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Classic Insights

While starting an AR-15 build from scratch is a rewarding experience, sometimes it's preferable to select a complete lower receiver before you begin. Most manufacturers offer AR-15 lowers equipped with mil-spec and aftermarket furniture, controls, and trigger systems - so you can focus on other critical components of your build.

A rugged yet lightweight AR-platform battle rifle chambered in .308 / 7.62 NATO seems almost too good to be true. But is it? That's what we're going to determine once and for all throughout this range review / build series on the Ruger SFAR rifle.

A quality concealed carry holster must hold your firearm securely in place and should also be comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. Whether you prefer an appendix rig or a classic strong-side OWB holster, we've got something here for your everyday carry. These are our picks for the best concealed carry holsters available in 2024.

Renowned for manufacturing quality AK-platform rifles, Zastava is shaking things up this year by introducing a semi-auto variant of the RPK light machine gun. The ZPAP M72 rifle remains faithful to the original design while offering modern features that shooters demand in 2024.

In today's market, shooters have many options to choose from when shopping for a semi-auto shotgun, including many variants with the familiar ergonomics and controls of AR-platform rifles. An AR-style shotgun is intuitive and easy to pick up for most gun enthusiasts, plus the aftermarket support is phenomenal. Here's why you should consider an AR-12 for your next shotgun.

Although belly band holsters have become incredibly popular due to their comfort and versatility, some firearms trainers believe this type of holster is less safe than other concealed carry methods available to shooters. The Classic Firearms team is offering our perspective, providing the pros and cons of belly bands so you can make a determination for yourself.

It's shaping up to be a great year for handgun enthusiasts, with compelling new offerings from some of the industry's top manufacturers of revolvers and semi-auto pistols. The Classic Firearms team has assembled our picks for the seven best new handguns coming out in 2024.

Concealed carry provides law-abiding citizens with the opportunity to defend against a deadly threat regardless of size, strength, or physical ability. This practice is most effective when your EDC handgun is completely hidden from view, without any visual indicators (such as bulging, printing, etc.) that you are concealing a firearm on your person.

In some instances, it may be necessary to go beyond a simple field strip in order to properly clean your firearm. Additional disassembly allows access to critical parts that wouldn't otherwise be visible and may induce a catastrophic failure if not properly maintained. In this week's blog, we're discussing how to deep clean your gun.

There are several important considerations when selecting a handgun for everyday carry, not the least of which is the sighting system you choose to train with. For those who prefer three-dot irons over electronic optics, tritium night sights offer high visibility even in low-light environments - but are they essential to have on a designated defensive firearm?


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