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Chinese SKS Type 56 Rifle - Original Military All Milled 7.62x39 Semi-Auto w/ Chrome Lined Barrel - C&R Eligible

Availability: In Stock

    |    Item #:LNGCHICOM-SKS    |    
Chinese SKS Rifle - Original Military All Milled 7.62x39

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Customer Submitted Images

  • My SKS & my AK74
  • Russian serial. All numbers match. I love this gun.
  • Get your shine on
  • Shellac paint.
  • "Guerrilla Style" SKS. Was missing safety spring and stock spring. Some commie string and a cotton ball fixed that!
  • "Guerrilla Style" SKS. Was missing safety spring and stock spring. Some commie string and a cotton ball fixed that!
  • "Guerrilla Style" SKS. Was missing safety spring and stock spring. Some commie string and a cotton ball fixed that!
  • Sino-Soviet SKS right after unboxing
  • Unboxed 1
  • Unboxed 2
  • Unboxed 3
  • Unboxed 4
  • Unboxed 5
  • nboxed 6
  • Unboxed 7
  • Unboxed  8
  • Cosmoline removed 1
  • Cosmoline removed 2
  • Cosmoline removed 3
  • Cosmoline removed 4
  • Cosmoline removed 5 stock
  • Cosmoline removed 6 stock
  • Cosmoline removed barrel obstruction
  • Pedraza sks1
  • Pedraza sks2
  • Pedraza sks2
  • Pedraza sks0
  • Pedraza sks00
  • Pedraza sks000
  • My new baby.
  • My new favorite baby!
  • 5 digit no factory left side
  • 5 digit no factory right side
  • All matching "Sino-Soviet"!  The $20 upgrade for all matching was worth every penny.
  • JB
  • 1956 Sino Soviet Type 56
  • 1956 Sino Soviet Type 56
  • 1956 Sino Soviet Type 56
  • 1956 Sino Soviet Type 56
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up 2
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up 3
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up 4
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up 5
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up 6
  • My "Chinese" cleaned up 7
  • Pair of type 56's
  • wood
  • wood and steel
  • more wood and steel
  • SKS after cleanup
  • Heads up, lots of cosmoline!
  • After lots of whiting, and new shellac
  • Here is my 6 digit SN no arsenal marked SKS right after unboxing
  • Here is my 6 digit SN no arsenal marked SKS right after unboxing
  • stock is covered in cosmoline but is in overall decent shape
  • check out all that cosmoline, but the blueing on the gun looks awesome!
  • Here is my 6 digit SN no arsenal marked SKS right after unboxing
  • stock is covered in cosmoline but is in overall decent shape
  • check out all that cosmoline, but the blueing on the gun looks awesome!
  • the other side
  • the other side
  • import mark
  • Trench art miri
  • Cresent moon and star
  • Chinese SKS
  • Cleaned up
  • The SKS joins the family
  • Fresh out of box-01
  • Spot of Cosmoline
  • Something gooey
  • I have some work to do
  • Cosmoline removed, Sino-Soviet1
  • Cosmoline removed, Sino-Soviet 2
  • Cleaned it up and added a leather sling. Very nice !
  • Fresh out of the box
  • Not too cosmolined
  • Cleaned and fired next day at 100 yards. Acceptable accuracy.
  • My order
  • Fresh out of the box 1
  • Fresh out of the box 2
  • Fresh out of the box 3
  • Unpackaged
  • Simple green and near-boiling water cut the cosmoline right out of the metal parts.
  • Removing cosmoline from barrel and stock (heat gun and hot water)
  • All cleaned up and ready for the range!
  • Sight picture.
  • Glorious!
  • unbox
  • after clean
  • perfect bore
  • Before and After
  • What a cutie after shooting
  • After cosmo cleaning
  • All matching numbers
  • Classic Firearms SKS rt. and lft. views
  • Classic Firearms SKS btsck lft.
  • Classic Firearms SKS forestk rt.
  • Nice two letter Cyrillic serial number!  All matching, but didn't pay the extra for it! Awesome.
  • Great stock with nice wood grain and pattern
  • And lucky me!  A Tula star!
  • Sweet surprise its a Russian sks!
  • Russian sks mill markings
  • thanks Classic!
  • unpacked
  • cosmoline free
  • Chinese SKS
  • Chinese SKS
  • Chinese SKS
  • replaced w/ Polish stock
  • replaced w/ Polish stock
  • afh2 #1
  • afh2 #2
  • afh2 #3
  • afh2 #4
  • afh2 #5
  • afh2 #6
  • afh2 #7
  • afh@ #8
  • Before
  • Before
  • sks1
  • sks2
  • sks3
  • sks4
  • sks5
  • sks6
  • sks8
  • sks9
  • sks10
  • sks11
  • With Tapco stock installed
  • Still in the Cosmoline. All win!
  • Classic firearms sks
  • unwrapped
  • thick cosmo
  • ripped apart and cleaned
  • Izhevsk 1954 all matching numbers
  • Izhevsk 1954 all matching numbers
  • Parts all Clean
  • Reassembled without stock (still working on it)
  • Sks with tapco furniture and 20 rd mag, ler scope, and bipod.
  • 1952 SKS 45 Cosmo Carbine
  • 1952 SKS 45 Ferko
  • out of box
  • matching #
  • cleaned up
  • Sino-Soviet SKS
  • 1956 Sino-Soviet, From Classic. All matching number. When I saw the wood grain, I had to do the stock
  • 1956 Sini-Soviet, matching numbers
  • With Cartouche
  • First Look out of the Box
  • Ready to Shoot
  • Cosmoline
  • Cleaned & Ready for Re-assembly
  • Completed SKS
  • SKS unboxing
  • SKS unboxing - plenty of cosmo, but good quality underneath
  • SKS unboxing - more cosmoline
  • Cleaned up Sino-Soviet SKS
  • 95% De-Cosmolined 1956 Sino-Soviet all except bolt/carrier numbers match paid base price
  • SKS 56  on stand
  • SKS 56 butt plate with cleaning kit
  • SKS 56  reciver & ammo
  • cleaned up
  • fresh out of thebox
  • 6 digit  "ghost"
  • Holy Cosmoline! But a beautiful rifle under it all!
  • No arsenal mark 6 digit serial number
  • Sino Soviet SKS as received
  • Sino Soviet SKS in an SGWorks bullpup stock
  • Un-boxed 6 digit serial no factory marking (MBC)
  • Cosmoline from the barrel (MBC)
  • Cleaned up (MBC)
  • Finally cleaned up and ready to shoot! (MBC)
  • (MBC)
  • I believe it to be a 6 digit (Ghost) (MBC)
  • SKS with Show dog
  • SKS with no dog
  • SKS1
  • SKS2
  • SKS3
  • SKS4
  • SKS5
  • SKS6
  • SKS7
  • SKS8
  • SKS9
  • just opened
  • SKS after cleaning and refinishing
  • SKS as received
  • SKS bolt and mag covered in cosmoline
  • SKS bolt and mag
  • SKS handguard
  • SKS new finish
  • SKS stock ready for new finish
  • My sks 56
  • Type56-01
  • Type56-02
  • Type56-03
  • Type56-04
  • Type56-05
  • Type56-06
  • Type56-07
  • My Classic purchase post cleaning
  • Covered in Cosmo
  • Covered in Cosmo
  • Cleaned & Stocks Refinished
  • Cosmo Removed
  • Before cleaning
  • Half way done
  • Finished product
  • All done!
  • Close up #1
  • Close up #2
  • Close up #3
  • Close up #4
  • Scope and laser on my beautiful ghost sks!!
  • My 1956 Chinese SKS
  • My 1956 Chinese SKS
  • Lots of cosmoline!
  • It birthed some cosmoline out of that barrel!
  • Even more cosmoline!
  • All cleaned up and ready to go!!
  • Fun
  • Fun
  • Chinese SKS. MY NEW BABY
  • You can still see the cartouches
  • Starting to clean her up
  • After cleaning her up WOW!
  • I Love This SKS!!
  • A Solid SKS!
  • Right out of the box
  • Cleaned and fired~
  • Gouges from other sks's bolts
  • Sino-Soviet Serial
  • Nice
  • Chinese SKS right out of the box
  • 2
  • 6
  • SKS came today
  • First look
  • First time seeing it
  • All matching numbers, even the piston. No factory stamps or letters in the serial numbers?
  • All clean, ready to test!
  • All cleaned up
  • Milled barrel lug and Chinese latch
  • Restoration
  • 2 I bought and now letting melt in sun
  • "Chinese Russian"
  • "Chinese Russian"
  • "Chinese Russian"
  • Early "GHOST" Chinese SKS
  • Early "GHOST" Chinese SKS
  • Early "GHOST" Chinese SKS
  • Nice matching numbers SKS
  • Letter prefix 4 digit S/N SKS
  • Just Unwrapped SKS.....Sino Soviet
  • 1st time shooting at 100 yards.
  • Early Sino-Soviet
  • after clean up
  • my sks
  • my sks 2
  • Un-boxed of the E Letter Gun (MBC)
  • Un-box of the E Letter Gun (MBC)
  • Cleaned up (MBC)
  • Ready to use! (MBC)
  • (MBC)
  • (MBC)
  • Take down
  • Chinese T56 after cleaning-Right
  • Chinese T56 after cleaning-Left
  • Opened box and went to work. Some $$ and cleaning better than anything in stores.
  • SKS turned out pretty nice!!
  • SKS works very nice!!
  • Chinese SKS-1
  • Chinese SKS-2
  • Chinese SKS-3
  • All cleaned up! All matching numbers
  • Before
  • before
  • before
  • before
  • after-  trench art
  • after
  • after
  • after
  • trench art - left side
  • Rit dye stock
  • refinished
  • Cleans up great!
  • SKS
  • all matching with new tapco furniture
  • k31, sks, 91/30
  • My 2 SKS beauties
  • tricked out sks
  •  Chinese model 56 sks
  • my two boys ready for action!
  • tricked out sks
  •  Chinese model 56 sks
  • my two boys ready for action!
  • With an M44. After cosmoline removal.
  • Post Cosmoline removal.
  • Out of the box.
  • Chinese SKS - Cosmoline Hell
  • Matching ghost and Sino I got from my order
  • My ghost and Sino with a laminate Tula
  • SKS Stock Before Re-finishing
  • SKS Re-finished, Reassembled
  • Classic Firearms M44 and SKS M56
  • Time to clean  and make ready.
  • Thanks Classic Arms!
  • Thanks Classic Arms!
  • Thanks # 2
  • Thank,s  Classic Arms
  • My son having some fun on my dime
  • Not even a problem cycling
  • Love the bayonet
  • 1
  • sks
  • sks sights
  • sks
  • 2nd SKS from CF, with a TAPCO Timber Smith Stock
  • 2nd SKS from CF, with a TAPCO Timber Smith Stock & Intrafuse 20 rounds mag
  • 2nd SKS from CF, with a TAPCO Timber Smith Stock, what a beautiful stock
  • Liked Classic SKS so much I got 4
  • cosmo caked
  • original stock
  • completed SKS with replacement stock
  • Ugly yet beautiful!
  • Cleaned up great.
  • Good matching numbers - can't find arsenal mark
  • Lots of cosmo but cleaned up nice
  • Just looks good
  • Chinese Type 56
  • Chinese Type 56
  • Chinese SKS
  • 1st SKS from CF with Center Balance Stock and TruGlo Red Dot
  • 1st SKS from CF with Center Balance Stock and TruGlo Red Dot
  • 1st SKS from CF with Center Balance Stock and TruGlo Red Dot
  • sino-soviet
  • sino-soviet
  • My Chinese SKS fully cleaned & ready for action
  • My Chinese SKS getting a good nights sleep...
  • Me & my Chinese SKS with new buttpad & authentic Chinese canvas sling. Going old school, man...
  • Unboxing
  • Broken Down
  • Broken Down
  • Starting to look pretty nice
  • 2 Coats of Poly
  • SKS - Before
  • SKS - After
  • Before 1
  • Before 2
  • Before 3
  • Before 4
  • Before 5
  • Before 6
  • After 1
  • After 2
  • After 3
  • After 4
  • SKS After Cosmo Clean
  • double trouble
  • on target
  • my 1st sks
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Customer Submitted Videos

Additional Information

Product Specs 7.62x39 Semi-Auto All Milled 10 Rd Box Mag Chrome Lined Barrel With Folding Bayonet
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge Other
Free Shipping No

Chinese SKS Type 56 Rifle - Original Military All Milled 7.62x39 Semi-Auto w/ Chrome Lined Barrel - C&R Eligible

Availability: In Stock

    |    Item #:LNGCHICOM-SKS    |    

Early Original Military Surplus Type 56 Chinese SKS Rifles For Sale. 7.62x39, semi-auto, all milled, chrome lined barrels. Includes 10 round box mag and blade type folding bayonet.  Well used and battle scarred but highly functional and very cool! Add one to your collection before they're gone.

Don't forget the AeroShell 33MS Mil Spec Armorer's Grease!

Read More
Chinese SKS Type 56 Rifle - Original Military All Milled 7.62x39 Semi-Auto w/ Chrome Lined Barrel - C&R Eligible

Early Original Military Surplus Type 56 Chinese SKS Rifles For Sale. 7.62x39, semi-auto, all milled, chrome lined barrels. Includes 10 round box mag and blade type folding bayonet.  Well used and battle scarred but highly functional and very cool! Add one to your collection before they're gone.

Don't forget the AeroShell 33MS Mil Spec Armorer's Grease!

  • Buy 5 for $299.99 each and save 7%
  • Buy 10 for $279.99 each and save 13%

We will select the best 1 out of 5 for exterior cosmetics. However. this does NOT guarantee any specific grade or condition rifle. The rifle will still be ugly as all of the Chinese SKS rifles are ugly. Unlike most surplus guns, these have NOT been through a refurb process.
The only parts we check for all matching (if you selected this option) are.....1) receiver, 2) bolt, 3) dust cover, 4) trigger guard, and 5) mag well.

Brutus' Description

Early Original Military All Milled Chinese SKS Rifles

These historic and highly popular Chi-Com rifles were banned from importation by the Clinton Administration in the early 1990's.  
This small group of rifles was stored in a neutral country for over 20 years before being granted an exception for import and are now here at Classic Firearms for sale to you. 

Rifles are complete and functional but expect bluing wear, and stocks with dents and dings.  Some may even have slightly cracked stocks not noticeable under all the cosmoline.  These are packed in fairly heavy cosmoline.

Concerning the stocks, most stocks are solid and some may have small cracks.  We have not found any that are broken, or unsafe to use. They are not pagent winners. Expect a good solid shooter, not a pretty stock.  To be clear, expect an ugly stock.

Some stocks may possibly have trench art (field carvings) in the stocks as represented in one of the images above. We are also not disqualifying these carvings from hand selects as these are prized by some collectors and many consider this field art extremely desireable.

Now for the good stuff. 

These are all very early rifles -  i.e. Pre Vietnam Era, and as such they contain all milled parts.
The barrels are all threaded into the receivers (rather than being pinned) and they all have the heavy reinforced barrel lug. All trigger groups are 1 piece milled units rather than being stamped.  Some of the gas tubes are one piece milled as well

Also, since these all have chrome lined barrels the bores should still be fairly nice, and I will bet you a dollar these will all still function flawlessly and have thousands of rounds of life left in them.

Some, but not all, still have the cleaning rods in them, but all will have a folding blade type bayonet.

Feeds from a 10 round box magazine but detachable high cap mags are inexpensive and very easy to obtain.

These rifles came into the country packed in heavy cosmoline. 

These are C & R Eligible

When we first started in business in the late 80's we sold thousands of Chinese SKS rifles and as such I have a soft spot for them. They will always be my favorite.

After market stocks, magazines and accessories are plentiful and easy to install, and they are just plain cool guns.

Don't let my overly honest description fool you, I have tried to paint a worst case scenario but the truth is some of these ain't half bad.

Even the roughest ones are mighty fine shooters.

They are historically significant, and make a fine addition to any collection.....  

I encourage ya'll to get one or more of these Chinese SKS's before they're gone. It will probably become your favorite rifle.

Manufacturer's Description

Early Original Military (Type 56) Chinese SKS Rifles For Sale. 7.62x39 , Semi-Auto, All Milled, w/ Chrome Lined Barrels. Includes 10 Round Box Mag and Blade Type Folding Bayonet. Well used but very functional.

Additional Information

Product Specs 7.62x39 Semi-Auto All Milled 10 Rd Box Mag Chrome Lined Barrel With Folding Bayonet
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge Other
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Great for "Sporterizing" if you Like
Review by Kevin on 9/28/14
After claiming I would never "sporterise" my Sino-Soviet SKS, I lied. Here's a before and after video of the transformation using the Choate Machine and Tool SKS M4 Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock system and the Tapco magazine and extended mag release.
Video Review
SKS Rifle "Sporterization" with Choate Stock
Uploaded by CrucibleArms
Amazing rifle at great price!
Review by John on 8/16/14
Awsome shipping time. Amazing rifle! I wish this rifle could talk, I would love to hear some of it's stories. I paid for all matching, got all matching. The rifle is about 95% blued and the wear on the wood is absolutely beautiful! The rifle shoots like a dream, the boar is great and the action is nice and smooth. The rifle is all milled. It appears to be Russian parts, but assembled in China. There are no factory markings. This information leads me to believe it was made in 1956 when the rifle production was switched from Russia to China. You can't go wrong with this rifle!
Video Review
Chinese Type 56 SKS
Uploaded by Rubicon18250
Nice SKS Beater! Lots of Character
Review by Frog on 8/11/14
Video uploaded. I got them hand select and matching number. These rifles are a bit beat but they are as described and great value for ~$300!

Video Review
Chinese SKS
Uploaded by cl5290at
Great gun with a small issue
Review by Anthony on 8/2/14
The rifle came packed in cosmoline as expected, the stock was also in rough shape, both of which I was expecting. The issue I was not expecting however was the large amount of rust on the rifle, the bottom portion of the bolt as well as the top front of the bolt was covered in rust, I removed a majority of it. (I wish I did a before and after video)

The firing pin was also stuck in the forward position not due to cosmoline but due to rust, after cleaning it up it now has no issues and free floats very well.

I took the gun to the range last weekend and put about 100 rounds through it and didn't have a single issue.

All in all im happy with the purchase, I am a bit disappointed having paid for the hand select for exterior to have received a rifle with so much rust.

Would I purchase again? Yes I would.
Video Review
Chinese Type 56 SKS Classic Firearms
Uploaded by TheLazyShooter
overall a great purchase of my first SKS.
Review by c4snipar on 7/25/14
First SKS and first time order from classic firearms. Took only a little over a week and arrived at my local gun store. This is a quick look before cosmoline removal. It appeared to be in good condition, numbers does not match. I did not pay the extra $40 for hand select or number matching. It appeared to be a "ghost rifle" as doesn't have any Russian or Chinese writings on it. It would be better if comes with the little cleaning kit. Will try to do another review after cleaning and the range. Overall, would buy again and recommended.
Video Review
Sks rifle from classic firearms
Uploaded by c4snipar
Just as described
Review by Monty on 7/23/14
Just as described. Take a look at my YouTube video.
Video Review
Chinese SKS Review
Uploaded by Stacy Stubbs
Great rifle for the money !
Review by Rob on 6/15/14
Overall great rifle for the price.Yeah the stock wont win any beauty contests but that patina was almost 60 years in the making.Thanks Classic Firearms for making this purchase easy,fast,and affordable.I hope to do more business with Classic in the future.
Video Review
Uploaded by Outboard- Rob
Good rifle
Review by Keith on 6/11/14
Overall, I was impressed with the condition of the rifle. I opted for the add'l cost for matching numbers and exterior cosmetics. There were only a few spots with rust. Now comes the fun part of cosmoline removal!
Video Review
Chinese SKS Type 56 From Classic Firearms - Unboxing
Uploaded by Rusted KC Channel
Excellent condition for the age!
Review by Clayton on 6/5/14
I was expecting a slightly better rifle for the extra $20 I payed for cosmetics, but I didn't expect it to be in as nice shape as it was when it arrived! The cosmoline certainly did its job protecting the metal! The stock, while rough, is in surprisingly good shape with only a couple of major gouges. No hairline cracks as far as I can see. The bore is absolutely spotless, and when I took it apart, there was no carbon build-up in any of the internals, including the gas piston and operating rod! While I missed the sale price on this particular SKS by about 8 hours, it was still worth the original price of $319.99!
Video Review
Sino-Soviet SKS from Classic Firearms - Part 1: Unboxing
Uploaded by ctperry06
Review by CHRIS on 6/4/14



Video Review
Uploaded by Chris Ursiny
Bear approves!
Review by Jagrmaister on 6/2/14
This is my second Sks from classic. The first time I chose to go only for the matching option. Opted for the hand pick matching and exterior options due to the sale on the new delivery. I received what looks to be a very nice example of a 5 digit "ghost". Bluing is worn as expected, but the stock is in excellent condition. This one definitely rivals the first in appearance. That one shoots nice, so let's get this one cleaned up, inspect what's under the wood, and see who comes out on top. Very happy out of the box for price paid, we'll see after she's clean.
Video Review
Classic 5 digit ghost Sks
Uploaded by Jagrmaister13
Review by Blackberry55 on 6/1/14
Video Review
Chinese SKS Type 56, Milled Parts - UNBOXING
Review by NicTaylor00 on 5/30/14
First impressions are exactly what was described. I expect it to run great once I get the rifle cleaned up and put a few rounds through it. Only wish I had waited for the $50 off sale to avoid paying full asking price at the time I purchased.
Video Review
SKS Unboxing - Chinese Type 56 Rifle
Uploaded by NicTaylor00
Quality Rifle
Review by Blake Devlin on 5/29/14
Overall this was an amazing rifle. Packed heavy in cosmoline as it was clearly mentioned in the description.

The only problem I encountered was some rust spots on the magwell and on the barrel (under the stock). Also I ran into a beat up firing pin, which classic is working with me to resolve that issue.

I opted for the hand select and matching serial number premium and it turned out great for me. I already want to buy more SKS's from Classic. If you're in the market, do not hesitate to purchase from Classic.
Video Review
Chinese SKS -
Uploaded by Blake Devlin
Follow up review Frist shots and refinish
Review by Matt on 5/29/14
This is a follow up after shooting review, Wow what a great shooter. After my first outing with this rifle I found that I still had cosomoline oozing out of the stock a full refinish was in order. I must say this ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan and has become my favorite SKS. As for the scratches an dings in the stock 95% of them disappeared when the finish was removed. Not a bad shooter for a stock military surplus rifle. I know if I add a rear peep sight and a trigger job those groups will tighten up even more. If you are on the fence about these rifles “get off” I would say pick up one of these today before they are gone.
Video Review
Chinese SKS (Part 2) First Shots & Refinish
Uploaded by Dreyseman M
2 Chinese Type 56 SKS - NO hand select OR Matching number select
Review by Jim on 5/23/14
I rolled the dice and ordered two Chinese Type 56 Rifles. I think I did OK! check out the short review. I have ordered some Mosin Nagant's in the past and have been pleased (my only issue ever is that I did not receive 1 bayonet with my 6 pack order. So classic if you read this send a bayonet my way please! I am a satisfied customer and will be ordering again!
Video Review
2 Chinese Type 56 SKS -
Uploaded by James Webb
Classic does it again
Review by Josh on 5/14/14
Ordered some more of these Chinese Sks's and wasn't let down. As usual customer service was and is excellent. Chose matching serial #'s and hand select. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you Classic.
Video Review
Chinese SKS
Uploaded by Josh C
Chinese SKS review
Review by Alberto on 4/30/14
Another great gun from Classic Firearms. THANK YOU
Video Review
Chinese SKS Type 56 from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by Al Mar
I was one of the lucky ones that took the SKS gamble and it paid off.
Review by MrPEZO on 4/24/14
What an awesome gun, I got it about 5 days after purchasing it. I was one of the lucky ones that took the SKS gamble and it paid off. I ended up with this beautiful Russian letter gun; it appears to be an all original 1957 (no re-furb markings). I paid for matching SNs and hand select. The gun has a beautiful deep red laminated stock (very few dings/dents), shiny/clean bore and the rifling looks great. There was some deep pits (corrosion) on the magazine and trigger group, I have it cleaned up nicely and will re-blue that area only. The over bluing is 0-10% but I can live with that. It had a cleaning rod, no cleaning kit (purchased separately). I hope to shoot it in the coming weeks. It was full of cosmoline. Thank you Classic for this beautiful piece of history!
Video Review
Russian SKS
Uploaded by 43MrPEZO
Rifle as described
Review by MATTHEW on 4/20/14
Brutus' must have been looking at my rifle when he wrote his description. Is the stock a little beat up? Yes! Is the bluing faded? Yes! Is the bore mirror bright and the action smooth? Yes and yes! I don't look at the outside finish as a negative on this rifle, I look at it as a beautiful patina that has taken 58 years to perfect. After spending a few hours on a Saturday evening digging this rifle out of its cosmoline and cleaning up a little bit of rust that had formed under the stock. I am very happy with the ghost rifle I received form Classic. If I had the funds I would buy another 1 or 10. If your worried about the exterior of the rifle being reflective of the inside, don't. Mine has every indication that it will be a great shooter, and isn’t that why we buy them.
Video Review
Chinese Type 56 SKS
Uploaded by Dreyseman M
Great Rifles
Review by Josh on 4/15/14
I've purchased 2 of these rifles so far from Classic. I received one Ghost Rifle last summer and one Sino-Soviet SKS last month. Both were all matching, hand selects. The stock on the first one was in good condition. The second one was a little ugly so I refinished it. Bluing on both is good. Both rifles shoot great. Will be buying more. Thanks Classic.
Video Review
Chinese SKS Type 56
Uploaded by Josh C
Ordered out for Chinese .. and got a Russian Bride!
Review by Boris on 3/29/14
The rifle was advertised as an "early Chinese SKS" with a chrome-lined barrel and milled receiver. This sounded great on its own, but when I received the rifle I found matching Russian serial numbers. Bonus!

The transaction went smoothly and Classic Firearms did a great job as always. They remain my "go to guys" when it comes to C&R firearms.

