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Folks carry all kinds of things with them on a daily basis. For some of us, carrying a handgun is equally as important as our wallets or keys. Whether one prefers to carry concealed or in the open, many Americans prefer to count on themselves for their security. While a pistol certainly suffices for everyday […]

German-made products hold a nearly unquestionable reputation for top-notch engineering and impeccable build quality. The same holds true for German-made firearms. Heckler and Koch (H&K) is perhaps the most famous German manufacturer of firearms for both commercial and military customers.  The History of Heckler and Koch Heckler and Koch is a post-WWII success story. While […]

German optics are famous for quality. While budget optics can get the job done, some folks demand a premium scope. For people that require the very best optics, German optics maker ZEISS is second to none. ZEISS leads the world in optical products across numerous industrial fields for over 170 years.  The History of ZEISS […]

Today’s consumers have an unprecedented variety of handguns from which to choose. Among semiautomatic pistols, striker-fired pistols are some of the most effective, simple designs on the market. They offer enhanced capabilities for shooters that appreciate pistols that are fast into action when seconds count in a defensive encounter. What Are Striker-Fired Pistols? At first […]

Firearms are loud; we all know this. What if there was a way to tame all of that noise? Just like the muffler on your car keeps it from being overly loud, suppressors lower the sound signature of firearms. Suppressors are firearms accessories that provide options for more comfortable shooting and ultimately make the firearms […]

Israel is a tiny country with a large impact on the world of small arms development. The Israeli government established Israeli Military Industries (IMI) specifically to provide its military, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and police with the best equipment available. After using imported sidearms for decades, the military turned to IMI for a new […]

Few things in American history are more iconic than Smith and Wesson and its legendary revolvers. One might even make the case that revolvers represent the rugged simplicity of the American spirit. For well over 100 years, Smith and Wesson has built some of the most noteworthy handguns in America.  Smith and Wesson’s .38 Special […]

Do you like to shoot your semiautomatic firearms rapidly? What if we told you that a particular type of semiautomatic trigger contains technology to allow even faster shooting? Binary triggers are a groundbreaking firearms accessory allowing just that, faster semiautomatic firing. Several manufacturers make binary triggers to fit many modern semiautomatic firearms on the market. […]

Have you ever said, “I sure love my AR15 but it needs more oomph…”? Luckily, the AR15 is an extremely adaptable platform since it can take advantage of different calibers. If you need massive stopping power in a package that still fits in the confines of a standard AR15 lower receiver, .50 Beowulf is just […]

The Type 56, or Chinese SKS as most folks call it, is a classic Cold War-era rifle. Made by the millions, Type 56s served in numerous conflicts across the world. The Soviet Union designed the SKS near the end of WWII and either sold them to favored nations or assisted countries in setting up domestic […]

Deciding to carry concealed isn’t an easy decision. But if, after much consideration, you decide it’s the right choice – you’re now faced with a difficult, yet fun, task: finding the ideal firearm to meet your concealed needs.  While all concealed carry (CC) handguns represent a balance between firepower and size, the best ones share […]

What is an Optic? Optics are sighting accessories added to firearms to increase accuracy. While optics themselves do not make guns more accurate, they make the act of aiming easier. Before optics came into common usage, iron sights were the predominate sighting system for firearms.  Iron sights incorporate two parts of the firearm: typically, a […]

Very few companies can brag about a nearly 500-year history. However, Beretta of Italy is the oldest continuously operated firearms manufacturer in the world. Its history dates back to before the individual Italian states even unified as one nation. Since its founding in 1526, Beretta developed a reputation for quality and a tradition of craftsmanship. […]

What is an Optic? An optic is a firearm accessory used to improve the ease and effectiveness of aiming. Before optics, iron sights were the standard method for aiming firearms. Iron sights use a front and rear reference point, usually a front post and rear notch, to align a gun so shots hit the target.  […]

In a world where so many products are churned out in mass production, James River Armory (JRA) produces handcrafted firearms built one at a time. James River Armory of Burgaw, NC is a company that takes great pride in the historic firearms they create. From reproductions to modern guns, JRA takes the time and effort […]

Colt’s Manufacturing Company, or simply Colt, stands among the giants of American firearms manufacturers. Based out of Hartford, Connecticut, Colt has produced firearms for both the military and the civilian market for over 150 years. Colt is responsible for building some of America’s most iconic guns from the 1873 Single Action Army revolver to the […]

Ammunition is fuel for your firearm; without it, one has a paperweight. For all the countless types of guns in circulation, there as just as many different kinds of ammunition. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we should lay out a list of essential terms related to ammunition.  Important Terms  Ballistic Tip – Ballistic tip […]

Do you like historical artifacts? Do you love shooting firearms? If you answered yes to either of those questions, surplus firearms could be perfect for you. The surplus firearms market offers an excellent opportunity to collect interesting and historically notable firearms. These firearms offer one the rare opportunity to hold a functional piece of history […]

