barrel condition and man am I pleased! The crown is in perfect shape and the rifling is sharp and shiny. The wood is in great shape besides a chip here or there but I honestly hate nagants with a perfect exterior, I enjoy being able to throw my Nagants around without feeling bad if I put a scratch in it. But all of this is beside the point. Classic has out done themselves and i have one heck of a M44 as a result, keep it up Classic!
Most Excellent M-44
Review by D Randall on 12/19/13
I received my M-44 and the stock and bore were in great shape.... so happy with Classic Firearms, had to order SKS which are also great.. Thanks so much
Excellent Rifle!
Review by Westy on 12/18/13
Love My M44. Mine is a 1945 Izhevsk. Exceptional bore (I paid the extra $20 for that)
No cracks in the stock, I love this rifle
Molot Russian's +++++
Review by Joe in the hills on 12/11/13
Extremely pleased at the M44 1944 Tula, as well as, the 91/30 B rifle Tula that "CW" hand picked for me. Please express to him that I do appreciate his efforts and dedication to customer service.
IHS, Joe
Review by Rob on 12/10/13
Overall it's in excellent condition - shinny bore - good wood. Was bubble wrapped in a double box, quick shipping - good tracking. I'm happy with this purchase and would recommend this site if you are in the market for rifles like this. Get your C&R - they will ship it to your home.

Very happy with my M44 from Molot
Review by Norm on 12/7/13
I received my Mosin Nagant M44 on Dec 4 and I'm very happy with my purchase. I bought the sort for best bore option. The rifle was not counterbored as the bore looks virtually perfect. The bluing was 100% and the stock had only one rub mark on the left side. This rifle is better than I expected and I'll be heading to the range this week to see how tight it'll group. This was my first purchase from Classic and I'll give you a 5 out of 5 on your service and quality of your product. Molot done a very nice job with this rifle and I would recommend an M44 purchase from Classic to anyone. This is by far my best online firearms purchase. I'll be buying more.
Can't be beat!
Review by Jerry on 12/7/13
Had a 91/30, just had to have an M44. Got the 'hand select for bore' option. This rifle arrived in a week to Texas, and I could not be happier. The bore looks like a new rifle. Fitted it out with an ATI stock, bipod and scope mount. Turned down and polished bolt by The Boltman. Custom fit a Limbsaver recoil pad to the stock, I could shoot this bad boy all day now. Mounted a Weaver 3-9 x 40 scope on the rail. Once I get her dialed in I will have an OUTSTANDING hunting rifle. Plus bullets are still priced right from Classic. If you are even considering one of these, I highly recommend you get it. You will not be disappointed. Easily doubles as a flamethrower/howitzer.
Review by Steve on 12/6/13
I ordered my M44 on grey Wednesday, as suspected it took a week to arrive to my FFL dealer. Wow, me being on the frugal side I opted not to pay the extra $ for a hand select rifle. What a surprise, i received a 1945 Izzy in immaculate condition. All #,s matching except for the fore plate on the fixed magazine. No rust, no cosmoline,( it me 15 minutes to clean ) If Ivan would have done as a nice of job as Classic firearms of packing it in that wooden crate I would have had a perfect M44. Had a few nice gouges on the stock I have already stripped and cleaned off the old shellac and will start to refinish the stock tomorrow. This is the 1st time dealing with Classic and certainly won't be the last! Thanks CF.
Best Mosin/Nagant
Review by Blackhorse on 12/5/13
I received my order last night and immediately opened it. I wanted to see what kind of cleaning work I had ahead of me. Wow was I surprised at the awesome condition of this M44. I've purchased a lot of Mosin/Nagant’s and by far and away this one is the best one I've ever received.

There was very little grease, only where it needs to be and cleanup will be very easy. Even where the grease was, it was applied properly not just gobbed on and saturated with it. Overall condition of the rifle, minus the wood, I would grade as Excellent. The finish looks fresh and even throughout the metal. There are no worn spot or dulling anywhere on the rifle and the factory marking are all clear and identifiable. The wood isn't bad, but there are a few minor dings. I would rate the wood Good to Very Good. No repairs, no missing wood or gouges, but the finish while even and well done for an arsenal refinish job, isn't up to my standards for an excellent rating.

The trigger and bolt are by far is the most surprising things on the rifle. The bolt cycles smooth and evenly without any resistance anywhere along the cycle operation. The trigger pull is very short and smooth unlike the typical long gritty and heavy pull on your standard Mosin. Inside the barrel the rifling appears upon initial inspection to be very pronounced. When I tear it down, I’ll scope the inside to do a detailed inspection of the rifling. The crown is clean on this rifle, no dings or any damage whatsoever.

There is nothing not to like on this rifle. I am very pleased with this purchase.
Review by Terry on 11/29/13
This one was alot more than I expected. Everything about it was in great condition. Can't hardly wait to get out and shoot it. But at 20 degrees not alot of fun.
Better than I could have imagined
Review by Jim on 11/27/13
I just received my Molot Russia M 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle … It is better than I could have imagined. The stock has a few “scuffs” they can hardly be seen. The receiver, bolt, magazine, & butt plate have all matching number. Best of all, the rifling looks like it has never been shot. The barrel crown in perfect. See my photos attached.

Also, received my tin of 440 rounds of 7.62x54r ammo. It is very good and I expect it to perform well at the range. See photos attached

I am well please with Classic Firearms, my Molot, and ammo. I will definitely purchase from Classic Firearms again.


Jim – Greenwood, SC
Awesome condition!
Review by Steven on 11/27/13
I just received this today and can't believe the great condition! I was shocked and very pleased. I'm just sorry I waited so long to buy one from Classic! I owned 3 other M44's and this one is the nicest one and not much more money! The stock and metal is close to perfect.......just a few rubs and bumbs on stock! Can't wait to buy a M38 when they arrive!
Close to happy.
Review by Kevin on 11/20/13
I paid extra for bore and finish select. Bore is good, with strong rifling and no pitting, no counter bore, etc., and one side of the stock is really good, too. Unfortunately, the other side of the stock has deep gouges and scratches, (not dings or dents), from a couple of different encounters with something. All metal seems to be in good shape with a high degree of blue remaining. Magazine cover and butt plate are force matched.

I'd be happier with this gun if the damage to the bad side of the stock was less dramatic or could be remedied in some way. With the Russian shellac there is no easy way to deal with it, though,so it is either a refinish or just have to live with the damage. No doubt with the condition of the bore and other furniture, this will be a great shooter, but if these guns ever become collectible, this one will not be.

If I hadn't paid extra for selection for finish, I'd be happier with it. I'd give it a 3.5, since I paid extra for finish select, if I could, but reluctantly rounding up to 4 stars because of the general condition.
Review by David on 11/18/13
Received the weapon within 4 days of ordering. Was not coated in cosmolene. Stock was in great shape. I thought that the sling holes were missing the brass inserts, but then did some research online and found that this was normal production late in the war. Barrel had no pitting and was not counter-bored. After a little cleaning the bolt action was smooth. Can't wait to take it out on the range and put some rounds through it. Great buy!
Beautiful rifle!
Review by Steve on 11/7/13
This is a beautiful rifle in great condition. Very fast shipping and wonderful service. I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because I paid for a hand select and requested with matching numbers without strikeouts. The rifle I received was mostly matching but the magazine was re-numbered. Over all very pleased with what I received, thanks again!
M44 Mosin Nagant Rifle - from Molot!
Review by Glenn on 11/6/13
I just received my M44 Mosin Nagant Rifle - from Molot! on 11/6/2013, I did select "Hand Select for Bore and Finish". Well I purchased 4 different guns at once. This rife was 99.9%, All matching numbers, No counter bore. It's so nice it's staying original after it has been cleaned, It was worth every dime. I actually want one more but this time im looking for Tula even though people think Tula is better then Izhevka, not really true, Thank you Classic Firearms!

Need info read here: http://7.62x54r.net/
Good gun for the money
Review by Frank on 11/2/13
First I have to say that I didn't choose the hand select for either the finish, nor for the bore. The rifle send to me was exactly what I expected for a surplus one, the stock was in good condition, but needed a refinish, not a deal breaker. The action is a little bit harsh, but expected of a wartime production, there was a little bit of rust and pitting under the stock, but it cleaned out nicely. The bore is good, just a bit worn off past the chamber, but overall good past that point all the way to the muzzle. After refinishing the stock and cleaning out the action and the rest of the rifle I took it to the range and boy, what a joy to shoot this thing is!! Point of impact it is a bit low and to the left, nothing that cannot be corrected! It is a great weapon with a great history that I purchase at what I think is a good price, and through a user friendly interface!
Beautiful Shape!!!
Review by Barry on 11/2/13
I couldn't believe the beautiful shape this gun was in. Hardly had to clean it, it was not packed with grease as some of the others were. Thank you for such a great buy.
Fast Shipping, Fair Price, Great Rifle!
Review by BCWood64 on 10/29/13
I ordered this rifle Thursday from Classic. Was hear by Monday, might have been sooner if I didn't have to wait over the weekend. Paid the extra cash for the hand select for the finish, was worth it. Overall, if your looking for an M44, this is where you come to get one!
Really nice rifle
Review by Steven on 10/28/13
I ordered this and one of the Chinese SKS, they arrived in 1 week to Hawaii. The rifle was in great condition, the bore excellent, and 85-95% of bluing intact. Stripped the stock and rubbed it down with linseed oil; beautiful grain in the stock and the oil does it much more justice than the Soviet red shellac. Very happy. Thanks again Classic Arms.
a little disappointed
Review by Thomas on 10/23/13
I paid for hand select for bore and finish. The gun I got was a 1944 with matching bolt and receiver serial numbers and a forced match on the stock. The stock was pretty beat up and the brass sling loop escutcheons were missing on the stock. There was no sling. The bore was bright and the bluing was nearly 100% so I'll five it 3 stars but I think I could have got pretty much the same gun without paying for the hand selection options and extra $40.
classic firearms - good to go
Review by Mike on 10/18/13
picked up my m44 Friday expecting to be disappointed and see a rusty grease soaked pile but the exact opposite happened, i was very impressed with the rifle i purchased. I was only interested in rifles condition for shooting(paid $20 extra for bore pick) not as much to its rarity at a collectors stand point, so the year and maker did not matter. This rifle probably saw little action. All #s Matching 1945 Izhmash imported by PW arms with a bright, strong rifled bore and smooth, tight action with some wear on places around the bolt. the bluing on the metal is good and complete with very few small scratches and dings, crown was polished along with trigger, small amount of surface rust under the stock bands, very typical so i wasn't worried. stock has a had a couple repairs to it. looks like the front nose cap to the stock was broken off at one point or at least the sides of the wood behind it, fixed chip at right of rear sight and on the left side of the butt is the only real noticeable flaw in the stock it almost looks like different wood. They were all fixed properly so this is not an issue. the finished had worn in a few places so i decided to strip it and am in the process of staining it i will upload photos when i am finished. i was really worried i was going to get a pile of junk ordering a surplus firearm over the internet but i was wrong and it came to me in 3 days and it shoots well i am very pleased with classic firearms and you will be too, this was my first buy from them and for sure wont be my last thanks classic!
Excellent rifle and service from CF
Review by Martin from NJ on 10/16/13
I opted for both hand pick options (bore and finish) and I received a fantastic carbine from CF, thank you! My M44 turned out to be a nice Izzy, with all numbers matching. To my surprise the rifle was very clean, no cosmoline. I was very pleased with the overall condition, especially the shiny bore. Even though I was't sure what to expect, when I was picking up the carbine from my local FFL everyone was complementing it. Many thanks to the person who picked this one for me. This was my first Mosin from CF. I ordered a different one recently and they both turned out to be excellent firearms. Thanks again!
mosin nagant m44
Review by Hanko on 10/9/13
My M44 arrived today and I was completely SHOCKED due to the condition of the rifle. There were very few minor scratches on the wood and the finish was fantastic. 100% Customer Satisfaction for me and I will defiantly be doing business with classic firearms again. Love love love this rifle! !!!!
Wow! Great M44!
Review by william on 10/7/13
This gun looks brand new. I paid for hand select and bore select. It was worth the extra $$. If you want one of these guns, get one from Classic Firearms. Great transaction.
better then I expected
Review by artie on 9/28/13
Excellent... more than satisfied... condition is great for a 70+ year old gun.Being my first internet purchase I was a little worried about what I was going to get.What I got was a great looking gun....no rust.. no dents... nothing missing... all numbers match..and excellent head spacing...satisfied 100%..thank you classic firearms.
VERY Nice!
Review by Weekends on 9/27/13
Sorry guys! Running a little late on a word about my gently used M44 you sent me. THANK YOU! You wouldn't know this Mosin has the years on it that it does just looking at it. Just fired it for the first time a few days ago and shoots GREAT! Tight & Straight. Not quite what my 91/30 will do but HEY.....it's almost a foot shorter too! All in all, I couldn't be more pleased. ....just as I always have been dealing with Classic!
Now I DID hand select for barrel & stock so I'm going to post a couple of before & afters a bit later in the process of refinishing her. A few along the way probably are in order too. A fine example of a fine rifle! Thanks Again!

