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While humidity is great for many things in nature, it can be downright destructive for almost anything manmade that is not somehow protected.

The number one reason that gun owners make their purchase of a firearm is to protect their family and home. The 2000s started a new conversation about how to protect our family and home from our firearms. 

First, let me tell you what it is not. It is not a firearm. By itself, it is a chassis in which you add your pistol.

Ballistic technology is always changing and advancing. Cartridges are getting better, more accurate, and becoming capable of greater expansion. There are various projectile types on the market, including ball rounds, wadcutters, round tip, spitzer, hollow points, and even ballistic tip projectiles. Today we are talking about the latter. 

Tulammo is made in Russia, wait though …that doesn’t mean it’s not quality! This is the 21st century y’all, manufacturing across the world has become more refined and has established some sort of quality control standards as far as firearms and ammunition.

Bullets, projectiles, cases, powder, primers, and beyond are all terms used to describe a single loaded cartridge. Cartridges are both simple and complex in their design. When a cartridge is loaded, the loader must be aware of each and every component they are using. This includes everyone from the individual hand loader to the massive manufacturer.

Ever heard of Panzer Arms? If not, you might want to get familiar with their name and their products. 

 How’s it going, everybody? Clint here with Classic Firearms coming at y’all today with take aim training and range. And today we’re here to discuss GLOCK Perfection, or is it? Let’s hop into this […]

We’re out here with the new Gen 4 Panzer AR-12. And since we got these lightweight boys in, I was like, “All right, let’s take it the range.” You already saw a mag dump of it. It works good and it feels good to shoot. The AR 12 is a semiautomatic, magazine-fed, gas operated 12 gauge shotgun. And talk about cool, the new Gen 4, you’ve obviously got these cool little cutouts and everything else for weight reduction right up here.

Hey everybody. Clint here with Classic Firearms, and we’ve finally got a beautiful day out here at the range, and I’m here to introduce something super freaking cool. We’ve had it in a couple of videos, but now we’re here to talk about it and shoot it. It’s to Desert Tech, Micron conversion kit. What you see right here is what Desert Tech is saying is the world’s shortest rifle. It’s awesome.

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