Cosmoline removal went smoothly and the rifle has shot a wide range of ammunition flawlessly without the slightest problem. If you have the opportunity to pick an SKS up from Classic, don't wait. I hate to sound like "Brutus", but they won't be around forever.
Video Review
Quick Purchase Review - Classic Firearms "Chinese" SKS
Uploaded by Binary Boris
Great vintage military rifle
Review by William on 3/26/14
This was a great purchase. It does come packed with cosmolene but boiling water takes it right off. This rifle shoots great 100 yards with iron sights no problem. I fired 200 rounds from it with no issues smooth firing weapon. If you are in the market buy from classic arms.
Video Review
Chinese sks rifle
Uploaded by chip0025
I'm still loving my SKS!
Review by Swiss Mister on 3/23/14
My last video review was some Classic Firearms SKS along with 2 other guns. THIS video is ALL about my new SKS! I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed shooting!
Video Review
More SKS or Type 56 fun!
Uploaded by The Mister Swiss Channel
Solid shooter and piece of History!
Review by 03GeeTee on 3/18/14
Ordered my SKS a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the rifle I received. I did not pay extra for any hand pick fees but I still received an all numbers matching low serial number Sino-Soviet SKS! And on top of that it also came with the cleaning kit still in the buttstock. One of the more exciting things about this rifle is the name that I found carved into the handguard (Serja Avdulaj) as a fan of military history I thought that this was awesome. Classic took a bit longer on shipping than usual but I am very happy with the result. Overall, besides the wood being dinged up (I thought about refinishing it but decided I like the battlefield look) I really can't find anything negative about the rifle. Thanks Classic!
Video Review
Sino Soviet SKS from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by explosivesdude
Review by Swiss Mister on 3/16/14
I'm super happy with my SKS purchase from Classic Firearms. I will order from them again!
Video Review

Uploaded by
Love my 2 Sino-Soviet SKS's
Review by Mike D on 3/3/14
I received two Sino-Soviet SKS's last month from Classic. Both were all matching, hand selects. Classic did not disappoint. The stocks are in very good condition, and the bluing on both are excellent. There was an issue with the firing pin on one, and Classic came through to make it right. Thanks guys, love the rifles.
Video Review
Mar 2, 2014
Uploaded by MikeD's Vids
Might not be the prettiest SKS on the block...
Review by Jagrmaister on 2/26/14
Received my Chinese SKS from Classic. I asked for numbers matching and received just that, an all matching Sino-Soviet. She's definitely not the prettiest SKS ever, but I'll forgive it if it shoots well, which I'm sure it will. Was absolutely packed in cosmoline as other reviews have suggested, but that's also expected. Once it was cleaned up, the bluing was nearly absent and the stock was discovered to have been dragged behind a truck. I know things were hard in Albania, and this rifle has the scars to prove it. Mechanically this rifle is good to go, however. All clean on the inside, and the barrel is pristine. All said, I'm still happy with the purchase. Word of caution, DO take down your bolt. I soaked mine in mineral spirits, and then busted it down. Even after the soak, it still had a good channel of cosmoline built up and the firing pin would move and function but was not completely free. Surely, this would've been a "slam-fire" situation down the road. I'm tempted to order another and see if I can get a bit better cosmetics, but I suspect these are all pretty rough around the edges and just good shooters. Sweet addition but only 4 stars because even though it's a cool piece of history I cjust an't give a rifle this rough 5.
Video Review
SKS from Classic Arms
Uploaded by Jagrmaister13
Good Rifle
Review by Henry on 2/21/14
When your baby momma wants a gun get her an SKS :D, The stock was in dirty but otherwise good rugged condition, the rifling groove is decent and will make the target with your due practice. The skewer is in good shape >:D.... Need a rifle that can stick it out with you and your family, this is the one can go for. Thanks Classic :D.
Video Review
Mommas SKS
Uploaded by Ree Vich
Great gun, super fast shipment
Review by Casey on 2/14/14
Opted for exterior cosmetics on this SKS, gun arrived less than 48 hours after I placed the order. It looked better than I expected. I've removed the cosmoline and am now refinishing the stock. It shoots like a dream. It's now one of the favorite guns in my collection. I'm very happy with the service at Classic Firearms and will very likely order from them again.
Video Review
Unboxing my Chinese SKS from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by Brown1286
Awesome shape, just what I hoped for
Review by Chad H on 2/13/14
Paid for #s match and cosmetic band select. Well worth it, got a great matching 1956 arsenal 26 gun with a low serial number.
Video Review
SinoSoviet Type56
Uploaded by Chad Hinterweger
Second SKS from classic!
Review by Jason on 2/11/14
This is my second Chinese SKS Purchase from Classic I did go with both hand select and number matching options This one was a 5 digit serial # my last being a 6 digit both being 1956 production Now i have 2 of the first year of Chinese SKS production noted only 4 stars because of several spots of rusted metal. Otherwise a nice buy! Thanks Classic!
Video Review
Chinese Type 56 Sks #2
Uploaded by 45AMT
Review by graciela on 2/9/14
received a sino soviet. Letter followed by four numbers. original type 56 "carbine" as designated by the Chinese. excellent bore. wood was beat but what can you expect for a rifle this rare. Matching wood and parts.
MADE my son make a video it's so nice lol

Video Review

Uploaded by
Great shooters, almost had nimbers matching ghost rifle but both in good shape.
Review by BigHintBaikal on 2/2/14
Ordered two got a nearly ghost , bolt is different number. Chinese is numbers matching.
Video Review
Uploaded by Chad Hinterweger
Classic Chinese SKS
Review by Michael on 1/21/14
Excellent piece if history added to my collection. Cosmoline all iver but that's fine. After a thorough cleaning, she' is ready for outside adventure.

Great and fast shipping from Classic Looking to do more business with folks.
Video Review Chinese SKS. Fantastic rifle from fantastic vendor. Great piece of history.
Uploaded by Carlton Prince
You NEED one of these!
Review by Marc on 11/28/13
Don't think about it, just get one or three like I did. The first was a type /26\ and the second two were "ghost" rifles. The two ghost rifles had most of the bluing left and the stocks were a little dinged up and the /26\ had no bluing whatsoever but had a really nice stock. I will mention that the bores on all 3 are chrome lined and pristine! They are absolutely caked in cosmoline but that is to be expected. By the way I paid for matching and hand pick on all 3 and I am very happy that I did that. All my stocks are useable with no cracks and should all be great shooters.
Video Review
Review of a Classic Firearms Chinese SKS
Uploaded by Fishinguy82
Inexpensive and accurate. Fun to shoot
Review by Elwood Blues on 10/17/13
This is my first SKS and it's everything I expected and more. It came with all numbers matching and shiny bore. It's very accurate and cheap to shoot. I will definitely buy more of those. If you like firearms, you should own an SKS!
Video Review
Review of a Chinese SKS from
Uploaded by mustangphil302
Solid quality firearm and loads of fun
Review by Leethegeek on 10/7/13
This is my first SKS and now I want another, it is fun to shoot, the ammo is cheap, it feels nice and solid, really just a great gun to take up into the mountains for the weekend.
Video Review
Chinese SKS from Classic Firearms
Uploaded by leethegeek
Great buy and worth the price
Review by Nightstalker1964 on 9/25/13
I purchased two of these fine examples of simple yet efficient battle rifles from another time period. As has been stated by others, the metal parts were in great shape, but the stocks were most certainly in very used condition. Although many people complain about cosmoline on these rifles, it is what has kept them safe for fifty years. Thanks, to Ben K.
Video Review
Classic Firearms SKS
Uploaded by zombieslayer1964
Pretty where it counts
Review by Lauro on 9/20/13
Like most Type 56s, the stock is pretty beat up and the bluing is pretty worn but where it counts, the bore is super shiny and is a great shooter.
Video Review

Uploaded by
Got a Sino-Soviet, early '56, all matching serial #'s!
Review by Mordib1 on 9/5/13
Did not expect it, but after cleaning all the cosmoline off, I realized I had a prize in my hands. Very good bluing, only light spots of rust on some fittings, but not on the main parts. The chrome of the barrel and the rifling is exceptional. All the serial numbers matched and to my surprise, after identifying features in other parts of the rifle, I found I had a Sino-Soviet early 56 SKS, out of the Jianshe factory (26).

Thanks Classic! I'll be looking for more C&R purchases with you in the future!
Video Review
My Sino-Soviet SKS
Uploaded by Mordib1
Authentic Sino-Soviet Type 56
Review by Crucible Arms on 9/5/13
I was fortunate enough to get a true Sino-Soviet Type 56 from Classic Firearms. It's a matching numbers gun and the serial number confirms it was manufactured in the first half of 1956 when they were put together by the Chinese under Soviet oversight as the tooling, parts, and drawings were all transferred to the Chinese.

Classic Firearms does a great job of telling you what you are and/or aren't getting and making the buying process painless.

I did pay for the hand select and while it's a numbers gun, the stock was really, really beat up. That's the only reason for the nick to 4 rather than 5 stars.
Video Review
SKS Rifle - An Authentic Sino-Soviet Model
Uploaded by CrucibleArms
Great rifle , will purchase again from CF.
Review by El Basquero on 8/30/13
Please watch my video review as I am impressed with the rifle. The condition was exactly as expected from reading the descriptions and reviews. Baking the gun at the oven's lowest setting for 20 minutes proved to be an easy cosmoline removal. The rear sight ladder was bent but I didn't care because I installed a Peep Sight from Tech Sights. I can't wait to shoot this rifle! Thank you Classic Firearms!
Video Review
Classic Firearms Norinco SKS Type 56 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle
Uploaded by mauricio aspee
Excellent gun at a really good price considering others are charging hundreds of dollars more!
Review by Louis on 8/26/13
Couldn't be happier with this purchase. All matching numbers. The stock has a some nasty dents and a big chunk knocked out of it around the magazine but other than that I haven't got any complaints. 5 digit serial number with no factory marks so I can't really tell how old she is but she's definitely old!

Can't wait to clean her up and feed her!
Video Review

Uploaded by
Get one while you can
Review by Will D on 8/24/13
Bought this sks to replace one i had sold about 8 years ago , this was my first internet firearms purchase , it was a smooth and fast transaction. The sks i recieved was in good shape the stock was scarred with dings srapes scatches, and best of all some trench art , some names and symbols, there is more on the stock but need time to make it all out. Grab one from this batch, I know im going to try to get another one.
Video Review
SKS from
Uploaded by 1973willyd
Excellent Shooter and Survival Rifle
Review by Stephen on 8/19/13
Great rifle for the money. Sure they have seen better days cosmetically, but they are tried and true shooters. You will not be disappointed.
Video Review
Uploaded by Larzul
Buy one before they sell out!
Review by ronki53 on 8/13/13
Mine is a Sino-Soviet SKS with a numbers matching Soviet stock. All numbers minus the top cover match. The bore is excellent. This thing was covered in cosmoline when I got it and took about 2 days to clean. I highly recommend getting one of these rifles before Classic sells out.
Video Review Sino Soviet SKS
Uploaded by ronki53
Great Sino-Soviet SKS
Review by Shane on 8/9/13
I'm going to say that this was my first purchase from Classic FireArms, and I couldn't be happier (thought it was a simple military model, but no, turns out (to my surprise) that it was a Type 56 Sino-Soviet model (tracked its # number and found out it was made is 1956, go figure huh?), said rifle came in a long cardboard box and bubble wrap, coated in cosmoline, which I didn't mind (took a while to clean, but was worth it), had a hard time to pound the pin out of the bolt, but finally was able to do so, cleaned the bolt and gun well, put the rifle back together, noticed it didn't come with a cleaning kit (simply bought one off E-bay, not a problem), though I am glad it did come with a cleaning rod in perfect condition, and the same day fired 5 PPU 7.62x39mm rounds though it, fired like a dream I tell ya. so I can't say enough good things about the rifle and will say last that I will definitely come to Classic Arms for my future Firearm purchases, Thank You.
Video Review
Chinese SKS -
Uploaded by ENTERPRISE1942
Great SKS!
Review by John C. on 7/28/13
I coudn't be happier with my purchase. I chose the hand select and received the highly sought-after Sino-Soviet first production version from 1956 when the Soviets supervised the new factories before turning the operation over to Arsenal 26. This was exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks again, Classic Firearms!
Video Review
Chinese SKS Review -
Uploaded by Sailor Gloom
Sino-Soviet SKS
Review by John C. on 7/26/13
I did a hand select of the Chinese SKS and was pleasantly surprised to see the rare 1956 Sino-Soviet SKS. The first year Chinese SKS was produced under direct Soviet supervision before turning over the factories to Arsenal 26. Great find and a very welcome addition to my collection. Thanks again, Classic Firearms!
Video Review

Uploaded by
type 56 video and review
Review by jason on 7/2/13
This is a review and video of my type 56 (unboxed) appears to be all matching numbers nice clean minus all the cosmoline bluing is fair good about 75% wood is in good shape minimal dings with some finish wear thanks classic for the fast shipping ordered Thursday at noon arrived Wednesday
Video Review
Chinese type 56 SKS
Uploaded by 45AMT
Review by Jeff on 6/29/13
This was my first C&R Order from Classic, Ordered it Wednesday, Was at my Door at noon on Friday! Very Fast and cheap shipping, Also this has got to be one of the Greasiest Sks's i have handled, BUT It is a Russian Sks! It has a Tula Stamped 195(?) Stock, Which matches the Receiver. Everything matches except the dust cover, Which is a Chinese one. Over all the rifle has about 95% Blue, Except the Dust cover which has almost no finish, I am extremely pleased to have gotten a Russian Sks from this shipment, The stock is still not in the best of condition but still i am Very, Very, Very Happy with this. I Will make sure to order again from Classic Firearms soon!
Video Review
Classicfirearms Chinese Type 56 Sks Review
Uploaded by doggystrike
Review by Robert on 10/29/14
ONE OF A KIND! I ordered the SKS as an early birthday present for myself. I paid the extra $20 for all numbers matching. What I received I did not expect. I received an all-matching 5-digit Ghost SKS WITH NO IMPORT MARKS! I could not believe it! There was about 75% bluing left and the stock was in really good shape! The bore was in fantastic shape. It took an entire weekend to remove all the cosmoline but after it was all said and done I ended up with a great rifle. I cannot wait to get to the range.
Satisfied overall. [thumbs down] to cosmoline.
Review by Mike on 10/14/14
The SKS I received is a 1956 Sino-Soviet that arrived in 3 days just about exactly as described, including a 4" crack in the stock. However, there was significant rust and some pitting on the receiver and in the bolt assembly. I soaked a few parts in solvent in order to free them up, and unfortunately, the corrosion issue isn't entirely beneath the stock where it isn't apparent.

The stock remains imbued with cosmoline despite everything I've done to remove it, and that issue is a problem as far as repairing the crack. Nothing adheres so far to affect a repair.

That all said, I am satisfied with this purchase overall and would/will do business again.
Ugly, stinky, but a fun shooter.
Review by Paul on 10/8/14
The rifle was shipped promptly and I found it to be well packaged when I opened the box. I also found the most cosmoline goobered surplus rifle I have ever received. It smelled like a Vietnamese fish market. I couldn't really see the rifle whatsoever under all the gunk. It took many hours, several pots of boiling water, and much cursing to get it cleaned up. With the boiling water on the metal parts you save a ton of time, rags, and patches by the way.

I've had a couple of SKS's before; one Yugo and one Type 56, and this one is by far the ugliest. The stock is actually not too bad, but the wood doesn't seem the typical grain of the Type 56. There is a strange pin through the wood near where the bayonet ends. A repair? The pitting is pretty substantial on the magazine, the trigger assembly, and the place where the two pistons meet above the barrel. The bayonet shows use with some nicks and darkening from shooting. There are a couple of carved words (I think) on the stock that are in written in some sort of Latin-based alphabet, which is cool. Everything matches except for the dust cover.

For all of that ugly, however, this is also one of the neatest surplus rifles I've had. It has the two letter, four number (AB 1234) serial numbers typical of early Russian SKS's, a Chinese dust cover, and strange carvings in a Latin-alphabet. My only guess after many hours of research is that it is probably a rifle that had made it through Albania at some point, but who knows? Modern Vietnamese is also Latin-based, but I don't think it is a Vietnamese rifle.

Another great thing about this rifle is that it shoots like a champ. I had concerns dry firing before the range that the trigger had a particularly bad break. It did for the first twenty rounds. The gunk in the assembly must have knocked or melted loose, and my girlfriend and I were nailing targets at 100 and 200 yards no problem.

All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase. However, if this is what paying extra for cosmetics gets you, they must be running out because pretty this wasn't. I understand, though, that most of the wear was under the stock, so it's not really Classic's fault. I guess my question would be how do they see if it is nice or not if it is so covered in cosmo? The bottom line is that this is a random surplus with some neat history, and therefore some cool battle scars, which is what I want anyway. Thanks again Classic! I will be a customer in the future.
Excellent Rifle and Excellent Service!!!!!!!!!
Review by LP on 10/8/14
Man I love doing business with classic firearms! Great prices great products!!! Fasssst shipping!!!!

I purchased the Chinese SKS not quite knowing what to expect but after reading and seeing other's happy reviews; I decided that I would purchase from them. Man am I glad that I did. I got a gun made in 1956 that is a ghost gun. Russian parts; stock and metal no country or factory markings what so ever. Low six digit serial number the stock was some what beat on but what can you expect for a 58 Year old used firearm. Bluing is about 50-55%. Bore is PRISTINE!!!!
Everything that Classic Firearms said the firearm would be it was, PLUS it was much better than they even said it would be. I, like a lot of the other reviews that I read, am very happy with my purchase from Classic. Thanks guys!!!
Review by james on 9/27/14
Being only 2 states away i received the rifle in 2 days, unwrapped it to find out (after researching) it was a Sino-Soviet. the metal was in decent shape most bluing still intact and everything seemed to be working well. I cant wait to fire it, i plan on refinishing the stock its not horrible but just make it look better. in all great price service and awesome weapon.
Nice Rifle, this is a good deal
Review by Hugh on 9/24/14
I received my rifle and picked it up from my FFL 2 days ago. All in all, a very pleasant experience and I feel that I got a good value for my money. I missed all the legendary '50$' sks rifles, and decided to take a chance on a nice Chinese type 56. But to the review!
-All numbers matched [I picked the optional hand select for matching #s']
-Cosmetically, the bluing was in excellent condition, with some minor wear in the bluing where it appears the bayonet was deployed a few times. The crown and bore looked great The biggest disappointment was the stock, however this rifle seems to have been previously issued as it had some trench art and dings that made me think it was likely in use before being stored. This added to the 'real weapon' appeal for me, however I am going to strip the finish to assist in the cosmoline removal [I know I know .. its too cold here to bag and leech it out the normal way]. There was very minor rust on the bolt carrier where the notches are for the stripper clips. The rifle did come with the cleaning kit in the cloth pouch, and an oil bottle, however no stripper clips were included [or expected].

I was somewhat disappointed by the packaging. Looks like someone just wrapped a few thin layers of bubble wrap around the rifle and threw it in a box. We know they are tough, but I dont like the idea of my rifle bouncing around in a box maybe standing on its barrel, however it did not appear to be damaged, other than a fresh ding on the stock near the recoil lug. I have no idea if this ding was caused during shipping or on the rifle when it was selected, however it will be steamed to remove dents then sanded [in places where there are no arsenal or serial # marks] and then refinished.

I would rate this a good value for someone interested in a real rifle that has a history. If you're expecting a 'brand new looking' rifle you may be better off ordering a Norinco or an unissued weapon -if you can find one.
This is my rifle, there are many like it but this one is mine...
Review by Zero Dark Thirty on 9/23/14
What can I say. Authentic Chinese SKS rifle that is downright cool. It came all covered in cosmoline but once you strip it down and clean it up. It looks friggin awesome. And it shots great. Those Chinese make good SKS rifles. Mine was stamped 1955 so there you go. I take it to the range and fire off about 40 rounds with it. Then I extend my bayonet and charge up Hamburger Hill for some hand to hand combat action. How cool is it to own a piece of history. This rifle was probably slung over some North Korean soldier as he tredged around Korea trying to smoke Americans back in the Korean war. But now it's mine so crawl back into your hole Kim Jong-un cause I'm coming for ya mother-fo. :)
Review by AJ on 9/18/14
Came packed in cosmoline as most old rifles do. Looks great no missing or broke parts all matching numbers except the bolt and top cover. Shoots great the bolt, bore, barrel, and action are in great shape for the age. The stock had no cracks or major dings and is in great shape for the age. Over all I'm very happy with this rifle and with Classic Firearms! Thanks!
Great SKS
Review by Eric on 9/17/14
I got my SKS after one week. It was indeed covered in cosmoline. After spending the weekend cleaning it I discovered that I had a very nice Ghost SKS. All parts matched and were in great condition. The stock had some very nice trench art and the usual dents and scratches but no cracks. It performed very well. I was very pleased with the purchase.
Better than expected.
Review by Jack on 9/16/14
Initial Impressions:
I ordered one during the sale with 3 other rifles. The packing step took a little longer than usual. I think it was only because of the sale and my other 3 rifles having to be packed also. Shipped fast and was packaged good as usual. 
I paid the extra $40 for hand select and all matching. Upon disassembly not only the parts guaranteed by Classic was matching but the stock and bolt was matching and the electro penciled extractor and gas piston and gas tube was matching also. At this point I couldn't tell how the stock was with all the cosmoline over it or how the finish was. 
How I removed the cosmoline:
First wipe off what you can with a towel you never will use again. 
I got out my camp stove and a 4gal pot and set to boil 2gal of water in it. In went all the field stripped parts. (Trigger assembly, magazine assembly, bolt carrier, bolt assembly, bayonet parts, stock hardware, recoil spring assembly, gas piston, and the rear sight block piston/rod and it's spring) cosmoline has a melting point of 135degrees I think so boiling water melts it off and a thin film is floating on top. It took about 20min to boil it out of the springs and I ended up taking out the trigger and magazine assemblies and wiping them and boiling again for an extra 10min. When you pull them out of the water the cosmoline on top will reapply a little thin coat back on the part so wipe them off with some paper towels as soon as you pull them out and it comes right off since it's still hot. I them refilled the pot to 3.75gal or so and placed the barreled receiver in. After it got to a good boil I pulled it out wiped what I could and stuck the muzzle end back down. (Oh I did my bayonet too since it's pretty long and the cleaning rod at this point also. ) The only cosmoline traps on this half are the front sight, bayonet lug, and the cup that the stock slides against. (by the way the bore was free of cosmoline when I got the rifle. Looked very nice too.)
I only boiled the muzzle half once but did the receiver half ( take down pin up to covering the rear sight block) three times. Wipe your pot out as soon as you dump the water to get most of the cosmoline out. 
For the stock and gas tube/ upper hand guard I lined the bottom of my oven with tin foil. Heated the oven to 175 and set the stock in and the gas tube assembly in propped up. A ton of cosmoline is in the gas tube. Get what you can out with a screwdriver and a cloth but the rest your gonna have to melt out. Every 15 min I wiped off the wood stock and handguard with paper towels from the cosmoline that sweated out. I did this every 15min for an hour and a half. Each time putting the stock in at a different position or angle. (My oven isn't big enough to lay it flat down ) The stock looks so good now. The original finish is 60% on the wood I say but a much prettier stock than I expected. No cracks or chips. Only 1 shallow gouge but a lot of dings and dents and scratches. I put a nice coat of CLP on the metal parts and ran the boresnake down the barrel a few times. (Great bore!) 
Once assembled and cleaned off I have a 6 digit (no factory codes or characters) sino-soviet rifle. Bluing is most worn on the muzzle and front sight, magazine and edges of receiver and buttplate. 5% left on the buttplate, 40ish% on magazine, and for the rest I would say 60% overall. Import marked on the right side of the barrel under the gas tube. 
Overall I'm happy with my purchase. It's better than I expected. You really can tell a difference in quality compared to stamped receiver SKSs. 
Review by Adam on 9/14/14
This was my first purchase from classic. I have put about 200 rounds through my gun so far with no problems. As the description said the guns are a little beat up but functional. This is a very cool peace of history I would recommend getting one while you can.
Great gun, service is meh
Review by XBunny on 9/14/14
This gun is just what I needed since I converted it anyways and didn't need the stock. But it was shipped without a piston and the company was unwilling to even resolve the issue. So the gun is good, the service is questionable.
Great Buy, Check closely!
Review by Raiden on 9/12/14
I purchased the SKS back in Feb. 2014. I just got around to removing the cosmoline, and getting the firearm function tested and ready to go to the range. After all the elbow grease to remove the cosmoline, as I was assembling the firearm, I realized I had a problem. During function testing, I realized the safety would not stay in place. After some research, I found that safety spring was missing in the firearm. Since I had not taken the trigger group assembly apart, I knew it had to be missing before I received it. What turned out to be a great deal, ended up averaging out to the non-discounted price, by the time I purchased a replacement spring to repair the safety. Other than that, the firearm is in pretty good shape. The one I purchased was not hand select, and so had a few non-matching pieces. One main one being the trigger assembly. Overall, I am still happy with the purchase.

Good luck
Really happy
Review by Gregg on 9/9/14
This turned out great. Lots of cosmoline to clean up but wd-40 & paper towels, q-tips, cotton balls and a dental pick worked wonders. Shoots great! Just a cool rifle.
Very Impressed
Review by Gunny on 9/5/14
Well I received my recent SKS from Classic Firearms last week and believe it to be one of the Early "Ghost" Chinese SKS based on the information that I have researched and that's it only a 5 digit serial number with no Factory Stamp markings.

I took it completely down and took 5 days to clean it up and get rid of the packed cosmoline and scrub and worked the stock to where its now much cleaner and nicer.

The stock is rough but that was to be expected upon ordering it.
I opted for the 2 extra options, for exterior condition and all matching numbers

The rifle certainly is all complete matching numbers which consists of stock, mag well, both bolt parts, receiver cover and receiver and barrel. I was surprised to find it so completely matching.

There were also a lot of " 33" stamp markings through out the rifle as some others that I have no clue as to what they are.

Rifle is made up of all milled parts and has the early bolt with the relief slot.
Barrel is threaded and not pinned. The Bore is truly exceptional, bright, and
nice rifling.

The stock is marked with a Triangle stamp on right side of butt stock
with a 21 marked inside the triangle

The gas piston I found, after fighting to get it out of the cosmoline that it had some very fine rough edges on the piston head, but that was quickly remedy and fixed.

Due to the heavy cosmoline the rifle was a bear to disassemble but cleaned up exceptionally well. Rifle also did come with the correct Chinese SKS cleaning rod which is a plus.

I am still going over some of the markings through out the rifle as to try and determine little more about the rifle. Classic Firearms did take 10 days before shipping the rifle after I made my purchase date. It seems they are still running couple weeks behind on shipping.