.....now if my new GP1975 AK47 would just get here.......
Above average
Review by Todd on 9/23/13
The rifle look like it was never issued ! Classic firearms you are the best.
Great Gun!
Review by Don on 9/21/13
Got my 1944 izzy, receiver and bore are beautiful! Stock is in Very Good condition with only a few little nic's and some spots where the shellac is a bit worn. 70+ yrs old though, Great Deal, Very happy. Shoots like mosin's always do! Loud and straight!
Proud of M44 collection
Review by USMC1991 on 9/19/13
Picked up rifle from FFL a couple of days ago. Cleaned it on my day off. Nice. First off. Packing was minimal. A fresh scratch and small chip near but stock. Box beat up with a tear in box where scratches on stock located. Out of Classic firearms responsibility. Seen other reviews with similar complaints. Something to consider so new customers will not be scared away. NOW. The rifle is to be proud of. Bluing is great. 98 % Crown is good. Shinny bore. VG rifling. No pitting at all. Paid for quality bore and stock. Worth it. Check bore tightness with a bullet and plenty of bullet on top so I should have years of shooting pleasure with proper care. I have several Mosins. Most from Classic firearms and still learning. Pulling the bolt back is rough at times. I think its the interrupter. Front sight post straight. Bayonet is tight and does not wiggle like a couple I have. When cleaning weapon, the interior of stock was excellent. looks like someone carved something in Russian. History. Springs that retain rifle hand guard bands have good tension. Looks like numbers match. Have not shot the rifle due to work commitments. Will soon. I said it before and I'll mentioned it again. Scare tactics ? Sales ploy ? Some reports state that Mosins are being destroyed in Europe due to UN and strict gun laws. Gun salesmen at gun shows state Mosins sales are on rise. So are prices. Laminated stocks. M38, M44, and Mosin sniper rifles are in demand. I would recommend buying one or two M44's. Tensions with American and Russian governments may halt future Mosins. Think about it. Bayonet adds cool factor. Grab some ammo too. Navy Shipyard shooting is an example of how quick things happen and attacks on Second Amendment take place. A good buy !!! Easy to personalize. Rugged. Reliable. Easy to repair. "Cannon on your shoulder."
quite a nice M44
Review by Joseph on 9/14/13
Received a 1944 manufacture Izhevsk carbine in quite nice condition. Paid for hand select bore and hand select exterior condition for a total price of about $266 including shipping. Quite a nice carbine for the price, there was a repair to the buttstock which consisted of splicing a piece of wood onto the toe area but it was quite professionally done and does not (in my opinion) detract from overall appearance or value.I would highly recommend grabbing one of these carbines while they are available.
Awesome gun
Review by Jeremy on 9/13/13
The delivery was fast and I couldn't be happier with the gun! I was a little skeptical about the using a online website, but after the great experience with classic firearms,I will use again and recommend this site to friends. Thanks classic!
packing not so great
Review by Eric on 9/12/13
Well just got my M44 today, and the gun itself looks great but there is some issue's. I asked for a hand picked bore and finish which CF complied and I have a nice looking rifle. But the packing was not so great the M44 was just in a brown box with a couple pieces of newspaper, and the front sight was off the gun. Plus the screws were loose on magazine and all around the gun. Almost like someone was doing a take down on the rifle. Now I can not confirm who's fault that is because CF said they would never ship a rifle out like that and the FFL I used said it came in that way. I have never used FFL and this is my first purchase from CF. so who knows. So my Christmas like mourning was stomped on by the site of the packing and parts off the gun. But overall its about the gun and it's has a excellent bore and a very good finish just like I ordered. Wish I could find out who ruined Christmas but I may never know. I will do more business with CF but I am going to wait until I get my C and R license first. So I give a 3 out of 5 stars.
Excellent M44
Review by Fred on 9/7/13
I was very surprised to receive such a nice rifle in this M44. This rifle is dated 1944, but looks almost new. Stock and Metal finish were excellent. Shipped very quickly to my FFL. Thank you for this great deal. Regards, Fred
Review by Michael on 8/30/13
Received my M44 a few weeks ago and have recently cleaned it all up. It arrived and was in beautiful condition. This was my first purchase from ClassicFirearms but I can assure you it won't be my last!
Top Notch
Review by Bruce on 8/29/13
Mine was just like new. I ordered it on Tuesday at 2:00 in the afternoon and Classic sent it that day. It don't get much better than that. It made it to West Texas and was delivered on Friday. I am Happy.
Excellent product, service
Review by bigjohn on 8/28/13
This is my third purchase this year from Classic Firearms. Excellent product, and service. This M44 now in my possession is amazing, I can tell it was used more than my 91/30 but still great value. Sweet shooter, consistent groups, minor tweak of front sight required. I stripped the stock and refinished the stock in weathered oak, clearcoat poly. The only negatives are; it was dry inadequate cosmo, no accessories, not legit complaints for a rifle thats older than me. I am pleased with this purchase, with Classic, and will buy again.
Great rifle!!!!
Review by wild man on 8/20/13
Classic Fire Arms shipped this fast.My m44 was as good as advertised. Great purchase!!!

Review by NEW TO ONLINE BUYING on 8/18/13
I bought this M44 and a laminated 91 Mosin Nagant for my first online purchase, they both cleaned up very nice.
I don't know how to tell if they are counter bored or not and have not had a chance to shoot them yet, I like the m44 so much even without shooting it that i'm thinking about buying a secound one.
The only problem I have is no sling for the m44 and I don't know where to find one.
I only gave 4 stars because I have not shot them yet but if they shoot nice 5 for sure.
Well worth the money. Buy one now.
Review by John on 8/16/13
Shipping was very fast and my M44 arrived in great condition. All matching numbers. From the appearance, it may well have never been used. A few small dings in the wood, but nothing major. At the range, it functioned flawlessly. I would definitely buy from Classic again, and just wish they could find some SVT 40s to offer. Thanks, Classic. Good job.
great looking gun
Review by jim on 8/14/13
Ordered my M44 on a Saturday and it was delivered to my FFL transfer gun shop on Wednesday. I selected the hand select option for appearance. The gun is in excellent condition with a good bore and matching numbers all around. I have a 91/30 I got a few weeks ago at a local shop but the M44 from Classic is in much better condition. I hope to do business with them again.
rifle looks like new!
Review by Mark on 8/12/13
This rifle is in great shape, the stock is great barely even a scratch, finish is 95-100%. And the icing on the cake.......all numbers match! I paid for select finish and I'm glad I did, the rifle is like new. I will purchase from classic firearms again. I just hope the Chinese sks can stay in stock for a couple more weeks so I can order one of those! Very pleased, thanks classic
Very happy customer
Review by Jeffrey on 8/12/13
I ordered this M44 Mosin from Classic Firearms and was extremely satisfied when I unboxed it. Absolutely beautiful. It is a 1946 post war gun, but it is flawless. Literally looks like it was straight out of the factory new.

I couldn't be happier, will definitely be doing more business with CF.com. Thank you guys.
Outstanding buy
Review by loboohio on 8/10/13
I just received my M44 from Classic Arms, and once again they came through. This rifle is as good as it gets. Nice bore and finish on the metal and furniture. I highly recommend the hand select option when available. It is well worth the extra $20.00, but even if not you are always sure to get a good deal from Classic. Thanks guys.
A little less than I expected
Review by Connor on 8/8/13
I wanted to wait till I shot the gun, to make this a fair review. First of all, the gun shipped fast, and I actually wasn't even expecting it till later in the week. Once I got home from the FFL Dealer, I took a better look. I was very surprised that the gun had literally no cosmoline packed on or in it. The closest thing I found was, just gun oil. The firing pin had a good amount and that was it. I know people say to use mineral spirits, but trust me boiling water does the trick too. Next was shooting. I was skeptical of how accurate this rifle would be compared to my 91/30. In my opinion the M44 was more accurate than my 91/30, with the bayonet out. All in all I am pleased and would buy it again if I had to. Just a few cosmetic issues, but It's over 70 years old! Good job Classic Firearms for getting my gun to me quickly and efficiently. Hope this review gives a little more insight to those looking at buying one.
Rusty, Shoots Decently
Review by Ansirem Hunter on 8/7/13
I received my M44 at the end of march. The rifle had quite a bit of rust on it. Under the front handguard on the barrel, both barrel bands, under the tang. Overall it cleaned up but there is very visible pitting on the bands and the outside of the barrel under the front handguard. It was also counterbored. Everything matching with a force match on the floor plate. Stock is nice. Very good receiver markings. Great Shipping times. No hand select option/ any other options, after this one I will not be buying another surplus again without a hand select option. Out of all the purchases from Classic, this has been the lowest quality.

Hi Ansirem - Thanks for the review of your M44. Though not typical, these types of issues are always a possibility when dealing with surplus items. As you can imagine, we do not remove hand guards, tangs, etc to check for rust underneath. Yes, hand select will help and is usually money well spent when buying surplus firearms. Please do remember, items can be returned during the initial 15 day period for most any reason (including condition). We appreciate your business - give us a call if we can help anything. Thanks and God bless.

- The Classic Firearms Team

Unbelievably nice condition
Review by Cal on 8/3/13
There is only one thing wrong with this rifle...now I want to buy another one! I decided to spend the extra $40 for hand selected finish and bore just to make sure that the rifle would be the best of the best. The stock looks great, with no major damage other than the few small bumps that a rifle made in 1944 would be expected to have. Absolutely no rust of any kind on any of the metal. The bore is actually shiny, and that's before I've cleaned it up so it will only get better once I get some of the oil and dust out of there. Can't wait to get to the range and see how accurate it is.
M44 without hand select option
Review by Chris on 8/2/13
I received my M44 yesterday and I’m overall pretty happy with it. When I unboxed it and took off the bubble wrap the rifle hardly had any cosmoline or grease on it. I did not decide to go with either of the hand select options and this is what I got: 1944(Izhevsk) that I’d say was in very good to almost excellent condition, and the bluing was 90% to 95% (but I’m no grading expert), Importer was PW Arms out of Redmond WA, all matching numbers (none force matched), bright shinny bore, with good rifling and no counter bore, Stock was in good shape with good finish and no major dings or cracks but it does appear to have an arsenal repaired/spliced butt stock. Here is the bad…but not that bad: a few moderately rusted /pitted spots on the bayonet, heavy rust on the front retaining ring (rear ring ok), heavy rust on the front metal sling hole escutcheons (rear ones ok), minor spots of surface rust on the barrel under the wooden forearm, minor surface rust on the rear tang, small spots of minor surface rust on the bolt, and a few minor spots of rust on the magazine assembly. The only accessories that came in the box were an oil bottle and the various small tools…no magazine pouches or sling.

After cleaning all of the minor rust spots that were on the barrel, rear tang, bolt, and magazine assembly were easily removed with CLP and a rag. I had to work harder to remove the rust from the bayonet, barrel band, and front sling hole escutcheons and these areas were left with some pitting.

After a little work the rifle looks terrific for a 70 year old war relic that if I had to guess and judging from its condition didn’t see any action. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Review by Paul on 8/1/13
First time buying from Classic and will be buying again. I paid the extra $20 for the hand select finish on the M44 carbine. After opening the box the and took the bubble wrap off and after wipping the cosmoline off, the rifle was in MINT condition. My rifle is 100% numbers matching and the wood and bluing looks like it did the day it left the assembly line. For a added bonus I didnt realize these came with a complete accessory kit and mine included two ammo pouches, two oil cans and complete cleaning kit. Excellent value and excellent condition gun and I couldn't be happier.
Excellent service....nice product...5 star *****
Review by Richard on 7/28/13
Excellent service....nice product...5 star *****
could be better
Review by John on 7/25/13
The m44 was a 1944 izzy and it was sold as hunting rifle good condition. Except for the trigger guard and floor plate for ammo was covered with rust and pitted. But it had no cos-moline on it no oil few rust spots., but im not gonna hold it against you you get them pre boxed.my barrel had a new one on it they screwed a new one on it so it was new good gun has a kick. Also came with oiler can and tool pouch. I wish you would throw in a a ammo pouch because I need one. Thanks CF
Nice surplus rifle
Review by Kevin on 7/25/13
Pleased with the purchase, my first from Classic. Nice surplus rifle. Shipping was very timely. Metal is excellent, bolt and chamber shiny and clean. Rifling is strong with dark bore, but it cleaned up nicely. Furniture is acceptable, a few scrapes on the for end, appears to be from past removal of the barrel bands. A few scraps and dings throughout but I do not mind these character marks on a 70 old year old rifle. Was very pleased with the accuracy, better than most of my surplus rifles. Would recommend this rifle as well as Classic Firearms.
Review by Luis on 7/24/13
Beautiful bore, wood, bluing. Almost unbelievable.
Review by Frank P. on 7/22/13
Major Problem !!!! I wish I would have done this a long time ago.I'm a quality control inspector by trade.So my expectations are on the high side.received my M44 I'm was speachless. NOT ONE THING I COULD COMPLAIN ABOUT. ...Needless to say beyond my expectations. .. I ordered mine over the telephone a very special Thanks to Janet she answered all my questions And thanks to the Classic Firearms Staff. Will be doing business again Buy from classic firearms you will not regret it. :-)
Happy Camper Part II
Review by USMC1991 on 7/21/13
Picked up my M44 from the local FFL today. Very nice !! Crisp trigger. Paid extra for the bore. Exterior looked very good as far as wood and bluing go. Minor scratches. Bore shiny with strong rifling. Did the bullet test at the muzzle. Tight. Plenty of bullet. Excellent +. I told myself I would stop with the Mosin purchases, but I hear rumors of Mosin Nagants being destroyed in Europe / Russia so I thought I would go for another, just in case. I have purchased two K98 Mausers, a Mosin Nagant M38 and Hex / Laminated 91/30, and another M44 in the past. Satisfied with all of them. Get one or two while M44s are available at reasonable prices and very good quality. Very expensive at local gun shows. Only 91/30s around town. Quality questionable at times. Sorry Classic, had to use a competitor to buy a strap for the M44. Will purchase from Classic in future. Shipment received quick. Thank you.

