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Classic Firearms News

For the upper tier build in our Bolt Gun Builds series, we selected the Aero Precision SOLUS Competition rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. This precision platform ships with lots of desirable upgrades that make it a true marksman's rifle, something that was reflected in its performance throughout the shoot.
A quality muzzle brake is an often overlooked yet infinitely valuable component of any AR-15 build. By redirecting expelled gasses, it can soften recoil and reduce muzzle rise. Here are five of the best muzzle brakes to enhance the shootability of your AR-platform rifle.
Whether you're new to competition shooting or just looking to level up your three-gun game, the proper shotgun build can help you stand out from the pack. Here's how you can set up your shotgun for success and achieve a lasting competitive advantage.
Single action only pistols are frequently lauded for their precision and crisp trigger pulls, making them ideal for competition shooting as well as personal protection. These are the five best single action handguns that you definitely need in your collection.
Selecting the appropriate upper and lower receiver for your AR-15 build will affect the overall fitment and durability of the finished rifle. This begs the question - can any AR upper be paired with any AR lower, or do you need to purchase a matching receiver set?
The next rifle in our Bolt Gun Builds series is the Bergara B-14 HMR Carbon in .308 Win. Representing the mid-tier intermediate build, this is a step up from the budget-friendly Savage Axis XP II and should theoretically offer improved performance as a result.
Folders and fixed blades and autos, oh my! Whether you prioritize concealment or value function and utility, there are many excellent knives in today's market that you should have in your everyday carry rotation. These are our picks for the top 7 EDC knives you can buy in 2023.
At present, the standard-issue FBI handgun is chambered in 9mm, but this hasn't always been the case. This week's blog will uncover why the Bureau originally transitioned to larger rounds like .40 S&W and why they ultimately switched back to 9mm.
The Tokarev TBP-12 semi-auto bullpup shotgun is relatively compact and controllable without sacrificing barrel length or performance. Moreover, its reliability and superb shootability have made the TBP-12 one of the best-selling shotguns on the market.
Shooting is a skill just like any other, and different firearms require different levels of experience to use effectively. Thus, not all guns are particularly well suited for beginners - so which handguns and long guns are the best for first-time gun owners in 2023?

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