They did package up the rifle well and shipped in study box.
Over all I am pleased with the rifle and its condition

Click on this link to view Full Set of Pictures:
Fantastic deal
Review by Anthony on 9/3/14
Being able to purchase a piece of history is amazing. Yes, there is ALOT of grease...but that just means it's well protected. It was a great project. Disassembly for cleaning just makes you more affluent with this rifle! So quit your whining about the packing grease and buy one!
Great rifle
Review by Jonathan on 9/2/14
Simple review; great rifle! The rifle was delivered to my local FFL in 5 days. I elected not to do the hand select or matching numbers. It came packed as expected in bubble wrap and heavy cosmoline. The SKS rifle was in awesome condition (for a rifle of this type). The bluing was approximately 90%, the stock was rough as expected, it had all matching numbers, and was a Sino Soviet! The internals of this rifle were in excellent condition, the bore was in exceptional condition with an almost mirror finish, the bolt and bolt carrier group are smooth within the all milled receiver. Overall, this product was worth the money.
Great deal!
Review by Jonathan on 9/2/14
This is a simple review! Great product, and great service. The rifle was delivered within 5 days of purchasing. The rifle was advertised correctly with no unexpected surprises.

I also received a Sino-Soviet!
Better than what I expected
Review by Joseph on 9/2/14
Very happy with SKS. Came packed in cosmoline as expected. Bayonet and cleaning rod were included. Stock in excellent condition for surplus weapon, all numbers matched. Definitely worth the extra $40 for hand select and matching numbers.
Very happy with purchase.
Will recommend Classic Firearms (already have!)
Thanks for the Great Service!
Good rifle for the money
Review by matthew on 8/31/14
This is a great rifle for the price point have fired about 500 rounds
through it with no problems. the only concern I had was a lot of rust
on the barrel and mag. over all solid shooter classic was awsome only
took 3 days to ship!
Almost great,
Review by Crash on 8/30/14
> - Great customer service from Classic, look forward to more purchases.

> - Ordered Chinese SKS, + numbers matching, + exterior select

> - received a 100% numbers matching SKS including the stock - super awesome.

> - exterior select, well not so much. If it weren't #'s matching I'd complain. hand guard has a significant chunk and stock looks like it's been used as a bat, but no cracks or splits, just in "really used" condition. I'm still trying to get all the cosmo out/off of it, in the mean time I'm using a replacement stock. I don't want to sand and refinish it, destroying the trench art.

> - mechanically the firearm was in great condition. Tomorrow is the 1st time at the range, and I'm really looking forward to it.

> - Cleaning cosmo off metal parts was a chore, but didn't mind it too much. This was my 1st cosmo experience and have some tricks for next time.

> It did come with a cleaning rod, tool kit, and little oiler can that's coated in more cosmo than the rest of the SKS. However did not come with butt stock cleaning kit, though none of these items were expected.
cleaned up in no time
Review by Ross on 8/30/14
took it apart and soaked it in kerosene for 3 hours and all the cosmoline disappeared. went and shot a few rounds out of it and it fires like new!
Good shot
Review by USMC1991 on 8/28/14
Purchased to SKS rifle when in was on sale at $269.00. Blued where needed. Stained stock red. Fired the rifle today @ 100 yards. Needs adjustment of elevation. Fired at bottom target and hit top target. Some bulls eyes, but all within circle, torso size of an adult. Get one. AR shooters snubbed me. Still happy.
happy, happy, happy!!!
Review by Darryl on 8/26/14
this review is for the 2nd SKS i got from CLASSIC FIREARMS. y'all know what it came like already, cosmo. after cleaning it was another great rifle with 90% bluing, paid for hand pick and numbers matching got that also the stock number matched and had most of the shellack on it. have sent the trigger to Kivaari's to have it smooth up so that it works safe, all though my first one was so smooth that you would have thought it had already been worked on. these are such great rifles even if you have to a different stock which you can find used ones for sale on the inter-web for not much money. i got the first one just to have something different to shot the same ammo as my AK and got bit by the C&R bug. have 3 now from CLASSIC and getting ready to buy 2 more from them. these are really fine down to earth people and very helpful with anything you need. so if your thinking of getting one of their guns do it you won't be sorry. and yes i have read some of the bad reviews at other sites but have not had any of these problems others talk about. could be the ones writing them may have not been very nice on their part. the people at CLASSIC FIREARMS are good god loving people that are hard to find now a days. god bless to all and enjoy your new to you guns.
Splendiferous? Yes.
Review by Jeff on 8/21/14
Bought this rifle last fall and loved the look and feel of it. Was in great shape, dinged up here and there as it should be but nothing deeper than light cosmetic blemishes. Finally got to shoot it a few times in the last 2 or 3 weeks and loved it! Great accuracy, very comfortable to shoot and no issues at the range of any type. Thanks classic firearms for a great item and a hassle free buying experience.
Great deal!
Review by Michael on 8/16/14
I think this is currently the best deal going for Chinese type 56s. I ordered hand select and got a 5 digit serial numbered from early in production. No arsenal marks, no country of origin. I am more than happy with my purchase!
great buy, shoots great too...
Review by shannon on 8/16/14
I chose the hand select and was very happy with the condition of the rifle.It does take a bit of effort to remove all the cosmoline inside and out.There were dents and dings in the stock as expected but nothing that would effect the function and no cracks.The finish as well was 80% or better and aside from the dust cover the numbers matched on the rest of the parts.This rifle is a great example of a 62' Norinco that has plenty of life left in it.I expected some quirk on my initial function test but it functioned and maintained great accuracy which made for fun shooting.I would recommend these to anyone that isn't looking for a brand new SKS.I'll try for some pictures or video on my next trip out..
I already got two of this and they are beautiful!
Review by Bernardo on 8/11/14
I should explain that only one is clean and in working condition, the 2nd one is still wrap up waiting on some free time to clean the cosmoline and get it range ready. Therefore this review is for the 1st one that is up and running.

The PROs:
- Rifle got character
- Mechanism works perfect and shows little “mechanical” wear.
- Stock shows a lot of wear but it is functional, the serial number is still visible
and it is overall beautiful.
- The serial numbers for the major components match, I did pay for this
option and feels like is worth.
- Rifle is quite accurate at 100 yards.

The CONs:
- I am sure must be one but did not find it yet. The rifle is not perfect but I
knew it was surplus.

Bottom line, get yours ASAP.
Should have had hand picked.
Review by Ferdinando on 8/4/14
My first order with Classic and was very pleased. Rifle was just as described and has cleaned up amazingly. My only regret is not spending the extra $20 bucks.
Great Project Rifle
Review by Chris on 8/2/14
I ordered this SKS after CF put it on sale coincidentally on my birthday. Fast shipping, arrived at my FFL in 3 business days. This is my first gun Ive owned and I'm in love. I will say that I have not gotten the chance to fire this baby yet, but I'm sure it will be fine, everything looks good with the firing pin and trigger, the action is nice and smooth after only a quick 15 minute polish job.

The description says it comes smothered in cosmoline and they mean it! I had to spend an entire afternoon cleaning this gun. I pushed gobs of cosmoline out of the barrel and the gas tube. I even took the bolt apart and cleaned the firing pin up nicely to prevent slam firing. But seriously, these guns were submerged in cosmoline and it is in every little nook and cranny.

The original bluing has faded off but all of the metal is still in great condition. I'll just get a bluing kit online and refinish the metal. The stock is kinda dinged up, and theres tons of cosmoline absorbed in the wood, but no major damage or cracks. I plan on refinishing the stock with a deep red stain which I think will look great with the new bluing work.

I think this gun is excellent for new shooters who want a decent semi auto rifle for cheap. This gun is a great gun for novices since there arent too many parts and since its military surplus, the gun is very dependable and rugged. Ammo is also very cheap for this gun so keep that in mind as well. If you dont mind spending some time cleaning grease out of the gun, this is the way to go!

Thanks CF
Review by DAVID on 8/1/14
Awesome Buy- better than described
Review by Christopher on 8/1/14
This is my first order with Classic Firearms and my first SKS. I am very pleased with it. They had it at a great price. Given the low price and the warnings about the condition of the gun, I was very pleasantly surprised to see in how good of condition the gun was in. The stock has wear and there is tons of cosmoline, but no cracks or serious knicks, and there was no rust to be found and the bore looks great. Very happy with this. I paid the extra 20 for cosmetics, and they did a great job of picking one, and in picking this one, they happened to give me one with matching numbers, a nice bonus.

Great buy.
From China With Love
Review by Carlo on 8/1/14
Classic Firearms does it again. I ordered an SKS with exterior cosmetics, and I couldn't be happier. Much to my surprise, the rifle was all matching, and had a Russian Laminate Stock! It also had authentic trench art in it. Very excited indeed! Cleaned the cosmo off and gave it a good bath. Took her to the range and she shot excellent. Rifle was pretty much zeroed and I was getting some excellent groups as seen in the photos. Overall, great rifle for a great price! This is my 3rd one from Classic Arms and I will be ordering again! Thanks!
Just as described
Review by William on 7/31/14
The SKS I received was exactly as described. Found a oil bottle and small tool set in the box with the rifle ( an added bonus!! ). Now to clean it and prepare it for the range. Thanks,
Good rifle - ordered a second one and its just as good
Review by Framus89 on 7/31/14
Ordered one of these a couple of months ago when tehy were $269.00- paid the extra$20.00 for matching SN's. Rifle was delivered as described - not much bluing , excellent bore, matching letter+4-digit sn's and rough but servicable stock. Very heavy cosmoline. No SKS tool kit but did come with an 'odd oil/solvent bottle and a Mosin 91/30 tool kit.... No rust anywhere except on the anti-rattle-spring. Cleaned it up and took it to the range. Rifle functioned flawlessly and was suprisingly accurate. Was so Pleased with it, when they dropped the price back to $269.00 I ordered another one - this time, I rolled the dice and and did not pay extra for any hand select. Second rifle is actually nicer than the first one. SN's do not match but the only place they dont match is the Bolt carrier and bolt - all Letter+4 digit sn everywhere else. Bore looks great. Some light surface rust on one side of the magazine . Stock is in better shape that the first rifle but still rough...can't wait to get it to the range.
Great stuff! Get 'em while you can boys!
Good rifle - ordered a second one and its just as good
Review by Framus89 on 7/31/14
Ordered one of these a couple of months ago when tehy were $269.00- paid the extra$20.00 for matching SN's. Rifle was delivered as described - not much bluing , excellent bore, matching letter+4-digit sn's and rough but servicable stock. Very heavy cosmoline. No SKS tool kit but did come with an 'odd oil/solvent bottle and a Mosin 91/30 tool kit.... No rust anywhere except on the anti-rattle-spring. Cleaned it up and took it to the range. Rifle functioned flawlessly and was suprisingly accurate. Was so Pleased with it, when they dropped the price back to $269.00 I ordered another one - this time, I rolled the dice and and did not pay extra for any hand select. Second rifle is actually nicer than the first one. SN's do not match but the only place they dont match is the Bolt carrier and bolt - all Letter+4 digit sn everywhere else. Bore looks great. Some light surface rust on one side of the magazine . Stock is in better shape that the first rifle but still rough...can't wait to get it to the range.
Great stuff! Get 'em while you can boys!
OK - Some Problems
Review by budoboy on 7/29/14
I received my SKS on June 11th, but didn't get around to cleaning it until recently. First, I noticed that the exterior cosmetics were pretty rough(I paid the $20 extra for hand select). I figured that the SKS pickings are getting kind of slim so there may not be many more left in good shape. As I disassembled the rifle for cleaning, I noticed that the gas tube would not come off. It turns out that the gas piston extension and spring were missing and the gas piston had traveled too far in the tube towards the breech and was therefore stuck in the gas tube and protruding into the spot where the piston extension was supposed to be. I was able to use a punch and hammer and tap the piston loose(so it would fall back into the gas tube). I contacted Classic and they immediately sent out a piston extension and spring. I received the extension and spring and went to go disassemble the rifle again and this time, the gas piston had slide back towards the breach again and was severely jammed. Yes, I probably should have kept the rifle disassembled while I waited for the part. I tried for two hours to tap it loose, but this time it would not budge. I ended up having to cut the gas tube off the gun. I ordered another gas tube off of eBay and I have replaced the part. Now it appears that she is all together. I look forward to seeing how the gun functions at the range. I know buying a milsurp can be a crap shoot sometimes and you can have more trouble than you were expecting, but it's never fun when you run into problems. I am not turned off of Classic Firearms, but I hope I'll have less problems next time.
1 good 1 very good
Review by Stalin on 7/29/14
First off, thank you classic!

I ordered two rifles did not choose either of the $20 options, and I will list pro's and con's on both.

1st rifle had cleaning rod, no cracks in the stock, year of manufacture 1956 with proof marks on all parts. Cons, serial numbers were half and half, gas piston needed about 1 hour of filing because it did not want to operate smoothly in the gas tube. Bayonet tip was broken off, probably 1/12th of an inch. Overall rating of the rifle is good, I paid $270 for it and it was worth every penny and then some.

2nd rifle had cleaning rod, no cracks in the stock, year of manufacture was also 1956 with all the proof marks. However the stock was mint condition, all serial numbers matched, had a whole lot of bluing left on the visible parts. Cons, none. Overall rating of the rifle is very good, I honestly think someone made a mistake and sent me a $330 rifle. But hey, I am not complaining!

P.S. gotta love boiling off cosmoline.
Great addition to my C&R collection.
Review by David on 7/28/14
Classic did a great job. From order through delivery was less than a week. I did not take advantage of either hand select option, but I am very pleased with the rifle they sent to me. It is a 6 digit, below 150000 without arsenal marks with the numbers matching on the stock, receiver and trigger group. The bolt and bolt carrier numbers match with a Russian-type letter and 4 digits. All of the metal parts are in great shape with just a little corrosion on the receiver below the stock. The barrel is beautiful. The stock was a little beat, but once the cosmoline was sweated out followed by careful sanding and 5 coats of tongue oil, she looks pretty sharp. I found another supplier with real Chinese surplus slings, cleaning kits and loading clips. I am looking forward to getting her out on the range. I wouldn't hesitate to order another from Classic.
Review by DAVID on 7/24/14
Just Buy One Already!!!
Review by Matt C. on 7/23/14
I chose both the hand selects for exterior cosmetics and matching #'s. I received a matching 5-digit serial rifle without any factory markings - perhaps a Sino-Soviet "Ghost" if my research thus far is accurate. Stock was pretty beat up as per the description (no trench art though). Also, metal was a bit rough in some areas with some small rust spots on the receiver (under the wood) and the mag well areas. The stock cross bolt is basically corroded in place (so I left it in the wood during my cleaning but I'll probably have to replace it soon).

From a positive perspective, the barrel seems bright with good rifling with a slightly rough muzzle appearance. It shot really consistent when I took it to the range the first time and I really enjoyed myself. I'll be ordering another SKS from Classic in the near feature before they sale out of them for good.
love it
Review by jonathan on 7/18/14
Love this SKS. As stated, was totally covered in cosmoline. Cleaned up very nice. Great gun for the price.
far better than expected
Review by Alan on 7/18/14
Class I shipped the rifle very quickly, as usual. The rifle I got has all matching serial numbers, including the stock and receiver cover. Based on its markings, it is what is referred to as a "ghost," which is an early 1956 Sino-Soviet rifle. I'd say 90% of the bluing is there! and the stock, though a bit rough! is better than many of these Type 56 rifles. The bore is bright, with strong rifling. The only issue was a nearly broken piston return spring, which is a cheap and easy fix. Not bad at all, considering I did not opt for hand select. I'm quite pleased and looking forward to shooting it..
very happy
Review by Darryl on 7/18/14
got my rifle today. paid for the matching numbers. got it disassembled. only part that didn't match was the gas rod, but it wasn't suppose to per their description. plus, it was a sino-soviet with letter and 4 digit serial number and had the triangle 26 stamp after number. looks to have 100% of the bluing on it. i mean no wear. it did have 4 or 5 spots of rust under barrel covered by the stock, not a problem. now the strange part it looks to have a Albanian stock that had been cut down at the front because they are the longest of all the stocks. i say Albanian because it has a butt plate with 2 trap doors and 2 holes in the stock behind the plate. there are no marks or stamps on it. another strange thing is that the measurements from the front end to the bayou slot and the lug come out to what it should be for a chinese stock so not real sure what is up. stock is in pretty good shape with only one chip at the front about 1.5 inches by 1/2 inch broken off. will clean up fine and look very good. just know that i'm very happy with rifle and Classic Firearms and look froward to doing business with them in the future.
Review by Fine on 7/17/14
I just received my sks and I have to say it is everything I hoped it would be, beautiful and fully functional. Thank you very much classic firearms for adding another wonderful rifle to my collection.
Good SKS, just needs some TLC
Review by Rifleman11B on 7/15/14
When I ordered my SKS, paid for the "hand select for cosmetics" option., and decided not to pay for "numbers matching" option. When my rifle arrived about a week later, I was surprised to find a low serial Sino Soviet SKS (all matching # except for the stock). The stock was in pretty rough shape (as expected) with many old dings and scratches, and 2 fresh chips in the stock that I assume happened during packaging or shipping. The gun was absolutely drowned in cosmoline.

Once I got the rifle home and got enough cosmo off the gun to see it, I noticed that almost every major part of the gun had a small amount of minor rust/pitting. The bolt, however, had a large amount of rust (so much, that I will probably have it refinished).

I was a little surprised to find this much rust on a rifle that I had paid "hand select for cosmetics" for, but I don't blame Classicfirearms. With the amount of cosmo caked on this rifle, it would have been near impossible to see.

Overall, I'm very excited about my project SKS. If you are on the fence, I'd say buy one. Best case, you get a great condition SKS. Worst case, you get one that needs a little work and TLC. Either way, you'll be glad you did.
Review by Markscycles on 7/11/14
The stock is rough and the bolt has some rust on it but shoots great! I didn't buy it for good looks, I didn't pay for hand select but like I said it shoot great!
It Goes Bang... Every Time
Review by Matt on 7/10/14
This is my 1st SKS but not my first (and certainly not last!) purchase from Classic. Went for matching numbers and cosmetics. Received an early Sino-Soviet "Ghost" rifle with zero rust. The stock is worn but perfectly serviceable. The bluing is worn in spots but that is to be expected. It took 3 days and a copious amount of hot water, solvent, soap, and profanity to remove the Cosmoline, but I didn't mind too much given that the accursed grease is the reason there was no rust. 100% satisfied.
Exactly what I expected!
Review by Gunnut14 on 7/10/14
I was looking for a project gun with character when I bought this piece was not disappointed.
It came out of the box caked in cosmoline, so much so that the bolt would not cycle. It took me forever to get the weapon field stripped and when I did, I discovered that not a single crevice had escaped the cosmoline's reach.
The stock was covered in dings and scratches, all cosmetic. It looks like it had been used as a training rifle at one point.
I took the matching serial numbers option and sure enough, all the components on my rifle match up fine.
She cycles fine now and looks great, especially in light of her original condition.
If you buy this product, you'll be getting a quality SKS, but be aware that there will be "some assembly required". It's a retired military battle rifle and will look like one.
Good Buy
Review by C&R Al on 7/10/14
Ok, so Classic wasn't kidding that the stock was rough, much of the bluing was off and it was oozing cosmoline.

The good news is with a little elbow grease, actually a lot it can look beautiful again. Keep in mind its not the final product but the effort put into it to bring it back to what it was.

You will not be disappointed.
Another "Peace" of History...
Review by John on 7/8/14
Another good firearm from Classic. Arrived jam packed w/cosmo (a nasty good thing!). Stripped and refinished stock. Works great. The entire family loves it.
Review by MichaelTzu on 7/7/14
Paid the extra $40.00 for matching numbers and cosmetics. numbers matched, but stock was really bad and cosmoline soaked still haven't been able to get that out of the stock, bayonet was chipped and had a kunk out of it, and barrel and receiver very rusted and pitted. Overlaa gun isn't in very good condition . Paid 89 dollars for one a few years back that was in pristine shape, so feeling very let down !!!

Hi Michael - Thanks for your review and am sorry to hear of the issues. As noted in our ad, these rifles are indeed drenched in cosmoline and the stocks are not pretty. Regarding the barrel and receiver, certainly let us know if they do not clean up to your satisfaction and we'll absolutely make it right for you. You can call or email us at Thanks and God bless....

- The Classic Firearms Team

good price for an early Chinese sks
Review by anthony on 7/6/14
All milled SKS with chrome lined barrel and much lighter than my Yugo, not as accurate but accurate enough for a battle rifle
Good shooter after all
Review by Don on 7/3/14
OK..My Third and final update...I had some issues with the bolt and firing pin but was able to get them freed-up and cleaned to my satisfaction . I paid the extra $ for matching serial numbers and got an early sino-soviet - really pleased with that. Almost no bluing left but no rust either - cosmoline works!. Barrel is like new inside and all interior metal surfaces show minimal wear. The stock is really rough but no cracks anywhere. Anti-rattle spring is badly rusted due to absolutely no cosmoline inside the stock. No proper SKS cleaning kit but it came with a unusual combo oil and solvent can I have yet to identify along with a standard Mosin tool kit.
Took it to the range last week, It functioned flawlessly and was much more accurate than I expected. Now I wish I had bought a couple more...may buy another anyway. Be prepared to deal with a LOT of cosmoline - but that's a GOOD thing where these rifles are concerned. Only giving it four stars because of the Firing-pin/bolt issue, but that did turn out to be fairly easy to correct. Get them while you can, definitely worth the $$. .
got what I paid for
Review by goldstar1963 on 7/2/14
I purchased two of these model 56 and didn't go for the extra $20 for cosmetic or the matching numbers. First, the shipping was very quick, and was packed with bubble wrap for protecting my investments. Though the rifles both came with the oil/solvent bottles, the tools that came with them are to the Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifles and not for the SKS/AK47 butstock. Second, I've never seen that much cosmoline and rust on the same rifle as I've seen on these two. Two hours each to remove the packing grease, and another hour and a half on each for the rust. It looked as if they sat in water for a week, and then poured and packed them with cosmoline. Thirdly and lastly, after taking both to the range, I was very pleased with the performance I got out of both guns! The feeding was flawless. The accuracy was spot on, and the looks, though a little on the ruff side, is satisfactory. They won't win any beauty contests, but at 100yd. I can get some nice groupings. Thanks for the deals.
Really gotta' love it
Review by Jim on 7/2/14
I got lucky and received an early manufacture rifle with a DXXXX serial number. It has tons of character and seems to be in working order. Still need to take it to the range but I bet it will shoot pretty tight groups. This was a great deal and a valuable addition to my collection.
Type 56 Chinese SKS
Review by Timothy on 7/1/14
Ordered on a Thursday, received at FFL on Tuesday. I did not order the extras, just the basic rifle and I couldn't be more pleased. I received a 5 digit serial number gun with all numbers matching except the dust cover and stock. The stock is also an early 5 digit number and in great shape. Comoline coverage is amazing and will be "fun" to remove. Can't wait to update with a range report. Thanks Classic!
Type 56 Chinese SKS
Review by Timothy on 7/1/14
Ordered on a Thursday, received at FFL on Tuesday. I did not order the extras, just the basic rifle and I couldn't be more pleased. I received a 5 digit serial number gun with all numbers matching except the dust cover and stock. The stock is also an early 5 digit number and in great shape. Comoline coverage is amazing and will be "fun" to remove. Can't wait to update with a range report. Thanks Classic!
Review by Edub on 6/30/14
Shipped quick. Had it at home from the FLL 4 days after I ordered. Was covered in goo, got all clean and it looks great. Small spot on bolt with rust but was able to buff out. barrel and the rest of the components look good. Paid for the extra service and was well worth it. I replaced stock with tapco kit. I plan to refinish original stock in the near future
Very Nice SKS! Thanks Classic!!
Review by Midway on 6/30/14
Received an unfired all matching 5 digit "ghost" 4 days after ordering! Internals are all brand new and rust free. Barrel is shiny and never been fired. Paid extra for both matching numbers and cosmetics. Stock has just normal dings from storage with almost no finish left and there is some pitting on the receiver and where barrel is threaded that was under all the cosmoline. Classic did a great job picking this one as the pitting was under the wood or cosmoline and they couldn't have seen it. Thanx Again Classic Firearms!
best fathers
Review by RICH on 6/26/14
The SKS is a Fathers Day Gift, Best Ever I may add. The shipping was very fast and the price was great, just sorry I missed the 269.99 deal by a few days. I am happy with the SKS and it is in better condition then I expected. HATS OFF TO CLASSIC FIREARMS.
Sino-Soviet Ghost
Review by m151a2 on 6/24/14
Received a all numbers matching but stock (replacement w/o number) about 90% blue with a little rust below the wood. I rolled the dice with just ordering the rack grade rifle and got a great deal. Thanks Classic.
Great old gun!
Review by PastorAmmo on 6/24/14
They aren't playing when they say it is packed in heavy cosmoline but I always enjoy that part. Chose both upgrades and did in fact have all matching numbers as well as a good clean stock in decent shape. Bluing was around 75% all over. Don't miss out on these great shooters! As always Classic was great!
Review by Smithd754 on 6/22/14
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Review by Smithk584 on 6/22/14
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Nice "Ghosts"...
Review by JAC on 6/18/14
Ordered the 1st of 2 when Classic first offered them for $269.99. When the sale was extended, opted to purchase a 2nd one. Paid the extra $40 for hand select (matching and exterior cosmetics). Both were all matching (including the stock). Bluing is worn but still satisfactory given the age of these beauties. The 1st one is a 5-digit "ghost" and is gorgeous. The 2nd one is a 6-digit "ghost" and is a bit rougher. That said, it wouldn't be bad either if not for the lengthy crack in the stock. It is located where the receiver sits. It extends up through the tang inlet and around the side of the stock and is separating a bit. Otherwise, I truly love both rifles and they cleaned up well. This was the only disappointing thing given I selected the hand select option. I plan to give Classic a call to let them know now that I have them both cleaned up. That being said, overall I am pleased with my purchases. Thanks, Classic!
Happy with this SKS order!
Review by Per on 6/18/14
Thsi SKS came as usual...smothered in cosmoline! I did not choose handpick for either option. It came with all matching serial #'s and it was a Russian Tula bulit SKS to boot! This SKS was "i" series according to an SKS site and the photos matched to a late '55 or early '56. Very pleased with that! Always pay attention to the firing pin block to avoid a serious slamfire or full auto burst! Wood turned out good after cleaning and touchup. The only down side was the the sliver split on the left side, but I sanded it and is less noticeable. Thanks Classicfirearms for two good examples of a very historic rifle. You made me a return customer!
Mixed Emotions
Review by Scruffy on 6/17/14
Ordered two, took the gamble of no hand select. When they got to the dealer, one serial number didnt match the paperwork sent. Got that fixed in a hurry. When I took the first rifle apart i expected lumps of cosmoline to fall out of the stock and receiver area, but instead had a huge mass of rust pile out. Looks like that one is gonna be an expensive wall decoration.
$269 SKS
Review by Mike on 6/17/14
I paid for matching numbers and cosmetics. Received a Chinese E Letter rifle. I love these old guns! Cleaning the cosmoline to revive these old scarred up weapons is like therapy for stress relief for me. Pictures of the un-box and cleaned up were submitted to Classic. I think it cleaned up pretty darn good, if you ask me.

