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Classic Insights

Warm weather is upon us, which means it's time to ditch that sweaty EDC for a cool and comfortable concealed carry pistol. To help you narrow down your selection, the Classic Firearms team has assembled our picks for the top 5 best handguns for summer concealed carry in 2024.

As a responsible gun owner, the ability to safely load and unload your semi-automatic pistol is a core component of proper firearms handling. This step-by-step guide will break down each process from start to finish, bearing in mind the four rules of gun safety.

Tokarev's TX3 pump-action shotgun exudes elegance and class, combining modern features with the timeless aesthetic of handsome Turkish walnut furniture. If you're looking for an affordable, well-rounded 12 gauge, the TX3 is one of the best shotguns you can buy in today's market.

As one of the most versatile semi-automatic rifles in the world, the AR-15 is available in several configurations with a wide range of barrel lengths. Our team has tons of hands-on experience with the AR platform and in today's blog, we're sharing which barrel length we think is best for a general purpose self defense build.

The ability to quickly deploy your concealed carry firearm is critical for successfully defending yourself against a deadly threat. The Classic Firearms team is passing along some of our favorite training tips so that you can become more proficient at drawing and re-holstering your EDC pistol.

When speed and precision are paramount, selecting the right competition shotgun is just as important as perfecting your quad load or running target transition drills. Here are five excellent options you should consider when gearing up for your next competitive shooting stage.

A backpack gun affords shooters increased capacity and precision in situations that call for more firepower than an EDC pistol can provide on its own. In today's blog, we're sharing our picks for the best takedown rifles and large frame pistols for backpack gun duty in 2024.

Once a relatively niche caliber, the 5.7x28mm round is becoming increasingly popular for civilian concealed carry and personal protection. Several manufacturers offer lightweight, affordable options for discerning shooters who prefer this potent yet incredibly shootable pistol cartridge.

Any serious discussion of high quality, budget friendly AR-15s would be incomplete without mentioning the IWI Zion 15. Available for less than $1K, this well-rounded rifle is packed full of modern features that discerning shooters have come to expect in 2024.

Designed in the late 80s and 90s, the Heckler & Koch USP 45 quickly became one of the most highly sought-after combat handguns in the world. Is the USP 45 still king of its class in 2024, or have newer firearms rendered it obsolete? Continue reading to find out.


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