Now go and buy that M44 while you can !!
great rifle
Review by Charlie on 7/18/13
got the rifle same week as ordered to my C&R cleaning was not a chore for this rifle did not have a lot of cosmoline. all #s matched and shoots great
Better than expected!
Review by Warden on 7/18/13
Just got my M44. Ordered Last friday and got on Tuesday, Very quick service!
I am very happy with the condition. Expectations are always low for c&r rifles but was pleasantly surprised. Very clean action with minimum pitting. I paid extra $20 for bore check-up and have no regrets. Actually I advise to shell extra $20 to get best possible bore. All in all a usual great experience with ClassicFirearms. Thank you!
Review by Ron on 7/17/13
Got my M44 3 days after ordering. Open the box and was pleasantly surprised. I paid the extra for bore and looks and expected a rifle with good condition in both areas. I have ordered several surplus firearms from others and have had to do major cleaning on all of them. This rifle was exceptional, just cleaned off the light coat of oil was all. Had planned to put to put on new stock, but not now. Thanks Classic Firearms
Surpassed Expectations
Review by ks4ld on 7/17/13
Opened the box at the FFL and wow, oh my goodness - exactly what I had hoped for. Of course I did pay an extra $40 for both hand select options (bore, finish), and worth every penny. Also requested a WW2 date - got that as well (1945). The finish was fantastic, bore was shiny, rifling good, serial numbers all matched. I seriously wonder if this M44 has ever been fired - if so, its very clean. However, the rifling is not as strong as my 1943 91/30, and the bullet casing clearance is less when tested at the muzzle - but maybe that's normal for M44s.
Review by Eric on 7/17/13
If the web sight would allow I would give the gun 10 stars. Purchased a Chinese SKS a couple of weeks ago.The gun was just as described.Now the WOW!!!! Purchase. Ordered M44 this gun is well above and beyond the description given.This thing is in almost new condition.Bluing is at least 98%.Stock has 2 very very small dings.The bores on both guns are absolutely perfect.These are the only 2 gun purchases that I have made online. I have several Mosin 91/30s and lots of other guns.If you are on the fence about purchasing from Classic FireArms don't be just do it. Don't miss out on some really great SKSs and m44s. Again Thank Classic Fire Arms!!!!
Heck of a gun for the money
Review by Tim on 7/14/13
I bought a twin pack of these M44 Carbines, came with sequential serial numbers. Both I and my cooperating FFL found these firearms to be of excellent quality, stocks are very nice, one had a few nicks, the other completely clean, wood has a nice finish, metal is a nice fit and finish, bores are very nice, these are tight, as new. Took one to the range and at 50 yards with open sights got a nice saucer-size group. Kick is less than my 30-06, the sound though is like a small cannon, this is a substantial round. I'm going to keep one original and I'm going to put a new modern synthetic stock and scope on the other. Thanks Classic for providing a true value in a classic and viable true military rifle.

Good condition, as described, shipped fast
Review by Brenton on 7/7/13
Received a 1944 stamped Izhevsk shortly after ordering.

I would call it good to very good condition.

One side note, these are sold to importers by a Russian company called Molot. They stamp the barrels with a new laser etching and put a small stamp on the receiver tang and bolt handle. I belive that is so they can import direct as 'new sporting rifles' to avoid the import ban.

The details may be a bit fuzzy, but the bottom line is these are great condition re-arsenal carbines from a great seller. Thank you Classic!
Review by Daniel on 7/4/13
Excellent rifle, all numbers match, minimum cosmo, cleaned up easy, nice walnut stock, very good bore. Very satisfied. Excellent customer service too.
Excellent Rifle
Review by Eagle Eye on 7/1/13
I really wanted to hold off until I did a video review to do it justice, but I have to say it now, these Russian M44's are a great buy.

Before this acquisition, I've had a Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle for about decade and it's always been a pleasure to shoot.

This M44 Mosin Nagant is even better!
I must have been lucky or something, because the rifle I received was a dated 1944 Tula with brass accents. The bore was bright and the finish was excellent.

I spent a good week tenderly cleaning off the cosmoline, and then I finally got some time to head out to the range a couple weeks later. Solid shooter. Despite this being a carbine, I almost feel like this rifle shoots better than my full sized 91/30.

Video and Pic coming soon.
The rifle is great
Review by John on 7/1/13
I have purchased a number of firearms from
Classic Firearms and all of them have been
excellent. There service is great and I like there web sight .
good product,good condition
Review by jim on 6/29/13
product in very good condition for age
A Great Carbine at a good price
Review by Paul on 6/26/13
Received my Mosin Nagant 7.62, M44 Carbine today and I'm very pleased, it exceeds my expectations. The bore is very clean with no pitting or rusted noted and the refilling is very good with land and groves.

The bolt action is smooth and receiver and magazine are in excellent condition.

A lot of Carbine for the money !

Happy Happy Happy!
Review by Rick on 6/24/13
Received my M44 Rifle in record time, only took 2 days to get to me. The rifle was in excellent condition with the wood being almost new. Great arsenal markings and the bore was in great condition. Can't wait to get out and shoot it. Would defiantly buy from Classic Firearms again.
great rifle
Review by frank on 6/22/13
I had wanted an M38 but none available so I bought the M44. didn't really want the bayonet but oh well. the stock was a little dark on one side but that just means it hasn't been redone. one or two chips on the wood but I don't really care about that. the bore was shiny smooth and clean like it hadn't been shot. took it out and I simply could not believe the accuracy of it. from 75 yards standing up I hit the bullseye 3 times on a 12 inch by 6 inch shoot and see target. still, kind of heavy on the front end but it helps to put the bayonet out when you shoot. then the next week, found an M38 on another website so I bought that too thinking I would sell the M44 but I dont' want to sell the M44 I bought here. it' has a laminated stock which I really like even though it was very dark on one side. it just looks cool
great gun
Review by Keith on 6/19/13
very fast shipping product came in well pack and was in great condition and made a great addition to my collection.
Review by Jeff on 6/18/13
This was my 1st purchase from Classic Firearms. I bought a laminated stock M91/30 and this M44. The M44 I recieved is marked 1944 TULA. All of the numbers match. Overall it is extremely nice, a few small rubs on the stock near the bayonette but nothing to get upset over. This was an excellect experience and I will add a few more Mosins from Classic to my collection. Thanks!
Somewhat disappointed.
Review by scmosin on 6/15/13
I recently purchased a Mosin-Nagant M44 but I was not offered the “Best of 10” option at that time. I am disappointed in the condition of the stock and the metal associated with the stock. The bore looks ok. I find it hard to rate my purchase much past a good condition. If Classic is now offering “best of” I may not be the only one seeing an issue with giving these a very good to excellent rating or they are down the last few and realize the condition of the remaining rifles is not as good.
Just Incredible!
Review by Scott on 6/15/13
I think the title says it all. Classic Firearms has gone above and beyond my expectations! The team at Classic has the best customer communication I have ever experienced! Companies could learn a thing or two from these people. I received this M44 yesterday and shipping only took three days! When I opened the box I was very impressed at the super packaging. It seemed like an eternity taking off the bubble-wrap! What I had received is a 1944 rifle that is fantastic! All numbers match, super bore and great stock! Thank you team Classic Firearms!
Great gun
Review by Ivan on 6/13/13
I grew up in Ukraine. My grandfather used one of these during WWII. I have always wanted to own one of the Mosin rifles and finally got my wife to let me buy one of these. All the serial numbers (on the receiver, bolt and butt stock) matched. I could not find any marks indicating that this rifle was refurbished in arsenal. Also, the bore is very clean and appears to be in good condition. I could not find any indication that it was counter bored. I am giving my rifle four stars due to the following: 1) the gun was delivered with accessories such as cleaning kit, gun tool and oil can. However there was no sling. Now I have to spend about $20 for a sling. 2) The gun stock was repaired. It appears that it was a manufacturing defect with the left side of rifle stock splintered and then glued back on. While it does not affect how the gun functions it may have impact later on a resale value.
After I checked the hummer function and made sure it was properly set, I took my M44 to the shooting range and shot 60 rounds through it. It shoots very nicely. However the sights were set for shooting with bayonet on. Without the bayonet on, all rounds go to left from targeted area. The elevation works great. Keep in mind that, as with other mosins, you have to aim under the point that you are trying to hit. I am getting front sight adjusting tool to correct the windage so I can shoot without the bayonet on. All the rounds that I used were surplus ammunition manufactured in 1944. I did not have a single misfire. Also, the bolt worked nicely after every shot. I did not experience any bolt sticking on this rifle.
A good all purpose rifle for the money.
Review by JD on 6/13/13
For the money, it is a good all purpose rifle. A big plus is that the ammo is available, for about the same price as .22 ammo. The rifle I received was in good overall condition, and it shoots accurate enough for hunting and home defense. I liked it so much, I bought another one, and ammo, from a friend. Now I have two good all purpose bolt actions. Them being made in Russia is the only reason I didn't give it five stars.
Review by fteter on 6/12/13
My M44 arrived earlier than promised - shipment easily tracked all the way here. Classic rocked on managing my order and shipment.

1944. Serial numbers matched, with the exception of the magazine - original number scratched and matching serial number stamped, probably while arsenaled. Wood stock spliced...again probably while at arsenal. A few very, very, very minor pits in barrel exterior. Amazingly bright bore - not counter-bored. Overall, very happy with gun's condition upon arrival.

After cosmo removal, refinish, clean and lube, took it to the range to sight it in. Amazing accuracy and consistency up to 100 yards with iron sights. Can't wait to work up to 400 yards (next trip)!

Great purchase. Feel like I got serious bang for my buck. Highly recommend both Classic Firearms and the M44!
Very nice
Review by Alexander on 6/8/13
I ordered 2 of these for my family to enjoy, they were packed well, in fantastic shape and we will enjoy these for many years. Classic ALWAYS delivers and we do business as a customer and as a dealer and will continue to do so.
Great Purchase
Review by James on 6/4/13
Got my Mosin 44 6/4/13 from Alstead Gun Shop. Great gun, very clean, working perfect. I'll get a sling for it. Classic Firearms is a great place to shop. Ammo is priced right also. Thanks for everything.
ClassicFireArms M44
Review by MDuke on 5/30/13
As your reading this you should be clicking "add to cart" haha. I waited about a week to watch the reviews and this is the site to order from NOW. Got my M44 izzy about a week ago and got her cleaned up. (Very light on the cosmo but just enough to take about an hour from the FIRST tear down to finish. Good shipping, 10 day wait took longer lol). DARK stock, looks re stained almost even after a non stripper cleaner was used. ALL numbers matching is a huge + for me personally and VERY nice stamping on all marks. (Looking them all up and finding out about your new acquired treasure will be super fun too!) With all that said, another huge reason that anyone can see with their own eyes is the cost of the ammo. You get the most BANG for your hard earned buck. And a piece of history too!! Even the non-surplus ammo that can be just about shot at any range is reasonably available and priced>FOR NOW. STOCK UP IF YOU CAN. Speaking of stock, I'll end on this note: Archangel. Probably gonna order a hex 91/30 from Classic and get me one of those sweet SWEET angels. "buts its the price of the gun... AND?? Just tell them, "and that's what I WANT! HAPPY SHOOTING!!
M44 x2
Review by Colin on 5/29/13
Solid, good condition. Purchased April 2013.
One has a decent sized divot in the stock, other has minor surface rust. Both have a LOTof varnish stripped off the fore end. No other defects and easily refinishable. '44 and '48 Izhevsk. Neither counterbored, rifling not new but good. Minimal grease out of the box. I liked them a LOT as is.
Then I bought 2 five packs of 91/30s Other than the one that looks like it had the end of a drill bit run amuck ALL over the receiver (and not visible until hit by mineral spirits), all of them seem a grade or so higher than the M44s. But these be rarer, and honestly, had I not gotten some awesome 91/30s I'd have not cared, and my FFL guy looked at the M44s and said they were some of the best Mosins he'd seen come in. Neither of mine will be for sale anytime soon. Now I've got 2 hex receivers on order because apparently Mosinitis is a real thing...
great gun
Review by Sam on 5/28/13
The rifle came in very good condition, there was little damage to the stock. Just a few dings here and there. I cannot wait to go shoot it.
Review by mosin steve on 5/27/13
this is a very nice in like new cond. i dont think it was ever used in war time at all it was so very clean no wear at all very nice batch of m44 rifles you guy's more then happy with it
Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine
Review by Argoten2 on 5/27/13
Extremely good condition! No gouges, great finish and I intend to keep it forever! A few modifications brought it into the best rifle I have and it's really sweet shooting (S&K M44 scope mount w/LER scope and a brake)! The only wear is from the rifle rack it was stored in I suspect and it's very minimal at that! Can't go wrong with these guys or this weapon...
Planner Check/ Participation
Review by matt on 5/27/13
Picked up one of these about a month ago. Shipment was fast and product is great looks completely unused! took it too the range and had a lot of fun!
Very nice!
Review by Ronald on 5/25/13
Very fast shipping! M44 is in great shape. Matching numbers 1944. Missing metal ring in stock sling hole and a few blemishes on the receiver, but hey, it's 70 years old. Can't wait to see if it's as accurate as my other Mosins. Classic you have a fan!
Top Notch Acquisition
Review by kdaune on 5/23/13
I purchased the M44 for my son to go deer hunting. The shorter Carbine barrel really appealed to him, regardless of the greater recoil over the 91/30. The unique history behind this firearm and its blatant affordability make this one of my favorite. The fixed folding bayonet, the unique iron sight setup, and the history in the imperfect wood stock in your hands all make me as interested and excited as a boy in a toy store. Plus, its accurate and REAL fun to shoot.
Great buy great service
Review by Douglas on 5/21/13
My M44 experience was fabulous and the weapon is beautiful.. Can't wait to take it to the range Great customer service!
Just my luck, counterbored
Review by r_grop on 5/20/13
After all the great reviws, I got one that was counter bored. Bore is shiny, everything else looks great. The box was damaged when I received it an the bolt hand was protruding through the box. Matching numbers on the bolt and receiver. Could be destined for a wall hanger, to bad about the counter bore.
Outstanding purchase
Review by Robert on 5/20/13
This rifle was fantastic. I received a 1944 izhevsk m44 with all matching numbers. I will post a video with a close up of this rifle.