I located a sling and tube style cleaning kit to go with weapon as well.

I haven't shot it yet, but I believe it is going to be just as accurate as my Ghost that I received earlier in the year from Classic.

Inside the butt stock was also a piece of cloth about 5x5 inches in size, as bonus! The rifle also came with the cleaning rod.

Classic did a good job with the picking, packing, and shipping of this order and at a very reasonable rate.

Also Janet provided excellent customer service! I have spoken with her on several occasions and she has always been great to work with. Classic's staff has always been very professional, honest, and reverent! Thanks Classic Firearms for the service you all provide and may the good Lord bless you all!
Not too shabby at all!
Review by Alex on 6/17/14
A local shop had Chinese SKSs for $350 a pop (before tax), but were rather beat and none were numbers matching. When the sale came on, I decided to take a shot and spend the extra $40 for #'s matching and hand pick. With my 03 FFL, this thing was at my door for $330!

Rifle was in good shape, probably 90% bluing and a minty bore. Stock is beat up, but no structural cracks and is sound.

The only issue I had was carbon buildup in the gas tube, causing the gun to not cycle. A bore brush on the end of a drill took care of that, and the gun runs flawlessly now!
Happy and Surprised
Review by USMC1991 on 6/16/14
Received my SKS this past Thursday. Even caked in grease, I could tell it was a good looking rifle. Started cleaning today. Excellent barrel and crown. Chamber nearly 100 % bluing. Bluing on outside about 90 %. Matching numbers. Stock is very good. Some sanding, red stain, and tru oil should do it. Touch up the bluing and a fresh looking rifle ! Only real hiccup is there is no spring for the safety. Simple fix. Minor surface rust and pitting near rear of the receiver that can be cleaned and smoothed out . Anxious to shoot it. Also recommend the AK sling.
Discription is Correct
Review by Marty on 6/16/14
Finally got my SKS, did not realize Classic was so backed up in shipping. It took 10 days to ship my gun, another four to get to my FFL Dealer.
Gun arrived as described; stock, pretty rough, loss of much of the bluing, covered in cosmoline, and in my case, a lot of carbon cleaning of the gas tube, and I have a good shootable gun.
I paid for the extras, may not pay for hand select again, stock will be replaced.
I did take the gun to the range and the gun functioned correctly and I got fairly good groups for the first time out.

Review by Auto on 6/15/14
I had great hopes for this rifle. When I first saw it, it packed in quite a bit of cosmoline. However whoever did the packing with cosmo was negligent, the weapon was not cleaned prior to packed and had powder residue and rust ...... all over the bolt face, bolt, extractor, stripper clip guide, the inside of the dust cover, and even the bayonet!!! It took me a few long hours to try and scrub the rust off, luckily the rust wasnt deep except for the bayonet locking mechanism. Most of the rust scars are on the front of bolt. I also believe water must of dripped on it at sometime, because there is a noticeable discoloration on the dust cover where there was rust. The stock is definitely in bad shape gouges and trench art on it. Bluing is in great shape except the previously mentioned line on the dust cover. This was chosen with hand select for Exterior Cosmetics and Matching numbers. Did great on the matching serial number, Backwards J and 4 numbers even still has a Russian rear sight so quite early if I have read correctly. Exterior cosmetics...I know in the summary that they wouldn't exclude trench art but I figured gouges would be taken into account, and also since most/all the rust areas are on the front part of the bolt and under cosmo that isn't covered by exterior cosmetics unfortunately. Bore looks good, gas piston in a little chewed up and binds on full compression. Hopefully this will be a good rifle, I just need to sand the gouges down and get some new finish on the stock.
Firing pin was rusted in place
Review by Donald on 6/15/14
This is an update to previous review.
The firing pin was rusted/corroded in-place. Finally got it out thanks to WD-40 heat and a brass punch. The firing pin cleaned up well and looks useable. The bolt is rusted inside
. I am not sure I will be able to remove the rust and still have a functioning bolt. I improved my rating to three stars, since there is now a chance that this rifle can be fired safely.
Firing pin wasrusted in place
Review by Donald on 6/15/14
This is an update to previous review.
which seems to have vanished for some reason.
The firing pin was rusted/corroded in-place. Finally got it out thanks to WD-40 heat and a brass punch. The firing pin cleaned up well and looks useable. The bolt is rusted inside
. I am not sure I will be able to remove the rust and still have a functioning bolt. I improved my rating to three stars, since there is now a chance that this rifle can be fired safely.
Fine Weapon
Review by David on 6/14/14
I ordered one, liked it so well I ordered another. The first is very accurate, I have not shot the second yet. Each rifle has a personality of its' own. Takes a little work to clean up, but these are well made rifles. I've owned Norincos in the past, but the workmanship on those was fair at best. The second rifle was pretty dirty inside, a lot of grit, some rust, but good bluing. Both bores good. I think they are great rifles for what I bought them for- working, not modeling.
Hard To Beat For The Price
Review by JJH on 6/14/14
Delivery took a little longer than normal, but that was to be expected with the sale going on at the time. My SKS, which appears to be an early Izzy with 5 digits in the low 52000 range, appears to be a genuine battle rifle...moderately dinged up, metal finish worn bare in heavy use areas, but with an very bright bore having excellent rifling. Did find one surprise... I stuck my finger in the cleaning trap in the buttstock and felt what seemed like cloth. I hooked the cloth and pulled it out to find what appears to be a torn piece of uniform shirt material that is sort of tan with a yellow tinge. has a dark reddish/brown stain the size of a quarter in one quadrant. Creepy, if it is what I think it is. Just makes one wonder even more about the history of the rifle. Regardless...well pleased with what I received.
Great old rifle for the price
Review by Raymond on 6/11/14
Although a C$R with stock scar marks that show age, bore was in great shape and everything functioned well after clean up. Make sure you take it down and do a good cleaning. Especially the gas piston area.
Great looking gun
Review by Nando on 6/11/14
This was both my first buy at Classic Firearms and my first SKS and I could not be happier, I am planning to visit the range this weekend and see if the rifle shoots as good as it looks (maybe after this visit I will change from 4 to 5 stars).

It is worth to mention that I did paid the extra $40 for the matching serial number and the hand pick for exterior cosmetics, that brought the price to $350 including S&H and the FFL fee and I think it is worth every single dime. Very little rust, very good barrel and matching serial numbers everywhere (including the stock); I was even planning on replacing the original box magazine and maybe the stock but it looks so good that I will keep it as original as possible.

Sadly I cannot get another, at $319 plus all the extras it is not such a great deal, after all locally I can get another one around $400 without the cosmoline.

Bottom line, great gun and great deal. Will be back to Classic Firearms looking for more deals like this, you cannot beat quality that is affordable.
Decent rifle for the price.
Review by Jeremy on 6/10/14
I received my rifle about 2 weeks after ordering due to the volume of orders. I was pleased to see that i got a matching numbers gun with cleaning rod and oil can. The gun was caked in cosmoline and took some time to get it all cleaned up. I was expecting less rust considering a paid extra for cosmetics, but due to the amount of cosmo I don't think it would have been seen anyway. The bolt and carrier also had a decent amount of rust on them and the firing pin was very hard to get to come out. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and would again order. Thanks Classic.
Sks review
Review by Todd on 6/9/14
this is sks #2 from Classic Firearms and all I can say is they never disappoint. I did have a issue with the gas tube and they said they would take care of it. The rifle was so nice I didn't want to send it back and I didn't. THANKS AGAIN, Classic Firearms
Decent Rifle
Review by Jeremy on 6/9/14
Rifle came packed in cosmoline. I did pay extra for both hand select and matching numbers. Overall after a lot of work I am satisfied with the sks. Had a little bit more rust/ pitting than I thought it would. The bolt, mag well, and barrel had rust/ pitting but will not effect function. I also had a very hard time getting the firing pin to come free from the bolt. The rifle I received did come with a cleaning rod and oil can. I would buy this again from classic. If you buy be prepared to put some work in!
Chicom sks
Review by Hondo on 6/9/14
Rifle came exactly as described, old and covered in in comsoline. Condition looked very rough at first glance but after hours of cleaning it turned out to be a cool old rifle. I would have given it 5 stars but the firing pin is broken and the recoil spring is too short ( probably just wore out). It is infact a Sino-Soviet Sks with a faint factory 26 stamp.
Review by Bob on 6/8/14
I purchased two of these Classic Russian SKS Rifles. First one was what they call a
"Ghost" with all matching numbers. Ugly at first, but after a few days of hard work she cleaned up nicely and shoots like a dream.

The second was also a "Ghost" with all matching numbers except for the stock which is laminated. It also cleaned up nicely. This one does not shoot well at all. The gas tube and piston are badly rusted and will have to be replaced. I have had it apart several times and cleaned and polished the piston with no luck.

Not a big deal when you realize how old these rifles are and where they have been sitting for who knows how long.

I had so much fun working on these that I am going to buy another right now!

Thanks Classic!!
Good price but? Don't choose hand select for exterior cosmetics
Review by Doc on 6/8/14
Its a good rifle bought one took 2 weeks to deliver too slow, i choose hand select exterior and matching no., it was matching alright but the cosmetic is bad crack on the stock, lots of dings, and rust on the metal , dont select hand select exterior cosmetics waste of ur money
Review by mandruch on 6/7/14
I received exactly what I paid for and I'm happy with my purchase. It's an early Sino-Soviet with some mismatched number and a beater, uncracked stock. It has a lot of character and that is what I was looking for. Half the fun is not knowing what you're getting. Great price!
Very Happy With The Rifle
Review by OTD on 6/7/14
I felt that it was a gamble getting the SKS based on the product definition. I got a 1960/61 SKS from factory 26. It is an early gun with lots of external wear. Some minor pitting in areas that don't matter. Everything matches and I am planning on not restoring the stock but keep it in battle scared shape with the trench art that it came with. Like I said I am very pleased with this SKS. Thanks Classical.
Beautiful gun, if you can get past the stock
Review by Richard on 6/6/14
Ordered up #2 on this new sale with all matching numbers option. Previous order received an all matching Sino-Soviet, received a mostly numbers matching ghost rifle this time. Although I had paid for matching numbers they were not entirely, and this is not Classics fault, but the stock numbers do not match and they are very hard to read so I will not hold it against them. The rest of the rifle was pretty well, it had definitely been used in some water, as the hand-guard had rust between it and the gas tube, but otherwise the rifle was pretty good conditioned. Bluing at about 90% and some interesting marks on stock that may or may not be trench art. Classic even threw in a special treat in my box that I was surprised and pleased to find. Overall very pleased, 4 stars only due to the stock not having the matching numbers. If you have the opportunity to buy, take advantage of this sale. These will not be around for long and there are some nice rifles in this lot.
Recently received my Classic Firearm Chinese SKS
Review by Gunny on 6/6/14
Well I received my recent SKS from Classic Firearms last week and believe it to be one of the
Early "Ghost" Chinese SKS based on the information that I have researched and that's it only
a 5 digit serial number with no Factory Stamp markings.

I took it completely down and took 5 days to clean it up and get rid of the packed cosmoline
and scrub and worked the stock to where its now much cleaner and nicer.

The stock is rough but that was to be expected upon ordering it.
I opted for the 2 extra options, for exterior condition and all matching numbers

The rifle certainly is all complete matching numbers which consists of stock, mag well, both bolt parts,
receiver cover and receiver and barrel. I was surprised to find it so completely matching.
There were also a lot of " 33" stamp markings through out the rifle as some others that I have no clue
as to what they are.

Rifle is made up of all milled parts and has the early bolt with the relief slot.
Barrel is threaded and not pinned. The Bore is truly exceptional, bright, and
nice rifling.

The stock is marked with a Triangle stamp on right side of butt stock
with a 21 marked inside the triangle

The gas piston I found, after fighting to get it out of the cosmoline that it had some very
fine rough edges on the piston head, but that was quickly remedy and fixed.
Due to the heavy cosmoline the rifle was a bear to disassemble but cleaned up exceptionally
well. Rifle also did come with the correct Chinese SKS cleaning rod which is a plus.

I am still going over some of the markings through out the rifle as to try and determine little
more about the rifle. Classic Firearms did take 10 days before shipping the rifle after I made my
purchase date. It seems they are still running couple weeks behind on shipping. They did package
up the rifle well and shipped in study box.
Over all I am pleased with the rifle and its condition

Click on this link to view Full Set of Pictures:
Great carbine
Review by Per on 6/5/14
Past all the cosmoline was a very class rifle. After reading so much about "slamfire" I had to make sure the firing pin was loosened and the pin was free. It was solidly in the forward position. I did disassemble and freed up the pin and removed a lot of crap. Fired it today with no issues. Very happy with it. I ordered one more today with no hand pick since it wasn't worth the cost again. I'll take my chances. That was my second purchase from Classic and hope this one is not too bad. So now I am a return customer! Do buy one if you are on the fence. It has a lot of history and a very cool semi!
Chinese SKS
Review by Richard on 6/4/14
Ordered Chinese SKS and received a Sino-Soviet dated 1956 from factory 26. Did not do hand select and did not receive matching numbers. Found a few rusts spots near rear sight and inside trigger assembly area. Still very pleased with this piece of history. The price was perfect.
Early " GHOST " Chinese SKS
Review by Gunny on 6/4/14
Well I received my recent SKS from Classic Firearms last week and believe it to be one of the Early "Ghost" Chinese SKS based on the information that I have researched and that's it only a 5 digit serial number with no Factory Stamp markings.

I took it completely down and took 5 days to clean it up and get rid of the packed cosmoline and scrub and worked the stock to where its now much cleaner and nicer.

The stock is rough but that was to be expected upon ordering it. I opted for the 2 extra options, for exterior condition and all matching numbers

The rifle certainly is all complete matching numbers which consists of stock, mag well, both bolt parts,receiver cover and receiver and barrel. I was surprised to find it so completely matching.

There were also a lot of " 33" stamp markings through out the rifle as some others that I have no clue as to what they are.

Rifle is made up of all milled parts and has the early bolt with the relief slot.
Barrel is threaded and not pinned. The Bore is truly exceptional, bright, and
nice rifling.

The stock is marked with a Triangle stamp on right side of butt stock with a 21 marked inside the triangle

The gas piston I found, after fighting to get it out of the cosmoline that it had some very
fine rough edges on the piston head, but that was quickly remedy and fixed.
Due to the heavy cosmoline the rifle was a bear to disassemble but cleaned up exceptionally well. Rifle also did come with the correct Chinese SKS cleaning rod which is a plus.

I am still going over some of the markings through out the rifle as to try and determine little more about the rifle.

Classic Firearms did take 10 days before shipping the rifle after I made my
purchase date. It seems they are still running couple weeks behind on shipping. They did package up the rifle well and shipped in study box.

Over all I am pleased with the rifle and its condition

Thank You Classic Firearms !!!
Ok All Around
Review by Alex2012 on 6/3/14
I just unpackaged this today and began the tear down. I will say when they state heavy cosmoline they mean HEAVY cosmoline. After takeing everything down I noticed a good bit if pitting on the barrel on the section within the stock, and some pitting on the receiver and bolt alike which I was not happy to see. Stock is pretty much a throw away.
Review by Mikey on 6/2/14
I received my SKS last week packed heavily in cosmo. I took my time cleaning it and removed any trace of Cosmo. After the cleaning I inspected it and was very pleased! My SKS is the best condition SKS I have ever seen. And I've seen and owned quite a few. From gun shows to guns stores I am yet to see one in such good condition. I was able to take it out to the range today and, not only is it a looker, it's a darn good shooter. I have no complaints. I don't know if mine is a rare case or if the majority of their SKS's are in such good condition.
A+++++ again
Review by John on 6/1/14
Once again Classic comes through with flying colors. I happened to be one of the lucky ones who received all matching #s even the bolt and pin. These guys are top notch!Read the descriptions they tell it straight. Once again a happy customer!! This rifle was perfect beautiful wood, not much bluing left but I like that it tells me this rifle has history. I could not stress enough if your looking for good service and quality you have come to the right place!!!Thank you Classic!!!
Very Happy
Review by Chris on 6/1/14
I just received my first purchase from Classic .
These guys are great to deal with! I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of my SKS they sent me. After cleaning of the mounds of cosmoline I saw the riffle was in much better condition than I expected. I have since placed an order for one more SKS and a Mosin with the hex receiver. Hope it arrives soon.
Cosmoline is your friend
Review by Edward on 6/1/14
finally decided to crack and purchase this rifle. In the description they said that it is caked in cosmo but that is a huge understatement but do not let t hat stop you. I opted for the exterior cosmetics and matching numbers and was not disappointed. upon cleaning i discovered that the stock was in great shape and i had a complete Sino Soviet rifle!. Once i finish cleaning it i know ill have a blast at the range thank you classic! will definitely buy from again
awesome condition. a best buy!
Review by cogcon on 5/31/14
Ordered 2 at the Memorial Day price. Both looked awesome. Matching numbers, no cracks in stock, well packed with accessories. These things will only go up in price. Glad I got a few before the supply drives up.
OK. Most of the finish is gone. And theres rust on every part.
Review by Cliff on 5/31/14
At first glance looks okay other than finish being gone. Which i don't mind makes it look well used. Its when I got it tore all the way down to clean that I found all the rust. Every part has rust or pitting somewhere. Bolt, barrel, receiver, magazine, the works. Kind of disappointed this is my 5th rifle from classic and second SKS. The other 3 mosins and SKS were more than i hoped for. Probably got a lemon. Not really Classics fault you couldn't see 90% of the rust/pitting without disassembling. Did hand select and matching serial numbers. Your mileage may very. It's like there is sand or something mixed in with the cosmoline and formed some kind of abrasive anywhere where 2 parts meet.
Bought 5 So Far!
Review by John on 5/31/14
The first one got me hooked, all matching Russian with serialized but scrubbed top cover. Get them while you can, all we will have one day is the secondary market and those won't have cosmo on them. :o(
$269 Special Price SKS
Review by Mike on 5/30/14
Order was placed after hours on 5/15 and the order was received on 5/29 due to the massive orders that were placed during the special sale. I was fine with the fine wait, because the staff at Classic is always First Class. Thanks for the wonderful customer service.

I received a numbers matching F letter series factory 26 sks (Sino-Soviet). The best part was the stock was in awesome shape!!! minor scuffs, but no gouges or minor cracks. A cleaning rod was also on the rifle as well.

The reason for the 4 star rating is with the rifle bluing. I haven't cleaned any cosmoline yet or disassembled the rifle yet, but it appears that the butt plate,dust cover, and magazine doesn't have much bluing left. It might look better once it is cleaned up. I did pay for the two upgrades so I was expecting more blue, but hey this is still a good gun and I am a believer in Classic Firearms does the best they can. I can only image having to hand pick these guns that are all slopped in grease and having to do in a quickly manor to keep up with the orders.

I ordered one a few months ago when the price was $299. I received a 6 digit ghost (Soviet-Sino) 95 percent bluing, but the stock had some big gouges from being knocked against other charging handles while being stored over seas I assume.

Thanks Classic for lowering the price, that made it even easier to hit the "Add to Cart" button. I look forward to making more purchases in the future. Keep up the Good Work!

I will submit pictures in the next week or so of the before and after clean up.

See Review...
Review by cracker boy on 5/30/14
Purchased at the sale price and paid the extra for hand select & matching numbers. Matching numbers came through all the way. Hand select on the stock lacking. Bayonet bent at the tip. Took care of that myself. Make sure U. know how to disassemble this rifle and reassemble!!! Loaded with grease throughout!! But that's a military weapon in for long storage.Do not attempt to shoot it it until cleaned if your smart. Not really disappointed with the weapon, just paying the extra for what I don,t think I got. I am a good customer of Classic and recommend them highly. This is my honest review of this purchase and I will continue to do business as such with them...
Cracker-Boy in S. Fla.........
Verrrry Happy
Review by Gary on 5/29/14
I went the full option route and was very happy to receive a numbers matching, lettered prefix, 4 number serial number rifle. By my understanding, this makes mine a Sino-Soviet produced in 1956. Although the cosmoline is yet to be dealt with, looking through the goo I can say the stock is 'wounded' with the usual dings from use, but the wood and metal finish is not too bad. The bore looks shiny with life left in it. The rifle looks complete and in working order. I'll know more after the cleanup task. This purchase met and even exceeded my expectation in some ways.
Two "Ghost" Rifles from Classic
Review by strykpilot on 5/27/14
I ordered the first of two SKS rifles (unfortunately right before their sale) from Classic on a Friday. It shipped the next Monday and I picked it up Thursday afternoon. The first rifle was a six-digit "ghost." Although I did not pay extra for either of the hand select options, the rifle was all-matching. There was very little to no bluing left on most of the metal. Despite the lack of finish on the metal, there was very little rust or corrosion damage to the metal. The rifle came with the cleaning rod and even a "gift" left for me in the buttstock - what was possibly the last cleaning patch run through it since it was stored however many years ago. The import stamp is subtle and located on the right side of the barrel below the gas tube. After I cleaned out the barrel, I discovered that the bore is in great shape.

I ordered the second rifle on a Monday, but it did not ship until Thursday afternoon. I picked it up on the following Wednesday. Like the first rifle, I gambled and did not select either of the hand select options. The second rifle was a mostly-matching 5-digit "ghost." Unlike the first rifle, much of the finish was left on the metal, but this rifle had more rust and corrosion damage than the first. Despite metal pitting and occasional rust, the metal was in adequate condition and cleaned up well. All of the numbered parts matched the serial number on the receiver with the exception of the stock, which looked like it came from a "ghost" with a different serial number. The bore of the rifle, while not as pristine as the bore on the first rifle, is in great condition.

Some reviewers have complained about the condition of the wood stocks. I was satisfied with the condition of the wood stocks and did not find the condition to be excessive for a military surplus rifle. The stocks do not have any cracks or severe damage. The first rifle does not have "trench art," but the second rifle has what appears to be initials (M + M) carved in the buttstock. These carvings, however, are not deep. Both stocks have some moderate damage near the magazine that could have occurred when the rifles were packed. A light bit of sanding fixed this issue easily.

Both rifles were completely coated in cosmoline and required a lengthy cleaning process. Because I am somewhat new to these rifles, this process took several hours. Make sure to thoroughly clean out the bolt to ensure that the firing pin moves freely. If you are looking for a fun project, removing these rifles out of their cosmoline time capsules will keep you busy.

After cleaning to cosmoline, I took both rifles to the shooting range. The first rifle functioned flawlessly, while the second rifle only had an issue with sight adjustment. The front sight of the second rifle had cosmoline build-up that made it difficult to adjust the sight with the sight adjustment tool. After ensuring that all of the cosmoline is cleaned from the sight, I am confident it will function well. Aside from the sight adjustment, both rifles functioned well and emerged as excellent shooters.

Overall, these rifles are excellent projects that result in great shooters. If you're looking for a pretty rifle that is ready to fire out-of-the-box, you should definitely consider a different outlet. Classic describes these rifles accurately, ships fast, and has excellent customer support. I wish I had waited, however, to take advantage of their special sale.
Nice collectable Sino Soviet
Review by RichG on 5/27/14
Got the hand pick for #s match. All did match. Mine is a Sino Soviet with letter and 4 digit serial. Bluing is very nice at about 80-85%! Did have a bit of surface rust on the bolt and carrier. Stock had no cracks but some gouges from storage. Lots of cosmoline to clean. Bore looks new. Very happy with purchase. Just bought it 3 days before the sale price, but still think it was a good deal.
Russian SKS
Review by Luke on 5/23/14
I received my SKS today and found I had a Russian letter K rifle. I will be purchasing another rifle to see what I get next.
Great service for a pretty darn good SKS.
Review by Bryce on 5/23/14
Can you say cosmoline? Yes it was caked with the stuff when it arrived. So much so, that I couldn't tell if it was in decent shape or not. After a good mineral spirit scrubbing, I was very pleasantly surprised. The stock was a little rough, but cleaned up well and has that character that says "I saw battle". Good bore, and good metal, and by that I mean no rust. A great addition to my collection.
Awesome purchase
Review by Matt on 5/22/14
If you can get over the fact that the 10lb package is 5lb of cosmoline, this gun is for you! The rifle will be a fine shooter once it is cleaned up. Havent checked markings because that is not why I bought it. I bought it because they are durable and awesome rifles. If you want a inexpensive rifle, look no further!
excelent rifle
Review by 2curly on 5/22/14
You coulda greased a train with all the cosmoline on this thing. Took 2months to get the stock to where I wanted it . Had a broken safety spring when I received it, but no way classic would know that . Classic makes it so easy to purchase from them. Will be able to shoot for 1st time memorial day weekend. Will update after that, buy am very satisfied with purchase. Will always check classic first.
As usual, Great Servie!
Review by Redman on 5/21/14
Just received my Type 56 on sale from Classic, Very Happy! Bluing was overall very good, the stock was in great shape, no splits, carvings, gashes, just very dark wood. All #'s matching, has a 5 digit serial, no Chinese. Of course packed in cosmo, but that comes off! Thanks Classic for great service and product!
Wasted money on the "Hand Select for Exterior Cosmetics"
Review by Ted on 5/19/14
I recently ordered a Norinco SKS and a Molot Mosin Nagant M44. Both weapons were shipped quickly and I was kept informed of my order's status throughout the entire process. The Mosin I ordered was in great shape as I paid extra for Matching Numbers and Bore Hand Select. The SKS, however, is another story. I paid for hand select for cosmetics and matching numbers. The numbers matched but the cosmetics of the weapon did not seem to be "the best of 5". If it was the best of 5, I'd hate to see what the other 4 weapons looked like. I do realize that these weapons are used milsurp and aren't going to be grade-A weapons. However, I wouldn't expect a hand select for cosmetics weapon to have "1986" primitively carved 1/8" deep into the stock. And the bluing on the weapon was almost non-existent. I look forward to restoring the SKS to its once known glory but am bummed I spent extra money on the cosmetic hand select. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and look forward to purchasing more weapons and ammunition from Classic in the future!
Review by ben on 5/16/14
I am very happy with this purchase. It took me awhile to decide but when I did my only regret was I did not decide earlier.
What did i get? a matching sino soviet cosmoline soaked rifle, stock is not that bad - really!!- but its not perfect either. I went with the matching and hand select option.
After a day of cleaning and making sure the firing pin is free floating! I am off to the range. Thanks guys!
Remember - cosmoline is your friend!!. This particular rifle had no rust!
There are still really nice rifles available from this batch of rifles
Review by T.J. on 5/16/14
Ordered one of these Chinese Type 56 SKS, was a little hesitant as due to funds I was coming in late in the game on these rifles. finally decided to go for it and ordered it with hand select for numbers matching and for condition. From time of order to when the rifle arrived at my door today was 7 business days. As always with classic, shipping was quick.

