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Credova Financing


Why pay for the full purchase upfront when you can have smaller monthly payments? You’re never locked in full term with the ability to buyout anytime, and you can even build your credit with on-time monthly payments.

*Approvals dependent on applicants credit profile. Alternative financing offered through Credova, a third party financing platform. See Credova's Terms of Service here.


Get approved with no credit impact.

Maintaining a good credit score is important for financial health, that's why Credova can get you approved with a soft credit inquiry that doesn't hurt your credit.


No hidden fees - know what you're paying up front.

Educate yourself on your financing options and know that with Credova Financing, there are never any hidden fees. All fees are disclosed up front in your financing contract.


It’s simple! Pay off your principal within the 3-month promotional period and you pay no interest*.

3-Month Interest-Free* FAQs

It’s simple. Pay off your principal within the 3-month promotional period and you pay no interest. Keep in mind, you must make your regular monthly payments on time because if you miss a payment or are late, you no longer qualify for the promotion. No closed-end consumer lease offer provides the 3-month* promotional interest-free period.

Not all financing approvals are 3 months interest-free*. If you are approved for a 3-month interest-free* offer, your approval page will clearly indicate as such. If you have any questions about whether or not you are approved for a 3-month interest-free* offer, please feel free to reach out to Credova support to discuss. Keep in mind, closed-end consumer lease agreements do not have the 3-month interest-free* option.

If you’re unable to pay off your contract within the 3-month promotional period, you’ll be responsible for the full terms and conditions of your contract. This means you will have to pay and all incurred interest. Keep in mind, not all offers include the 3-month interest-free* option. No closed-end consumer lease offer provides the 3-month promotional interest-free* period.

You can buyout of your contract at any time. If you’d like to payoff your contract early, but it’s past the 3 months of promotional financing, then you’ll pay interest up until the point at which you payoff the remainder of your principal. You will not be responsible for future months interest charges after your buyout.


Find an item you want with a price of $300 or more and get pre-qualified on the product page by clicking "Apply Now".

OR Get pre-qualified by clicking "Apply Now" below!


Apply for up to $5,000 with no affect to your credit!

Applications can be filled out from any device with an internet connection.


Add your desired items to your cart up to your approval limit.

Complete your purchase by selecting Credova as your payment method at checkout.


Your order will begin processing upon confirmation of your approved Credova application.

Any firearm purchased will be shipped to your selected FFL Dealer.


General Financing FAQs

Very easy! Online applications only require basic information and you can receive an approval in seconds.

Depending on your application details, we can qualify you between $300 and $5,000

Even if you have bad credit, that’s ok. Credova considers all credit types in the approval process and some financing providers accept bad credit, it entirely depends on the financing provider. Keep in mind, there is no hard credit inquiry, so applying won’t affect your credit.

Credova is partnered with a network of financing options that offer retail installment sales contracts (riscs) and/or closed-end consumer lease agreements.

With a risc, you are purchasing the item and agreeing to make installment payments over a specific term plus any associated interest rate. A closed-end consumer lease agreement doesn’t have an interest rate, but rather charges monthly leasing fees. With a closed-end consumer lease, you are leasing the item/s from a lessor and have the option to purchase the item during the course of the lease.

If you choose to finance with a company offering a closed-end consumer lease, with each monthly payment, you will pay leasing fees. These fees represent the premium charged by the lessor for allowing you to lease an item and will vary depending on customer approval information. Please review your offer/s carefully prior to completing your agreement.

The interest rate is the amount charged, as a percentage of principal, by a retailer to a customer for the ability to pay for an item over time. This is often expressed over an annual basis commonly referred to as the annual percentage rate (APR). With a risc, the system considers more than just your credit and your interest rate will vary based on the information provided. Please review your offer/s carefully prior to completing your agreement.

Not at all. Whether you are using a risc or closed-end consumer lease, you can payoff your balance at anytime and there are never any prepayment penalties!

  • Open/active checking or savings account
  • Government issue photo id
  • Email address
  • Social security number
  • Income/employment information
  • Phone number and address

Payments are made on a monthly basis.

For shipping timing and tracking, please review the retailer’s policies.

Depending on the type of financing selected, you may be required to complete your first payment at the time of signature whereas other financing products will not require a payment for at least 30 days. If required, you will be able to complete your first payment at checkout.

If you need to make a return, please reach out to Classic Firearms and we will determine your return status. 

Pre-qualification approvals are good for 30 days while full approvals are good for 60 days.

If you have any questions about your financing or need assistance with your application, please reach out to Credova Support at 833-273-3682. You can also email support at info @credova.com or visit the Credova website at www.credova.com and select the chat feature from the homepage.

Have Additional Questions?

Credova has dedicated support available for any questions or assistance you may need during normal business hours of 6AM to 6PM PST.


Please call 833-273-3682 to reach Credova support.


You can also email support at info@credova.com or visit the Credova website at www.credova.com and select the Chat feature from the homepage.


*Not all offers are 3-month interest free. Terms and conditions dependent on applicant’s credit profile. Please review your offer details closely prior to agreeing to your Credova financing contract.