Outstanding wood, clean bore, no corrosion on the bolt head like you normally see on these rifles, smooth action, and a fantastic trigger. The bayonet is stiff from what I can only assume is lack of use. Fantastic product, fantastic experience.
Brand new carbine
Review by Nate on 5/19/13
Received my M44 in a very reasonable time, and once again I am very pleased with Classic. Was shipped a 1944 Izhevsk with excellent bluing and bore, clean and clear stamps/dates (all matching, except buttplate was force match - oh noes!), and a stock that was in pristine shape (except for a few times Ivan must have hit it with a hammer or some other Mosin during packing, nothing that can't be cleaned up). Overall I am thrilled, and think this was an excellent value for the price. I thought I loved my 91/30's (which Classic did send me both a Tula and an Izhevsk hex on my last order, both beautiful ex-dragoons) but this one is really growing on me.

Many people compare recent prices to the days of $49 rifles, but I like to point out that while my first Mosin was purchased at that price, I was also making $3.75/hour - it's not that things are more expensive, your money is just worth less.

Buy them now.
Buy them while you can.
Buy them for your family.
Buy them for your friends.

Just buy them!
Fantastic Rifle
Review by Linda on 5/17/13
Received a beautiful 1944 Izzy with a perfect shiny bore, smooth as silk bolt, not couter bored, all numbers matched no strike out with very deep cartouches throughout. Gonna do a youtube vid at the Range just as soon as I get done on the stock refinish. I couldn't help myself. I hate Red Shllac..YUK. Anyhow, after doing the stock I will upload the vids. Now if I could just get that elusive '44 Tula M44.......
Nice Carbine
Review by djb on 5/15/13
I am very happy with the M44 I received from Classic. Ordering and delivery for a C&R license holder was quick and efficient. The carbine was well protected in the shipping box, had a light coat of cosmoline and the accompanying tools and double solvent/lube bottle was a nice bonus. Mine was produced in 1944 (Izhevsk) which made me happy as I was hoping to get one from the war years. The action is smooth and solid and the barrel grooves are fantastic. Matching numbers on all but the magazine plate. The stock was pretty good with some digs near the butt end sling slots. The bluing is strong everywhere. So far I have put 54 rounds of surplus ammo through and it is a blast to shoot. The elevation was perfect at 75 yards but it was grouping consistently 8-10" to the left. These shots were taken without the bayonet deployed which I later found out may have an impact on point of aim. Next time I will shoot with the bayonet deployed to see if it makes a difference. A great purchase, a fun shooter and a cool piece of history.
Mosin M44 purchase turned out so great!
Review by Mosin Nut on 5/15/13
Added a M44 to my collection today, was a little concerned of buying a gun sight unseen but damn was I impressed when I opened the box in a box to find such a great looking specimen. The wood was in such great shape and the bore looks great so far, can't wait to see it after I clean it up a bit. I was surprised how little cosmoline there was compared to other Mosins I own. I could not have asked for a better first experience from Classic Firearms, your company rocks and your prices are great! I will be a loyal customer.
Great M44
Review by Ken on 5/14/13
This Is my first Mosin the gun looks great I was impressed . This is my first dealing with Classic. They were great. Im sure I'll be back for more deals. thanks Classic.

Mosin Nagant M44
Review by jim on 5/14/13
Rcvd my1944 M44 today. Broke it down and cleaned with mineral spirits. Receiver/barrel looks great, finish about 99% with one or two small scratches on the barrel end. The stock however, has seen better days. missing the rear metal inserts for the sling, stock gouged, scratched, and very rough with much of the finish flaking off. Also rcvd a tool kit and oil bottle. Firing pin protrusion checks good, head space checks good, but bolt is hard to operate. Swapped out a custom bent bolt and it operates as it should. Despite the stock issues, I really like this gun. Thank you Classic!
great value and good quality
Review by dr john on 5/13/13
shipping very quick, pick up easy at my FFL, KC Guns. all numbers match, bore great, more scratches and divets on wood but expected for 70 year old arsenal rifle. Great first purchase from classic arms, definitely will buy from them again. ease of order.
Review by John on 5/11/13
I purchased an M44 from you folks. The condition was advertised as "very good" to "excellent". I'm not entirely sure what your're definition of the above aforementioned definitions are, however I have found out they are entirely different than mine.
I understand that these firearms (Mosin Nagants) are pre, current and post WWII arms. However I have found these in better condition in some local pawn shops.
I do buy these to re-furbish, I didnt expect to put that much work into one. Pitting so extensive that the barrel bands needed replacing. Ever try and REPLACE barrel bands on an M44 or a Chinese T53?? The front barrel band retaining spring was completely broken and needed replacing, as well as extensive pitting on the butt plate. I would enjoy continued future business with your establishment however I would advise a change in your definitions of "very good" or "excellent" when it comes to the condition of said firearms, or any firearms for that matter.
Thank you for your time.
Review by Mike J. on 5/11/13
These are super nice carbines! The one I received is beautiful with a nice stock and good finish on the metal...

Well worth the money, I might buy another if they are still available in the near future at this price.

Should make for a nice shooter as ammo is still cheap and readily available.

Not too bad
Review by Sebastian on 5/11/13
This was my first purchase from Classic, and i am pleased. First off, the shipping was very quick! It only took 2 days. When i opened my package, I received a 1948 Izhevsk M44 with all matching numbers. I'm very pleased with the gun, I just wish there weren't so many gashes in the stock. The bore is in good shape, and the barrel looks as if its never seen a bullet. Also, there was very little cosmoline on the rifle. I will definitely be a returning customer.
Review by Dan on 5/10/13
Very nice and solid m44. Stock was very clean. No cracks, splits or knots. Action was very nice. Blue on entire rifle was excellent. Bore was also very good.Overall a very nice rifle for a very good price. Definetly would recommend it to anyone. Fast shipping to boot! Overall a very good experience.
A fine addition to my collection
Review by Gib on 5/9/13
This was my first time purchase from Classic. I received a 1945 Russian Izhevsk M44 with all matching numbers.
The stock is in good condition with a few minor dents and blemishes, but the barrel and bore is in excellent condition.
I saw quite a few places selling the 91/30's, but Classic is the only place I've seen selling the M44, other than the auction sites. I like the more powerful 7.62 x 54R better than 7.62 x 39, and you can get it for about the same price if you don't mind military surplus ammo. A lot more bang for your buck, just clean well after your done shooting.
I have not taken this rifle to the range yet, but if I get good results on the range I plan on upgrading to the new Archangel carbon fiber stock and a 10 round mag. I highly recommend the M44 from Classic.
not bad-expected better
Review by gregory on 5/8/13
This is my second M-44. It arrived really quick and was packed carefully. Finish on metal was excellent. However, the stock had a large crack and was pretty chewed-up overall. Expected more from Classic- always had good experiences in past.
Excellent Purchase
Review by Coop on 5/8/13
Great Purchase, and will patronize again - definitely!
All metalwork crisp & well-finished, the bore looks as new. The stock has minimal handling marks, easily attended to in re-finishing. The bolt-handle knob machining a little rougher than expected, but likely left the factory that way.
Overall, VERY happy with the product, and the guys at the shop characterized the gun as "Big Bang, Big Flame outta the muzzle." 'Can't wait to find out for myself.
: )
Great job, Great Rifle, Way to go Classic!
Review by Michael Z on 5/7/13
I recently became an 03 C&R FFL holder. Among my first batch of orders was this, the lowest price of all places I know of selling the recent batches of M44's, and I am proud of what I received.

It is a 1944 Izhevsk. The cosmoline was not too thick to deal with, and the rifle cleaned up nicely. I see why Classic did not offer hand selects on these. Great stocks with no obvious repairs, very minor wear and tear, no apparent counterboring, clean barrel that was the easiest to clean of any Mosin I own (3 patches and 1 boresnake run). Bayonet needed a little extra attention to loosen the spring for deployment but all in all fun and easy to clean and great to shoot so far with pretty good groupings at 100 using bulgarian 70s heavy ball. If yours doesnt group well, remember its zeroed with the bayonet deployed in the arsenals for every applicable rifle before panic.

Also came with a cool slice of paperwork from Molot in Russian that looks like it was record keeping from the export side. Cool little souvenir.

This M44 almost completes my 91/30 variations collection, now only lacking the 91/59 which hopefully come in sometime down the road.
Review by James on 5/4/13
Nice rifle! Recieved it with hardly any cosmoline on it. The bore looks like there hasn't been a single round down it. Stock is in great shape, matching numbers a huge plus. A little pitting here and there on the main housing and on the bayonet. Only four stars cause I haven't shot it yet. Great buy!!!!!!!
very happy with purchase
Review by tip tank on 5/4/13
This is the first antique gun I have purchased. I am shocked to find a fully functional part of history at this price.
Nice Gun, Rough Stock
Review by Mark on 5/4/13
I received my gun a few days ago, it's a 1944 Izhmash rifle and all of the numbers match. The box was torn in one spot, with part of the receiver pushing through the box. It came lightly cosmolined with a pouch of tools. The bore is bright and rifling is good and crisp, better than I expected. The bluing is also very good with little to no rust. Having said that, the stock is much more worn than the description suggested with chips throughout and peeled off finish on the forend. I guess I got one of the few with imperfections. I would rate the gun good as opposed to excellent as stated. Can't wait to put a few rounds through it.
Very happy with my Mosin M44
Review by dennisrodz on 5/2/13
Product arrived fast. It included the small oil can and cleaning tools. I wasn't expecting that since the description said the only accessory included was the bayonet. I'm very happy with this rifle's condition. Obviously is not a collector's dream rifle but the wood and metals parts are in good condition. Only spotted some rust in the slot where the sling goes thru. Can't wait for Saturday to go to the Range and shoot it. Thanks classicfirearms.
Rifle excellent, stock ok, shipping slow
Review by SammyZenU on 5/1/13
I ordered my M44 during the time Classic's site said expect 5-7 business days for your order to leave their warehouse. 13 business days later I called and the order still hadn't shipped. They took care of it quickly from that point. I received the order 3 days after my call, but...... many reviewers spoke of bubble wrap and separately wrapped bolts. No such luck here. Wrapped in Russkie oil paper only with the bolt protruding from a hole in the box. Fortunately the bolt handle was not scarred up because of it.

On opening, it was lightly cosmolined and the metal was in great shape except for pitting on the small metal end caps of the top forearm wood. The shellac on the stock was dry with lots of scratches and one gouge about the size of a dime close to the rear sling slot. All numbers were factory matching and the bore looked barely shot with crisp rifling after it was cleaned.

Everything else looked so good I decided to strip the stock (no stripper needed, just a synthetic scrubby pad and mineral spirits) No sanding needed, stripper raises grain, mineral spirits do not, so all stock marks were retained. I did not fill the gouge. After drying and three coats of TruOil, she looks brand new. I added a sling and butt pad. A picture was added above (the one on the white blanket) but it's a phone pic and doesn't do it justice.
Good experience
Review by Hozz on 5/1/13
Some friends and I went in on a stocking dealer pack of 12 rifles. A little disappointed upon taking delivery, I assumed they would be crated because the description said 'factory sealed by the Russians', but this was just a large cardboard box with 6 cardboard boxes containing 2 rifles a piece in it.

The rifles themselves were very good to excellent condition. 10 of 12 had legit matching numbers, the other 2 were force matched. 8 of the 12 were consecutive serial numbers. There was one 1944 Tula Hex in the box.

No visible rust on the important parts. A few did have the barrel shank stamps starting to rust a little.

None of these rifles were counter bored. Using a cartridge inserted at the muzzle, about half had very good to excellent rifling, the other half, decent. None were within 1/3" of the case.

All 12 passed a field gauge headspace test.

The stocks were the most inconsistent part of the rifles. One of them was just amazing. Most were good to very good. 1-2 were bad relative to the rest of the lot with scratches, some deep, etc.

As far as cosmoline, these were very lightly coated on the outside, you could handle them all without getting more than a light residue on your skin.
Nice Gun
Review by Alfred on 5/1/13
Nice bore had a few problems with ammo feed. Good cleaning and lube job and a little time running some ammo threw it seems to clear it up.
Mosin Nagant M44 - Re William's video
Review by Mitch on 4/30/13

regarding your question about the tool kit, the tool with the notches is very important. The notches can tell you whether or not your firing pin is set at the right distance. There is a video on youtube I ran into a couple of weeks ago that shows you how to measure the proper distance and how to adjust the pin. Just do a search on youtube for mosin firing pin and you should be able to locate it.

As for scratch repair go to walmart or lowes, home depot or your local store. Look in the paint section for the Minwax stain markers. I chose red mahogany and it turned out to be very close. lightly wipe clean the surface you plan to restore and then use the marker on the scratch. give it a little time to setup and then wipe lightly with a soft cloth or towel. it really improves the look of the stock and blends very well. just try a small area at first. Good luck! (I heart Mosins) they are just amazing, especially considering what most of them went through in WW2.
Review by JERRY on 4/29/13
the m44 i recieved was in excellent condition. the rifling of the bore was extremly good with no pitting. the metal retained 98% of its bluing and the stock had minimal light scratches. thank you Classic Arms.
Okay but not what was expected
Review by dursker on 4/29/13
(3.5 stars) I received my M44 a couple of weeks ago and based on the description from the website I had a specific image in mind of what my rifle would be. I have to say that it didn't meet that expectation exactly, however, that being said, I cleaned up the rifle thoroughly the night I got it and must have bonded with it while doing so, because I kind of liked it with the not-so-perfect aspects/character marks. I also took it out to the range this past weekend and it performed well, grouping well with open sights and no sticky bolt issues like I have with a "prettier" Mosin rifle.