I must say that I am very pleased with what I received. I kind of had an idea what i would be getting as I helped a friend clean his a couple weeks ago. As stated these are packed in grease, but i have never been one to turn down a rifle due to cosmoline. Per the hand select all visible numbers are matching (I say that because when i got it all apart the number on the bottom of the gas tube doesnt match but im ok with that, i dont expect them to take it apart and check everything)

stock is solid just dirty. bore is pristine as to be expected on these. cleaning rod was present which was a nice surprise. bluing is at a 95-98%

the clean up is going well and i am very happy with my purchase and only regret not have a little extra money to order a couple more.

be ready for a lot of cosmoline, but dont let that scare you away. because of that cosmoline these rifles are very well preserved. i would recommend the hand select options its not a lot extra and i feel that it was money well spent.

Chinese SKS Type 56, Milled Parts - UNBOXING
Review by NicTaylor00 on 5/15/14
First impressions are exactly what was described. I expect it to run great once I get the rifle cleaned up and put a few rounds through it. Only wish I had waited for the $50 off sale to avoid paying full asking price at the time I purchased.
Decent all around.
Review by Jeremiah on 5/15/14
a lovely rifle so far, which i have only just recently finished cleaning enough to get into a serviceable state, due to a mix of my own laziness and lack of cosmoline cleaning skills.
right out of the box was expected, looked more or less like the example picture. used stock, dark, and soaked in cosmoline. i noticed right away though that there was something wrong with the cleaning rod that was in the rifle, and upon inspection, seems to not be one for my gun, as it is both too long (bayonet wont fit with it) and will not lock into place. i will have to look into replacing it sometime in the future. i checked the compartment in the stock for a cleaning kit, but no luck. oddly, there was what i assume is a Chinese mosin cleaning kit in the box with my rifle? eh, thanks for the spare Classic :)

in disassembling the rifle, i found little to nothing out of order. the dust cover had a few spots of deep rust pitting, and the bolt carrier has some rust spots as well, but its fine. when i cleaned the cosmo out of the bore i was suprised to find a mirror finish inside, i can only assume that i have been the first person to fire this gun.
the one problem i have had...was with the handguard and gas tube. the pin which keeps the handguard on the tube was riveted in place on both sides, and as such, i was unable to completely dissasemble the handguard/gas tube. nor can i without completely destroying the handguard and pin. a shame, but i personally preferred the wood anyway.

just yesterday i took the rifle to the range, shot quite a few rounds through it and every time it went bang (barring one aftermarket mag i was using) so it works nicely, which is great!

i currently am using an aftermarket stock now, as ive yet to fully clean the rifle, but ive no complaints with my purchase :)

will definitely buy somearms from classic in the future, if i see something i like.
very pleased, great for a 58-year old rifle
Review by jeff on 5/15/14
No surprises, no issues- just a good solid firearm. Being familiar with surplus and C&R weapons helped, since there was plenty of cosmo and crud to clean out over the course of a few days, but well worth the effort. All matching, first year manufacture. Didn't request anything special, got one anyway. Have about 60-80 rounds of Wolf thru it so far without a hitch. I did add a recoil buffer, but removed it after 20 rounds...2 stovepipes. None since removing it. Wouldn't recommend adding one in case one might be considering it. Fantastic first purchase!
is what it is
Review by Marc on 5/13/14
Isn't an SKS that will not win any beauty contest. Get ready to clean. This rifle has been used but still is a shooter
Beaten Beauty
Review by GenericNickname on 5/11/14
Got it yesterday and cleaned well into this morning to get it ready for a trip to the range. Heat gun & mineral spirits are plenty enough if you dont mind putting in some elbow grease. I asked for a laminated stock, but I didn't get one. Didn't really expect one anyway, but the stock I did get is gouged to hell. It looks like somebody took another sks's bolt and forced it 2/3 way through the stock in a variety of places. Assuming it was the importer. To be fair it is the original stock from 1956 though. I'm a purist, but I might have to refinish, or buy another "shooter" stock for this gun. Everything matches except the gas piston, which as far as I know, isn't always numbered anyway. It looks more or less new, but the serial would suggest it came off of a 200Kish number, sooo.... Anyway, the bluing is nice aside from the dust cover, which has a naked spot for whatever reason, and a few scratches. Took it out today and fired 220 rounds of wolf and R.A. standard, only had an issue with one round, which rather than feeding, the bullet decided to get pushed back into the case due to a bad crimp. Imagine a turtle with a cartridge for a shell. Thats what it looked like. Not the rifle's fault at all though, just bad QC in ammo factory. I was getting oblong, but approximately grapefruit sized groups at 50, and gallon jug sized at 100. Awful sights as with most commie guns, but if you can bear to put on some new aperture sights on, you could probably coax a little better accuracy at longer ranges. Ive always been a little scared of semi auto rifles ever since my first ever semi-auto, a marlin 60, exploded in my face the first time out, but I'm starting to really like this thing. Very light, very sturdy. Btw, I found a little present in the way of a strip of rice bag in the cleaning kit hole. Smells tantalizingly of solvent.
First Impressions Misleading
Review by David on 5/5/14
Yes, I had read the description about the rough appearance, but when I first opened the box, my first reaction was "Yuck!". Most of the bluing was gone, the stock was heavily carved and the gas tube was stuck. Some cleaning, TLC and investigation later I'm very happy with the rifle and an contemplating another. All matching numbers on a 1956 "ghost" - Russian proof markings, no Chinese anywhere. Albanian carvings indicate military aid at some point. Lots of interesting history. Gas tube just needed to be cleaned. Bore shiny and smooth. Shoots like a dream - dead on at 100 yards with no adjustments. Much better than my AK. As stated above, first impressions can be misleading - love the SKS!
1st purchase, no regrets!
Review by Peter on 5/2/14
This is my first purchase from classic. I payed for hand select and matching numbers and got what I payed for. Cosmoline for days but thanks to my brother-in-law's auto shop, had access to his solvent tank. I was blown away by the quality of the blueing and smoothness of action once it was cleaned and oiled. With the addition of a Tapco stock from the sportsmans guide it is my new favorite rifle. Dead on accurate out of the box! Thanks classic
My first Classic SKS
Review by David on 5/1/14
I received my Chinese SKS from Classic and this was my first purchase with them. I read a lot of the reviews before deciding to try my luck. I got the hand picked and matching numbers. I received my SKS very quick "thanks Classic!" It is a 5 digit serial #. They are packed heavily in cosmoline. The stock was dinged but no cracks. The metal retains some bluing. Under the wood which was not visible to Classic was some heavy pitting on the trigger housing and magwell. I am thinking about purchasing one more to see if maybe I could score another war relic. Classic has been awesome to deal with and A+++ in my book! I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet as I am still cleaning the cosmoline from the stock. Hope to post some pics soon, Thanks Classic
Great Buy
Review by Douglas on 4/30/14
I received an as advertised excellent condition Russian parts SKS. Just a little surface rust for character - easily removed. Classic comes through again. Buy these while you can.
great buy
Review by ryan on 4/29/14
I was somewhat nervous about buying my sks, but ended up very happy with my purchase. The stock was a little beat up and the bluing was about 80% but I ended up with a very nice sino-soviet, already purchased a mosin I was so pleased. Thanks classic firearms.
Classic does it again!!!! Great SKS
Review by Dave on 4/25/14
I just received my SKS today and I can say that I am extremely happy with my newest purchase. I received an early Sino Soviet Type 56. I chose the hand select /matching numbers and received a pretty nice rifle.

Thank you Classic, you guys have come through every time!
Love it.
Review by Brian on 4/24/14
I couldn't wait to get this thing and I wasn't disappointed. When they say heavy cosmoline, they mean HEAVY cosmoline. But I am experienced in removing it so it was cool. The rifle was exactly as described. The beat up stock was not cracked and I am presently refinishing it. I put on a Tapco stock and grip and my SKS is zombie apocalypse worthy. Next week I will be putting it through some range testing. Great rifle for the price.
Another nice Sino Soviet SKS Thanks ClassicFirearms
Review by Mark on 4/23/14
After purchasing one with no grading, received what I expected a barely blued cosmoline covered gem that is a great shooter. This time I opted for matching numbers and cosmetics. Again, no disappointment. Nice bluing, decent wood and crisp clean chrome bore. I have not had this one out to the range yet but expect will perform just fine. If you are into military arms as I am, even at 319 base it is a good buy.
great buy
Review by zach on 4/23/14
I ordered my sks on a Friday and had the ffl faxed the same day. I picked it up from the ffl one week later on the next Friday. I wish it would have come sooner because I was dying to get it, but it came within the 7 days so I cant complain. It was just as described covered in cosmoline, which was removed with a hairdryer, with some dings in the stock but other then that in great shape. The bore looks like its new and the bluing is all but new. There is a little bit of rust on the magazine, the gas tube, and a couple of screws but other than that it is in great shape and the rust doesn't look like it will rust to nothing anytime soon especially with semi-regular oiling. I have shot it a little and it shoots great. The action is smooth and solid and I haven't had any problems. I'm anxious to get enough ammo to and time to really shoot it a lot and see how far I can hit a target. I also payed for the all matching numbers and everything matched all the way down to the gas cylinder, except for the stock. Great buy I can't wait to get some surplus cash to buy something else!
Pretty good for hand select.
Review by Minuteman on 4/22/14
I ordered this rifle the 11th of April and it got to my FFL on the 16th. When I got to my FFL I slid it out of the box for a quick peek and realized they had slipped a mosin oil bottle in with the rifle which is a bonus I guess even though I have a few of them already. I checked the box for hand select for cosmetics. I wasn't too overly worried about matching numbers I just wanted a nice looking rifle. I got home and began the cosmoline removal process which took about 2 days to complete. I am still finding little bits here and there but once I shoot her it'll all ooze out from places I never thought of.

Anyway, on to the $20.00 hand select I paid for... Okay, maybe I have a little too high of expectations (which I shouldn't have because my friend bought one of these rifles a while back) about the hand selected option. When I finally got this rifle in smooth functioning order, It has almost 100% bluing all around except a few spots here and there. I'd say the bluing is about 96%. There was minor pitting in some very small un-noticable spots like on the mag near the hinge, on the rear bottom of the receiver and the trigger assembly. Like I said, they were less than dime sized spots that are pretty minor. Other than that, the bluing was Very good/Excellent. The bolt carrier and bolt were pretty flawless except a couple of small dark spots that seem to be tattooed on. I can't for the life of me get it off. The bore is in excellent condition the crowning is very strong and there was no fowling what so ever. The wood on the other hand, was a slightly different story. I am a wood kind of guy.. I love wood grain and the way old military stocks look (if they aren't too beat to hell). The wood looks good as far as dings and gouges go except in 2 spots. There was a minor chip on the stock near the rear sight block and a gouge in the top hand guard. The varnish on the wood was really worn and missing on about half of the whole stock. Very patchy looking. But the overall stain on the wood is a really nice rich dark red color like on the Russian models. I am going to end up refinishing it hopefully I can keep the original color. The butt plate is very worn down and missing a lot of bluing. As for matching parts, everything matches except the dust cover. Which is okay by me.

On to a little history of my particular rifle and maybe some things you didn't know about Chinese SKSs. For some unknown reason China did not date SKSs. But I know my SKS was made sometime in early to mid 1956 because there isn't a letter included in the beginning of the serial number and it is in the low 100,000s. In the early manufacturing stages of these rifles, Russian supervisors were sent to the Jianshe arsenal (factory /26\) to oversee and get China going on developing their new adopted rifle. So if you receive a rifle that says ex. F0000 or L0000, then your rifle is an early 1956 manufacture. Sometime later on as the rifle production continued to grow, the letters were taken out. If your rifle's serial number is 2,000,000 or higher your rifle was probably manufactured sometime in 1958. 10,000,000+ 1966 etc. 1956+10= 1966.You would just add the number (in the millions) to 1956 to figure out your date. My rifle has a bunch of cool little markings all over it that I haven't seen before which is cool. The triangle /26\ on my rifle is literally non visible. I have to move it in the light and look very very hard to try and find it but it's there. Well I hoped you enjoyed the review and I will throw up a picture or 2 of my rifle pretty soon. Hopefully Classic makes it to where you can pin photos to your review that way you can read an compare words to photo. Thanks for reading!
A Labor of Love
Review by Steve on 4/22/14
Just cleaned up my second SKS. It looks lovely with great character. It is a lot of work (Labor of Love) to transform a old relic to a reborn new rifle. It will be passed on from generation to generations! Side effect! Your nose will remember the smell of cosmoline every time you see a picture of old caked rifle on any website. Hey hey hey!
Great Purchase
Review by swatdaddy on 4/18/14
Took the plunge and ordered a luck-of-the-draw rifle with no hand-selections. I feel that I got very lucky with an all numbers matching Sino-Soviet model. The rifle has a lot of character, i.e. worn bluing and a beat up stock, however there was little to no rust and absolutely no visible pitting. The cosmoline removal is still an on-going process, however I am liking this rifle more and more as I go over it in great detail. Once the stock is fully cleaned and some tung oil is applied, I think that it will be quite impressive. Customer service was great and this was my first C&R purchase through Classic and I hope to do more business.
As advertised
Review by Joseph on 4/17/14
As usual Classic Arms delivered as advertised. Shipping was quick and my SKS was just what I expected.
better than expected
Review by smokinggun01 on 4/14/14
Got mine last week and was surprised at the quality of these guns. Yes most of the blueing is gone and there are dents and dings but what do you expect from a almost 60 year old rifle that may have seen battle in more than one war.
Buy 10, It's more fun!
Review by Alex on 4/14/14
Some friends and I went in on an order of 10 to get the discount. We had a good time all working together cleaning them up, they were VERY heavily packed in Cosmoline (Coleman white gas works wonders on the metal parts!). We received a wide variety of conditions, from Very Good (like new or replaced stocks, good bluing, functional) to quite poor (every part of one had at least some rust, inside and out, stocks barely recognizable as such). One wouldn't fire at all, had to do work on more than one of the bolts (you really want to disassemble and clean them ALL THE WAY). SO... that said, we now have 10 functional SKS! Took some work, helped having multiples to swap parts for testing, they all shoot. They are quite accurate, my best group (with the rusty one, no less!) is 11" at 200 yards, iron sights, with an old tire for a rest. Pretty respectable for a 60 year old gun and a novice shooter! My SK has replaced my .22 for my woodchuck gun, to great effect! Might get together more friends and order 10 more! It has been a blast cleaning, restoring, adding aftermarket parts and shooting with friends. Would definitely recommend, if you and your friends are into gun projects!
very happy with this purchase
Review by jban on 4/13/14
when I got it all cleaned up better than expected. That may not have been a good thing because now I want to buy another
Good deal
Review by Johnny on 4/11/14
The discription covers what I recieved well. Rough looking but functions great. Overall happy with the purchase.
Chinese SKS
Review by Nathaniel on 4/11/14
Came fast to my local FFL dealer. And when I opened it much to my surprise (Sarcastic voice) it was caked in cozmoline, but that's half the fun right? The wood is to be expected, some minor scuff's and dings but the bluing on the rifle is absolutely phenomenal! L:ike It just came out of the factory and they submerged it in cozmoline and then handed it to me. The rifling is amazing as well it shines like diamonds. If I had the money I would buy 10 more and just stock pile them.
A little rough but happy to get one at all.
Review by Randy on 4/10/14
They aren't kidding when they say heavy cosmoline.

Wood is very rough and very little bluing left.

Barrel and bore look very good.

Good for the price, would buy again and probably will soon.
Russian Tula
Review by James on 4/9/14
After cleaning all the coso off I found a numbers matching (except for cover)Russian Tula with a lamanated stock. Must be my lucky day.
great service from classic. overall a very nice gun
Review by racerone3 on 4/8/14
As always, the service I received from Classic was spot on. Ordered the gun Monday morning, and got a call from my FFL Wednesday morning that it was ready to be picked up.

As expected, the gun was caked in cosmoline. Once I got enough off to tear the gun down, I boiled the metal parts. Found that I had a 1956 (5 digit SN) All #'s match except for the receiver cover. Metal has almost no bluing left, and a little bit of rust.
Moving on to the stock, I had an issue. Every bit of Shelak came off with the cosmoline. I really wasn't wanting to refinish the gun, but had to protect the wood. I ended up gently media blasting the stock to remove what little finish was left,(media blasting does all areas evenly, so unlike sanding I was able to keep all the bumps and battle scars) then lightly sanding and applied a polyurethane sealer. Once it was dry I used 00 steel wool to remove the shine from the Poly.
Ended up with a great looking gun.
My only 2 grumbles with the gun are more an importer issue than anything else. The importer info is in fairly large font in a very visible area. Both of the major gouges in my guns stock had no cosmoline in them, telling me they were recent. Looks like the importer just tossed them back into a crate after engraving their info
Review by milo on 4/7/14
This is my second SKS from Classic Firearms. I can't say enough about this company and their employees! So nice to talk to! I received 2 great rifles that I'm really happy with. After getting them cleaned I took them to the range and both functioned flawlessly and were really accurate! This company is by far the best to order from anywhere! Fast shipping, hard working employees, great service, awesome products. Thanks again Classic Firearms!
Well worth it
Review by Vince on 4/7/14
I've ordered 3 over the past month, I'm currently waiting for the 3rd to be delivered. So far I've received a ghost and a sino soviet both #'s matching. The first one I ordered(ghost) I opted for both cosmetic and matching, the rifle I received was both except for a new looking gouge on the stock. The 2nd(sino-soviet) I opted for matching and no cosmetic, #'s matched and the stock was in good condition with some nice trench art. Classic has been top notch with their service,I'll definitely be buying more of these! C&R is eeeeeeeevil!
Happy, happy, happy!
Review by cvhelleri on 4/7/14
Bought 2 of the Chinese SKS rifles with hand select and matching serial number options. I got a beautiful 5 digit rifle with no arsenal marks, an excellent stock, and lots of nice bluing. Most have been a rarely used rifle. The second rifle was an early Sino Soviet rifle. It had less bluing and a rougher stock. Both rifles had excellent bores and were an excellent value. I ordered 2 more after seeing them.
Can't get better than this!
Review by Derek on 4/5/14
This is the best to buy firearms that are old. My sks shipped within a week after order. Covered in cosmoline but the more cosmoline the better. Only tok about 4 day to get the gun cleaned, and to restain the stock. Has little rust spots in some parts of the gun but after bluing the barrel I am not worried about rust anymore. All around amazing gun for the price can't find one cheaper anywhere else but classic firearms.
Chinese SKS
Review by Jon on 4/4/14
I'm a little dissapointed with this rifle. Like some of the other reviews, the stock on this one looks like it was dragged behind a truck!

I guess I wasn't expecting this, since I paid the extra $20 for hand-select for appearance.

I did get a gun with all matching numbers, but I'm having some real difficulties identifying where this rifle was produced or the year of production. It has a six-digit numeric serial number, no alpha prefix, no chinese markings, no russian markings - I'm really baffled by this. I don't see anything on the web that helps me with this either.

I may change my mind about the rifle after I've cleaned off the cosmoline, but I'm not sure anything will make this stock look nice!

Sorry, Classic, but this isn't one of my best purchases.
Met my expectations
Review by jimraynor21 on 4/4/14
Classic, as the other times Ive dealt with them before, was fantastic with shipping/tracking info/updates. It took a little longer to ship than my last firearm but I truly believe that Classic experienced a large influx of orders on these before the price went back up(I purchased mine a few days before that occurred). With that in mind a week(including a weekend) from clicking Submit Payment to in my hands is a superb turn around time.

First and foremost...the cosmoline cannot be understated. Be prepared to do some serious work with degreasing before you even think about firing your rifle. It was caked in every place possible. I will let you decide which methods are best. I also HIGHLY recommend(as most who know these rifles well) disassembling the bolt and making absolutely positively sure that you do not have any gunk inside allowing the pin to stick. Spraying it out assembled is really not enough to ensure you have a clear channel(and I think we can all agree that it would be devastating to have an out of battery FA volley with the potential of landing you in jail, in the hospital or 6 feet under).

Now the good stuff....I opted for the #s matching option after reading many of the other reviews of what people were receiving, and I got exactly what I wanted. I received what many refer to as a *Sino-Soviet* SKS. My serial # is a letter followed by 4 digits, and my receiver has the Arsenal 26 stamp on it as well. All of my numbers matched as guaranteed in Classics description, except the barrel(not guaranteed). The barrel, all I can say is wow. I am 99% sure that the barrel on my rifle is a retrofitted Russian. My friends and I agree also that it looked to be brand-spanking-new and unfired. The bore still looks like glass with absolutely no marks on it, beautiful sharp rifling. I believe it is Russian based on the Russian character(I could be wrong here) and serial number stamped into it.

The bluing was about 75% but that was nothing a little steel wool and $6 bluing paste couldn't handle. It was missing on about half the top cover and magazine body/trigger guard. All of the metal parts are in great shape otherwise.

As Classic disclosed and many have described, the stock is pretty beat to hell. To be accurate though, there is only a small chunk of wood(about the size of a dime) actually gouged out and the rest of it is intact. The rest of it is dented and dinged almost all over but if you are willing to put in some time and innovation there are crafty/easy ways to bring dents out of wood. Despite having the methods available to me I opted to allow the stock to retain its character. I planned to refinish it upon purchasing so I cannot speak for the stock finish as the chemicals I used removed to cosmoline also aided me in stripping the old finish. It is now a dull/semi-gloss Garand/GI-issued finish.

To my surprise the front sight was set dead windage wise and I only had to compensate the elevation slightly to make a 3-4" pattern at 100 yards right out of the box(minus the comosline of course). I also had a Tech-sight in route and after getting that installed/adjusted I was 100% honestly able to put 6 shots in a 1 1/2" group@100yards with a few flyers(plain-jane Wolf ammo, seated with no rest). So I would have to say that its very accurate and unless I got an exceptional specimen I dont buy the hype about the inaccuracy of these rifles unless the barrels are worn/shot-out although Ive yet to read anyone describing a bad barrel from this batch. Im sure with better/custom loads and a steadier hand that the rifle could easily do better. It has functioned flawlessly with 300 or so rounds down the pipe this far.

Hopefully this gives you a fairly clear idea of what you can expect in buying one of these. IMHO its a great rifle for the price if you are willing to put in some elbow grease, something I personally love to do. A few other sites have these listed ever so slightly cheaper but I value customer service as well as the product, which is why I will continue to deal with Classic.
Friendly service, Good product
Review by ramblin84 on 4/1/14
This was my first SKS so I wasn't sure what to expect. At first glance when it arrived it looked a little more worse for wear than I thought it should but, once I got it cleaned up and ran it by my set of SKS experts, everyone agreed I got a great buy. Just returned from a weekend range event and the rifle shoots great. I will definitely purchase from Classic again. And, they're friendly people to talk too.
Got what I expected
Review by Jeff on 3/31/14
Got a wonderful early sino-soviet SKS completely caked in cosmoline missing most of the bluing on top. This is by no means a bad review as this is what I expected. The rifle has a very tight action and a brilliant chrome lined bore.The rifle has since been completely stripped and parkerized. Picks to follow once I have the stock done.
Review by none on 3/31/14
great rifle as always
Hand Selected
Review by Daryl on 3/30/14
I was very impressed with the Chinese SKS I received. The stock was a little rough but with strong character. The bolt, action and barrel looked perfect. I recommend the extra hand select, they must have someone looking at the guns picking out the best one they see. I think I got one really nice. The SKS was very clean and almost dry. You still need to examine and clean everything then lubricate and shoot it as soon as you get the chance. I am waiting for some warm weather to test fire mine. It's a keeper.
All in all. Very happy
Review by Stewart on 3/28/14
I chose just the hand picked for cosmetics. I have to tell ya, I was impressed. I have seen these SKS's going for a couple hundred more and you don't know what your gonna get. Classic did very well again! If course I have seen lots of cosmoline and these are slathered in it. With the hand pick for looks I did not make a mistake. I got a very nice rifle and am very satisfied. I tell ya folks, order from these guys and you can't go wrong.
Great buy!
Review by Michael on 3/27/14
After considering getting an SKS and reading the many reviews about them I knew that it could be a real mixed bag as far as the condition of the gun I received. I was more than thrilled with the SKS delivered from Classic. I did pay extra for cosmetic condition, which was very good, but was also presently surprised with a matched number rifle as well!
You can't ask for more than Classic delivers. Will definitely be back! Thanks, Classic!
Great price great shooting rifle
Review by William on 3/26/14
Great value for this vintage military rifle. I have shot 200 rounds with no issues at all. Shooting 100 yards with iron sights and hitting 6x6 plate targets and my eyesight is not great. Really nice rifle. Buy one now
Very Nice Weapon
Review by Bill on 3/24/14
Thanks Classic. Received my SKS a few days after I ordered it. Lots of cosmoline, wood was a little dinged, but in good shape.
Bore is like new. Cleaned it up, sanded down the stock a little and rubbed it down with tung oil. Very nice gun for the money.
SKS & Cosmoline Initial Impression
Review by Patrick on 3/24/14
First I did not opt for any extras just a straight purchase, When UPS Dropped it off it was cold out and when I tried to unwrap it everything stuck to the Bubble Wrap!!
So after it had a chance to warm up in my work area I got around to giving it a once over and I discovered that the Cosmoline was on thick REAL THICK..
The photos will show a nice thick glob around the Bayonet, The Bluing Appears wore out.

