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Classic Firearms News

The AR-15 platform is renowned for its reliability and ease of use, but it shares the same potential weakness of any magazine-fed firearm - the magazine itself. To avoid malfunctions and catastrophic failures, shooters can upgrade their firearm with a vast assortment of aftermarket AR mags that are engineered for improved durability and performance. 
Long guns are arguably the most popular choice for a general-purpose defensive firearm in today's market. In Part 2 of our Best Guns Of 2023 series, we're reviewing the rifles and shotguns that best demonstrate innovation in firearms manufacturing.
So, you're ready to buy a gun. Congrats! That's the best feeling in the world. But now that you've decided to purchase a firearm - how do you go about getting one?
Self defense on a budget is now easier than ever before, with a vast selection of quality firearms available for $400 or less. Check out our top picks for the most cost-effective handguns on the market in 2023!
HBO's The Last Of Us is already a phenomenal success, something that is rare for movies and television series adapted from video games. Today, we're taking a look at the top 5 guns used in the hit show.
Classic Firearms is giving away a fully kitted out Steyr AUG bullpup rifle in green for St. Patrick's Day. We know, unfortunately it doesn't take AR mags... but in some regards it may be even better than the battle-tested AR-15.
Tisas is known for producing high quality yet accessibly priced firearms and this year they are adding the PX-5.7 pistol to their product line. The PX-5.7 is the lightest 5.7x28mm handgun on the market - with a 20rd magazine, cold hammer forged barrel, and optics compatibility from the factory. 
For this installment of our Best Guns Of 2023 series, the Classic Firearms team selected guns with a compelling blend of features, ergonomics, and shootability that also demonstrate a high degree of ingenuity or innovation.
Two-point rifle slings provide the optimal balance of security and mobility for a defensive long gun setup. The weight is distributed more evenly than with a single-point sling, while many designs include quick adjust tabs allowing for a wider range of applications.
There are many effective ways to conceal a defensive handgun but which is best will vary from person to person. So, which concealed carry method is right for your EDC?

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