I would grade mine as "good" rather than "good to excellent" but I will buy from Classic again.
A nice gun at a gret price
Review by Jeep guy on 4/29/13
When I first revived my m44 I thought it looked like it was in good shape after disassembly and cleaning it was even nicer then I first thought bore is nice and bright the gun runs smooth and accurate. This company is a pleasure to deal with and the shipping was fast. I will be a life long customer.
Exactly As Advertised
Review by Gonzo2770 on 4/28/13
I ordered an M44 and Yugo M24/47 Mauser a while ago and although I have not had a chance to shoot either one. Both cleaned up nicely with mineral spirits and now both of their actions are smooth. The M44 was especially nice wtih numbers matching and and excellent stock. I would not hesitate to order anything from Classic Firearms again.
Very happy with the Mosin, fast service, rifle was just what they said it would be.
Review by Richard on 4/28/13
Excellent specimen, better than I expected, had fast shipping D& well packaged.
Will order from Classic again.
Great looking rifle, very happy with the purchase.
Review by Turtle on 4/28/13
The M44 has all matching numbers, the bore looks great, all metal is in perfect condition, and the stock has a few light scratches. I am very pleased and will definitely be ordering again from Classic Firearms. Thanks
Great condition
Review by Jim on 4/27/13
Very good condition overall, I purchased 12 rifles. All were in perfect working order. Few chips ans scraps on 4 of the 12. But will be easy to make nice again with a little vegetable oil and light sanding, if so desired. Myself I like the authenticity of it and will keep as is.
A real gun
Review by Zimmer on 4/27/13
This gun quickly became my favorite. Better than any new weapon, when you shoot it you can imagine the brutality of WWII. When I shoot it at the range it makes all those 223s look like bb guns. This gun was in very good condition. The stock had a few minor knicks, but the barrel and mechanics of the gun were like new. There was no cosmoline on my rifle. It arrived cleaned and lightly oiled. This was a very nice surprise. For the money, I highly recommend this gun! You will not be disappointed.
Great M-44 rifles and Service
Review by Michael on 4/27/13
Purchased two M44's sight unseen, a first. Order was received within 7 days and they are excellent, more than I expected. Great bores and only storage scuffs on the stocks, highly recommend for anyone looking for adding to the collection. Classic Firearms is the place to go.
Great Rifle, great service
Review by JaredfromTampa on 4/26/13
I ordered one of the M44 Carbines from Classic Firearms and was very impressed with the customer service as well as the product. Classic Firearms made the transfer process easy and hassle free. I would certainly do business with these fellows again.

These have to be some of the nicest Mosins I have ever seen. Numbers all matched, no rust or pitting, the stock was in very nice condition and the barrel was almost mirror bright.

After the usual removal of the ol' cosmoline, and the installation of a rubber recoil pad, I took it out to the range and put about 250 rds through it without a problem (other than Mosin shoulder but that's par for the course)

I also bought some of the surplus 7.62x54r ammo from here and other than not coming with a can opener, I was very pleased with the price, quality and shipping time.
Dern thang iz nerly perfect ;)
Review by Ides of Marc on 4/26/13
Very impressed.. here I thought (heard) all the good m44s were long-gone-gonzo.

I'll be gall-derned but they found me one in dern near perfect con'ditt'n.

Knocked the cotton out of my socks I were so hapy.
Review by Christopher on 4/26/13
04/25/13 I got my M44 and absolutely love it. The condition is as they say; very good to excellent. I was very impressed with Classic Firearms in how they operate. This was my first firearm purchase over the internet and was a little worried. But not anymore. The M44 i received is definitely in very good condition and already have it cleaned up and ready to shoot at the range.
Review by clayton on 4/26/13
Very happy with the M44. Kicks a bit more than the 1890, but what the heck. Accuracy is surprisingly good at 1-200 yards. The stock was a bit more marked up than my 1890 that I bought from another supplier.
Good Rifle
Review by Mark on 4/25/13
Was not overly impressed. I received mine promptly in good condition. I have ordered from classic before and I like them, but I expected a nicer rifle because of the reviews and videos. A good number of dings but nothing that was a deal breaker with classic for me. Overall, I can't wait to get to the range.
Love it!
Review by Sir on 4/23/13
Received it very quickly.
I like the size. Easy to handle.
Took mine apart. It was very clean already.
I decided to redo the wood. Mostly because I like doing those sort of things. Now it is a thing of beauty and much more mine. )
Very Pleased
Review by Bill on 4/23/13
I really like the rifle. It was professionally packaged and arrived quickly and in great shape. It was pretty easy to clean up. All serial numbers match. I got bonus, a metal bottle of oil and solvent, and the tool kit for cleaning. The barrel looks really good, and the trigger is smooth. Can't wait to shoot it. Thanks, --Bill
2 Thumbs Up!!
Review by ken on 4/22/13
Truly Amazing!! The rifle was unpacked for inspection at transferring FFL. The crowd came to gawk! They where dumbfounded! This rifle is just perfect!!! NEW barrel! Little cosmoline! Few minor nicks on stock from storage and handling. Couldn't be more pleased!!!! Yup! I'll be a repeat customer!! Better than grade of excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great Rifle, Great Price
Review by David on 4/22/13
Shoots Great, Still getting it sorted out as far as accuracy. Stripped the stock and put on a nice wax finish with Howards feed and wax. Wood is beautiful. Worked flawlessly no feed issues or loading issues. Soft spot under but plate but filled it with elmers git rot and it is solid.
Excellent product, smooth transaction,
Review by seadog on 4/21/13
Very pleased all items were better condition than expected, fast shipping, very pleased..
Second M44
Review by Deadly in OKC on 4/21/13
The second M44 is also a "Pick of the Litter." All numbers matched. Again, the light cosmoline was removed to reveal the stock had had a little varnish rubbed off; however, it was easily remedied and looks even more pristine than the first. The barrel is like new, bright and shiny with excellent rifling. As an update: Shot the first "Pick of the Litter" Saturday. I had a 15 X 1 RH muzzle brake from CNC Warrior on it that I threaded and used red Loctite to secure - - it worked like a champ. It tamed the recoil to a little more stronger than an AK-47. Of course the "boomstick" was even louder with the muzzle brake and spouting beautiful fireballs with every round. Very accurate, too. The "ladies" at the range complained about the noise and the range supervisor re-inspected my ammo, all brass, copper, and lead Prvi Partizan 150 gr and 182 gr and perfectly legal since no steel is allowed. He said, "That's a helluva round." My response, "It's in the 30.06 class, what did you expect?" Then I just kept on shooting. Don't you love it? Thanks, Classic Arms!
Some rust
Review by Jeff on 4/21/13
Beautiful firearm, found some rust when I broke it down on the mag and trigger assembly. But nothing that couldn't be replaced.
Can you say consecutive #s?
Review by matt on 4/21/13
Jumped at this offer as soon as I noticed it, having just used an M44 the previous weekend for the 1st time. A month prior had purchased a VEPR 12 here and all was well with that (just use good ammo and not low powered stuff), so not too worried about taking the plunge with two M44s sight unseen. They arrived at my dealer timely, were freaking consecutive serial numbers, metal in good shape but stock on was looked like it was chewed on by a squirrel - probably scratched during shipment as they were just sent in feeble cardboard boxes. Given that all else was great and the freaking consecutive #s, who cares about a little character on the stock? I would buy again but I turned around a few days later and bought two of the hex 91/30s instead from here (liked them too.)
Great Service & Rifle For First Time Customer
Review by Brian on 4/19/13
This was my first order from Classic Firearms, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The shipping was was quick, and my rifle was packed securely.

My rifle was in excellent shape with only light wear to the stock, and barrel. The gun store where I had it delivered to was impressed with the condition, as the ones they had in stock looked far more worse the wear than mine (for more money). To top things off my rifle only has a small amount of cosmoline, so it should be a snap to clean up.

I am very happy with my first purchase, and look forward to doing business with Classic Firearms again in the near future.
Review by evilgrin on 4/19/13
Ordered my M44 on 4/5/13 & it arrived at my FFL on 4/11/13. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, there was very little cosmoline on the stock & action & the bore was near pristine. Even the store owner & another customer marveled at how well the bore looked. My particular model is an Ishvesk made in 1944 & came with cleaning rod & "hidden" in the gun box were oil bottle, multi-tool, cleaning jag, bore guide, & muzzle protector. Just cleaned her up yesterday & am looking forward to taking her "out". Nice job Classic Firearms, gun was as described & customer service is A+ all the way!
Good Product
Review by Chris on 4/18/13
Product described as excellent, I wouldn't necessarily agree... I see now description had been changed to very good which is more accurate. Rifle had light coating of Cosmo which wasn't bad to clean, all matching numbers, my main issue is with the stock as ithad some gouges. I understand these rifles are old which is fine but using the term excellent was a bit misleading. Good transaction fast shipping considering the current climate.
Beautiful M44
Review by DW on 4/17/13
I placed the order and this M44 was at my FFL in like 2 Days! Wow! Rifle is absolutely beautiful. It was definitely used, which I wanted but in great shape. Cleaned up nice and shoots like a charm. This was my first purchase from Classic and I will be back, oh yea, I've already made 2 more purchase with the same great results. Got my eye on a few more items as well, and has soon as they are back in stock, they're mine.
very sweet gun
Review by Frank on 4/17/13
recieved gun and loved it , gun is in great condition , and classic firearms shipped the gun out very quick , and i am loving it , i have 3 now , i love this cheap and fun gun,
Great Gun for the Money
Review by Timothy on 4/17/13
Received a 1945 M 44. Gun is in excellent condition. perfect metal and good wood with only a little rub to the hand guard. Only trace amounts of cosmoline in the sling eyelets and a light oil coating on the metal. Very pleased.
Great deal
Review by novabeast69 on 4/17/13
Well worth the price. Mine was shipped quickly. Packaged properly. Very nice m44. I would have given 5 stars except the bayonet lug isn't the correct one and won't latch when bayonet in down/locked position. I can easily replace that. Thanks I will buy from Classic again.
Very satisfied.
Review by Patrick on 4/17/13
I bought two of these guns. Have not shot them yet. The furniture is a little rough, but not too bad. The metal finish is very good and the bore is like new on both guns. Overall, I feel they are a great value.
M44 Review
Review by mosinman on 4/17/13
Just received my M44 from Classics. First off the packaging was very good. Came in a cardboard box wrapped in bubble wrap and then packaged inside another slightly larger cardboard shipping box. Needless to say the gun came with no signs of any damage from shipping. Now for the rifle: I received a 1944 Izhevsk Molot refurbished rifle inported by PW arms out of Redmond WA. The bolt and receiver match but the butt plate and magazine floorplate are force matched. The rifle has about two inches of counterbore. The wood is in excellent condition with only one dent which is probably from shipping in the crate. There was very little cosmoline so clean up was short and easy. Bore looks good and I only found a few small areas of rust on the bottom of the receiver under the stock but the rest of the metal is in great shape. So far I am very pleased with the purchase.
Outstanding deal
Review by Badgerboyeast on 4/15/13
Decided to purchase this M44 as a companion piece to my 91/30 hex and revolver. So glad I did. First firearm purchase from Classic and def. won't be my last. Excellent communication and superfast shipping contrary to what their website said would be due to heavy sales.

Gun came packaged very well and ready to shoot after a little bit of light cleaning.

Ran about 50 rounds of surplus silver tip thru it and it performed flawlessly. Going to be purchasing 2 more for my boys as they have the same collection of Nagants as I.

Thanks Classic for this offering of a fine, collectible Russian classic.

Not Bad
Review by Donn on 4/15/13
Finally had a chance to take my new M44 out to shoot it at the range. Let me start by saying the shipping was on time just as usual with Classic. The rifle is not perfect, as the forehand stock is of a different wood and color, and you can see where the band originally sat. But this is minor, as I knew in buying milsurp rifles, that happens. Overall, the gun is in great shape, and the bore bright and shiny. It is fairly accurate, and the shorter size makes for a slightly increased felt recoil, but not too bad. Overall, I am happy with this M44. and plan to have alot more fun at the range with it. Thanks Classic.
Well Worth It
Review by Russ R. on 4/14/13
The Mosin-Nagant M44 I just got is in excellent condition'; only a very few small scratches and the bore is excellent. I'm very happy to have this shorter version of the Nagant.
Classic Firearms really does treat their customers right -- unlike MANY sites which are price-gouging to the max. I WILL use Classic Firearms again and have already recommended them to friends.
Very good to excellent?
Review by jimbo64 on 4/14/13
Either my standards are too high or the rating by Classic is flawed. My gun had a lot of marks on the stock and had 3 places where wood had been spliced in to repair damage. Over all I would say it was good to very good. The service was very good however and I would do business with them again.
Mosin M44 review
Review by dinkydau on 4/14/13
I have not fired the rifle as of yet. When I received it, I looked at it and it was in great condition. Almost brand new and mint. I was amazed at the condition of the metal hardware and the stock. I have seen videos of this being fired and cant wait. The rifle was shipped real fast. Thank you I am very happy with the service I received and the rifle itself.
Review by Gibbs on 4/14/13
This is the first time I purchases C&R items from classic, and it will not be the last.

Excellent...thank you!
Mosin m44
Review by Chris on 4/14/13
These m44's are a great quality offering by Classic, and some of the lowest priced on the net. Mine came in very good to excellent condition with beautiful bluing and just a few nicks on the stock. Took it to the range and it was shooting 6" to the right from a rest at 25 yds., but that is an easy fix. Excellent service from Classic.
Good Service, Fast Shipping, Great Gun!
Review by Pdu on 4/14/13
The rifle looks like new. Very happy with my purchase. Also bought the Yugo SKS. Fast shipping and a good looking gun too. Will test both out at the range soon.