This is going to take me some time, after I strip it down and Soak the Metal in a Cleaner I will move on to the stock, This may be a case for Duracoat on the Metal and Wood. This is going to take some Time to Complete and that’s ok. Thanks Classic I now have a mate for my Yugo.
Great gun with rich history
Review by Steve on 3/23/14
This is a great rifle and it gives you goose bumps when you hold it! It worths every penny! It will make you a happy person!
Nice rifle with a suprise
Review by nick on 3/23/14
The rifle looked horrid when I opened it, but cleaned up nice. All numbers matched except the cover. It was re-arsenaled with an Albanian stock. The stock was meant for a spike and never fully modified to fit the blade. If i could go back in time and slap the guy who re-arsenaled it I would. To my surprise there was a broken casing still in the chamber. Took me about 5 minutes to take it out with the proper tool.
Seriously Awesome!!
Review by Michael on 3/23/14
I had hesitated in buying one, but finally made the plunge, and am now regretting not buying one sooner. I ordered the hand select and matching numbers, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Classic sent me a beautiful rifle that while it's not the prettiest rifle out there, she's still a beauty. I got one with no arsenal markings on it and a five digit serial number, so one of those that some people are calling "ghost" rifles. Not sure what the history is, but I am not complaining. It took me awhile to clean it, but when she was all cleaned up the wood was in very nice shape and the metal was without rust. A good share of the bluing is gone, but to me it adds some serious character to the rifle. I took it out today and fired it and a Romanian SKS. Both shot wonderfully with no issues at all. This rifle shot a bit high, but some adjustment on the sights will fix that, so it's not an issue with me. I actually had a guy come up and ask me what I was shooting, so it caught the attention of people. I actually liked this so much I bought a second one, which again yielded me a five digit rifle with no arsenal markings. To say I am happy with both purchases would be an understatement. Classic was outstanding as usual, and I can't say thanks enough for sending along such a fine firearm. This is one that will have a special place in my collection. Do yourself a favor and order one now while you still can as you will not be disappointed. Many thanks Classic, you guys are the greatest!!
Great deal!
Review by bikermike on 3/22/14
Ordered my SKS a few weeks ago and am very pleased with the rifle I received. I paid the extra for hand select and got a very nice, all matching. Sino-Soviet SKS. I was kept up to date on shipping and such and it arrived on schedule. I always enjoy dealing with Classic!
Review by Denny on 3/22/14
Received my 2 SKS's today. I paid for cosmetics and received the rifles in very decent condition. Both stocks were in good condition and one of the rifles blueing was good. One is a sino-soviet (arsenal 26) but the other has a Tula star on the side of the receiver and appears to be a last run Russian, late 55 to early 56. The rifles were shipped fast and packed good. Thanks Classic !
All numbered parts...
Review by routeus1 on 3/22/14
All parts numbered are matching, circle k & circle y, barrel marked. < 145,000 serial #.
No factory marking. Birch stock. Makes this a...
Review by DSA on 3/22/14
Recently bought one of these .
It is an awesome gun and fun to shoot.
Very easy to take apart and clean. I would highly recommend that you purchase one of these. Plus the ammo is cheap and easy to get .
Better than expected!
Review by redman on 3/21/14
Delivery was fast, and when I opened the box, first look it was about what I had expected, covered in cosmoline. Upon taking the rifle apart, and thorough cleaning, the metal parts were in great shape. I've seen better stocks, but overall mine was a well used military look, no carvings, etc, just rugged use in it's lifetime. Mine is def dated a 1956. Very proud to own a piece of history. Thanks Classic Firearms for a wonderful product!
Chinese SKS ALL number matching "Ghost"
Review by Brandon on 3/20/14
I ordered with the hand pick for matching serial numbers, and cosmetics. To my surprise after picking this up from my FFL dealer, it was an all number matching 4 numeric serial number with no arsenal markings before or after the number. stock also had the 4 digit matching number as well, and the stock is in excellent shape. I WILL be purchasing from Classic Firearms in the future!!!! I will post pictures in the near future after I get it cleaned. Thanks again Classic Firearms for the great gun at a great price!!!!
great gun
Review by ricky on 3/18/14
Great gun great price and lots of cosmoline lol
Got 2!…one for each son
Review by Michael on 3/17/14
Bought 2 while they were still around. Have 2 sons 3 and 5 and I am keeping them in the cosmo so they can have some fun at 18 in experiencing the joy of cleaning off an old milsurp rifle with trench art and history. They should eek up in value by the time they get to cleaning them off. Need to add a couple of m44's to the stash for them also. Always a good buy when sinking some cash into old military firearms.
Review by H T P on 3/14/14
My father was a partner in a gun shop since he returned from the Vietnam war until he died last October. As a kid I cleaned more of these guns on summer break than you can count. And as a late forties guy, I assure you the same guy coated these in guns (cosmiline) was the same one I cleaned as a kid. Which is a good thing. As they were well preserved.

I went with matching numbers and better quality. Got the numbers got one SKS almost unused and one with trench art and used and repaired (spring) and hammer wear. Some small amount of rust, if u call it that, bluing excellent on one good - on other. This does not concern me. I cleaned them as we all do. NOTE: if this is you first SKS clean the firing pin, nothing like this old grandpa slam firing at range, talk about clearing out firing line :).... Overall, very happy I shot them today with no problems. Will do business again with Classic Arms!
old one, but a good one!
Review by brownbear on 3/13/14
First off I got mine at $299 back in feb. Compared to what they cost in canada it is still a bit high but even at $299 they are still an excellent rifle for the money. I paid for matching serial# and for cosmetics and that is exactly what I received. Very strong rifling and excellent bore. The only complaint I have is lack of blueing which is to be expected. The rifle I received is a very early factory 26 model with a 5 digit serial# and no arsenal stampings on receiver etc.. in this sks circles referred to as "ghosts". After ALOT of cleaning and cosmoline removal what I ended up with is an excellent strong rifle chambered in one of my favorite cartridges. With just the right amount of character! Home run classic!
I love cosmoline.
Review by Jon on 3/13/14
You had better like it too, this thing was caked in it. I got it cleaned up and found a nice tight rifle with a lot of handling marks and body oil/sweat stains underneath. The import mark was no where near legible and there are a couple of minor rust divots but hey, some of this is just 'history'. There are also 4 distinct and separate small 'nicks' in the bayonet edge, all within about a half inch. The imagination runs wild but I imagine it was probably banged around on a rock or something but who knows. Gonna try to get out and shoot it soon.
Very satisfied
Review by Scott on 3/12/14
I wanted one of these for awhile and when I finally got this one, I was very satisfied overall. As was expected, I got a rifle that was completely covered in a thick layer of cosmoline which did a pretty good job of preserving this old rifle. All the numbers matched and the stock was in pretty fair condition considering its age. After spending a couple of days cleaning the metal parts, there was a small amount of rust on the barrel exterior under the front handguard but the bore looks great.

I don't know a whole lot about these rifles, but from what I was able to determine I'm almost sure this is what is called a sino-soviet SKS and a fairly early production.

The action cleaned up nice as did all the metal parts and it feels good. The wood has numerous small dents and dings but it adds a real nice character to this rifle. I decided to refinish the wood and I stripped off all the old finish but I intentionally left all the dings and dents and only gave it a real light sanding. I wanted to try and preserve the original appearance and age of this fine rifle. I finished it in gunstock coloring and gave it four coats of tung oil and it came out beautiful; a real testament to how good these relics can look!

I feel lucky I got this rifle and I will definitely buy again at again!
Great 1956 Sino Soviet
Review by Robert on 3/11/14
I opted for both hand select options. I couldn't be more happy!! What arrived was a 40xxxsn first year production Sino Soviet with Russian stock. It even came with a russian oiler and cleaning kit!! Every component was sn matching, what a deal. I have read other reviews and a quick google search will help answer peoples questions. Basically any rifle with 1,000,000 sn and below is a first year production. 2 mil 1957 ect. Thanks a ton to Classic arms for this real treasure.
Super Company!
Review by milo on 3/11/14
Classic firearms of the best to deal with! Great customer support awesome products nice people! I love my sks rifle and I'm going to buy another. If you haven't yet, buy from classic firearms!
Awesome as expeted
Review by patrick on 3/10/14
After what seems like a year of cleaning I finally got to put 'er back together yesterday afternoon. The first thing I noticed was that the stock was in great shape with only a few nicks and scratches. I also noted that there are not any numbers on the stock. Not sure what that means exactly, but the mismatch with the upper hand guard leads me to believe that the stock may not be original. Not a biggy to me in any case as the guts of the gun are awesome.
Bluing is probably around 90% -much better than expected. She,s a '56 with matching numbers as requested and sharp as a tack to look at imho. The chrome lined barrel is pristine--good as new. Ran a few rounds through 'er this afternoon. Shoots consistently high and slightly right so I know when I have a bit more time I can dial it in . All in all a great purchase and one that I feel will grow into one of my favorite shooters.
Really nice and solid SKS
Review by K-9 on 3/9/14
The stock and metal are in very good condition. Really worth the money! Great rugged shooter! Thanks, Classic! Yet again, another winner!
Review by Michael on 3/8/14
I purchased a SKS with both upgrades during the February special price period. The customer service is always great from Classic! Thank you guys very much. I received a 6 digit serial numbered rifle with no factory stamp. All numbers match from the gas tube piston to the bolt. The bluing on the rifle was magnificent, really worth the extra money for that upgrade! The stock was expected in very rough shape. I spent about 3 hours de-cosmolining the rifle. i used simple green on the metal parts for while, then I went a head and heated them up in the oven at 150 degrees to melt the cosmoline. I should have just used the oven it worked very fast. The stock was also soaked in cosmoline and I used Murphy's Oil Soap on it. The stock didn't have much finish left on it. I guess I will find another one to put on to shoot the rifle and keep the number matching stock put up.

Overall, I'm pleased with my order and excited about shooting this rifle very soon. Oh, yeah I almost forgot to mention that I also got the cleaning rod with it, kudos!

Thanks Classic Firearms for your excellent service.
Great gun for the price
Review by Kevin on 3/7/14
I ordered this gun last monday and arrived tuesday so it was 6 business days. This gun came caked in cosmoline, which if you know what youre doing, it wasnt that hard to clean. Id say it took me and a buddy 3 solid hours of cleaning. There were a few tiny rust spots but they were easily sanded down and touched up with a bluing pen, to where you wont notice the spots anymore. In all honesty the stock was the worst part of the gun, but with some elbow grease it will be beautiful again. DO NOT order this if you expect a perfect gun with 100% bluing and the stock is untouched. This gun has a ton of character and a story behind it. The gun also came all matching, which i ordered as well. Even though it wasnt a sino-soviet, which i was keeping my fingers crossed for, this gun is still pure quality. This gun has seen some action, which i do not doubt at all. The bore looks like it has never been shot. It is shiney as a new rifle. I am a purest with my military rifles, but i chose to redo the stock, but not sand off any markings or numbers. The stock had 20% of the finish left on it, and a bumch of scratches and splinters sticking up. I am going to try to keep it original looking as i can. I cannot wait for the 5 feet of snow to melt so i can get to the range! Ive heard good things about these guns and how accurate they could be! I dont know what gun it will be, but I will be ordering another gun from classic firearms in the future once i put more money into my firearms fund! These are great people with a great business! You wont be disappointed!
Excellant firearm
Review by edmrb52 on 3/7/14
I didn't know what to expect as this was my first purchase from Classic. Aside from the cosmoline, the weapon was in extremely good condition for a weapon mfg. in 1953. great markings no pitting just a few wear marks that can easily be touched up. Wish I had the cash to buy a 1/2 doz. of these. Go Classic.
Great rifle,
Review by shabby on 3/7/14
This was my first sks purchase and I sure am glad I got it from you guys at classic. it was more than the description let on, very early sino soviet, perfect barrel and the furniture wasn't that bad either. As soon as I get a little money saved up. I'm going to get another. I just hope there's some left. I also can't say enough about the customer service, GREAT!
Thanks guys for a great rifle.
All I Can Say is WOW
Review by Crazy Ivan on 3/7/14
My SKS arrived today, last than a week after placing the order. I paid extra for "Hand Select for Cosmetics" and "Matching Numbers."

The rifle arrived wrapped securely in bubble wrap/paper, so it arrived without any (new) scratches. :-) The gun was drowned in Cosmoline, wich is great, as there doesn't appear to be any rust on the rifle anywhere. The bluing on the metal parts seems excellent and the wood seems in better than average condition as far as I can tell.

Like some others on here, I appear to have a "ghost" gun. There are no markings on the receiver/bold cover at all, with the exception of the serial number. I wish I could find out some history on this rifle.

I cant wait to clean her up and go shooting. I definitely plan to purchase another CHICOM SKS from Classic.
Great value
Review by Nicholas on 3/6/14
I payed for numbers matching and cosmetics and ended up with a 5-digit "ghost" gun, with good bluing, pristine rifling, and a pretty decent stock. All in all got what I paid for. Thanks Classic
Another great purchase from Classic
Review by Jack on 3/6/14
I received my Sino Soviet SKS yesterday and I am very pleased with it. I opted for both the numbers matching and exterior cosmetics for the additional $40 and although every piece has matching numbers, the stock was a little more beat up than I was hoping for. I do understand this is the nature of the luck of the draw and I am fine with it. After all these rifles most likely have seen battle.
A few things I do want to mention is the bore looked like polished chrome that has never been used and the crown passed the bullet test. Most of the edges on the internals were still sharp. The bolt didn't show signs of wear and looked new. 98% of the bluing was still intact. I'm sure this will be a great shooter and a nice piece of history. No Chinese characters were present and since it had a eastern character followed by four digit serial and a /26\ in a triangle, this makes it an official Sino Soviet SKS.
Thanks Classic Firearms, another great buy that I am very happy with.
Sino Soviet SKS is amazing
Review by Will on 3/5/14
I promptly received my numbers matching Sino Soviet SKS and it was in fantastic condition. Classic has not yet let me down! :D

The stock was beat up, as expected, but the metal was in perfect condition. No rust, no pitting, very smooth.

The gun was coated in cosmoline which cleaned up without much difficulty. I swapped the gun into an SGWorks bullpup stock and love it.

Great gun for the money!
Very nice rifle
Review by Malot1 on 3/5/14
Ordered a #'s matching, received a 1951 Tula refurb in really good shape. Am impressed with the rifle as I had expected much worse from the description givin. This is my second purchase from Classic and will do business again.
expecting a gun in worst shape
Review by Thomas on 3/5/14
Bought the sks thinking it was gonna need a complete overhaul....all matching #s and only on defect...a damaged front sight ring....she's all stripped down getting fresh blueing and stain finish! Just need warm weather to get the stuff to dry!...will definitely buy from classic again thanks guys for taking care of my and Semper fi!
Very nice rifle
Review by John on 3/5/14
This is the third SKS I have ordered, 1st was in Dec 2012, last two in January 2014 and March 2014. 1st and last were Outstanding in finish and numbers, went cheap for finish with the middle one and was pleased with a "warrior" finish and matching trigger of the three! Really pleased with Classic. Had a problem with a pistol order and customer service did me right immediately. Go Classic! Thanks John
Completely Satisfied
Review by Michael on 3/4/14
Ordered matching numbers but not hand select on cosmetics. I started to get a little nervous on condition and was regretting not getting both hand selects. When i got the rifle i was happy as can be. All matching # as ordered, all the metal parts were great! Stock was very rough but no cracks. I sanded lightly but left all the dents and dings fir character . Turned into a beautiful rifle! Very happy with purchase. First time with classic, will not be last.
Better Than Expected
Review by Steven on 3/2/14
I bought 1 of these a year ago from upgrades,great gun ,stock looked real bad,just bought another,paid for the upgrades,well worth the extra$,clean bore and metal in great shape,stock in very good shape ,just some cleaning and some refinishing to the stock,one nice looking hog buster,very pleased with arms.
As described
Review by Linda on 3/2/14
As described. Battle scarred but very functional. I wanted to retract my former review of 2 stars and give this one a solid 4 stars.
Great buy
Review by Customer on 3/1/14
Great service as always. The gun turned out better then I expected. All matching, the stock was if good shape without too many deep scratches and majority of the wood finish still
intacked. Very happy with this purchase.
Not the prettiest of the bunch, but...
Review by davem on 2/27/14
I could care less. I'd like to think of it as character. Not sure how others fared but the two I ordered actually came with the cleaning rods. Like the other folks these came covered in cosmoline and were a pain to clean. I'd also like to recommend completely tearing down the bolt for cleaning. You can never be too safe when it comes to possible slam fires.

I'd also like to thank Classic Firearms for their superb customer service and fast shipping. Many thanks.
Clean up nicely, and great shooters!
Review by Scott on 2/27/14
I order two of these fine rifles and after some elbow grease and patience both were cleaned of cosmoline. It was worth it, both have great bluing and function flawlessly with very little rust (which cleaned up). And to my amazement both are factory 26, 1956 dated Sino-Soviet's, which I had asked for. (well I asked for five digit serial numbers) Thank you again Classic! You have made a loyal customer here, all purchases I have made have surpassed my expectations substantially.
Great Gun, Better than Expected!
Review by cswilkins on 2/27/14
To start off with, I didn't order matching numbers or exterior cosmetics, so what I expected was a frankengun with a terrible stock and no bluing. What I got was a 100% numbers matching ghost rifle with a stock better than at least 3/4 of the reviews on here.

The rifle I got doesn't have the /26\ marking, but it has all of the advertised "sino-soviet" features such as the heavy barrel lug, milled trigger group/receiver, threaded barrel, "n" on the rear sights, etc.

As far as the stock goes, it's dented in many places, and the finish is a bit rough, but there's no bare wood showing through/splinters. The gas tube handguard does have a spot where there's about a 1 square cm spot of splintered wood, but that's an easy fix. I plan to refinish the stock anyway, and when that's done, I expect to have a stock that looks almost like new (minus the obvious dings that you could expect from a rifle this old)

The gun was shipped a week and a half after I ordered it, and was covered in what seemed like a block of cosmoline; so much that the bolt wouldn't budge regardless of how hard I pulled back on it. Cleaned it by throwing all of the metal parts in a pot of boiling water, then using WD-40 and paper towels to remove the last bits of cosmoline.
MAKE SURE TO COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLE THE BOLT AND CLEAN THE FIRING PIN CHANNEL! Even after boiling, the firing pin was still tight, and water was trapped in there by the cosmo. If I had left it, it would have rusted and caused a major safety issue.

The bolt channel for the stripper clips doesn't fit those crappy NCStar strippers, but that's not a problem with the gun, it's the crap strippers. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

The stock is completely saturated with cosmo; I am currently in the process of removing it with a heat gun.

All in all, extremely satisfied with both the price and the quality of the gun that I received.
Chinese sks
Review by Buzz on 2/26/14
Ordered the sks in late January-early February, picked up from ffl one week later, checked both boxes but still was keeping expectations low. I was very happily surprised. I was fully expecting to refinish the stock, but the wood, while nicked and gouged, was not cracked and was nice enough to leave as is. The metal finish is barely worn at the muzzle, and the butt plate has finish wear, but there is NO rust that I can find, the bore looks very good, and the rest of the metal finish is very good. Won't take it to the range until spring, can't wait. Very pleased. Thanks Classic.
Review by xanthan_gum on 2/26/14
Excellent rifle (not carbine). Great condition!
Great Buy!
Review by NM USA on 2/25/14
Purchased two at $319.99 ea. before to Feb. sale. One was a Sino-Soviet with the Alpha Character followed by four digit S/N. The second was a Russian with the Cryptic Character followed by the numeric S/N. The russian took some work as the barrel was not cleaned by the chinese soldier who used it before application of the Cosmoline. Was really rusty, but nothing some hard scrubbing and soaking did not solve. The Sino-Soviet over-all was in really great shape, with some art scrapped into the stock. Buy them as soon as you can!
Review by Kevin on 2/24/14
Ordered this SKS with numbers matching and cosmetic hand select, received a 6 digit ghost, no arsenal with trench art on the stock, great bluing, perfect bore. I am 100% satisfied with my first purchase, might just try and grab one more.
Awesome Rifle
Review by Yael on 2/23/14
Purchased a SKS from Classic and I will say that the service provided was top notch. I paid the extra $40 for matching numbers and cosmetic condition and I am so glad I did. I received a real beauty the stock was in good condition and the bluing was 98% and all the numbers match from the trigger assembly to the gas piston. the bore was shiny and looked like it was never fired. I give you all a A+ and have recommended you all to my buddies.
Awesome Rifle
Review by Yael on 2/23/14
Purchased a SKS from Classic and I will say that the service provided was top notch. I paid the extra $40 for matching numbers and cosmetic condition and I am so glad I did. I received a real beauty the stock was in good condition and the bluing was 98% and all the numbers match from the trigger assembly to the gas piston. the bore was shiny and looked like it was never fired. I give you all a A+ and have recommended you all to my buddies.
Definitely a shooter
Review by Joseph on 2/23/14
I had purchased this SKS with high hopes. When I actually went to my FFL to pick it up though, I was very disappointed. I spent hours cleaning up the cosmoline (believe me, these suckers are SOAKED!), and what I found underneath the gunk was really beat up. I don't know what the heck this thing had been through, but the stock was gouged, scratched, and had all kinds of writings on it. The bluing in many places was pretty much gone. There was some pitting on the outside of the receiver cover, magazine cover, and the gas tube. But though it was beat up on the outside, the rifling was perfect, and the internals looked great (except a chipped firing, but that was an easy fix). But I was still pretty disappointed. I tried selling it to my friends, but they weren't interested. So I decided to give it a chance at the range.

So I took it to the range to see what it could do, not at all expecting anything more than minute-of-barn accuracy. I saddled up on the bench, loaded the mag with some Tulammo, and fired three shots at 50 yards. I peered through my spotting scope to see that it placed them right where I aimed and all three shots were right next to each other in a horizontal line. I was thoroughly impressed. I thought that certainly this thing was on its last legs, but appearance isn't everything. In short, if you are looking for beauty, this is not the gun for you. But it is definitely a shooter and would make a great gun to drag through the woods or toss in the back of the truck. This is the ultimate utility rifle.
Product was 1 star, I got the one nobody wants
Review by Eric on 2/22/14
I don't care one bit about too much cosmoline. This one had a broken stock, severe rust, to make a long story short the stock, barrel, and other parts would have to be replaced to bring it to a NRA antique good condition. There was at least a quarter cup of sand still on it so it was dug out of some hole. This is not a review of Classic as I've ordered a few times from them and they get 5 stars on the other orders and their customer service. I refused at my FFL and Classic RMA was very professional and fast. This specific rifle was one star and Classic has been 5 star to me so that is why I rate it at 3.
Chinese SKSs
Review by AMB on 2/21/14
I recieved two Chinese SKS rifles a month apart. First one is a 5 digit Ghost that almost number matches except for the Tula dustcover. Very nice Russian Artic Birch wood and metal finish. Second one is a F prefix numbers matching Sino-Soviet with 26 stamp in great shape. The stock is soaked with lots Cosmo but the rifle has that battle field look to it that is very authentic. If you don't enjoy a good project or like the smell of 10 pounds of greasy Cosmoline included free per rifle, these aren't for you. Shipping is fast and the rifles are as described, no surprizes. I will buy more of these SKS rifles. Classic is great!
Review by David on 2/19/14
Waited anxiously for these to come back in stock. Paid the extra $20 for matching numbers. Got the matching numbers and a whole lot more. The stock has engravings on both sides and cannot be refinished. I'm torn between having something kitschy and getting a new composite stock. I'd hoped to have a solid wood stock for authenticity. The big disappointment was that the weapon was 100% white. Someone had buffed off all of the bluing that showed outside of the stock. Fortunately it was packed in heavy cosmolene, but long term it's likely to rust without treatment. When I tried to disassemble to clean, I could not get the gas tube off. It's now at a gunsmith to see what they can do. Hopefully no major repairs, but it will have to be re-blued. By far the worst of the weapons I've purchased from CF.
Review by brandon on 2/19/14
picked mine up at my ffl a few weeks ago and was pretty happy with my purchase.

mine is a mostly numbers matching (not gas tube, stock or top cover) Ghost gun with a PN38** serial number. this weapon has early chinese features along with russian. i am really at a loss as to where its actually from. the stock appears to be a russian hardwood stock with bottom sling mount with domed head screws. the gas tube lever has a tab on it. i wish now i had not have removed the cover toggle and installed a tech sight. should have left it alone! gun passes the "bullet" test very well. cannot speak to the chamber but i assume it is good as well. bore is very bright. most of the bluing is gone.

overall i am happy with it and hope i can get all of the cosmo out of the stock and get it looking good again!
decent rifle great customer service.
Review by paul on 2/12/14
Rifle came as expected, cosmoline nightmare. The stock was ok a few big gouges and some initials carved in. No serial number. Only a tiny spot of rust under charging handle and blueing wear around the muzzle/bayonet area. I got it all broke down and cleaned and these are my impressions.

It seems to be a patchwork rebuild. No arsenal markings. The receiver, bolt, carrier, cover and trigger guard all have matching 5 digit serial number with the gas tube having it electro penned on and the stock carved on the inside. (the number would put it built in 1960 if I knew for sure where it was built) on the bottom of the barrel where it meets the receiver it has a completely different serial. One character followed by 4 numbers. So the barrel is of sino-soviet origin but the rest is anyones guess without any other markings.

I did not pay the extra money for any hand selecting for numbers or condition. Even if I had I don't think I would have gotten any different of a rifle.

Im satisfied overall with the purchase and the experience with classic and have no doubt once its refinished and assemble I will have a good shooting rifle.
Better than expected
Review by rb on 2/12/14
I took a chance on this recent batch of Type 56 SKS rifles. I was hoping for a nice Sino-Soviet and that's what I received. The wood is better than some I've seen. Metal had about 60% bluing left. All matching numbers, including stock. These are great rifles to shoot and collect.
Chinese SKS Rifle
Review by Robert on 2/11/14
What I thought I was purchasing was a Chinese SKS. However, based on the arsenal markings, what I got was a refurbished Russian SKS from the Tula Arsenal in 1950. I just unboxed this a couple of nights ago, and it is very heavily coated with cosmoline which I have not yet started to remove. I'm looking forward to seeing it after it is cleaned up, and I'm certainly looking forward to shooting it.

