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WHAT IS MIL-SURP Mil-Surp is simply an abbreviated version of Military Surplus. Military Surplus is authentic military gear that the Department of Defense or other Government Agencies no longer need for their service or current missions. Mass quantities of war-time supplies were manufactured to outfit the troops in the last century’s wars. As missions, threats, […]

Friends, you heard it here first from Classic Firearms! A new Rossi Turkey Shotgun will be released very soon. After reading all of the features that this .410 offers, I was shocked to see that the MSRP is only $210.60! This SS Tuffy .410GA 26″ Shotgun comes in OD green and black. Man, this is […]

January 20, 2020, is the day you’ve all been waiting for! It’s Glock’s newest firearm release. Glock is already calling the new Glock 44 “Legendary” and it isn’t even for sale yet! The new Glock is a .22LR caliber. You read that right, a .22! Since Glock’s inception in 1963, they have never produced a […]

Looking for live coverage, recaps, and highlights of SHOT 2020? Our team will be there filming and releasing videos EACH DAY. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on all the awesome news coming out of SHOT this year.   DAY 4 COVERAGE It’s the final day at SHOT Show 2020. To finish out […]

The Jericho 941 is a pistol with some pop culture prestige. In the early 2000s, the Jericho was featured in Cowboy Bebop, a popular Adult Swim space western TV show. The main character of the show, Spike Spiegel, uses the blued Jericho 941R chambered in 9mm, as his signature weapon to hunt criminals. With its […]

There are several reasons a person may choose to build an AR rather than just buying a completed one. The most notable of which is to save money. Even when consumers buy a completed AR, they are likely to modify it or add custom parts to make it uniquely theirs. For enthusiasts like this, building […]

The number one question I am asked hands down is, “What is the best firearm for a woman?” I grit my teeth, warmly smile, and simply reply, “All of them!”  I am a firm believer that caliber doesn’t matter. In my opinion, and from years of experience, I can tell you that the perfect firearm […]

Firearms need, better yet require, consistent maintenance and cleaning. With each and every shot, a buildup of copper, carbon, plastic (shotgun), and lead is left behind in your chamber, action, and barrel. You have to consider the elements to which your firearms have been exposed. What type of firearm you have and what you primarily […]

Come to think about it, when I am watching all of my favorite police dramas on television, I am not sure that I have ever heard them refer to the container for cartridges as a magazine. They always use terms like ” dropping the clip” instead. I guess it’s more dramatic, and possibly a word […]

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year, especially for firearm enthusiasts! Have you made your wish list? Has someone been dropping hints? Do you have someone who’s hard to shop for? We’ve got everything that you need. With easy online shopping and a few helpful suggestions, you can be on your way to […]