Thank You Classic!
mossin m44
Review by william on 4/14/13
love the gun.good service from classic and the price was fair and competitive with the current market.will do business with them again.thanks classic firearms
Very nice
Review by Jeff on 4/13/13
I couldn't believe how good of shape this M44 was in when I picked it up from the FFL dealer. Even they were in aww on how nice it looked. It had 2 minor scuffs in the stock and that is it. It really looks brand new and doesn't look like it has put one bullet down range. I am very happy with my purchase! I will be back for more goods!
Wow is the only word for this rifle!
Review by Daniel on 4/13/13
Wow! Was I pleased with the second purchase I've made from Classic Firearms. I thought my M24/47 was perfect with it's pristine black walnut stock, new metal and matching numbers. Then I got my M44 and trusted Classic's description of "the best I ever have seen" on the product page. I trusted and it paid off. These M44 cabines are beautiful and I got a can of ammo from Classic to boot! Great guns and great place to shop! Go get your M44 before they sell out! I'm going to shoot my "new" M44!
Review by torque on 4/12/13
this is my 1st classic rifle and I could not be happier. the rifle didn't require near as much cleaning as I heard it might. overall I am very pleased.
Excellant Service
Review by Daniel on 4/12/13
I ordered two of the M44's from Classic Firearms, one for myself and one for my son. I work in Afghanistan and ordered the rifles online and asked them if they would hold the rifles till I returned home....answer was "of course". I picked up both my rifles today from my FFL here in SC....both of the rifles look unissued, could not be more satisfied with the condition. I am thinking about ordering a couple of more just to throw in the safe for later use. It is nice to see such great customer service from a company nowadays. It is the great products at a reasonable price and great customer service that makes for return customers. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for weapons. Two thumbs up to Classic Firearms.
Review by Sparra1 on 4/12/13
The gun that i received is awesome i could not be happier with it. All matching numbers, wood stock in near prefect condition, and no rust or blemishes on the metal at all. Can't wait to take it to the range. I will be buying again! Thank you, Classic
Review by andy on 4/12/13
I placed my order on 3/17/13. Order shipped on 3/26/13. Delivered to FFL dealer on 4/08/13. Ups needs to step it up. The box was ripped in half and haphazardly taped back up.It looks like the bolt handel was drug across the concrete for a mile or so. Now for the good. I received a 1944 tula with all matching numbers and a laminated stock. The stock is a little beat up and the bolt handel will require some work with a file and buffer, but I am happy with this purchase. 5 stars to Classic Firearms for this great rifle. Zero stars to Ups for the carelessness and overall poor service.
mosin nagant m-44
Review by Haney on 4/12/13
Nice gun great barrel was a little disappointed with stock condition but over nice.
Good value, fair price...
Review by Jeff B. on 4/11/13
I ordered (1st C&R btw... it's easier, get yours) a Mosin M44 when I saw they were in stock. The order processing and shipping notification process was all good. This one arrived while I was traveling, so I had to wait almost a week to take a look.

Decent stock/wood - definitely used
Bore - good
Receiver/bolt - good with some rust marks/stain on the bolt

Overall, a good value for what's becoming a collectors item. This particular rifle had been used, it was not something that sat in an arsenal unused.
Review by Kirt on 4/10/13
My third purchase with me C&R and the best yet! Excellent all the way around! Furniture has a few, that is very few marks with original tooling and the barrel and bolt almost look new! Great job Classic Firearms! Can wait to order another classic!
Very good
Review by Frank on 4/9/13
Another great gun from Classic Firearms. Part of the receiver appears to have been painted but the rest is great.
Now to get a Mosin Sniper...
M-44 & General Classic Experience
Review by John on 4/8/13
Last week I placed an order with Classic for a Mosin Nagant M44. Upon picking the rifle up at the dealer and I was pleasantly surprised at the rifle I received. Not only did I get an M44 but one with a near perfect laminate stock, nice finish and what the Dealer making the transfer thought was a nice bore. Rifle was all matching and without any electropencil marks.
First impression
Review by captron on 4/8/13
Just picked up two m44's for my ffl. From what i can see, both of them are in good condition. Both have a little rash on the stock but what the heck. I am happy!! Thanks, Classic!!
Received a Rare 1943 M44 Izhevsk
Review by Robert on 4/7/13
The M44 I received is a rare 1943 Izhevsk. Beautiful bluing, gorgeous wood. Very clean, hardly any cosmoline. Bore shows wear, but the rifling is still there. Aside from a few scrapes on the stock and no brass tab on the rear sling slot, this one should have been graded as excellent.
Love It
Review by Russell on 4/6/13
I was very pleased when I first opened the box. Nice color to the wood, good bluing, nice markings on the barrel. My stock, however, is cracked just behind the tang and down through the trigger area. At first I was bummed with the crack since everything else is so nice. It has since grown on me and I think I will try and fix it myself. I would like to try and strengthen it without hiding the fact that it was once cracked. Kind of gives it character.
Excellent rifle
Review by GSA on 4/6/13
Excellent Rifle that was shipped promptly and can well packaged. The Finish on the metal is excellent and looks almost new however does not looked refinished based on the original tooling marks. The barrel looks new. The stock has a few wear marks but for what they are billed as came even better than I expected. Overall very pleased and will do business with again.
poor packaging
Review by RICHARD on 4/6/13
The M44 arrived reasonably quickly,however the bolt handle and front bayonet locking ring were both sticking thru the side of the box,other than bluing rubs no apparent damage from this,the oil can was under the side of stock resulting in a pressure dent,the LUMBER had multiple gouges,the barrel is counterbored,after disassembly and thorough cleaning the metalwork is VG for the age,however it doesn't pattern worth a damn at short range and can't hit a 2ft square at 100 yds.The front sight pin is also loose enough to be moved by hand with no tools.For the price I expected better,especially since my M38 consistently hits clay pigeons at 200 yds with open sights.
A Great Gun!
Review by Paul on 4/6/13
It took a little longer than I thought to receive this rifle, but man am I glad that I waited! This is my first ever Mosin Nagant and I love it. Shoots like a dream, and there wasn't a ton of cosmoline to clean up either. Took my daughter out shooting the other day, mostly for her to shoot a .22, and she even took a shot with the M44. What a blast! Thank you Classic Firearms!
M44-Happy as a clam!
Review by Jim on 4/5/13
Picked up my M44 carbine and a 91/30 hex at the same time from my FFL dealer. Finally got to work on it a bit yesterday and several hours today This carbine is 4 yrs. older than me, and I wish I was in half the shape as the rifle.WOW. Not perfect by any means, but a darned nice looking piece of history. Metal is in very good shape.Stock has normal scratches and one larger dent that I will maybe try to steam out. The upper hand guard doesn't come close to matching color, but I didn't get this for a collection piece. Somewhere down the road I can refinish it if it starts to bug me. All matching #s, even under the butt plate a matching # on the stock!. I never noticed that before on my other Mosins, so I will have to look closer. The bore was kind of dark and dreary, but after removing the cosmoline and using some JB bore compound and b ore bright, It's looking more promising. Came with oiler bottle and set of tools, but no tool pouch. No biggie. The folding bayonet is awesome and stays securley folded and snaps on tight in the belly-ram position.Some might be a bit picky with the condition etc., but I have had nothing but great service from Classic and feel i have always gotten what was described. Can't wait to get out and shoot this one. I think it will take down a Jackalope here in the desert!! LOL Thanks again Classic for another great firearm and service and price. I would not hesitate to get one while they are still available. This is one ammo that is still out there and still affordable.
Jim...Vail, Az---
great rifle
Review by lardog on 4/5/13
got my m44 on 4/3/13 and all i can say is WOW!, m44 was in allmost perfect condition all matching numbers barrel, bolt, bore all looked awesome, thanks Classic !!
Incredible Rifle / Unique
Review by John on 4/4/13
This rifle is beautiful. I have a very nice looking walnut stock. I couldn't be any happier. I think classic always strives to do their customers right...try this gun out. It's beautiful and shoots clean as a whistle out of the box!
M44 carbine ok quality service slow
Review by Keelan on 4/4/13
My m44 was aceptable had a few scrapes and blemishes on stock which was expected. All matching numbers. Waiting over 2 weeks since I placed my order not to happy with that but also expected due to pop up when ordering. But seeing others get their riffles 3 days after ordering while I wait over 2 weeks for mine...hmmmm. I will do business again. Thanks Classic
Fun to shoot
Review by Tony on 4/3/13
Had no problems buying online smooth transaction. Out of the box looked great exactly what I expected thanks Classic Firearms. Feels great and shoots awesome with the ammo that I also purchased from you guys. Had to tweak the front sight a little to the left to hit my bullseye but that's OK just another excuse to do some fun shooting with this rifle. This is my second rifle purchase with you all and it won't be my last. Thanks again.
Good service questionable quality
Review by LSLGUY on 4/3/13
Third purchase from Classic. Always a good experience. The quality though, with this order is not very good to excellent as stated. The bluing is not great but that can be touched up. The stock is pretty rough. Blemishes, scratches and a gouge. No where near very good to excellent. It is 60 years old, I get that. A hand pick option would have been nice.

Piece of History
Review by Mark on 4/3/13
I picked up the rifle from my FFL today, and it was better than I was expecting. Since the rifle cama from Molot, I was expecting it to be pretty heavily reconditioned like the M38 I bought earlier. What I got was an Ishevsk made 1944 dated rifle with all matching Russian serial numbers. There were a few dings, rubs and gouges in the stock, but to me that says this rifle has seen action. The manufacturers and military proofing stamps are still there and the stock has the Ukrainian arsenal cartouche as well as a few other markings I still have to identify. The metal is in great shape, with a little green corrosion on the brass bands on the handguard. The front sight has been moved well to the right of the scribe line on the sight post, but this is easily fixed when I am ready to zero the rifle. Finally, the Molot manual I got is in Russian rather than English. How cool is that? Five stars because it hasn't been excessively refubished by Molot before packing, all the cool history is still there, not scrubbed and sanded away.
Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine
Review by William on 4/3/13
This was my first purchase from Classic Firearms and I must say I am very sure I will be a customer for life! The process was very simple and quick. I ordered my rifle on 3/29 and had it in my hand on 4/2! Packed very well and arrived with box in perfect shape, great job guys! Now for the sweet part, This m44 is an Izzy 1944, all matching numbers, bore is pristine and looks like it was never fired! The blueing looks like it was done yesterday except for a small rub by the serial no. not a big thing! The wood is a very nice dark finish with no cracks or gouges! My dealer said he had never seen one in such great shape. Even the follower plate showed no sign of shell markings! I only wish I had the funds to buy another one! I am so proud of this rifle and so glad I found Classic Firearms to deal with. You said these were the best you had ever seen and I can attest to the fact you were 100% right on! Thank you for your service and please keep them comming!
Review by LL on 4/3/13
The one I received was a Molot refinish and an outstanding quality one, 1944 dated, newer post-war stock and not counter-bored, might be a new barrel based on that but i can't be sure, very pleased either way.

The packing was top notch for me, no issues
Condition is vg to excellent
Review by Bill on 4/2/13
I just picked up my new M44 tonight. I was hoping to hit the lottery with a 1944 Tula. However, What I did get is a1944 Ishvek that appears to be unissued. The bluing is new appearing, no dings, bore is shiny and has not been re crowned. The hardwood stock has one barely noticeable ding but the shellac is so so. There were no accessories included. Overall, I m very happy with this rifle and would definitely recommend Classic Firearms .
Pick of the Litter
Review by Deadly in OKC on 4/2/13
From Molot Industries in Russia, all number matched, and the barrel was so shiny it looks like a chrome-lined barrel. The light cosmoline came off with orange-oil based Pledge and left a sheen on the metal parts and the stock. The internal parts had been lightly oiled. A quick cleaning and this one is ready to shoot. The few mars on the stock disappeared with Black Walnut Old English Scratch Remover. This is the "Pick of the Litter," Thanks Classic Arms!
Piece of history.
Review by Chris on 4/1/13
Got my m44 today. A 1944 Izhevsk. The bolt, receiver and butt plate match but the magazine floor plate is forced matched. Would of been nice to have an all original rifle but can't really complain about that. The metal is very nice and there was no rust anywhere on the rifle. The bore looks like new. The stock has a few nicks and dings but that is to be expected for a rifle this old. Pleased with my purchase.
Great rifle!
Review by Victor on 4/1/13
Stock had some deep scratches that I had to fix and refinish with garnet shellac.Bluing was perfect with one barely visible scratch.Action s smooth and shoots great! I still give 5 stars because I like this rifle so much.Outstanding service from Classic! Thanks!
Great Guns
Review by Fonty on 3/31/13
These rifles showed up and I really wasn't quite sure what to expect as they were my first purchases from Classic. I had ordered two: one to sell and one to keep. Well, Classic left me with a problem: both guns had great bores to the point where my friends and I could not pick the better bore consistently. Both had solid rifling and good shine (once Cosmo was removed). The only thing keeping these from earning a five star was that one of the stocks had several spots that had black permanent marker on the stock...hard to tell why, but it marred the appearance enough to warrant a star drop. Otherwise, great rifles!
Good Re-Arsenaled Weapon
Review by John on 3/30/13
The rifle I got has a few nicks and small gouges in the stock...that's to be expected from a used weapon. The bore was clean and bright. Upon disassembly, something I do with all of the Nagants I purchase to get rid of the cosmoline, I found some surface rust and in a couple of spots around screw holes, some heavier rust. Nothing a little steel wool couldn't take care of though. This heavier rust is the only reason I gave this 4 stars versus 5. Overall I'm pleased with this purchase and lok forward to shooting it when the weather breaks.
Less than expected
Review by Jane on 3/30/13
Delivery to FFL took 11 days and was shipped in 6 business days, just as foretold so no compaints there.

The blueing was excellent, the trigger assemble numbers didn't match, the bolt was excellent, the bore showed blackening with some very minor pitting, and the stock was awful with some fresh gouges and chips added to the historic ones.

Overall the rifle compares to our other 91/30s which were sold under the description of good to very good.

I was hoping for better but I'll have fun shooting it anyway. Maybe other buyers will have better luck than me and get a really nice one as described in the ad.