One downside to it is that the post on the front sight is missing ---- that makes it a tad bit harder to be accurate with when shooting, which is part of the reason for marking it 4 stars.
good gun, good price
Review by tb on 2/10/14
Everyone needs an SKS. That's a fact Jack. Gun was covered in heavy cosmoline, but after a thorough cleaning, shot 100 rounds without an issue.
Review by dave on 2/10/14
249.00 cracked stock review
Review by Mailman on 2/9/14
First I ordered the rifle knowing it may have crack or two in the stock. When i unboxxed the rifle it was covered in cosmoline and looked good. after the removal of the cosmoline i found one 4 to 5 inch crack going between the indention above and too left of magazine going diagonal toward the trigger. which gives me a nice project like i wanted. also it was a 1953r russian tula , Thanks classic
Great condition and great value for the money!
Review by Matt on 2/9/14
Being a Maryland resident, AKs and ARs are now outlawed in this wonderful state, with a few exceptions. Fortunately SKSs are still able to be freely owned with no hassle. So I ordered a hand select with nos. matching sks last week. This was my 5th SKS ordered from Classic and I had been happy with all of them so far. When the ffl recieved the rifle I couldn't wait to see what I had gotten. What I received was a beautiful matching 4 digit ghost with a very nice red varnished stock and 95% blueing. There are no deep gouges or scratches on the stock, just 2 circular indentations from the bolt handles of other rifles pressed into the wood and a few areas of missing varnish and minor gouges. No stock refinishing needed, just some polish and cleaning! The blueing is beautiful and overall this rifle was well cared for and used very little. The bore is sharp and bright too.
One problem I had was the bolt stop was frozen with a little rust and the bolt would not stay open. A few well placed taps with a screwdriver fixed that. Just a very few areas of rust pitting can be seen on the left edge of the dust cover. Overall the rifle is a beautifully well preserved time capsule from 1956 and I couldn't be more pleased. It will be a great addition to my collection. As soon as I can I
will be buying more of these from the fine folks at Classic.
The best deal in town
Review by Todd on 2/9/14
I got what I think is a ghost rifle, no markings at all plus its a very low 44xxx matching # rifle. THE PRIDE OF MY COLLECTION. Thanks again Classic Firearms
Got me hooked!
Review by sman on 2/8/14
Bought an Chinese SKS about a week ago shipping was fast and hassle free. (Even in the southern snowstorm!) Opened the box up to view my rifle for the first time and to my surprise it was a Russian Tula 1953! All parts have matching #'s from the dust cover all the way down to the gastube. It is SOAKED in cosmo but thats always expected with milsurps. The stock is in great condition only about 2 minor gouges in it that can be mended and taken care of with some time and effort. VERY lucky to have this SKS fall into my hands. No pitting on any metal parts or notable bad scratches. The bluing left is only about 50% but hell, Id take that compromise any day to receive an actual Tula in otherwise great condition. WIll be buying from these guys as soon as I can and adding to my collection.
Review by spiderjm on 2/5/14
SKS came packed in cosmoline. Only downside is I have to clean it. I can't wait till it is cleaned and checked out to take it to the range!!! Thank you Classic once again for another easy and great experience!!
Chinese type 56 s/n 46***
Review by Hugo on 2/4/14
As a retired aircraft inspector, I am very pleased to get this early Type 56 SKS with a low serial number 46***. it is really worth the extra $40.00 to hand pick the better SKS and also get the matching serial numbers. Every part of this SKS has the matching serial number, the bore, rails, bolt and hammer all have some wear, still all the parts are still in very good condition. This Chinese SKS completes my collection, I also have a Russian SKS dated 1951. Thank you very much Classic Firearms. Some day my collection will be passed to my son, who is a Police Officer here in California. I will be looking forward to doing future purchases from you and enjoy reading all your customers reviews.
Most Excellent!
Review by Thomas on 2/1/14
I seem to have received a Russian SKS 55/56 Tula, Yea, with a light star on the side of the receiver. I also a ghost gun, too. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I did the hand pick for both and that turned out well! I'm going to get the new Murray firing pin, spring, and carrier work done so I don't have any slamfires.
Good condition gun, look forward to getting it to the range.
Review by Chad on 1/31/14
Got the tail end of the last batch, had a cracked stock but classic contacted me ahead of time to verify that I still wanted it and gave a good discount because of the defect. Everything else was in very good shape, just cleaned all of the cosmoline out really well and she was ready to go.
Best price and service available
Review by Chuck on 1/31/14
Ordered sks on Monday and picked up from FFL on Friday. All matching numbers. Can't say enough about Classic. Very helpful and courteous. Kept me up to date on shipping. Will certainly purchase from them again!
classic comes thru again
Review by artie on 1/27/14
Chinese sks..nasty beat up stock..full of character and history . metal finish nice ..bore bright and sharp...function flawless...all milled early sino-soviet production..just what I hoped for.thank you it
A tale of two SKS's
Review by xylophone on 1/27/14
Ordered two of these back in December. One was an all numbers matching Chicom in decent shape, bluing wasn't bad and it was complete, worked flawlessly for the few boxes I ran through it. The other one was missing the op rod and spring, easily fixed, but after removing the cosmoline I had trouble finding the /26\. After a few hours snooping on Google I found out it was really a 51-52 tula with a Chinese receiver cover. Very happy with that.
A bit of work, but definitely worth it!
Review by Nathan on 1/27/14
When I received my rifle, it looked as if it had been stored at the bottom of a lake; the thing was quite gross. However, after an afternoon filled with a few gallons of Simple Green, hot sun, and elbow grease, I got her looking a bit more presentable. The stock is still pretty beat up, and there's a bit of rust pitting throughout the metal; these things don't appear to affect function, and do give the rifle quite a bit of character.

Even though hadn't requested it, I received an all matching numbers Sino-Soviet out of Jianshe (Factory 26), which is awesome. The bore is bright and shiny, and despite outward appearances, she shoots like a dream. Very little recoil, the sights were pretty much on target, and no malfunctions. The first time out to the range I was smiling like an idiot because the rifle was so much fun.

Overall I'm very pleased with my transaction with Classic Firearms. Thanks guys!
Great SKS
Review by Drydock on 1/25/14
Ordered one of the $250 "cracked stock" specials. Recieved a Sino-Soviet with all matching numbers, including the stock! And I can't find a crack! I've had good luck with Classic, and it continues with this rifle!
Good condition very happy
Review by Michael on 1/25/14
Got the sks from CF the rifle is cover with heavy Cosmoline, but the stock is in very good condition, after clean up all the Cosmoline, it is a great shooter.
Great rifle
Review by clintdude on 1/24/14
I bought one of these last year. When I went to pick it up, I was going to reject it and send it back, it looked so bad, not just the cosmo but it just looked so beat up and ugly. I was going to send it back and spend a bit more and get one already refinished and looking good. then I thought why not make it a project? if your lucky you might get one that's in good shape and just needs some cleaning up and could have some cool markings on it. This is half the fun, finding out what all the marks mean. it's like a detective story. mine turned out to be one of those ghost rifles with no chinese markings on it, but a few soviet ones, so I got a russian receiver and barrel with an albanian stock. The stock was in horrible shape so I took the whole thing apart and spent a ton of time and work refinishing the stock and wood parts. stained it a nice rich red color and put it all back together and it looks like a dream. Like they said, now it is my favorite rifle and I have a chinese AK 47 and a Cetme 308 and a few mosin nagants. it shoots just great and is such a solid solid rifle. All the parts had matching numbers except the top cover which I heard was common with these but I was very satisfied. If I had the money, I"d enjoy buying 10 of these and refurbishing all of them just to enjoy the detective work of finding out where they came from.
Overall happy!
Review by Brent on 1/24/14
I bought two of these back in December 2013. Both were caked/covered in cosmoline as described. Nothing that the dishwasher couldn't fix. The first was a Sino-Soviet with all matching numbers. It came out fantastic. The barrel had no pitting or frost and shined like a mirror.

The second was all matching with the exception of the stock. It too was a Sino-Russian. The stock had a few hairline cracks and was completely trench arted up. That being said I can ignore the cracks. However, the metal was a bit more corroded than I would have liked. With the stock the way it is, I don't plan on shooting it much though. It too had a a shiny barrel with no pitting or frost.

Overall I was very satisfied with how they came out and would highly recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a shooter SKS!
Suprised .....
Review by Fro on 1/23/14
Ordered this Chinese SKS , but when I cleaned it up , it turned out to be a 1955 Russian SKS . Hot damn .... love it . All matching numbers , except for the receiver cover , that said 1950 and had a different serial no. I checked on the Internet , and found out that it was common to have mismatched covers , due to loss , cleaning ... ect. Good blueing , good shape . I stripped the stock , and rubbed in Boiled Linseed Oil which gave the gun a rich character look . Love this gun , .... I'll be ordering more guns from Classic Firearms . ..... Steve Fro
More than I Expected
Review by Jim on 1/23/14
I agreed to receive an SKS with a small split stock. I little Gorilla glue and repair looked like no split at all. There was some rust but a little Kroil, and lots of rubbing with fine steel wool, and cold blue finish; all is new again. The firing pin was rusted into the bolt but lots of soaking in Kroil. penetrating oil, and patience then buffing, the pin in as good as new. I stripped all the wood, stained with Min Wax Provincial stain, and three coat of semi-gloss poly urethane varnish. My SKS is ready for the firing range. Thanks Classic Firearms for being a great supplier of quality firearms.
A Historical and an Excellent designed Semi-Auto Carbine !
Review by Paul on 1/20/14
I accurately fired 50 rounds and the SKS performed 100 % with no jams, miss feeds or slam fires. The Gas system operation was flawless.

A sweet and fun to shot semi-auto Carbine.
great for the price
Review by bill on 1/20/14
Barrel shines like new stock as they said thats ok put 922r stock and gas tube looks great
sks purchase
Review by Mike on 1/18/14
Ordered sks and m44 early DEc. 2013 and didnt receive until end of month. After receiving the wait was worth it. Excellent quality and condition. The sks had alot more cosmoline but they cleaned up great with some ole faithful WD40. My first purchase with c&r license and the staff at Classic was really great to work with. I will be back again soon .
Shocked with joy
Review by Bwingle on 1/17/14
I placed my order dec 6 13 for 3 hand selects and was stunned to receive 3 beautiful Tula arsenal Russians!!!! Two were all numbers matching ! Shocked again the third was all matching except for bolt carrier and charging handle! I live in ca and rifle registration started jan 1 2014 so I was anxious to get these guns in time! Even though Classic was behind due to holidays I emailed as jan was getting near and explained my dilemma, my 3 rifles went out that day!!! Wow classic that is the kind of customer service I'm talking about!!! Way to look out for a calgunner!!! I will be making many future orders Lord willing!! Keep up the good work classic
Better than expected
Review by Wesley on 1/13/14
The one I got was a Factory 26 made in 1956. Stock is pretty dinged up but as expected. All matching with the exception for the gas piston. Rifle was CAKED in cosmoline and it took several hours to clean most of it.
What A Find!
Review by Lester on 1/11/14
I was a bit concerned after I placed my order for a Chinese Type 56 SKS because I saw the ad very late. I would have been happy with anything close to what was advertised but when I finally got my SKS, I knew it wasn't Chinese but also not sure of the origin.

I posted it on an SKS Board for the experts to identify and to my great surprise and luck, I got a 1954 Izhevsk with all matching numbers (including the stock) except for the receiver cover! The stock is all beat up like it was dragged through the jungles of 'Nam so it will have to be preserved. I've read the history of the SKS and the Izzies are noted as the scarcest of the Soviet SKS's. And, Rick was great to deal with so I'll be watching out for when CF has them back in stock. Thanks Classic.
great rifle
Review by henry on 1/10/14
this is my second purchase from Classic Firearm. the rifle is described as advertised. it covered in heavy cosmoline. after cleaned, it appears in very good condition. all matched number, no rusted. I also like the Classic Firearm service.
What a treat!
Review by Ryan on 1/10/14
This was my first SKS. When I opened the box I found out I had received a Russian Tula SKS produced in 1951 with all matching numbers. My girlfriend and I made a day of cleaning it and now it's finally ready to shoot. The stock is dinged up but it adds character. The bore is a little dark after much cleaning but the rifling is crisp and I have no doubt it will shoot great. Thank you Classic and thank you cosmoline.
Great Deal
Review by Tony on 1/8/14
Stock was in pretty bad shape but I was made aware of that and given a discount. Looks like it will glue up ok. Not a lot of bluing on the parts but they are all rust free and everything is functional (I haven't shot it yet). The bore was unbelievably clean (almost like new)
Exactly what I wanted!
Review by ac on 1/6/14
I feel like I got exactly what I wanted. My SKS was used enough to have "character", but not so much that it didn't clean up very nicely, and operates flawlessly. I'm thrilled with the rifle and with the customer service I got from the nice folks at Classic.
Very nice sks
Review by Mrfisher on 1/5/14
I just received my sks about two weeks ago and it was just as described covered in cosmoline Once I got it cleaned up I was surprised at how good it looked. I took it to the range yesterday and it shot like a dream 300 rounds and not a single problem. Thank you classic firearms you earned my business.
Great SKS
Review by Gungoboom on 1/5/14
This SKS is beautiful! It arrived in record time. Sure the stock is beat up , but what war relic is not? The metal appears to be in great shape. It is my first C&R rifle that is covered in cosmoline. I started to remove it but realize I will need to devote more time to this task. This may need to wait for a few months before the rifle is ready for the range. That's OK though because I know it will be a great shooter. I give it 4 stars until I get that chance to shoot her.
Terrific Purchase Experience
Review by ac on 1/4/14
I was able to pick up my SKS from Classic in person. The folks who work there are some of the nicest people you are ever going to deal with, and the description of the product was spot on honest. These are people you can trust.
1954 izhevsk
Review by Mosin hunter on 1/4/14
I had seen that some people had gotten some sino-soviets and was hoping to get one and when I received the gun I was amazed to see that I got an all matching 1954 izhevsk russian sks, there were only a couple downsides the first was that there were two descent cracks on both sides of the stock next to the receiver but I do enjoy a project so no big deal to fix, second was the rear sight leaf spring was missing but that's easy enough to replace, so overall a GREAT! Buy defiantly thinking about getting another if they come back into stock, thanks for the great gun classic! God bless America.
product as advertised
Review by duke on 1/2/14
received gun ,product as advertised, can't wait to shoot. Thanks Classic for another great gun.
Review by Joseph on 1/1/14
I bought two.
One cleaned up nicely and is a great shooter. The other was ugly and I ended up having to paint the stock. But It gave me consistent 3-1/2" groups at 100 yards with Brown Bear. I didn't realize till now these guns or this cartridge were capable of such accuracy. You live, you learn.
What a dream this gun is
Review by Vash on 1/1/14
Wow I can not say how much I love this rifle! It came caked in cosmoline but it was real easy to remove leaving g the stock in the sun all day and pouring and soaking boiling soapy water on it and the cosmoline just melted away. After cleaned I Put 160 rounds of tula through it with no jams. It shot perfectly and was smooth like warm butter. Could not find any rust and the blueing was 90% the stock it worn but in great shape and I plan to sand 8th and re stain it this weekend. Thank you so much classicfirearms!!!
Gun not in working condition
Review by Anthony on 12/31/13
The gun was received in basically the condition I thought it would. I paid extra for "hand select exterior". The stock is beat up, yes, but no major cracks or structural damage.
problem was that the gas piston, which was the ONLY non matching numbers piece, did not fit into the gas tube, as it was badly pitted and not at all smooth around the circumference of the rings at the end of the piston. Would not even remotely seat into the tube. So now I must buy another piston, so after hand select and buying a new piston this SKS will cost me closer to $350. Not the greatest deal.. but such is life. Classic Firearms are always friendly and the phone staff very professional. Too bad they didn't have another piston laying around to ship to me. Would still do business with them, as there was no way they could know the condition of the cosmoline caked piston/rifle.
Nice milsurp!
Review by reed on 12/29/13
I received this sks, after 3 hrs of cleaning cosmoline off I was surprised that most like %95 of bluing was left. overall great condition. polished the bolt and refinished the stock. stock was a little beat up. looks great now. thank you classic firearms. I will definitely be doing business with again. p.s. I payed the $20 extra for cosmetics.
Chinese SKS
Review by Skser on 12/26/13
I recently purchased a Chinese Sks from this website and I wasn't too happy about what I received. I understand that there are going to be scratches and what not from when the rifle was actually used during combat but when I noticed fresh marks on my stock I was a bit surprised. There were 2 nice sized marks on the stock and they were definitely recent. I like the rifle and everything about it except for this!! I probably won't buy from here again but who knows.
Would buy again
Review by JG on 12/26/13
1956 All matching Sino-Soviet, stock is really really rough but functional. Bore is bright and shiny. Caked in cosmoline so no rust :)
Great deal!
Review by Kevin on 12/26/13
All matching Sino Soviet to go with my two ghosts. Stock very rough, has some trench art, but sound and usable. Bluing and metal excellent. Bore sharp and shiny. Rifle cleaned up really well. Surprised such good rifles are still coming out of this lot. Very historic lot of rifles. Thanks to the gentleman who picked this one!
Review by Charles- on 12/25/13
I ordered a Chinese Type 56, but I received a Russian SKS-45g in very nice shap from the Tula factory. I put a 200 hundred rounds downrange and it functioned flawlessly.
Outstanding Buy
Review by Robert on 12/23/13
Ordering was a breeze-Classic is the way to go for on line purchases. Fast efficient service, timely e-mails etc. the pros take care of you pronto at this site. Gun arrived carefully packed
via UPS and met and even exceeded description. Can't thank you enough, keep up the good work. Can't wait to write another review on my next purchase ;)
Sweet Handpicked Excitement
Review by kicktubs on 12/21/13
My friend and I purchased 2 of these handpicked beauties and received them yesterday. We both claimed our gun while it was still boxed which made it a surprise when we opened them. The first was a 5 digit matching early 1956. The bluing was immaculate and the bolt was spotless. Almost looks unused! The second was a Sino-Soviet with all matching #s. It was clearly used with some trench art but overall is a fantastic purchase. The chrome barrels are just as shiny as my AR-15! We will be ordering more soon and I highly suggest you do too!!!!
Amazing sks
Review by Alan on 12/21/13
Classic firearms is amazing , shipped super fast and the customer service was fast and reliable . I first got it and it was in such good shape I didn't expect it to be that good of shape . I couldn't fine one rust spot . All the blueing is perfect still the stock had no dents or dings only acouple scratches . All matching serial numbers and it's even a SINO SOVIET!!!!! Couldn't be happier it was more then I expected . No matter what for now on if I need something is where I'm going !
Above and beyond the Call of Duty
Review by Joshua on 12/19/13
This workhorse is tough as well as cheap an excellent weapon if you want to add numbers to your arsenal. Things I have noticed it's more accurate than your average AK 47 and for a few more bucks you can make it 30 round detachable able to keep up with a $800 AK. The soldiers who carried these weapons in battle must have been at ease knowing they possessed such a excellent weapon.
Extremely Pleased with Classic Firearms and my new SKS.
Review by Sammy on 12/19/13
This was my first order from Classic Firearms. I must say I am impressed with my Norinco SKS. It came as advertised. Tons of cosmoline which will be fun to clean, but from what I can tell, all numbers matching. Stock is a little dinged, but I must say it appears in much better shape than I expected. I can't wait to get this bad boy cleaned, and in the Tapco Stock I ordered. Thank you Classic!
Very happy with this purchase!
Review by Birdman on 12/15/13
After cosmoline removal, rifle was found to be in very good condition. (Select grade,matching numbers). After checkout by a gunsmith, rifle printed 2.25" groups at 90 yards with Silver Bear ammo and 2.75" with Wolf Military Classic! However, hammer/sear has negative engagement and requires rework for safety ($65). Overall , so far I am very happy with this purchase.
Not Bad For The Price
Review by Donzi on 12/14/13
I recently bought an early Chinese T56 SKS carbine from Classic and just hoped for the best, based on my prior experience,a Chinese Type 53 Mosin Nagant carbine purchased from another online vendor. Imagine my surprise when I received a very early (Sino-Soviet?) piece with all matching S/Ns(I paid extra for that) and metal in very nice, altho used, condition but with ZERO corrosion, due, no doubt, tothe tons of grease/preservative applied. The wood, true to Chinese military tradition,is dented, gouged and generally sad, but I'm in the process of bringing it "back to life" and it's starting to look pretty good.. Overall, I'm well satisfied with this purchase, which was well packaged and shipped to me(C&R) in a pretty short time frame. Based on this experience I'd definitely order from Classic again.
overall Excellant
Review by john on 12/14/13
Gun was received in heavy cosmoline as expected. cleaned same found trench art. Found last owners name carved into fore end Last user was PATJIM. Have cleaned up and will shoot this weekend overall I was very surprised to condition very happy and will buy again.
Very Pleased
Review by The Oregonian on 12/12/13
I have purchased several Com-bloc surplus weapons over the years and have never found any that were soaked in as much cosmo as this SKS-which is a VERY good thing. It took a full day to remove the cosmoline ( I like to soak parts in diesel fuel to loosen up the cosmo a bit). This I did not mind doing, as it gave me a chance to become familiar with the inner workings of the rifle. I went on You Tube and found about a dozen vids on break down and cleaning a SKS. Tip: choose the shortest video. After cleaning I had a rifle with all matching parts except for the dust cover which was stamped with the Tula star and the year "1951". The bore on my rifle is absolutely perfect with mirror shine. I could prattle on and on about how pleased I am, but suffice to say both the gun and my first experience with Classic Arms both earned five stars. Get one of theses rifles, you will not be disappointed!
A Company that is service oriented.
Review by Rick on 12/8/13
My order was shipped immediately . The hand was unbelievable great. Classic sent me a Russian Tula SKS much better condition than I was expecting . That was luck but their service wasn't . Try Classic out.
Better than advertised
Review by Larry on 12/8/13
Ordered the Chinese SKS and got a 1950 Tula rifle, barrel and receiver in excellent condition. Yes it was smothered in cosmoline but it did it's job, no rust on any metal parts. Stock had some dings but not too bad. Looks like dark birch or something with a Tula "arrow within a star" marking on butt. Maybe it's all Russian due to date earlier than 1956, please advise! Cleaned up easy and shot great right off the bat, even used the 10 rd stripper clip to load the SKS. I and my son had a blast. I've had 3 purchases from Classic Firearms, 2 Mosins and this SKS. Have been pleasantly surprised each and every time.
bad stock
Review by hrcpapa on 12/7/13
the gun itself is good but stock is so bad had to replace
Happy camper.
Review by Kevin on 12/6/13
I ordered two guns about a month apart. Both rifles are "ghosts", no factory markings and all number serial numbers that are in the 4xxxx range. First gun was all matching, including stock. Second gun was purchased after the all matching select option was gone, but still all matching, including stock, except for a 1955 Tula receiver cover. Both guns have well worn bluing and stocks with character. Used hand select for finish, and kind of scary to think what I might have gotten otherwise, as the stocks are pretty rough. The first one had pretty extensive trench art and the second had a painted rack number. Bores are very good to excellent and all parts are in very good to excellent mechanical condition, with no rust or pitting. The quality of these guns is equal to my Russian SKS, though they are nowhere near as pretty, but on the other had, I have no doubt that these have seen some action. These will be good shooters and have significant historical value. Pretty much as described.
shiniest bore ever!
Review by ajklmnop on 12/5/13
I haven't fired it yet, but alkl the cosmoline is of the metal. I'll work on getting the cosmoline out of the furniture over the winter. The bore is gorgeous. Classic Firearms is also fantastic.
Awesome service and rifle!
Review by PistolPete1234 on 12/5/13
Awesome service from person on the phone when I ordered and the shipping was fast too. I paid the extra 20 for matching number, and another 20 for guaranteed matching numbers. It was definitely worth the extra money and came in great co diction for a battle hardened rifle of its age. Definitely look forward to doing business with these folks again!
Very Pleased Get One!
Review by Steak and Eggs on 12/4/13
Got my rifle today and it was better than I had hoped for! 1957 from Factory 26. Bluing is at least 85-90% and may be 90%+ will know when it is fully cleaned. Was caked in cosmoline but thats why it is so nice. Did the hand select and numbers match and recommend both. All numbers did match inside and out. Wood is in really good shape. Even came with the cleaning rod. Was my first internet purchase and was very smooth, Classic kept me very informed. I am very pleased and glad I ordered it. Thanks Classic
Much More Than Expected
Review by Deadly in OKC on 12/2/13
A 1965 SKS from the Jianshe factory (26). The stock looked like it had been dragged through the jungles of Southeast Asia. However, the barrel was chrome-lined and in excellent condition. Bluing was excellent - - a slight scratch on the gas tube was easily repaired with Eastwood's Metal Blackening Solution applied with a Q-tip and sealed with Eastwood's Diamond Clear Satin Finish for Bare Metal. It matched perfectly. Since the stock was trashed, I put the cleaned and pristine SKS rifle in a TAPCO Timber Smith brown laminated Monte Carlo Stock. Cutting a slot in the bottom forearm kept the bayonet in place and safe for operation. The rifle was topped-off with a TAPCO M-16-Type Cage Muzzle Brake. Pay the extra $ for cosmetics and extra $ for barrel condition; it is definitely worth it. I now have a beautiful "new" rifle. I'll try to send pictures and a range report after firing next week. Thanks again Classic Firearms!
A very happy customer
Review by Bill on 12/1/13
This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The SKS I received was in much better condition than I expected and was delivered on time with no hassle at all. My interaction with Classic Arms staff was pleasant and helpful. This is the way online purchasing should be but often is not. Now two of my friends will be doing business with C.A. in the very near future.
follow up from 11-24 review
Review by al on 11/30/13
was able to put 40 rounds thru classic sks.not one ftf or fte.amazing what these old military weapons will do.pretty acuarate as did not have time to adjust the sound.gun was just as classic described.a good company to do business with.
excellent quality
Review by paul on 11/29/13
ordered a sks from classic, paid extra for matching numbers and best condition very pleased as usual after cleaning off 8 tons of cosmoline found it to look like new except for the stock but that gives it some character. cant wait to try this gun out thank you very much for another great gun at a very good price.
Great company and firearm
Review by ALF on 11/29/13
This was my first purchase from Classic Arms and I am very happy with the SKS and the prompt and courteous service. The rifle was in great shape and after cleaning took it out and was knocking dust off gnats at 100 yds. Will buy again!!
Classic WOWED me
Review by John on 11/28/13
Thank you Classic! The SKS i received is in superb condition, 90%+ Bluing, wood is almost immaculate, I am completely satisfied. The description of the product certainly explains the worst case scenario, as the rifle I received would have been a good value at $499.99, and I only paid $319.99 with the hand select upgrade! I would recommend this rifle to anyone in the market for an SKS, and I would recommend Classic Firearms to anyone int he market for a quality Firearm! GOOD JOB! My wife is pretty angry however, because I'm going to buy another one!
chinese sks
Review by al on 11/25/13
have been wanting an sks to go with 91/30. sale price was the kicker to order one.ordering was easy and shipped right to door with c&r.spent a week cleaning.all numbers are matching and liked the trench art.only reason for 4 stars is have been to busy to shoot.hope to take care of that this week end.always pleased with classic.
excellent service
Review by William on 11/24/13
My first purchase thru this company, great service and sks was better than expected and will definitely order from this company again.
So So
Review by PB on 11/24/13
I was definitely not expecting anywhere near a perfect rifle, but this one was a little worse than expected. Not hardly any bluing left and despite a TON of cosmoline there was still some significant pitting and some rust. The stock is cracked, has many dents, dings, carvings, missing chucks and, strangely, nails driven in to it in many places. This is the third firearm that I have purchased from Classic and to be honest the worst. On my previous 2 purchases I wound up being pleasantly surprised at how much better the firearms were than how I thought they would be, on this one it was the opposite. I haven't shot it yet, but the barrel looks fine. It is just going to take a lot of work to get this thing looking decent.
Excellent rifle. Received quickly and it shoots well.
Review by VCR on 11/24/13
Summary says it all. Very satisfied.
Great Rifle but not necessarily what I ordered
Review by Texianlibertarian on 11/23/13
I ended up with a really great old SKS that I'm not entirely convinced is purely Chinese, there's not a single Chinese charector anywhere on the rifle and its covered in Cyrillic characters. Over all a really neat old rifle but there are some problems in not pleased with.
For one it has a small crack in the wood along the receiver. Which was a disappointment. Also I payed extra for the all all matching option but the dust cover was mismatched. The rest of the rifle matched. Overall I'm very pleased but the crack and the mismatched dust cover were a let down. I believe these rifles are a tremendous value despite the occasional flaw. Five star rifles over all but for mine I'd give four stars.
SinoSoviet SKS
Review by archerbb on 11/22/13
I had planned on putting up a video review, but whitetail season intervened and a written review will have to do. I am completely satisfied with my first experience with Classic Firearms. I asked for matching number and hand select options and less than a week after my order, I received my SKS. It was meticulously wrapped in bubble wrap and soaked in cosmoline. After a brief wipedown, I was able to verify all matching numbers including the stock - H xxxx /26\. Though I have yet to complete the cleaning process, there is no rust, no apparent missing parts except the cleaning kit in the stock. I would rate the bluing at over 85%. The stock was my major concern and to my surprise, it shows minimal storage scrapes and lacks any obvious trench artwork. I would encourage anyone having interest in these historic firearms to order theirs soon. I would have been pleased to receive an SKS in half so good a condition, I believe you'll be similarly impressed.
Awesome rifle, awesome price
Review by Dan on 11/22/13
I couldn't be happier with this rifle. I love taking apart old firearms and doing light restoration, and this was perfect. The firearm came packed in HEAVY cosmoline, more than I had ever seen on a rifle before. Be advised, this gun took several hours to restore to working condition.