  Few firearms manufacturers have reached the global stature of Fabrique Nationale (FN). FN has supplied small arms to Western militaries and commercial customers for well over 100 years. From pistols to machine guns, FN is synonymous with quality, military-grade products for clients of discerning taste. Historic Background  Before 1889, several loosely affiliated factories manufactured […]

Do you own a drill? Maybe some hand tools? Is there a vise somewhere on your messy workbench? If you answered yes to these questions, you are skilled enough to build a firearm from an 80% lower receiver or frame. Polymer80, based out of Nevada, makes some of the best 80% lowers in the market. […]

As the oldest continuously operated firearms manufacturer in the world, Beretta is synonymous with craftsmanship. While building this reputation, Beretta has equipped numerous military and police forces across the globe. The Beretta 81 is a classic surplus sidearm that exemplifies the world-class quality of Beretta.  Technical Overview The Beretta 81 is a member of the […]

So, you’re ready to buy a gun. Congrats! That’s the best feeling in the world. But now that you’ve decided to purchase a firearm… how do you go about getting one? Once upon a time, you could only buy a firearm at a brick and mortar store. Thanks to the internet, however, you can now […]

Have you ever purchased a firearm online? If so, you’re probably already familiar with FFL transfer fees. For those new to online gun buying, any time you buy a gun through an eCommerce retailer, the firearm is shipped, not to your residence, but to your preferred local Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) gun store. Because of […]

All the high-speed, low-drag guys seem to be running piston ARs. But are they actually the best? The Direct Impingement (DI) system is sensitive to deviations from the initially designed 20″ barrel AR with rifle-length gas system. Piston ARs aim to remedy shortcomings when it comes to specialized ARs. Let’s consider the differences, pros, and […]

The US military worked to replace the M16 family of small arms for decades. There have been some contenders over the years, but none were good enough to warrant the replacement of the M16 as a general service rifle. The M4 remains standard issue for most troops to this day, but the FN SCAR meets […]

What if I told you that buying firearms online is simple, safe, and 100% legal? It’s 2019, why not take advantage of the internet for gun purchases? Firearms available through an internet retailer are often cheaper and the selection is vast. Purchasing a gun online can be accomplished in five easy steps: Choose Your Firearm: […]

Everyone loves submachine guns. Unfortunately, civilians cannot own modern submachine guns due to current US laws. Luckily, most manufacturers make pistol-caliber carbines in an attempt to scratch that itch. Pistol-caliber carbines are handy with little recoil, making them extremely fun to shoot.  A Star Is Born Land Warfare Resources Corporation (LWRC) recently released its long-awaited […]

The AK goes by many names. Regardless of what one calls it when an AK talks, folks usually listen. The AK47 is the most ubiquitous small arm of the 20th Century. The term “AK” functions as a general term describing all kinds of Kalashnikov-type rifles.  Who Invented the AK47? Soviet WWII veteran and famous small […]

When it comes to hammer-fired pistols, there are two main firing mechanism categories: single-action and double action.  Single-Action Revolver The simplest single-action handguns are single-action revolvers. Cocking the hammer moves the next round into position to be fired. Because of this conscious action of retracting (cocking) the hammer, single-action revolvers typically do not have any […]

Military surplus firearms are unique in the industry due to their widely varying conditions. These firearms arrive from all corners of the earth and exist in every shape imaginable. Because of the wide-ranging conditions of surplus firearms, a consistent grading scale is essential for folks to know exactly what they are purchasing. Gun Grading Guide […]

Is the AR-15 good for home defense? Does it have advantages over a handgun or shotgun for the same role? This debate is as old as the rifle itself. Let’s go over the advantages of using the AR-15 in 5.56 NATO/ .223 Remington in a home defense role. Ease of Use Anyone can master the […]

The American pistol scene is awash with polymer-framed, striker-fired handguns. In a boringly homogeneous market, the advent of pistol-mounted miniature red dot sights (RDS) is a real game-changer. Folks have custom milled their pistol slides for miniature red dot sights (RDS) for some time. Most companies listened to the plight of their customers and now […]

Do you love collecting old firearms? Are you tired of paying Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) transfer fees each time you purchase an old-timey gun online? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, a C&R License could be right for you. What Does C&R Mean? C&R stands for Curio and Relic. What do […]

If Fabrique Nationale’s (F.N). FAL rifle was the “right arm of the Free World” during the Cold War, surely its sidearm counterpart was the Browning Hi-Power Pistol. In a world of single stack magazine-fed semi-autos, the Hi-Power offered 13 rounds of firepower in a double-stack magazine. This feature, while novel in the 1930s, would soon […]

Warning: heavy spoilers ahead. If you have not finished Season Three, CLOSE THIS ARTICLE RIGHT NOW and buy some guns. Like most of America, I spent the Fourth of July weekend captivated by season three of Stranger Things. While the first two seasons were thoroughly enjoyable this season really grabbed my attention. Why? The guns, […]

Do you need to destroy radar installations from long range or disable light armored vehicles from a safe distance? Do you have too much hard-earned money and need to convert some of it to noise? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Barrett M82A1 could be the perfect rifle for you.  The […]