Happy shooting!
Great rifle at a good price
Review by Osterr1999 on 3/30/13
I purchased a 91/30 from classic arms and decided I needed a M44. Let me tell you, this thing is great. It looks like it was never issued. I would buy from Classic Arms again anytime.
Very nice rifle
Review by Rich on 3/29/13
I am very pleased with my M44. The wood finish is very good with only a couple of small surface dings.
Metal and barrel look near new. This is a great value! Classic ships fast too.
Good looking gun
Review by Hunter on 3/29/13
I just got my rifle today and after cleaning off the cosmoline its a sweet looking gun. Bayonet locks up nice and tight. The bolt does need to be polished pretty badly and there are few dings and scrapes in the stock. But its a milsurp. you cant expect 100% flawless. after a little work this could be a show piece.
Everything I Wanted
Review by Evan on 3/29/13
I recieved mine a while back and everything was amazing! The bluing was excellent and the wood finish was awesome. There were a few nicks and scratches, but nothing too significant. Also, there was not much cosmoline on the gun. I looked at the bore and it was just like a mirror, with no pitting, sharp rifling, and very shiny. Over all, I couldn't be more pleased with this beautiful rifle.
Excellent purchase!
Review by Justin on 3/29/13
This gun was in excellent shape, just as reported. Fires beautifully, and mine happened to have a pretty crisp trigger pull. You will not be disappointed!
Beautiful rifles
Review by Jim on 3/29/13
I ordered 2 of the Mosin M44's. They were shipped within a matter of hours and arrived very quickly. The rifles are of exceptional quality and are a nice addition to my collection.
Thanks Classic Firearms.


James L.
Good gun, not too bad
Review by Cliff on 3/28/13
I ordered two m44s. I did not see a hand select option for these so I assumed that were all perfect specimens. I always have chosen hand select and recieved great pieces from C.A. Both the m44s had beautiful like new metal components however the wood stocks I received had some scratches and chips that I will have to refinish. Otherwise not too bad.
awesome first purchase
Review by WILLIAM on 3/28/13
1945 Izzy, she is a sweetie, appears unissued, bore is perfect once had a sling (two tiny wear marks from dog collar buckle on furniture) will have a sling again, massive hard hitting firing pin, all parts perfect. first purchase from classic, definately not my last!
Review by Steve-O on 3/28/13
I can't believe how nice this rifle is. It looks brand new! The bore is bright, the stock is perfect, no rust. This is the most beautiful Mosin I own to date! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just as promised
Review by Buckshot on 3/27/13
Just got my 1945 Izhevsk in a few days ago and I'm very happy with it. The wood is fantastic, the bore is bright and the action very nice. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I would liked to have gotten a sling and it has a Type 3 receiver, but those are minor things. I can pick up a sling and the receiver is in excellent shape. Well done Classic! You'll have my business again.
Review by Ronny on 3/26/13
My m-44 arrived at my FFL in great condition!! I am, as my grandpa would say "as happy as a pig in a mud hole ''. The rifle is as good or better than I expedited. I haven't had time to "clean it up" yet but from what i am able to see, i am very satisfied. Thanks Classic Firearms for this fine rifle.
Mosin M44 Purchase - Overwhelmingly Surprised!!
Review by Deathbox on 3/26/13
This is my first buy from Classic and I was very ecstatic and very pleasantly surprised when I went to my FFL holder to inspect a very well packed rifle made 67 years ago. All metal on barrel inside and out seems to be unused. Bolt and reciever the same. Action is quite smooth. Pretty much brand-new it appears. Trigger appears to be around 6-7 lbs.(Have to put it on my pull gauge. No hurry as it is fine with me as is.) and way crisper than expected. No wonder the Russians did a darned good job killing nazi's I suppose. Stock appears to be unused as well. Two very small spots where it looks like the varnish rubbed off and one varnish run from the rear sling hole. All numbers matched. Waiting on ammo and ready to send some rounds downrange!!! I bought this rifle for the value historical and investmentwise and to compete in the military rifle shoots at my gunclub. With a little stoning to smooth out the action as much as I can(not really necessary in my opinion), maybe a little trigger work and perhaps a long eye relief scope and mount set up I am quite sure I will be all black out to 300 meters, which is as far as our ranges allow. Ammo is cheap(25-35 cents per round) and available unlike most cartridges at this time and no problem taking most game I'll ever hunt if I want to use this M44. Not only a superb deal on the rifle at less than $250 shipped, but it also came with the old metal oil can as well as a cleaning kit and multi-tool. Wish I had room in my safe for another just like it, but eyeing a Yugo Mauser now form Classic now. Feel like a kid on Christmas morning pretty much. Can't wait to feel the notorious kick!!! Thanks for such a great value Classic Firearms!!!
Matt Coffin-----------Oklahoma City, OK
four and a half stars
Review by Bill on 3/26/13
Got my rifle today. This completes my WWII Russian collection It is dated 1944 but I can't tell if that is the date of manufacture or the model#. The weapon is in great shape, The bore looks great. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is no one is perfect. But this is as close as one can expect. The manual it came with is interesting. Obviously Ivan just punched up a litteral google tranlation, Classic did everything they said they would. This is my second purchase they have earned my trust.
Great rifle, not so great packaging
Review by Michael on 3/25/13
Received this today with great anticipation, but unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. The rifle itself is great; beautiful stock and in overall great condition. My beef comes not with the rifle, but with the handling at Classic's end. When I opened it, much to my dismay, there were several gouge marks on the butt stock. These were fresh marks, and given the fact that the shipping box showed no damage, I can only surmise that the damage was done at Classic's end. I can only guess that it was perhaps dropped or mishandled in some way, but now I have an otherwise beautiful rifle with several very noticeable gouge marks on it. I'm not much of a fan of refinishing the stocks on these old rifles, but in this case I may have to make an exception as it will take some sanding and refinishing to cover these up. It's a shame too as the color of the wood is very pretty. While overall I'm happy with the rifle, and continue to be happy with Classic, I must say in this case I am rather disappointed. I was hoping for better from them and their normally very good service.
Another great buy
Review by Paul on 3/24/13
Just got my M44 and was very pleased. The gun is in perfect condition, it looks brand new. I was going to set it up with the Monte Carlo polymer stock, but the wood furniture is too nice to take off. Thanks Classic.
Un-issued M-44
Review by John on 3/24/13
Ordered two! Arrived about 11 days later. Both were consecutively numbered by importing company. One had nearly perfect wood while the other appeared badly scraped on the butt stock. One dark - the other was lighter! The bores are bright. Buy 'em while they are still available. Like all things, they soon become a thing of the past. Ammo is also drying up too! These things were dirt cheap more than a decade ago. Thanks to our forefathers who had written the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution. Had they not, we all would be speaking some other languages without the ability to own firearms. Godspeed, America!
Click Purchase Now!
Review by John on 3/23/13
This is one of the coolest nagants I have seen around lately, and boy did classic serve me as a customer. Very nice condition on one, matching parts, etc. It was definitely my collector's piece. I was a little disappointed with the 2nd weapon. It was lacking some of the metal inlaid parts for the strap, which really stood out- BUT that's especially in comparison to the beauty that came with the ugly duckling.

Classic is a wonderful business. I wouldn't use any other company after having purchased from 4 or 5 of the bigger sites. This is the best. Hands down!!!
Review by Robert on 3/23/13
I just picked my M44 dated 1945 this week at my FFL dealer. When I opened the box I was shocked at the excellent condition of this rifle. My dealer was amazed too and believes it was one that was never issued.This is one beautiful piece of history.... The people at Classic Firearms are GREAT !!!!!
Review by DAVE on 3/23/13
I love my M44! This is a beautiful vintage rifle!
Review by Todd on 3/23/13
I have not had a chance to shoot my M44, but I have already ordered another rifle through Classic Firearms! I have no doubt that this carbine will shoot straight! Classic is a class act!
Review by Barry on 3/22/13
Impressed is an understatement This M44 was the best I have ever seen Ever This was a good pick Anyone looking to purchase a 44 these are the ones you want
Expected a great deal but got an excellent one.
Review by Spudgunner on 3/22/13
This was my first time buying a firearm from Classic and I was very impressed by the simplicity of the process,great customer service and even better prices. This was to be my fifth (and final-yeah,right) MN and my fourth carbine. I was hoping for a better than average rifle and the reviews were nearly all positive so for $229.99 I judged it a worthwhile gamble.
Imagine how I felt when I unwrapped a nearly perfect '44 Tula with DDR stamp.
I couldn't get that lucky again....or...you know...maybe I could.
Classic Arms for the win!

Mosin M 44
Review by Matt on 3/22/13
Received M 44 in 3 days. Rifle is really nice. Matching numbers great finish. For those of you who have not purchased from Classic, when they give condition of product, they are right on the money. I have have purchased many weapons from them. I will again. To Classic please get some ammo in.
Like new M44!
Review by Thomas on 3/22/13
Wow! I got an 1944 m44 and it is pristine. Not a scratch on it. It's as if it was made in 1944 and put in storage. Matching numbers and nice bore! It headspaced fine with a field gage as well. Only wish I had money to buy more. But I'll have to be happy with the one I got! Thanks classic.
Great product
Review by David on 3/22/13
I've read on gunboards various opinions about the Molot rifles like the M44 that I received from Classic. I don't know what the heck the purists have to complain about. For Russian milsurp, this is pretty high up as far as the market has to offer. I'm 100+% satisfied -- Clean piece, excellent bore, matching numbers, and nicely discrete import mark under the end of the barrel, not like the dimpled billboards on the receivers that most importers are using. Very good finish with a few dings and chips. Yeah, sure it's been refinished. So has every other Russian MN out there, and Molot does it a step up. So qwit yer bichin', and great job Classic at a good price!
Review by Clayton on 3/21/13
Delivered in 3 days to my door! AWESOME gun, how did I go so long without one? This thing is in great shape, cooler than I imaged.
great product
Review by Roadster33 on 3/21/13
Picked up a M44 mosain I ordered last week great Rifle beautiful wood perfect blueing new shape second order of a firearm never disappointed first bought a 5 pack of mosains great ful of history. Will buy from classicarms in the future. Thanks
Review by B on 3/21/13
Got a laminated M44, expecting a normal stock, rifle is in great condition, bluing and bore look nice, most crisp trigger and travel of any of my Mosins. Thanks Classic
Happy Enough
Review by chad on 3/21/13
Got my M44 a couple of days ago. The handguard on mine doesn't match the stock. The stock is in pretty good shape. Nice markings. No cuts, only one minor gash. Mine had a fair amount of cosmoline on it. The stock is soaked in it, but it's a Mosin. The #s all match except the magazine plate looks force matched. Bore looks great. Bolt is smooth.
Not the perfect rifle it was made out to be like in the description, but overall still nice. Will probably end up refinishing the stock because I can't stand the mismatched color.
m-38 mosin
Review by stephen on 3/21/13
Very happy with rifle, nice not to worn, wish I could have gotten a sling with it but over all a great buy.
Very nice M44
Review by Zigongus on 3/21/13
Just got my M44 from the UPS man....very nice having a C&R. I heard some parts rolling around in the box, so I was initially concerned but all was well. The screwdriver had just come out of its paper wrapping. Very nice box with separate compartments and the rifle was bubble wrapped in the box to boot. In addition to the bubble wrap the rifle was wrapped in its own anti corrosion paper, very nice. Everything advertised was included, service kit, oil bottle, cleaning rod and since it is a Molot reconditioned rifle, it came with its own manual matched to the rifle. The translation in the manual is interesting. Please don't be temped to wrap any food in your rifle's preservation paper, I wasn't aware this was a common practice but I quote the manual:

Upon depreservation the inhibited paper should be obliterated by burning and (or) burying the waste materials on the dumps. CAUTION! IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE PAPER FOR FOLDING UP THE FOOD-STUFFS, PERSONAL TACKLES AND SO ON.

Interesting, I guess they do things differently in Russia.

The rifle in my non-food friendly paper was a 1945 Izzy in awesome shape. There were a couple of small bruises on the stock, some finish scuffed off (looks like where the barrel bands were removed) and several cartouches. The metal is REALLY nice! Bluing is so close to 100% if the graders say otherwise I don't see it. Quick inspection reveals that misc parts are all Izzy, the only down side is a force match with a strike out on the magazine floor plate. Not a big deal, this is a mil surp rifle. The barrel is nice and bright, no pitting, or anything, looks like a very little or unused barrel. The importer mark is nice and small on the bottom of the barrel right by the end of the cleaning rod, very nice placement.

I'm not sure if Molot did the refurb or just the cosmo clean up and put their markings on it, but the end result is an extremely nice 68 year old rifle in basically brand new condition. It is certainly the least used MN in my collection. If you want one, now would be the time, as I'm sure they won't be around long.