I selected the matching number and hand select options, and that was great. All parts are numbered, and the metal was in very good condition. The stock was in terrible condition, full of scars, cuts, nicks, and paint, but that's ok. I feel this adds authenticity to the firearm.

I'm not sure what exactly they check for when hand selecting, but my rifle contained no factory markings whatsoever and an unusual serial number. After doing some research, I found that this was a sino-soviet sks built in 1956, and one of the first million made in China!

Lucky me.
Russian SKS!
Review by VH on 11/19/13
I couldn't be any happier. Awesome customer service and SUPER fast shipping. This was my first gun from Classics, I was skeptical (as I am with any online purchase).
When the gun came in, it was caked in cosmoline. This is a good sign, because cosmoline is what preserve the gun. After spending countless hours cleaning the rifle, I then realized I got a RUSSIAN SKS! I did chose hand pick and matching serial number. I got a amazing gun, the stock was great, couple scratches thats it. No rust, all matching serial number, everything is GREAT! Very happy I was lucky enough to get this Russian SKS.
wrong serial number
Review by David on 11/18/13
As described although the serial number on the invoice does not match the rifle.
Great Deal-Nice Rifle
Review by edward on 11/17/13
First SKS from Classic, about the 4th gun purchased here tho.

As always, customer services and quickness of shipping is 5 star stellar.

This gun was packaged correctly, came without sling or accessories other than cleaning rod.

After thourogh cleaning and oiling I was able to quickly dispatch some menacing bowling balls!!

Great gun, numbers matching (paid for matching and hand select) furniture was in good shape, clean bore, strong rifling, great shooter.

First Chinese SKS, won't be my last.

Won't be my last purchase from Classic either.

Thanks Classic!!
Great gun, great price!!
Review by dwight on 11/17/13
I had been holding off on purchasing one of these SKS rifles for a while now. But now after receiving one, I'm wondering if I should purchase another!

The finish of the metal and the stock are worn, but the gun is solid and exactly what I was hoping for!
On top of that, I've received one of four digit sino-soviet models, which I am very happy about as well.
Can't beat the price or the great customer service!
Golden Rule all the way. Classic is great company to purchase from
Review by Moses on 11/16/13
What more can really be said about the last batch of true Sino-Soviet sks that Classic is selling that hasn't been already been said? Well, let me tell you I have purchased and cleaned up a LOT of surplus sks rifles in my time and the current ones that Classic is selling are from a very very nice batch at an awesome price! Great job whoever did the purchasing! No rust or pitting on any of the internal metal parts that I have discovered very much to my pleasant surprise. These have been very well taken care of. Don't let the rough stocks on some of these of these SKS fool you. Many stocks I found were even stamped Russian number matching! The stocks on some may be rough but the real goods/metal parts are 100%. A little application of cold bluing Black Magic and these look like new Russians selling for $600 if you can find still find them. Did I mention the fact that these are true early production Russian and Chinese built SKS's - before factory /26\ was putting their stamp on the receivers! I even found some that were likely 100% Russian imports into China (had two alpha characters followed by 4 numeric ). Thanks again Classic. You rock. -Moses
Review by Daniel on 11/14/13
Classic is AWESOME! This was my first order with them..I submitted my C&R on Monday and ordered my SKS at the same time, and the gun arrived around noon's only Wednesday! The gun is exactly want I was hoping for! Thank goodness these are covered in cosmo because it has preserved these amazing pieces of history! I'm wiping my down and the fit and finish is simply fantastic! I paid for the hand select and got a matching numbers example (except for the stock) and it just looks great! Don't get me wrong, the stock has dings all over, but thats what makes it cool! The metal is great, and I just cant wait to get my shadow box built so I can display this with my other C & R rifles..Thanks Classic! I'll be ordering more as soon as I am able! Danny
Great where it counts!
Review by C. Mullins on 11/13/13
It was exactly as i expected don't get me wrong the stock was beat up, but the meat and potatoes were in excellent condition internally. After i stripped and cleaned it up, it chunks rounds down range like it did in 1950.
Another Great Gun from Classic
Review by David on 11/12/13
By the time UPS showed up today I was ready to start getting the cosmoline removed, By the time i finished 3 hours later, i found I have a Tula SKS with all matching numbers. I'm looking forward to hitting the range tomorrow and give it a workout. This i my sixth SKS and they are like potato chips, you just can't have one
Exactly as Described
Review by Terry on 11/11/13
Ordered my SKS last weekend after seeing the price drop. My local dealer received it in 3 days and I picked it up the next day. As expected, it was covered in a generous layer of cosmoline, so I broke it down and began the cleaning process. I received as early Sino-Soviet model, threaded barrel, s/n F6332, all numbers matching except for the trigger group. The stock is pretty beat up, but the blueing is excellent, there is no corrosion anywhere, and the chrome barrel looks perfect. I cleaned the stock with degreaser, stripped it with Stripeze, and scrubbed it with hot soapy water and steel wool. After drying overnight, I rubbed it down with lacquer thinner and then applied a few coats of Watco Danish Oil. It looks great, and my wife says it has "character". The best thing about this purchase is that there were no surprises, it was exactly as described by Brutus. I can't wait to shoot it. Thanks to Classic Arms. I will be a repeat customer.
Review by Michael on 11/10/13
What a great buy! Usually I would complain that I bought the SKS and two days later it went on sale but won't because I'm so happy with my purchase. I added the hand select (which I NEVER do) and can say its worth the $20. The rifle is in great shape and even came with a cleaning rod. The wood is surprisingly good shape and the only (not really) complaint is the bluing is worn, which I think adds to this rifle. Definitely buy and as always, Classic was fantastic to purchase from. One of my favorite online retailers, providing a hassle free transaction. Thanks again for a great new toy!
Great SKS
Review by Richard on 11/8/13
Purchased the SKS with the all matching #'s option. Received a Sino-Soviet 4 digit SN gun in great shape. All numbers were in fact matching with no serious wear on any of the metal. Stock was a little beat up, many spots show from what may have been being thrown around in the vats of cosmoline, of which it was truly packed in. Bore was great. Really happy with the purchase and the great service from Classic.
Wish I could rate it 10 stars
Review by Louis on 11/4/13
I already did my review in early September but I just had to come back again and say how satisfied I am with this weapon. I am so glad I bought it!

Finally got out to the range with it a few times and this gun is pin-point accurate at 100 yards! I was getting as good of groupings as the guys next to me at the range---and they were using scoped bolt action rifles! Now I need to find a longer range so I can see how accurate she is at 200 yards....or more!

Looking forward to doing a lot more business with Classic!
very accurate description, and a great rifle
Review by Joel on 10/31/13
I bought this rifle because it seemed like a good value. I took my chances without requesting a hand select or matching serial. I got a sino communist, all matching low serial in great condition. although it has seen some use the bluing is still 80% and the stock had minor dings and dents.
very pleased, classic firearms is honest and I will be buying from them in the future.
condition "as shipped"
Review by rotten on 10/29/13
Gun arrived promptly to FFL in Kali. Quick check for any cracks in stock, stock ok..No C&R so gun gets 10 day "jail" sentence. Pickup gun today, all numbers match except stock, blueing looks good, cleaning rod and serial H 33## with /26\ stamp indicates early chinese "sino-soviet". Some graffiti on stock. I did do the hand pick for exterior condition. Very happy, thanks Classic!!!
Great purchase :-)
Review by Paris on 10/26/13
Fast shipping great purchase :-) My weapon had been used very little :-) Looks like it had been carried more than shot :-) The action shows very little wear. All numbers matched and there was some wear on the bluing on one side from shouldering it on guard duty or parade use :-) The butt plate had a little rust so I cleaned it with some vinegar and applied some cold blue to stop the rust . The upper receiver had a place where it looked like some tape had been applied for some reason so I cleaned it as well and cold blued it. The cold blue will wear off soon enough so it won't look out of place in the future :-) There was one thing I was concerned about ! The safety catch spring was missing. I have the part but have decided not to replace it because the company that I ordered the part from said that some rifles were shipped without it :-) When I shoot it I will be aware of this and only shoot until the mag. is empty and the bolt stays open. I also ordered 1000 rounds of Wolf ammo. It looks great but have not used any too date. The stock was well worn with some of the original finish still on it. After I cleaned the cosmo off I applied some tung oil and just rubbed it down. There were a few deep gouges where I used fine sand paper to remove the splinters. Not very much :-) I would post a photo if I could. I like to leave my old military weapons as original as possible :-)

Paris Miller
Fantastic sino soviet sks
Review by Erock75 on 10/25/13
Ordered all numbers matching and hand select and that is exactly what i received! Every number matches including the bolt itself. The bluing is about 70%. Slight surface rust on a few areas but nothing major. It has trench art on both sides of the stock which is awesome! This rifle has definitely seen some action in its life. And as an added bonus it is a sino soviet also! The bore looks very bright with good rifling. Thank you classic firearms!
I want another one
Review by cambo on 10/23/13
Just got my second one. Its in much better shape than my first. The first one had good metal but the stock was trashed. The one I just got has a reasonably good stock. I'm happy with both. I will buy another when I get paid. First one is a sino Soviet, the second is not.
Superb gun. Definitely will recommend this to friends.
Review by Aaron on 10/19/13
Cleaning the cosmoline was a bit of a pain, but when I took the gun to the range, it proved itself a solid shooter. I will hang on to this gun for the rest of my life.

If you are into milsurps, this one is an absolute must-have.
A great value from a great company
Review by chris on 10/18/13
Have purchased 6 of these rifles (so far).
Most early 1956 built, very little deterioration and a unique personality in each one.
The folks at Classic Firearms are among the best I've ever bought from. I had one faulty part issue - Handled promptly with the highest level of courtesy and responsiveness.
Will very likely buy another or two if they're available for a while.
Love it. Hope to buy more
Review by Bern on 10/16/13
I figured the hand select would still be pretty beat up, so I paid extra for all matching numbers. Spent two fun days cleaning cosmoline and ended up with a well used, all matching example with an excellent bore. I appreciate the history of beat up stocks, so I couldn't be happier. The stock is not that bad. My Chinese Mosin is WAY worse. Love it.
The shipping was REALLY fast. Thanks Classic.
Way better than what I was expecting
Review by Vic on 10/11/13
Mine was hand selected. It turned out to be much better than what I was expecting. It had a little surface rust under the barrel and some under the Receiver. Bluing is about 80%. The bore is basically flawless. Nice and bright with crisp grooves. #'s matching. I haven't had a bad purchase from Classic. These guys are awesome!
Chinese SKS
Review by Mark on 10/3/13
Received product real fast. Overall very pleased with rifle, expected rough and little blue to be left. All matching numbers except for bolt cover.
Cleaned it up and took to the range and this SKS was almost spot on, very nice shooter. Although I already had a Yugo version I wanted a Norinco. Since I mainly collect Military arms of significance this was a must have. Thank you Classic Firearms!
Great product & service
Review by Victor on 10/1/13
Well, this is my first buy from Classic Firearms, and can't be more pleased with their customer service and product.
Ther rifle arrived with cosmoline everywhere, but well preserved. The bluing is worn out with a kind of patina finish which makes it
very interesting. Took 2 day to clean, but I'm a happy camper. The stock is pretty good shape to be a Chinese SKS. All numbers matching including stock.
When I fired this thing it went off like a kitty cat. yehaaaa!
The customer service was outstanding. Follow up of your order is outstanding too. Will like to get another one of this and it won't be my last buy from Classic Firearms.
good buy
Review by cameron on 9/28/13
Good for the money. Very heavy cosmo, but not a big deal because it has done a good job protecting it (and I think it smells good). I got best hand select and matching serial numbers. My steel, bore, and barrel are in great shape, except for some staining on the bolt carrier. Some bluing wear but not a lot, and small pockets of rust but some oil and fine steel wool made it disappear. The reason for 4 stars and not five is that my stock is very beat up, I expected better due to the hand select but I find it to be of acceptable quality ( lesser beauty than pictured above ) . After three hours of cleaning ( using a Ultrasonic Cleaner and Industrial Parts cleaner with a solvent flow brush), I took it out and blew about 300 rds. I must say it shoots very well. I only had a chance to shoot at 50 yards but was able to hit a 9" x 9" steel plate as fast as I could pull the trigger. Keep in mine its an old rifle and has been carried a lot but perhaps not fired a lot. My stock shows it. I have no plans of refinishing. Over all I am very happy with my rifle. Everyone needs an ugly rifle in the safe. I will purchase more in the future. Thanks Classic Arms!
Sino-Soviets and even a Tula!
Review by Matthew on 9/22/13
I ordered 3 SKS's all of them with the handpicked option but not the numbers matching. I ended up getting 2 Sino-Soviets with matching numbers (except for the stocks) and 1 1951 Tula Russian model. I was super excited to see that little gem mixed in with the Chinese rifles. The blue on all 3 was 80-90% gone and the stocks are in fair condition with minor dents and dings. Bores are bright and shiny. Covered in cosmoline but an old toothbrush and MINERAL SPIRITS made quick work (relatively). Spent maybe 3-4 hours per rifle getting them totally cleaned, cold blued, lubed and ready to fire. Very happy with my purchase!
Excellent Rifles
Review by Chris on 9/21/13
I called Classic Arms and spoke to there friendly staff and ordered two rifles. They arrived quickly and were in excellent condition. They are soaked in cosmo times 100 but that just preserved there great condition. Be ready to spend several hours cleaning but it is well worth it. I am so pleased I am going to order 2 more. Nice to get a SKS that bubba has not messed with. I have purchased over 50 rifles and pistols from Classic Arms and they all have been in great/excellent condition. Great place to do business.
Very :-)
Review by Paris on 9/20/13
This weapon is just what they said it is :-) 56-26. My rifle was well used in the carrying department but not fired much at all :-) The stock was dented and the finish was well worn but the action was perfect :-) All stamps and numbers were correct. After I cleaned the cosmo. off with K1. I touched it up a little on the butt and the mag. with some cold blue and applied some tung oil to the stock :-) The safety spring catch was missing but I decided to leave it this way because I didn't know if that was some import reg. in the past ? Idid order the part and have it. Wen I shoot this weapon I will only load and shoot till empty (open bolt) for safety reasons :-) Very happy with my purchse in every way
Review by DAVID on 9/20/13
Excellent Condition
Review by Steven on 9/15/13
My SKS is in excellent condition considering the age. I ordered a hand select and it paid off. The stock has a few dings and some of the metal is worn, but nothing I didn't expect. My rifle was completely covered in cosmoline, the bore and gas tube were packed. Not complaining, the cosmoline did the job it was supposed to. This is my second purchase from Classic and I am still a satisfied customer!
Review by Joshua on 9/14/13
Received rifle and it was covered in cosmoline and to me that was a great thing. Received all matching sinosoviet sks with a mirror barrel which was is awesome. The stock is pretty banged up but of course I love it for its character and it cleaned up very well surprisingly. Once again I could not be happier with the purchase, you will not regret one of these fine rifles or working with this great company.
Diamond in the rough
Review by JohnB on 9/9/13
A very solid gun. The wooden stock was a bit dinged up, but it adds to the character of the rifle.

Once I got all the cosmoline off and out of this SKS I noticed all the serial numbered parts match, a huge plus in my book.

The bore is bright and the rifling is superb! Looks almost new when I check out the barrel.

I also found a cleaning patch hidden under the butt plate on the stock. It was cool to find something that was used by someone that carried it.

I am so pleased with this SKS that I may have to buy another one...or two.
Should've gotten a hand selected stock
Review by GW on 9/9/13
Buying the rifle was easy. Th shipping was super fast. The stock was cracked (even though the ad says no cracked stocks seen), but still functional. Still very pleased with my SKS!
Great Value
Review by MattG on 9/7/13
I am very happy with this purchase. The large amount of cosmoline is a good thing, as it preserved the gun very well. Like many others, I also got an early Sino-Soviet model. The bluing was around 80-90%, but its worn on the spots you would expect and adds quite a bit of character. I also got some cool stock carvings (in Albanian I think) on mine, which I was hoping for. The stock was nicked up, but the original shellac was still holding up and there were no cracks. This is a real bargain and I'd advise anyone interested to get one before they run out. Shipping was also very fast (2 days).
Great rifle! Even better service!
Review by CHRISTOPHER on 9/5/13
Placed my order expecting a rifle that looked like it was "drug behind a car" as one person said. But what I received was a awesome aost all numbers matching early sino soviet. Stock wasn't perfect has dings, but metal finish is 95% looks great and shoots great!
The people over at classic are nice, helpful and fast. What more could a man ask for? I just wish I could order a few more.
Good deal for a 60+ year surplus rifle
Review by Southern Boy on 9/4/13
I received my SKS in good to very good working condition. The stock is marked and scratched up and much of the bluing is gone. However, I see it as every dent or scratch brings more history and character to the gun. I have cleaned it and shot it many times. It is a reliable gun and the lowest priced SKS on the market today! I'm thinking about buying one more.
great purchase well worth it
Review by mike on 9/2/13
I kind of knew what to expect, when I ordered one of these. Because, of all of the reviews. So I took a chance and ordered one when it arrived. I was pleasantly surprised, it was a all matching sino- soviet sks. The stock was a bit rough, but I expected that. Blueing was a little worn but mechanically it was very good, with a very bright and shiny bore. This thing was caked in cosmolene. I soaked all the metal parts in mineral spirts for a couple hours, then, washed them off, and lightly oiled, and let the stock sit outside in the hot sun, to draw the oils out of the stock. Now, with the gun thourghly clean, off to the range I went. The gun functioned perfectly,and was very accurate. All in all, I was very happy, and i hope to buy another one soon. If they don't sell out. Thank you very much classic firearms.
Worth every penny
Review by Mark S. on 8/31/13
This was my first purchase from Classic, and didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. It did come caked in cosmoline, but didn't take too long to get it cleaned up. I did pay extra for matching numbers and extra for exterior condition. I did get all matching numbers, and it is in excellent condition except for the blueing and the stock. I think its probably at around 60% with a few rust spots. Definitely to be expected with a rifle of this age. I haven't shot it yet, so I cant say how well it shoots, but it is certainly a nice little gun! May buy another next payday if there are any left.
A Great Deal !!!
Review by Lone Wolf on 8/30/13
I received my Chinese SKS yesterday, and i couldn't be happier. It was in far better shape than I expected and will take very little work (mainly cleaning) to get it where I want it.

This is a great deal---thanks, Classic Arms !!!
exactly as described
Review by Kenneth on 8/29/13
The gun was as described, full of cosmoline everywhere. Stock very scarred. I purchased a Tapco stock and removed the bayonet, sent the bolt & carrier to Murray guns to get firing pin replaced with SS one with return spring. Anxious to shoot it.
Love it
Review by Alan on 8/28/13
Love the rifle. The description is very accurate. It was covered in cosmoline, as expected. The chrome lined bore is nice and shiny. Shoots great, I was very happy with the accuracy.

As far as the order, CF couldn't have been any more professional and awesome from top to bottom. Would definitely buy here again.
nice gun
Review by David on 8/27/13
Nice gun, very solid carvings on stock, nice shape.....bought Tapco stock and 30 rnd mags. now it's a really nice gun!
Review by Tadpole on 8/26/13
Couldn't be happier with the purchase of my first sks. Once I removed the cosmoline great looking rifle. Great customer service . Very fast shipping. Will definitely buy from Classic again. All matching numbers. Love the Christian based company and the Bible Verse. Have referred numerous friends to your website. Keep up the great work and products.
WOW -- What a gem
Review by Walter on 8/24/13
Two should have been enough, but it wasn't ... these really ARE like potato chips. Only of course they don't make type 56 milled receiver SKS anymore. This one came as ordered with matching #s and about 80% finish, with a well-used stock like most others in this lot. Finish is dark shellac AND it has trench art. Letters 'LA,' numeral '3' (dots done with what looks like the point of a round) and a Christian cross scratched on the stock.

VERY NICE gun. Cleaned up okay, no sign that it won't shoot just fine but I think I'll keep it as received.

Even when our Gun-Salesman-In-Chief leaves office I don't see prices for historical interest guns going back to where they were 5-10 years ago. More likely they'll keep going up.

Get an extra now and if you need another rifle to do about anything this side of 300 yards, you'll have it. If you don't really need it you'll probably be able to pay for both by selling one in a few years.

Even at 65+ years the SKS isn't really obsolete. A recent Time photo essay shows Syrian snipers using new-looking scoped SKS's -- though Time called them Dragunovs. Scope looks like a hunting scope on a PU-type mount.

War correspondents used to know stuff like SKS v. Dragunov.

I have a scope on my first Classic SKS now; at 100 yards the first group was 5" wide by 7" high but half or more is an unclear target, poor trigger (very long travel, gritty), my poor control of recoil, and perhaps some from milsurp ammo. I'm thinking 3" or so when my homework's done.
Review by Walter on 8/22/13
Couldn't control myself: Ordered another, again hand select matching numbers, best of 10 metal. This time the receiver cover was non-matching S/N; Classic instantly refunded the matching fee for this and the previous rifle. Their customer service is unbeatable.

This is a nice example. Stock has Tula logo and 1954 manufacture; there's an X'ed out S/N with a new serial stamped below that matches everything but the receiver cover. Looks like a 1954 Tula rifle came back to the arsenal, its metal went ??? but the stock was remated with a set of metal parts for assembly in China.

This one has been fired some -- maybe a few hundred rounds? No metal wear to speak of, 75% finish or so -- it was more often carried for drill purposes.

Both this and my first Classic SKS shoot as well as my eyes can see, 50 years on from when I shot expert -- I plan a scope to deal with that. I had one failure to feed on the last cartridge in the magazine -- it wound up bullet end up between the bolt and chamber. Need to check follower alignment.

This is an impressive design. More intricate than our M1 and because of the chrome bore and shorter barrel, not likely to be quite as accurate. But I can believe that some SKS' shoot 1 or 1-1/2" groups at 100 yards with good ammo. Unlike the AK and some later versions, the better of these SKS' probably could hold their own (within 7.62x39 ranges) with an average M1.

As an infantry weapon for 1940-50 I think the SKS beats the M1. It's shorter and lighter, you can carry twice the ammo, it has a larger magazine, and the action is better protected against dirt and weather. The effective range is less but from WW II on, infantry combat rarely occurred beyond 300 yards. The M1 is slightly faster to reload, simpler to field strip, has a safer safety, and is perhaps cheaper to make but these points seem less important. And advantage Ruskies for developing infantry cartridges with steel (non strategic material) cases.

Two bits of advice:

1. As others have said, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. Every inside space is full of the stuff and at best you'll get malfunctions if you don't get every bit of it out.

2. If you want to add a scope, spend a few hours studying your options. There are good answers but there is no one great choice that will suit everyone. Some things that look okay don't work well at all.

If I could have only one rifle to do all the things I might need or want to do in the next ten years, one of these SKS' would be it.
Great bargain on a really collectible firearm
Review by JoelM on 8/21/13
I have quite a collection of SKSs and I had purchased several from the recent batch imported by another company. Quality on those guns was mixed but you got what you paid for. When I saw that Classic was offering all matching examples of similar early Type-56s I decided it was worth the $20 premium to order one and roll the dice; I wasn't disappointed.

What I got was an all matching Sino-Soviet in as-used condition, not perfect, but the wear and tear is from honest use... not abuse. I can't think of anything to complain about with my purchase and I highly recommend picking one up if you need to fill a gap in your collection, or just want a nice all matching early SKS to shoot.
better than expected
Review by james on 8/21/13
this is the third rifle i have purchased from classic and have been very satisfied with all. i also got the K91/30 and M24/47 and will not think twice about making future purchases. the SKS i got was as good as the russian SKS i got 25 years ago
My First SKS
Review by Michael on 8/20/13
I was a bit nervous as I've heard some mixed things coming from this lot of rifles, but several people have gotten nice ones. I payed for matching numbers and got what I asked for. The stock is the roughest part of the rifle, which I think is to be expected. The finish on the exposed parts is worn, but overall I'm very happy with the shape of the gun -- everything seems to function perfectly and the bore was shiny clean. I'm really looking forward to getting this out to the range!
Good R