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Dealers highlighted in green are Preferred Dealers who have agreed to accept all transfers from our customers and for whom we already have the current FFL on file. However, we do recommend you contact the selected dealer with any questions regarding firearms restrictions in your area, to learn what their fee will be for conducting the transfer, verify they are still in business and their hours of operation. Choosing a Preferred Dealer will expedite the order process.

Dealers highlighted in yellow indicates we have a copy of their un-expired FFL on file already. All you need to do is contact them for permission to do the transfer for you.

Dealers highlighted in blue indicates we do not have an unexpired copy of their FFL on file. You are ok to select these dealers as well. If you do select one of these dealers, you will simply need to contact them and have them fax or email an unexpired copy of their FFL to us before we can ship your order.

Dealer not listed here? Please email a copy of your license to Classic Firearms.