Finally, a BIG thanks to Classic and their staff for finding and bringing this beauty to us. It is always nice doing business with them and they really get your goodies shipped out quick. Only took three days from my ordering to arrival.
Just what I was hoping for!
Review by Paul on 3/21/13
My FFL received the M44 yesterday. Thanks for the fast shipping! After un-boxing the gun I was pleasantly pleased with the condition of the gun. I received a 1944 Izhevsk in very good shape.
I was a little concerned about buying a gun sight unseen but this was a good experience. Thanks Classic!
Somewhat disappointed
Review by Dave on 3/20/13
The shipping was super fast as usual from Classic. Quality, however, is iffy. From Brutus' Description - "but even the rubs or scratches on these are very light at worst". ....vast majority of them are darn near perfect." That description just does not fit mine. The stock definitely came from a battlefield. It has numerous gouges, deeply sanded-out blemishes, dents, scars and sports two large spliced in repairs. The bayonet groove is so worn that the bayonet rattles against the barrel band. The inside of the stock is very stained and rough. The metal on top of the barrel surrounding the date and the top of the receiver are pitted and blemished. The top hand guard is a lighter colored replacement in fine condition. On the good side, the rest of the metal is beautiful as is the bore and, other than the very visible areas mentioned, the mechanical bits look new. All numbers match except the force-matched butt plate. I didn't expect the implied near-perfection but I hoped for better. I've bought several surplus guns from Classic and have always come away satisfied in the end. Now, if I could return this one and hope for a better replacement.....
Review by dave shady on 3/20/13
Excellent shape, came safe in a made to fit box everything matches except the mag it was crossed out and renumbered. Smooth action metal in great shape. looks almost unissued. Thanks!
Review by powderbob on 3/20/13
Received my M44 Mosin/Nagant Carbine very well wrapped yesterday from my FFL Dlr and fell in love with it.It's in perfect condition,stock,bolt,action and the barrel after cleaning the cosmoline,which wasn't a lot is shining like a mirror.Came with the instruction booklet,oiler and cleaning kit(no kit pouch or brush) and no ammo pouches but it's ok.Looking forward shooting it and I'm guessing will be as it looks with the usual outstanding performance for a Mosin/Nagant rifle.Thanks to the folks from Classic,I have now a nice addition to my collection of Mosin/Nagants.
Review by Flash on 3/20/13
Bought two of these, once received ordered a third. Great condition. One had a laminated stock the other had the red writing on it. Can not wait to see what the 3rd is. Stocks, uppers and bores were fantastic. I am so glad I ordered these!!! Get one or two now, you will not regret it.
Top Shelf
Review by DC on 3/20/13
Just bouggt two od these M44s and picked them up from my FFL yesterday. The quality if these carbines is AMAZING. With only a few minor scrapes on the wood finish, these bad boys look completely top shelf and have been well preserved. I think I just found my new hunting rifles...
Review by Droc on 3/20/13
ordered 3/15 picked up on 3/19
Gorgeous when i opened it up cosmoline all over the oil canister that was wax wrapped.
Gun was very slick and oily.
Finish on stock is amazing a few small scuffs on the stock. bluing on the gun is almost 100%. disassembled and cleaned the entire thing. rifling down bore is amazing.
the shop had 440 rounds of ammo for it for $95
I cant wait to get it out and shoot it
OK but not as good as I was hoping.
Review by TomTheGeek on 3/20/13
Finally opened mine up today and am disappointed. Mismatched handguard and serials (not even forced matched) and the bayonet won't lock closed, like not even close. Deep ding in the dark colored stock. Bore looks OK but the description leaves me wanting more. At least it came with a cleaning rod and oil can.
Fantastic Bargain!!!
Review by Bill on 3/19/13
What can I say after all the other impressive reviews of the M44 except to say that I have purchased another fantastic gun from Classic Firearms.

I missed out on the sale of the M38 offering, and I am glad that I did. The M44 carbine Mosin Nagant is exactly what I hoped for.

My M44 arrived with the veneer stock nicked in a number of places, but this was irrelevant because the overall condition of the rifle was superior. I own a number of Mosins and the barrel of this carbine is the best I have seen. I feel as if I have purchased a brand new firearm. And yes all the numbers match.

The fixed folding bayonet that locks in both the open and closed positions is a fantastic feature.

Finally, when I picked up my M44 at my FFL dealer today a small group gathered around admiring my purchase. Even the saleperson was impressed and inquired about Classic Firearms. I was well prepared based on an earlier phone conversation with him and presented him with info about the Classic website.

Sadly, I must cease this endless purchase of Mosin Nagants. In fact a friend of mine has suggested that I join Mosin Nagant Anonymous to deal with my addiction.

BUT I still don't have an M38 carbine.

Thank you Classic Firearms for meeting all my Mosin needs. :))

Very Nice Rifle for the Money
Review by moorescnr on 3/19/13
I've not seen these for sale for some time from any importer. These are first class rifles, I ordered six to try, my customers will be pleased. The bores are all bright and shinny, all have excellent bluing, the stocks are all in excellent shape. The Cosmoline looks like it was cleaned off very well, we got a nice assortment of years, 44, 45, 46, & 48. The actions are all smooth and crisp, and everyone has matching serial numbers on the receiver, bolt, floorplate, and buttplate. The days of getting this kind of quality for under $100 are long gone, get one of these before they all become history because they are well worth the money. DM
A little disappointed
Review by fmd555 on 3/19/13
I received my M44 in the mail today and was a little disappointed to find that the hand guard was a completely different color from the rest of the rifle, not to mention the stock had numerous unsightly handling marks. The bore was mirror bright, however was expecting more overall.
Excellent M44
Review by JC on 3/18/13
Picked up the M44 today. I was surprised that my order was received, picked, and shipped all on the same day (last Friday). When I opened the box, I was amazed at what I saw. It was beautiful Izhevsk 1945 with all matching stamped numbers. From what I could tell all of the items (bolt, butt plate, bands, etc.) were all Izhevsk manufacture. My FFL even told me that that was by far one of the best M44s he has ever seen and we were both surprised at how clean it was. There's some light oil, but none of the nasty cosmoline. The pre-war-stock is almost perfect. The finish is great and only has a few dings. The bore is in excellent condition. This is a Molot refinished M44 and it came with an oiler and cleaning tools (without the pouch) only. Very happy with my purchase and looking forward to a trip to the range.
Molot M44
Review by Dan on 3/18/13
First off let me talk about the good. The staff at Classic Firearms was outstanding to deal with. I tried to order online but my FFL Dealer was not listed in Classic's database. One quick phone call and I was walked through the submission process. 30 minutes later I received an email from Classic saying the FFL was now in their system and I could place my order. I ordered on the afternoon of 3/8 and I picked up my two M44's at my FFL Dealer today 3/18. Definitely FIVE STARS to the Classic staff for turning around my order so quickly and in my hands here on the West Coast in 10 days.
Now to the guns. I have been searching for some nice M44's for quite some time. Upon seeing the Classic Firearms Facebook sale on the M44's I was excited. I was even more excited after reading the description & condition of the rifles Classic was offering. I guess I got a bad box of rifles as mine looked nowhere near as nice as the ones pictured by Classic which were supposed to be among the worst in the bunch. I received two 1944 Izhevsk's. The bores are mirror bright and look brand new and I suspect they are. There seems to be a great deal of talk about Molot handled rifles in the Mosin Nagant collector forums these days and I can see why. Had I know that these rifles were Molot refurbs I probably wouldn't have bought them as I'm more into collecting for history than anything else.
The numbers on both rifles all match with one baseplate having a lined out serial number with newer matching number stamped next to it. Upon breaking down both rifles you can see that Molot had laser etched their billboard on the top of the barrel. Thankfully this is hidden by the handguard.
Now for the stocks. Both are wartime production stocks have a lot of scratches, deep gouges, and they both have wood splice repairs in two places.
After all is said and done I think I have two good shooters here with new barrels and should be a lot of fun out on the range. I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Classic and the great turnaround time and reasonable shipping cost of my order. I guess I just wish I would have know that these were Molot rifles and not Russian/USSR government refurbed ones. It's on me though and I should have asked before I ordered. I won't hesitate to order anything in the future from Classic as they are a great company to deal with.
Great Rifle
Review by william on 3/18/13
I picked it up yesterday and shot it a few times. It shot great. The finish is pretty good, although the butt of the stock is a bit gouged in spots. Not quite perfect, but still pretty good. Cosmoline was pretty light and only in a few spots, which is a plus. Even though it is wartime dated, it still has matching serials. I highly recommend it, get one while you can.
good Metal but bad wood
Review by Eric on 3/17/13
Received my M44 yesterday. Fast shipping but now I'm missing a crate of bulk ammo. Never showed up to my FFL or home. This is a whole other story. First inspection is that the metal and bore are in excellent condition but the wood has some bad bruising on each side, with the finish being removed. On further inspection I noticed the wood had been fixed numerous times and is cracked and coming apart by the rear of the receiver (new damage, not old). The damage doesn't hurt the function of the rifle but the metal being in such great condition saves this purchase. Oh yeah, its a 1944 Tula round receiver war time stock, numbers matching. Thats what I can tell from my research. Now I just have to find my ammo, wish Classic had their phones on. Not a great first time purchase.
Update on my Mosin, pics of barrel condition
Review by luckjon on 3/16/13
Finally wiped it down and done an inspection of my M44.

Outside was great, but the inside, well i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Review by Pat on 3/16/13
I am very happy I found Classic Firearms. My son and I are collecting Russian weapons, so I obtained a 03 FFL, and found Classic. The web site is great and when I called in an order by phone, the service was even better! The M44 arrived 3 days later in perfect condition. I was amazed at the condition of this weapon, AWESOME! Thanks CF !
Just WOW!
Review by Leo on 3/15/13
Just WOW!
Having just received my first Classic Arm order
of M44s, I am pleased.
These two are virtually new.: stocks are beautiful, bluing is close to 100%, like new but Classy Classics.
I've been checking out YouTube to consider upgrades, but why mess with classic look and feel?
Great service to your customers, Classic.
All great
Review by luckjon on 3/15/13
Order placed on Sunday night, in my hands Friday afternoon.

Wood and barrel all good. I think it came with the cosmoline off, there's some light coating on the hard to reach areas, but this may have been a shipment intended for stores.

All in all, great rifle, great service, will do again.
Review by Yurridave on 3/15/13
Fantastic gun! Ordered on Sat. received on Fri. A couple of small scratches on the stock. Rifle barrel is nice and shiny, no pitting. Can't wait to get out and shoot it! Rated VG-EX, mine is pretty much an EX. Might even get another (while still available).
Best Mosin Nagant ever!!!!
Review by roberticulitis on 3/15/13
Just got to unpack this beu. This is my 5th Mosin Nagant and by far the BEST of them all. Mine was an Izhevsk 1948 and it looks like it just came out of the factory. The furniture is bright and not a single blemish. The action and the barrel looks like they have a dark gun blue, not the cheap paint that peels off. The bore, wow! the bore is like a mirror, no pitting, nice deep grooves. I order mine on 03/08/13 and got it today 03/15/13, considering the latest craziness, that was pretty fast. Great job Classic Firearms, this is my 3rd purchase with you and as always a total delight. Looking forward to more future purchases and money and the wife allows them.
Good Condition/Missing Cleaining Rod
Review by Bradley on 3/15/13
The M44 I purchased I would rate as good to very good, but it arrived without the under barrel cleaning rod. I didn't notice it at the time I visited my FFL holder. I am a little pissed that I didn't get a cleaning rod especially considering the price I paid. Please check your gun carefully and don't be stupid like me.
M-44 & M-38
Review by Palidog357 on 3/15/13
Picked up both rifles on Wed. at my FFL, been out of town so M-38 sitting for over a week and cost of transfer would be cheaper if I waited for delivery of M-44(bought that seconds after they were listed). Delivery was fast for both, but I live in same state(NC). Yesterday had day off so went to range so here is review.

M-44 As previous reviewer wrote, box was destroyed. Gun was fine and in perfect shape. Owner of shop wanted it when he saw it. Got 1946 that looked new, I mean it I don't think if was ever shot. Stock had dings and couple of fixes, one weird one near bayonet cut in stock. Bore was blinding when I put light to it and looked down. All metal looked brand new. Took apart and cleaned it, looked awesome. Make sure you check firing pin w/ gauge, I adjusted a little. All matching #'s, or close.
Now to the range- I am no awesome shot and hardly ever get to shoot outside. But, I put 10 shots in paper(NRA 100 yard target) at +175 yards in stiff x-wind, with some decent prvi ammo. I had no idea where shots were going to adjust, but as far as I'm concerned this rifle shot perfect. Recoil and blast wasn't anywhere as bad as I expected, bright sunny day so I didn't see ball of fire.. Shot 20 cheap rounds at 100 to 200 to get feel first- all hit paper. M-44 is better shooter than my Rem.308 w/scope, but not as good as my Mauser 45 kreigs.
The M-44 was awesome for price and history, you really can't get better.
Thanks Classic Arms.

Now M-38 was different story, box held-up good! Beat up metal, lots of scratches and dents, markings a little light, some stenciled, over writes/xxxx's, looks like a little rust on bolt parts and mag/ trigger guard. Some kind of dark orange stuff.
Better stock than M-44: Lots of cool stamps, no repair jobs, it was M-44 War time issue.
Bore nice and shiny. Little disappointed overall, not really matching, pretty much a Franken-mosin.
Shot really good at 100, no problems until bolt and receiver got heated up at around ten rounds. Bolt just would not go down(engage). Let it cool down and got another 8 off then same problem. Shoots decent, but nothing special overall.
I like it, but compared to M-44 not in same league. Sort of pot luck on what's delivered.
Overall worth the money for the history, age and shooting ability, but i like my 30s hex tula and new M-44 better.
Review by jdrstvnbk on 3/14/13
The m44 was shipped in it's original box with only a little bubble wrap, you could tell the bolt knob was through the packaging and another hole where the bayonet mount punctured the box! Fairly decent scrape and gouge on right side of stock, doesn't appear to be done during shipping. I hope the 2nd one is much better!
Review by Everett on 3/14/13
another perfect transaction with classic firearms. placed order on monday shipped on tuesday and received thursday morning. gun was much better than expected. nice bore and all matching numbers. mine was dated 1944 and was in great shape including the stock. thanks again for another flawless transaction from classic firearms.
Very nice rifles / Outstanding bayonet.
Review by privateer on 3/12/13
The Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles came on the market sometime back and are priced so that beginning shooter and collector could afford a very useful rifle with reasonable priced ammo. i prefer the shorter m-44 and the light weight m-38 variant of this fine rifle design.I purchased a Molot reconditioned 1943 m-38 from Classic firearms and that rifle is an excellent example which goes very well with my 1953 Polish copy of the m-44 and my unissued Tula 1954 SKS.The bayonet on the Russian m-44 is the most impressive feature about the gun and is serious business in actual use. A few years ago National Geographic magazine featured a story about Russian Forest wardens and they were on horseback with Mosin M44 rifles slung across their back muzzle down.I can assure you that they were very well armed.Classic Firearms will not let you down.These cannot last forever.