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With all the firearms choices folks have today, we almost take for granted that it’s always been this way. Even a couple of years ago, options were much more limited than what we enjoy now. Specifically, the arrival of polymer-framed pistols on the market opened up more opportunities for shooters. As a frame material, polymer […]

We throw around all kinds of firearms categories. In fact, the terminology can get a tad overwhelming. Battle rifle is one such firearm term that gets used a lot these days. But what is a battle rifle? Stay tuned to see what makes some rifles actual battle rifles. What is a Battle Rifle? While it […]

Nations that must fight for survival often have a robust arms industry, and Israel is no exception. Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) has a storied past when it comes to producing firearms for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and foreign customers. Since the 1930s, IWI is responsible for crafting some of the most combat-proven guns in […]

Today numerous companies make AR9 type rifles and pistols. These firearms feed 9mm Parabellum, typically through Glock style magazines, and are a ton of fun on the range. Brigade Manufacturing out of Miami, FL, is a company making AR9s that are a step above the competition with superior materials and build quality. Their line of […]

Folks carry all kinds of things with them on a daily basis. For some of us, carrying a handgun is equally as important as our wallets or keys. Whether one prefers to carry concealed or in the open, many Americans prefer to count on themselves for their security. While a pistol certainly suffices for everyday […]

German-made products hold a nearly unquestionable reputation for top-notch engineering and impeccable build quality. The same holds true for German-made firearms. Heckler and Koch (H&K) is perhaps the most famous German manufacturer of firearms for both commercial and military customers.  The History of Heckler and Koch Heckler and Koch is a post-WWII success story. While […]

German optics are famous for quality. While budget optics can get the job done, some folks demand a premium scope. For people that require the very best optics, German optics maker ZEISS is second to none. ZEISS leads the world in optical products across numerous industrial fields for over 170 years.  The History of ZEISS […]

Today’s consumers have an unprecedented variety of handguns from which to choose. Among semiautomatic pistols, striker-fired pistols are some of the most effective, simple designs on the market. They offer enhanced capabilities for shooters that appreciate pistols that are fast into action when seconds count in a defensive encounter. What Are Striker-Fired Pistols? At first […]

Firearms are loud; we all know this. What if there was a way to tame all of that noise? Just like the muffler on your car keeps it from being overly loud, suppressors lower the sound signature of firearms. Suppressors are firearms accessories that provide options for more comfortable shooting and ultimately make the firearms […]

Israel is a tiny country with a large impact on the world of small arms development. The Israeli government established Israeli Military Industries (IMI) specifically to provide its military, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and police with the best equipment available. After using imported sidearms for decades, the military turned to IMI for a new […]